The Ranch (2016) s03e12 Episode Script


1 Bitch! Fuck! [GROANS.]
Where's my brother? Police! Hands where I can see 'em! Wilkerson? How about: balls where I can't see 'em? Shut up, Bennett.
What's this all about? Nothing.
It's all good.
You live in a trailer park? I'll ask the fuckin' questions! What you guys fightin' about? Ain't no fight.
- We're just talking.
Oh, really? Oh, you weren't just on top of him? No.
Just like I weren't just on top of your mother.
Fuck this! I'm takin' you guys down to the station.
Let's go.
Whoa! Hey If you're gonna handcuff us, you better go next door and get 'em off your gimp.
Fuck you, Bennett.
Let's go, now.
Move it! [COLT.]
What the [NICK.]
Come on, man! Cowboys ain't easy to love And they're harder to hold They'd rather give you a song Than diamonds or gold Lonestar belt buckles and old faded Levi's And each night begins a new day You don't understand him And he don't die young He'll probably just ride away Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys Don't let 'em pick guitars or drive them old trucks Let 'em be doctors and lawyers and such Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys What are you doin'? Er Just trying to clear a DUI I got four years ago.
Then I saw your search history.
Did you Google "male breast reduction"? Yeah, for a case.
Yeah, a case of the bitch tits.
Sit over there! [COLT SIGHS.]
This is what we're looking at, Bennett.
You're out on bail for stealing that generator.
- Yeah.
- Then you go over to Nick's and for whatever reason, you get in a fight.
Oh no, I didn't get in a fight.
I kicked his ass allegedly.
Learned that from a lawyer.
Well, at some point during this "alleged" fight Barbara June says you threw a Weber grill at Nick, which ended up going through the window of her '87 Fiero.
It's a trailer park.
No matter whether it's windows or teeth, ain't nobody got 'em all.
Look, man, I'm trying to help you out.
Why don't you give Barbara June 200 bucks and this whole thing goes away.
Ma She doesn't even drive that thing.
She breeds rabbits in it.
You watch yourself! That's my girlfriend.
Okay you really call a prostitute your girlfriend? Y'know what? Don't pay.
I bet you wish Barbara June'd say that to you once.
I'm gonna charge you with destruction of property.
That's a bad look for a guy already out on bail.
They're gonna love you in prison.
Yea fine, I'll give her the $200.
Should I just put it on her dresser? - Fuck you! - Fuck you! You wanna be a real cop, you'll help that girl out.
Now, what you gonna do to find Rooster? We've put out an APB.
Just nothing's come back yet.
You don't even care about him.
Where's Beer Pong? He's out at a DUI checkpoint.
Somebody's doing something to find Rooster.
Look, we'll let you know as soon as we find out anything, but in the meantime, if I catch you back at Nick's - [COLT.]
I got it.
- I will throw your ass in jail.
- Do you understand? - Yeah! When you put that badge on, do you ever poke yourself and have milk come out? Hey, Colt! If you see Rooster tell him I said hi.
I will.
See you real soon, Nick.
Looking forward to it.
Keep moving, let's go.
I can't believe you just let him walk.
Just drop it.
15 minutes I'm letting you go too.
Damn it! Did you change my password? Don't know what you're talking about.
Bennett, if I can't get on my computer, I can't help find your brother.
I think you know what it is.
Bitch tits.
Hank Mary here? What, you think I just sit here all day? You've got three parking boots on your truck.
Mary's in the back getting me chili.
Mary! Hank I wanna be you when I'm 60.
I'm 40.
All right, Hank, chili's free today.
Don't ask why.
Oh, what happened to your face? Paid your boy Nick a little visit.
Dickhead hit me with a bug zapper.
What? Nick's in Ohio.
Yeah, and Hank's 40.
Nick never left town.
He's in the trailer park.
Are you kidding me? I was there yesterday, getting a bunny from Barbara June for my grandson.
Bitch tried to screw me.
I know the difference between a bunny and a trailer rat.
Have you heard from Rooster? No, and I sent him my best boob pic.
Spring break '98, but they're still mine.
I'm telling you, fuckin' Nick knows something.
Let's go talk to him.
If you go back there you'll just get in another fight.
Fuck yeah, I am.
But this time I ain't gonna be mesmerized by the bug zapper.
I think it's better if I go talk to him alone.
I s'pose you're right.
Ain't gonna do anybody any good for me to get in a fight again, kick his ass.
Which I did the first time, like real bad.
Guy's an ex-con, but whatever.
Every badass I know orders their burger with a lettuce bun.
Every badass who still wears a size 32 Wranglers.
All right, I'm gonna go back to the ranch.
I don't hear from you in a couple of hours I'm gonna do all kinds of stupid shit.
Yeah, I know you will, buddy.
Hank they're towing your truck.
Oh, no! I guess I can't leave.
What are you looking at, Barbara June? I didn't touch your fuckin' Fiero.
Hey, Mary, what's up? What's up? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at your brother's in Ohio.
Got a job, lumberyard.
Figured I'd just stick around.
