The Porter (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 The only way you can be sure you won't encounter the same problem twice.
And if I wanted to leave? If you did I expect you would.
What's this? I don't know what you've gotten yourself involved in, but I can't live like this.
Gleaming eye oh yes Woo! You think this place could turn a profit? Are you looking to jump in? You've got yourself a partner.
Pocket! If I wanted to get the porters into a union that purposely excludes them, what should I do? When the union charter says whites only you have to go to the Labour Board in Ottawa.
We have a rat reporting to Edwards.
I have an important shipment that needs to be escorted over the border.
I just need you to ensure that no one sees the contents of this boxcar.
Name's Clay.
I'm one of the thirty-five men that the railroad smuggled over the border to be strikebreakers.
I shall see my redeemer Mr.
Moschel, I just have a question for you, please.
The man inside this ivory tower has reached a new low.
William Edwards chose to treat men like animals, keeping them in dehumanizing conditions for days on end.
The CCR was willing to defy the rules of labour and the laws of decency to put these "boxcar boys" in positions held by our own hardworking Canadian men, bravely standing on the strike line for labourers everywhere.
How did you find out they were hiding in the boxcars? Whether they were hiding, or being hidden, has yet to be determined.
But the fact remains this situation was only brought to light because one of these unfortunate souls managed to escape.
Can we get I was thinking maybe we can move him to the boarding house.
Safer if he stays here.
Easier to hide him from prying eyes.
If you could've seen them inside that car.
I have to do something.
Whatever you need, you got me at your back.
Pastor, you sure you want to get caught up in all this? If a good man stands idly by when he sees evil being done, is he still a good man? But you do so much for the community.
I don't think anybody will blame you for sitting this one out.
No one but me.
This fight's worth the risk.
Tag! Hey, no, you're it! You know, fish is very good for you.
It's good for your eyes, for your teeth.
It'll give you big muscles.
Good to see you eat, son.
Why are you dressed? I thought you were off.
Picked up a run to Chicago.
You forgot you were supposed to watch Teddy for me.
I'm sorry, can't you get Gwen or one of the ladies from church to help out? Can't you just go down to the boarding house and give away the shift? I gotta do this one myself.
I bet you do.
It's not what you think.
Everything's gonna be good, Mar.
I found a way to make us enough money to get us out of this mess.
Eat up.
Morning, Popsy.
Well, look at you looking like the cat that swallowed a canary.
What is it Lucy-Mae? Or better yet, what's it gonna cost me? - Nothing.
- Hmm.
You'll be happy to know that after today, I'll be outta your hair.
You quitting on me? More like betting on myself.
My boyfriend and his friends are putting something together and well, they took one look at me and saw a star.
Do you know how long I worked to get everything that you see here? How I broke my back on those trains for every single table and chair.
Lucy-Mae, nothing good comes fast or easy.
So I want you to be careful with that boy.
My spirit don't take him.
Don't be like that.
Stage directing and dancing B-squad that's, that's never gonna get me where I wanna go.
I hope you get everything that you wish for.
I know I will.
Hey now, come on.
How bad is it? Worse than you thought.
I sincerely doubt that's possible.
Well, according to your union head I don't have a union head.
According to Mr.
Moschel, one of the men escaped.
How? When? Last stop before Montreal it seems.
You need to find that man and get him back across the border with the rest of them before the press sinks their talons any deeper.
Shouldn't you put out a statement? Later.
Right now I need a word with my son.
Yes? Father.
What are you doing here? Do I really need an invitation to my own house? Of course not.
It's just you, um, ahem you never come in here.
I'm sorry for the mess.
I was most of the night going over the numbers and they do look good.
When you escorted that boxcar over the border, you never took your eyes off it? No, no, no, of course not.
Not once? N-Yes, there was one stop that the conductor didn't announce.
I mean, they really should be better trained.
It's my fault.
I should have known better than to trust a task of any importance to your hand.
All right, just just tell me what happened.
And when I think of all the money I've wasted cleaning up your messes, huh? Paying lawyers and bribing judges, shuffling you from one private school to the next.
It's not my fault they resented me.
They Father, they hated me for my name, for our name! Not your fault? You had everything and stole? Not your fault you tormented your teachers till they couldn't stand the sight of you? Not your fault that woman had to take out a restraining order? You have no idea what it was like for me! You never came to any of those schools.
