The Outsider (2020) s01e05 Episode Script


1 HOLLY GIBNEY: Heath Hofstadter worked with Terry's father.
RALPH ANDERSON: (ON PHONE) Maitland's wife and daughter said some guy scratched him.
HOLLY: I'm starting to think that there's a connection between the two men.
INVESTIGATOR: Which one is Peter Maitland? NURSE: He is.
Maybe he caught something from the first guy.
Can't catch murder.
You've been staring at that thing since I got here.
You all right? Yeah, I'm all right.
RALPH: I need to take a look at the footage of Terry Maitland from the day of the murder.
ANDY KATCAVAGE: Hofstadter was all over the bodies.
You wouldn't believe the fallout in those two families.
A kid just walked in and says he needs to talk to you.
MERLIN CASSIDY: I lied last time we talked.
I was scared of him.
RALPH: Can you try to draw him? HOLLY: (ON PHONE) I found another child-killer who crossed paths with Heath Hofstadter.
(WHISPERS) What he does can never be undone.
IDILYS CASTRO: When you were a child, who were you told would come for you? It takes what it wants.
- (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) - OFFICER: S-7 dispatch on scene.
- Be advised - OFFICER 2: Shut it down in both directions.
Nobody comes in.
OFFICER 3: Tracy, put the gun on the ground right now and everyone gets to go home.
MALE ANALYST: Jesus Christ.
What the hell did that? - - (BIRDS CHIRPING) (CHAIR CREAKS) - (PANTING) - (BIRDS CHIRPING) (GRUNTS) You're kidding me! What, you didn't like the lamp? It's a perfectly good lamp! So what, it didn't go with your color scheme? You're allergic to plastic? Just tell me.
I I I really want to know, because I I don't ever want to make you mad again.
So what? What? What is happening to me, you cocksucker? I (STUTTERS) Just tell me! Or strike me dead, because I'm I'm ready! I'm fucking ready! So, come on! Come on, you motherfucker! (LOUD BOOMING) (GRUNTS) Anjanue? ALEX PELLEY: Okay, so, she's done in New York? She is.
HOWARD SALOMON: She find anything out? Well, she managed to talk to the Maria Caneles woman in Riker's.
And? Apparently, her story is pretty much the same as Hofstadter and Maitland's.
So, she's uncovered a national ring of falsely accused child murderers? - Anything else? - No, I (STAMMERS) I've just told you the sum total of what she told me.
Where is she now? Um, headed back to Dayton.
Headed back to Dayton.
Why? You know the drill, Howie.
You start out in city A.
That leads you to city B.
What you learn there takes you back to A, but with educated eyes.
I think she knows more than she's saying.
Maybe she's waiting for everything to gel.
You're the one who said to have faith in her, Howard, so why don't we just do that, see where she takes us next? - Yeah? - Yeah.
JEANNIE ANDERSON: So how was your week? It was okay.
(DISH CLATTERS) Yeah? Listen, honey, you're doing everything you're supposed to.
Working on your GED, going to all your meetings.
Dropping clean urines You keep that up, you stay clean, in two months, we go back to court, I'm guessing judge is gonna downgrade your charge to a misdemeanor, time served.
Did you go to your parenting workshop this week? Uh, not this week, 'cause the baby had got sick.
Did you notify your instructor? I texted her, but she didn't get back to me to say she got it.
I'll look into that.
(COUGHING) Eric Stander? Sorry Excuse me, right this way.
(DOOR SLAMMING) HOWIE: Any word yet on that grey gunk they found in the barn? YUNIS SABLO: Not as of yet, but hopefully soon.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) (CAR HORN HONKING) JEANNIE: Excuse me I just want to remind everyone that if you're gonna wear a hoodie in here, it needs to be back down off your face.
Thank you.
Sir, in the green.
(SNORES) Tough day? More like weird.
Weird how? (EXHALES) There was a guy (STAMMERS) Just weird.
Do you mind if we order takeout tonight? The thought of cooking right now Mm-hm.
I'm gonna go lie down for a bit.
Just call me when the food is here, okay? Food's here.
