The Outpost (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Where You Go, People Die

TALON: My name is Talon.
I'm the last Blackblood, or so I've been told.
I escaped when Everit Dred killed all my people.
I cut off the points of my ears to hide in plain sight.
A tiny creature lives inside me, passed to me by my dying mother.
It gives me the power to open portals to another world and summon powerful demons called Lu-Qiri.
But I can only summon them when I have their names, something that's proving to be a challenge.
The Prime Order wants me dead, but I've found sanctuary at the farthest edge of the Realm in a place known as the Outpost.
MISTRESS: Previously on "The Outpost" Take him, and find me Talon.
- What are you doing? - If you rid of that demon for good, then I will pardon Zed of his offenses.
- E-ja! - (VIKKA GROWLING) Tobin has a cousin, Milus Aegisford.
He has men and lands to rival Tobin's.
The last time they met, - Tobin cut Milus wide open.
- Oh.
GWYNN: You know, there is something else you could do for me.
Make peace with your cousin Milus.
So there's still a traitor in our midst.
I'll get on the case, and we'll hang the bastard.
You got a bird yesterday.
Who was it from? Plaguelings avoid sunlight, and that could be a clue for the cure.
You are now The Blade of The Three.
- My purpose is clear.
- (HORSE WHINNIES) Garret! I thought you were dead.
(MUSIC PLAYING) (PANTING) What are you doing? Stopping you from fulfilling your so-called prophecy to summon the slayers of men.
What are you talking about? Wherever you go, people die! I've done nothing but try and help you and Gwynn.
Do not speak of the false queen! - False queen? - I will deal with her next.
- Why are you doing this? - I cannot let you live.
You'll destroy us all.
- I am your friend! - You are no one's friend! What have they done to you? They showed me the truth.
They lie.
The Prime Order lies, Garret! Look at me.
I don't believe you can kill me.
Hail to The Three.
(GRUNTS) (RUMBLING) (RUMBLING CONTINUES) (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) It was a reasonable demand to show your influence.
Milus was the obvious choice.
My father's going to rise from the grave - and break every bone in me.
- Nonsense.
You sent our offer to make amends, like a reasonable ruler.
An offer that he can't possibly refuse.
It's like I got down on my knees and I licked his boots.
If it works, it's worth it.
Your wounded pride will be restored when your son is king of the Realm.
It's hard to think that far ahead when you're licking boots.
It was a ridiculous feud in the first place.
Don't you think you've done and said enough? Just shut up and leave me to my shame, and hope my men don't hack him to pieces the moment he shows his bastard face around here! You know, you've picked a hell of a time for me to quit drinking.
Maybe she wishes you had a beard like mine.
Women like a beard tickling them when they kiss.
Oh, really? Is that so, Munt? How many women have you kissed? Ah, plenty.
Um one.
Yeah, Mum.
- Just Mum, actually.
- That's what I thought.
Anyway, I don't think it has anything to do with my kissing, thank you very much.
Tell me what happened, every juicy bit.
There's no juicy bits, Munt.
It's just that I said you know, I went to give her some flowers and then I said there'd be kissing.
It could be the kissing.
(WOMAN SHOUTING) Hey! Hey! Get him away from me! Are you cured? You're cured! How do you feel? Please! Please let me go.
Open up! Open up! Munt, I was right.
The sun cured her.
But if the sun cured her, why not the others, huh? Lady, tell me everything that happened.
I don't remember much, just choking on that thing, and now I'm here.
- Aah! - (GRUNTS) Munt, let the lady go.
- Are you sure? - I am sure.
Let her go.
- I don't want to get pricked - Now! - Hey.
- (SCREECHING) JANZO: Why her and not the others? What's different about her? Is it that she's a woman? Munt, these flowers only seem to open up in the daytime.
I think we could be on to something here.
(YELPS) Yes, this changes everything, don't it? Lady, when's the last time you paid your taxes? - Eh? - Yeah.
- Have you got money now? - Munt, leave her alone.
(MUFFLED SCREAM) (MUFFLED SCREAMING) - Aah! Aah! - Munt! - Why did you bite me? - Why did you grab me like that? Janzo sent me to get you.