Couldn't get a job the 18 years you were supposed to be paying child support, but, good for you.
Y'know where Rooster is? Oh God! First Colt, now you.
A lot of interest in this Duck Dynasty reject.
Nobody has seen him in over two days.
I know you went to his cabin and threatened him.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Nick! Look, a lot of people I care about are worried about him.
I need you to tell me if you know anything about this.
I will tell you again I don't know where Rooster is.
All right, look, a lot of this I know is my fault, but once upon a time you loved me and I loved you.
We have a daughter together.
So I need you to tell me the truth.
Want me to be honest? Okay.
I wanted to fuckin' kill him.
I wanted to throw him in the curb and crush his fuckin' skull.
But I ain't going back to prison for a piece of shit like Rooster.
- You know where he is? - No.
I did go to his trailer and I made it clear that I wanted him to get out of town and he left.
- And then what? - Then I have no idea.
The last time I seen him was at the trailer.
That's the truth.
What a fuckin' mess! All right, thanks.
Hey, hold on! Wanna come in and, um have a beer? [SCOFFS.]
That's not happening.
- Hey! - Hey! What you doin'? Your father and I were watching The Searchers the other night and we fell asleep.
I'm trying to get it out but it's jammed in there.
Oh shit! That's his favorite John Wayne movie.
Might as well be an American flag stuffed in there.
I can't get it out.
I took it to Best Buy and the Geek Squad doesn't even know what a VCR is.
Geek Squad doesn't know what a date is.
Worst come to worst, you just tell my dad it's a home video of my first steps.
You know he won't care.
Where is he, by the way? Oh, he got tired of waiting for you.
Went outta here muttering something about you and the goddamn wolf.
Shit! Is he mad? Not as mad as he's gonna be when I tell him you're the one who ruined his copy of The Searchers.
Hey! Where you been? Oh, I ran down to the feed store.
Uh-huh? That where you got your black eye? [HE SIGHS.]
All right, well Abby's concealer's bullshit.
I have a daughter who started doin' drugs when she was 12.
I've heard about every lie there is, starting with, "Can I borrow some of your urine for science class?" Been there.
No, I went to talk to a guy about Rooster, we ended up getting into it.
You got in a fight? Er just rolled around in the dirt in a trailer park.
We got arrested by a cop in his underwear.
I give ya Toby Keith would be like, "That's too white trash for me.
" I know it's a lot for you with your ranch and your brother being gone.
Hate to see you get in any trouble so I'm here if you wanna talk or if I can help at all, or if you want some clean urine? Appreciate that.
Hi! I just got off the phone with the police.
All right Look, me and Nick got into it, but there ain't gonna be no charges.
They found your brother's bike.
Where? Raton Mountain Pass.
At the bottom of the cliff.
Shit! Wilkerson.
What happened? Looks like he was carrying too much speed into the curb, locked up his brakes and went over the guardrail.
Where is he? We're still looking.
Nice and slow.
My God! We're combing the entire area.
Our search and rescue guys are the best.
We've even got a team in the river that specializes in swift-water rescue.
This don't make any sense.
Rooster's been riding a bike since before he could walk.
He knows this road like the back of his hand.
Unfortunately, we see stuff like this all the time.
Colt, I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for? Just find my fuckin' brother.
- We're doing everything we can.
- Well, fuckin' do more! I can't take this.
I'm sorry.
I only called you 'cause I thought you'd wanna be here.
No, I'm really glad you did, it's just, the not knowing, y'know? I'm a nervous wreck.
You got any weed? When your house burns down you go through that pretty quick.
- Oh, but I have some pills.
- Bingo! I confiscated them from my daughter.
What are they? Know what? It doesn't matter.
I don't care.
Best case, takes the edge off.
Worst case, lower my cholesterol.
- We should be out there.
- We walked up and down that river for two hours until they told us to get out We were helping! We were in the way.
They're conducting a goddamn investigation.
- What's going on? What happened? - Is Rooster OK? They don't know.
They don't fuckin' know anything.
They don't even know if Rooster was on the bike.
They're still looking for him.
My God! They've got a whole search team.
Oh yeah! They've got their best people on it, too.
All right, Wilkerson You shouldn't be allowed to be a cop if you've gotta step on a fuckin' stool to wash your hands.
Is there anything we can do? No What the fuck are we gonna do? We're gonna let them fuckin' do their job.
Do their job? I'm gonna call Maggie, let her know what's going on.
What? No! Don't call Mom! You'll get her all worked up over nothing.
She has to know what's going on.
Nobody knows what's going on! That's the whole fuckin' point! - I'm calling her.
- Y'know what? Fine.
Call her.
You talk to Nick? Yeah.
He told Rooster to get out of town but that's the last time he saw him.
Do you believe him? I do.
He's an asshole, but I can always tell when he's lying.
You also believed him when he said he went to Ohio.
- Trust me, he doesn't know where Rooster - Trust you? The only reason any of this is happening is 'cause you were fucking around on your ex-husband with my brother.
That's enough of that shit.
Yeah, whatever! Where are you goin'? I'm gonna kill the wolf.