Well that is my fault.
But you walking away from the one task I entrusted to you And you've never made a mistake? Hmmmm.
Well maybe I should ask the lawyer you pay to get you out of your messes.
Or better yet, maybe I just ask his wife.
I am through being your safety net.
Pack your bags, I want you out of my house immediately.
Veronique! He's younger than our usual clientele.
This is my son Teddy.
If I had somewhere else to take him he'd be there.
He'll probably sleep the whole time through, if there's a spare room.
Come on, come on.
Go on up.
Close your eyes, sweetheart.
You know where my room is.
Cover your eyes.
Sister Massey.
So, Mr.
Callahan, if I understand correctly, you're offering me an opportunity to pay you 60% of the numbers operation I own 100% of? You own what we allow.
Your majesty.
You think because you say "boo" I'm supposed to jump.
Study my face you shanty little shit.
See if you find a flinch.
Excuse the interruption.
I told the owner I had business with the Queen.
I have business with her.
Which is now concluded.
Safe travels, Mr.
I have a proposition for ya.
Oh, you trying to take money out my pocket too? On the contrary.
I think we should broaden the game.
Run a power-ball.
Bigger take, bigger jackpot.
Bigger risk.
Well, you can't get nowhere if you don't have a few of those.
The last time we were together it seemed like you were halfway out the door.
And now I'm sittin' right here.
Changing things up today with a new game.
Fab Five.
It's double to play, but we triple the payout.
They play five numbers instead of three, draw at the end of the week.
Wait, wait.
Why are we gonna mess with a good thing? Junior, we barely have enough time to meet the runners as is.
Let alone Dinger's pencil's working overtime.
We add more territories we're just asking for trouble.
We're only adding one more territory.
The train.
I know you understand that porters' spirits are low since those men were found on the train car.
Well of course.
It's appalling the lengths to which some will go in order to circumvent the laws of the land.
I couldn't agree more, sir.
The Welfare Committee would like to throw an event, an ice-cream social.
I think it'd go a long way with regards to picking up the porters' spirits.
Families, too.
You know what? I think that's a capital idea, Mr.
A contented worker makes for excellent work.
Of course, sir.
Leave it to me.
I'll take care of everything.
Black folks have money too you know.
Hey! Did you get the money? Lucy, trust funds don't work like a regular account.
There's a whole stack of paperwork that has to get cleared up before the trustee can simply just release the funds.
But it's your money.
- You said - Look, I know I know what I said.
All right, it's just going to take a, a few more days.
But you told Sawyer you'd get him your share today.
Yes, Sawyer knows how these things go.
He'll-he'll get his money.
But Franklin Look, don't don't worry about this, Lucy.
Are you really gonna get the money? Delayed is not denied Lucy-Mae, all right.
We'll, we'll get it sorted out.
Let's go find somewhere to eat lunch.
Breathe, breathe.
How much longer are you gonna be? Well it depends, how many more girls with broken bones have you got? This is a fiscal arrangement that puts money in your pocket and lets me be here as long as I need, Miss Fay.
The arrangement did not include your son taking up residence in my room.
Would you get the hell out? Little girl that better be the pain talking loud at me.
Listen, I have a few more people waiting and then we will be out of your hair.
Besides it is not like my boy is any trouble.
Says every mother that ever was.
Hey, let me know when I can get my room back.
I got a few customers myself waiting to scream.
Puttin' it all on Silver Sally? Yeah.
Hmm, I can get better odds than that.
We got a game.
Let me light your cigarette there, sir.
Well, well, well.
If you gentlemen wanna make it interesting, the real money's in Fab Five.
You could have three chances to win.
Or you could have five.
When your five numbers hit, next time you'll be ringing that bell from a private car.
One, two, three, four, five.
You got a numbers game going on.
Thank you.
All right, Teddy, time to go home.
Teddy, come on out now.
Teddy? - He's gone! - Who? Teddy, do you know where he is? Have you seen him? No I have not seen him.
Please help me look.
- Lord.
- Teddy? - Yasmine? - Teddy? Have you seen my son? Hey, who's in there? Teddy? Teddy! Teddy! Teddy? Teddy! Teddy! Teddy? No one's seen him inside.
