The Purge (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Should I Stay or Should I Go

1 Previously on "The Purge" Who's Drew Adams, and why is she on your personal computer? - Freeze! - Who the hell are they? Jackals, thieves who steal from other thieves - on Purge Night.
- I need your help.
So you think you can take down the NFFA.
They're killing innocent people off-Purge, and I think I found the proof.
If you're that good, you can help me find someone else.
We worked side-by-side with Esme, but she has committed an act of treason.
Your husband took out a Purge contract on Marcus.
Okay, fine! I did it! Please, just stop! You only took 10k down.
I told you to get rid of the rest of the contract.
I wasn't the only one.
They all did it.
So the Campus Killer is going viral, yo.
Be careful.
When we bottle up our feelings, they can come out in other ways that might be scary.
Very cute, Ian.
The visibility is excellent, ventilation is greatly improved from last year's model.
Big step up.
It better be.
We don't need another suffocation lawsuit.
Thank God that happened on Purge.
I think we should make a push into the LGBTQ market.
We'll look like we care, earn a bunch of goodwill, make a tidy profit.
Well, we do need more lifestyle reach.
And focus groups reacted positively to the idea of a pride-themed mask.
So we changed a few colors on an old S.
and voilà! I'd run with that.
It shows we listen to our customers.
Um, we should at least donate a portion of the proceeds - to a relevant charity.
- Fine.
Jimmy, where are we at with the inspired-by-true-events space? All the usuals presidents, pop stars, a lot of Hitler variations, but I would like to put one more into production.
Well, that'd be a hell of a rush job.
It'll be worth it.
Trust me.
It's blowing up.
The Campus Killer? We make Purge masks, not murder masks.
We'd be promoting an active serial killer.
Yeah, you might be right.
But our advertising allowance has been slashed.
With something like this, cable news does all the heavy lifting.
I'm with Jimmy on this.
I mean, bad taste sells.
Look how simple it is.
Our margins will be huge.
I'll call production.
Let's get a run of these going ASAP.
Hey, good work, kid.
We're gonna make a killing.
You sure we have to do this tonight? It's a skeleton crew at this hour, it'll buy us more time.
The NFFA has half the city looking for you.
You're probably locked out of their system by now.
No, they wouldn't lock me out.
Why not? If I log in, they'll be able to trace my location.
So it's a trap.
- Only if they catch us.
- [BEEP.]
I've rerouted my signal through a few hubs, but still.
Once I'm logged in, we'll have to move fast.
Yeah, you took a big risk coming to a former cop.
What made you think I wasn't gonna turn you in? You walked away from a system that betrayed you.
Seemed like someone who would understand.
Besides I saw you on Purge Night.
- You did? - Yeah.
You refused to kill those security guards when anyone else would've purged them.
Don't canonize me just yet.
- You about ready? - [SIGHS.]
- Go.
I'm in.
Where are we at, Vivian? Triangulating her position.
She stays on another few seconds then we'll have her.
- Time? - We're out of it.
I'm almost there.
We gotta be wheels up.
- Done.
- Let's go.
652 Longview.
Alert dispatch.
Tell them to send everything they got.
Did you get them? Full names, addresses.
Everything you need to track these guys down.
Meet your Jackals.
Listen, um, I'm gonna make some coffee.
And just act like is this a normal morning, huh? I don't know.
We'll eat breakfast.
We'll figure this out.
I'll call the PI.
No, we can't tell the PI about last night.
Yeah, right.
I can't believe we did that.
Well, at least we got results.
We know more than we did all year.
But? I mean, but somebody tried to Purge me, and now I feel like the bad guy.
I know the feeling.
- Babe, it can get uglier.
- [SIGHS.]
Are you sure you wanna be here? I am not leaving you.
Not after not after the part I played in all this.
Listen, if these people here at this neighborhood really wants to Purge you, they're the crazy ones, okay? - Mm-hmm.
- Not us.
Oh, you can't go.
Well, is Ben up? Can't he drive you? No, I'm calling a car.
That's an awfully long way.
Won't that cost a fortune? Kelen sweetie, did you and Ben get in a fight? No.
It's fine.
I just have to go.
Well, at least let me make you breakfast.
- Morning, guys.
- Morning.
