The Oval (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Eye on the Sparrow

1 Hi.
I missed you.
Previously on "The Oval" I am so horny.
He wants to see you, ma'am.
I don't want to see him.
- May I come in? - No.
I don't want to see him.
How did you get this number, and why does it say the White House? Lilly, someone is out to destroy you and I don't know why, but you can't trust anyone, all right? I'll be in touch.
- Did you speak with him at all? - No.
- Are you sure? - I don't like your line of questioning.
No! Yo, picky, need to talk to you, bro.
Yo, B.
, you want to get outta here? Sorry, I just B.
, get the hell outta here, bruh! B.
Go, bruh! Come on.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Damn, I'm sorry about that, man.
Did you see his face? Like he seen a ghost or something.
That must happen to you all the time, though, right? Hey hey.
What's up? Uh, nothing.
No, no, look, it's just my cousin, all right? He's good people.
He won't say anything.
Why is your face like that? You high? Um, I I think I should go.
Yeah, you high.
I'm gonna go.
I've been telling you that.
You need a ride? No, I'm gonna Uber.
Girl, can't just get an Uber.
How you think I got here? Yo, nobody recognized you? [SCOFFS.]
Did you? This is crazy, yo.
- Yeah.
Yo, Pick.
Man, I said get outta here.
I've got to tell you something, man.
- Tell me later, man.
- Do you know who that is? - Come on, bro.
- You need to.
Yeah, you need to get the hell outta here.
You want to tell him, or you want me to? Come on, bruh.
I know who she is, man.
Why you think I'm stupid? It's not what I'm talkin' about.
What the hell are you talkin' about? You gonna tell him? Whoa, wait.
You you know her? Tell him.
Yo, what the hell is goin' on? Feels like I'm runnin' out of time You got to get yours, I got to get mine Not really sure where we're headed to I just hope that you make it when I do Yo, what the hell is goin' on here? I said, what the hell is goin' on?! This trick tried to say that I raped her.
- Trick? - Yes.
You're a damn trick.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait.
Nah, man.
This drunk-ass ho tried to tell the secret service that I raped her.
He's lying.
Girl, stop.
Whoa, wait.
Wait a wait, wait.
What? Tell him.
Who is this liar? That's my cousin, and he ain't no liar.
So you gonna believe him? Shut up.
Who do you think you're talking to? Shut up, I said.
Now what happened, bruh? I was at the White House, helping my father move them in.
She took one look at me and got thirsty as hell.
- Thirsty? - What, are you deaf? Yes, thirsty.
You heard me.
Now, wait.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
What? Yeah, man, she was drunk as shit, said that I raped her.
What the hell's he talking about? You think, if he was telling the truth, he'd be standing here right now? My cousin ain't no liar.
So you're really gonna believe him? - Okay.
Don't ever call me again, you hear me? Leon? No.
Don't you ever call me again.
Do not do this.
What did I say? Leon, please.
- I can't believe you.
- Yeah.
Man! - Dude, bruh! Yo! - Ha ha ha! - Thank you, man! - For what? Bruh, I been trying to get rid of her ass for months, man.
Yo, I was so glad when they moved into that damn White House, man.
Yeah, that's a snake right there, bruh.
You got to be careful with that one.
But she can do some things with her throat, man.
Yeah, whatever.
Stay away from that girl.
I'm telling you, stay away from her.
She really say that stuff about you? Like I told you, dawg, like I told you.
You know, she did say something that made a little sense, though, bruh.
- What's that? - How did you get out, man? Oh, they knew she was lying.
My father was all over that.
- Damn.
- Mm-hmm.
What you doing back here for? Yo There's something crazy going on in that White House.
- What you mean? - Denise.
They took her to the White House.
What for? Said she was seeing the president.
Bruh, you telling me to be careful? - Yeah.
- That's someone you need to be careful of.
Nah, dawg.
