The Panthers (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


1 and once we let The Man know, I said, 'Look.
'We armed from block to block, and we gone patrol you from our windows, 'and we not gone have you brutalising none of our people in the streets.
' Do you realise what kind of power Black people have then? Because you begin to neutralise the Police Force, cos them cops gone start riding shaky andscared.
This house This house is falling down around me, but I can't move.
No, I can't leave this space.
These tired hands, they've been handed down to me.
But my heart, it never sleeps.
♪ We're having trouble accepting the Polynesians.
We can't educate them.
They're not used to our way of life.
They don't know the language.
Well, we can't absorb them, can we? We can't let a flood come here and swamp us.
Let's keep to our own British stock.
What do we, the Polynesian Panthers, stand for? We stand for motherfucking change.
- There you go, auntie.
- Mm.
- Shuggie - My man.
- All right, we on? - Yeah, Bo's.
We on.
Hey, I got 50 off Big Mal.
I ticked the last 10 up.
If we move all this by tonight, we'll be able to square him up tomorrow.
- That's roll then, eh? - That's us.
Up you get, little one.
- Mum.
- Mm.
- Wake up.
I gotta go to work.
- I wanna come with you and uncle.
- Maybe next time, my girl.
Yeah? Hey, did we, um, pay the landlord? Uh, I'll sort it out tomorrow, eh? Yeah.
Respect my identity.
We're nothing less than legendary.
Loyalty and royalty is all in my blood.
It runs heavily from the Pt Chevalier Beach to the inner city streets, the Belly of the Beast Grey Lynn, Ponsonby.
The home with French sticks with cream in it, throw mince and cheese in it.
Heavy-handed with the table salt is how we season it.
This is for my olds living on Home, the Williams on Rose and every other family I know, yeah.
♪ She was pei se agelu.
Like heaven in a dress.
And then we kissed, and she told me I was destined for greatness, - like a Samoan Hendrix.
- Yeah, I gotta go, brothers, eh.
Happy selling.
Eh? Bro! Will - Where you been, Bo's? - 'Sup Nigel? Hey, I wanna introduce you to Emily.
- Nice to meet you.
- She works with Tessa and them now, and, man, she's awesome.
Aw, Gordon, such a sweetheart.
Nice to meet you, Will.
Back to work for me.
Who the fuck is Gordon, man? We've been talking for ages; I'm Nigel.
- Eh, look, Foof's got your buds, G, yeah? - Oh, yup.
- Ooh.
- Do you mind? I'm on a mish.
- Bo's, we have problems.
- What's your fucking problem? You wanna play me? - Shit.
- I wanna play knock your block off, bitch.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Bo's! Bo's! Relax, bro.
Kupes and keiges, that's all we're here for.
Don't be an usi.
You better get him to settle the fuck down.
Fucking coconuts.
Bo's - I need that money, man.
- Look, it's all good, Bo's, all right? You still got more to sell.
What the fuck you mean it's fine? Give me your shit to move if it's all good, eh? - Go on! Hurry up! - Relax, bro.
What are you up to? - I fucked up.
- What do you mean you fucked up? I'm in a bit of a bind, Bo's.
I sold The Gold Chains and them a car.
Popo gave me five hundy for it.
I had my eyes on one to boost, eh, but now the thing's gone.
It's not parked there any more.
- They're coming to get it tomorrow.
- So we gotta raise five hundy in a night? Did you pay your rent, at least? Look, it's all good.
Bro, we got this.
It's all good, G? We'll go get the boys and then that's us.
Boys, boys.
Selling dack ain't gonna cut it tonight, brothers.
OK, I got a plan to make some real cash for Shugi.
Where's Foof and Toa? Shuggie, Shuggie, Shuggie.
- Toa.
- Malo, Toa.
- Bo's.
'Sup, man? - Sole, you ain't getting yourself in trouble again, are ya? - Fuck that guy.
- Sweet, boys.
Foofy, rally all the brothers.
I'll just be one second.
- Got you, Bo's.
Boys Yo, Tess! Hey, yo.
One sec, brothers.
One sec.
Tess! Tessa! Tessa.
Go on.
I'll catch up with you.
I've been trying to find you.
