The Path (2016) s03e01 Episode Script

The Beginning

1 EDDIE: Previously on "The Path" - CAL: Any sign of Eddie? - RUSSEL: His house is full - of deniers.
- CAL: What are they doing there? They want to reform the movement.
Is it true, what they're all saying about you? Steve asked me to guide the movement.
I'm climbing the rungs with Richard and Felicia, and when I am ready, I am going to replace Cal.
Eddie, I've done things.
I've been with someone else.
EDDIE: Go home and deal with it.
Our daughter I want to see her.
You have your own son now.
We have a son, and you should let him and everyone know.
Forest Roberts.
[POUNDING ON DOOR] - Richard, what are you doing? - RICHARD: Sarah, run! Sarah blackmailed the people who came to her for help.
It was my crime, and if I wanted to pay for it, I should have been able to.
If you want to be punished, you don't have to out searching for it.
Your life will be hell.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [THE BLACK ANGELS' "YOUNG MAN DEAD"] MAN: Run for the hills, pick up your feet And let's go We did our jobs Pick up speed, now let's move The trees can't grow without the sun in their eyes [CELL PHONE RINGING] Oh, hold on tight Yes, hold on tight, you're too slow No, I-I'm not coming.
I don't want to be a part of the discussion about future leadership.
Look, Cal and Eddie can hash it out.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] Hold on, someone's at the door.
- Who is it? - [KNOCK AT DOOR] [SIGHS] Felicia, I'm gonna have to call you back.
- Remember me? - No.
I'm one of the people you blackmailed.
I lost everything! I tried to kill you.
I tried to run you off the road, but that wouldn't help.
I wish I could make amends, believe me.
Know that I live with what I did to you.
Live with this.
[SARAH SHOUTS, GASPS] [GASPS LOUDLY] EDDIE: I know that there is confusion.
I know there's fear and sadness.
But Steve, he asked me to return to serve to bring hope to a broken movement.
I tried to silence the call, but it was just too [RUMBLING] [ALL SCREAMING] Earthquake! [LOW RINGING] [RINGING CONTINUES] [RUMBLING] [PEOPLE COUGHING] [OMINOUS MUSIC] - [QUIETLY] We have to go.
- [BABY CRYING] We have to go! Everybody out! No, no, no, it's safer here.
No, we have to get out! Get out of the building! Everybody out! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Get out! [INDISTINCT CHATTER CONTINUES] [BABY CRYING] Anybody else in there? Hey.
We have to go.
- [WHIMPERS] - We have to go.
[BABY WAILING] - What are we running for? - I don't know.
- We have to go.
- No, I can't.
It's okay.
We have to - Dad! Dad! - No, don't - Come on! Come on.
Come on.
- [WHIMPERING] Come on.
- [YELPS] - [GRUNTS] [GLASS SHATTERING, PEOPLE SCREAMING] [EERIE AMBIENT MUSIC] [OTHERWORLDLY MUSIC] FEMALE REPORTER: What authorities are calling a freak earthquake caused a gas-line explosion at the New York Meyerism Center.
MALE REPORTER: The group's leader, Eddie Lane, emerged from the flames unharmed.
Meyerist miracle or hoax? [EXHALES SHAKILY] It begins.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - [SIGHS] - Hello? - Hello.
- Vera Stephens.
I'm here about the position.
Oh, uh what position? The one I wrote to you about.
Oh, right.
You are the the publicist, right? Oxford educated you worked for Greenpeace and Breitbart.
I think they both needed a facelift.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, no, they, uh they look great.
Is there somewhere we can maybe sit down? Uh, actually, no, there's not a chair in the building just a big, empty space.
The new New York City Meyerist Center.
Yeah, um, I hope so.
You know, the truth is a lot of publicists have thrown their their hats in the ring, and if I felt like I needed one, you'd be the first person I would call, truly.
But I just don't think I need one.
I don't want to be your publicist.
But I do think you're gonna need someone to help you manage the influx of money, members, and all the general mess that has arisen now that you've trended on YouTube - And become - [SCOFFS] - A religious figure/legend.
- Right.
And not to mention handle the media.
I'm sure you've already been inundated with offers for interviews not sure which one to take? Yeah, "Spirituality Today" offered me their cover.
Don't take it.
They got readership all over the world.
Only premium, mainstream publications.
I see you on the cover of "The Sunday Times Magazine" "The New Face of Faith" or something like that, you know? No fringe.
