The Poison Tree (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Daddy! How do you think she'll feel when she finds out we lied to her? I need a job.
Then find one that doesn't require someone digging around in our past.
How easy would it be for someone to find out where we live? If he didn't do it, who would he spend 12 years in prison for? I haven't met Biba.
Why not? Where is she? She's dead.
Then move in with us.
I'm selling number six.
I want you out in four weeks.
You can't.
That's our house! Please not that one.
Dad, please?! Come back! Ohh! (BONES CRUNCH!) (DREAM-LIKE) Hang on, Karen! Hurry up! Biba, we can't leave him.
(PHONE VIBRATES) Rex? He's dead.
We've gotta call the police, tell them it was an accident! No, Lenny! Lenny! You just pushed your old man down the fuckin' stairs! Lenny, stop it! Lenny, stop! Shut up! Lenny! (GUNSHOT) What the fuck have you done?! What shall we do? What shall we do, Rex? Quiet.
Just let me think.
What are you doing? Get out of the way! You went clubbing last night, both of you.
(GUNSHOT) Nobody needs to know that either of you were here.
We won't let you do this.
GO! Run, Karen! Come on, Karen.
Move! Come on, Karen! Run! Run! (DREAM-LIKE) (WIND HOWLS) From my cell window I couldn't see a single star.
Is it still there? Canis major? Mm-hm.
There's her ear, there's her nose.
We were so happy, weren't we? Before I messed it all up.
It wasn't your fault.
(GASPS) (POLICE SIREN IN DISTANCE) No, Biba, we can't leave him.
It's what Rex wants.
Get changed.
No, I'm going back.
You can ever go back! Do you want to go to prison?! Get changed! (SOBS) Give me your hand! Biba, wait! (GASPS) I can't do this to Rex.
He's not thinking straight.
Just Just give me a moment.
I don't think we should see each other again.
No, Biba, you don't mean that.
It's just safer that way.
No! We need each other.
You said it.
"Together forever.
Soul sisters.
" Just go back to Warrington, Karen.
(CAR HORN BLARES) Can I keep the pound? Yeah, go on, then.
I was hoping to run into you.
Are you following me? Been to the bank yet? Well, what's the alternative? Rex visiting you in Holloway? We forgot the hot chocolate.
You must be Alice.
Who are you? A friend of your mum's.
Hot chocolate, eh? Ooh, that's my favourite, too.
Here, I'll show you where it is.
Your mum can wait in the car.
It's no trouble.
Alice, why don't you go and wait in the car for me? You stay away from her.
I'll see you Saturday, caravan park, with the money.
Mum? Yeah.
Is it all right if I go round Lara's? Yeah, all right, but be back for tea.
Yeah, sure.
Thanks, Mum.
Rex?! Rex! Rex? (SEAGULLS CALL) Hello, Karen.
I want my picture back.
Picture? The one you took from my house.
Ooh, if I'd been inside your house, you'd know about it.
The idea of you looking at pictures of my Alice turns my stomach.
Nah, see, little girls don't do it for me.
I want you to leave, and not come back into my house again.
Give me my money and I'm gone.
I could put you back inside.
How are you gonna do that? You're on licence, just like Rex.
It wouldn't take much.
I'll just tell the police what you've been up to.
I don't think you want the police looking too closely here.
And I'm sure I've got your DNA all over me.
You think you know me, but you know nothing.
(BELL TINKLES) (GASPS) Looks like someone else knows something about you, Karen.
(WIND WHISTLES, LEAVES RUSTLE) Alice, have you been messing around in my office again? (DISTANT BURSTS OVER POLICE RADIO) Terrible, isn't it? Are you local? Me, too.
I'm Alison.
Did you know them? I work for the Hammond High.
Maybe I could buy you a cup of tea? I'm sorry.
I'm off to London.
Can you walk Alice to the bus stop this morning? I'm not a dog.
I don't need walking.
I don't want you out on your own.
You didn't say you were going.
Didn't I? I'm practically 12.
I want you to reach your birthday without some mad person grabbing you off the street.
Don't put things like that into her head.
I just want one of us with Alice at all times.
Great(!) Don't let her talk you out of it.
Alison? Alison! I'm sorry, do we know each other? Karen Clarke.
Sorry? Rex Capel's partner.
What can I do for you? I know you'll do anything for a good story, but I am asking you to stop.
This is our lives.
We have a child.
Rex paid for what he did.
We just wanna be left alone.
This is a first.
A murderer's girlfriend stalking a journalist.
The phone calls, text messages, breaking into my house.
I don't have any idea what you're talking about.
Excuse me! It was a long time ago.