(EXHALES) Get up, babe.
Baby, get up.
Come on, Jeannie, get up.
Oh, please - Jeannie, come on.
- Please leave me alone.
- Sweetheart.
No, no, no.
- Leave me alone, Ralph.
- Enough's enough.
- I'm Please.
- Ralph - Come on.
You gotta start - pulling yourself together.
- I don't want this.
- Pull yourself together.
- No.
Pull myself together? - Pull yourself - Pull myself together? Oh, my God, pull myself together? - Yeah, Jeannie - Oh, my God.
You gotta pull yourself together, okay? You have got to get on - with your life.
- Like you? Uh W At least I'm trying.
- You're trying? - Yeah, I'm trying.
Oh, my God, Ralph.
It's 2:00 in the afternoon.
You're shitfaced.
Trying? Oh, my God, please go.
- Jeannie, he's gone.
- (STAMMERS) - He's gone, he's not coming - I know he's gone! Okay.
He's gone.
- He was mine.
- Yeah - and he's gone.
- I was here.
(SOBS) I You're gone.
It's It's me and him.
- You weren't here.
- What? You weren't here.
Please go.
Please Please go.
Who was the boogeyman? Sorry? When you were little, who was the boogeyman? Baboulas.
My old Greek granny used to say if I didn't behave - he'd come and take me away.
- Grief-eater.
- What? - I say grief-eater, you say first thing that comes to mind.
- Ulcer.
- Uh, too literal.
- Stress giver.
- More poetic.
- MAN: Skye? - Hold on.
- Hmm.
- Better.
Where we going with this? So, you're the tear-drinker, your words, and you're thirsty, where would you go? - Poetic or literal? - Literal.
Uh, how thirsty am I? Very, and you're not in a rush to leave.
How about a funeral home? That's got to be like a non-stop Niagara Falls.
Too impersonal.
It likes to be the cause of the tears.
The grief.
Well, according to my parents, that would be any time I come home for a holiday.
It likes to linger.
Likes to savor.
It's an "it" now? What about a haunted house? Does it believe in ghosts? Maybe if it made the ghosts ghosts to begin with, then Or a cemetery.
Its victims are already there.
The family comes to mourn over and over.
Hey, there you go.
And it wouldn't be disturbed.
Can I just ask What do you do? I'm a private investigator.
Investigating what, paranormal activity? Not at all.
So all this we're talking about, we're just goofing around, right? Do you know the city well? Does Tarzan know the jungle? I can give you 200 dollars to drive me around tomorrow.
("SEVEN RINGS" BY YEAR OF THE OX PLAYS) Yo, as soon as the bell rings Call me Mr.
Belding Or Mr.
Big Bopper I'll make it a quick stoppage With the hand speed Of a city pickpocket Like a stampede Of nothing but Zangiefs I'm leading with arms Swinging they all like What an award-winning Performance With a bizarre ending And now the alarm's ringing Visions darkening I hit 'em till They start seein' The cartoon cardinals Mario starts spinning I discarded all my battle bars (MUSIC FADING) I'll never let 'em Get ahead of me Embed it till they never Never, never forget of me Are you getting me? Come on, man Are they ready? Well they better be On a different pedigree Different speed Methamphetamines In streets we're developing Till they see me On the tele-V We run through New York with - (CHAIR SCRAPES) - Ralph? (FLOOR CREAKING) Ralph? (MUFFLED) Sit.
Tell him to stop.
Stop? Or he'll die.
I don't understand.
(GOATS BLEATING) You'll both die.
Oh! Oh.
(SOBS) Oh, Jesus.
Uh, you stepped on some glass in the dining room.
I did? You don't remember? You know what? I'm gonna go get some stuff for this.
Okay? Tell me what happened.
I got a glass of water, I guess I dropped it.
So You just cut your foot and came back to bed.
Guess I was half asleep.
Ralph I think you should drop the investigation.
Why's that? Because if you don't, I feel like something very bad is gonna happen.
Something bad's already happened.
I'm just trying to get to the bottom of it.