Nothing that puts you over there with them.
This is about where Meyerism is going, not where it has been.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] First of all, I, uh I just want to say thank you for coming out to to celebrate our new home in New York City.
You know, we've grown a lot over the past six months, but the work has just begun.
These are tough times.
Our towns are being ravaged by substance abuse.
Hate groups are springing up in our neighborhoods.
We are living within a politically divided nation where marginalized groups are feeling more and more marginalized.
But you are welcome here.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] See, I I've been to The Garden.
I've seen that it's not just for a chosen few but for everyone anyone who walks this path.
And that is why I have decided to take down the guard booth and leave the gates to The Garden open so that anyone can enter as they please.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] He's gonna get us all killed.
SARAH: I mean, it seems crazy to remove security in times like these, but I'm I'm not gonna say anything.
You should.
You should say something.
You're the one that's being realistic.
No, I've completely extricated myself from making any of those kinds of decisions.
Maybe you should go see a therapist a real one, not a Meyerist.
Look, obviously, I'm just getting to know you again, but you just seem like you're suffering.
And what that man did to you in your house What I did to that man was horrible.
Right, and that's what therapy is for.
Do you think I'd be able to sit with you here right now if I hadn't been talking to a professional three times a week? I'm doing extra sessions just so I can make it to the big dinner on Friday.
I'm really sorry.
- I mean, it's been hard.
- [QUIETLY] I know.
With all the changes that Eddie has made and is making, but [BLUES ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Talking to you has been one of the better things to come of it.
How is Cal doing with all these changes? No one's heard from him since the explosions.
CAL: I know.
Change sucks.
I know you're thinking, "How the hell am I gonna reinvent myself?" What's your name? - [QUIETLY] Barry.
- [CHUCKLES] - Did y'all hear his name? - ALL: No.
CAL: No? Okay, come on.
- Barry.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Yeah, one more time.
- You can do better.
- Barry.
[CHUCKLES] All right, all right.
- Barry what? - Barry Klein.
Barry Klein but with conviction! "Barry Klein! This is who I am! Barry Klein.
" - [LOUDER] Barry Klein.
- CAL: Yes! Barry Klein! [APPLAUSE] CAL: All right, all right.
Why are you here today, Barry Klein? I got fired from my sales job last month.
- CAL: Mm-hmm.
- And I haven't been able to get another gig.
But it's not my fault.
The economy is shit.
Did you hear what I heard? - MARY: I sure did.
- Right.
You want to hire Barry Klein, Mary? No one wants a man who won't take responsibility.
That's your thing, isn't it, Barry? You make excuses for your failure blame others.
Economy sucks, the boss sucks, the wife sucks, kids suck, am I right? [LOW STIRRING MUSIC] Who else did that? Someone else in your life Your father? How'd you know? Everything in your body told me so.
[OMINOUS BASS CHORDS] You see, I used to carry my mother's alcoholism, my father's abandonment.
But I wasn't gonna live like that anymore.
It was time for me to be my own man.
Do you want that for yourself, Barry Klein? Do you want to be your own man? It's okay, Barry.
Just keep letting go.
You listen to Cal, and you will stop blaming.
You will take responsibility.
And you know how hot that is, Barry? Everyone wants a responsible man.
I want to be a responsible man.
Now tell ten friends what you got from this workshop.
This is your ultimate challenge, Barry.
Your climb, your ladder.
Reinvent yourself.
[BIRD CAWING] [BIRDS CHIRPING] FELICIA: We look to The Light for peace guidance, and the swift arrival of the last three rungs.
[TRANQUIL MUSIC] EDDIE: Thank you for guiding me.
Thank you for guiding me.
May Bill and your hearts heal.
You might have to give up that hope.
I spent more than 40 years with a man [SCOFFS] A man who thought I made up the story that is my very foundation.
All this time, he thinks I fell over, drugged, into a campfire.
Well, it's easy for us to believe in miracles.
We've experienced them.
I've seen miracles.
And I've seen that it doesn't make you immune from corruption.
Well, I'm glad you're keeping an eye on me.
You need to see something.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Something tried to break in last night.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] Yes? Hey I am so sorry.
Um, I'm looking for a Hawk Lane? That's me.
[CHUCKLES] That's cool.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, I'm Caleb Matthews.
We have a 9:00, I believe.
Come on in.
- Good to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
So you're Hawk Lane, huh? - Is there something - No.
Uh, sorry.
