The Outpost (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears

TALON: My name is Talon.
I'm the last Blackblood, or so I've been told.
I escaped when Everit Dred killed all my people.
I cut off the points of my ears to hide in plain sight.
A tiny creature lives inside me, passed to me by my dying mother.
It gives me the power to open portals to another world and summon powerful demons called Lu-Qiri.
But I can only summon them when I have their names, something that's proving to be a challenge.
The Prime Order wants me dead, but I have found sanctuary at the farthest edge of the Realm in a place known as the Outpost.
MISTRESS: Previously on "The Outpost" I have appointed Captain Spears as base commander.
What prize could be more valuable than the head of the false queen or the corpse of the Blackblood? Both of which you've failed to procure.
I bring you Commander Garret Spears.
This is what the gods do to those who serve a false queen.
- Take your medicine.
- What is it? SANA: The reason you're alive.
- I want you to guide him.
- Janzo? Make him into the man that Talon needs in her life.
You could be more if we, um, fix you up a bit.
Fix me up? I can provide you a sizeable Blackblood army to defeat your enemy.
You failed me, Dragman.
A name.
By the end of the week, Garret Spears will be yours to command.
EVERIT: How is it that a man who has spent his entire life serving The Three is treated the same as a traitor to the Covenant? Dred? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, whatever they've done to you, it isn't enough.
They're a pack of fools.
They want order, yet the don't have the stomach to do what's necessary.
Which is what? Murdering innocent people? If only I could show you the visions I've seen.
Hordes of demons flooding across the land killing everything in their path.
Women and children torn limb from limb as the Blackbloods conquer the Realm.
Well, that sounds like a really bad dream.
It's no dream! It's prophecy.
I killed the Blackbloods to save the Realm, and this is the thanks I get.
Surely that's not the only reason you're in here.
I didn't consult The Three before I killed the Blackbloods.
But I didn't have time to seek their approval.
If I hadn't killed them there and then, they would have summoned their demon army to wipe us all out.
They were a peaceful people.
We'll see if you still think that way when the last Blackblood summons her demon army and kills everyone you care about.
If she summons an army, she will be doing it to defend the rightful queen.
Rightful? You are so blinded by her beauty, you can't see the truth.
She's a false queen, and you are just her puppet.
She is not false.
Do you know the real reason why Gwynn didn't let the Blackblood kill me that night? So she could torture me to find out what I had seen in the secret compartment under her armoire.
And what did you see? The last remaining portrait of Princess Rosmund as a child.
Calkussar had them all destroyed, but apparently Gwynn smuggled one as a keepsake of her childhood friend.
You mean of herself? The girl in the portrait looked a lot like Gwynn, it's true.
But the real Rosmund had a misshapen face from being kicked by a horse.
- Are you all right? - I've been better.
- You'll pay for this.
- Yeah? Next time you will come to collect his corpse.
If I do, I'll be collecting yours shortly thereafter.
Hey, hey! We had a deal.
A bigger cell if I told him what you wanted.
A bigger cell won't make my fists hurt any less.
Talon, what are you doing up there? Going for a walk.
Memorizing this name in case someone tries to steal it again.
You know, it's our only one left.
I know, Talon.
Might be the only hope to summon help to fight Rebb's demon.
What if the Lu-Qiri also brings another Blackblood? Well, if there's any truth to what Rebb said, it probably will.
But but if all the Blackbloods are like Rebb, is it worth the risk? We might not have a choice.
What are you doing? There.
Leave it like that.
You look cute.
- I do? - [CHUCKLES.]
What had gotten into you lately? Oh, please don't kill me! Please! It's just that Naya said that if I took you in my arms and kissed you, that you'd see me differently.
Well, I am seeing you differently, but not in a good way.
Just ignore what Naya says.
You're perfect the way you are.
If I'm perfect, then why haven't you fallen in love with me? 'Cause I fell in love with you the minute I saw you, Talon.