Teddy! I don't know what I was thinking! I should have left him with someone.
Do not do that.
You cannot blame yourself when things go wrong with your child.
Teddy is not like other children, Fay.
I know that.
We will find him, but we have to keep cool heads.
Teddy! Teddy! Let me ask you something.
Did you see a little boy about this tall walking around here? Teddy! You think I don't see you up to something, hmm? Following me around, looking for a chance to impress one of your little friends over there.
Which one of these niggers puts you up to this? Your ears got wax in them, boy? I asked you a question.
Hey, you look at me when I'm talking to you, boy.
Let give you a little help.
Come on! Which one was it? Now you're not going anywhere until I get some answers.
Now which one? Which?! Hey! That's my son! You let him go.
You need to teach that boy to answer when he's spoken to, especially when it's an officer doing the speaking.
He doesn't speak, officer.
Well then you really shouldn't leave your little retard unattended.
Is that Gregory Dawson? I haven't seen you in weeks.
Don't tell me you got a new favourite.
I think you have me mistaken for someone else.
You think so, huh? Yeah.
Well, maybe I do have you mistaken for a lovely young officer who visits me every Tuesday in my tea room.
A lovely young man who loves the feel of my fingers deep inside of him while he's wearing silly things.
But pardon my confusion.
Maybe we really should take this whole thing to your boss.
The Chief is a busy man and I I don't think he'd appreciate the disruption.
And you're a smart man.
You're probably right.
Well I see you have the boy in hand.
I'll leave you to him.
- Teddy.
- Are you all right? Your mommy's here.
It's okay.
C'mon, Zeke.
You think an ice-cream social will make us forget about this.
Man, you thick or what? You didn't hear him say that ain't nothing but a cover for Edwards? All right.
Now I know y'all read at least one of these.
But, but I want to tell you what they didn't.
I'm gonna tell you about the helpless look in every one of those men's eyes.
About the stench that could turn your stomach a thousand times over.
How they would toss food like a farmer feeding hogs.
And how the only way that they could relieve themselves was from a hole at the bottom of that car.
And that's how one of those men managed to escape.
And another thing I know that they would never tell you is that it could have been any one of you.
Now the only thing that stands in the way of us being treated like that is unionization.
'Cause without it, we will always continue to be vulnerable.
And that is why we gotta stand! All right, y'all, I'm heading to Ottawa today.
Now if I could convince the Congress of Unions that we serious, then Moschel can put our minutes up to a vote at the next union meeting.
We all here.
Ain't that serious enough? Serious ain't just showing up, Lance.
It's signing up and putting your hard earned money next to your name.
C'mon, y'all.
I'm counting on you, man.
Appreciate it, brother.
Where's the little fuzzy face? Pockets had an unfortunate "accident" the night of our soiree.
No one liked him.
But we're sorry for your loss.
Of course.
Well where's the cheque? It's in the works.
Just need some time to untangle a little mess with the bank.
But you know how these things go I know you were supposed to have it today.
He's just waiting on some paperwork, Sawyer.
Sure he is.
Overpromise and underdeliver, like always.
You think I'm-I'm lying? No one thinks that.
I'm sure Sawyer's just anxious to get things rolling.
Pay your share tomorrow or you're out completely.
End of.
Get the partnership papers drawn up.
You'll have your money tomorrow.
Let's go, Lucy.
If you tell me what you're looking for, I can help you find it.
CCR is looking for a stowaway.
Nah, man.
Where him come from? Take it easy now, man.
This is bullshit.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
See what Zeke do.
What's going on? - I know you're the fucking rat! - What? Running back to Edwards so he can drive his nice car, and sit cosy in a private room, huh? I see all that and I can't help but wonder what else you doing for Edwards? Is he the reason why you're always in my room? It's not like that! No, it's not like that.
Then what's it like, Tuffy? I know you're a fucking rat and no one else in here is gonna feed you a damn thing more.
Boy clean up good! Had to, heading to Ottawa.
Gonna meet with the Union Congress.
Think it's gonna work? You don't gotta be sure about the outcome, just the goal.
You care that much about being porter? Junior, if I don't stand up to them, that's all I'll ever be.
Last chance.
You don't need my signature on a piece of paper to let you know I got your back.
Right this way, Mr.
Ezekiel Garrett.
