The Owl House (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

Adventures in the Elements

King, listen to this.
Hey, less read-y, more scratch-y.
Now that I'll be a student at Hexside, I wanna learn all about it.
I've got a new crush and her name is Education.
Hey, freeloaders.
Guess what today is? Is it your birthday? Is it my birthday? It's my birthday.
It's Human Treasure Day.
Aah, fresh garbage.
Ooh, give me, give me, give me.
Yes! Another worthy addition to my army of terror.
I love cuddles and kisses.
Truly horrifying.
Yo, kid.
Your trash pile is getting cold.
While mine's getting hot.
I have never seen such an extravagant earring.
You can have my trash.
Whoa! Did you know that Hexside was built on the bones of its rival school? One it literally conquered? Yes, I know all these things.
I went there.
It was the most harrowing period of my life.
Oh, hello.
Can you imagine it? Me in the halls of Hexside, studying with Willow and Gus and maybe even Amity.
Amity! Oh, cramity.
We're supposed to meet so I could get my Azura book back.
- I love you guys.
- And I love you, Lu Eh, who needs her? Yeah, this bear can be our new Luz.
Being without you is just unbearable.
You're unbearable.
Amity, Amity, Amity, Amity.
Got to find that Oh.
There she is.
Hey, Amity! Luz is finally here.
Hi, Luz.
Edric, Emira, stop bothering her.
Sorry, Luz.
They insisted on coming for some reason.
Because we love you, baby sister.
They've been extra protective and nice towards me to make up for the library incident.
And we still apologize every day.
In any case, here's your book.
So, what'd you think? It was fine.
So fine you drew yourself with Malingale the Mysterious Soothsayer? This is great.
Maybe we can even start an Azura Club at school when we're classmates.
When we're what? Surprise! I'm enrolling at Hexside.
Uh, sorry, but to be in my class you need to take a placement exam, and prove that you've mastered two spells.
I know you have your light thing.
Uh, do you know anything else? Placement exam? Spells? Quit giving her a hard time, Mittens.
Yeah, of course she knows two spells.
Right, Luz? Pff.
Of course I know two spells.
Because if you don't, they'll put you in the baby class.
Ooh, brain idea.
What if we all train together? We could show off what we know.
What do you say, Luz? Uh, actually, I have other training plans in a very faraway place.
That I have to go to right now.
A surprisingly peaceful domestic moment.
When will it be ruined? Eda! - There it is.
- Eda, Eda! Eda! You have to teach me a new spell, right now.
Sorry, Luz.
These vegetables won't cook themselves yet.
All right.
Everybody in the pot.
Why do I always think that's gonna work? But I need to know two spells to get into decent classes at Hexside.
I can make light glyphs.
But at the end of the day that's the only spell I know.
And whose fault is that? Yours.
Ha! Yep! Got me there.
Just teach me a spell now.
Any spell.
It can be the darkest evil.
Well, I have been researching my texts on wild magic, but I'm much too busy right now.
Come on, Eda! You're the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles.
How would it look if your apprentice got thrown into the baby class? Hmm.
Weaponizing my pride.
Well played.
Well, in that case, this looks like a job for a magic boot camp.
Did someone say boot camp? I agree to run it.
We'll rise at dawn.
You'll carry me on your back as I yell hateful things about your performance.
You'll have no part in this.
Luz needs to focus, and I can't have her go all weird when you do something adorable.
I am not adorable! Aw! He stamped his little foot.
No time to waste.
You'll have to follow my teachings exactly.
- We gotta go somewhere special.
- Yes! A place where magical energy just flows.
Yes! A place like the Knee! Yes! The earliest witches came to the Knee to develop their magic, drawn to its natural power.
It's beautiful! Though it's not without its dangers.
The Slitherbeast.
Don't worry, if you don't mess with him, he won't mess with you.
Here's where we'll set up shop.
I'll definitely learn my second spell here.
Gorgeous views, magic in the air.
