The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e13 Episode Script

Field Tripped

The We Like to Move It Crew presents: Well, I'm gonna see your salmon and raise you two cod.
What's this game called again? Stomp the wombat.
Are you in or out, Kowalski? You know, in Tasmania, cheating at stomp the wombat is a capital crime.
That's funny.
I didn't know we had a hyena exhibit at this zoo.
We don't.
Bogey, 12:00.
Blend, boys, blend.
All right, I better get you off to the hospital.
Maurice, fill me in.
Three words or less.
Well, I - No capiche.
Try 4 words.
- I don't think that - Make it 5.
- Just listen Okay, I'm gonna give you 6 words, but you're wasting valuable time here.
It's King Julien! They crated him off to the zoo hospital.
I need hug.
He was just sitting on his throne, eating his favorite red lychee nuts and then He went full-speed loco.
All slobbery mouth and crazy red eyes.
So, sounds like business as usual.
Oh, no.
This was worse.
And he had this horrible laugh.
I'll never forget it.
You understand what I'm saying? So how long until the royal pain recovers? I don't know.
I'm just an advisor.
There has to be someone for me to advise.
There has to be a King.
Ring-a-ding-ding, you're a King.
Me? I'm just the King's right-hand man.
And if the King's right-hand man becomes the man, - then the King's left with no right - Listen up, soldier.
Until ringtail returns, someone's gotta step up, take charge around here.
But I It's either you or sad-eye.
I guess it's on me to look after things.
But Julien will always be our one and only King.
We are looking dandy fine here, boy.
When King Julien comes home, this place will be sparkly fresh.
He will be so happy.
Yeah, say it.
And we will be so tired.
Can't just be sitting myself on the royal throne.
That would just be plain wrong.
Then again What's the harm? Mort, be a buddy and blow some more air into our bounce house.
If it's no bother, of course.
You could see the whole zoo from up here.
Bet I could eat just one.
That's pretty tasty.
Maybe just one more.
Or two.
For the King.
This next game was invented by double-jointed Hungarian acrobats from the munich circus.
You lemurs aren't big on knocking, are you? Silence! I, Maurice, supreme King of the lemurs That sounds good Demand that all animals swear their eternal loyalty to me, baby.
Or else! Very funny, Maurice.
The whole power mad act is hilarious.
- But we're in the middle of something.
- Help me.
That Maurice What a joker.
I don't know.
That did not exactly sound like jollity.
Did you see his eyes? "Or else", he says.
Or else what, exactly? Move it.
Obey me, or suffer.
All power lines run directly under the lemur habitat.
Right next to these water pipes.
- Theoretically - Maurice has shut down power and water to all the habitats.
He controls everything now.
My theory was just about jerry-rigging a giant makeshift hot tub.
This is much worse.
We are going in.
Rico, we don't have time to do this pretty.
Power and water controls at 6:00.
Here we go on 3.
One, two Three.
Well, the hot tub theory is officially dead.
What's your sick and twisted game, Maurice? It's King Maurice, ruler of all I survey.
Surrender to my supreme and mighty power.
Well, that's gonna be a bit of a problem.
You see, I don't know the meaning of the word surrender.
Surrender is a verb, Skipper.
It means to give up or yield Oh, right.
I'll do it myself.
I will force you to obey me.
You and what army? That army.
Meet Bada and Bing, personal body guards to the King.
We'll crush.
Funny birds.
Tell me you have an ace up your sleeve.
Wait for it.
They're getting away! We got away.
Hooray! Wait, that laugh.
It sounds like the one we heard the other night.
- It's just like - That deranged ringtail, Julien.
Remember, men, we don't know what kind of sorry shape he's in.
Prepare yourselves for the worst.
Welcome to my luxury spa /retreat/getaway palace.
Where's my candy? You, but you You're fine.
But of course.
I am eating my lychee nuts in one moment, an then, boingo, I am here in the laps of luxury.
Life is funny that way.
It's the nuts.
Red lychees go bad and release an enzyme that amplifies aggression in the brain.
The nuts make you nuts.
They gave me this tasty guava berry milkshake and like that I was feeling good all over.
The tropical fruit must counter the nutty enzymes.
Of course.
But if you are cured, why are you still in the hospital? Because this vibrating bed is awesome.
Listen up.
Maurice ate those bad nuts.
He went off the deep end.
He's turned the lemur habitat into an armed fortress.
He's enslaved the entire zoo.
I cannot be believing my ears.
Maurice ate my lychee nuts.
Guava berry cure in aerosol form.
One whiff should do the job.
This way.
I know a secretest way into my lemur Kingdom.
Boys, desperate times call for desperate measures.
- What are you waiting for, ringtail? - Who, me? I am going to be taking the royal secret passage.
But if you'd rather the potty Far be it from me to keep a penguin from water.
See you later.
Wait, we didn't know I want those penguins found.
Where are they? Where? Right here.
Your royal nutcase.
Ringtail, now.
The game is now very much being over, Maurice.
I, King Julien, the one most true glorious - Shut up and just do it! - What? What? Am I not entitled to a brief, heroicish moment in my Hey, you got the funny birds? Yeah, you got the mouthy squirrel? Over here.
I win! I'm the ultimate ruler of the Smell it, Maurice.
Smell it up.
Guava berry.
Who would dare wear the sacred crown of King Julien? Wait.
It's me! I have no idea what any of these do.
I am calling your bluff and raising you two of the pineapples.
I'm so embarrassed.
Did I really threaten to destroy you? Yes.
On several occasions.
But it wasn't your fault.
It was the nuts.
Just be glad it's all over.