The Outsider (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

In the Pines, In the Pines

1 While I have you, I was wondering if maybe you'd give me a little sneak preview of what you're gonna be talking about later.
Well, I can tell you one thing.
I'm afraid nobody's going to believe me.
I believe that Terry Maitland, Heath Hofstadter, Maria Caneles All three were not only innocent, but I believe they were victims themselves.
The real killer was a malevolent entity called El Cuco.
This is what you've been doing this whole time?! Going after the boogeyman?! Are you insane?! All she's asking for is we keep an open mind.
I'm just gonna look for facts, evidence Dumb cop shit like that.
It kills every 27 days.
What I couldn't figure out was He was transforming.
At first, I didn't understand what I was looking at.
Stop! But now I do.
Best we just get to where we're going.
We're down a chair.
I don't want it in the house.
So where is it? It's out back.
Till the next garbage pickup.
Unless you wanna take it to the dump for me today.
Ah, so we'll just invite our single friends for dinner, then.
I already ordered a replacement online.
They say we'll have it by the end of the week.
- It's done, then.
- It is.
And she's still sleeping? No, I don't believe so.
I heard movement earlier, and the front door.
So, she's not here? My guess is not.
I don't get it.
Why so up-and-at-'em so early in the day in a town she doesn't know anyone? How's she gonna get around? And where could she possibly go? Did you talk to her? I was in bed.
Well, I wish you had.
She's a big girl.
I know that, Ralph.
I'm just saying.
I gotta go.
Hey, does anybody out there feel like working? God damn it! Who is this? Hi, Howie.
It's Glory.
Oh, hey, Glory.
Sorry about that.
I think somebody just stole my chew toy.
How's it going, kid? - Oh, you know.
- No, actually, I don't.
Well, I'm going back to work today.
- Good for you.
- Yeah, the cupboards are getting a little light on food.
Hey, listen.
Have you given any more thought to suing? I just can't put my mind to a lawsuit yet.
You're right.
It's only been three weeks.
No need to rush.
Whenever you're ready, though.
Thank you, Howie.
- Where are you going? - I'm going back to work! - Mom's gotta get out there.
- Why? - Stay with us.
- I would love to.
But I will call you both every chance I get, okay? Are people going to be mean to you? Why would they be? Listen.
There's a lot of very nice people in this town, and I'm gonna go sell a house to one of them.
Good luck, Mom.
Thank you.
I love you.
- Thank you, Dreena.
- It's my pleasure.
Bye, my sweets.
- Back to work.
- Have a great day! How far is the barn? They laugh in New York, and they laugh in San Francisco, but they will not be laughing when the mouth of Hell opens up and sucks Jack.
How far is it to the barn? All over the world You know, even when I was a kid, I didn't believe in anything.
Not God.
Not the devil.
Santa Claus.
None of it.
But now, I believe.
I very much fucking believe there's something else out there that's worse than I ever imagined.
You're right to believe.
So, what is it? They're calling me, baby Over the sea Vampire? Satan? Joker? A guilty conscience? I don't know.
How old is it? I don't know.
My age? Centuries? Before the Big Bang? Is there just the one, or is there others? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Then let me tell you what I know.
I know I'm just like that poor bastard, Tracey, I heard you talking about last night.
Guy draws down a half-dozen sharp shooters because all he wants is to die.
So, question.
Is that what's gonna happen to me? Not if I can help it.
Not if I can track it, and expose it.
Which is why you're gonna take me to the barn and show me what's in there and let me go, so I can do what I have to To stop it.
You know I'm trying to help you, right? Take that road right up there.
When we walked in the sands of Hawaii And I held you Oh, so tight You've reached Holly Gibney.
I'm not here right now, but please leave me your contact information and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Hey, Holly.
It's, uh, Ralph Anderson again.
Can you call me back, please? Oh, thanks, Yune.
I'll keep trying around.
This is Jack Hoskins.
Not here right now.
Leave me a message.
Jack, give me a buzz, will you? It's Ralph.
Um I'm trying to track down Holly Gibney, the woman you met last night? So, um Yeah, just call me back.
No, Howie.
If she checks in, have her call me back.
I'm trying him now.
No, Ralph, I haven't heard from Holly, but did you, uh Did you talk to Jack? No answer.
Why? Well, she seemed to be chumming up with him last night.
I don't know if you noticed that.
- Yeah, I did.
- A couple points there, he was her only friend in the room.
He's not answering his phone.
She's not answering hers.
I I'll meet you at his place.
Okay? Yeah, I'm on my way.