- Uh, where are you going? - What do you mean, 'where am I going'? Are you gonna go have sex with him? Who the sailor? No, I'm gonna give him a palm-reading Oh, look.
It says 'fuck him and take his money'.
No, look, I was just asking, Tess, cos he's a sailor.
Why have a sailor with a map when you could have a navigator led by the stars? - A what? - He's a pawn, a minion in the production cycle, right? You deserve a leader.
A visionary.
I don't need a visionary, Will.
I need cash money, and that money is walking away from me right about now.
- Oi, Tess - Oi, you.
Stop it.
I'll see you soon, OK? If I'm not back in 30, seen the cavalry.
- Actually just send Kong.
- Come on, lady! I'm paying by the hour! What about us, Tess? What are we in all of this? You just keep your eyes on the horizon, Mr Navigator.
And she pashed me.
She told me I was destined for greatness, boys.
Like a Samoan Hendrix, maybe even better, eh? You already told us that one, Bo's.
Hey, Chosen One, what's the plan? That's our plan.
That truck has got some A-class shit onboard, all right.
Enough to feed avillage.
A-class? I'm not sure about that, eh? We gotta do what we gotta do, Bo's, but you stay here and make sure Tess is safe.
- Nige, bring the vaka to the back of Spike's keep the engine running.
- Seki.
Bo's, be safe, eh? Siana, you know I'm not drop nuts, and my papers are illegal.
Brothers, they're parking up.
Come on.
Let's go.
Yo, this one here.
This one here.
- Fuck.
- Hey, what the fuck are youse doing? One minute she's my girl.
Next minute, she's calling me 'Gordon'.
Start the car, Nigel.
Start the car.
Whoa, boys.
No, we can't take that thing.
Shadbolt will have my guts for garters.
Gross! Au revoir, Nige.
Don't forget to wash your hands.
Nige, start the fucking car! - Guys, seriously, I don't wanna ruin Tim's upholstery.
- It won't fit in the boot.
- I can't get caught.
- You won't get caught.
Jump in.
Jump in.
Yo, the pigs will be here any minute.
- Sole! Vave, vave! - Bo's, start the car! Bo's, pass me the joint.
Fucken Havili, mate, he's always on our arse.
Fucken eat-arse.
Nothing better to do.
I heard that, curry muncher.
You boys have all got New Zealand passports, eh? Got a small laho, eh, toko? That's why you got such a big chip on your shoulder, eh? Tough guy.
Is he the tough guy? Is he the tough guy? - Eh.
- Oh, fuck.
What the fuck?! - Get the fuck out of the car.
- Stop touching him, bro.
- Shuggie, just leave it.
Argh! You feel tough now, eh? Feel tough now? Keep that shit up, it won't end good for you.
You see, that's the problem with you Islanders, eh? - Get your hands off me.
- You never give yourselves a chance.
- We're New Zealand citizens, sir.
- Really? And what about you, Toa Malifa? Get out.
Get the fuck out.
Theft, assault and now drug use quite the list, resulting in all you being in serious trouble.
And we all know what trouble means, eh, boys? Home time for all you illegal immigrants.
- Hey, shut your mouth, arsehole.
- You shut it.
- Out you get.
- Come on.
Tell me, what's an Indian doing, hanging with a bunch of Islanders? You'd be in a lot less trouble if you were hanging with your own, boy.
- Huh? - Nige is one of us, you piece of shit! Yeah? Night shifts at the dairy is safer than acquainting with these imbeciles.
If I let ordinary white blokes off the hook, chances are they'd probably eventually sober up and behave themselves again.
But you lot, there's no changing who, is there? And you know why? Cos it's in your genes.
Get your ass in there.
Come on.
- Get in the pen.
- Don't touch me, bitch.
- Get in the pen.
What? If I hear a peep from any of you, you will fucken regret it.
Especially, you, 'Ilolahia.
Don't fuck with me.
It's all good.
He's just trying to get a rise.
You can't split up the Bo's.
Eh? I'm an idiot.
My papers were almost ready.
My family are relying on me.
Just needed to keep my head down.
It would've been 'Ilolahia.
- Hey.
- Hey! - Take it easy, bro.
- No.
- Bring him back! Xxx.
