The Owl House (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Hooty's Moving Hassle

1 Watch closely, Luz.
"Hexes Hold'em" is the most tricky game on the Boiling Isles.
Any proper witch knows how to play.
Oh, boy.
The paper rectangles that old people think are fun.
Now, when it looks like the deck is stacked against you, that's when you break out the wild card.
Whoo! I win.
In your adorable owl face.
I love the feeling of victory.
It feels fluffy? Uh, Eda.
It's happening again.
What's happening again? Your curse is returning.
Oh, boy.
This is terrible.
I'm out of elixir.
Uh, last time this happened you turned into this thing.
I know I should be repulsed but that look is fierce.
- Eda.
- You're right.
You're right.
- We need to head to the market.
- Market! I'm gonna steal everything that's not nailed down.
Before we go would anyone like to play one more hand of Hexes Hold'em? Hey, where are my cards? Take these and fly ahead.
She'll have to follow us.
Owl bird, you sore loser.
Give me back my cards.
Hey, open up, Morton.
Uh, just Just a minute.
Is there anything better than people-watching in the Demon Realm? Wait, wait! Aw, dang it.
The curse of tiny legs.
I know the pain.
Whoa! That is one ominous parade.
That's no parade.
Those are demon hunters.
Dangerous nomads who capture and sell the most powerful beasts.
Which I'm about to become if you don't open up, Morton.
Sorry, Eda.
I was up all night poison tasting, and for some reason I don't feel great.
I'm all outta my juice, pal.
Oh, gee.
Let me see what I can do.
Willow and Gus.
Heya, friends.
What's wrong? Who hurt my babies? Them.
Amity is having a moonlight conjuring and invited everyone but me.
And she keeps posting about it on her Penstagram account.
"It's conjuring night.
No dorks allowed"? What a jerk! What's a moonlight conjuring? You spend the night at someone's house, telling stories, playing games.
Like a slumber party? We have those.
Then you bring something to life with moon magic.
Like a weird slumber party.
Gus and I have never been to one.
You need at least three people and I'm three people.
I mean, we are three people.
And we're way better than them.
Sorry you couldn't get an invite to the conjuring, Willow.
Only real witches allowed.
Leave her alone.
It's not her fault she was born without talent.
Whoa! Don't waste your time getting thorny over them.
'Cause we are gonna have our own moonlight conjuring.
Are you serious? And this is on my bucket list.
After owning a real human bucket.
That's a really weird thing to want but I appreciate your enthusiasm.
I'll go tell Eda.
I've got bad news and good news.
Bad news is, I'm all out till next week.
Good news is, feathers are a good look for you.
Morton! Well, gee, E.
Why did you wait to re-up till now? I've been very busy.
Yeah, busy playing Hexes Hold'em.
She's obsessed with it.
I am not obsessed.
You're playing it right now.
Am I winning? You know, I wouldn't suggest this to just anybody, but if you need your elixir, you could try your luck later this evening.
In the night market? There's a guy with a stand.
Goes by Grimm Hammer.
If anyone has what ya need, it's him.
Eda, Gus and Willow and I are gonna do a moonlight conjuring and stick it to Amity's.
So, can we Not tonight.
I'm going out.
I need you to watch the house.
I have many precious objects in there.
Like me.
Whoa! You're coming with me.
I need an extra pair of eyes looking out for pickpockets.
And an extra pair of hands in case I wanna pickpocket.
Pickpocket! Then maybe they can come to the house and No! Besides conjurings are dumb.
Sitting in a circle holding hands.
It's like magic for babies.
But Luz.
What did Eda say? So, guys Oh, look.
The moon is rising into place.
And the celestial powers only align once a year.
Oh, I can't believe I finally have enough friends for a moonlight conjuring.
Thank you, Luz.
Did Eda say it was okay? Um, yes.
She said yes.
We can do it at The Owl House.
As long as we don't make a mess or touch anything and never bring up that we did it.
Oh, you're the best.
Yes! We're gonna do a conjuring We're gonna do a conjuring Conjuring, conjuring Luz.
You're in charge while I'm out.
Make sure Hooty doesn't get into any trouble.
Hoot! Hoot! I don't need a babysitter.
