The Pale Horse (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

My dream Is a wondrous dream It's the answer too What would you like to know? My dream Am I going to make Mark happy? Delphine? Delphine! Mark Mark, they need to cover her up now.
Cover her up? What with? The lid.
They need to put the lid on.
I don't know what to do without her.
I'm Miss Davis.
I have an appointment.
Miss Davis? Do you hear me in there, Jessie? Sinners everywhere.
You are a sinner.
Most girls have good luck cards, or photos of their kid.
My new lover's waiting for me.
You know he'll never leave her.
Who says I want him to? Sittin' in a native hut Wonderin' what to do Along came a native girl Did a native dance It was like in paradise Put me in a trance Going shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop Shimmy shimmy bop Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop Shimmy shimmy bop Joined her in her dancin' spree Felt my spine a-tingle Here we are again, then, Mark.
It's better to feel something than nothing.
You are going to burn in hell! Hell is waiting for you sinners.
Jesus Christ, Tommy, you've got a bloody dead rat in your sink.
Let me find you somewhere else, for God's sake.
Tommy? Erm Mark? Why are you throwing your clothes away? And where have you been all night? I hit a cat.
What? Yes.
I was coming home from dinner with a client and a cat ran out in front of the car.
So I picked it up to see if I could help it, but it was no use, I'm afraid.
So much blood everywhere.
Oh, my God.
The poor thing.
How horrible.
Don't think about it.
It'll only upset you.
Go on.
Cream of chicken.
Salmon and dill.
Asparagus rolls.
Ah, a quail's egg with celery salt.
Terrine and pate.
What do you think? If you feed them that well, they won't leave.
We need something sweet.
Maybe a fool or a syllabub.
Dessert and cheese Mark Mark? It's the police.
Oh, I'm very sorry, Mr Osborne.
They should've closed her eyes.
Is that her, then, Jessie Davis? OK.
Ah, Mr Easterbrook? Yes.
Detective Inspector Stanley Lejeune.
Do you two know each other? No, not at all.
But you know each other's names? Mark Easterbrook, and Zachariah Osborne? No.
Erm, what is this? Why am I here? A woman's body was discovered this morning.
We believe you had a connection to her.
To Jessie, because of her list.
Oh, erm, would you mind taking Mr Osborne home for a nice sweet cup of tea for the shock? Thank you for your time.
Who's Jessie? What list? A Miss Jessie Davis.
Found dead this morning.
Nothing suspect.
Had a fever.
Left the house for some reason, but Well, she carked it.
Well, that's very sad, but I don't know what it's got to do with me.
I didn't know her.
But she knew you.
So besides Osborne, you've no connection to Jessie Davis? The name Osborne means nothing to me.
I've only just heard it, only just saw the man.
Right, cos he owns a little shop round the back of Griffiths Street where Miss Davis actually worked.
That kind of thing.
You ever been there? No.
How about this address, then? 7 West Benthall Road, Shepherds Bush.
Is that where Miss Davis lived? Do you know anyone who resides on that street, or who lives in that area? No.
And once again, for the hard of hearing, I know nothing about Jessie Davis.
Can I see? Do you know anyone on this list? Ormerod, Sandford, Delafontaine, Parkinson, Hesketh-Dubois, Shaw, Tuckerton .
Ardingly Ardingly? I know David Ardingly.
Oh, maybe.
And how do you know this David Ardingly, then? Our families have been friends for years.
I've known him since he was born.
He's my godson.
But, well, how can you be sure this'd be anything to do with him, or his family? I can't.
I mean, there's lot of Ardinglys but there's a connection to you, which is something.
Are David and I in danger? I don't know.
Why am I the only one with a question mark? Again, I-I don't know, yet.
You see, this list might mean nothing at all, but to me it looks like something.
Can you watch my car for me? That's a good lad.
She'd been sickly a while.
She was the type, that Jessie.
The sickly type.
How would someone like her know someone like you? Well, that's what I'm trying to find out.
She owed me rent.
Oh, well, we can't have that, can we? Erm, actually .
if anyone should ask, I was never here.
Mark .
I'm getting the hang of being a wife.
Oscar Venables, 461.
Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? I hit a cat.