She said she gonna talk to Carl for me, so i'ma just wait here till she get back.
Yeah, if she come back.
What that mean? Bruh, it's politics, man.
That's shit's crazy.
You tellin' me, huh? - Come on, man.
- Ha ha ha! - Where my lighter at, man? - You stupid.
Just stay away from that girl, dawg.
- Mm-hmm.
- How old is she? - Don't ask me questions like that.
- I'm just sayin'.
You know she got the whole damn secret service on her.
You seen anybody when you came in? Don't play with me like that, bruh.
I'm already agitated.
All right.
I washed the dishes this time, but next time it's your turn.
- [SIGHS.]
- [SIGHS.]
Should we still have the barbecue? I don't know.
I was thinking about that.
I don't want to ask Nancy, with everything that's going on, you know? Well, we have it every year.
- Yeah.
- I mean, we can't talk to anybody but each other.
I know, but with Richard being fired? Ah, they'll have him back.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
I'll drill down on it tomorrow.
You know, these people are being very unreasonable.
I know.
Makes me really miss the Obamas.
- Yeah.
Tell me about it.
Oh, man.
I really hope they let him come back.
Oh, they have to.
That entire department will fall apart without him.
I know.
All right, when I go back to work tomorrow, I'll start dropping some hints, too.
I love you, Sam.
I love you, honey.
No, listen.
I just love that you're such a good man.
- Baby.
- Hear me.
I don't tell you this enough.
- Thank you, baby.
- You're welcome.
Don't get it.
Don't get it.
I don't want to.
I don't want to.
It seems like I'm gonna get some tonight.
Ha ha ha! Ah, I know, but you have to get it.
I know.
Oh, just one night, I'd like you alone to myself.
Yeah, I know.
What is it? Sir, it's Yuma.
The sparrow is not nesting, sir.
Where is she? We don't know, sir.
What the hell you mean, you don't know? She slipped us.
Get Kyle and Max.
I'm on my way.
Yes, sir.
Damn it.
What is it? - That girl.
- What did she do now? They can't find her.
She is trouble.
I know.
Just another reason for me to hate her, ruining our only time together.
I'll be back, okay? See you tomorrow.
Sir? Said I didn't want to be disturbed.
Uh, well, sir, I, um Yeah, no, go home.
Uh, yes, but, sir, um Are you really gonna try to have these people keep me out of here? Think I would do better with a guard dog.
You are a guard dog.
Ooh, I should bite the hell outta you.
Bite me.
Please bite me.
Go to bed.
I would, but we have a problem.
Yeah, I know.
You're still breathing.
That little bitch you call a daughter is missing.
What? She's gone.
That's not possible.
It's the White House.
She can't just leave.
Okay, fine.
I knew you wouldn't believe me.
Yeah, you know what? I don't believe you trying to get my attention.
Ask your man.
What man is that? Max? Hmm.
I'll call him.
He's not on-site, is he? I don't know.
Where is he, Hunter? I don't know.
No, you do.
Did he go to get that girl? Would you just go to bed? Don't you dare pretend to be working.
Can't you see these intel briefs? I see the porn reflecting in your glasses, asshole.
I swear, if you bring that girl into this place again, you will regret it.
So will you, darling, so will you.
I regret the day I met you every second.
- Max? - Yes, sir? Do you have her? - Yes, sir.
- Yeah, well, um, that dog is still on the hunt.
Yes, sir.
Hold her somewhere for a second, okay? Yes, sir.
- Max? - Yes, sir? Is my daughter here? Sir? - I knew she was lying.
- About? Victoria said that Gayle wasn't here.
As far as I know, sir.
I'll get right back to you.
All right.
Figure it out.
Call me back.
Max to Kyle.
Hunter to Kyle.
It's the asshole.
Come back.
POTUS is asking if the sparrow is out of the nest.
The sparrow's out.
What? You heard me correctly.
