The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

Gator Watch

And rollover, on my mark.
(screams) Code Red.
- What? - Kowalski, analysis.
Subject: Marlene.
Species: Otter.
Sound (screams) Okay, I can explain the scream.
Private, what do you make of the victim's scream? I don't know Skipper.
Perhaps she had a fright.
Interesting theory, but how can we prove it? Marlene, did you have a fright, then? Uh, yes but, uh, I'm fine now, so you guys can go back to sleep.
We can't leave a helpless victim in her time of need.
Who's a helpless victim? What is all the commotion? I was having a dream where I'm the last mammal on Earth.
Was I in it? Yes, but you were roadkill.
But I was in it! Otter hysteria.
Marlene probably saw her own shadow.
Six more weeks of winter, everyone! A weird noise woke me up.
Okay? That's all.
I am not a hysterical, helpless victim.
And we don't need to turn this into some commando operation.
Private, recon.
Kowalski, perimeter check.
Scanning for weird noises, Skipper.
Wait, I'm getting something.
Perhaps it was just a bad dream? No, no, this was real and real loud.
It was like like a ghostly moan.
Oh no.
What if what if What if it was a ghost? Then you can touch the ghost's feet.
Rumor has it that the previous occupant of this habitat did disappear.
Under mysterious circumstances.
(sighs) He was transferred to Toledo.
Toledo?! Ohio.
As king, it it in my power to command any and all spooky spirits to get the heck out.
Do it, Maurice! OK.
How? Oh, Maurice.
What am I going to Fine.
This will require a tremendous amount of dancing skill.
Look out.
Give him some room, folks.
Trust me.
Oh, spirits of the night Who may or may not bite You bring the otter fright You bring the otter fright, though you are out of sight.
Go away, go away.
Go way, away.
I say don't stay.
I say don't stay.
Go away, go away.
Go way, away.
I say don't stay.
I say don't stay.
Go away, go away.
Go away, go away.
I say don't stay.
I say don't stay.
Go away, go away.
Come on, men.
Let's leave this to the tiny dancer and get us some shut-eye.
My ghost mojo is working.
Can you feel it? Do you suppose Julien's singing really scared away the ghost? Skipper? Sempre alerta, Private.
(screams) Our turn, boys.
Commence Operation: Our Turn! - Talk to me, Kowalski.
- These readings are off the charts.
Well, get bigger charts.
Take it out of petty cash.
Do you ever knock, or Such pleasantries would only slow us down.
We do pride ourselves on our rapid response.
Okay, yes, I heard the ghost again.
Yes, I screamed again.
No, I don't need you guys on guard duty.
Obviously, this is a new ghost, since the old ghost was just eliminated by me, your King.
Your little song and dance did BUPKIS! Oh, and what did you do? Double bupkis.
So, shut up.
I meant see them out.
It's penguin time.
Have at it.
You will come back begging and I will say, mmm, "Maybe I help, but maybe not"! Skipper's log, 0200 hours.
All is quiet.
Little too quiet.
The temptation of warm, soft slumber, it's almost too much to bear.
Marlene! AAAAAHH!! At ease, Marlene.
At ease.
I was dreaming of screaming.
- Huh.
- It appears that the ghostly death rattle is coming from your own respiratory system.
Oh, well, yeah, of course.
Can somebody just spit it out in English? Snoring? I don't snore.
Mystery solved.
You spooked yourself.
That's not the scary sound.
Oh come on.
It's bloodcurdling! That's the sound! The ghostly moan appears to be coming from down here.
From the sewer? Eww! No dice.
It's knock-knock time, Rico.
Isn't that kind of, um, extreme? No.
Two sticks of dynamite would be extreme.
This'll just let the specter know we mean business.
- Anything? - Negatory.
I'm telling you, there is something Skipper! Are you my mommy? Oh, Skipper, are you okay? Never better.
Skipper's log.
Through mysterious means, I've escaped the watery doom.
It wasn't mysterious, it was me.
Marlene, please.
The Skipper's log is no place for flights of fancy.
I have entered the mysterious realm of the specter.
It's the sewer.
Haunted sewer.
Kowalski, give me options.
I've, uh, come up with options.
Anybody want to hear them? OK, why not? - It's just you and me, Marlene.
- I say we do some recon.
- I'll take point.
- But I usually take point.
Hey, wait up! What was that? Oh, okay, that's just great.
Here, you take the recorder.
Let me see that flashlight.
Sometimes, it just requires the magic touch.
There we go.
Heh, who needs it?.
It's just giving away our position to the enemy.
A-about that enemy, um, I'm starting to think it's not a ghost.
And why is that? By golly, you're right.
That's no ghost.
Clearly, that's some sort of humongous SEWER MONSTER!! RETREAT! Some kind of monster from the darkest abyss.
Back up.
I'm gonna need a perimeter.
It's afraid! Afraid of me? Marlene, what are you doing?! Huh? Oh, guys, guys.
Help me! Save me from the monster! What do you know? He's just a gator.
Who makes monster sounds! No.
The monster is all Oh, it's terri It's horri I'm so oh! Back up a minute, uh - It's Roger.
- Right, Roger.
Do you hear this monster around the same time every night? - Oooh.
How'd you know? - From up above? - Yes! You heard it too? - Roger that, Roger.
I want you to meet your monster, also known as, Marlene.
Oooooh! That's it! AH! That's the monster! At ease, Roger.
She's actually very nice.
Oooh, aren't you boys tardy to the party.
Marlene and I have the situation under control.
So the Friedmans' youngest, Benny, - picks me up on vacation in Florida, - Uh-huh.
They're visiting their nanny in Tampa, but that's neither here nor there.
I was just a baby at the time, but you know, you change, you grow.
Next thing you know, you're flushed down the toilet.
Actually, it's not as bad as you think.
Lucky break you went down there to rescue Marlene, isn't it, Skipper? Actually, Kowalski, I didn't so much rescue Marlene as Hmm? Well, let's just say, next time I find myself caught in the swirling currents of raw sewage, I hope that Marlene is at my side.
I think.
But I don't want to go into the haunted place.
Be brave, Mort.
Like me.
Hello! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! What's the matter with the guy in the funny hat? I wish I knew, Roger.
I wish I knew.