The Outpost (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

The Dragman is Coming

Previously on The Outpost - I was injected by a Plagueling.
- You didn't turn.
The vast majority of people would have been infected by now.
I want this Outpost dry.
And keep cutting every woman until we find the Blackblood.
- That's colipsum.
- Why are they only offering it to him? No, you don't want to eat me! - I sent him to his death.
- It sacrificed its life to save ours.
This is Sill.
She'll smuggle you out of here.
We don't stand a chance in a fair fight, so we don't give 'em a fair fight.
Oh! - What is this? - The Vex Rezicon.
The Book of Names.
If you had access to all of these demon names, you could just summon up a whole army of them.
Oh! They're Plaguelings.
No, no, no.
Greyskins did this.
Well, at least they did it to Plaguelings and not people.
More flies.
Is that colipsum? No, don't, you silly boy! They're diptera eggs of some kind.
- They're what? - Fly eggs.
Sure looks like colipsum to me.
They're one and the same.
They're one and the same.
Fly eggs are colipsum.
Colipsum are fly eggs.
And fly eggs are colipsum.
Wait so if you have colipsum in your blood, then you have fly eggs in your blood.
Oh, gods, no.
No, what have I done? - Whoa, whoa, what? What? - I'm a murderer, Garret.
That's what.
I'm a murderer.
Hundr no, no, thousands of times in.
Janzo, what are you talking about? If the flies are the females, the parasite in the Plaguelings must be the male! If you have colipsum in your blood, fly eggs, and you're injected by a Plagueling, then the venom fertilizes the eggs.
And what? Makes baby Plaguelings? - Exactly.
- Are you saying ? But the females the female hatchlings, well, they turn into flies, and they produce the green colipsum.
The males, however, the males, they grow into a parasite that you see in the throats of a human.
What are you saying? That I haven't turned into a Plagueling because I don't use colipsum? Exactly.
You're one of the lucky ones.
However, thanks to me, so many will not be as lucky.
What do you mean, thanks to you? Well, Talon and I went and bought all of that colipsum from the Greyskins, enough to turn thousands into Plaguelings.
- You what? - It's a long story.
But you didn't know.
But I knew it was bad, Talon.
I knew that I shouldn't have anything to do with it.
Now now, how many people are gonna turn Plagueling because of me, huh? But you figured it out, and now we can stop it from spreading.
We've got to hurry back to the Outpost and destroy all of the colipsum and then warn the rest of the Realm.
No, wait, wait! Why would Greyskins tie up Plaguelings like this? - This is a farm.
- Sorry? They're making colipsum.
They're harvesting it here and then they're selling it to us across the border.
But if this is a farm, then that would mean that it's it's a weapon.
Oh, gods, the Greyskins are using colipsum as a weapon.
They are trying to turn us all into Plaguelings.
I, um, I I don't think I can make this climb.
Tie yourself off.
When we get to the top, we'll pull you up.
All right.
Welcome home.
Ambassador Dred.
- No.
- Pull him up.
Wait, no.
I'm not ready, Garret! Let me down, Garret! Your friend is currently dangling halfway up that wall.
It would be a shame if my men had to let go of him to defend themselves.
Pull me up! Pull me up! Talon, not now.
Help! Oh.
I can almost smell it flowing in your vein.
As black as ink.
You know, cutting off your ears didn't make you human.
Explain something to me.
I was taught that Blackbloods could summon their demon servants at any time to destroy their enemies, but instead, your people died cowering pitifully in the dust.
Why is that? We were a peaceful colony.
We weren't a threat to anyone.
Which was disappointing, but now I am blessed with another chance to prove that the stories are true, that the prophecy is real.
I believe you know these words.
Say them out loud.
Call your demon.
If I did, it would tear you and your men apart.
I have 50 Covenant elite standing ready.
Not enough.
Why don't we see? Say it! Say the demon name.
Save yourself.
Use your power.
You're going to have to kill me first.
I don't believe you mean that.
Very well.
Then you will watch as your friends die one at a time until you prove to the world what you really are.
Say this name aloud and prove to us all that the Blackblood prophecy is true.
Nothing will happen.
Whose neck shall I stretch to get you to cooperate? This one? Handsome devil, isn't he? Last chance.
Say the name.
If I say the name, will you free them? I'll let you choose one.
Very well.
Kill him.
- All right.
- Talon, no! He'll just kill us all anyways.
Baphnoro-Decayana-Glakku- Sikkundi-Alonaiya.
- Where is it? - I told you.
Nothing will happen.
Execute all of them at once.
Gate Marshal Todry Higgs, acting magistrate of the Gallwood Outpost, hereby make judgment upon these traitors to the Realm.
" - I should have exiled that cretin years ago.
- I should have poisoned him.