Lovely day.
Did madam enjoy the cruise? Oh, it was divine.
I dined at the captain's table every night.
A so charming man, so attentive.
So what's Thomasina stolen while I've been away.
She hasn't been to the house at all.
Perhaps she's finally learning to control herself.
An Inspector Lejeune rang the house.
Left a number for you to call back.
Oh, did he indeed? Very demanding.
I'll take coffee in the drawing room.
Mark? You beautiful man.
David, thank Christ.
Have the police been to see you? There was a message through the door saying to telephone some inspector, but I couldn't be bothered.
Why? It must have been so weird.
Did you have to get rid of all her clothes? Yes.
Of course.
What about her rings? Please tell me he got you your own rings.
New marriage, new rings.
It would never have lasted with the first Mrs Easterbrook.
Everyone says.
It was infatuation.
The old demon, lust.
Must be strange that she died here.
You must feel like you're competing with a ghost.
What do you mean, "Everyone says"? You're very talked about, you know.
I didn't know.
Is it true you were in love with him for years? Mark and I were friends.
Well, you got your man.
And everyone says you're very suitable.
So good at this sort of thing.
The looking after.
My marriage is based on a bit more than canapes and "looking after".
There's respect, and love.
You're adorable.
Have you heard of Much Deeping? No, but it sounds pornographic, so I'm all in favour.
What is it? It's a village.
It's connected to the list.
You're very hung up on this list.
Well, aren't you? Our names were in a dead woman's shoe.
Who else is on it? Me, you and this, ah, Osborne.
Well, if it's you, it's definitely me, with a question mark.
I'm willing to bet that everyone on that list has money.
Osborne's just a shopkeeper.
There's no such thing as just a shopkeeper.
Someone's got our names together for a scam.
It's a begging letter.
"Oh, please, help us.
"My Ron's head got blowed off in the war "and I've got to stew me own leg to feed the kiddies.
" Aunt Clemency gets that sort of thing all the time.
How is she? In very rude health.
Mind like a steel trap.
She'll outlive us all.
I might go and see her, see if she knows anything about Much Deeping.
Oh, for God's sake.
It's a scam! There's always some tawdry bastard wants a hand-out.
Speaking of which, any chance you could lend this tawdry bastard a few quid? You'll get it back.
You always say that.
Yes, but this time I mean it.
You always say that too.
Right You're a prince.
Going to take Poppy to the Cote d'Azur for some sustained and life-limiting depravity.
You should come, with Hermia.
Isn't that the point of a young wife? Do you ever feel that .
that something's coming? Something bad.
Mark, this comes from my heart.
You can get obsessive.
Don't get obsessed with this list and this obscene-sounding little village.
Delphine went there.
It was an accident.
There was nothing you could have done, and you'll drive yourself mad thinking that there was.
And if you go mad, I won't have anyone to bale me out, will I? Listen, erm Don't say anything to Hermia.
About the cat, or? Any of it.
Cross my heart and hope to die.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Oh! What brings you here? I was passing.
How are you, Clemency? I'm splendid, as you can see.
What about my appalling nephew? Have you laid eyes on him? David's in the South of France.
Of course he is.
Touring the fleshpots.
Bone idle little sod.
I despair of him.
Still, perhaps his pursuit of pleasure is the right idea, as we're all going to die tomorrow.
How do you mean? It's the end of the world, Mark.
If you believe the newspapers.
There's been nothing out of the ordinary, though? You're well? Everything's ordinary and I'm extremely well.
When have I not been? Idiot! How are you? Yeah, fine.
The people who say grief ends after the funeral are talking out of their raddled arses.
Help me finish this.
Then we'll have tea.
Mr Easterbrook? Mr Osborne.
Have you seen the papers today? No, not yet.
Granville Shaw, aged 77, died peacefully in hospital.
Margo Delafontaine, aged 69, at home in her sleep.
Two names from the list.
There's nothing suspicious about this.
They're both elderly.
I spent all of yesterday in the library, going through back issues of the paper, looking for other names.
14th September 1960, Roger Ormerod, peacefully at home in Arbroath.
8th October 1960, Rene Sandford, 45, peacefully after a short illness.