And best of all, we're completely alone.
Watch out! Sorry, whoever's over there! Forget teaching me a spell.
Just make me disappear.
Well, okay, but I've got a 60/40 record of making you reappear.
Oh! You meant Ah, never mind.
- Hey, Luz! - Luz! Hey, it's us.
Okay, let's do this.
Hey, guys! Who are they? Be cool.
If they know I haven't mastered two spells they'll think I belong in the baby class.
What's that about the baby class? Only that it's for babies and Luz here clearly isn't a baby.
Nailed it.
Amity! Wha What are you doing here? I'm here to train.
I'm trying to beat Ed and Em's highest score on the exam.
Aw, Mittens.
That's impossible.
She still needs to use a training wand to learn new spells.
So what are you working on? Something powerful? Yep.
Powerful spells.
I'm working on one that's sooo crazy.
Eda's a pretty incredible teacher.
Luz, I shall now teach you how to identify different types of snow.
By taste! Well, go on.
Eat the snow.
Is this some kind of special magic? I don't think the Owl Lady wants to show us any of her powerful spells.
Brain freeze.
Brain freeze.
See you around, human.
Good luck with your, uh, training.
Eda! Can you please take this seriously? You need to take me seriously.
Go taste snow without my guidance.
See where it gets you.
Don't worry kid.
If you listen to me, soon you'll be doing stuff like that.
And it won't be with some wack training wand.
It'll be the real deal.
But you have to trust me, okay? Okay.
I trust you.
We've covered snow.
So, now it's on to smelling moss.
Now the trick is, you really gotta get it up in there.
This is ludicrous.
I once led armies.
I can lead a dang boot camp.
But I have no recruits.
- Or do I? - Yep! It's your faithful pal Hooty, reporting for duty.
Up at dawn, taking orders all day long.
Ugh, no.
You are too desperate.
Roll call.
New guy, Aloysius Turtle, Chip, Beefy Bob, Francois Oh, you're perfect already.
As for the rest of you, I'm only saying this once, so listen up! Huh.
It's no fun if they don't tremble.
Ya! Huh, okay.
All right.
Yep, an idea is happening.
I've identified the smells of three different rocks, sorted all the twigs from big to small.
And found your glove.
And your hand.
I was wondering where that thing went.
So, what now? Hey.
I know my lessons seem weird, but this is what wild magic is all about.
Making a connection with nature.
The earliest witches understood that.
Human witches need to understand it too.
You wanna learn a second spell? With all my heart.
Then you have to learn from the island.
Now, look.
And think about what the island is trying to tell you.
All right, Luz.
Look with everything you've got.
Focus? On what? On how you'll be stuck in the baby class.
No, don't think like that.
Face it.
You'll never get a second spell following Eda's lessons.
Silence hands! Amity! Dinner's ready! I caught a bat! Edric, don't eat that! If I wanna be in the same class as Amity, I'm gonna need to learn magic like Amity.
Great work, Luz.
Shh! I don't need your validation.
Military discipline, cooking.
I truly am a demon for all seasons.
Just a dash of Eda's secret sauce and I'm the creator of life.
Yes, yes, yes! My loyal recruits.
Welcome to boot camp.
You sure need it.
Look at you: raggedy, pathetic, chewed on.
You got a button hanging off of your eye.
Pathetic! But I will mold you worms into slightly better kinds of worms.
Your first mission: give me snacks.
Your commander is hungry, so pick it up! Hey, Private Dingdong.
Snacks are that way.
You better shape up, recruit.
You're in my boot camp now.
Ed, give me the bat.
No! If we're not gonna eat it, I wanna keep it as a pet.
Get back here before that thing bites you.
Her cross-hatching has improved.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Yes! I did magic! I did magic! Without drawing anything.
This thing is the coolest.
Hold it right there.
What are you doing with that? I'm doing magic.
What would you have me do? Eat more snow? Lick a rock? Okay, so maybe my methods are unique, but so is your magic.
