The Outpost (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

This Is One Strange Town

TALON: My name is Talon.
I'm the last Blackblood, or so I've been told.
I escaped when Everit Dred killed all my people.
I cut off the points of my ears to hide in plain sight.
A tiny creature lives inside me, passed to me by my dying mother.
It gives me the power to open portals to another world and summon powerful demons called Lu-Quri.
But I can only summon them when I have their names, something that's proving to be a challenge.
The Prime Order wants me dead, but I've found sanctuary at the farthest edge of the Realm in a place known as the Outpost.
MISTRESS: Previously on "The Outpost" So, if I'm going to help Gwynn, I need to open the portal and summon all of the demons by name to this Realm.
- You summoned another demon? - And a Blackblood.
- What happened to your head? - Guess it wouldn't let her take it from me.
Your word you'll free my family? - You have my word.
- If people stop taking colipsum, - they won't become Plaguelings? - Yes, but it's an addiction.
Munt, this is your new brother.
He's gonna be joining our operation smuggling colipsum out of the Outpost.
- Where's everyone else, boy? - We cannot let Dred reach the capital.
- They're all dead.
- What about Garret? This is for Talon and your queen.
I'm heading out to bring my son's body back.
- Bring him home.
- Send out riders to every former noble.
Dare them to stand with you against the Prime Order tyrants.
Send for the scribes.
It's time for a Pureborn to take the Asterkinj.
Have you given it some thought? Don't worry.
Ekkundi isn't here.
He's watching the Dragman.
By your actions, I take it you haven't come around to seeing the truth.
What truth? You tried to cut something out of my head and then kidnapped a child when you realized you couldn't do it.
I didn't kidnap her.
She came willingly.
She knows her purpose is to free our people from the prison world they were banished to.
If you could see the horrible place that is the Plain of Ashes, you would want to help them, too.
What did your people do so bad they had to be banished there? We weren't banished.
We went willingly.
Why? We were at war with the humans.
We made a plan that our entire war party, Blackbloods and Lu-Quri, would go through the portal and wait in the Plain of Ashes.
Then a member of your tribe was to sneak behind enemy lines, reopen the portal there, and we would make a mass surprise attack behind their walls.
So what happened? The portal was never reopened.
Your tribe conspired with the humans to leave us there.
The Plain of Ashes was just a prison to lock us away.
We had no way to return.
We didn't have the Asterkinj.
Your ancestors had it.
So that's what it's called.
It's the only way to open the portal.
We trusted in our own kinsman, but your kind betrayed us.
We've waited all these years to return to this Realm.
Do you want me to bring them back through? No, I will do that.
All you have to do is transfer the Asterkinj to me.
And why would I trust you? The Dragman came to you.
She gave you the name of my Lu-Quri.
It wasn't an accident.
The Asterkinj was meant for me.
You know, my teacher said I'm the one in prophecy who's supposed to summon demons.
You think you're the one? Did you really think the prophecy could be about you? Your teacher was wrong.
Your blood is unpure.
You could never lead our people.
Give me the Asterkinj.
Be done with it.
Where is the Dragman? I want to see that she's all right.
She serves me, not you.
- Then I need to hear that from her.
- So be it.
Come to the same clearing the day after tomorrow when the sun is setting.
And you'll give her to me? Have you not been paying attention? It is you who will be giving.
You will give me the Asterkinj.
The Dragman stays with me.
No deal.
If you kill me, my Lu-Quri kills the Dragman and we all lose.
And if you kill me, the Asterkinj dies with me.
You're good.
Soon we will fight side by side against our common enemy.
And who may that be? The humans, of course.
We can keep fighting, but it will solve nothing and could ruin everything.
Take more time to meditate about what I've said.
We are family, Talon.
We should work as a team, you and I.
Two Blackbloods working together to save our kind.
I'll give you two sundowns to think about it.
And when you come, come alone.
Don't try to follow me.
Well, don't just stand there.
Close the damn gate, you bloody fools.
There's all sorts of creatures out there.
Here we go.
Oi! What the Just saved your life.
You're welcome.
Talon, the Outpost is falling apart.
I mean, it's after nightfall, the gates are wide open, and I just stopped a guard from doing colipsum in the streets, being the bloody hero that I am.
I mean, Have you even seen Gwynn? She's not being much of a leader, is she? Look, I don't really care right now.
I want a drink.
Oh, she wants a drink.
I've got a full suite, hmm? Who thinks I'm bluffing? Hmm? Go on, bet against me.
Go on.
I was bluffing.
Go on.
Player, give me another round.
Wait, wait, wait.