Well, what are we doing about it? I'm doing my job.
I need to brief POTUS.
- I will.
- I am his lead, Kyle.
And where are you? I'm on assignment.
Off-grounds? - Yes.
- Then you can't brief him.
- This isn't radio chatter.
- Kyle I will brief him when we have more information.
Until then, you may want to stay off the radio.
God, I can't stand that asshole.
What is it? Sir, apparently your daughter has left.
But how the hell is that possible? I don't know, sir.
I can return immediately and get into it.
No, no, just Stay with her.
Are you sure, sir? - Yeah, I'm sure.
- Yes, sir.
Damn it! How the hell did this happen? - Now look who cares.
- Oh, shut up! - No, you shut up! - What in the hell is going on? Ask your son.
He won't talk to me.
You knew about this? I helped her get away from here.
No she tased her like a wild animal.
She was behaving like one.
And what do you think you do every day? You keep talking, and you'll be next to get the taser.
Look, stop it! Both of you! [SIGHS.]
Where did she go? I'm not talking in front of her.
I Victoria, go.
- No! - [GROWLS.]
Victoria! Fine.
Where did she go? Dad, she's wicked.
I know, but she's your mother.
I don't care.
She's evil.
Putting that aside, where is Gayle? She left.
How did she leave? It was easy.
You gonna tell me? She dressed as a maid and she got in the trunk of Jean's car.
Who's Jean? She's a maid.
And where did she go? Dad You know where she went.
Yeah, to see that boy.
All right.
Thank you, son.
You know, dad, if I can pull one over on the secret service, they're not very good.
Yeah, you, uh You got that right.
Go to bed.
I knew it.
I just told you to go to bed.
You had better get that little bitch in line.
Or what? I will.
Is that what you were doing when you tased her? If this gets to the press What, you'll look like the evil mother that you are? You get that girl in line, and I mean it.
Why are we just sitting here? We've been delayed.
Let me go, please.
Come on.
Sorry, ma'am.
I can't do that.
You know what he's into? I don't care to know, ma'am.
You should.
You work for him.
Ma'am? He likes me up on all fours, and my legs up like this.
Come on.
You're a man.
I am.
Let me go, please.
I can't do that.
This is kidnapping.
- Ma'am, please.
- You think I'm sexy.
I see how you be lookin' at me.
I see.
Ma'am, how about we just sit in silence? I'm getting out of this car.
- Ma'am, please just relax.
- You think you can just do this? I'm not a slave.
I will go to the press.
Hey, that wouldn't be wise.
Watch me.
Don't do anything stupid, ma'am.
There have been others, and I assure you, they all regret it.
Is that a threat? [MAX SIGHS.]
That's truth, ma'am.
How does this happen? Well, sir - You in charge? - No, sir.
- Who, then? - Max, sir.
- Max? - Yes, Max.
We realized that your daughter left in one of the employees' cars.
We have an agent en route to talk to that employee now.
How the hell does this happen? What's going on? Permission to speak freely, sir? Go ahead.
Well, your lead, sir, Max I know that he is very trusted and has come with you from the governor's mansion, but I've worked here for two administrations.
Now, there are certain protocols that have to be adhered to that Max isn't aware of, and I'd like - Max is my guy.
- Yes, sir, I understand that, but I think that it may be wise to perhaps let Max continue to be your guy, but under our supervision.
What's your name? Kyle Flint, sir.
All right.
I'll talk to Max.
You, uh, go find my daughter.
I'm on it personally, sir.
She's got this guy that she likes.
His name is Leon Stevens.
Goes by the name of Picky.
Permission to pay him a visit, sir? Yeah.
Yes, sir, Mr.
Thank you, Kyle.
Good? Yes.
How is she? - The new maid? - Yeah.
You seem quiet.
I'm fine.
Come on.
Tell me.
Donald, how am I supposed to deal with this? What do you mean? I mean I shot a man.