Yeah, well, we don't chose who we love, Janzo.
Well, I'm sorry, but I can't just switch it off, the way I feel about you.
If my feelings were the same, I'd be the luckiest girl in the world.
- Really? - Really.
And trust me, if my feelings were to change, it would be for the Janzo I've always known.
Not this new version.
So you're saying that eventually I didn't say that at all.
In, like, 10 or 20 moons, maybe? Maybe 30 or 40.
I can wait! It's been a week.
Healer Sana says you're all right to walk around, but don't try to leave this room.
This room is a prison to me.
It's not that bad.
This was once the royal suite, one of the most beautiful rooms in the palace.
This building was a palace? Mm-hmm.
Before the purge.
I served countless Lord Barons in this very room in fact, for many years.
It was different back then, of course.
Luxuriously furnished.
Gold leafing on the doorposts.
And they plastered over all the murals, of course.
Can't have the royal family still staring out at us, reminding us of the past can we? [DOOR OPENS.]
Garret, you're looking much better.
How do you feel? I want to see the letter.
What? Leave us.
Why are you bringing that up? I have to know if what you said is true, about the message from Gwynn.
You're in too fragile a state now.
- Why don't we wait and see - If you don't want to show it to me, I can only assume it's a lie.
All right.
I only hope it's not too painful for you.
Where is the message? He just asked for it.
Almost done.
You can't rush these things.
I had to get three different dispatches in her handwriting to piece this together.
If he suspects anything, I'll kill you so slowly your hair will grow back again.
"Regarding the matter of Garret Spears, I alr [CHUCKLES.]
I already have a new base commander.
Signed, Her Majesty, Queen Rosmund.
" I know her inscription better than my own.
I've read thousands of notes written by her hand.
And is that her handwriting? Yes, it is.
She was using you.
- You must see that now.
- Leave me alone.
I didn't want to do this to you.
Just get out.
Garret, please.
I need to be alone right now.
EVERIT, VOICEOVER: The real Rosmund had a misshapen face.
Come in.
Your Majesty, Baron Tobin is here as you requested.
- Send him in.
- He has a present for you.
Oh, he does, does he? - Your Majesty.
- Master Tobin.
I'm so glad you wanted to see me.
Yes, well, I thought I at least owe you the courtesy of getting to know you better if my decision to marry you or not is to be an informed decision.
I couldn't agree more.
I brought you a small token of my love, my Queen.
Hmm, thank you.
I hope it's diamonds or gold with which to pay my workers.
That will come after we're married.
If we're married.
Open the gift.
I must admit, I'm quite curious.
This is perfect, is it not? - [CHUCKLES.]
- It's for our wedding bed.
Thank you, Tobin.
You know, this lovely gift shows me the nature of your character with amazing clarity.
Yes, well, it's a man's job to And that character is one of a snake eating its body from the tail end.
I'm not sure I understand.
You are a self-destructive, narcissistic, presumptuous libertine.
You've set your cause back immeasurably, Baron.
- I have? - Get out.
- Just try it on.
- Get out! - Do you want it? - Leave! Mmm.
This this tea is sublime.
Did did Janzo Yeah, he has his uses sometimes.
You're very lucky having such devoted boys.
- Mm-hmm.
- Where's Bill? Oh, a criminal I used to know chopped his head off and sent it to me in a bag.
Elinor, that's terrible.
Oh, don't worry.
I got my own back.
Wythers let me gut the bum myself.
All in the name of justice, you understand.
- Honey for your tea? - Munt.
- Hmm? - Go away.
Go away.
Go away.
- Something wrong, Ellie? - Wrong? No, nothing's wrong.
Just, um, our mother died, and while she was dying, she asked for you.
She begged for you, but you never came, and I had to bury her all by myself.
Little ten-year-old lass burying her all on her own, that's what's wrong.
And as I've said many times, I'm sorry for that.
- But I'm here now.