Hey, Claude.
I gave you a little farewell bonus.
- You didn't have to do that.
- Hey.
Whenever my mom dumped me in an orphanage to go off with the next shit boyfriend, she always gave me a little severance envelope, too, so I guess that's just how I was raised.
Well, at least you got cash.
Whenever I opened mine up, moths flew out.
Hey, thanks for this.
So, what are you gonna do with yourself? I don't know, man.
I might go back to Harvard.
Finish off my PhD in atomic brain surgery.
Funny guy.
Just ain't been feeling like myself, lately.
Yeah, this place'll do that to you.
All right, bro.
Thanks again.
- I'll see you around.
- Yeah.
- Why me? - What? Why did it pick me? This thing It's drawn to pain.
Pain is its wine.
That's why you.
You've been wronged all your life.
I don't know by who, or by how many.
My mother, for starters.
How many shrinks does it take to change a lightbulb? One.
But the lightbulb really has to wanna change.
- - Let me show you the master.
This room is south facing, and there's a great view out that window.
Oh, wow.
Very nice.
Excuse me.
The kitchen is this way.
All these appliances come with the home.
Oh, and I love this.
So convenient if you wanna fill a big pot for pasta, say.
All these floors are original hardwood, same in the bathrooms.
How are the schools? Some of the best in the county.
Good athletic program? Sure.
Yep, it's me.
Uh Sorry? Mrs.
Terry Maitland, bride of Frankenstein? I'm here pitching my heart out, and all you two can think about is which of your friends you're gonna blab to about me first.
- That's not fair.
- Okay, I'll tell you what.
If you agree to go to contract on this dump, you can take your camera out right now, and I will rotate my head 360 degrees - while spitting up guacamole.
- That's enough.
Wait till you get a gander at the guest room.
Are we picking this? Ah, hey, Yune.
Uh, it's not good.
Um We should put a BOLO out on her car and I don't know what's happened, but if they are together, then, um we should consider him armed and dangerous.
Shit, I hope that's his blood and not hers.
Hey, Alec.
- Holly's missing.
- She what? We think she's with Hoskins.
Well, how do you know they're together? Well, it's a reasonable suspicion given what we know so far.
Can you help us? Look, I am up to my ass in appointments today.
Let me call you back when I catch a break, all right? You know what, Howard, you got her into this.
You're worried about Jack Hoskins? Last night, he was looking at her like she was the answer to his prayers.
Maybe they're off on some playdate together.
Oh, they're on a playdate? You know, why don't you come over here and see the blood all over everything for yourself, then we can talk about a playdate.
I'll call you back as soon as Alec? What has he forced you to do for him? Oh, not much.
A little food catering.
A little shopping.
A little spying.
Why didn't you just stop me from going to that meeting yesterday? Why didn't you just stop me from telling everyone what I knew? Yet you took me straight there, and you hung on every word.
Even fought for me.
Look how he's making you pay.
Keep your eyes on the road, please.
I was really hoping you could tell me so much more than you really can.
- Hey, Ralph.
- Hey.
- How's Jerome? - He's good.
- How are you? - Good! Um, sorry, hold on for a second.
Wow, it's really nice out today, huh? - What's up? - Um I just wanna talk to you about Jack.
What'd he do now? We think he's, um taken our investigator, Holly Gibney.
What do you mean, "taken"? Not exactly sure, but you guys are pretty tight, right? You notice anything about him in the last couple of days? I haven't seen him since the christening.
You were there, same as me.
Yeah, you You remember when you followed him outside? Then why wouldn't you hold my son? Yeah.
I was asking him why he was leaving so early.
What did he have to say to that? Just regular Jack bullshit.
Is there something you're forgetting to tell me? Are you asking me if I'm holding out on you? What the fuck, Ralph? No, I'm asking you if anyone's threatened you.
Who, Jack? Okay, T.
Send my love to your family, yeah? Hey, Ralph.
I was thinking when I come back from maternity leave, I'm gonna transfer to computer crimes.
No! Why? I dunno.
The baby.
I don't think I can handle the horror show anymore.
Uh I mean, it's not like I won't be police anymore, just I hope you find Jack.
Jack hasn't been buying the last few days, not that I'm complaining.
Well, when he was last here, did he seem to be any kind of off? Off? Guy's a walking hand grenade with the pin half out.
If he wasn't one of yours, I'd have barred his ass years ago.
Hey, is Claude working today? Um, Claude quit.
Did he say what his plans were? Something about going back to school, I think.