10th January 1961, Hubert Parkinson.
22nd April 1961, Gerard Hesketh-Dubois.
All names from the list, and now two more.
Look, it doesn't say that.
It said illness That's how it was meant to look, but they was murdered.
Same as Jessie.
That wasn't a fever - it was murder.
That list is a list of victims.
You should be telling the police this, not me.
I can't go to them.
They'd never believe me.
Why wouldn't they believe you? I went to open the shop this morning and I found this .
tucked into the door.
Has anything like this been left for you? No.
It's their sign.
It means they're coming.
Who's coming? The witches.
The witches? They pretend it's just herbs and fortunes and seances - that's how they got Jessie involved.
But it's the devil's work they do in Much Deeping.
I know Much Deeping, I've been there, and I didn't see any witches.
And you'd think they'd stick out, what with their pointy hats and broomsticks.
They kill to order.
For money.
They-they do it with curses.
Curses and craft and spells and hexes.
They raise demons and people die! "And I looked, and behold, a pale horse, "and the name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
" Mr Osborne, is that a temperance badge you're wearing? You don't drink? Alcohol opens the door to Satan.
Well, my advice to you is to start drinking.
But first, fuck off.
They're going to kill us too Yes, well, I'm sure they are.
Thank you very much for the entertainment.
Everyone on that list is dead, Mr Easterbrook! They're all dead except for you, me and Ardingly.
And they're coming for us.
They're coming! Blood everywhere.
Never get it out.
Listen, do you want to go to a fair this weekend? Dodgems and helter-skelters? No, a village fair.
I was on a valuation, I saw the poster.
I thought it might be quite fun to get out of London for a bit.
That does sound nice.
What did you do with the cat? I put it in a hedge.
I didn't want a child to find it.
Because of the mess, the blood? Exactly.
It must've belonged to someone.
The cat.
I suppose so.
You should go back.
See if you can find out who it belonged to.
They're probably worried sick, wondering what happened to Mr Tiddles.
What street were you on? I don't remember.
You don't remember? No.
I was lost.
It was just a street.
Why, why, why are you going on about the cat? It just makes me sad.
Poor Mr Tiddles.
We've been visited by an angel.
I'll get the dessert.
Thomasina? Thomasina, darling? Someone help me! Please! Help me! I should never have gone away on holiday.
I shall never forgive myself for not being here Mrs Tuckerton .
can you think of any reason why your stepdaughter's name might be on a list? A list? A list of names.
And nearly Well, nearly all the people on it are dead.
I don't know.
Oh, poor Tommy.
What had she got involved with? I'm so excited for our fun day out.
Ah, how charming.
Mark! Cut the King! Cut the King! Cut the King! Shhhhhh.
Cut the King, cut the King Oscar Venables shall cut the King! Oscar! It's him.
Well, thank you so much, Mark, for this fun day out.
I'm off to find a strong drink.
You're following me.
I don't care to be followed.
What do you want? I was trying to get away from everyone.
I Not very good with crowds.
I'm no good in crowds either.
They'll settle down now the parade's over.
Do you want your fortune told? Read your tea leaves, your palm, or the cards.
Only a shilling.
All proceeds for the church roof.
I'll make a donation.
My name's Mark Easterbrook.
How do? Do you know my name? Should we? How about Jessie Davis? Miss Jessie Davis? Do you know her? No, I don't think so.
I think she came here.
Maybe to see you? Lots of people come to see us at The Pale Horse.
You'd be surprised.
Thyrza thinks you want something from us.
Me? No, I'm not superstitious, so It's more for children and neurotic old maids, isn't it? No, I'm a rational man.
A master of the universe.
We're all rational when the sun's shining.
Different when it goes dark.
There's a girl standing next to you.
A girl with a red handbag.
And she's gone.
Felt duty bound to buy some jam.
Want your fortune told? No.
We're going.
We just got here.
We're going.
Did you say something to them? To who? Those women.
Those three women.
I didn't talk to them at all.
Come on, you must've said something.
You must've told them something about me.
I didn't say anything to anyone.
For God's sake, what's the matter with you? Do you want your fortune told? My dream Is a wondrous dream It's the answer too This is sad.
She died in her sleep.
