The Rain (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Avoid Contact

1 [THUNDER ROLLING] - [SIMONE] Everything used to be so normal.
So boring.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Markus, I told you to wait at the entrance.
Come on.
You're going to Dad's.
- [CELL PHONE RINGING] - [SIMONE] Always on the go, because the world and our lives were so predictable to us.
Hello? Yes, I'm on my way.
[CAR UNLOCKS] [SIMONE] Rehashing old arguments, and then you kiss and make up.
The familiar feeling of going in circles and not being able to break free.
[WOMAN] Listen, Jonas I happen to have a life of my own.
[SIMONE] We let ourselves believe that we could make a difference.
That when we grew up, - we were going to matter more.
- [HORN BLARING] - [CRUNCHING IMPACT] - We were going to change things.
Make our lives important and meaningful.
That was our purpose: to make a difference.
I'm sorry.
I didn't see you there.
I'm sorry, my bad.
[MAN] Be more careful with your kid in the car.
[WOMAN] Yes, I'm sorry [MAN] I honked and whatnot! [WOMAN] I didn't see you in the rear-view mirror.
[MAN] Think twice with your son in the back seat.
[SIMONE] But then the rain came.
And there was nothing we could do.
[THUNDER ROLLING] [MAN AND WOMAN CONTINUE ARGUING] [SIMONE] You don't know what you've got until it's all gone.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC DROWNS OUT DIALOG] [DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES] [SIMONE] There was nothing we could do to save them, but we have to do something now.
We have to find a way to save the world.
Now we are trapped in a quarantine zone with the ones who laid waste to the world.
My brother can save us all.
I simply have to survive.
We're on the run, with nowhere to run to.
- [MARTIN] Go, Patrick, go! - [PATRICK] I fucking am! [LEA] Easy! Are they following us? - [SIMONE] They're right behind us.
- [MARTIN] We're dead if they catch us! [TIRES SCREECHING] [JEAN] What happened? - My glasses! - [LEA] Easy! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [SIMONE] There's one more.
[TIRES SCREECHING] - [MARTIN] Go, go, go! - It doesn't go any faster, okay? [SHOUTS] Cut them off! Cut them off, goddamn it! [SHOUTS] Go, Patrick! [TIRES SCREECHING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [PATRICK] Fuck! - Turn! - Go, Patrick! [TIRES SCREECHING] [MARTIN] There's the bridge.
- [SIMONE] What? - [MARTIN] The bridge to Denmark.
[MARTIN] We're home free.
[SHOUTS] [YELLS] Hit the brakes! - [YELLING] [SOLDIER 2] Get out! - [SOLDIER 1] Go get the boy! Get them! - [SOLDIER 2] Get out now! [SOLDIER 1] Leave the boy.
Get them out! [GRUNTING] [SOLDIER 1] Hold him.
[GRUNTING] [SOLDIER 1] Stand still.
- [IN SWEDISH] Stay here.
Sten's orders.
- [FREDERIK IN DANISH] Two minutes.
Two minutes.
- You won't get him! - You don't understand.
[SIMONE] You were going to shoot Rasmus.
You shot Martin.
Just shut up! If this isn't contained within the zone, it will kill everyone.
[SIMONE] You said you could save him.
- [MARTIN] There's 12 soldiers.
- Have you seen him? the fuck up! Stand still.
- [IN DANISH] You created the rain, psycho! - [FREDERIK] Simone You have to listen to me.
Take this.
They're coordinates.
- [KIRA IN SWEDISH] Enough! We have orders.
- [IN DANISH] Find them.
- [KIRA IN SWEDISH] For the last time - [SIMONE IN DANISH] Who? They can kill the virus without killing Rasmus.
Nobody else can.
- If they can't - [KIRA IN SWEDISH] Final warning! [IN DANISH] you have to kill him.
[RASMUS GROANS] - [IN SWEDISH] You're coming with us.
Get back! Get back! [SHOUTS IN DANISH] Get in the car! Come on, get in! Simone, get in now! Come on, Jean! [JEAN] Yeah! [SOLDIERS GROANING IN PAIN] [MARTIN] Go! [KIRA IN SWEDISH] Follow the car! - [JEAN IN DANISH] How did you do it? - [RASMUS] I don't know.
- When I brake, run for the woods.
- What about you? - I'll find you.
Ready? - I guess.
[MARTIN] Three, two, one Go, go, go! [PATRICK] Come on! [TIRES SCREECHING] Run! Faster! [MARTIN GRUNTING IN PAIN] [PATRICK] Faster, damn it! - [SIMONE] Martin! - [MARTIN] Coming! [STEN IN SWEDISH] How could you let them get away, Kira? [KIRA] I think he infected the troops.