Listen, if you do talk to Jack, you should give us a ring, - okay? - Mm-hmm.
That was Yune.
He's pinged Holly's phone for us.
- Did he find it? - Yeah.
And guess whose phone's in the same spot.
They're headed south on old 22.
They just passed Bartlow and Pope township, two no-light towns.
Are they gonna pull them over? Nah, I figure we can catch up to them.
I don't want them spooked.
Oh, shit.
Let's do it.
What are you doing? I have to go to the bathroom.
- Just hold it for a bit.
- I can't.
- We're almost there.
- I have to go now.
You need your bag to pee? I have to attend to something else in there.
Like what? Tell me, or you can just go all over yourself right here.
Please don't make me spell it out.
- I'll cover my ears.
What? - I have my period.
Can I borrow your phone? - Why? - Mine's about to die.
Holly! I have the keys! Fuck! You've known Hoskins a while, right? Does any of this line up? Look, I'm not a fan of the guy.
Yeah, but this, I mean We're operating under the assumption that he kidnapped somebody.
We are.
So, why? You know, since the moment that I arrived at the Frankie Peterson murder site, nothing's made sense.
Nothing in my life.
You know, I can't I really can't connect the dots on any of it.
You know, one summer, when I was a kid we spent a couple weeks at a lake.
And I got lost in the woods.
You know, one second, I'm screwing around with my brother and some other kids, the next thing I know, I'm all alone, no idea how to get back.
And then it gets dark, then it gets cold.
And they find me at 4:00 in the morning, these two hunters, right? Part of a search party.
My parents, and cops, and the rangers.
Now, here's the thing.
Before they found me I heard something call my name.
And I heard it twice.
You imagined it.
Yeah, see, that's what everybody said back then, too.
But that's not what happened.
No, I was a tough little kid back then, I was.
I was tough as hell.
But hearing whatever that was say my name To this day, I've never been so shit scared.
" So, they may file charges.
- For what, exactly? - Emotional distress.
I never should've let you come back to work.
It was too early.
Like there will ever be a right time? Probably not.
I could make calls to other agencies, but I don't imagine it's gonna be any different anywhere else.
Well, I need to make a living.
We're closing in on broke! Well, if it was me, I'd sell my house.
- And move to where? - Anywhere.
You and the girls need a fresh start.
Terry and I raised our family in that house.
I'm not putting the girls through that.
We're staying put.
All right.
Well, if you change your mind, I promise I'll get you the highest price possible.
Thank you.
You know what? You're right.
I wouldn't let them run me out of town either.
Not after everything they've put you through.
- Hey, Glory.
- Let's sue.
- Who do you wanna sue? - The PD, for starters.
That goes without saying.
Who else? You tell me.
District Attorney's office.
Country Department of Corrections.
They were responsible for Terry's safety when he went to court.
And what about the court grounds? That would be the County Court's office.
Make them pay, too.
How about any of their individual players? You wanna go after them? Let me think about that.
Listen, once we go ahead with this, you should be prepared So, the clerk was on his smartphone the whole time.
Earbuds in.
Saw nothing, heard nothing.
What have you got? Anything? Well, it's clear where the car peeled out.
Okay, well, a car pulled out.
We We can't be sure whose.
We got this over here.
Yeah, right.
Sablo said that the cell tower ping stopped around here, and then they cut out.
And it's hers.
God damn him.
Is she dead? How the fuck am I supposed to answer that? Well, what's your gut saying? My gut says, "I don't fucking know.
" We can drive around here, we can look for the car.
But he's got 90 minutes' head start on us.
So Uh, we're about to be relieved of our duties here anyway.
- We should fill them in.
- No, Sablo's already done it.
Let's just make sure they don't miss this, and then we can go.
Fuck! Fuck! Hello? Door was unlocked.
At first, I thought he was an ally, and so, I thought nothing of him, and he wanted to show me something in the barn, like he said.
Uh, then I saw the wound on his neck.
My next thought was that he was delivering me up like Tracey Powell delivered those sisters in Dayton.
But then, no.
I think it only feeds on children.
On the other hand, if it's hungry enough, or desperate enough Finally, I came to the conclusion that he was taking me somewhere to, um eliminate me.
He was really, really struggling with that, Jack.
But he had no choice in the matter.
"Devil made me do it.
" A devil made him do it.
Mark on his neck, on Tracey.
It's how he controls them.
He gets into their minds, into their pain centers, their memories, their souls.
It nestles in their heads and looks through their eyes.
And those poor people, it Once it's in the only way they'll ever experience freedom is through death.