Nobody's interested now.
It's time you moved on.
Detective, hi.
My name's Karen Clarke.
I need to talk to you about my boyfriend Rex Capel.
Yeah? You got it wrong.
He didn't do it.
We've spoken to the witnesses.
Not me.
You haven't spoken to me.
We've interviewed a number of people, including Biba Capel.
We're satisfied with her statement.
But Biba's lying.
I understand how upsetting this must be for you, but what you're saying just doesn't tally with the forensic evidence.
We know that he fired the gun.
Yes, but only at the bed.
I'll arrange an officer to take you home.
You're making a huge mistake.
Mr Capel has admitted the offence.
If I was you, I'd get as far away from him as possible.
I tried to talk to the police, tell them the truth, but they won't listen to me.
How's Biba? I don't know.
She disappeared, no-one's seen her.
Listen to me, please.
I can't have you rot in here while she's out there.
This is what I want.
You could get life.
You could die in here.
I spoke to my solicitor.
He said that even if I get life, I'll be out in 15 years.
Ohh! 15 years.
I'm not asking you to wait for me.
What? I don't want you any more.
Rex, you're a part of me.
Just pretend, forget you ever met me.
Get on with your life.
I want to go back to the cells.
No, Rex, please.
Please? I want to go back to the cells.
We love each other.
Please? Come on.
(DOOR BUZZES) (DOOR CLUNKS SHUT) That was Auntie Jean on the phone.
Of course, she's read about it all in the newspapers.
Just ignore her.
It's pretty bloody difficult, Karen.
She's family.
She's as ashamed of this as we all are.
I've done nothing wrong.
Your boyfriend's been gaoled for murder.
It makes my skin crawl to think of you in that house, living with a killer.
You know what? If I am such an embarrassment, I'll just go.
What, back to London? Problem solved.
But it won't be solved, will it? We're only worried how you'll cope on your own.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
Will you just think before you rush off? If that doesn't work, try the cake.
(SEAGULLS CALL) She loves a bit of fruitcake.
We'll try the cake.
Hi, darling.
Hi, Mummy.
We have a question for you.
Can WE .
have a party? Can we? Last one before we enter the teenage zone.
You better me it a good one, then.
Yes! Yes! Success.
Thanks, Mum, you're the best! Ah.
I'm making the most of these.
I hear they're in short supply after 12.
(DOOR BANGS SHUT) (RINGS DOORBELL) I knew you'd come, eventually.
Would you like a drink? I'm fine.
How did you find me? Your dad's wife gave me your address.
It's more than she ever gave me.
Have you got any money, darling? I'm almost out of baccy.
How did you end up here? There was nowhere else to go.
Rex has been sentenced.
Is that why you're here? I know.
I know he is.
Have you visited? I can't afford the Tube fares, darling.
I'm a little down on my luck.
Maybe we could go together? I can't handle that right now, Karen.
But he's got no-one else.
He can't spend the next 15 years without a single visit.
(BABY CRIES) God, it never shuts up.
I'm going out for supplies.
But, Biba, there's a (CONTINUES CRYING) (Shh) God, you need changing, don't you? (Shh) You know when I go to London with Lara? Mm.
If you give me my birth certificate, Lara's mum said she'd take us to that place where they do your passport.
We're not going through this again.
I don't see what the big deal is.
I've told you so many times.
You're not going to France and you don't need a bloody passport! What the hell is wrong with you? Give it to me.
Alice, I said give it to me! It's my birth certificate.
No! Give it! How did you open my drawer? I know where you hide the key.
Get out! Just get out! (DOOR OPENS) You're still awake.
Of course I'm awake.
God, it's quiet.
You're out of baby milk.
All it does is eat.
It ate me, from the inside out.
Nine months of it.
(SOBS) Gnawing away at me.
(BABY CRIES) Who's the dad? Lenny.
Who else? It feels like I don't even exist any more.
I'm gone, Karen.
All there is, is the incessant crying.
(SOBS) I don't know how much more of this I can take.
Biba? (PHONE RINGS) "Karen?" Mum.
"Karen?" "Ohh.
" What's the matter? "God.
Thank God.
It's Karen, she's fine.
" Mum, calm down.
Why wouldn't I be? "Your car, they found it at Beachy Head.
" "Karen?" "Are you still there, love?" Beachy Head? "The police said we were to expect the worst.
" She's gone? "Who? Who's gone, love?" Biba took my car.
(BABY CRIES) Mum, I've gotta go.
(CRIES) Who's gonna look after you? (BIRDSONG) You're too tough on her.
We've managed fine up to now, thanks.
You've changed.
It's like you have to have control over everything.
