The Paynes (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

A Payneful Dispute

1 - Hey! - Oh.
You hear music? [Laughing] No.
Then why were you dancing? Don't you ever feel like dancing? No.
What do you want? Have you seen my mama? Yeah, she's about 5'8".
Is she here? Look for her.
[Snaps fingers] Everybody around here crazy.
Mama! Hm.
I ain't got no money.
It's not about money.
You know how much I love you? I said, I ain't got no money.
It's not about you giving me money.
Oh, well, then, okay, I love you, too.
[Chuckling] But it is about money.
I'm not givin' your friends no money.
Ma, I ain't gonna ask you to do that again! Okay.
Let me take my love back.
Now what? Well, remember when you said uncle Robert left us that money? Yeah.
It's about money that's already yours.
The IRS sent me some money?! For he's a wonder Ha, ha, yeah! I sang that in church on Sunday.
[Laughing] Hallelujah! No! No! It's not about that! Don't come in here with another get-rich-quick scheme! Ma, it's not that! Like that time you needed that money to make that investment in that app.
That was a good idea.
That app that makes people use calculators? It does it for 'em, like They had that already.
I was just late with that idea.
Well, you gonna be late again, if you think I'm gonna give you some money.
Just like I was late with you, you oopsy baby.
What? Mama, you need to listen! Okay! Why you get so huffy?! I'm listenin'.
Remember that money that uncle Robert left? Yeah.
You know how you told me that uncle Robert - had all this money? - Yeah.
And you couldn't remember where it was? Yeah, he couldn't remember nothin'.
We found it.
- Stop lyin'.
- I'm not! - You know you lyin'.
- I'm not! Like you lied about that time you found the money in the refrigerator.
Lied about when you found it out in the garage.
Lied when you said you had a penny in your loafer.
Are you gonna listen to me?! Okay, I'm listenin'.
Don't get so huffy.
It's at the laundromat.
What are you talking about? Aunt Ella had the the Terrance guy Yeah, Terrance the contractor.
The contractor come by and work on on - on the dryers.
- Well, he is a contractor.
Ma, listen! A good one, too.
[Chuckle] He real good.
Okay, he found it.
Found what? Uncle Robert's money.
- At the laundromat? - Yes.
- He found the money? - Yes! Well, why ain't you just say that?! I've been tryin' to tell you this whole time! Okay.
Wait, he found uncle David's money.
Uncle Robert! Oh, yeah, yeah, uncle Robert, yeah.
Well, where is it? Where is it?! That's the part I wanted to tell you.
Aunt Ella has it.
Oh, it's aunt Ella, sugar? Oh, she's such a good Christian.
She bringin' it over here to me? Nope.
She says she's keepin' it.
Oh! She a devil.
Oo-ooh! She goin' straight to hell.
Yes, she is.
We gonna see about this.
Where my razor? No, no, no, no, no.
No razor.
Ma! - Unh-unh.
- Ma, not again! Last year, I had to bail you out.
Did you like that? That was good.
[Laughs] - What about you, Kenny? - [Door opens] It was all right.
[Door closes] Just all right? Well, you know miss Ella can really cook.
Is that right? Yeah.
You'll get better.
You just need some practice.
Well, I did cook it.
Well, you slippin', miss Ella.
[Scoff] Um, is Curtis here? Mnh-mnh.
I haven't seen him.
Oh, okay.
Miss Ella, will you help me with my homework? Yes, I will.
But I just need to handle something real quick.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Ee be Dee, ee Dee Dee Aah! Yes.
Excuse me.
You good, Ella? - All is well.
- All right.
Bless his name Bless his holy name He's a wonder Oh, yeah, god.
I gotta hide this thing.
In my soul Hey, hey.
Snacks?! Curtis! Ha ha! Curtis, you got these [Laughing] snacks.
He He's a wonder Okay, I know snacks back there.
I put those in there.
I'm gonna try the second.
This man got cookies everywhere.
Ha ha! Curtis! Okay, all right.
[Chuckle] All right.
Hee! This is amazing.
God, let me tell you somethin'.
Mm! I'm gonna serve you 'til I die.
And then after I'm dead.
God, why my husband got some more cookies and snacks in this drawer?! Curtis! Yeah, I want this, though.
I want it.
Imma put this.
And I'm gonna keep that.
[Chuckle] I didn't know he hid this little candy bar.
This is beautiful.
Ahh! - Okay.
- [Hinges squeaking] All right.
What I'm gonna do? Okay.
Oh, yes.
Yes, yes.
Yes! Okay, Imma put it in this.
I'll never be able to wear it again and he'll never check it.
Wait a minute.
Stick it in here.
Don't bend it! Here I come, baby.
All right.
All righty.
Yes Yes, yes I got some work to do.
[Laughs] All right, Imma put it in this drawer.
You know what? I should hide that receipt on that treadmill.