- We lost half the men.
- [STEN] How the hell is that possible? [IN DANISH] Something is wrong with the boy.
The virus infiltrated his immune system.
[IN SWEDISH] Did you hear that? We can't control the virus anymore.
Unless we find him, we're all going to die.
We have to get him before he finds out how to control it.
[MARTIN] That's an old military checkpoint.
Maybe we can find supplies there.
[SIMONE] Okay.
[MARTIN] Check if they left anything useful.
Come here, Jean.
Let's be quick.
We need to move on before Apollon finds us.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [DOOR OPENS] Hi, how are you feeling? - I don't feel anything.
- [SIMONE] I'm just as angry as you.
But we have to remember that Dad tried to help us.
He tried to kill me! And before that, he kept us in a bunker for six years! - How can you even cry for him? - I'm not crying for him! It's you! Dad told us where we can find help and unless we do as he says, you'll die.
You can be angry all you want.
But I won't let you die! Okay? - Nobody needs me.
- I need you.
You are not going to die! [BEEPING] [SIMONE] I'm not as good at it as you are.
I can draw an elephant.
You want me to draw you? OK.
I'll draw you, then.
[RASMUS WHEEZING] [DOOR OPENS] [FREDERIK] Are you ready? I'm injecting 100 mg now, and another 100 in an hour.
The virus should activate within five minutes.
We ought to see results within ten.
No, I'm not doing it at the hospital.
They won't allow it.
It's too dangerous.
Yes, we'll show them the results.
If it works.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [SIMONE] My dad had been gone for six years.
And now he's Now he's dead.
Rasmus hates him, and I just don't know.
All the shit he put you through.
How are you supposed to react? Yeah.
The coordinates from Simone's dad lead to Roskilde where Rasmus may get help.
We're far away from Apollon and close to Sweden.
Let's find ourselves a boat and sail across to Køge Bay.
Then we'll walk the ten miles to Roskilde.
[SIMONE] It's a long shot and all we have is coordinates.
- That way.
- [SIMONE] But it's our only hope.
- Can we take five? I have to pee.
- Sure.
Come here! Look! Hurry! [MARTIN GROANS AND SIGHS] - What's up? - [JEAN] Hurry.
[PATRICK] What the - [SIMONE] What the hell? - [JEAN] Horrific.
- What the hell is that? - We'll give it a wide berth, huh? Yes.
Let's backtrack.
[SIMONE] Okay.
- Yeah.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] - [MARTIN] I think it's down this way.
- [PATRICK] Cool.
- [MARTIN] Lea, Jean, come on.
- [JEAN] We'll catch up.
[JEAN] Do you want to go inside? We have to hurry.
- [MAN] It's over there.
- [WOMAN] We'll get samples to find out We've seen this before.
- [MARTIN] I think it's them.
- Exactly.
- [WOMAN] If we get a sample of that - [MARTIN] Hey! We're looking for someone who can help us.
That's not us.
Don't come any closer.
That's not you? Stay back.
If you touch this, you'll die.
You can't be here.
- This area is contaminated.
- Contaminated? [WOMAN] Yes.
- [MARTIN] Who are you? - [WOMAN] You don't need to know.
- We'll secure the area, and then we go.
- Okay.
We have these coordinates.
Somebody here is supposed to help us.
Not us.
I don't know where it is.
That's not us.
Go away.
[METAL CLANGING] Jean, leave it.
- [MAN] We have what we need.
- Okay, give me the samples.
- Well, thanks a lot.
- Awesome.
[SIMONE] We can't just go.
They can help Rasmus.
- [PAINED GASP] - [MARTIN] Rasmus? [RASMUS GROANS] [SIMONE] Rasmus, what's wrong? [WOMAN] What's wrong with him? - [MARTIN] Rasmus? - [SIMONE] Rasmus! [SHOUTS] Put out the fire! - Put it out! - We can't.
Do as he says! - Put out the fire! - Get him away from here! - [MARTIN] Okay, so help us.
- [RASMUS GROANS] But that doesn't make sense.
How can he be infected and still be alive? Well, he is, and he needs help.
- Why is he wearing that suit? - [SIMONE] Because we escaped from Apollon.
My dad told us to find someone here, and that must be you.
- Who is your dad? - Frederik Andersen.
- Frederik Andersen, the biochemist? - Yes.
That's nonsense.
Frederik's children died before we could examine his son with the original virus.
That was me.
So, he's patient zero.
We have to bring them to the base.
What's up? That's Fie and Anders.
- Hi.
- [MARTIN] They can help us.