We will turn to Romans 12:1.
Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God.
worship Jesus as only you were supposed to, or else you will face damnation.
Next, we will go to the book It's bullshit.
Davis! Jimmy! Looking good, boys.
There he is, the try-scorer.
- Eh.
Well played, Jim-Bob.
- He reminded me of bloody Grant Batty out there on the wing.
- Hey, he's a hero.
- Mm.
O le makaiga lea le ga ou fai aku ua o mai ma laga ko'alua mai Christchurch, - o la e gogofo I Cohen St I Ponsonby.
- Mmm.
- Pig-fucker.
Matthias drew a triceratops, and I drew a T-Rex.
Mum, Mum, I'm the third tallest in my class, Mum.
That's good, Thomas.
- I got Liam, Bob, and Jeffrey.
- Oh.
- Uh, Jack, you can make the toast.
I'll be in in a minute.
- OK.
Come on, Wendy.
- Excuse me.
- Hello.
Hello, I'm Carolyn, your new neighbour.
We haven't met properly yet.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Mary Ratene.
I was just wondering, are people here always - Oh, it's nothing.
- Go on.
I've heard it all in my time.
Always so rough? I I just got called a 'pig fucker' at the school.
Well, people around here talk.
You know, new people move in, word travels.
Your husband's a cop, right? Oh.
A pig, so I'm a pig-fucker.
Thank you.
Not exactly a warm welcome, was it? Also used the press junket as an opportunity to promote his new autobiography, The Rise and Fall of a Young Turk.
Muldoon is the first New Zealand politician to have released an autobiography Hey, um, do they put all the new guys in Ponsonby? What you mean? - What area do you stay in? - Oh, you don't like where you've been put up, mate? - No, it's not.
- You wanna be in the thick of it, right, you wanna be a city cop, well, maybe that's why you're in the hood.
Eh Where'd you move from, Batty? - He's from down south.
- Yeah, I'm from Invercargill.
- Southland.
- Yeah.
Beat you don't get many darkies down there, eh? - What's What's that? - Darkies bungas, coconuts.
No, no.
Can't Can't say we do.
Well Buckle your seatbelt, buddy boy.
Now you're in the Big Smoke, and we're bloody swimming in them.
Sio mai.
- I need to use the bathroom.
- They're on the hall, on the left.
Be quick.
Nice stream, mate.
- Sorry? - Nice stream healthy.
What took you so long? I was just in the bathroom.
His Excellency will see you now.
Thank you, Teresa.
I'll look out for you.
No one need ever know you were in on it.
Well, I don't know, Rob.
I mean, this is big stuff.
- Yes, what is it? - Teresa said we're good to enter now, Your Excellency.
Oh, right.
Rob, just give us a second, will ya? Yes, what was it you wanted to see me about, Moli? I wanted to express my gratitude for the generosity you showed my family in arranging my son's early release from the police station.
Yes, no, Teresa took care of that.
Yes, well, you're welcome.
It means a lot to my wife and I, sir, especially with our boy Will here studying at university.
My son hoped to thank you personally as well, Your Excellency.
- We brought this mat as a gift.
- Um, yeah, thank you, Your Excellency, for your great generosity at getting Teresa to bail me out.
And perhaps Teresa could also have a look into my other friends who were wrongfully arrested.
Well, consider yourself lucky that your dad is such a good butler boy.
Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from him, eh? - That's all, Moli? - Thank you, Your Excellency.
Moli Don't ever put me in that position again.
- What are you studying, mate? - Pardon? Well, the old man said you're at university.
What are you studying? Politics and medicine first year.
Well, you got your head around the first rule of politics, by the looks of it.
Never bend your knee to another man.
Palagis take your respect for weakness, Dad.
- Something I gotta do here quickly.
- What? - Just wait here.
- Won't be a sec.
Hang on.
Help you with something, pigshit? Psht.
- What was that all about? - He's keeping an eye on things.
Let's go.
Dividing the fascia lata over the greater trochanter of the femur reveals the underlying Bullshit world.
Can you please pat us on the head again, Your Excellency.
Will, shut up.
What? Just cos you don't care about class doesn't mean the rest of us don't, all right? Melani, Will, please.