Alice, me, Biba's memory.
Maybe all those years on my own, holding it together for you and Alice, maybe they've taken their toll.
Ah, that's so cool.
Damn, we're here.
(AIRBRAKES HISS) OK, see you later.
It's so embarrassing.
I can walk a hundred metres by myself, you know? I told you.
It's for your own safety.
There's all sorts of nutters out there.
But we live there.
I know.
I wish you wouldn't do this.
Hold on.
What is that? What's wrong with you, Mum? Just back off! (RETCHES) (FLUSHES LOO) Are you OK? Karen Clarke, please.
Are you sure? There's no doubt, Karen.
There's nothing to worry about.
Second pregnancies are much easier.
It was such a long time ago.
Where did you have Alice? Sorry? Er Which hospital? London.
I lived in London at the time.
I need to know which hospital it was.
Um I can't remember.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for seeing me.
You said it was important, so I'm so sorry about Biba.
Thank you.
That's why I came.
Because there's someone you need to meet.
This is Alice.
I thought you'd want to know about her.
Why didn't you tell me? I didn't find out until - I should've been there for you, for you both.
Do you er Do you want to hold her? No.
Yeah, go on.
It's all right.
Just hold her head, like that.
She's so beautiful.
It's OK, Daddy's here.
No, Rex, I need to explain.
She's not - You don't need to explain anything.
I'll never push you away again.
Hm? Do you still love Daddy? Course I do.
I love you and your daddy more than anything in this whole wide world.
OK, sleep tight.
Where have you been? Walking.
I've got something to tell you, some good news.
You're drunk.
I found a pub.
Why didn't you tell me? Anything could've happened.
Nothing happened.
I grew up without a mum, Karen.
I don't need one now.
You can't do this, Rex.
Disappear into the night, go drinking.
I can do what I want.
I'm free.
No, you're not free.
You're on licence.
Life licence.
What if you'd been arrested, drunk and disorderly? Or got into a fight? One wrong move and you're straight back into gaol.
I spent the past 12 years of my life with every second accounted for.
Them watching my every move.
I didn't realise I was coming home for more of the same.
I still need to keep you safe.
You're suffocating me.
You're worse than prison.
I can't breathe.
I waited for this.
I put my life on hold for you.
I never asked you to.
(SNIFFS) Morning.
I'm sorry.
I never meant what I said.
I'm surprised you remember.
Yeah, well, I was drunk, but I wasn't that drunk.
You know I'd be lost without you.
All those years and you never missed a visit.
You know how much that mattered.
I love you so much.
(SIGHS) How about we go and throw our little 12-year-old the best birthday party she's ever had? OK.
Mary, hi.
Thank you both so much for coming.
Doesn't she look gorgeous.
There you go, princess.
OK, time for the cake, everybody.
Come on.
Can I cut it now? No.
We've got to light it first.
Have you got the lighter? Hup.
Come on, we're going.
Don't be such a party pooper.
Now! Lara, you too.
We're going.
Now! Stop being embarrassing.
I'm sleeping over, remember? Do as I say right now.
Come on, Frank, let's have a drink.
I don't want a drink.
I don't my daughter or wife anywhere near you.
Lara, why don't you do as your dad says? (What is your problem with Rex?) He's been in prison.
Only for tax evasion.
Her dad is a convicted murderer.
My dad never killed anyone! Frank, please, let's take this inside the house.
Him living here, putting people at risk.
No, there's no risk, I swear to you.
Please, come inside.
Hamish knew exactly who you were.
Rex Capel.
Did you really think changing your surname would be enough? Frank, the kids.
Please don't do this now.
Daddy, tell him he's got it wrong.
It's true.
Come on, we're leaving.
(SOBS) You've ruined everything! No-one will ever talk to me again.
We can sort it out, I promise.
How?! You lied to me my whole life.
How could you do that? No, don't touch me! (SLAMS DOOR SHUT) Alice? Alice, open the door.
Go away.
(SOBS) (I'm so sorry.
) Ohh.
Karen? She must be hungry now.
I'm gonna go check on her.
Alice? Can you think of anyone that Alice might go to? A family member, maybe? No, we've got no-one.
We've got no family.
There's your parents in Warrington? No, she wouldn't.
She's not close to them.
Sounds like she's had quite a shock.
The chances are she's just at a mate's house.
I've checked.
No-one's seen her since the party.
Some of the parents wouldn't talk to us on the phone.
We can check if you give us a list.
We don't want you to think the worst, but we have to ask this.
Is there anyone you can think of who might have reason to take Alice? No, no-one.
Karen? It's vital you tell us everything.