How'd you sleep? I slept great.
Really great.
Huh, must have.
You're never up before me.
I was just telling your mom I've got a ton of work to do.
Big poli-sci project coming up.
I'm gonna grab a car back to campus and get an early start on it.
Thanks for everything, Ms.
I'll see you later, okay? No, wait, I'll I'll take you.
Um no, you should spend some time with your family.
I don't wanna cut your trip short.
It's no problem.
- Right, Mom? - Of course not.
I'd feel better if you drove her.
See? Let me just gonna grab my bags and get dressed.
All righty.
- The hell are they doing? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Are you sure you saw them go in? - [BEEP.]
- I'm sure.
Come on.
Where are you going? Around back.
Oh, boy.
What are you guys doing here? I want to talk.
Marcus, I, uh, I don't know what this is about, but you look upset.
- Why don't we, uh - Enough, okay? Just stop.
No more bullshit.
What have I done to all of you to make you hate me so much? Please, just talk to us.
Whatever I've done, okay? I don't deserve to die.
Imagine if it was your family.
Just, please.
Just give us a chance.
What a speech.
Were you finished? Recognize me? I'm your neighbor, Clint, and you killed my wife.
You can't make amends, Marcus.
Five years ago, I came home from work, and Maisy, she was having trouble breathing.
Brought her to the ER at Bienville, you examined her.
Nurses said you diagnosed, uh, atrial fibrillation.
You came out, you explained that you were gonna have to shock her heart back into rhythm.
How routine it was, that I had nothing to worry about.
I believed you.
You seemed so fucking smart and confident.
There was a problem.
As soon as you shocked her heart, it never started pumping again.
You didn't even come out to tell me.
After all that shit about how I had nothing to worry about, you send another doctor out to break the news.
Uh, um, Clint? Uh, uh, look, yeah, I don't I don't know what to say.
Okay? I I do my best, and then just yeah, every time.
But sometimes, there isn't anything that I can do.
I'm sorry.
Don't pretend like you cared, man.
I do care.
When you moved into the neighborhood, I thought for sure you'd come see how I was doing.
You didn't recognize me.
Treated me like a stranger.
She was a pillar of this community.
We all loved her.
She was a saint.
And the truth is you barely know any of us.
So wait a minute, so you you agree with this guy? I speak for the group, Marcus But I'm a fair man.
I'll make you a deal.
You get out of here tonight by midnight and we'll consider taking the hit off your head.
But if you don't, I'm the one that's going to kill you this Purge Night.
You're planning revenge on the Jackals? Not exactly.
See that box on the floor? Open that up.
- What's this? - Put it on.
It's time to change your look.
And when we get there, I've got to talk to Doug and Sara.
They're a little spooked at how much heat you have on you right now.
Your team, your rules.
And I have a passport guy.
Thank you, but I'm not going anywhere.
Graveyards are full of heroes.
- Good thing I'm not a hero.
- Yeah? Oh, Jesus, how how long ago? I understand.
Thank you.
- What's going on? - I got to handle something.
- Now? - [SIGHS.]
That was my mother's nursing home.
She wandered off the grounds.
No one can seem to find her.
Is she sick? She has Alzheimer's.
Last time she got out, she got clipped by a car.
Oh, my God.
Where do you think she went? I'm thinking.
You watch people long enough, you see that everyone has their patterns.
What about a childhood home? A favorite place? Maybe something related to an old job? Good thinking.
You're in early.
Uh, oh.
I I never actually went home.
Listen, don't beat yourself up.
You did a great job last night.
Remember, she knows the playbook.
We'll catch her.
No, that's not it.
What exactly did Esme do? I mean, I know she's tagged, but Vivian, I know you really care about this job, and you have a big heart.
But that's not always a good thing, and I know that sounds callus, but No, I I get it.
We have to remain impartial.
When Esme betrayed the department, it was Yeah, it was hard on all of us.
So why do you think she did it? Um I don't know.
Because she cared too much.
She got personally involved instead of letting the system do its job.
It's important to trust the NFFA.
I understand.
What? Open up my bag.
There's something I wanna show you.
Please just do it.
Why? Let's just listen to music like you said.
Kelen it's important.
Do this for me.
I already saw.
I saw it.
