The Owl House (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Escape of the Palisman

What if he gets hurt? What if the kids are mean to him? My parental instincts are freaking out, man.
He's fine.
Look at him.
It does look like he's having fun.
I wonder what cute little game he's playing.
Stand back, cretins.
Yes! Yes! This is a throne worthy of a tyrant.
Bow to me you snotty underlings.
Bow! Okay.
Yes, appease your master.
This isn't for standing, it's for sliding.
- You try.
- Whoa, whoa! Eda! That monster took my throne.
- You mean the baby? - No, the usurper.
I want you to go over there and blow him up.
Kaboom! Kaboom! Yeah, I'm not using Owlbert to blow up a five-year-old.
He's got better things to do.
Like this Aw, what a sweetie.
How did you get him? Get? I made Owlbert from the branch of an ancient tree.
Oh, he's my Palisman and we're bonded for life.
I'd annihilate anyone who'd hurt him.
Don't help.
Revenge will taste all the sweeter if they fall by my hand alone.
Tag, your it! Oh, man.
Here we go.
King's squeak of rage.
He is like a little teakettle.
Hey, what's that? That's his interlock.
So he only fits under my staff.
Every palisman has one.
Luz? - Hello? - Eda? Luz? Eda! Eda! Wake up! Are you all right? What? Oh, no.
The curse.
Hey, we have to get home.
Now! King we have to go! Five more minutes, please! - King! - Ah, man.
This isn't over.
Okay, let's play again real soon.
No, no.
Keep those sticky hands away! Oh, no! He's touching me! I'll go get your elixir.
Don't worry about it.
I'll get it myself in a bit.
Do you need me to stay home and take care of you? I could fit King in a little doctor's outfit.
Eh? No one wants to see that.
I do.
Look, I know how to take care of myself.
I've had this curse longer than you've been alive.
So, how'd you get it? I don't know.
You don't know? Somebody gave it to me.
I don't know who and I don't care because I'm fine, all right? Anyway, don't you have plans with Tweedledum and Twerpledee? Well, Willow, Gus, and I are going to the Grudgeby game between Hexside and Glandus High.
Since when are you into sports? Since I found a little something called "Hexside Pride.
" To think that Glandus, whoever they are, would dare face us.
But if you need me to stay Gross.
Go! Go have fun at sport.
Hooray! Hooray for sport! Hugs and kisses, King.
Mwah! Don't spend all night plotting revenge.
That drooly-faced heathen will know my wrath.
Hexside is gonna wreck your side.
Huh, no.
Hexside is the best side in the west side.
Ah! Friends.
- Whoo-hoo! - Game day roar! Happy game day, fellow, uh Are we Hexidians? Hexies? Hexoleos? Actually, most people call us winners.
Grudgeby games are the best.
The players go through these action-packed trials.
And the audience gets to wave flags.
Look, I practiced.
Is it weird that I'm not wearing anything Hexside? Um, it's weirder that you're wearing Glandus colors.
Get ready to be creamed, Glandus nerd.
Hey! I'm a Hexside nerd.
Gotta change out of this shirt.
Where can I get a Hexside one? I know.
There's a lost-and-found box in the cafeteria.
Ah! The lost-and-found.
Where mouthguards go to retire.
Yes! Goooo, Hexside! Well, I never did that before.
Uh, where is everyone? Hexside rules! Oh, no! Come back! Why didn't you guys board the bus? We weren't going to leave you behind.
- I was.
- Gus! Can we walk to Glandus? We'd never make it in time.
Glandus is all the way out in the middle of the island.
Typical Glandus.
And my parents are working, otherwise I'd see if they could give us a ride on their staff.
A staff because staffs fly.
Of course.
I can get us a staff.
- You can? - Yes, come on.
Ah! Eda! Great news.
I thought of the perfect way to get revenge on that usurper.
Now, don't be put off by the complicated premise.
I'll break it down for you in small pieces.
Huh? - Owl Beast! - Stay back! Did you just listen to me? Uh, come here.
Oh, this is an interesting development.
Eda is only partially transformed which means she's totally suggestible.
Yes! I think this will do nicely.
Forget fire.
I've got a greater force to unleash.
You! You're going to help me regain my throne.
I mean, if that's okay with you.
Right? I'll take that weird grumble as a yes.
I'm just gonna grab a little bottle of elixir in case you go rogue on me.
Now, to destiny's battlefield: the playground! King, are you home? What? Sit.
Is Eda up? Who? Oh.
That Eda.
No, no.
She is out like a light.
Oh, man.
Can she snore.
Oh, no.
I wanted to ask if I could borrow her staff but I know she needs her rest.
Oh, I'm sure it's fine.
It's fine.
Just take it.
I can't.
Not without Eda's permission.
Well, there's your permission.
Off you go.
I really owe Gus and Willow one.
And it's just for the afternoon.
I'm sure Eda wouldn't mind.
Not our generous, kindhearted Eda.
Big heart on her.
I'll be back soon.
- Close call.
- What? Nothing.
Oh, okay.
Close call.
And now revenge.
Right, Owl Eda? I'm feeling confident about this plan.
To Glandus High.
Oh! Sorry, Owlbert.
It's okay.
We're just on our way to help some friends.
Ooh! Who's ready to board Air Luz? Feel that power-to-weight ratio.
Boys, prepare to fly.
Next stop, Glandus High.
Let's go.
Step on it, Owlbert.
Whoa! Whoa! Is everyone okay? Huh? Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no! Owlbert, come back! Owlbert! Man, humans can run.
Must be their dorsal fins.
He went through those trees.
- Come on.
- We have to be careful.
It's really easy to get lost in this part of the forest.