Sorry, professor.
You know got down on one knee? Society.
Will, you somehow seem to think that not only is it OK to arrive late but it's OK to disrupt everybody around you, who might actually care about what they're doing.
Um, I'm sorry, professor, but I'm listening.
You're listening?! Well, maybe you could explain to all of us what is wrong with the diagram on the board, please, yes? - Yeah, sure.
- Please do.
- Well, professor - Mm-hm.
You see, the problem you have on the board here is there are four pairs of buttocks, right one, two, three, four and all of them are white.
See, is that because, you know, and I can only assume, you had trouble finding a brown butt for your lecture, professor.
See, well, if that's the case, not only can I help you explain the problem, I can fix it too.
- Will, please.
- No, no, no, no, no.
It's OK.
- Will do not - Boom! Brown buttocks, yeah? Get down.
Don't worry, miss.
Just like all your palagi butts up here, if you look close enough, you'll find the fascia lata on the lateral side of this black arse as well.
I'm going.
I'm going.
Don't worry.
Yo, Melani, you coming? Fair enough.
Malo, sis.
If we Right.
Oh, man, am I glad to see you guys.
I'm just on my way to church, eh.
Thought I'd pop in and make sure you guys were all good.
What? Boys, what What happened? Toa.
Oh, fuck.
He couldn't come up with his papers, so they deported him, back to Samoa this afternoon.
Fuck, I just I got distracted and my parents and I - Bro, we gotta do something.
- Did you get done? - Huh? - Any charges? - Just leave it, Shug.
- Got daddy pulling strings again for you, eh? - Hey, Shug - I asked for you guys as well.
I just - Couldn't, eh? It's not your fault, OK, Bo's.
He was born with a fucken silver spoon up his arse and gets special treatment.
Bro, I didn't mean for any of this to happen, all right? I was just trying to help.
But you can't help no-hoper motherfuckers like me and Toa, eh, Bo's.
Stop trying.
We're different to you.
We're not brainy not gonna be no doctors, don't got looking out for our black arses.
Fuck! I didn't even know my dad.
Sorry, Bo's.
I know you were trying to help, but when shit goes down, youget out and we don't.
It's always been like that, and it always will be.
Those charges, they're gonna land me a lag, G.
And after the last ones, I'm fucked, and so is Toa.
I should've just taken that hiding from Popo and them, eh.
At least Toa would still be here.
Anyway Let's hit that party at Ice's.
Let's get fucked up.
Bro, Ice, he's out? - Got released yesterday.
- What? He's throwing a bash and wants all us central gangs to show something big to talk about, hereckons.
Oh, um, man, I've I've got church.
You're all good, then, G.
Go to church and go pray for Toa, cos God knows he's gonna need it.
Wait, boys, did Foofy get Hey, right behind you, Professor.
Foofy's got his passport and papers, eh, much to the piggies' dismay.
Oh, sorry, Bo's, I used your cut of the cash just to pay for these as a decoy runner, which opened up a hole for a five-finger discount on these puppies out the back door.
What happened to you last night, anyway, eh, Willy? Special treatment for the Chosen One, ah? - Hey, don't go there, Bo's.
- Just leave it, man.
To our brother Toa.
And to the Bo's.
One for the road, eh, Bo's? To the Bo's.
Hi, darling.
Go, go, go.
Ah Kuoi steps off to the left.
- Yup, and how is that my fault? - Well, I'm not saying that it's your fault, Jim.
I'm just saying.
How did we end up in a neighbourhood that hates cops and everyone seems to know you're acop? I don't know how we ended up here, OK.
I fished around at work today, and none of the other guys stay in Ponsonby.
So maybe the pig I'm fucking is on the spit getting fucked from both ends.
Mummy - Just go to bed, darling.
I'll come in a minute.
- OK.
Caro, look, I'll go and speak to the sarge tomorrow and I'll see what's going on, OK? OK? There's nothing wrong with the house, at least.
Well, I'm gonna follow up on that job at the hospital tomorrow.
Oh, you know, you race off to get a job.
That was the deal coming here.
Yes, I know.
But you just Just be patient, OK? Hm? I'm just saying we just need We need to get settled in.
- Can't see her.