I'm a big boy house.
You can count on me.
I'd never betray your hard-earned trust.
You're acting suspicious.
You're doing that thing where you hide in your hoody.
I'm not.
Uh Oh, where's King? He's right here.
His little body just conks out when he's weightless.
Look at this.
He's so dangly.
Anyway, really going now.
And Luz if you mess up the house, I will never trust you again.
No pressure.
Bye! Should I really be doing this? No, no.
Willow is counting on you.
Okay, she's gone.
Release! I'm a sneaky sneakster.
I've got leaves in my pants.
And I like it.
Hooray! Finally someone to listen to my stories.
Okay, one time a sparrow flew into my mouth and then I Hey! Welcome to the living room.
We call it that because it's technically living.
The walls are breathing.
Enchanting! And look at all these human treasures.
And actual humans.
We've got snacks.
We've got weird music.
We've got a bucket.
Yes, my man.
And best of all, we have actual friends to do the conjuring with.
This is so exciting.
So, how does this conjuring stuff work? Well, first we find an object to animate.
Since it's our first time we should pick something meaningful.
Something beautiful.
Like this strangely buff little man? I'm half beef, half Bob.
Yes, he's perfect.
That's not exactly what I meant by beautiful.
Okay, buff boy it is.
Tonight he shall be risen.
According to the conjuring books I've read, we say the incantation and make a connection with the doll.
Moonlight we call, we sing.
Moonlight take this chance.
Moonlight come tie the string.
And I don't know the words.
That's your cue, little man.
Guys? Did the entire house just hiccup? Little buff guy, what did you do? A real man never takes accountability.
No, I think, I think we might've animated the house by accident.
The house? Whoa! Hooty! Hooty! Hooty, you have to stop! By the power of moonlight I have risen.
Hoot! Hoot! He's in some kind of trance.
Gus! Our magic must've spread through the house instead of the doll.
Hooty stop! How'd we do that? Willow, Gus.
Hold hands again.
We're controlling it with the power of friendship.
Uh, and the moon.
Probably the moon.
This is amazing.
What do we do now? On the one hand, we should probably stay put.
On the other hand, we've got a giant walking house and should totally take it on a joyride.
Okay, okay.
But we've gotta be back before the moon sets or Eda will kill me.
Yeah! Joyride! The curse.
I need that elixir.
Hey, you.
You know where I can find a Grimm Hammer? Hey, is that It's Boscha.
That girl who made fun of us.
Ugh! Yes, Mom.
I'm going to a moonlight conjuring.
No, Mom.
You can't come.
And yes, Mom, it's sad that you're asking.
She noticed us.
What do we do? Hmm.
H-Hey you.
You should, uh, stop being so mean to people.
You're kind of a jerk.
A talking house is giving me a lecture? Whatever.
I'll just TP you like I did with the rest of the neighborhood.
But don't you see I am no mere house.
I've never pranked anyone before.
And now I have a taste for it.
We should follow her to Amity's house to show off our conjuring.
That will show her who's got no talent.
Actually, I'm starting to think we should head back.
Amity's updating her Penstagram.
Shout out to my fellow witches.
Humans can bite it.
Let's do it.
- Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh.
Hello? Uh, I seek the one they call Grimm Hammer.
I'm the one they call Grimm Hammer.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
I've got weaponry from the Hinterlands, curses from the Winterlands, and jelly beans.
Jelly beans! They're lethally delicious.
You are Grimm Hammer? Tibblet-Tibblie Grimm Hammer the third.
Please, call me Tibbles.
He wants to be called that.
Okay, Tibbles.
I need some of this elixir.
This is one wicked brew.
Lucky for you I just stocked up.
Huzzam! I'll give you ten snails.
Add two more zeros and it's a deal.
A thousand snails? What kind of game are you playing? Capitalism.
Where everyone wins, except you.
Hey! Say, you play Hexes Hold'em? Really? Now? Oh! Is that what that game is called? I was just using these as coasters.
How about we make it interesting? I win, you give me the elixir.
You win, you can take something of mine.
Oh, what fun.
You're on.
Look, Amity's house.
Time to show Amity what a real conjuring looks like.