I I I saw the mask.
I know you did.
But you didn't call the cops.
You know what that means, right? [QUIETLY.]
What? It means you care about me.
Of course I do, Ben.
After what happened on Purge Night, I I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I was on the edge all the time, just waiting for something bad to happen.
The farmer, when he grabbed me, I I just reacted.
But then afterward, I I felt better.
I felt great.
I think it's very brave that you can talk to me about all this.
It's so honest.
It is, and the fact that you see I'm the same guy, that that's real.
That that shows the kind of connection we have.
I feel like it brings us closer together.
I love you so much.
But it still scares you.
You keep doing that thing with your neck.
I didn't want it to be like this.
Here take it.
I want you to feel completely safe.
You know, maybe I'll give it some time.
I don't think you'll ever convince that man.
You can't reason with grief.
You're right.
I mean, did you see the look on their faces? They were scared.
I mean, he's dangerous.
I'll pack a couple of bags and send for the rest.
You guys are leaving? - Darren? - Are you all right? Uh, yeah, you just said you're leaving, right? It's a long story.
Okay, I'm coming with you.
Darren, honey, we have to leave today.
No, I'm that's fine.
I'm coming with.
Son, what's wrong? I think I'm in trouble, Dad.
What's going on? Okay, I messed with the wrong guys, and I think they're coming to Purge me now.
Come on.
It's okay.
Hey, look at me.
You're coming with us.
Let's go.
Mom! Mom! I'm her son.
Ryan, honey, what why aren't you in school? It got canceled.
Uh, uh, let's get you home.
- I'll get her home safe.
- Oh, hold on there, sir.
We need to get a little information here.
Let me start with your ID.
Ryan Grant.
That's it.
You're retired NOPD.
Well, old timers retire.
- I just kicked the habit early.
- Right on.
We pulled up an Alice Grant with an address listed at Lafayette Assisted Living over on Dorgenois.
- Is that right? - Yeah, that's it.
I've got my truck here.
I can get her home.
- Okay, we'll back you back.
- I don't want to trouble you.
Oh, no trouble at all, man.
Anything for a vet.
Where are we going now, honey? Is this your truck here? Yeah, it's right here.
I got it.
Here we go.
All right, here I go.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
No problem.
Y'all drive safe now.
You hot? I'll turn on the AC.
There's a gas station up ahead.
I'm gonna stop.
Where are you going? I have to use the bathroom.
Oh, wait.
Uh, can I borrow your phone? Uh, mine's dead.
I need to call my mom and let her know I left something back at the house.
Thanks for letting me use your phone.
You ready to go? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
Drew Adams.
- Hello? - Vivian? You saw my flyers? Photo got my attention.
How the hell did you know where to post them? I, uh, paid some people to plaster them around dead zones where you were last spotted.
You could get arrested for talking to me.
They might even have you wired by now.
No, I'm not.
It's safe.
I just I did a keystroke analysis on your work station before they erased it.
I saw what you did the deleted footage.
Hey, whatever you do, do not mention that footage or that case to anyone.
Do you understand? Not even Curtis.
I won't, but it's against regulation to tamper with footage like that.
Did you do it? I [SCOFFS.]
Of course not.
What did you do? They they they won't give me a straight answer, Curtis just skirts the issue.
I didn't do anything wrong.
How do I know that for sure? You don't.
Listen to me.
You cannot trust anyone.
How about you? Can I trust you? Because there is something very wrong, and I don't know what to do.
You can help me.
What are you looking for? I was just, um, checking my makeup.
So I was thinking after finals, maybe we take a trip somewhere? Wouldn't that be fun? Or we can save our money for an apartment.
If we finally had our own place, we can get a puppy.
Hmm? Ben? Where are we going? Ben? Ben! [PANTS.]
What are you doing? Ben? Ben? [PANTS.]
Looks like they're stopping traffic ahead.
- All right, keep moving.
Pull up.
Pull up.
Hi, Officer.
Evening, sir.
I need everyone's identification.
Yes, sir.
I'm reaching for it right now.
Come on, guys.
- Got it? - Yeah.
I'll be right back.
I don't mind Mississippi.
- It's so green here.
- Hmm.
I'm afraid we have a problem.