Why didn't you just tap me on the shoulder and say Janzo wants to see me? He wanted to surprise you with a romantic dinner.
Dinner? It's the middle of the day.
I don't know, I thought if I covered your eyes, it would help with the surprise.
And if I told you it was me, you'd know Janzo sent me.
That is the stupidest thing I've ever forget about it.
I know you meant well.
Will you act surprised when you see Janzo? Yes, I'll act surprised.
(MUFFLED SCREAMING) This is such a nice surprise.
(CHUCKLES) It's probably not as good as what the Queen's kitchen serves you, but, uh But I got the best of what the Outpost has to offer.
It's perfect, Janzo.
You're perfect.
Do you know every morning when I wake up, I think that I'm still dreaming.
And then when I realize that I'm not, I just can't stop smiling.
You don't have to say that.
But it's true.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Overlap the strapping.
It makes it stronger.
(LOWER-CLASS ACCENT) Lord Tobin, I brought some food for the workers.
Set it over there.
Get the strapping wetter.
It tightens as it dries.
(CLEARS THROAT) - Oh, Your Maj - Shh.
What are you doing here? Take a break with me.
You should eat something.
Uh, finish up this side.
I'll be back.
It's unfermented.
I'm sorry.
And you're welcome.
Thank you, I guess.
(GRUNTS) What's in this? Well, there's, um, boar leg.
- Huh.
- Salt.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, let's see, um - Lots of carmac.
- Yes, carmac.
- Mm-hmm.
- I went to the kitchen and made it myself.
- Oh.
- Oh? Oh, it's horrible, isn't it? I've eaten worse.
I ate, um, rancid venison once.
That's not funny.
I made that for you.
It's a good thing you have people cook for you.
As Queen, I order you to stop laughing.
Right, that's it.
Back to work.
Come on now.
It's not all that bad.
I'm eating it, aren't I? Yes, I just wanted to show that I appreciated your hard work.
- Right.
- And that you risked your life for me, even though you just got a good drubbing and, uh, actually didn't really accomplish much.
So, um, tell me a bit more about yourself.
I've realized I hardly know a thing about the girl I'm so crazy about.
Um, I don't know what to say.
Um, I lived in the Capital in the poor quarter, and then, um, I came here.
That's very brave of you, isn't it, to be traveling so far? Did you come in a trade caravan? - A military convoy, actually.
- Oh, that's awful.
Sorry, I've heard about how the soldiers on the roads treat young women.
They didn't lay a hand on me.
Well, that's fortunate then, isn't it? Naya, I wasn't trying to imply Let's just talk about something else.
Of course.
- I've upset you, haven't I? - No.
- It's nothing.
- Stupid.
Don't do that.
You've done nothing wrong.
Really? Because it feels, Naya, like like it's only around me that you're ever upset.
It's not you.
I just show it around you more because I'm comfortable with you and I let my guard down.
Well, that's good, isn't it? Do you want to tell me what's wrong, Naya? I promise that I'll do anything I can to help you.
I'm a bad person.
- And I don't deserve you.
- What? I think it's me that doesn't deserve you.
I shouldn't have come.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
No, Naya.
Naya, no.
No, no, no, Naya! Stop! Please don't leave.
I'll do anything, okay? I can change.
I can be a different Just stop it.
I've already told you it's nothing you've done, Janzo.
It's what I've done.
What do you mean? What have you done? Oh, Naya.
Please don't cry.
Naya, don't cry.
What could be so bad, hmm? Nothing.
I have to go.
Naya, please wait.
You can trust me.
I want to do anything I can to help you.
You won't want to after I tell you what I've done.
There's nothing that you can say that would make me stop loving you.
How about this? I'm the traitor.
What do you mean? I'm the spy.
I'm the one who let Dred go free.
No, you're not.
I'm sorry, Janzo.
It was me.
It was my fault Dred got away.
It was my fault he killed Garret, and it ill be my fault when the Prime Order attacks.
Naya, don't be so ridiculous.
Please tell me you're not being serious.