Connecting to the island can help you.
That wand can't.
Well, it's already helped me.
Just watch what I can do.
Wh Whoaaa! You've angered the Slitherbeast.
You've angered the Slitherbeast.
Will it accept a heartfelt apology? Watch out! Whaa! - Eda! - Luz! What did we miss? And what are you doing with my wand? Uh Mittens, we've got bigger problems.
Aw, he's so cute.
Can we keep him? It's no bat.
But we could try.
You got it.
Now, finish it off.
I'm on it.
What? Did you use this all up? I I didn't know.
Come on, Luz.
Do those powerful spells you were talking about.
But I don't actually know any.
Edric, Emira! Noooo! Yep, keep 'em coming.
And don't forget the pretzels this time.
Running a boot camp is tough work but as my second-in-command you deserve this.
Hey, hey! Private new guy.
You are not privy to snacking privileges! Back away! Leading this boot camp has tuckered the little guy out.
So, Sergeant King signing off.
Excuse me! Could you maybe turn down those eyeballs? I'm trying to sleep.
Don't you want a hug? What do we do? I am going after them.
You are staying here.
But the beast has Eda.
And because of you, it also has my brother and sister.
Now stay put.
You'll only get hurt.
Amity! Wait! Stupid island.
You were supposed to teach me magic.
But I'll never learn more than this.
Is that a light glyph? But what does that mean? Whoa.
It means magic is a gift from the island.
It means magic is everywhere.
Magic is everywhere! Whoooo! My second spell! Thank you, snow.
Thank you, island.
Thank you, Eda.
Eda! I have to save her.
Hey! How dare you mute me? Unhand your commander right now! I gave you life.
I can take it away.
Hooty, Hooty.
Great news, buddy.
You can be in the boot camp.
First task: destroy the boot camp.
No, thanks.
W-What? But you begged to join.
You said I was desperate.
So, now I'm playing hard to get.
What do you want? I don't know.
What are you offering? Hmm.
Wow! This is incredible.
It's so real.
You got yourself a deal.
Hoooot! This day shall live in infamy.
Don't worry.
We'll be fine.
No, we're gonna die.
That's right.
Death is here.
Just kidding.
Luz is here.
Kid, get outta here.
I'm just gonna sneak away when the thing starts eating the twins.
Wait, what? Don't worry, Eda.
I get it now.
I was so obsessed with learning my second spell, I didn't listen to you.
But now I'm gonna save you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, at least I got to see her misplaced confidence one last time.
Luz! Hello.
Uh, how did you get past the barrier? Magic! Literally! Now forget that, because you and I have to work together if we wanna save everyone.
Here's what we're gonna do.
Achoo! Ugh, I hate garlic.
Hey, you big idiot.
Over here! Amity! Use that fire spell we taught you.
But I can't do it without the wand.
Yes, you can.
Just focus.
I didn't actually think you could do it.
Luz! Gotcha! Want me to teach you kids something cool? Yes! Yes, please.
The sleep spell.
Now that's my mentor.
Did you see? I learned my second spell.
- I made the connection.
- I saw.
Nice work, kiddo.
You showed some real bravery in there, sis.
Nice work, kiddo.
Stop! So, it looks like we'll be in the same class.
Azura Book Club? Azura Book Club? As long as it's a secret club, okay? - It's not a secret.
- We're gonna tell everyone.
Achoo! All right, your adorable banter is literally making me sick.
- Let's go home already.
- On it, Teach.
- Yaaaaaay! - Waaahoooo! I think we can go the normal way.
Private Hooty, today when the felt flew, you showed grit and determination that were instrumental in securing our victory.
May I just say it has been an honor to be your commander.
Sir, the honor is all mine.
Private, our hearts have been touched by fire.
And What the heck did you two get into? Um, excuse me, we're having a moment here.
You'll never understand what we've been through together.
Never, never! Ugh.
Moment ruined.
I will be haunted by my actions forever.
Hoot hoot.

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