I was just expecting some bearded old hippie dude, you know? Meyerist Movement, Hawk Lane.
[CHUCKLES] It's kind of a - No? - No.
All right, sorry.
That was a bad opening line.
[LAUGHING] I should probably try that again.
Yeah, not the best.
[LAUGHING] Have a seat.
Ah, um Yeah, so, our youth group, Musa, we're um And what does that stand for? Oh, it kind of means, um Someone with a distinct personality a charmer.
It says here your father is the pastor of the biggest church - in Westchester.
- Yeah.
Why apply to use our interfaith space? Why not just use your dad's church? Our interfaith space is reserved for groups in need.
Well, first of all, like you said, my dad's church is in Westchester.
And I think that our youth group would have a wider reach here in the city.
You know, can I just be honest with you? We are all about honesty here.
I'm looking to kind of individuate from my dad and his word find my own word.
Or I don't know.
How can I say this better? Uh I want our group to be able to talk without our parents looking over our shoulder.
MAN: I've been a Meyerist for two years.
You know my story? SARAH: Ah, I'm afraid I don't.
I was supposed to replace the hot-water heater in my house.
I told my wife I did it.
But I didn't.
My son was injured.
I'm sorry.
Badly burned.
He's had six surgeries.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] But the scars [SCOFFS] I live with such self-hatred [STIRRING MUSIC] Which is why I joined your movement.
And it was working The White Rooms, the green juice.
U-under Eddie's guardianship, we strive to forgive ourselves.
I don't want to forgive myself.
- I'm sorry? - I want to be punished.
It's the only time I feel peace from what I did.
[VOICE BREAKING] I need to be punished.
Can you understand that? [PAPERS RUSTLING] [DARK STRING MUSIC] Six thou Hey.
We made $6,000 last month.
Can you believe that? Where's Forest's Sophie? Huh? I've been sending out pamphlets everywhere, and I have some really big leads in Jacksonville.
Mary, there were only 12 people at that workshop.
Well, you have to start somewhere.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
I was the leader of a movement with thousands of people.
I already started.
This is doubling back.
Hey, you're gonna have the crowds again.
That was your best workshop yet, and Barry Klein he's gonna tell everyone he knows.
Oh, great.
Barry Klein's friends.
They need you.
You you were magic.
- You saw right through him.
- You prescreened him.
You told me everything about him about his father.
There was no magic The way you did it, it felt like magic.
Come on.
Please? I love this song.
Ah [SIGHS] Please? $6,000.
- $6,000! - Uh-huh.
You're gonna be playing stadiums, baby.
- [LAUGHS] [SIGHS] [KNOCK AT DOOR] Oh Hey, Small Saul.
What's up? Boss needs you.
WOMAN: Makes it hard to understand That a woman's life Is more than just a man Hey.
I'm in a bad way I need you big-time.
Uh, okay.
What's going on, Harold? She's bringing the new guy to the twins' graduation.
- I don't think I can go.
- No, of course you're going.
This guy's, like, some kind of financial dude, and they'll ask questions, like how I'm doing, and - You'll answer them.
- And say what? - What do I say? - The truth.
You've been diagnosed with PCS.
You wake up with crushing pain in your body.
Sometimes you don't know who you are or where you are, but you're fighting for them, their future because you love them.
And you wouldn't miss their high-school graduation for anything in the world.
"Climb Your Ladder with Cal.
" That was so cool.
That workshop if I hadn't taken that, I'd be so fucked.
Well, you did take it, and you have me now 24-hour service.
Saul, book his ticket.
What ticket? To Boston, for the graduation.
Thanks, man.
I need you on this.
[SIGHS] Here are the pills.
Don't forget.
Gaby, make sure Hank brings Russel the altitude pills.
Apparently he's sick as a dog.
- Gab, remind me.
- I'm so nervous.
There's nothing to be worried about.
[SIGHS] I just wish your dad was here she's his sister, too, and he would have something to say about it.
Well, he would be if you hadn't transgressed.
He needs his recovery time.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] She's here.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Come on in.
No husband? Where are the kids? Mom, can we just get through tonight? Then we'll see.
Healing is not gonna happen overnight, Gab.
- Come here.
- Daddy.
- Hey.
- Daddy.
I love that you're here.
It's good to be here.
[CHUCKLES] Wine? - Yes.
- Good.
