The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e50 Episode Script

The Otter Woman

Bleh! Maurice, this smoothie is the yuck! Make me a better one! You got it, your majesty! Hmm, I'll make you a better one.
Uh, heh, heh! Mmm! Now, that is a smoothie I can call groovy! That's 'cause of the secret ingredient.
It's the same smoothie, just grosser.
Got ya, Maurice! I just don't feel right about this! Shh! You made a mistake When you messed with me Should have known better And let it be Making up choices is what it involves So look out, baby Here comes the claws Yeah Here comes the claws Yahoo Here comes the claws Embarrassing, Marlene.
Quite embarrassing! I still don't feel right.
Shh, shh! Whaa? Okay, Mr.
Time to make night-night! I think he likes his bunny, hey? Interesting! I just don't feel Shh, shh, shh! Gentlemen, Operation: Sneaky Peek is a success! We now have sensitive intel on every animal in the zoo.
But Skipper, aren't the animals our friends? Young Private, a friend is just an enemy who hasn't attacked yet.
That's not very friendly thinking.
I know! Why are they attacking us? This collection of sordid secrets guarantees that we'll have the upper flipper when they do.
Still, holding these secrets is an awesome responsibility.
If any were to leak, it would be chaos.
That's why I'm classifying Operation: Sneaky Peek tip-top, tippy-top top-secret.
Oh! Wow! Oh, that's even more secretive than your delicious monkfish surprise recipe.
Exactly! So, if anyone asks, you didn't see anything! Uh, Skipper? Private, put a little hustle in your muscle! Uh, sorry, Skipper.
Didn't sleep well last night.
I kept thinking about Operation: Sneaky Private! Those words must never be spoken aloud! Sorry! Tell you what.
Skip the callisthenics, and go get yourself some chow.
Aye, aye, Skipper! Tender-hearted tenderfoot.
Kowalski, make a note to wring that tenderness right out of him! Aye, aye, Skipper.
Hmm, needs a little something.
Hot sauce, perfect! That ought to give these sardines a little kick.
Mmm, not bad! Good workout, men! Tesla's coil! Oh! Please, tell me you didn't consume the contents of this bottle.
I did.
The hot sauce was very tasty! This wasn't hot sauce! It was truth serum! You put truth serum in a hot sauce bottle? Of course! Hot sauce is truth serum, grape jelly is sleeping gas, and ketchup is amnesia mist.
Where was I? And what's mustard? Well, it's a tangy condiment you put on your hot dog.
Mmm, sounds delicious.
Point is, for the next few hours, Private will be unable to do anything but tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Private, do you honestly like Skipper's monkfish surprise? No, it tastes like elephant sweat.
But everyone pretends to like to to spare Skipper's fragile ego.
My whole life is a lie! So, we've established the effectiveness of the truth serum.
Okay, okay, this won't be a problem.
I mean, it's not like we have anything to hide, right? Ahem! Oh, yeah! Help! A desperate cry for help! Move out, men! Private, mum's the word.
Okay, Skipper! I don't know how he got in there, but if we don't get him out soon, he'll be buried alive! Help! Mmm, yum! I am, mmm, trapped! Ladder formation on 3! Uno, deux, 3! I'm buttery! Yay! Oh, thank you, penguins! I was really getting worried about the poppity corn! Sure, happy to help.
Now, if you'll excuse us.
Why the rush? Stay and celebrate! No can do.
Big fish to fry! Come on! What, are you actually afraid you're going to have some fun? No, Marlene, Skipper's afraid I'll tell everyone your embarrassing secret.
Secret? What secret? That you fancy yourself a pop superstar, and perform imaginary concerts every night.
How do you guys know about that? Have you been spying on me? Enough with the blabbermouth! No, Marlene, we haven't been spying on you.
We've been spying on everyone! We know all your secrets.
Bing sucks his thumb.
Bill cheats at chess! The spider monkeys aren't even half-spider! Ooh! These are very embarrassing secrets we are hearing! Julian picks his nose! Ahh, my secret gold-digging shame exposed! Get him! Mason is really Canadian! Bert has a Oh, no, you don't! I don't want anybody knowing about that tattoo! I was young and foolish, and hey! Look, tell anybody about my Tijuana vacation, and I swear, buddy boy, I'll stomp you into paste! Kowalski, secure the private! Aye, aye, Skipper! Here he is! And there he goes! Speak to me the most juiciest of the gossips! Mort loves you just for your feet.
It's true! It's all true! Well, duh! Come on, more with the spilling! And Maurice secretly Okay, thanks for coming! Bye! What was he going to say, Maurice? That secretly, I, uh, think you're the greatest king that ever lived! Pssh! Maurice, that is no secret! Rico, about face! Okay, so all I want to know is, do you know about the Yes.
And how I like to Yes.
With the Yes.
You know what? Not cool, guys.
No, not cool at all! Friends don't spy on friends! I am so embarrassed! If you think that's embarrassing, you should see what Kowalski does when he thinks no one's watching.
Rico, floor it! Not in reverse.
Well, should be smooth sailing from here.
Whoa! Eee! Bail out, men! Kowalski, status on the angry mob! Mob still there.
Mob still angry.
Ugh! Hello, what's all this, then? Private! Welcome back from la-la land! Um, thanks? Was I gone? Yep, and you accidentally spilled the beans on Operation: Sneaky Peek.
Oh, yes, I remember.
Sorry, Skipper.
Not to worry, Private.
We'll just stay safely locked up in here until this whole thing is whoa! You penguins are going to pay for violating our inalienable rights of privacy, and whatnot! Oh, what am I supposed to do now? What's this? Amnesia spray, fantastic! What's this? Amnesia spray, fantastic! What's this? Amnesia spray, fantas tic? Hey, should I sit on them individually, or do I go for the group squish? Why drag it out? I say one, and done! Kowalski! Options! Get fresh air while you can.
Okay, here we go! I'm dropping booty! Ahh! Hey, what's that? Hear something? Forget! I hear it, too! Forget, everybody! Forget! What am I doing? I'm feeling a little discombobulated here.
Ooh, I'm kind of dizzy myself.
I'm going to sit down right here (Muffled screaming) What have we done to deserve this? Watch where you park that thing, pachyderm! Sorry, didn't see you there! What are we doing here? I don't know! I can't remember? I remember! It is a party! A party for me! A me-esta, if you will! A you-esta, olé! Now, where are my gifts? Present me with the presents, already! You know, it's weird.
I can't remember a thing from the last week.
Ah, if it was worth remembering, we'd remember it.
Rico, might I have a stick on TNT? Yep! Thanks.
Private, what was that? Nothing, Skipper.
Just my little secret.