Where are you going? We haven't finished.
What do you think, you think I'm gonna behead you or something if you lose? Win.
I want a full table.
I want everyone on this table.
Come on.
Her Majesty has important business to attend to.
Thank you.
I have nothing important to do.
Give my winnings to the poor.
What's gotten into you? Where's Naya? I sent her away.
She was being a spoilsport, much like you are now.
The Prime Order army could be on their way.
If you keep this up, we won't be ready.
Mm, yes, I, uh I didn't tell you, actually.
We received some news.
What news? They've been coming in all day, replies from the birds and the riders we sent out.
Every nobleman, ever magistrate, ever governor in the Realm is swearing their allegiance in the war that we started to the Prime Order against us.
- All of them? - Yes.
I knew they wouldn't join.
- And now we don't even have - This will bring her around.
Mm, Janzo, that Mm.
- Gods.
- Skybalt venom.
Sobers you up fast, also provides a blistering headache that will last for hours.
How many noblemen have yet to respond? I'm not sure.
Not very many.
Have you had any luck with your translator girl? - Dragman? - Yes.
Or have I lost all my chances of getting a demon army as well? Look, I'm working on it.
I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but in case you haven't noticed, the Outpost is in complete disarray.
The men are unruly.
The fortification efforts have all but stopped.
A new commander must be appointed There's no one qualified.
Find someone.
I will not replace Garret with just anyone.
You're not replacing Garret.
You're replacing a base commander.
I'm not the only one failing at my job here.
I don't see a demon army arriving any time soon.
I said I'm working on it.
And, Janzo, how many more recruits have to die of this Plagueling epidemic? - Research takes time.
- We don't have time! Do you know what will happen if the Prime Order come tomorrow? I will have to surrender myself and beg and plead for the mercy of the people of this Outpost.
Don't say that.
Don't even think it.
Too many people have died already.
Your father.
Yeah, and without them, who will train the new recruits? Who will plan the fortifications and defenses? Who will lead the men into battle when the Prime Order comes? You will.
You've done it once, you'll do it again.
You're smarter than every man I know.
I mean, not any ma It was always going to be you, Your Majesty.
How am I going to do this? With your friends by your side.
And then when the first row of trenches is complete with spurs, dig another, staggered from the first like layers of brick so that no direct approach can be made by charging cavalry.
Your Majesty, we don't have enough men to fill that many trenches.
We'll have to make do until our allies arrive.
We will have allies? Captain, only the most cowardly nobles will neglect our call to war.
When should we expect them, Your Majesty? I hope by the time you've dug the barrier trenches, Captain.
But there are no allies coming.
He doesn't have to know that.
Naya, I've been meaning to discuss with you some thoughts I've had about the traitor among us.
Naya, are you well? Oh, uh, it's only that I'm so concerned about it, the traitor.
Yes, well, with Wythers gone, I need you to help me find out who let Dred go.
Yes, of course.
We need to find out if there was a witness who saw the perpetrator go into the prison.
Do you remember seeing anyone leave suddenly? Um, no, Your Majesty.
Oh, no, of course.
You weren't there, were you? I was cleaning your armor.
There was mud and even blood splattered.
I'll ask the watchman again, but by Wythers' account, most everyone was with someone that hour.
I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you discover his identity.
Yes, that's what Wythers thought.
Only a matter of time.
- What's going on? - An army approaches, Your Majesty.
- Under what flag? - Can't say yet, ma'am.
Those are the clan banners of Rovannus of Aegisford.
Even to fly those banners is in defiance with the Prime Order law.
They're allies? GWYNN: Or cleverly disguised enemies.
Whoever it is, it's not Rovannus.
He'd be more than 60 years old.
Um, may I? Oh, my.
I mean, yes, I see.
He couldn't be more than 30.
These fields are undisturbed.
I told you no one would come.
Makes my proposition all the more compelling.
Let's go! Just you and one other.
Your gates are closed.
That's not very welcoming.
We are at war and must be cautious, but we are hopeful at the sight of the banners - of Rovannus of Aegisford.
- Rovannus was my father.
He died last winter, and all that was his is now mine.
I have come by invitation to see Rosmund, the alleged daughter of the fallen King Ranulf.
I am Her Majesty, Queen Rosmund, daughter of Ranulf, the only surviving royal, and heir to the throne.
TOBIN: I didn't imagine you would be so beautiful, Your Majesty.
Oh, did I fail to mention that in my letter? I didn't think it could possibly matter to anyone but the most boorish of our allies.
Fair points, but can we continue this intercourse face to face? We've ridden for two days, almost from the minute you invited us.