- Mm-hmm.
- And you haven't said one word about him.
Am I just supposed to pretend like nothing happened? Yes.
But what if I can't do that? You can and you will.
What if I can't? You must.
What happened to him? That is a matter of Do not tell me that it's a matter of national security.
But, honey, it is.
So I guess I'll never know.
You know what? It's best that you don't.
Plausible deniability, you know.
Now, honey, honey - Where are you? - Why? Well, you sure as hell better not be at my place.
- Yeah, well, I am.
- I told you to get your ass out.
How good do you think these pain pills are? Good enough to be out of my place.
You know, you used to be a lot kinder.
Heh heh! Yeah, right.
What's wrong with you? Just get the hell out of my house, Bobby.
- Fine.
- Yeah, and disappear.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
- Hey, you listen to me.
If you are there when I get back, you will regret it.
- Don't threaten me.
- Well, then be gone! - Kyle.
- What? - Do you know what I have on you? - Yeah, yeah, I do, and are you aware that I put it all over you? - Brrr! - You're disgusting.
Heh! Yeah, look who's talkin', buddy.
- You're such a perv.
- You know, Bobby, I am hoping that you are there, you know, for old times' sake.
- Go to hell.
- Come on.
Just one more time.
I'll never be that drunk again.
Well, you say that it was drunk, and I say it's who you are.
- I'll be outta here.
- Good.
Why are you so happy anyway? Well, am I happy or am I mean? - Both.
- Yeah, well, yeah, this asshole just gave me the best news I've had in months.
Tell me.
I ain't tellin' you shit.
Aw, come on, buddy.
Get out of my house and throw away the sheets.
- Kyle.
- [CLICK.]
I hate you, you son of a bitch.
What's going on? We got her.
We've got a team en route.
- D.
police on it? - No, sir.
Okay, keep everything level.
Sir, Kyle's already on it.
Good, good.
Where's the family? They're in the residence.
- How bad? - They seem to be calm.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yes? Jean, we need to come in.
What's going on? Please.
Yeah, sure.
Come in.
Is everything all right at the White House? What time did you get home? Around 6:00.
And were you alone? Yes.
No one else was in the car? - No.
- Are you sure, ma'am? - Tony, you know me.
- I know, but But what? So what's going on? - We need your car keys, ma'am.
- For what? Jean, just give me the keys.
- Thanks.
- Here.
So what's going on? - We'll be in touch.
- Tony! Are you taking my car? What is happening? [LINE RINGING.]
Hello? - Hey.
- Hey, Jean.
We were wondering if we should still have the staff barbecue.
What do you think? Priscilla, do you know what's going on? - What do you mean? - Tony was just here.
They took my car.
- What? - Yeah.
They were asking me what time I left work.
So do you know what's going on? I can't tell you over the phone.
- Am I in trouble? - No, no, no, no, but it's you-know-who.
What? You know.
- Him? - Her.
Well, what did she do? We think she left.
- And they think I helped her? - No, no, of course not.
They know better.
They better! I would never do that.
- We know that.
- Yeah, so? But would you do it unknowingly? - What? No way! - But how would you know? What? What are you even asking me right now? She might have hitched a ride, and you not know.
That little bitch is trying to get me fired.
She trying to get all of us fired.
Yeah, well, she has lost her mind.
This is crazy.
Look, you don't know any of this, Jean.
I know.
So you're gonna have to wait for them to come back.
- Okay.
- All right? Well, I'll see you at work tomorrow.
Yeah, okay, if I still have a job.
Oh, you will.
Don't worry.
All right.
They better bring me my damn car back.
Is it good? Yes, very good.
You feel better? I will when I talk to Barry.
Well, he'll be home soon.
Don't count on it.
Why? He was, uh, he was really upset.
- Well, baby - You know, we've always been really honest with each other.
That's why I like you so much.
Have you Have you ever cheated on Mr.