Then we both won't find it.
[Laughing] Oh, lord, Jesus! Dear god, you know I love ya I love ya Love ya, love ya, and I love ya And I love ya And I love ya and I love ya Love ya, I love ya I love ya and I love ya I love ya, love ya, love, love ya I love ya Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes! - Hey, babe! - Whoa! Baby, I know you ain't tryin' to exercise.
- Curtis.
- You know that is not allowed in this house.
Ooh, baby.
You right, that exercising for somebody else.
Baby, you scared me! - Boo.
- Boo! Babe, you scared me! - Boo.
- Boo.
[Laughs] Don't play like that.
- Whew! - Whatcha doin'? I'm not doing nothin'.
Why you tippin' around? [Laughing] Curtis, I was not tipping.
[Laughing] I was dancing.
[Scat singing] I was not tipping.
Yeah, I'm glad you know that, because you are not light on your feet.
I'm just sayin'.
Wait, wait! Oh, never mind.
Go ahead.
Do it.
What? What? What are you doing? Wait, wait, wait, what are you doin' here? I live here.
Curtis! Oh, baby, you been in the bathroom? Babe, please close that bathroom door! My bad, my bad.
[Laughing] And did you close the window? Did you? Did you open the window? Of course I did, yeah.
I'm surprised it didn't open itself.
[Laughter] Very funny.
What? What you put in the coat? The coat? Baby, I didn't put nothing in that coat.
You know I can't I can't even wear that coat no mo'.
1976, baby, that's when the last time I had that coat on.
What are you? Wait, what are you tryin' to hide? What are you talking about? Would you just go? Go on back downstairs.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
You didn't find nothin', did you? Mnh-mnh.
No, I didn't find nothing.
Baby, you You know, you don't clean like you used to.
I wanna know what you doing.
Don't worry about it, Curtis.
Just go on downstairs, baby.
- Don't even worry about it.
- I'm goin'.
- Okay.
- Look at this.
I don't know why that just buckles like that.
You good? Yep, just fluffin' my pillows.
I'll fluff your pillows later.
[Laughing] I know you will.
What's a flapjack? Flip-flop.
Pancake! Flapjack.
Pork chop! - I'm hungry.
- Yeah.
[Chuckles] Works every time.
Okay, he saw that? - Gotta move this.
- [Hinges creaking] Little jacket.
[Creaking] Okay, little jacket.
[Creaking] - [Closes door] - Uh! 53.
This is still 53, still 53.
[Laughing] I ain't know you still gonna be 53! [Laughing] 53.
Thanks, god.
[Crying] All right, god, thank you.
All right, where am I gonna put this? What's in here? Mm He gonna look under there.
Mm! Yes.
[Door closes] Hello.
You just gonna walk in here like that? Is Ella here? - [Scoff] - Yeah, she's here.
I saw her car out front.
Well, can you get her? - You need to go get her.
- O-okay.
Hey! Hey! - You all right? - Hey-ey-ey.
What you lookin' like that for? We need to talk, me, you, and Ella! - Yeah! - Ella! - Well, what she want? - I don't know.
She just got an attitude.
Well, I don't know what she want.
Um, hello.
- Hey.
- Joann.
- Mnh.
- Ryan.
Don't you Ryan me, sticky fingers.
We need to talk about what you Uh, wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait a minute.
Can we talk in private? This is in the house.
Shut up.
[Sweetly] Curtis, can you leave? No.
Then, please, can you just go in the kitchen and help the kids.
Them ain't my kids.
What is goin' on?! We need to talk about all that money you found! - Money that - What money? The money you found in the laun-dro-mat! What? Baby Did you Did we find a bunch of money in the laundromat? Yes, and we need to talk about it.
What? Wait.
- What? - It's him.
You such a snitch.
You know snitches get stitches.
Where did you find the money? In one of the dryers.
Well, which one? The old one.
They all old.
The oldest one.
I was just about to fix that one next! You didn't fix the first nine.
Well, I'll get to it.
We need to talk about it! Wait.
Wait, wait.
Wait! Wait! How much money is it?! Ella? - Just a little bit.
- Huh? It's just a little $53,000.
Ooh! Oh! What?! - Ah, we made it! - Whoo! A little A little $53,000.
Ohhhhh! Thank you, lord.
- We living high! - Mama, we made it! - Ah-ah-ah! - $53,000.
Ahhhhh! - Lord, thank ya.
- Oh, uh, aye, aye.
Hold on.
Aye, bruh.
- Whoo-oo! [Laughing] - Partna! What are you praising the lord for? Whoo! Because I knew that uncle Rob left some money, somewhere, but he got old and he couldn't remember where it was, but we found it! - Thank you! - Yeah! We lit.
Party over here.
[Snapping fingers] No.
No, no.
No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
What?! What?! No, you sold me that laundromat.
- Yeah.