- Yes, it's good you're here now.
But don't worry.
You being a horse's ass is part of why I am who I am today.
A bar mistress? A very powerful woman.
Hard as nails, take what I want, look after my friends, crush my enemies.
I'm very well-respected in this town, and, hell, I even know Her Majesty, the Queen herself.
Yes, well, I doubt that.
It's actually true.
I'm friends with her as well.
- Shut up, Janzo! - Interesting.
So tell me about her.
What do you want to know? Well, let's start with the treasury and the stores.
Is it true she has nothing? Can't pay her soldiers or her workers? I see what you're doing! You're playing nice not because you want to reconnect with me, but you want to pump me for information.
I'm merely curious.
Does Queen Rosmund even like men? Or is she more of a ladies' lady, if you know what I mean? Why would you even suggest such a thing? Janzo, shut up! I mean, just look at my Baron.
He's handsome, he's rich.
Yet your Queen seems more interested in her chambermaid.
You think I'll give you the Queen's secrets? Well, I won't.
It's beneath me.
I am not a mole.
Oh, please.
You sell drink and women for a living.
Nothing's beneath you.
I do not sell women! I am very, very well-respected in this town.
Yes, by who? The drunks and criminals? - Maybe the sewer rats? - And how are you any better, Aunt Gertie? Insulting your hostess? Your own sister? Is that your finest manners on display? No, Janzo.
Of course, you're quite right.
So I shall take my leave in case I say anything more regrettable.
Good day to you, Janzo.
And to you, Munt.
It was lovely seeing you.
Let's do it again sometime! Munt, put the honey away! You look ridiculous! People do respect you, Mother.
Garret is dead, and Wythers never even returned with his body.
Talon is down to only one demon name, and the treasury is empty.
I'm running out of options that don't include Tobin, so please, give me some good news.
I'm sorry, Miss, I can't think of anything.
How goes your work with Talon and the brewer? It's precisely the sort of thing I need to distract me.
Well, he's making remarkable progress.
He's looking handsome and confident.
Splendid, and Talon is responding to it well? Any moment now, I think he's going to try and kiss her.
- Fingers crossed.
- What? Oh, gods, no.
Are you trying to have him killed? That's what he said.
Is he really in danger? Well, it's probably just a fat lip.
Or a broken arm.
- Come in.
Majesty, some woman called Rebb requests an audience with you.
Bring more guards, a whole squad.
You can send her in now, but make absolutely certain she is unarmed.
Yes, Majesty.
That's close enough.
Your Majesty.
Perhaps you should start by confessing to the murder of an innocent child.
I did not such thing.
What would I stand to gain? To force my hand and order Talon to give her power to you.
All I want is for the portal to be opened and the names called out.
Whether by Talon or me is irrelevant.
Killing the Dragman only reduces my options.
Really? Then you won't object to writing the names right here and now? I have plenty of ink and parchment.
And you'll force her to open the portal and call the names? Even I can't force Talon to do anything.
Then writing the names gains me nothing.
What are you doing? When the Dragman died, I became the last hope for you and your pitiful rebellion.
Guards, arrest this woman.
This doesn't have to happen.
Help me summon my kinsmen, and we will win your war for you.
You have my word.
From what I've seen, your word is worthless.
What is going on out there? - Guards! - [CRASHING.]
So many are dead.
You're sure you want more to die? [DEMON GROWLS.]
Don't worry, Your Highness.
No harm will come to you as long as Talon does things my way.
You, servant girl, bring Talon.
And make it fast.
Talon will never give in to your demands.
Do tell her, if I get impatient, I'll feed Ekkundi the Queen's toes one at a time.
And when I run out of toes, I start cutting off fingers.
And you never thought to show me this gift first? Why? Hmm? It was a lovely, very expensive gift.
The finest of silks.
But not the gift for a queen.
In her own words, you have set your cause back.
The Queen has been taken hostage! All hands to the Citadel! Now is your chance to redeem yourself.