Hey, uh, Uncle Eddie, did you hear that Hawk made a decision to loan the interfaith space to a born-again mega-church group? I felt their need was sincere, so Their beliefs couldn't be more diametrically opposed to ours, so Well, that's what the interfaith space is for to expose different faiths to each other.
Helps us keep an open mind.
Speaking of open minds, how about that press conference, huh? Taking down walls when the whole world is building them up.
TESSA: Sarah told me about that.
I think it's a little nuts, with all the violence against others right now.
- [HANK CHUCKLES] - TESSA: And you guys are others.
What's that supposed to mean? Well, it just means you're a cult, and people still think of you as a cult.
[LAUGHS] Okay, I really resent that.
- HANK: Not now.
- Tessa, we are not a cult.
And people are gonna stop seeing us that way.
SARAH: Okay, then, why don't we put the food on the table? - Yeah, that's a good idea.
- All right.
- You all right? - Great.
That's a nice shirt.
Vera pick it out for you? Look, we just work together.
That is all.
Anyway, let's not get into that right now.
Here's something interesting.
I had a Meyerist today that, uh, really got to me.
He wants to be punished.
But now that you've gotten rid of all the White Rooms, how do we help people who are really struggling with that? It's easy to be punished.
It's harder to forgive yourself.
But I was reading Steve's early writings on penance, and it seems that before he came to realignment, he was experimenting with more severe forms.
The HC.
Do you know what that is? Are you sure you're asking for someone else and not for yourself? Why don't you put the eggplant on the table? [WHISPERING] Hey.
Sarah, you can talk to me.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
[SIGHING] Look, before we start dinner, I think you should see this.
Vera is going to slap him with a cease and desist.
He can't use Meyerism like this.
Well, I mean, you said The Light is for everyone.
This isn't The Light.
This is Cal exploiting the message for his own personal gain.
Anyways, I just thought that you should know, in case he In case we're still talking? Because we're not.
HANK: Won't you join us, my children? Come on, kids, it's time for dinner.
Go this way, this way.
Come on.
[EERIE MUSIC] SHARON: I hate first shift.
Stop it.
At least we're outside.
It's better than kitchen duty.
Oh, God.
[SCREAMS] [SOBS] [SERIOUS MUSIC] No one will blame you if you restore security.
It took every ounce of resolve to embrace this calling.
I am in it now.
I'm doing things my way.
This is about the people's safety.
I know that.
Give me a chance to fuck up.
- [SIGHS] - What are you gonna do about whatever it is that did this? I'm going to take care of it.
In the meantime prepare to restore our land for the life of these creatures.
[SIGHS] Have you seen that gray shirt of mine that Harold likes? I washed it.
It's hanging in the bathroom.
[SIGHS] Don't be so upset.
So what? You have to go to Boston for a couple days? You don't have to manage Harold's every mood swing.
Cal, we had nothing.
Now we have free rent, free food.
- We can use the pool - [KNOCK AT DOOR] Why don't you use the pool, Mary? I'll go help Harold call his mother or whatever he can't do on his own today.
Yes, I'm coming.
[SIGHS] - What's Harold need now? - It's not Harold.
Someone upstairs for you.
[SOFT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Can we talk? [BABY FUSSING] SUMMER: Do you think we'll ever be a real family again? Hey, we are a real family.
[DISTANT CLATTER] What is it? Oh, it's nothing.
It's just a just a deer outside.
All right.
I think it's sleepy time now, kiddo, okay? But I mean, like you and Mom in the same house.
Me and your mom are going to love you and take care of you always, okay? But we're not gonna live together again.
Plus, I have new responsibilities now.
I have to be everyone's father.
Why? That's just the way it is, kiddo.
I don't have a choice.
But what if you were just my dad again? How about I promise you that I will always love you most of all? - Okay.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Our secret.
All right? Mwah.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Good night.
- God, Eddie! - Sorry.
So I guess, then, the dead rabbits got to you, too.
[SIGHS] You know what? We can reinstate security and not say a thing about it.
No, I just gave my word at a press conference.
I'm not gonna Like that matters.
Look, security is for cults.
Oh, come on, you think mosques and synagogues aren't adding cameras and guards? We Don't let the past make you unrealistic, Eddie.
We can spin this however we need.
Well, I don't spin things.
I do.
[SIGHS] Look, every time I have to speak, I I pray for the words to come, okay? And this time they came, and they said, "Open up the gates.
" [CHUCKLES] You think I'm nuts, don't you? - [LAUGHING] No, I didn't say - No, no, no.