Wha What happened? Is that a giant crossbow? Knock, knock.
Hooty! Hooty! You have to wake up.
If you want this to end as you say, three of us hold hands.
It's the only way.
Willow, will you help me out with Hooty? I'm sorry, Luz.
You shouldn't ask me to help with anything.
Did the house stop moving? Uh, my insides didn't.
Ow! Ow! Ow! Take the house and rip out the house demon.
We can sell it to restaurants as exotic meat.
No! Hooty would taste terrible.
Hey, I'm a refined taste.
Hoot! Hoot! What do we do with the worms? Throw them over the cliff.
All righty, kids.
Here's the end of your short little lives.
Wait! Wait! Wait! Is this really what you wanna be doing with your life? Tossing kids from cliffs? Actually, yes.
It's been my dream since I was a boy.
I was a strange child.
Whee! If we're not killed now, we will be when Eda finds out about the house.
Luz, I'm so sorry.
You wanted to turn back but I just had to show off to Amity.
The truth is she and I used to be friends.
Whaaat? We played together as kids, but when she got her magical powers and I didn't, she stopped hanging out with me.
Guys, is now the best time? I just wanted to prove to her that I was a powerful witch too.
That's ridiculous.
You helped bring a house to life.
Amity doesn't know what she's talking about.
Next to Eda, you're the most powerful witch I know.
No offense, Gus.
No, not at all.
I know what I'm about.
This tree can't hold us much longer.
Now, if I could just reach that root.
Gotcha! Oof.
That was painful to watch.
You card shark.
You hustled me.
Looks like you forgot about my wild card.
Yeah! In any case, I'd like my prize now.
And I choose the little bone boy.
I've always wanted a tiny servant to model my line of baby clothes.
No! I don't look good in clothes.
I'm all-natural.
Eda, do something! I can't perform magic.
You think this can stop me? I can still bite your ankles.
You don't think I know who you are? Eda, the Owl Lady.
That's right.
I've seen your wanted posters around here.
I wonder how much the emperor's coven would pay me to hand you over? Yeah, they tried to fight back and they nearly got me.
But you know, I handled it.
They were children, Tom.
We may be children, but we're also witches.
Powerful ones.
Everyone, quick! Uh Oh, no.
I don't mean to step on this victory but we gotta get home before Eda does.
"They're just children, Tom.
" King, I'm sorry.
King? Who's King? I've got my little bone boy now.
I know I have a problem.
I get obsessed with Hexes Hold'em.
But I'm done with that stupid game.
You promise? I promise.
Okay, okay.
I'll grab you the elixir and then we can bust out of here.
- Bone boy! - Heh? You will do no such thing.
The emperor's coven is already on its way to send this witch here to the Conformatorium.
And I just rustled up some more clothes for you to try on.
Just because I have a model's body doesn't mean you can use me like this.
I can and I am, bone boy.
I've got the cards stacked against you.
And nothing can stop me.
Nothing! Sorry, mister.
Wait, what Was that my house? Eda, quick! Ah! No, no, no! My scam stand.
Sorry, Tibbles, old boy.
It looks like you forgot about the wild card.
Curse you, witch.
Curse you, bone boy.
I'll have my revenge.
Tibblet-Tibblie Grimm Hammer the third will have his revenge.
Did we do it? Is the room spinning or is it just me? Ah.
Just a little house humor.
Sorry about all that, Hooty.
It's okay.
I'm just glad I was included.
Oh, boy.
You are so busted.
Oh, man.
You held a moonlight conjuring.
I did.
And you animated my house.
My house! - Yes.
- No.
Don't punish Luz.
We're the ones who pushed her to do the conjuring.
If you're gonna eat me just do it now.
Do it now! Hey, you didn't have to do that.
Yes, Luz.
I did.
Well, you're all guilty, so you'll all be punished by cleaning my house top to bottom.
And another thing That was totally amazing.
And I'm so joining you for next year's conjuring.
Now get to work.
I can't believe they animated a whole house.
You're right.
That takes some powerful magic.
You know, I still kinda wish we got to show up Amity.
Too bad no one will know of our daring adventures.
So what if we couldn't move a doll.
Now we have time for what really matters Penstagram.
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