[FIE] We are looking for a way to stop the virus.
The base has all we need, and we're safe from Apollon.
- [SIMONE] Can you protect my brother? - [FIE] Yes.
[PATRICK] What if we wait and Rasmus goes in? [MARTIN] No way, Patrick.
We stay together.
- [KEYPAD BEEPING] - [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] Can we trust them? [DOOR UNLOCKS] I don't like this, Martin.
Stay on your toes.
[MAN] What the hell, Fie? You can't bring anyone here.
This is a breach of protocol.
Jakob, scan them before you say any more.
- Close your eyes.
- [MARTIN] Why? [FIE] Just do it.
He ought to be dead.
Yes, and it's not a delayed reaction.
- He's patient zero.
- [JAKOB] Bring him to the lab.
On the double.
[MARTIN] Holy shit.
[PATRICK] What the fuck? It looks like something out of Mad Max.
[ANDERS] Take this to the basement, will you? Rasmus, come with me.
I'm coming with him.
This is Simone and Rasmus.
[SIMONE] Thanks.
We need to take some tissue samples.
We'll start out with a blood test.
- Simone, you can go with Fie.
- [SIMONE] Okay.
- Fie.
- Aye, Captain.
[KEYPAD BEEPING] Okay, roll up your sleeve and put your arm here.
[ANDERS] Just wait here Would you tell us where the hell we are before we get settled in? - Sure.
What do you want to know? - How you avoid detection from Apollon.
Okay, come with me.
[JAKOB] How long have you been this way? I don't know.
[JAKOB] It's been inside you since you were ten? [ANDERS] Some of us worked for Apollon, but we left when we heard they were killing people.
We've tried to stop the virus from spreading, but Apollon keeps chasing us.
The base has an electronic shield rendering us invisible to Apollon.
The drone jammer is up there.
We can do what we like without Apollon monitoring us.
- Did you set it up? - No.
And that goes for the solar panels and the wind turbines as well.
We found it like this and have used it ever since.
- You found it like this? - Yes.
[PATRICK] That's strangely convenient.
- [JAKOB] How does it feel? - I don't know.
It's It feels weird.
It sort of sizzles.
It's like running a fever, only worse.
I'm burning up.
And it wants out.
[JAKOB] Out? Yes, it's as if As if it wants to get out.
I think I infected people - I want to get rid of it.
- [JAKOB] Let's see if we can do that.
[FIE] So, what's your story? Oh, it's long.
Long story short? Changing rooms.
Lots of beds to choose from.
Plenty of room.
- [LEA] How many are you? - [ANDERS] There were 80 of us.
Now there's just 12 of us left.
This is the storage room, and in there we have clothes.
Be my guest.
There are clean towels and sheets.
[MARTIN] Okay.
- So, we'll just wait here? - Yes, we'll come for you.
- [LEA] Can we take whatever we want? - Sure, there's no shortage.
- Get your girlfriend something.
- Yeah.
- Huh? What did you say? - Doesn't she need anything? - We aren't a couple.
- Not at all.
Here you go.
I'm afraid we're fresh out of Spider-Man plasters.
- Patrick - [PATRICK] Yeah? [MARTIN] Listen.
The doors have old box locks.
They should be easy to kick open if they lock us in.
I don't think there are any weapons here.
The cameras seem to be offline.
Try this on.
They seem really nice.
- I thought you were uneasy.
- I was, but then I found this This one Cool, huh? - You're a goldfish.
A big goldfish.
- [PATRICK] Shut up.
Well, that was funny.
- What was funny? - The stuff about us being a couple.
- We aren't a couple, Jean.
- I know, but Okay, we have a temporary sequencing result.
- So, can you help him? - Yes, I believe we can.
We need to run some more tests, but I think so.
You can join him.
- This is the virus inside me.
- [SIMONE] All of that? Maybe.
They're not sure yet.
We need to run more tests.
- I know you hate this.
- I feel like a fucking lab rat.
[SIMONE] You're not.
They say they can help you.
Listen, we look after each other.
You're going to get well.
- So, what exactly did you have in mind? - I'm going to do a lumbar biopsy.
- Which may kill an infected person? - Either way, we'll get the virus out.
We can't do that.
Not until we know how it will affect him.
We don't have time.
I'm willing to take that risk to get a pure virus sample.
Are you going to inform them of the risk? - No need to cause unnecessary alarm.
- Unnecessary? But he's our responsibility! It's our responsibility to find a vaccine.
So you decide who lives and who dies? - I'm willing to make that decision, yes.
- [FIE] Well, count me out.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] - We have guests? - [JAKOB] You're well-informed.
