The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e18 Episode Script

The Big Squeeze

The We Like To Move It Crew presents: seriessub.
com Stay frosty, men.
Ice is secure.
Commence operation: frozen glory.
Hockey! I hope this isn't insubordination, but I'm gonna wipe the ice with you.
I like your sass.
Strike! Wrong sport, rodent.
Now get off our ice.
Gee, bird, you don't look happy to see us.
We're not, so why don't you go crawl back into that sewer you call a home.
The pipes burst.
There's a little too much sewer in the sewer, so we ain't going nowhere.
- That's a double negative.
- Make it a triple.
You're out of here.
This is our base, - Our home.
- Our hockey rink.
Hockey you say? Is that what these thingies are for? - The technical term is "hockey stick.
" - And you're holding it wrong.
Tell you what, how about we take you on in hockey? - You win, we leave.
- We win, you leave.
Forget it.
Hockey is our sport.
Ice is our element.
- We'd slaughter you rookies.
- So what are you afraid of? All right.
Outfit the sewer rats with the proper equipment.
That won't be necessary.
We brought our own gear.
Goal! That's game.
You hustled us.
We did.
Now, off our ice, losers.
We lost our ice.
It's worse than that.
We lost our pride.
When it is freezy out, my royal feet are sensitive with a fearsomeness.
You know this.
All right, men, if we're gonna win our ice back, we need to take our game to the next level.
Excuse me, what in the name of me do you think you are doing? We're commandeering your ice, ring tail.
I'm open.
Hit me.
This looks fun.
Nice grab, Rico.
I like this ice game.
I declare we lemurs shall play too.
Order us some uniforms, something in a mauvey with the tangerine sleeves but not too poofy.
I'd like to maintain my masculinity.
Negatory, our roster is full.
You do not want me to play? Now you're catching on.
In the sporting teams, I was always picked last.
Isn't that interesting? Kowalski, circle back and Maybe we should let Julien play.
After all, it is his ice.
Okay, show me what you got.
It's slippery.
I am a natural.
Admit it.
That was What's the word I'm looking for? That's the one.
Okay, boys.
Let's work on defense.
You let me on your team or you go back to play on your own freezy ice.
Give me something else to break.
Of course you're on the team, my little ring-tailed friend.
You can Be our cheerleader? What is this cheerleader? Only the most important position on the team.
I am feeling pretty important today.
Yesterday but today, yes.
Tell me more.
You're the source of inspiration.
And no team can win without inspiration.
I am very inspiring.
I shall be your leader of cheers.
I am twittering with the excitement.
What shall I do first? Tell me.
Leave us be so you could You could cook up some really choice cheers.
Quick, get the pen and paper.
I am feeling crazy with the inspiration.
Okay, back to work.
We're gonna practice till we're perfect.
I'm open.
I'm open! What? That's just a little sample of what we brought, rat.
Rematch? What do you say, boys? Should we give these birds another whooping? Stupidy rats.
We will be beating you in this hockey contest.
This clown with you? You probably can't even get the ball into the hoopy thingy.
It's called a puck.
You probably can't even get the ball into the puck thingy.
Cheerleader, off the ice.
You dummy rats shall never score a homely run.
You see, he's the We made this deal and Never mind.
Let's play.
Goal! Every time you penguins score, it's King Julien we adore Bring me on.
Don't cheer for yourself.
I'm not.
They are.
Rats, huddle up.
- They're killing us.
- Those penguins got good.
So we get bad.
On a positive note, the porcupines were very apologetic.
- Can you skate? - Sure.
You know, you ain't got a full team, you forfeit.
- That means you lose.
- Eggs and bacon, man.
We don't have another player.
Technically speaking, that's not entirely true.
All, across the nation, there's a new, hockey sensation, Desperate times.
You're in the game.
Look, don't expect me to do nothing but hold a stick and stand there.
That's all we require.
Kowalski, speak to me.
Just a knock on the old monkey bus.
No need to paint.
I'm as flopsy-faced as ever.
I don't think you're fit for duty.
I'm as juxtaposed as the next hamburger.
You're down another player.
- Ready to call it quits, penguin? - Negative.
It's go time.
Maybe it's time to admit we lost.
The moo cow may have a chocolate marshmallow.
We still have one player left.
Turn me.
Without my important cheerful leading, how can the game be winned? Turns out that cheerleading is really not so important to hockey.
The whole game did not rest on my regal shoulders? Well, no, but it does now.
Ring tail, this whole game has come down to you.
Then I shall not be letting you down.
I shall only be letting you up.
Make way for King Julien, champion hockey guy.
Slow down.
How am I to beat you if you do not slow down? They're scoring again.
Defense! It must be a cheer.
King Julien needs to play defense.
Which fence? I see no fence.
Everybody, new rule.
One player on the ice at a time.
That way You skated across the royal feet.
Your point is? Here it comes.
None may touch the royal feet! No more.
We give.
We give.
I'll be a bicycle cream cone.
They did it, Skipper.
They And that is why none may touch the royal feet.
It's true.
There's only one thing to do.
All, across the nation, there's a new, hockey sensation.