What do you mean, "someone was " - "Someone was here," like, what? - In the house, he spoke to me.
- Somebody broke in, what - He said that you have to stop looking into the Frankie Peterson investigation Oh, baby, baby Right, you had a dream - or you'll die.
- You had Nobody's gonna die.
- We'll die.
- Nobody's gonna die.
Look Jessa Maitland gave you that exact same message, in fact, she chose you to give it to.
- That exact same message.
- Yes.
- So, what does that tell you? - Tells me that what a sad little girl said got under your skin.
It tells me that Frankie Peterson's murder makes Derek raw for you all over again, just the same as it does for me.
You stir all that together, what you end up with is a very bad dream.
We sat right in there.
We did.
You Last year after Derek, um Do you remember the doctors who put you on the combination of, um antidepressants? And you used to sleepwalk, all the time.
- Remember that? - Not all the time.
It was a lot.
You just You don't remember.
Well, I'm not on those meds now.
Fair enough, but you still sleepwalk.
Sometimes you do, sometimes I think it's just 'cause you miss him.
You get up, you I I figure you're kind of looking for him.
You know? Listen I don't live inside your head.
But I swear to you all that happened last night is you had a very scary, very vivid nightmare.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) (SHUTTER CLICKS) This is what you do, isn't it? Take the whole family.
What was? It's all in the air; all it had to do was close its eyes and inhale.
It likes to linger.
All the grief down there, what a feast.
HOLLY GIBNEY: I just sent you some photos from outside of the cemetery where the Williams sisters are buried.
And others from outside of the cemetery where, uh, Heath Hofstadter was buried.
(INHALES, EXHALES) Not much to look at.
Have you been down to where Terry Maitland was buried? I didn't see any reason to do that.
HOLLY: Then can you do something for me? Can you go out there and, uh, take some photos? Of the grave? HOLLY: That and whatever's close by.
Such as? Anything that looks derelict.
Abandoned structures, um, homes, factories, dumping grounds You need to tell me what this is about, Holly.
I I'd be embarrassed to say right now because I I might be wrong, but it could be important.
See I've been sticking up for you with Howard and the others since you left for New York, but I don't have a clue what you're doing right now, so you need to give me something so I can take it to him, or he might just pull the plug.
Humor me.
Um I'm so sorry.
I didn't know him, but a friend of mine did and he when he heard I was passing through, he asked if I could come here and pay his respects for him.
Can I ask, uh, who he was to you? My friend said he was a good guy, but I don't understand what happened to him.
He fucked him over good.
Fucked over Heath? Who did? - He fucked me over, too.
- Who did? Maybe I can What's your name? (SHUTTER CLICKS) RALPH: You sure you're gonna be okay in there by yourself? Yeah.
I'm just checking to see if I need a stitch.
I'll be here.
What? The investigator we hired wants me to go to the cemetery to, um, take photos of where Terry's buried.
Why? That's what I said.
Are you gonna do it? I don't know You should tell Glory.
Um, w Why would I upset her? Because I think she'd be more upset if you didn't.
(GRUNTS) (STAMMERS) I'll call her later.
It's, uh, it's Ralph.
Listen, manager of the strip club, Claude Bolton.
He's got a sheet, he's done some time, so, uh, we should have his prints.
Uh, do me a favor, will you? Throw him up against the Peterson homicide.
No, it's probably nothing.
Oh, and and, um, can you send me a mugshot? Thanks.
So, Claude's prints didn't match anything from the scene.
Yeah, I didn't think they would, but You want to tell me what that was all about? (PAPER RUSTLING) Jeannie drew that.
That's somebody she saw in the house the night before last.
Someone broke in? She okay? No, no, no, she just had a bad dream.
(EXHALES) My grandfather and his two brothers were Marines in Korea.
My great-grandmother used to worry herself sick over them.
Then one night she has a dream.
This woman comes to her in the dream - with two pails of milk.
- Mm.
My great-grandmother says, "There's supposed to be three.
" Okay.
The next morning, there's a Marine at her door, telling her that one of her sons, my grand-uncle, Roberto, was killed in combat.