- Who? Tessa.
Don't go trying to cut Ice's lunch.
It's only gonna end one way.
I've been around.
Well How do you think the bill's have been paid? Just because you're back out doesn't mean things go straight back to how they were, Ice.
- Huh? - You can't see him.
- I can see him whenever I want.
- No, you can't.
- Yes.
- No, you can't.
- What was that, eh? - It doesn't mean - Ah, eh.
- Just give him here.
- Was is she being like that? - Just give him here.
Why don't you just fuck off, then, if you're gonna be a grumpy bitch, ah? - It's OK.
- Tessa, oi.
Tessa, where are you going? - What are you doing here, Will? - Looking for you.
- Well, we're leaving.
Are you OK? Are you and Ice back together? He wanted to see his son.
- Sorry.
I I didn't mean to - See you another time.
- Come on.
- I'll come with you.
I'll look after you both.
That's not happening.
I'll sort him out for you.
You will stay away from him is what you will do, OK? Come on.
Let's go.
What about the navigator and the horizon? All right, all right, all right, all right, all right.
All right.
- It's good to see you fellas.
- Malo.
- Welcome back, uso.
- Rebels.
- Hey! - Uso! Vagrants.
Gold Chains.
Young Bull.
See, normally, we'd be knee-deep in a blue about now, eh, boys? Not tonight.
Not tonight.
Tonight we have different business.
See, while Ice was inside, I done a lot of thinking.
And you know what? It's time.
It's time we stop fighting amongst ourselves and we go out there and we start fighting the real enemy.
Let's go! We think we're the same as them.
- Fuck, no! - Nah.
To them, you're just another fucken coconut, ah.
To them, you're just another fucken bunga, ah.
You're just another fucken hori.
- You're a fucken hori.
- Hey! - Ah.
So, what are we gonna do with these, huh? What do you think, Kipper? Gonna burn the fucken town down, baby! Let's go! Why the fuck do you wanna do that for, huh? Huh? Why the fuck do you wanna do that for? Kipper If you and your little bitches don't wanna fucken be here, pick up your beers and fuck off on home.
Fuck off, Kipper, ya fucken dickhead! The fuck you still doing in my yard?! Fuck off home! Do we think we can win in a system that's rigged against us, brothers? Hell, no! So we gotta take that system, burn it down and start our own fucken system.
See, for too long they tried to shut us up and control us, which they have been.
But we'll fucken show them what we're made of, ah, tonight! Tonight we fucken go! Tonight the skies fucken burn! Let's fucken go! - Hello.
- Davis, we're gonna need you down at the station.
- OK.
- There's a riot going on.
- Yeah, I'll be right there.
I've gotta go.
Fuck you! Shuggie! Fucken gap it, Bo's.
Fuck! Jesus, bros, that was fucked up.
Hey, wait.
Where's Shug? I saw the coppers get him, Bo's.
- We have to go back and find him.
- Nah, nah, but then we all just get caught, Professor.
Shall we get a drink? Cha-hoo! - Ice, Ice.
- Whoa.
- Ice! What the hell was that? - Huh? - Huh? We got killed out there, bro.
Or either smashed or arrested and for what? Huh?! - What did that accomplish? - Success, my brother.
Tonight was a fucken success, all right? We're in a war, all right? Soldiers die in war.
Blood flows.
It's all part of the fun, dox.
Fa'amolemole, uso.
I didn't know you were waiting.
It's all good.
You warm her up for me? Ah.
All right, grab yourself a beer, then come have a turn on this one once I'm done, OK? You earned it.
- Oh.
- Mmm.
Hey, my darling.
You having a good night? Come on.
We've been treated second-class for that long.
We started believing that's what we are.
I will clean up the street of this scum! That is not what we are! We stand for motherfucking change.
We Islanders deserve to be seen and heard too.
I will deliver us back to the safe of New Zealand you knew and loved.
And unwanted Islanders should be deported back to the islands they came from.
Racist little prick.
Piggy's got the whole country believing in the story he's telling.
I'm all for revolution, but we need to start thinking bigger.
The old way isn't working.
They're not going to listen until we make them listen.
We bloody well do to them what they're doing to us! - Power to the people.
- Power to the people.

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