No! Please don't hate me.
Did someone make you do this? The Prime Order threatened my family.
The Prime Order threatened everyone's family, Naya.
Every man, every woman, every child.
If you really did what you say you did, you could have cost the lives of thousands.
Do you realize that? Or even actually the entire Realm? What have you told them? I only worked for Ambassador Dred.
He knows everything up to when he left.
He killed Garret.
I'm sorry, Janzo.
I am so sorry.
But you have to believe me, I hate them more than anyone.
How can you even say that when you're the one who serves them? They have my mother and my sister.
So what? I can't believe you would be so insensitive.
I didn't mean it like that.
But did you really think that the Prime Order were just gonna go and release your family? Hmm? Why would they, Naya? They're just gonna keep asking you for more and more.
The Prime Order used you.
But now you're going to go and tell Queen Rosmund everything that happened.
And you're going to tell her why - No.
- and she's going to understand.
For what I've done, she will take my head.
- I will not let her.
- You can't stop her.
I'm not going to let anyone hurt you, do you hear me? You might spend a lot of time in prison, - but I won't let anyone hurt - If I turn myself in, my mother and my sister will surely die.
They're probably already dead.
If they are still alive, there's nothing more you can do.
But maybe the Queen can.
You have to turn yourself in, Naya.
Right now.
It's your only chance.
(SCREECHING) Something wrong, Janzo? No, why? Because you're handling those flowers like you hate them.
I don't hate the stupid flowers, Munt.
All right.
Are you mad at me? Munt, shut up! Is this because I grabbed Naya and dragged her into an alley? - What? - What? No, nothing.
Janzo, I need to talk to you.
What are you even doing here, Naya? You promised me you would confess.
I did.
Um, sort of.
I left a letter explaining everything, But I have to go and help my mother and sister if I can.
And then I'll come back and face my punishment, I swear it.
I told you, they're probably already dead.
- Why don't you come with me? - I can't come with you.
Naya, my work is here.
And do you know what? Actually, even if I could come with you, I wouldn't.
What you did was terrible.
If you don't turn yourself in, I'm never going to forgive you.
She'll have me executed.
I know she will.
- Is that what you want? - Do you know why? Because I told you I would never let that happen to you.
But I'm also not going to betray my friends.
If you haven't surrendered by noon, I'm going to tell Gwynn myself.
And if I leave the Outpost instead? Mm.
She'll probably have you hunted down.
- Good-bye, Naya.
- (GASPS) No.
Janzo, no.
Just the girl I was looking for.
What do you want? I was just on the way to see my Queen.
Oh, good.
We'll escort you.
I know she'd want a few words with you.
You're under arrest.
And this is true? You confess to it? And it was you who released Ambassador Dred? - Yes, Your Majesty.
- Don't call me that.
In your mouth, it's a mockery.
In the name of every god, why? They have my mother and sister.
I was sent here under threat that they would be killed.
And once you came here? Once you came to know the rightness of our cause? Once we were victorious over Dred and his army, you didn't think to join us then? I could have helped you.
Maybe even helped your family.
But instead, you released Ambassador Dred, who then killed my Garret.
You are responsible for the death of Garret Spears.
If I had known he would have done that, I wouldn't have set him free, I swear.
And since then, you've been hiding like a snake at my side ready to strike.
No, Your Majesty.
I love you more than anything.
You are guilty for treason against the throne.
Against me.
Execute her at once.
Um, Your Majesty? You know I'm a big fan of executions.
I really enjoy them, but why the rush? We could just interrogate her, find out what she knows, find out what she's told the Prime Order.
I'll tell you anything you want to know.
So be it, but she must die imminently after.
Every breath she takes is an insult to those who bled or died because of her.
And double her guards in case she has any co-conspirators among us.
Get her out of my sight.
(NAYA WHIMPERING) (NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE) Tobin, I am in your debt for the apprehension of the traitor.
I hope you'll understand if I show my proper gratitude at another time.
Right now, I'd rather be alone.
Of course, Rosmund.
I understand.