Richard? W-why would you ask me that? Are are you cheating? No.
No, um Are you thinking about it? No.
It's just the way he's been treating me.
And Kareem is in my ear, being so nice to me.
Baby, be careful with that.
What do you mean? Hmm.
They start talking and Saying all the right things, and it sounds good till you realize it's just talk.
Is is that what happened to you? I never said I had an affair.
You didn't deny it, either.
I was about your age.
Richard was in the military.
Worst mistake of my life.
I was missing him, and there was this guy there.
Didn't have sex with him, but I could have.
Then I started thinking about Richard and Barry and How much it would hurt 'em.
So I stopped it.
Baby, be careful.
Be strong.
Barry's making that really hard.
You can't let what he does dictate your behavior.
I know.
You're stronger, and you're smarter than that.
I hope so.
I know so.
- Who is that? - What the hell? - You get the hell outta my house! - Who is this? That's that girl who took my grandbaby! - [CRYING.]
- You get out! Hold on, Ms.
- She's a lowdown devil! - Ms.
Nancy, stop.
Look at her.
- Help me, please! - What's what's wrong? - They're gonna kill me! - I'm calling the police.
No! No, they're in on it.
- What? - No, no, please, please.
- She's a lowdown devil.
- No, help me.
- Ms.
Nancy - Don't fall for that! She's a con artist and a liar, and I'm calling the police! - No! - Wait! Shit! Wait! Girl, what is going on? - They want to kill me! - Who? - The rakudushis.
- Why? - 'Cause I want to leave.
- Oh, I need you to call the police.
No, no.
There are members of the police who are in rakudushis.
Where is my grandbaby? The highest has her.
Where? All over.
- Get her out of here.
- No, I If if you help me, I can tell you where they move around to.
- I'm calling the police.
- You will never see her again! Why are you here? They don't think I'll come here.
They won't look for me here.
Please [PANTING.]
Ruth always talked about you.
She said you were a good woman.
That's why I came here.
Just please help me.
- Let's just listen.
- This girl is lying.
No! No! No! Come on.
Let's just see what she has to say.
- Honey, come on.
Get up.
Come on.
It's okay.
It's alright, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
Come on.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Are you hungry? Hmm? You want some food? - Yes.
- Okay.
Just relax, okay, it's alright.
Then you will tell us everything.
I promise I will.
What you want? Looking for my son.
Git from around here.
Is my son here, boy? Who the hell are you? Where's Leon? I said git from around here! Leon! Yo, your daddy's outside.
- Damn.
- Hey, don't worry, bruh.
They ain't gonna give you up.
I got it.
Just stay right here.
Man, what I say? Get the away from here! Leon! You can't hear? You better get your ass outta here! You better get your ass outta my way.
Man, who you think you talking to, huh? Yo, yo, yo.
That's my uncle.
Heh heh! My bad.
- We're good, bruh.
- All right.
Is Barry here? No.
- Are you lying to me, boy? - No.
Well, has he been here? Nope.
You know what? You need to stop doing this.
Doing what? Your daddy was good people.
I hear you.
- He would turn over in his grave.
- I said Barry ain't here.
All right.
Don't give my son a gun again.
- I didn't give it to him.
- Well, how in the hell he got it, don't do it again.
Yes, sir.
You see Barry, you tell him I'm looking for him.
You're all broke-ass thugs.
You ought to get some damn jobs! Peace out, unc.
Yo, he gone, bruh.
Yo, you told him? - Man - You told him about the gun, Picky? Bruh, this isn't you.
Damn, Picky! Come on, bro! Man, I I I had to, okay? What happened to your snitch code, huh? Cuz, you better than me.
- Picky, get the hell outta here.
- I'm tellin' you, man, you ain't you ain't 'bout this life, bruh.
- You know what? - I know you want to go, but he's still out there.
They'll let me know when he's gone.
Just chill, man.
It's all good, man.