- They just need help.
- But we never let anyone in.
No, but this time we did.
So - did you have another fight with Fie? - Shut up.
- I can't believe you're sleeping with her.
- Enough with the tabloid talk.
You're my sister, not my mother.
- So you do have a crush on her? - Fuck off, Sarah! [JAKOB SIGHS] Need anything? [SARAH] Uh.
- I just need to get out of here.
- [JAKOB] We're working on it.
There's a boy among them He is special.
- Maybe we can get you out of here.
- Seriously? Mm.
Don't get your hopes up, but this is what we've been waiting for.
We'll run tests tonight and find a cure, and then you and I can get out of here.
- [SARAH] I want to see him.
- You can't.
I'll be back to let you know.
[FIE] We know that the virus enters into a symbiosis with its host, and we know there's a connection between all infected organisms.
That's why your brother felt pain when we burned the tree.
All our studies have been of animals, so we can't apply them.
But now we have a human specimen, so we'll just have to feel our way.
What's happening to the trees? We're not quite sure, but we know it's spreading, and unless we destroy it, it will destroy us.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] I'd better find the others and fill them in.
[LAUGHTER] [JOYFUL CHATTER] [MARTIN] I'll wear these thongs.
Like this? Hey.
- [MARTIN] How is Rasmus? - Well Fine, I think.
They're running a lot of tests.
I figured I'd tell you in case you were worried.
Of course we're worried.
- So what? Martin, you were having fun, and that's just fine.
- [MARTIN] Yeah, but I'm sorry.
- Stop apologizing.
You did nothing wrong! Okay, so what do you want me to say? What is it Martin, look I would like to have some fun, too.
- But I have to take care of Rasmus.
- [MARTIN] Just tell me what to do.
You might want to take off those clothes because you look like an idiot.
She's right, dude.
You look like an idiot.
[SIGHS] - [JEAN] Want a nut? - No, thanks.
- [JEAN] They're chili nuts.
- I'm good.
[PACKET CRINKLING] [NUTS CRACKING] [LEA] Hush! I'm praying for us.
- Will you please stop trying? - I don't mind.
Yes, you do.
You think it's lame.
And when you think that, it doesn't work for me either.
What do you want? I Do you want to be my boyfriend? - Well - [LEA] Fine.
You can be my boyfriend if you'll let me pray in peace.
Okay? - I'm your boyfriend? - Yes, if you let me pray in peace.
They're nice.
- We're ready.
- [JAKOB] Okay, five minutes.
- They say it's going to hurt.
- It sure will.
It's a lumbar puncture.
Well, you're a great comfort.
- Do you want me to lie? - Yes, I'd like that right now.
Simone Come here.
This is the virus as we know it.
It's like a Russian doll with a germ inside a virus, inside another virus.
The virus keeps changing.
But if he's the source, we can find the original strand and zero in on it.
[EXHALES ANXIOUSLY] Simone I'm glad you found us.
I'll let you know when we're through, don't worry.
[KEYPAD BEEPING] See you soon.
- [JAKOB] Rasmus, - [DOOR CLOSES] take off your suit.
- Hi.
- [MARTIN] Hey.
You changed again.
Yes, I I'm not sure the world was quite ready for the other outfit.
I don't know about that, but that's a better look for you.
- You think so? - [SIMONE CHUCKLES] - I'm sorry.
- Don't apologize.
Okay? I would love nothing more than to make you forget everything if I could, but I just don't know how.
Tell me what you need.
Mask, please.
Look at me.
- Yes, I don't feel well.
- [JAKOB] You're just nervous.
- [MUTTERS TO HIMSELF] [JAKOB] Rasmus, listen to me.
We can help each other, okay? Take off your shirt.
Marker, please.
- Can we wait? I really don't feel well.
- [JAKOB] Two minutes, and we're done.
- [GAS HISSES] - [INHALES AND EXHALES] Martin? [MARTIN] Yes? Promise me you'll never leave me.
I promise.
- [JAKOB] Okay, let's puncture.
- I really don't feel well.
[JAKOB] Lie still Rasmus, two minutes, and it's all over.
One prick, and it's over.
Take a deep breath.
I'll prick you in three, two, one [RASMUS GASPS IN PAIN] - Breathe, Rasmus.
Breathe - [CRIES] It hurts! It really hurts! [JAKOB] It's supposed to hurt.
Take a deep breath.
[RASMUS PANTS AND GROANS] Anders, come in here.
[RASMUS PANTING] [JAKOB] Anders, get in here! [ANDERS] What the hell is wrong? [RASMUS PANTING] [JAKOB] There's no blood.
There's no spinal fluid.