Go on, man.
What's that? You wanna tell me what's going on? There was a misunderstanding, my father and I.
It's nothing.
Usually he's over it by now, but this time it might take a few days.
Your trustee at the bank, he's not clearing up paperwork is he? Franklin! Look, a few days, all right, Lucy.
And then my father will cool down by then and I'll have the money.
I quit Stardust, Franklin.
I left the only little money I make outside of scrubbing diapers and dishes because you gave me your word! We should have talked about that before you quit, don't you think? I mean, it's still gonna take a little while for the deal to close.
You're right.
I should have known better than to put my future in your hands.
Lucy, please, please don't be like that.
I'm going to make this work for you, I-I promise.
Like I told you from the start, I make my own way.
Lucy, please, I can fix this.
Please don't leave! No! We're through! Lucy, please! I'ma turn myself in.
For what? Both of us ain't walking outta here.
- I ain't going nowhere Zeke.
- Go on, Junior.
If they come for you, they come for me.
Hey Junior.
Miller Dinger wants us on a supply run.
Dinger needs us or you need a porter who won't spit in your face? Heard about your part-time job being a rat.
I'd say you're out of luck on both accounts, Tuffy.
Dinger told me to come get you.
Said you don't have enough demerits to disagree.
Do what you want.
My name is Zeke Garrett.
I apologize for the late hour, my train was delayed.
No apology necessary.
But please, sir, I came a long way.
Ah, do you and the board have a moment please, sir? Mr.
Moschel, I didn't realize you were on the board.
As head of one of the largest labour unions in the country, I'd say it makes perfect sense.
Take a moment, catch your breath.
That's very kind of you, sir.
Thank you.
Now tell us, what brings you all the way to Ottawa, Mr.
Garrett? Unionization, sir.
The Black railway worker belongs in the CBRE, and given our contributions to the railway and the nation's economy at large, I believe we deserve a seat at the table with labour.
Now, I've collected names of a good number of porters who have already shown their commitment by providing advanced payment on dues.
As you gentlemen can see, we've shown that we're serious.
All that's left is for the committee to show that they're serious as well.
Well, you've, uh, certainly done a lot of very impressive work.
Thank you.
More than most that come to meet with us.
But we don't wish to give you or your men any false hope.
The answer is no, plain and simple.
The negro is an invisible entity on the railroad, making labour a white man's fight.
Now I think we really are adjourned, gentlemen.
You knew this was a dead end from the start.
You said I said the CBRE couldn't vote porters in without sanction from the congress.
And you just heard, you don't have it.
I'm sorry if you misunderstood.
You'd have done well in the theatre, Mr.
I mean, the way you carried on when you seen those men in the boxcar.
See my mistake was thinking that you saw those men as people.
That kind of day, huh? You have no idea.
It's like we can't ever get out of the boxes we're born into.
Well, shit.
If Marlene Massey is losing faith then we all in trouble.
You know what, forget it.
I told you before, we make our own lives.
But no one says we have to make it here.
What are you saying? I'm saying pack light Mrs.
Massey, 'cause everything this heathen Jamaican boy promise you when I asked you to marry me, is about to come true.
Where would we go? A lot of Black folks heading out west.
I could get a job on a ship and you could start your clinic and Teddy, well He would love the mountains.
He'd love the mountains.
So it's agreed? I share your readers' concerns.
And in spite of recent unfounded allegations by certain union officials, I continue to stand against anything that would undermine my workers or the moral principles of this great nation.
I have built my name, this very railroad, on the pillars of honesty and integrity, sometimes even to my own detriment.
What can I do for you tonight? You know why I'm here, Pastor.
Now I can honestly say that I share your, your shock and dismay at this disturbing incident.
I'm afraid I can't help you.
Pastor! I have spent every ounce of human energy pouring sweat, blood and tears to make this railway the envy of the world.
My only concern is for the uneasy hearts of my fellow countrymen.
And they can rest assured that every last negro found in my rail yard has been deported back South.
Canada wants no part of Uncle Sam's problem.
I-I will not stand for the erosion of our economy and values as the communists do, Nor would I jeopardize the safety of our virtuous women by allowing such vermin into the country.
Thanks to them you'll have double the work tonight.
I don't know what the hell you doing.
If they come for you, they come for me.

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