- It's all good, huh? - Eat some pizza, man.
I bought that pizza for you, bruh.
Where is my grandbaby? I told you, they move her around.
- Where? - [GULPS.]
They they keep all the kids together on buses.
- Where? - I don't know all the locations.
I don't even understand how you can be a part of that mess.
That ain't god.
I know that now.
- Here you go.
- Oh.
Thank you.
So how did you get into it? Um, they recruit around the rehabs and bus stations.
They make you see 'em like the perfect tenet.
You're weak without them.
And why the children? The highest says that the children Tyrone? What? That 's named Tyrone Luckett.
He ain't no highest.
He's a con artist, in and out of jail.
How do you know that? Y'all would know it if you just Google it.
He told us that those were all lies and that the That the government was after him and that they put that there.
That's what all cult leaders say.
Well, I believe that You tell me where my grandbaby is, girl, or you can get up and get outta my house.
Nancy, can you go give Mr.
Richard a call so he can come and talk to her? - I want to talk to her.
- Ms.
Nancy, please? Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
- I know.
They have my baby, too, in there.
I left her there.
I just I just left her there.
All right.
Where did you leave her? [WOMAN SOBS.]
At the at the rakudushi center.
Where is it? I can't.
- You're not gonna tell me? - Oh! They already moved.
I don't I don't know where they moved to.
Listen to me.
Where was it? - Where was this? - It was on Hollands.
It was on Hollands on the corner.
Near that strip mall? Yeah.
And you're sure they're gone? Yeah.
I work right near there, and I've never seen any of y'all.
No, you wouldn't know it, no.
They tell you not to dress until you get inside the door unless you're a leader of the rakudushis.
Yes? Sir, this is Kyle.
- Why are you calling me, Kyle? - I'm sorry, sir, but the sparrow has gone missing.
- What? - Yes, sir.
She managed to sneak out of the White House.
How is that even possible, huh? Uh, well, she dressed up as a maid and she jumped into the back of one of the employees' trunks.
No, no, no, no, no.
It is impossible for her to get past all of those security checkpoints.
Yeah, well, sir, it's possible with Max.
I tried to warn you that he is not capable of running the family's detail.
So you want to run it, huh? You know my reputation, sir.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Listen, where's the president? Uh, he's in the residence [SIGHS.]
And he is a raving madman.
- As well as he should be.
- Yeah.
Well, I just wanted to keep you informed, sir.
- What is the plan, huh? - We have eyes on her.
I'm on my way to deliver her personally.
Okay, call me as soon as you have her, understand? Yes, sir.
- I'm on my way to the White House.
- Yes, sir.
Any press on this? No, sir.
We have it contained.
Okay, great.
Is that a compliment, sir? [BEEP.]
Where the hell are you? - Yo, li'l mama.
- [SIGHS.]
Yo, , you don't hear us? Go to hell.
You're gonna be stuck-up today? Who the hell you think you're talking to? Don't touch me.
Oh, you think you're all that, huh? Funny.
I said don't touch me.
Are you still upset? I'm fine.
Are you sure? Just leave me in the dark.
- Well, I just came up - Stop beating around the bush.
What is it? Look, I I have to go to the White House.
Then go.
Can we talk about this when I return? Talk about what? I mean, you won't tell me anything.
Honey, it's Just go.
Don't scream.
Don't run.
Next on "The Oval" - What do you want? - You.
Can you believe those idiots lost my daughter? I find that very hard to believe.
Then maybe you shouldn't have hired Max.
That idiot.
So you're his trained monkey? - That's offensive, ma'am.
- Barry! I seen you before! Where's my daughter at?! - She doesn't know! - I don't want to see you.
- Why, 'cause of my wife? - Yeah, that bitch is crazy.
- Is he dealing drugs? - What are you talking about? - Just tell me! - What do you think of Max? - I know that he has been with you a very long time.
Justice for Thomas!
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