- And I paid you.
And you told me it would make $8,000 a month! I told you it had made $8,000, one month.
That is not what you said.
Curtis Payne, I don't lie.
- Huh? - Ahuh? Oh, you know what? Oh, oh, oh.
- You know what? - Yeah, I do know what.
- Right.
- And the what is you ain't gettin' nothin'.
Ha! Ya heard 'im? Curtis! What? I'm sorry.
[Crying] Well, I took care of uncle Rob.
Oh, and thank you.
I deserve that money! Yeah, thank you.
But I don't know how you figure that.
I figure it 'cause he was here and I took care of him until he died! Didn't he leave you the house?! Yes.
And the laundromat? Yes.
Hmph! And you sold it to me? Yes, I did.
[Sniffle] And did I pay you? Oh, no, wait a minute, now, Curtis.
I don't wanna hear it.
Ella! She can't help you! This is wrong! Joann, baby, honey, you know how I feel about it.
- Hmph.
- We bought it.
We bought it! This is wrong! - Huh huh.
- I'm sorry! We bought it! Huh huh.
Curtis, now, you know we blood.
Bad blood.
Everybody, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
- Okay, Joann, - Mm.
what if you had sold it to somebody else? See?! See?! Somebody who never told you that the money was there.
- Right! Right, baby.
- Okay? Huh? So what would you be doing now? - Huh! - Huh? This is not right! No, it's right and it's fair.
I can't believe you! Joann, now, wait a minute.
You know we need that money.
I'm livin' in Florida with no boat! Curtis, you not gettin' no boat.
You wanna bet? See.
[Chuckle] Now, you see.
He wanna buy a boat! I wanna use that money to put into the center and do something for these kids in the community.
Don't nobody care about them doggone kids! I'm sick of y'all talking about them kids.
I ain't get no help, when I was a kid, and look how I turned out! Baby.
That's not really a convincin' argument.
[Scoff] That's not helping us.
You right, okay.
So you really are not going to give me any of that money? Nope.
Joann, if we didn't need that money for the laundro You still wouldn't get it.
We could consider it.
No, we couldn't.
Ella, now, you know! You know what it could do for these kids.
You know that.
I know, yes, I do.
And I also know that that money can go and help us open this laundromat, and then we can give kids jobs and they can come and work down there.
[Scoff] Just a regular old Bill Gates.
You know what? You really might oughta wanna Be quiet? Yeah.
Well, I was really hoping that it wouldn't - have to come to this.
- No, no, mama, don't! - Come down to what? - What? I'm just gonna have to go and get a lawyer.
Hm, you do that.
Ella, oh, really, really? I'm sorry.
You know how I feel about it.
Mm, okay.
Well, I'll see you in court.
[Scoff] I'll be pulling up in my new boat! Come on, Ryan.
I'll be I'll be Wind blowin'.
You said you gettin' a boat? Like a Benetti? - Come on, Ryan! - Yes, ma'am, I'm comin'.
Ella: Yeah, me too.
Snitch! Ugh! Wow! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Curtis! Baby! She got some nerve! She does, yes, she does.
I mean, that's my money! Well.
But, Curtis, she does have a point.
You know what? - She does! - You Christians are ridiculous with that mess.
Wait a minute, baby.
Wait a minute.
I mean, I just I just feel bad, Curtis.
After all, she did take care of that man.
Ella, Ella.
Be strong, bruh.
Curtis, I am strong.
Look, baby, that is our money, and I need it.
Okay, yeah, we need it.
See, Curtis? I was I hate this.
I hate that this is coming to this.
Well, baby, let me tell you something.
When that wind hits your pretty little face, baby Curtis.
you gonna feel so much better.
[Smooch] - Curtis.
- Hm? We are not buying a boat, okay? - You wanna bet? - Don't you do it.
- [Chuckle] - Don't you do it.
You quick.
You still got it.
Baby, Curtis, we're not buyin' boats.
We're not buyin' none of that.
That money's already gone.
Wha-a-a-t?! - Yes.
- How?! Curtis! I hired a contractor! You did what?! To get the laundromat open! Baby! Without talking to me first?! Say that again.
Say it again.
Without talking to what first? You first? We really doing that? You wanna be talked to first?! Let me tell you about being talked to first, Curtis! We in Florida! All right, babe.
- Ella.
- What? Baby, you don't know how to hire contractor.
You're a woman.
Well, this woman did, and he starts in the morning.
How much is he charging? Curtis, he got three bids for each job and we went with the best! - [Laughing] - Baby, all that money?! Yes.
And, with what's left over, we'll put it in the savings.
Yes! Ha haow! I can't believe you.
Well, you better believe me, baby, believe me.
[Laughing] Ya heard me, dude? Yes.
I did it, baby, really.
Three big bids.
We went with the best one.
Isn't that what you would do? And you're still talkin'.