What's wrong? You and your wife are free to continue, but, sir, you're on our No Travel list.
I can't let you across the state line.
Wait, that's not right.
Uh, is that some sort of mistake? The list comes straight from the NFFA.
There's nothing I can do.
Please turn around.
Look, Dad, it's not a mistake.
What are you talking about? Look, the trouble that I'm in is not with some guys.
It's the government.
Okay, you you guys should probably just go on without me.
Please, I can't have something happen to you guys because of me.
Darren, no.
Can't leave my son.
Why? Please don't do this.
- Why did you write this? - I was scared.
I'm sorry, but I'm so scared.
It's just because you don't understand.
I don't want to understand.
It's sick, Ben.
You're always going to be afraid - until you see for yourself.
- [SOBS.]
I need you to do something for me.
What? Pick up the knife.
Let me show you.
No, no, no.
I I can't.
Kelen, do this for me.
Pick up the knife and I'll show you.
Come on! [SOBS.]
Now I want you to cut me.
What? No! Come on.
It's okay.
I'll be here to help you.
You just got to give yourself permission to let go of all the guilt and the fear.
Come on.
That's it.
Come on! Yeah.
Yeah, come on.
Do it! Do it! [YELLS.]
What the fuck? [GROANS.]
Kelen! Kelen, wait! Kelen! [GROANS.]
Kelen! Kelen! [MOANS.]
Hey! Help me! [CAR HORN HONKS.]
Kelen, wait! [CRYING.]
Kelen, wait! [PANTS.]
Oh, my God.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck! Oh! Man, I didn't even even want to hit her.
She ran right into the road, dude.
I just are you oh, fuck.
I've got to call 911! [GROANS, GURGLES.]
That was way too close.
Play time's over.
I'm gonna get you a passport and get you out of here.
I already told you I'm not leaving.
Hey, the cops almost caught you today.
You stay here, you're as good as dead.
When shit went upside down for you, did you run? Do you wanna know why? Because I have people here that depend on me, and I'm not gonna put my team or my mother in that kind of danger.
Yeah, well, I have people too.
People that were hurt by the NFFA, and I was part of that.
People like Dr.
Adams and Olivia Hughes.
And Tommy.
What do you know about Tommy? The morning after Purge Night, when Tommy crossed the line I was the one who tagged him.
My best friend is gonna die in there because of you.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
- Why are you telling me this? - [SIGHS.]
Don't you get it? This is why I have to stay.
I have to set things right.
I told myself it was just a job, and if it wasn't me, somebody else would have to do it.
But I can't think that way anymore.
- You need to leave.
- I need to help.
Please, just let me stay.
I don't give a fuck what you do, but you're not staying here.
Guys, are you sure about this? We shouldn't have never run.
I mean, why should we leave everything that we worked for? For some old psycho? Okay, you got guys like Clint all over this country.
Some of them, they're running this country.
But if we run now, we'll be running forever.
And I ain't running.
All right? We ain't running.
I wanna say thanks for everything.
The way you feel about Tommy The way it eats at you I'm carrying that for a lot of people I hurt.
You know some new person is sitting at my old desk, pressing the buttons I used to press, tagging new Tommys every day, sending good people to prison or worse.
And that is why I had to blow up this whole fucking thing.
- - Monster, monster, under my bed Come out and play 'cause I need a friend You're so damn close that I feel your breath You're the only one I have left Feel you in my bones Shiver up my spine You're a master of disguise You show up when no one's home Are you real or just a lie? I can feel you in my mind, in my soul Monster, monster, under my bed Come out and play 'cause I need a friend You're so damn close that I feel your breath You're the only one I have left ALL: Monster, monster, under my bed Come out and play 'cause I need a friend You're so damn close that I feel your breath You're the only one I have left Show me where to go I guess I'm always lost, now that everyone is gone You're the one who gives me hope Told to be afraid But around you, I feel safe And you know that I love when you jump in You help me feel something My eyelids are the door My mind is the coffin And just as they're closing You come from the closet And sing that lullaby you taught me Monster, monster, under my bed Come out and play 'cause I need a friend You're so damn close that I feel your breath You're the only one I have left Monster, monster, under my bed Come out and play 'cause I need a friend You're so damn close that I feel your breath You're the only one I have left