The Powerpuff Girls (2016) s01e20 Episode Script

Bubbles of the Opera

1 Ohh, yeah! Powerpuff Girls fighting crime To save the world before bedtime Here's the time to shine when you're fighting crime Power it up Who's got the power? We got the power Breaking through the wall, gonna do it all We don't quit Who's got the power? We got the power Oh! Yeah! Professor, which says "future elected official" Fire truck red, or candy apple red? Ugh, I don't know, Blossom, They're both lovely.
Ow, ow! Please hold still, Buttercup! Ow! This sweater is itchy! Ugh, please.
I'd like to have this cowlick under con Ow! For at least one school picture day.
Ow! I think I'll go with rocket red For perseverance in the face of adversity! Ow! Stop! What's the point?! School photos are the worst! No one ever looks good in them.
No one but you-know-who.
Oh my! Is it school picture day? I completely forgot! Can't get it fixed or not Come and get it, workin' hot When he photographs me, I feel like Miguel really captures the essence of my face.
Woman: Next! Whee! You're not Miguel.
I'm his replacement.
I just got promoted from the cafeteria.
B-b-b-but Ah, relax, kid.
Any dumb-dumb can work a camera these days.
Now tilt your head this way, reach that shoulder to the sky, and say "Give me the sauce!" Tilt head r-raise shoulder? Give me the what? What? No way! You took a bad school photo? Give it back! And not just bad, probably the worst school photo ever! Don't cry, dude it's funny.
I don't want it to be funny! I want it to be cute! Bubbles, it's okay.
Yeah, nobody bats 1,000.
I mean, this is the first year that mine actually turned out okay.
I've never felt so ugly before.
Bubbles, it's not that big a deal.
You could just do retakes.
No retakes this year, kiddos! I just got fired! The world works in mysterious ways! I'm gonna be ugly forever! You're not ugly, Bubbles.
Come on, you just need a little pick-me-up.
We'd like a fresh new look for our sister here.
Great, and how much are you girls looking to spend today? Oh, well Um I have a free burger coupon you can have.
Ooh, I'll go get our apprentice stylist.
Hello! You again?! How did you get this job? Oh, come on! Any dumb-dumb with a pair of scissors can cut hair.
Shut your eyes, kid.
Let's do this.
I can fix this.
I can Got it! Totally Tiffany's makeup starter kit for girls! Wait, didn't that stuff get recalled? Something about horrible allergic reactions? Eh, I'm sure it's fine! Now hold still and let Tiffany work her magic.
Professor! This will get the swelling under control.
There now.
Professor, am I not the cute one anymore? "The cute one"? Yeah, you know, Blossom is the smart one, Buttercup is the cool one.
If I'm not the cute one, what am I? Oh, Bubbles.
Being cute is such a small part of the amazing person you are.
But between you and me, you're the cutest one in the whole wide world.
You mean it? Yeah! You're right! I'm not gonna let this get me down! Um, Bubbles, you're heading right for the Aagh! Whew! Good thing those were just baby teeth, huh? Bubbles! We got you some ice cream! We didn't know what flavor you'd want So we got all of them! Aw! Thanks, guys.
I'm actually feeling a lot better.
What? Is it bad? N-no! Yes! Dude, yes, it is! Buttercup! I can't lie! - What is that thing?! - It's hideous! Keep driving for the love of humanity keep driving! I'm I'm I'm a monster! What? No! It's true.
I'm a monster.
An ugly, hideous monster! Dude, this is all in your head.
Bubbles, you're being kind of crazy.
Oh! So now you think I'm ugly and crazy! I've always just been the cute one to you.
And now that I'm not cute, you think I'm worthless! Right? Ha.
All right, girls, I think it's time to go home now.
Home? Home? I'm never going home! Never! Never! So can we eat her ice cream? I have become darkness It inhabits me now.
Cast out by society Shunned, rejected.
I will have my vengeance.
There's only one place I can go now.
Well this is awkward.
Come now.
Tell Mojo what's on your mind.
Well I wanna wreak vengeance on those who have forsaken me! So I came to the only person who knows what it's like to be rejected for being hideous.
Mojo is not hideous! He is at least a solid eight.
Okay, the point is, we can team up.
I could be your evil acolyte.
Sorry, Mojo operates solo.
He has no room for sidekicks.
Um You have bunk beds.
Curse that aggressive salesman! So what do you say? Hmm.
Very well.
We shall wreak havoc on this forsaken Townsville.
And maybe even destroy those accursed Powerpuff Girls.
What did you say? Oh, uh nothing.
Aroo! With your ability to talk to animals, and my evil genius, we will Uh, we will We will do many bad things! Come, my cutesy critters.
Go forth and destroy! Destroy! Bubbles, what are you doing? There is no more Bubbles.
I have shed that name.
From hence forth, there is only Dark Bubbles.
Oh, Dark Bubbles.
Wow, you really changed it up there.
Silence! You cannot stop me and my hideous henchman.
Aw, come on! All right, Bubbles, let's get you home! Let go of me! Good job, Dark Bubbles! Now, destroy your sisters! Bubbles, what are you doing?! This isn't you! This is me! You've made me this A monster! Dude, no.
You're the best sister in the world.
Remember when I wiped out on my skateboard and you took care of me? Or when I had spinach in my teeth, and everyone made fun of me so you put spinach in your teeth, too? No, no don't listen to them.
Drop the hippo now! Bubbles, you're a good person! You're, like, the most caring person in the world, Bubbs.
Hey, hey, Dark Bubbles, don't listen to them.
This is your destiny! No, it's not! Yes, it is! You are evil now.
No, you're not! - Yes, you are! - Don't! - No! - Yes! Do it, do it! Silence! I have made my choice.
You see? She's come to her sense Curses.
My beasties, you are released.
And, you you're going to pay for this.
Me?! It was your idea! Oh yeah.
And that's why I'm gonna let you go this one time.
'Cause I got a good team here.
And when we get mad, we aren't very cute.
Oh, okay.
Mojo is on his way.
Come on, girl.
I'm sorry, guys.
I had no idea I'd let my identity become so defined by being cute.
Talk about limiting yourself.
Under the surface, you're, like, terrifying! So much better than being cute.
Yep, I think we all learned a lot today! Not you again! You know it! I'm back in the photo game after that salon got a restraining order against me.
Hey, can I get a shot for the Townsville Daily? Yes! Yes, you can.
Everyone say, "Break me off a slice of that funk pie!" You really want to hang that one up? Yeah.
I look so happy.
Plus, I'm with my favorite people in the whole wide world! Wow, you really learned a lot from all this, Bubbles.
Yep, most importantly, that I'll never be as ugly as Mojo.