So no-one noticed when she didn't come into work.
Not that you can call being a hostess in a nightclub "work".
Lay there for days.
No-one caring about you enough to know you weren't there.
I'm going to get dressed.
I'm sorry.
Goodbye, dearest Thomasina.
They found Mrs Ardingly this morning.
It was a heart attack.
Our man here says it just about exploded.
She wouldn't have felt a thing.
Where's the nephew? David's abroad.
I don't I can track him down.
He'll be bereft.
He adored her.
We both did.
Well .
sorry for your loss.
Bad whelks.
Any reason why David Ardingly didn't come and see me as requested? He thought it was a scam.
People trying to get money.
He said his aunt often got letters like that.
Begging letters.
Yeah, she did.
Generous lady, by all accounts.
Gave a lot to donkey sanctuaries.
Yes, that sounds like her.
So, have you had any thoughts about the list, why your name should be on it? Anyone past or present that might take a special interest in you? No.
See these people, Mr Easterbrook? They're all dead.
They all died of varied natural causes.
But the fact of the matter is, they are all dead.
Now, you're the only one on that list with their name in full and a question mark.
Thank you so much for reminding me.
Completely slipped my mind.
You see, I think that you're holding out on me.
I think there's something you're not telling me that you probably should.
There isn't.
I don't expect you to be a saint, or done nothing wrong, but if you've got an enemy, I need to know about it.
I don't haveenemies.
I'm not keeping anything from you.
I promise.
My gut says otherwise.
It's probably the bad whelks.
You know, it's not your job to work things out, it's my job, and I'm very good at it.
I'll get there in the end.
I always do.
Right Thank you very much.
It must have been terrible to lose your first wife that way.
"Terrible" .
doesn't come anywhere near it.
Anywhere near.
I'm sure.
And again - sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Do you believe me now? I don't know.
It's impossible.
Are strange things happening to you? Strange things in your mind? Yes.
And me.
I'm not a dreaming man.
Never have been.
But now .
I'm scared to close my eyes.
Jessie, Miss Davis, she Her face never leaves me.
Thomasina Tuckerton.
I knew her.
I mean, I I wa I was with her.
I woke up beside her.
She was dead.
But you're married.
I know.
I liked her.
We had things in common.
You must think me very unworldly.
I ran.
VOICE BREAKING: I just left her.
She was fine before.
Was fine.
Then she was dead.
You, you didn't tell the Inspector about Miss Tuckerton? No.
I can't now, can I? It looks suspicious.
Looks like I had something to do with it, I didn't.
I just panicked.
I had nothing to do with it.
Of course you didn't.
It was them.
Her hair came away in my hand.
Jessie's hair was falling out.
Was she part of it? You said she was involved with them.
I told her to stay well out of it, but she wouldn't listen, wanted to talk to her old mum.
Why did she have the list? She was on to them - the witches.
Stop calling them that! That's why they did for her.
They've got me in their sights because I know too much.
I know about them.
That's why they've got to get rid of me! Did Miss Davis mention a man called Oscar Venables? No.
Who's he? He lives in Much Deeping.
I think he's the one who's pulling the strings.
Jessie just talked about the witches, their magic.
There is no magic! It's a trick, a sleight of hand, levers and pulleys and puffs of smoke and people wanting to believe because they're credulous morons.
Those three women aren't unusual, they're just sour old bitches.
No, there's a trick.
I'm going to find out what it is.
Be careful! You're here again.
WHY are you here? My wife died.
I'm sorry.
What has that to do with me? It's everything to do with you.
I don't know who you're talking about.
She came here the day she died.
She was with you.
She put your name and number down.
In her handbag.
My wife.
Delphine Easterbrook.
I gave her a lift to the railway station.
She missed her bus.
I gave her my number in case she had a problem with the train.
She-she wanted to get home, she was upset.
Because of you.
No, because .
she'd been told her marriage wouldn't last.
That her husband would be married to someone else by the autumn.
And, er .
I was trying to be kind.
So She went to them? Those three? But I did marry someone else.
How could they know that? Enjoy your walk.
What would you like to know? Am I going to make Mark happy? It won't last.
By autumn, he will be married to someone else.

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