Yeah, no it's all right.
You're not the only one.
Ah, what are you? I forget what, an atheist? Adjacent.
So you think all of this is just nonsense? I didn't say that.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] Look - I believe in you - Mm.
Even if I do not know what to make of The Light.
And it's really fulfilling to finally sell something I believe in.
Well, you know, I'm just a vessel for The Light.
You don't feel like just a vessel for The Light.
I can't.
Um [CLEARS THROAT] The The real reason I stopped by tomorrow, at the restoration, it's a great opportunity to remind everyone that you once walked a pregnant woman through fire.
And you'll do it again.
You will keep everyone safe.
[MELLOW INSTRUMENTAL DOO-WOP PLAYING] [SIGHS] [INHALES DEEPLY] What brings you to Florida? Eddie's gonna slap you with a cease and desist.
Copyright infringement.
I thought you should know.
[SIGHS] Eddie? It's not coming from him.
He hired an SL.
"Secular liaison.
" That's how he explains it.
She's a publicist.
The young people love her.
She knows how to tweet whatever.
She's very attractive and influential.
Are you here to make him jealous? No.
I'm here to warn you to cease and desist.
Do you ever think about the horrible things we did? I'm distracted by surviving these days.
Why did you leave after the explosion? Eddie wasn't gonna kick you out.
- What can I get you? - I-I'm good, thank you.
Thank you.
I couldn't stick around and play second fiddle to God.
That seems like a much better life than you have now.
I mean, "Climb Your Personal Ladder with Cal Roberts"? Eddie Eddie is real.
And I'm fake, and and and uh, that's very hard to live with.
Maybe he just got lucky.
You don't know.
Unexplained things happen all the time.
What, you don't believe in him? I just don't know, Cal.
I wasn't there.
Every morning I wake up, the first thing that I see is Mark Fuller taking his life in my foyer and the last thing I see at night before I go to sleep.
Now, every Meyerist self-forgiveness workshop in the world can't help, and you're the only person I can tell, because it all began with Silas.
I don't know what I can do to help you I've been reading Steve's old journals from the early days, and he writes about something he was experimenting with The HC.
He describes it as "the most effective relief from the haunting of a prior Transgress.
" Do you know anything about The HC? Mm-mm.
No, I I believe you do.
You were mentioned often in the writing from that time.
No, I was just a kid.
I wouldn't ask if I weren't desperate.
Now, maybe we can help each other.
Maybe if we're both punished, we can have a second chance at life.
Yeah, I should get home.
Obviously, it makes Mary uncomfortable that we're talking.
Um, I'll make it clear to her that it was about the cease and desist.
Forest is my biggest concern now.
MONICA: I want to unburden.
DEE: We want to take on your burden.
I am the hopes and dreams of my parents.
They have slaved, borrowed, begged to send me to the Stern School of Business.
Someday I will pay them back and send money home to all the relatives who are praying for me in Tacloban.
And all my relatives will talk about my family like they are Jesus and Mary and Joseph.
I will make everyone so proud, they could die, except that now, for the first time in my life, I am making decisions for myself, and I am killing everyone's hope.
HAWK: No, Monica.
We have to become our own beings.
You're not killing their hope.
They have no right to pin their hopes on you.
The Parental Lid keeps us from our full potential.
We have to remove the PL in order to CALEB: Hey.
Yeah, I'm I'm sorry to interrupt you guys.
I'm Caleb.
Caleb Matthews.
[CHUCKLES] Hawk, do you have a second? Yeah.
Be right back.
Who's that? Is he new? Hey.
Uh, yeah, I'm sorry to ask this.
I realize we're extremely lucky to be here, but we have a lot of really young people in our prayer circle, and, I don't know, the smell of pot just kind of makes them uncomfortable, you know? I understand.
But the purpose of our interfaith space is to expose different religions to each other.
So I'm guessing that's a no? And it's not pot.
It's a sacred herb we use to deepen our consciousness.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] Harold! I come on, I know you're in there.
I'm gonna call the police if you don't answer the door in five [GRUNTS] CAL: Four three - Oh - [INHALES SHARPLY] - I can't do it.
- An hour I left you here for an hour.
- I can't see her with him.
- What about pills? Did you take them, too? Huh? Just a few to help with the anxiety.
Right, yeah, the whole bottle, huh? The twins think I'm a failure.
No, you think you're a failure.
My hand hurts, man.
I got to take it easy today.