Janzo, you're coming up with one of your smart ideas, right? I'm just wondering whether we'll die by broken neck or strangulation.
I'd prefer broken neck, wouldn't you? Not helpful.
"You are here and now condemned for sedition and treason, this, the 14th year of the dominion of the Prime Order.
You are sentenced to ignom ignomi " "Ignominious," you moron.
Bollocks, you're stupid! You think I'm stupid, I Get on with it! An army approaches! - What color? - Yellow banners, Ambassador.
Prepare for battle! Rescue the prisoners and take back the Outpost.
Finish them! Blackblood first! What are you doing? Raelius! Sorry to leave you hanging.
Out of the way! Talon! Talon, Talon, let me help.
No! Aah! Raelius! Behind you! Talon! Talon, where are you going? Aah! - Why won't you die? - Force of habit.
Your people are gone.
You have nothing left to live for.
Made a promise to an old blacksmith that I would fulfill a prophecy.
A prophecy that predicts untold death and destruction.
This is what you want? If it's death and destruction to the Prime Order, then yes! You're good.
Good enough to beat Magmoor and Shek and now you.
This blade belonged to my mother.
She died protecting me from the men you sent to murder us, and now her blade will avenge her death.
Talon, no! Talon, don't! He killed my family, too.
There are so many people that deserve to see him brought to justice.
Well, they can see his dead body.
Talon, he will die.
He will be sentenced to death, but not without a proper trial.
I can't take that chance.
And who do you think you are? I'll tell you who I am.
I am your queen.
I'm so sorry, Gwynn.
He meant so much to me as well.
We'll bury him tomorrow.
Along with so many others.
I should never have left.
I should have been here with you.
It wouldn't have ended any better if you had been.
Look at you.
So brilliant.
You should be proud of your victory.
Victory? Do you have anything to say for yourself before I sentence you? I have nothing to say to a pack of traitors.
Tell me does it make you feel like more of a man to shed the blood of the innocent? Such as my father? Which father? You massacred Talon's people.
You and the Prime Order murdered my family along with every baron and baroness in this Realm! And you call us the traitors? Governments rise and fall.
Your right to rule is only imagined because your family conquered the Realm from the conqueror that came before them.
My family ruled for seven generations, in peace and justice by the will of the people.
You're a stupid, naive girl.
But I'm the stupid, naive girl that's sentencing you to death.
To be carried out at sunrise in accordance with royal law.
Get him out of my sight.
I don't have to tell you all that we face difficult days ahead.
I have appointed Captain Spears as base commander.
Today, we buried the dead, and tomorrow, we prepare for war.
I thank you all for your bravery, and for your loyalty.
You may go.
Wythers? Stay a moment.
You don't like me.
Well, it's not my place to have an opinion one way or the other, tell you the truth.
It's all right.
I don't really like you, either.
But, uh, your actions today saved us, and for that, I am grateful.
Saved us for the moment.
I'm sure between you and the demon girl, it won't be the last time our necks are on the line.
Be that as it may I wish to reinstate you as Gate Marshal.
I'm sorry for your loss, by the way.
He was a good man.
Calkussar, I mean.
Thank you.
Are we done? Because I'm in a hurry to visit an old comrade of mine - Mr.
- Mm.
Do send him my regards.
That's tax money to pay the watchman.
You wouldn't steal from your own men now, would you? It's not your concern now.
You're not the Gate Marshal anymore.
Oh, but you see, uh, I've been reinstated.
Aah! Look what you've gone and done.
No! - Aah! - Aah! Danno you're a damn fine watchman, boy.
So you're telling me you know how to manufacture colipsum? You're missing the point, Mother.
People are dying because of what we've done.
That's why I've always loved you the best.
You always, always come through for me.
Finally, finally, finally I'm gonna be rich.
All right, what we have to do first is establish a distribution network.
We sell it right throughout the Realm and we cut those Greyskins right out.
That's precisely the problem, Mother.
Those Greyskins would happily have us doing all the bidding and turn all of humankind into Plaguelings.
Oh, you silly boy.
Listen to you with all your theories of conspiracy.
You know, the Greyskins, they're in it like everybody else.
- Just for the money.
- It's not a theory of conspiracy, Mother.
It is a conspiracy.
We've already done way too much, - and we can't do anything else.
- Oh, listen to you.
No, listen to you! You're so greedy you would happily let innocent people die if it paid you enough gold.
Janzo everything has a price.
And I won't let you do it anymore.
You what? No, no, no, no.
Don't you do this.
Don't you do this.
I put a roof over your head.
I fed you when you were born.
Colipsum is the only thing you've ever done for me.
If you think colipsum is the only thing I've ever done for you, you're a worse person than I thought.
If you walk out of this room, you'll be nothing to me, you know? You'll be nothing! You'll just be a thing in my way.