Rex's cellmate Sean Hennessy.
Hennessy? What's he got to do with this? He's been here.
He's been trying to blackmail me.
Jesus, why did you keep that from me?! I'm sorry.
You don't know what he's capable of! I know! I know.
But I went to the caravan where he's staying and he wasn't there.
You should've called us first.
We'll go straight there now.
I'm coming with you.
The best thing you can do is stay here, in case Alice comes back.
Or in case Hennessy calls.
Simone will stay with you, and someone will contact you the minute there's any news, I promise.
How could you be so stupid? I can't sit at home waiting any longer, it's been hours, and no-one is telling us anything.
Where is she?! What have you done with her, you bastard?! Please! Get him out of here, now! I'll see you back in prison, Capel.
Where is Alice? I'm sorry, he didn't have her.
We're satisfied that he hasn't been in contact with Alice.
So where is she? Is there anyone else you can think of who might have a reason to take her? Karen? (DOOR OPENS) (GASPS) Oh, my God, oh, my God! Baby, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I found her in Rye.
(Thank you.
) If you need me, you know where I am.
Are you all right, darling? I'm sorry for running away.
You're home now, darling.
That's all that matters.
Alice, I know me and your dad, we messed up.
But we only did what we thought was right by you.
I know you did.
Promise me one thing? Anything.
Promise you'll never lie to me again.
(We won't, sweetheart.
) (PHONE RINGS) Hello.
I thought you were dead.
You let us believe you were dead.
There was no body.
You knew there was a possibility I was alive.
Where've you been? Travelling.
How did you find us? The prison gave me Rex's address.
(TINKLING) What are you doing here? I've come home.
It was you, at our house.
The photograph.
Why? Why play games like that? Because I wanted you to see how it felt.
How what felt? Having something stolen from you.
I never took anything from you.
I've come for Rex.
When I found out he'd been released from prison, I knew that he would need me.
I tried calling him, hoping he'd pick up.
Do you never let him answer the phone? You let him rot in that prison for 12 years without even a letter.
That's what he wanted.
Anyway, I'm back now.
For Rex.
And for Alice.
I know what you've done, Karen.
I heard her calling you Mum.
You asked me to look after her.
I never asked you to lie to her.
I thought you'd tell her about me.
Tell her what? That you're a murderer? So you're Mum.
What does that make Rex? Hm? Alice thinks Rex is her dad.
How cosy.
You have ten minutes.
You can pack what you'd like and then it's time to go.
What are you talking about? You are moving out, Karen, and I am taking my family back.
(LAUGHS) Are you mad? I'll just have to do it for you, then.
I wonder who'll wake first, Rex or Alice? No.
You can't do this.
Watch me.
Alice turned 12 today.
I know when her birthday is! She doesn't know anything about you.
She just knows that Rex had a sister who died.
Well, then, it's time for her to know the truth.
No, not not yet.
We have to get our stories straight.
We can tell her you're her long-lost aunt, or you've been travelling and lost touch.
I mean, it's kind of true.
No! We've got to tell her something.
I'm coming back as her mother.
No, Biba, no, not that.
I am the only mother Alice has ever known.
You can come back, but not like this.
I can and I will.
Well, what are you going to tell her about her father? Alice is mine.
I was always going to come back for her.
It was only a matter of time.
After 12 years? I thought about her every day.
I loved her every day! I mothered her every day! The past is just history.
It's now that counts.
My child's place is with her mother.
Blood is thicker than water.
Rex knows that.
He'll do the right thing.
You don't know him.
You don't know what he'll do.
Biba, I am begging you.
I'm giving you the chance to do the right thing, like I did.
Walk away.
I doubt Rex will want to be with you anyway when he finds out you're not even the mother of his child.
He hasn't even got a child.
He'll hate you when he finds out all those years of lies.
It's unforgiveable, darling.
You'll destroy them.
I've worked so hard to keep them safe.
Biba, if you care about either one of them, you will not tell them the truth.
No, you're right.
I won't.
I don't need to.
Alice's birth certificate will do that for me.
It's in an envelope, addressed to Rex, in your sitting room.
Biba, no.
I'm very grateful to you, darling, for looking after them for me, but it was never going to be forever.
No, they're mine forever.
Alice and Rex are mine forever.
They are my family.
They're not your family.
They're mine.
Yeah, I - Are you all right? Are you sure? I'm perfect.
Cheers, Darren.
OK, hon.
Are you ready? Yep.
Hey, I thought we were supposed to be travelling light? (GIGGLES) Right.
By the way, Mum? Yeah.
You left this.
It's really nice.
Where did you get it? The charity shop.
Can I have it? Sure.