Your army will camp here whilst I make preparations.
I will allow you audience to my throne room.
He is bold, Your Majesty.
Mm, he didn't declare openly his allegiance, which means he wants something.
Probably money, land, and a title, in that order.
But he'll find that I'm not easy to bargain with.
Hmm, as long as you don't scare him away, Your Majesty.
Can't afford to lose your only ally.
What's all the fuss about? I wish I had advisers.
When I was a child, my father had a dozen wise councilmen around him.
I feel small and powerless.
One dragon is more than any flock of birds, Your Majesty.
Having no council just makes you all the more powerful.
You answer to no one.
Thank you, Naya.
I'll be sure to fill the room.
Send him in.
Your Majesty.
You're even more dazzling up close.
Let's cut to it, shall we? You're here because you support my claim to the throne, and when we are victorious, you want to be rewarded for your loyalty.
What makes you so certain I've decided to support your claim? Maybe I'm only here to size you up, decide whether you even have a chance.
Flying a Sovereign flag is a treasonous act, punishable by death.
You've already made your choice of who you stand with.
I raised those banners only as we came into view of this Outpost.
And I gave orders to burn them as soon as we set camp.
Then pray tell, what are your intentions? Or is all this purely for entertainment? I'll pledge my army.
I'll pledge my people, my lands, and my life to the crown forever on one condition.
And what is that? What I ask is that you marry me.
I'm not asking you to love me.
And we only have to share the same bed long enough to father a son.
Though I suspect you'd want to share my bed as much as possible.
I'm told I'm quite good in that area.
You will leave my throne room immediately.
I'm sorry, did I offend Your Majesty? I will not be spoken to in such a vile manner.
Please forgive me for my impertinence, but allow me to make my case.
To be clear, I do not want to be king.
I'm not after your power.
I'll merely be your consort.
Do you think that makes your proposal any less preposterous? Well, Majesty, were our fathers still alive, they'd probably arrange this marriage themselves - for the good of the Realm.
- They may have, but they did not.
I alone will decide who my husband will be.
You and your husband will decide, presumably.
Of course.
Majesty, I'm not asking you to give yourself over to me.
You can have many other lovers, and so will I.
Just as soon as you bear me a son.
- You want a legacy.
- Yes, to be a father to kings and queens.
My bloodline will sit on the throne for generations, all leading back to me.
- That's all I want.
- Oh, is that all? Tell me, Baron Aegisford, do you play at cards? Why, yes, of course.
Why do you ask? Because you've just tipped your hand.
- I have? - And reminded me that I am the only royal remaining.
Therefore my betrothal is a card to be played.
The top ranking card in the game.
But if I may extend your metaphor, there's only one match to your card in a deck.
And that's where you're wrong.
We both know that there are several cards in a deck that could match.
Some might make an even more winning hand.
You may go.
Three days.
I'll give you three days to consider my offer.
And then, you're on your own.
My love.
Now, which one of you gentlemen is going to escort me to your finest drinking establishment? - [RETCHING.]
- No! No! - [VOMITING.]
- Munt! Get this vermin out of my face! - Right.
Out you go.
Out you go.
Has it really been so long? Well, judging by how old you look, it's been at least that long, Gertie.
I go by Gertrusha.
No one calls me Gertie.
I call you Gertie.
I've been calling you Gertie ever since I could talk.
Auntie Gertie! - [GRUNTS.]
- Oh, go on, Munt.
Give your Auntie a lovely big cuddle.
Just make sure you don't break any of her scrawny old bones.
Aunt Gertrusha.
Welcome to the Outpost.
Janzo, look at you.
You were just a scamp when I last saw you.
- What a man you've become.
- Hm.
If he's a man, I'm a virgin.
Janzo, get your Auntie Gertie a lovely nice drink.
Put it in a clean glass.
Nothing best the best for her royal daintiness.
No need, Janzo.
I can't stay.
I'm Baron Aegisford's counsel.
There's much deliberation to be done today.
Oh, my own sister, Baron's counsel.
Who would've thought? Who did you shag to get that cushy racket? I started as the Baron's governess.
But I counseled his father for many years and became his most trusted adviser.
Oh, so you're his governess, are you? More like his nanny.
Elinor, I'm sure we have much to discuss.
Another time.
At your convenience.
Well, it's convenient now.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll come for tea? Whatever you fancy.
Tomorrow for tea then.
Baron's counsel.
- Janzo? - Hmm? You're not going to get any rest tonight.
I want you to fix this place up.
I want all the tables cleaned.
I want this smell got rid of, and I want I want I want flowers on every table.
Flower Munt, you're coming with me.