Go on.
Sorry, excuse me.
I must get through.
Sorry, excuse me.
Sorry, excuse me.
Excuse me.
I must get through.
Sorry, excuse me.
I was wondering when you would come around.
What? You throwing yourself at me like this, Naya.
You really are beautiful, you know that? I don't have time for this.
Have you seen Talon? Um, is she at the Night Shade? No, why? Queen Rosmund has been taken hostage by the Blackblood woman.
Talon's taken the Queen hostage? The other Blackblood.
Oh, right.
That sounds more right.
Eh, don't worry.
I'm going to save the Queen now.
I'll get you one day.
Yes, well, somehow I doubt you'll be much help.
Oh, God.
The demon and the Blackblood have Gwynn in the throne room.
What? What does she want? - You.
- Then she can have me.
- Where are you going? - Going to save Gwynn.
Are you mad? Rebb has a demon.
You've got no chance.
Well, what do you suggest? You have to open the portal and summon the demon.
- You have the name.
- If I open that portal, there's no telling what comes through it.
It might be a Lu-Qiri that can help you, Talon.
And it might be a Lu-Qiri with a Blackblood.
Um, we don't have time for this.
Of course, even with a Lu-Qiri, you might not be able to beat Rebb, but she does have the Queen hostage Wait a minute, are you for or against me - calling the name? - Oh, no.
I'm just thinking out loud.
The Blackblood said if you don't come right away, she's going to start cutting off Gwynn's toes and fingers.
That's a bit dramatic, isn't it? Her demon killed 20 men before I could even take a breath.
If there's any chance you could summon one of those things for yourself, I think it might be warranted.
This has all been unnecessary.
We should be allies against The Three, not adversaries.
Who are you? I'm the man who's going to save the Queen.
Uh, are you seeing this, too? - Regrettably.
- Right.
Okay, just wanted to make sure.
What are you looking at? [CLAPPING.]
Every time I do this, it ends bad.
Tell your beast to stand back or soon he'll have a new master.
I'm going to open the portal long enough for you to go back.
Please do.
Open it.
Then I can summon more of my people.
Wrong answer.
Why isn't that thing attacking us, or her? No one's ordered it to.
- That's the order.
- What did he say? Educated guess? Something along the lines of "Kill them all painfully.
" He told it not to hurt us.
Bad call on his end.
You understood me? Are you a Blackblood? - But your ears.
- I cut the points off.
I'm getting sick of explaining it! Talon! Where's Rebb? What is she to you? She's the head of the Black Fist, the most warlike of the two clans.
I asked what is she to you.
She killed my sister.
She's my enemy.
What have you done with your hands? All my life, all of it lies.
This is why I didn't want you to see the letter.
I gave everything to Calkussar and Gwynn.
My whole life.
And all that time, they were just using me.
I can't imagine how hurt and angry you must feel.
They took everything from me.
Like the Blackblood did to me.
I feel like such a fool.
It's all right.
Stay here.
Stay with me.
I'll take away all your pain.
Why did you try to kill me? Says the one with the sword to my throat.
I had numerous chances to finish you, or to let Vikka do it.
- I've taken none of them.
You, however, were aiming to kill.
The last two Blackbloods I met killed innocent people I cared about.
They were Black Fist.
They believe the only way to free our people is to wipe out all of the humans.
But now she's taken the Queen hostage.
And she won't release her until I help her bring all of the Blackbloods.
Not all of the Blackbloods.
He plan would be to leave my clan behind because we believe we can live in peace with humans.
And that's why she killed the Dragman.
Because with all of the names lost forever, she can choose who she brings through the portal, including leaving her enemies, you, behind.
- She killed the Dragman? - Um, if I may? That other Blackblood could already be feeding Gwynn's toes to that monster.
- No offense.
Point me to her, and I swear I'll kill Rebb or die trying.