Did Jack give you any idea where he was headed? He's wherever this thing wants him to be.
Hey! Hey! One last thing.
You ever seen this man before? No.
But But? No.
Well, why don't you hold on to that? In case something occurs to you.
I'm looking for Holly Gibney.
I shoulda called first.
Uh, what are you doing here? Damn it, you had me going there for a minute! - She tells some story.
- Yeah, she does.
They got an all-points on him.
Cops are staking out his apartment and his car.
- Yeah.
- Nothing so far.
The thing about that barn that he was supposedly taking her to The gas station where he was letting shots go, that's two hours in the opposite direction.
- What about his cell? - It's turned off.
Here's the thing that I don't understand, right? When all's said and done, why would he even wanna kill her in the first place? I think maybe she told you why.
You just didn't wanna hear it.
She doesn't strike me as crazy.
She's weird, okay, but she's not crazy.
Somebody wanted her off the board today.
She barely had time to unpack, and someone wanted her gone.
I showed her Claude Bolton's mugshot.
I just asked her if she knew who he was.
Well, what What was her answer? She'd never seen him before.
But I could tell it rang a bell.
Not like she was hiding something, but more like she couldn't put her finger on it.
Well, thank you.
Thanks for that, you gassing her head up even more than it already was.
No, really, I appreciate that.
Here's the difference between you and me.
You need this whole thing to make some kind of sense that you can live with.
I just want it to end.
Be in touch if we find him.
I want you to understand that I've been doing my own research on Heath Hofstadter since I met Holly.
Naturally, that led me to Terry Maitland and everything else that you've been looking at.
Look, what I'm saying is, what I'm hoping for is that That I can be a part of this thing with you and your crew.
I'm a good detective.
I was.
Ah, what difference does it make? But I have never been shy about pushing up my sleeves, getting in the dirt with the humps.
- Hey! - You You knew.
Oh, that there was a vague resemblance between that sketch and Claude Bolton? Yeah, I knew.
And is it true that the Terry version of it scratched Claude? - Yeah, it is.
- When? Why didn't you tell me? After everything I told you yesterday about Terry having been scratched by Heath Hofstadter, who was probably scratched by Maria Can Caneles? Yes.
So, why didn't you say something? Nah.
No, you don't get to do this anymore, Ralph.
Do what? Play like it's reasonable and rational to ignore everything that's unreasonable and irrational that's happening right in front of your face.
If you guys are gonna stop this thing, you need to start getting over yourself.
If you can't, or you won't allow that to happen, then you need to just step to the side.
Because right now, you're standing in everyone else's way.
He I'm aware that this is an imposition, and I apologize for calling like this, but I wouldn't if it wasn't an emergency.
Thank you.
I'll be there in an hour.
- What do you believe in? - I'm sorry? Um God.
Do you believe in God? You know my personal beliefs aren't relevant, right? Right, what about Heaven and Hell? Do you believe that they exist? Fine.
What about evil? Do you believe in the concept of evil? Whenever I hear evil, I think "medieval".
Okay, but do you believe in it? I believe in cause and effect, and I believe in medical research.
Okay, so, for you, um any kind of, um, negative behavior, uh, is due to either bad parenting, bad genes, uh, bad brain chemistry, right? There's no such thing, for you, as evil in the world without some rational explanation.
If I wanted to be a voodoo doctor, I'd have gone to voodoo med school.
Tell me what's going on with you.
You said it was an emergency.
Oh, there's There's just some stuff that's happening now, that's unfolding now, that is, um That's just It's It's too much for me.
Ralph, you need to be specific.
I know you're suffering.
I can see it.
But you have to give me something I can bounce off of, - or else - Okay.
Look, um You know, in some churches, they say, "You need to let go in order to let God in," and this is more like, uh "You need to let go in order to let something in.
" And, um I know how this sounds.
This sounds crazy.
And I'm not crazy.
I I just I just can't say any more about it right now.
That's all I got.
- I'm sorry, Ralph.
- Yeah.
If you're not letting me in - I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm sorry, too.
Believe me.
I will tell you this.
For all that we now know and understand - about the world these days - Mm.
there's a hell of a lot more that we don't, and maybe never will.
Is that any help? Holly! - I have the keys! - Oh, shit.
How've you been feeling lately? Like someone's been trying to get inside your head? My head.
My house.
In the mirror looking right back at me.
It's here.
If you can't get yourself to really believe in this thing, then you're not only an obstacle, but you're a danger to everyone else.
It has my brother! Someone!
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