- The doctor - No, I'm the I'm the doctor, Harold.
I am the only doctor.
And you are you're gonna you're going into the bathroom.
You're gonna stick your finger down your throat, and then I'm gonna give you three shots of B12 in your ass, and then we'll get in the car, and and and we'll go to see the twins graduate from high school.
All right? Oh, um you once led the league with 11 interceptions.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] All right? Now, remember who you are.
Yeah? Good, good, good! Now, get all this shit out of your system, and I will be waiting right here.
- I'll be waiting right here.
- Thank you.
All right.
All right, all right.
CAL: Hey, I'm in Boston for work.
Are you okay? The Hypoxian Cleanse.
- Yes.
- CAL: It's, um [TRANQUIL PIANO MELODY] It's remarkable.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] I know that there are concerns with what is in the woods.
Do you think we should tighten security until the threat is gone? I think so - [ALL SPEAKING AT ONCE] - NICOLE: We are nervous, Eddie.
And we have to be realistic.
There is someone in our woods, and, potentially, they are armed.
Yeah, you know, we can put together teams and do a search.
- [ALL CHATTERING] - Let's get that.
I would not be standing here today with my son if it weren't for this man, Eddie Lane.
How can you doubt him after that? You bore witness.
He saved me.
Walk with Eddie Lane, and you walk with The Light.
You are safe.
[DRAMATIC DRUM MUSIC] FELICIA: Today we ask The Light to forgive us for the blood taken on this land.
May the pain and suffering of the dead be transcended.
From many we are one.
FOLLOWERS: From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
From many, we are one.
Thank you.
Hey, Sarah.
Look, I just wanted to say that I am going to take care of this.
Okay? Whatever is in the woods, I promise you.
And I promise you.
Okay? Be careful, Eddie.
It's easy for the true Light to be obscured by the flash of the cameras.
[TENSE MUSIC] VERA: That was amazing.
I'll get that on the Website.
And, uh, smart of me to bring in Candace, huh? Don't pull shit like that ever again.
And don't tape anything without asking me first.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] Okay, I changed all your software.
I added an extra layer of encryption to everything.
You should be changing your passwords every week, Vera.
Are you listening to me? You don't take this seriously, but they're watching, okay? There are people watching and and people who know.
Not just the government, people who are tapped into us I hear you.
I'll change my passwords.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Can I, um can I make you feel better? [TINARIWEN'S "NÀNNUFLÀY"] Okay.
But I'm not having dinner with you.
[CHUCKLES] Someday [SENSUAL BLUES ROCK MUSIC] I will break you down And you will have dinner with me.
I'm just focused on my career right now.
CAL: Steve knew our natural human instinct was toward destruction.
I blackmailed people.
I let Silas remain in the ground.
I had relations with Cal.
[GASPS SHARPLY] [GRUNTS SOFTLY] This will make Petey feel better.
[MAN SINGING IN TAMASHEK] You bring him in next week, and we'll see how he's doing.
Is he going to die of the cancer? He'll probably outlive all of us.
[MEN SINGING IN TAMASHEK] We have to suffocate the Transgress.
[CHOKING] I I killed Mark Fuller.
I killed Mark Fuller.
That's not it, Sarah.
[GRUNTS] What are you really afraid of? Richard I know I'm responsible for Richard's death.
What future Transgress do you need - to choke from your body? - [GASPS SHARPLY] The Hypoxian Cleanse only works if you say the words.
[PANTING] - [CHOKES] - [GRUNTS] [CHOKING] [STAMMERS] [HOARSELY] Meyerism doesn't work for me anymore.
[PANTING] [CHOKING] It doesn't work.
Mom, got us some dinner.
[MEN SINGING IN TAMASHEK] [CHOKING] [GASPS, PANTS] [BOTH PANTING] - [CHOKES] - [GRUNTS, PANTS] MAN: No more sleepwalking [SHOUTING HOARSELY] MAN: I'm through sleepwalking God, be in my heart [GROANS] [MAN SINGING IN TAMASHEK] [PANTS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [GASPING HOARSELY] MAN: No more sleepwalking Been asleep too long No more sleepwalking Keep me with you, God It's all right, it's all right It's all right now It's all right [SHOUTING] Hello? MAN: It's all right It's all right now [FLUTTERING] It's all right It's all right now, it's all right now, yeah Hello? Hey, who's out there? Just come out.
All right? Please, I'm not gonna hurt you.