(RUMBLING) (PSYCHIC SCREECHING) (GRUNTING) I suspected you'd gone to the other side.
Yeah, well, never again.
- How long was I gone? - More than a day.
- What happened? - Rebb's tribe tried to kill me.
I need to get to Gwynn before Garret does.
What about our journey to collect the stone to complete the key? He'll kill the Queen.
Get up.
I might need you.
Welcome, cousin Milus.
Was it really your hand that wrote this? - It was.
- It says here that you'll surrender to us all the lands west and south - of the Red-bank.
- That's what it says.
And all I have to do is shake your hand? Shake my hand, declare peace between us, and declare yourself loyal to the Queen.
You failed to mention that little addition.
I mean, It seems I've come a long way for nothing.
I'm giving you everything we've been at war over all these years.
What, for a woman who claims to be a surviving royal? She is who she says she is.
Any day now, the Prime Order will march over that hill and hang every one of you for treason.
And then I'll get your land anyway.
If you join us, together we can defeat them.
Or together we can hang.
I'd rather take the sure thing.
You still only care about yourself.
That's true.
And I find it hard to believe you're ready to give up the best grazing land in the Realm to a man you'd rather see dead.
I mean, what's so special about this so-called queen that she would whip a man like you to your knees? Why don't you meet her and find out for yourself? With pleasure.
I mean, that's all I'm really here for anyway, isn't it? Your alleged Majesty.
Charming, and so respectful.
I hear you've rejected Tobin's offer of free land.
Oh, I never agree the first offer.
Are you so poor that paying nothing is still too much? It'll all be mine anyway when the Prime Order attacks.
Do you own any land, Milus? As far as the eye can see from every window in my keep.
No, you have nothing.
The Prime Order owns that land.
You merely manage it at their bidding.
And, um, what is your title? I am a Lord Baron.
Milus, even to use that term is heresy.
You are just a humble servant of the Prime Order like anyone else in the Realm.
You have no title.
You have nothing.
I am not thrilled about the Prime Order, but I don't stick my neck out, either.
Same as anyone else who likes their neck.
You will be grossly overwhelmed.
Well, I'm confident that most of the Realm will come to our side once we get started.
It only takes a few boulders to start a landslide.
Oh, I'm better off keeping what I've got, even if it is under the Prime Order's thumb.
Why would I risk it? What if I were to give you all of Tobin's land? Not just the lowlands.
- All of it? - All of it.
You really need my help, don't you? I am the Queen, Milus, and I will retake the Realm.
And after that, I will remember those who supported me and those who did not.
The first will be richly rewarded.
All of Tobin's lands? You swear it? Well, Tobin won't need any land, as he'll be married to the queen.
I will? You will.
And I get all of Tobin's lands? I will grant you the Aegisford title and land if you reunite the Aegisford family under one banner loyal to the Queen.
You are one sly dog, cousin.
What is your answer? You will have your two boulders to start your landslide, Your Majesty.
My army will make preparations to march immediately.
Was that an acceptance of that marriage proposal - I offered so many days ago? - It was.
I, uh I'm past the deadline.
Is that all right? Ooh! 20 Aegisford bannermen will attend the wedding, one for each province in his vassal.
Two bannermen.
One for you and one for Tobin.
Two? Ha! I'll agree to 12.
One for each red moon since Tobin's father died.
One for each season since the old man croaked.
- Ten.
- Five.
I really think four is better.
- Six.
- Done.
Now, your people will supply all the festooning, ornamentation, flowers, and fanfare.
Festooning? Flowers? What do you think this is? A royal wedding.
She is the queen, is she not? This is a military outpost.
We don't we don't have any of that kind of stuff.
Well, you'll do what you can.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll do what I can.
I've got a couple of horn blowers who can who can do a kind of a fanfare.
And any booze you want, you'll have to get from me.
We'll get all the inebriants from you.
Here's to the matchmakers.
Long may they reign.
Leave it.
I'll manage.
Thank you.
You may go.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) I require nothing more.
A moment of your time? Come in.
I hope you have good news.
Have you found a cure? Getting close, but, um, that's not why I'm here.