My grandfather and his other brother made it through the war and came home safe.
Dreams are messages, bro.
Terry once told me that if he died first, he wanted to be here because all his people are here going back to the Civil War.
Oh, my God, look at this place.
Did you order the stone? (SIGHS) Yeah, it comes in a month or so.
They said they'd put in a temporary one, but where the hell is it? Thanks again, Glory.
Tell me again why you're here.
Honestly, I don't know, but do you mind if I take some photos? Of what? - (SHUTTER CLICKS) - What is he looking for? - (SHUTTER CLICKS) - YUNIS: Jesus Christ.
- That's the barn.
- RALPH: What about it? Where they found Maitland's clothes.
But we forgive him.
JEANNIE: Uh-huh, wonderful.
It's great that you could come in.
Hey, what you drinking? Ginger ale.
And? Just ginger ale.
Oh Taking a break.
Yeah, I guess so.
Hey, listen, you went out to that barn the other day, right? Yeah, it was a real bullshit run.
Time I got there, the Staties had been done and gone.
Did you see anything you think the Staties might have missed? Like what? Like, I don't know, like anything, like you'd tell me.
I should tell you? Jack, I You're not even on the job right now, Anderson, I all of a sudden I have to give you a debriefing? Uh, Jack, I was just, - uh, curious.
- Yeah.
I didn't mean to Oh, hello, little man.
- You want to hold him? - No.
No, I think I'm coming coming down with something, - I don't know.
- You don't want to hold my son? T, you don't you don't want I'll be right back.
- Hey, Jerome.
Hey, Jerome.
Hey, look at me.
What the hell is going on with you? What, is it the ginger ale? Because I like you better when you're drinking.
I like you better when I'm drinking too.
You've been ten kinds of out of it these last few days.
You can tell me anything, Jack, you know that.
Just going through a patch.
What is it, the divorce? Your parents? Your health? - I'm fit as a goddamn fiddle.
- Oh, really? 'Cause you just told me in there you were coming down with something.
Then why wouldn't you hold my son? 'Cause I I don't I don't want You don't want what? Anything to happen to him.
What are you talking about? I have to go.
If you don't tell me what's going on I will find out, - you best believe that.
- T, you need to back off.
Why? For your own sake.
I'm just I'm begging you.
(ENGINE STARTS) Okay, so tell me what I'm looking at.
- HOLLY: Looking for.
- For.
Looking for.
What am I looking for? - HOLLY: Hiding places.
- For who? HOLLY: Could be a who, more likely a what.
What? Heath Hofstadter never laid a hand on those girls.
- RALPH: Okay.
- And And Terry Maitland didn't go near that boy.
And you know this without ever having stepped foot in Cherokee City.
- HOLLY: I do.
- Mm-hm.
How? How do you know that? Tell me that.
How do you know? Can I just say it didn't surprise me that the barn where Terry Maitland's clothes were found was so close to his grave.
RALPH: Hey, I just asked you a straight question, and I want you to give me a straight answer.
It would be better if I told you in person.
But not just me, you need to tell everybody involved, which means you need to come down here.
- Howie will book a flight.
- No more flights, I'll drive.
- Holly? Hey, it's Andy.
Listen, I'm in the lounge downstairs, and I just stopped in for a drink, I I was wondering if, uh If ? Well, if you felt like coming down for a bit.
HOLLY: Why don't you come upstairs? There's a minibar in my room.
I snuck into Heath Hofstadter's house yesterday.
- Oh, yeah? - It was It's deserted - A real mess.
- Oh, I can imagine.
But, uh, Heath's bedroom Bed had no mattress on it.
Crime Scenes probably took it.
Well, I'm sure, but the thing is, someone afterwards put clean sheets a and a blanket on the box springs.
Two years ago in Chicago, uh, the daughters of an old woman hired me to investigate the strangulation murder of their mother after the police had closed the case.
Uh, her money was gone, her jewelry was gone, she lived in a crap neighborhood so, uh, the police just targeted local junkies.
Uh, which I knew wasn't right.