If vengeance for Rebb is all you care about, then the Queen may die in battle.
And why did you summon me if not to kill Rebb? I didn't summon you.
I summoned him.
Relinquish his command to me.
And why should I make concessions to an unarmed, defeated opponent? Hmm? - Is that better? - Impressive.
But still not good enough to beat Rebb.
If I don't have to deal with her Lu-Qiri, then I stand a chance.
I'll return him if we both survive.
You have my word.
And why should I help you? You're offering me nothing in return.
You know why.
Are you promising to free our kindred? No.
But it's the only way you'll gain my trust.
So you want me to give up all of my advantage by sending Vikka probably to his death to save some human woman I've never met because it might help me gain your trust? - Yes.
We'll fight her together.
I don't trust you.
You stay here.
There you are.
I was worried I lost my bargaining chip.
I thought you might want to choose which toe I cut off first.
Choose, or I'll choose for you.
Get away from her.
There you are.
I was beginning to wonder whether she really meant anything to you.
Let her go.
And what will I get in return? I'll give you the Asterkinj.
Really? That easily? Now who's being deceptive? You said all you wanted was the Asterkinj.
Cut the Queen loose and you can have it.
So you can put a knife to my throat at the final moment like you did the last time you cheated me? I won't make the trade until she's set free.
What are you up to? You'll never willingly allow me to unleash my warriors into this Realm.
If there is no deal to be made, then why in the gods are we all still here? The Asterkinj can't survive outside a host body.
Why is why you can't take it by force.
I have to give it up willingly.
Unless you're dead.
It doesn't work like that.
That is where you're mistaken.
- Ekkundi? - Talon, she's going to kill you! [GROWLING.]
Patience, my friend.
Like all living creatures, the Asterkinji want to survive.
So when your blood goes still and cold in your veins, it will leave you like a rat from a burning house.
No wonder they locked you up and threw away the key.
You don't need the Queen anymore.
She's nothing to you.
Cut her loose, I'll drop my sword and die willingly.
You're not in a position to bargain! If I fight, I'll do a lot of damage.
You wouldn't want your Asterkinj accidentally killed, would you? If I have to, I'll do it myself.
Throw away your sword and get on your knees! Not until she's through the door.
You don't have to do this, Talon.
- Just go.
- That's far enough.
Throw away your sword or she doesn't take another step.
On your knees.
Looks like you aren't the One.
I'm the hero of the prophecy.
Talon! [GRUNTING.]
I may not be the One, but neither are you.
Remind me to put steel bars on those windows.
I told you to stay out of it.
I was protecting my interests.
Is that what I am to you? Your interest? Look, Vikka can't stay here.
The people won't understand.
I already sent him out to the woods to hunt.
Don't worry, he won't hunt humans.
You might want to cover your ears.
This belongs to you.
Thank you.
So do you trust me now? Should I? You're going to need to tell me everything that's happened these past years.
Well, for that, we're going to need a few drinks.
Come on.
I'll show you the Night Shade.
- You look so handsome.
- Thanks to you.
Oh, no.
Not me.
Only the gods can take credit for your countenance.
Yes, but you can take credit for pulling me back from death and building me up again.
I can never repay you for that.
You already repaid me with something I desperately needed.
Are you ready? I still don't understand why we have to do all this.
Because the only way you and I can make a life in peace together is if The Three bless it.
- You want it, don't you? - More than anything.
Remember everything I told you, and you'll be fine.
We'll be late.
I'm honored to bow before The Three and pledge my heart and blood.
And who have you brought before us, Healer? My Three, I present Commander Garret Spears, formerly of Gallwood Outpost.
You may stand.
Your Holiness, Commander Spears has suffered greatly.
He knows now that he was under the influence of a deceptive commanding officer.
I believe he's repentant for his actions.
What say you, Mr.
Spears? I am honored to bow before The Three, and pledge my heart and blood.
I shall serve you always, and shall not stray again.
I am yours.