I'm going to burn the rest of this.
I'll have what he's having.
Cheers, mate.
Look, I, um thank you for what you did with Gwynn.
Ah, it is what it is.
I hate to admit it, but you, uh, hitched yourself a good horse there.
A horse? You mean the queen? Well, she is a brat.
But she's a smart brat, and she's beautiful, too.
- You and her should really - No.
No, I'm the, uh, I'm the son of a hideous, irredeemable watchman.
I Someone like Gwynn, she's far above my station.
- Station? - Mm.
I've had so many women above my station they had to make the station bigger.
All right, all right.
Although I will say I do prefer women below my station.
There is nobody below your station.
Yes? Hello, Janzo.
What is it? "Only the Dragman can hear the fire-song of the Vex Rezicon.
" Yes, we've already discussed this.
Fire-song? Why is it called the "fire-song"? May I? Are you sure you want to do that? What is that? Voices, captured somehow inside the crystal.
Well, what good is that? It's impossible to understand.
"Only the Dragman can hear " Oh, Janzo.
Only the Dragman can understand the fire-song.
Still no idea what a Dragman is.
Whatever it is, we need it to translate the voices.
Your word you'll free my family.
You have my word.
And our debt is paid up.
In full.
Come in.
I was down at the Nightshade, saw the Octor table.
Big game happening, but I just felt like it was missing something.
You know I can't play Octor anymore, Garret.
I'm a queen.
I know.
But you can come celebrate with me and the rest of your men.
They deserve your appreciation, Your Majesty.
I think I'd rather stay here alone.
With you.
Janzo tells me that kissing you won't make me a Plagueling.
I believe that's true, yes.
And, well, I'm queen now.
So I make the rules when it comes to social propriety.
Also true.
So you, my only love, have no excuses left.
We figured it out! I knocked, but I guess with all the heavy breathing it's difficult to hear.
Oh, Talon.
She shouldn't have found out that way.
Did you find Gwynn and Garret? - What did they say? - Nothing.
Their mouths were too busy doing something else.
Oh, it's, um, Garret.
He he probably just had quite a lot to drink, didn't he? Well, he's an idiot.
You're twice the man he is.
Maybe maybe in brains actually, no.
Definitely in brains, but, um, but certainly not muscle mass.
You always find a way to make me laugh.
Just as long as you're not laughing at me.
Good man, Janzo.
Do you really think so? You should have left the Outpost when you had the chance.
I don't leave loose ends.
What makes you think you have a better chance this time? Simple.
- I don't fight fair.
- Let him go.
Don't give up again, Talon, because of me.
Kill him.
Let him go.
You should know, I don't bluff.
Now let him go! On your knees.
Now slowly kick your blade away.
Lean forward and expose your neck to my Aah! No! I'm dying! Aah! Help, Talon.
Tell me what to do.
You need to stop the bleeding.
Get the red hot poker and and, um, and then cauterize my wounds.
- You sure? - It's my only chance.
Aah! Can I give you anything for the pain? Do you have any colipsum? Aah! You all right? You all right? You did it.
You did it, Talon.
I'm gonna be all right.
I promise you.
I promise.
'Cause I can't believe it's taken me this long to realize, but Hmm? I mean, it took almost losing you, but I haven't cared about anyone like this since Eramus.
Do you really mean that? Because, Talon, I've been wanting to say it for the longest time.
I feel the same way about you, too.
Who's Eramus? He's my brother.
So what you're telling me is that, um, is that you love me like a brother? Yes.
Did you ever kiss your brother on the lips like that? No.
I did that to distract you from the pain.
Ow! So much pain! How are you feeling? I feel better.
Your burn is turning green.
Is that normal? I need you to go to the lab and get me some Charkoy powder.
That should do the trick.
You're late.
Book is destroyed.
- Well done.
- Where's my gold? I'll pay you when I'm safely returned to the Prime Order.
- That not our deal.
- I'll pay you double.
Fly, you little bastard.
Fly to your Greyskin masters and get me some more colipsum.
I so wish my father was here.
I don't know if I can do this on my own.
I no longer have anybody I can trust for counsel.
You have me, Miss.
Remember Commander Calkussar hand picked me, because you can trust me.
Thank you, Naya.
Talon? I've been looking everywhere for you.
Dred's escaped his prison.
I know.
I was worried he'd come after you.
He did.
Did you kill him? No.
He's probably long gone by now.
I am sorry that you had to see me I get it.
You belong to her.
Are we done? I'm putting together a team to go after Dred.
I'm sure you want to come with us.
- When? - Now.
I hope you find him, but I have to look after Janzo.
Show yourself.
Who are you? Talon, she's just a child.
Is this a Lu-Qiri name? Who are you? Who are you? I'm the Dragman.