The Powerpuff Girls (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Princess Buttercup

1 Ohh, yeah! Powerpuff girls fighting crime To save the world before bedtime Here's the time to shine when you're fighting crime Power it up who's got the power? We got the power They can do the walk, gonna do it all We don't play who's got the power? We got the power Oh! Yeah! Ah, lunchtime at the school cafeteria.
Cute ribbons.
Ooh, glitter! Scrapbooking is so awesome! Yay! Dudes! It's sloppy Joe Tuesday! They should make this a holiday.
Um, what happened to your forehead? Oh, that? Funny story.
Check it.
So there's this guy at the construction yard, Mac.
So he says his forklift can crush anything anything! And I'm all like, "I'm stronger than that.
" And anyway, I arm-wrestled a forklift.
Uh, hey, buttercup.
Do you want to, uh, sit with us and, you know, chew? We're talking about scrapbooking! Uh, yeah.
That's not really my thing.
I'll just grab a seat over there.
You're buttercup, right? Who's asking? I'm maylyn, head of the derbytantes.
Derbytantes! Dig your head scrape.
You get that from fighting a monster or something? Forklift.
Dig your skates.
We never take them off.
We grind on skates.
We skateboard on skates.
We even do pottery on skates.
Best work yet.
Thanks! Whoo! Whoo! We also play deathball on skates.
Back up.
What's deathball? You should find out.
Hey, buttercup.
Who are your friends? Do they want to come scrapbooking, too? Deathball.
Hey, girls.
Princess morbucks? Morbucks! I see butterbutt has left you for new friends.
No, she's just off Playing deathball With some people.
Well, if you need a replacement, I know a stunningly gorgeous redhead with loads of sass and gobs of cash.
Mike drop! We don't need a replacement.
Come on, bubbles.
We'll see buttercup later.
Sure you will.
" Later! Where's buttercup? Deathball! Where's buttercup? Ow! Where's buttercup? I miss buttercup.
Deathball! Buttercup, buttercup, buttercup! Buttercup, buttercup, buttercup! Hey, guys.
You see that butt-whupping I just gave? Oh, yeah.
You did great.
So What's up? Well, we noticed that you've been hanging out with your new friends a lot, and we thought that we would come by and bring you some lunch and stuff.
We brought leftover lasagna.
Everything chill over here, buttlyn? Uh, buttlyn? That's my new nickname.
Everyone in the gang has names that rhyme with "lyn.
" This is maylyn.
'Sup? Jaylyn.
And bobbysuzerae Lyn.
Hi, guys.
Come on, buttlyn, let's bolt.
See you cats on the flip side.
Buttercup, wait! I should have called it death-lasagna.
We've lost our sister, haven't we? Don't be silly, bubbles! Buttercup is just being, well, buttercup.
I guess.
Hey, super gal pals! Looks like there's an opening now that your sister ditched you.
Oh, yeah Ahh! She didn't ditch us.
Yes, she did.
And I want to be a powerpuff girl.
There is an opening, after all.
She does have a point.
No, she doesn't.
Bubbles, she can't even fly.
Powerboots! Big deal.
You don't have any superpowers.
Powergloves! Well, you don't even have a costume.
Power-threads! So am I in or what? Just no.
Look, buttercup is our sister.
And we're a team.
She'll always be there for us, no matter what.
Hmph! Oh, really? Well, then, let's find out.
Initiate monster attack.
Monster needed 2.
3 miles.
Fear me for I am an evil monster! Feel my wrath, oh, citizens of townsville! Trouble! Let's go, bubbles! But what about buttercup? She'll be there! We'll just see about that.
Man, this is the most fun I think I've ever had.
I know, right? No thanks to you losers.
Awesome! Oh! Scoundrels.
Whoa, no! My sisters need me! Whoa.
What's your hurry, buttlyn? We're about to order some pizzas and huck 'em on the rooves! I'll hang later.
Duty calls.
But the pizzas will get cold.
We'll order more.
I got to go.
Sorry, buttlyn.
Can't let you do that.
Maylyn, what do you mean? Princess moneyface or whatever is paying us to keep you away from your sisters.
Moneyface? Moneyface.
Morbucks?! Yeah.
She paid us to hang out with you.
So you're not really my friends.
No, we are.
You're cool and all, but we need monies for skates and junk.
You understand, right? The only thing I understand is that my sisters need me.
Now get out of my way.
Where's buttercup? She'll be here any sec.
Huh? Yah! Hah! Ugh! Yah! Huh! Ha! Nyah! Need someone to lend a hand? My offer's still on the very expensive table! Fine.
Whatever You Want! I want to be a powerpuff girl! Okay! You're a power Puff Girl! Yes! And soon I'll be the only powerpuff girl.
Excuse me.
I think we're done here.
Monstering complete.
That was a four-star performance if I ever saw one.
You better give me a good rating.
Oh, the folly of my ways! This is for blossom! This is for bubbles! This is for me! This is also for me! Skates.
That kid's all right.
Buttercup didn't come.
Maybe she Thanks for making me part of the team, girls.
I got you a little something as a token of my appreciation.
Hey! It's an necronium diamond Indestructible.
Ah, because a true superstar me Knows when it's time to go solo.
After all, I'm pretty much the most beautiful, most talented, most powerful, most Most annoying.
Buttercup! Buttercup! Stand back! Hey, girls.
Look what I got for my half un-birthday.
This is going to be too easy.
Aw, man.
Check this out.
It came with the suit.
You'll never save your sisters now.
You like that? 'Cause it's true.
Yeah, not really true, like, at all.
You see, the derbytantes, we protect our sisters, and that includes sisters of sisters.
I thought you were working for moneypants.
Why should I trust you? Yeah, you're supposed to be working for me.
Buttercup earned our respect.
You just paid for it.
Come on.
If there's one thing we're good at, it's thrashing stuff.
Rock and roll, ladies! Blades up, girls! Anyone for a game of deathball? Deathball! Oh, yeah! We've got the power! Okay, we'll call it a draw.
Aaaaaaah! Buttercup! I thought you were gone forever and ever and ever and ever and ever! Sorry I got so carried away hanging out with the derbytantes.
I guess I forgot who my real friends are.
We're not just friends, we're sisters.
Yeah! And we're sorry we replaced you with morbucks! Wait, what? And so, once again, the day is saved by The Powerpuff Girls! And deathball! Powerpuff girls fighting crime Saving the world before bedtime Battling evil toe-to-toe Saving the day, a powerpuff goal