- Because? - Because, uh, she was found laying face up, with a pillow under her head and a washcloth over her eyes.
- Which said to me, that - That whoever killed her had a strong sense of remorse.
They tried to make her comfortable afterwards, and the washcloth over the eyes Tells me that he was afraid to see the disappointment in her eyes, that this was maybe someone, uh she knew.
Possibly even someone who loved her.
Why are we talking about this again? Because this was a a gesture of remorse.
The bed maker was possibly involved in the killings of the the sisters.
Just didn't get caught.
Go you.
Um I'm I'm so sorry, uh I have this big meeting coming up, and I'm a a bit nervous about it.
I I should never have, um It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
- But I should go.
- Uh, no, no Could we maybe just, uh, just lay down for a little? Maybe just a little (FLOOR CREAKING) (CREAKS) (BABY FUSSING) (BABY CRYING) (PANTING) (PANTING) (SIGHS) (KNOCKING) JACK: Sometimes it feels like offending people has become a way of life for me.
RALPH: Mm-hm.
And uh, I'd like to apologize for getting up in your face yesterday, when all you were doing was asking me the same damn questions about that barn I'd have asked you.
Okay, well I appreciate that, Jack.
But there's there's no need.
Look, the the thing is, I've been having some personal problems these last few weeks.
The drinking's been number one on the hit parade.
Well, you know, cut back a little, I'm sure you'll find you'll regain that slender, - girlish figure of yours.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
Well, I'm sure it's sure it's too late for us to ever be friends, and for that I take all the blame.
But, being the lazy bastard I am, I'd I'd like to shoulder more of yours, and everyone else's workload than I have been.
Can't say that I wouldn't enjoy seeing that.
If you give me the chance to come on board I'll show you what an asset I can be once I put my mind to a thing.
Frankie Peterson, Terry Maitland, those cases are closed, so we're just a bunch of concerned citizens more curious than most.
All I'm asking for here is an opportunity.
What can you tell me about the barn that night? (DOGS BARKING) - (GUN COCKS) - Whoa, whoa.
(PANTING) What the fuck? What do you want? (SIRENS WAILING) OFFICER 4: Put down the gun.
Come on, man, I'm begging you, you don't have to do this.
OFFICER 4: Get down on the ground! OFFICER 3: Put the gun on the ground right now and everyone gets to go home.
Tracey, give it up! Put down the gun! - MAN: Come on, man, please.
- OFFICER 5: Put it down! (INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) MAN: You shoot me, they shoot you.
Don't shoot, please.
DETECTIVE 2: (CHUCKLES) Somebody should tell him, next time you commit suicide, just stay home and swallow pills.
DETECTIVE 1: Danny, come take a look at this.
DANNY: Jesus Christ.
Look at me.
You need to let me go.
Dad You need to let me go.
(SIGHS) (MUSIC PLAYS) (TENSE MUSIC PLAYS) HOLLY GIBNEY: There are times when to see things clearly, you have to, um, expand your sense of what reality might entail.
Every culture has tales of creatures that go back through time.
I don't know this presence, but I do know that it's evil.
GLORY MAITLAND: This is your plan to exonerate my husband?! The boogeyman? Are you insane? Are you insane?! You've got your own reality.
No justifications, no excuses.
In fact, there's no such thing as evil in the world without some rational explanation.
JEANNIE ANDERSON: You play like it's reasonable and rational to ignore everything that's unreasonable and irrational that's happening right in front of your face.
All she's asking is that we keep an open mind.
RALPH ANDERSON: I'm just gonna look for facts, evidence, you know, dumb cop shit like that.
Whatever this thing is, it's drawn to pain.
It controls their minds, their memories You're dead, Ma.
- Don't you know that? - HOLLY: and their souls.
(GROANS) Once it's in, the only way to ever experience freedom is through death.
RALPH: If a thing like that can exist in the world, it upends everything we ever believed in.
CLAUDE BOLTON: You know that feeling like something's about to go down? But you don't know what, where, or when? But it's gonna be as bad as it gets.
HOLLY: It's in the process of becoming something else.
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