Janzo! Flowers on every table.
Okay, how much we got? 60 brick weights, ma'am.
Just 60? All right.
Sell it to all the local dealers tonight.
I need gold, and I need it now.
Oh? But the street price has fallen by more than half.
I don't care.
You sell it.
You're looking a bit sharp, aren't you? Have you been skimming off the bank? No, ma'am.
Yes, I bought just a couple of things, but it's only because I'm dealing with distributors and I got to look nice.
You better not be skimming off the bank.
This is what my empire is.
Halfwits harvesting fly's eggs out of bloated corpses in a sewer, of all places.
We could move it to the mineshaft.
It's not about moving, you imbecile.
It's disgusting.
Just I want to be proud of my work.
I want respect.
People respect you.
Yeah, but not those people.
The people that count.
The people with real power.
But you're rich.
Yeah, but nobody knows that.
That's the problem with dirty money.
You can't spend it.
I'm secretly rich, and that's the same as being poor.
- It is? - She's turning up tomorrow, and I want to show her everything I've got, everything I'm worth.
And for that, I need bags and bags of gold.
We'll push on every buyer in the Outpost, and every buyer that passes through.
You'll double your gold.
But won't that turn a lot more people Plagueling? - People will die.
- Shut up, Munt.
I feel guilty playing cards when there's so much to do.
Aren't you supposed to be out rescuing your translator? I'm meeting the other Blackblood at sundown tomorrow.
And what are you going to do? I haven't decided yet.
She has a demon.
Puts me at a disadvantage.
And you could summon them without needing the child.
Even if I had the names, I'm not so sure I could control all of them.
Well, you'll know what to do when the time comes.
You always do.
I'm not sure I'm meant to be the one to do it.
What does that mean? Don't worry.
I'll I'll work it out.
So, uh, tell me about the chief of the hill people.
Baron Aegisford.
He's certainly no Garret.
Garret? I mean, why would you compare the two? Sorry.
I've traveled most of the Realm.
I've known a lot of men.
Garret was one of a kind.
He loved you, you know? Well, let's just drop it.
You know, you say you weren't jealous of me, but I was certainly jealous of you.
But love isn't for me.
Men always turn on me or die on me.
Maybe you just pick the wrong men.
What about Janzo? [COUGHS.]
Well, I mean, you didn't go with Garret so you could stay to nurse him, and that says a great deal about your feelings.
It's Janzo.
I mean, I love him, but not like that.
He certainly cares deeply for you.
Stop trying to change the subject.
Tell me about the chief of the hill people.
Baron Aegisford has asked for my hand in marriage.
And I assume you said no.
Well, I mean, he is handsome.
As far as I can see, that's about his only good quality.
- So you turned him down? - Of course.
- Did you let me win? - No.
Why would I let you win? You're just as good at Octor as I.
What are you doing up here, Talon? - Seems like a good spot to do some thinking.
I have till sundown to figure out what I'm going to do about Rebb.
How about we put some poison in the air? That would kill the Dragman, too.
Right, yeah.
Besides, I'm not so sure I want to kill Rebb.
- She might be right.
- About what? About everything.
MISTRESS: Janzo! Something strong.
You certainly are.
- Janzo! - Mm.
Get this gentleman here a stiff one.
You must be my sister's handsome baron.
That I am.
So that means you're Elinor.
That I am.
I see you're even more ravishing than Gertrusha.
And I can see you're even more full of dung.
Let me know if you need anything.
Who knew there were so many pretty ladies in this gods-forsaken town, eh? - Allow me to introduce my - I know who you are.
So, how was your audience with the queen? She's a firebrand, I'll say that.
Too much woman for you? I thought you were a warrior.
I don't want to brag, but I could knock down any man in this Outpost.
But what about a woman? I'll get us a room.
I was challenging you to a fight, you idiot.
You were? I like to test my skills on rude men who think they're better than everyone else.
- Never got your name.
- Never gave it to you.
So you up for the challenge? Mmm.
Good ale, barkeep! I'm a brewer.
What challenge? Sparring with that sweet thing.
Sweet thing? This is going to be fun.
She's going to pound that pretty little face of yours until you look like a Greyskin.
Sorry, Janzo.
This is one strange town.
So, how was your card game with Talon? It was good, thank you, although I do feel for the poor girl.
Why? Well, I feel she needs a love in her life.
- Someone she can count on.
- Don't we all? - Mm.
- You have someone in mind, don't you? Brewer.
He's clearly in love with her.
- Janzo? Really? - What? Why not? I mean, he's already proven himself.
He's already in her life.
He just he needs help.