Why then? I've come to plead mercy for Naya.
I have nothing more to say on that subject.
Did you know that her mother and sister are being held hostage? So she says.
What would you have done in her place? There is only one penalty for the crime of treason.
You make the laws.
You can change them.
If I make one exception, then all the other spies that come after that will expect the same thing.
Your Majesty, I have done a lot for you, and I'm this close to finding a cure for the Plaguelings.
- You owe me.
- I owe you nothing.
I am your Queen.
I am begging you.
Please just do this one thing for me.
I'm asking you as my friend, please.
I love her.
You and Naya are together? Mm.
I love her very much.
I loved her too, Janzo, which only makes it more difficult.
- But - But it changes nothing.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Sorry, am I interrupting? No, your son was just leaving.
What is it, Elinor? Um, the the prisoner has cooperated fully.
I believe we know everything.
Execution is at first light.
Mother, if there's anything you do for me in my entire life, please let it be this.
Naya doesn't deserve to die.
- Yes, she does.
- I'm sorry, Janzo.
Take heart that we will grieve together.
I don't even know who you are anymore! Well, the wedding is all arranged to our advantage in all respects.
Thank you.
- You all right? - Yes, fine.
I find my my hand won't behave.
Just 'cause you're queen doesn't mean that you can't be human.
That handmaid was your friend? Yes, perhaps my closest.
Except maybe Talon.
I know.
Sometimes being boss can stink more than Remmick dung.
That it can.
There you are.
You did the right thing, Gwynn.
What's this about? Hello, Partridge, Griffin, Varna.
Deputy Marshal, as I am sure you are well aware, my lady friend over here is going to be executed at dawn.
That's right, and for good cause.
Even so, I'd like to say good-bye to her, please.
It's not permitted to speak to the prisoners after sentencing.
I know, but we're all friends here, aren't we? Right? And as a friend, I thought I would bring you a tray of my finest ale.
I cannot bend the rules, even for friends, Janzo.
Also, free drinks at the Nightshade until next winter.
Let me see that.
- For all of us? - Mm.
- The Mistress approves? - Mm-hmm.
On the house.
Free drinks until next year.
I just need a minute with her.
Fellas! It's rather policy than a rule, Janzo.
- Take your time.
- Thank you.
I tried to confess.
I was going to tell her everything.
I know, I know.
But it's because of me that you're in here waiting to die.
No, not because of you.
I did this.
No one else.
I only wanted to save my family.
- I know.
- Cheers.
It's all right.
I'm ready to die.
I told you I wasn't going to let that happen.
But there's nothing you can do.
(CLATTERING) Cinder moss.
(SNORING) But when they wake up, they'll arrest you.
No, they won't.
Because they won't remember anything for hours before.
Possibly even days.
- You are brilliant.
- Yes, I am.
- Come on.
Help me.
- Okay.
Take it.
Let's go.
(SNORING) (MUSIC PLAYING) It's everything you'll need.
You're not coming with me, are you? I can't, Naya.
You know I can't.
- Mm.
- (WHIMPERS) It figures.
When I finally find the one woman I'll ever love, I have to send her away.
Welcome to my life.
I promise I'll come back.
You can't ever come back.
Promise me.
They'll execute you if you do.
I'd give him a go.
- Gwynn, listen to me.
- I can't believe it.
It is not safe here.
You are not safe here.
You need to come with me.
What are you what are you talking about? Garret? GARRET: Come on.
- Was that? - ALL: Garret.
Garret, this is crazy.
Where have you been? I'll tell you all about it, but right now we need to leave.
- It's my wedding.
- Oh, is that what this is? Please, Gwynn, I need you to trust me, all right? There are people here who are trying to harm you.
- Now we need to leave.
- Who? Do you trust me? GERTRUSHA: That fits.
Anyone my sister counsels has to be bad.
I beg your pardon.
What did you say? Mistress, in Queen Rosmund's absence, I'm reporting to you, the Queen's Counsel.
The traitor Naya has escaped.
I'm so glad that you're alive.
You knew I was alive.
You just didn't care.
What are you talking about? Garret?