This is Eda's Palisman, Willow.
She'll kill me if we don't get it back.
Let's go.
I keep stepping on a lot of crunchy twigs.
Those are bones, Willow.
Not if I never look down.
This isn't any kind of forest I'm used to.
That's because this isn't a forest.
It's a nest.
Hey, I remember you.
You're Bat Queen's babies.
The Bat Queen? I think I'd rather take my chances with Eda.
Uh, we're looking for a little owl and There he is.
Owlbert, thank goodness you're okay.
Come here, buddy.
Time to go home.
Hello, small human.
Ahem! Listen carefully.
You all have two choices.
Grovel or Oh! A monster.
Good enough.
Whoa! Run! Despair! Your time has ended.
Mine begins.
Not so tough now, you spongy hatchlings.
I will eat you.
All who stood in my way are gone.
I declare myself despotic ruler of this land.
Nothing can stop the almighty Huh? Hmm? Hey.
Whoa, whoa! No eating the throne.
Noooo! Stop that! It's the Bat Queen.
I know.
We kinda babysat her kids once.
Don't worry.
I got this.
Hiya, BQ.
My, your hair is looking greasy.
And your kids they're as hideous as ever.
You know, that could've gone worse.
So Owlbert ran away and I need to get him back.
I'm just gonna grab him and we'll be on our way.
To be careless with a staff, it's very serious.
I protect him.
And thank you for that, uh, but he belongs to Eda, the Owl Lady.
And you owe her a favor, remember? Owl Lady is careless.
Her staff left her sight.
Taken by human who steals, hurts, frightens - Huh? - He told me all.
Owlbert, I never meant to hurt you.
Please trust me.
Trust must be earned through trials! Trials? Luz, the Bat Queen is well-known for her impossible trials.
I've never heard of anyone winning against her.
But I have to get Owlbert back.
I accept your challenge.
And we'll be right there with you.
Let the flags raise you up.
- Hey! - What? No helpsies.
Now, let the trials begin.
Milk the spider demon.
All right.
Come here, pal.
Let's do this.
If you run you'll just make this harder for yourself.
Remove bees nest.
Come on.
Almost got it.
I am free, Bat Queen.
You will rue the day you tried to trap Ah! Give babies a bath! Go, Luz.
Luz, we're here if you need us.
Cut us free.
We can get Eda.
No, I was selfish, and I hurt Owlbert.
I need to do this alone so he knows I care about him.
Aw! No, no! Bad Eda! You are my beast and I control you.
Hey! What was I thinking? I'm such a fool.
I'm such a genius! Great.
Now, change back to Eda.
Anytime now.
Just magically transform.
Oh, nuts.
Whoa! Uh, this is so embarrassing.
Hey, hey.
This job is all we have right now.
So, I wanna see happy faces.
Okay? Let's roll out.
Animal control.
Matches the description the parents called in.
Bag it.
Oh, no! No, no, no! Eda! Whoa! Awesome.
Yes, I am free again.
Okay, Bat Queen.
That's the last one.
I've done all your chores.
And I've proved my dedication to Owlbert.
I'm so sorry for the pain I caused you, Owlbert.
I promise to be more careful.
Will you come back home with me? No! More trails.
Last trial.
You must face me.
What? You will never get him back! Luz, get us out.
We can help.
Look out! I'll hold 'em off with my flags.
No! That was a bad plan.
I won't let you imprison Owlbert.
Is that an interlock? Bat Queen, you used to be on a staff, didn't you? You were a Palisman.
Your pride has destroyed you.
The throne belongs to me now.
Over my dead body.
Eda! Yes, leave and forfeit your reign.
Well, then, forfeit I shall.
I'm coming for you, Eda.
Huh? You in there, Eda? Eda, I'm sorry.
I used you for your strength 'cause I felt weak.
I'm your friend.
If only there were some way to remind you who I am.
Wait a sec.
Eda loves my rage squeal.
Like this So tiny.
So angry.
Eda, you're back.
What happened? Okay, so I went to your room and you were the beast.
And then And then I woke up here one second before you did.
I'll deal with you later.
But for now, you wanna bounce? Yes, please.
Aah! Where did it go? Hey, lady.
H-Have you seen a monster that kinda looks like you? Lady! You were once a Palisman, weren't you? Yes, I was once part of a grand staff.
A staff made for a giant.
But I was broken, discarded.
So, that's why you're so protective of Owlbert.
I protect all! I made home in forest.
I'm here to take the lost.
The forgotten.
I understand.
But Owlbert is not forgotten.
He has someone at home who loves him very much.
He will not go back with you.
That's not your decision to make.
I won't let him.
You You care for her.
Very well.
And take your friends.
I don't think I'll ever be clean again.
Bat Queen, do you know what happened to your owner? It has been thousands of years.
I've forgotten.
If you ever want to search for the truth, I'll help you.
Thank you.
I can't believe you took on the Bat Queen.
And we're not dead.
Thank you for helping me get Owlbert back.
I'm sorry we missed the game.
Are you kidding? That was better than any grudgeby match.
There were action-packed trials.
I got to do my flag wave, and I'm slightly traumatized.
Hooray! Let's get this little guy home.
And now you're a part of the boo-boo buddy club.
Owlbert, why are you off the staff? Luz took you to get ice cream? Aw That's a horrible lie.
Well, lucky for you both I don't care right now.
I'm going to take a nap.
I'll, uh, be at the playground.
We'll keep this one to ourselves, shall we? The elixir It isn't working on the curse anymore.
This is bad.
When did I swallow a swing? Babies to bed.
And now it's time to have book before sleeping.
Yes, consume.
Grow wise.
Avoid paper cuts.

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