I'd say he's a walking disaster.
I want you to guide him.
- Me? - Make him into the man - that Talon needs in her life.
- What if he refuses my help? Just say that you're doing it to make Talon fall in love with him.
- But - He wants that.
That may be impossible.
I command you to do it.
Fix him.
Fix him.
Yes, your majesty.
Three drops.
That should do it.
Skyweed milk.
No immediate effect on larval gestation.
Smell, mm.
Smells like Talon's hair, actually.
That time I was sneaking up on you.
Naya, please tell Gwynn I'm working as fast as I can.
Oh, um, she didn't send me for that.
- What, then? - Well, um, the Queen has observed that you and Talon have feelings for each other.
What? And she wants me to help prod the relationship along.
Relationship? No, Talon and I are just friends.
But you could be more if we, um, fix you up a bit.
- Fix me up? - Yes.
We can start with the hair.
I don't need fixing, thank you.
And why on earth would the Queen care about the nature of Talon and mine's friendship? You're both very important to her, and she wants you to be happy.
That's very nice, but I am I am happy.
Look, I don't like this anymore than you do, but the Queen has commanded it, and I know just the look that would suit you.
The way I look is just fine.
Trust me, you'll like it.
Besides, what's the harm, hmm? A new appearance certainly won't make Talon like you any less.
Hmm? Hmm.
- I look like a jerk.
- You look dashing.
I deal with jerks at the Night Shade all the time, and this man right here, this one is not to be trusted.
But women love that.
Women love a man they can't trust? They love men with a little danger.
Act assertive, confident, and that's half the battle.
And stand up straight.
- Now I feel like a fool.
- No, you don't.
Talon is going to faint when she sees you.
Take this to the back, Munt.
All right.
Aah! Something catch your eye? Thank you.
Hey, barkeep.
- I'm a brewer.
- I can't decide.
Who do you think is more beautiful? The Queen or her handmaid? Listen, honey, when I've married our Queen, you and I can play whenever she's not around, eh? Her Majesty is not to be joked about.
Everything is to be joked about.
Have you heard this one? A barkeeper and a Queen's handmaid stumble out of a tavern cellar together.
The handmaid stands behind the barkeeper and rubs his back while he pours a drink.
And the barkeepers says? She was interested in my research, okay? Nothing else.
Stop laughing.
Stop laughing! There's nothing funny about what was going on downstairs.
When I am king, you can be my court jester.
Look when he becomes king? Naya, what's he talking about? Another refill out back.
- I think she liked it.
- Really? Whispering sweet nothings in his ear? I'll take those.
Oh, hello.
- [GASPS.]
- Hey! Hey! Janzo! Come on, I barely hit the smelly pig.
Janzo? Oh, Janzo.
I dare you to open your big mouth.
Take it easy.
I'm not going to hit a woman no matter how beautiful she is.
I mean, seriously, the women in this town, it's like the better-looking they are, the crazier they are.
I'm going to hit you now.
Like I said, I don't fight women.
- Go on.
Get up.
No, I think I'll stay here and catch my breath.
You're smarter than you look.
What did you go and do that for? Naya said it made me look more attractive.
Not your hair.
Why'd you pick a fight with that idiot? Same reason really.
Naya said, "You have to be more assertive, Janzo.
" You need to stop listening to Naya.
- She's gonna get you killed.
Coming from the woman who takes me out to fight demons and Greyskins and Plaguelings? [SCREECHING.]
Speaking of which, it's almost nightfall.
Have you figured out a way to get the Dragman back yet? Yes.
I decided I'm giving Rebb the Asterkinj.
What? Talon, why on earth would you do that? We can find another way.
You've still got time, huh? The smith thought I was the one to fulfill the prophecy because I was the only Blackblood left.
But he was wrong.
There's a new one now, one with pure blood.
Well, if it's not you, then quite frankly, the prophecy sounds terrifyingly bad.
"To summon the slayers of men"? Talon, that means to kill me and to kill Gwynn and to kill everyone you know.
"Summon the slayers.
" That doesn't mean kill.
I can convince her not to.
Are you really that naive? She's going to say whatever she has to to get that thing out of your head.
She's a Blackblood, Janzo.
She's just like me.
And there are many more through the portal.
What am I supposed to do? Just leave them there? What about what about your promise to Gwynn? I can't control a demon army.
Rebb and her Blackbloods can.
You're making a huge mistake.
Yeah, well, it's my mistake to make, right? At sundown, I'm going out to meet Rebb.
I'm giving her the Asterkinj and I'm helping her bring our people through.
Where's my boy? Is my boy alive? Garret? Garret!