- That can wait! - Dad! Rooster's coming back! You always say the work never stops, right? Well, I'm gonna go kill the wolf, and then when he gets back, it'll be fuckin' dealt with.
Fuck! Let me know if you hear anything.
Rooster keeps hauling home all these piece-of-shit bikes.
He's never gonna do anything with 'em.
This whole place is a fuckin' mess! [SOBS.]
I'm the reason Rooster loves bikes.
I didn't know you rode.
I had an old piece-of-shit Harley.
I took him on his first ride.
He couldn't have been more than six or seven years old, Jesus Christ! We rode through the Gunnison National Park.
I thought maybe it'd scare the shit out of him.
He just giggled.
Kept yelling, "Faster, faster, Daddy!" You can't blame yourself.
I've been down that road.
It doesn't do any good.
You think you can protect 'em.
You think you can keep 'em safe.
And then you get that phone call and you realize you've just been kidding yourself all that time.
Yeah, but he could still come back.
You don't know what happened.
Oh, you didn't see that bike.
You didn't see that drop.
I didn't wanna say it in front of Colt, but Rooster's gone.
What are you doin' out here? Got it figured out.
Figured what out? Rooster faked his death.
He dumped his bike off that cliff.
That way Nick thinks he's gone, lets his guard down.
Next thing you know, Nick's going over that cliff.
This time you can find a body.
Is that really what you think happened to Rooster? All I know is Nick he knows something.
Mary couldn't get the truth out of him, but I will.
See if he lies to me when he's got a gun in his mouth.
You've got a wife and a kid on the way.
- You're not gonna do them any good - Why should I listen to you? You didn't believe me when I told you he was missing.
You said it was nothing.
The only way to find out what happened is to talk to this motherfucker.
Rooster had an accident and all we can do is hope that he made it through it.
- You hear what I said? - Shh! [GUNSHOT.]
I clipped it.
I'm going after it.
Colt! Fuck! [BEAU.]
Colt! You can't see blood, you can't see tracks, you can't see anything out here! [THUNDER RUMBLES.]
Come on, Colt, let's go home.
I don't need you out here.
I don't want you out here! And I don't want you out here! Just fuckin' go home! [COLT CRIES OUT.]
This is crazy.
You're hunting a wolf in the dark of night in the middle of a goddamn rain storm.
I'm getting the fuckin' wolf! [MARY.]
You sure you don't wanna try and get some sleep? You could wash down one of my daughter's pills with NyQuil, see what happens? I just wanna sit here for a while.
I wish there was more I could do to help.
You've done plenty.
You should probably head to bed.
No sense in the both of us being exhausted.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
But I'm here if you need me.
Told you I'd get it.
Good work.
Jeez Rooster is gonna be so pissed he missed it.
- [BEAU.]
Who's gonna take it? - We should get it stuffed.
You can put it inside the cabin, like it's attacking, he'd go an' freak out.
We can put a camera in its mouth.
Never have too much video of your brother shitting his pants.
I'm glad it's over.
- Come on, let's head inside.
- No.
Fuck that! Took care of one problem, it's time to take care of another.
I'm gonna go see Nick.
You better stay away from there.
I ain't givin' up.
I'm not asking you to.
I'm asking you not to do something stupid.
You'll end up in a jail cell or in a hole in the ground.
I hate him.
Sit down.
Sit! We don't have time.
You know that folded-up flag in the living room? Uncle Greg's? Yeah.
I remember that time you got all pissed off 'cause Rooster's running around with it like a cape.
Our units shipped off to Vietnam within a week of each other.
My poor mother.
Both her sons fighting a war a lot of people didn't believe in.
My brother was a hell of a soldier.
I bet he was.
Greg and I'd write letters to each other every week.
Nothing special, just someone to talk to.
Someone who understood.
Two weeks before the end of my tour, I got word that his platoon got ambushed outside of Can Tho and he was MIA.
Happy fuckin' Easter! They wanted to ship me home, but I re-upped.
My mom found out, she begged me not to but I knew Greg was alive and I was gonna find him.
Dad - I see what you're doing.
- You shut the fuck up! Let me finish.
I chased down every river for Greg.
Came up empty.
Then one day, a mortar came in.
I ended up in the field hospital, lucky to be alive.
Chasing a ghost almost got me killed.
I can't lose both my sons.
I just can't.
You ain't gonna lose me.
You haven't lost Rooster.
He's alive.
And this fuckin' Nick This motherfucker, this fuckin' piece of shit! He's gonna fuckin' tell me where he is! [DOOR KNOCKS.]
Are you Nick? Yeah.
Why? I'm Beau Bennett.
Colt and Rooster are my sons.
Look, man, I already told Colt Fuck, I already told everybody I don't know where Rooster is.
You need to get outta town.
- Maybe you need to get off my porch.
- Listen to me.
I got one son gone and another one thinks you had something to do with it.
I'm not gonna let him go to jail for something he might do to you.
Now get your shit together and go.
Why the fuck would I listen to you?! 'Cause I'm a 72-year-old man who wouldn't mind spending the rest of his life in an eight-by-ten cell.

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