The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s02e16 Episode Script

No One Comes to Lupusville

Ghostbusters ♪
There's something strange
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
There's something weird
And it don't look good ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
Who you going to call? ♪
Ghostbusters ♪
It still say these cards are marked.
Huh! Caught you.
"You're sure you've got
nothing up your sleeves", I says.
"What sleeves", says he.
Just goes to show you
you can't trust a ghost.
All right, Slimer.
Come on out.
You owe me five bucks and change.
Get your ectoplasmic butt out here.
Stupid ghost, doesn't even need doors.
And he's always leaving them open,
and I don't get paid
nearly enough for this.
And there's no pension.
And I ought to unionize.
Slimer, come inside.
It's cold out here.
OK, fine. Suit yourself.
Pardon, miss,
I did not mean to startle you.
Is this the residence of the Ghostbusters?
Yes, it is. But they're all asleep.
Perhaps if you came back in the morning.
That would be difficult.
Perhaps you will
give them a message for me?
Please tell them to come to this address
after dusk tomorrow.
I have a special job for them.
And as a token of my good faith
Oh, well.
I'll certainly tell them, mister.
I need a name for the invoice!
My name is Gregor.
What did you say
this place was called, Egon?
Apparently some sort of
private real estate development.
Essentially a privately owned town.
Pretty far off the beaten track,
wouldn't you say?
Peter, you have any idea at all
where we are?
Of course, Ray, why do you ask?
Up and at 'em, sports fans, we're here.
Nice town. Peaceful. Quiet.
Rustic. Dead.
Don't push it, Peter.
Strange though. You'd think
somebody would be here to meet us.
There he is!
Huh, looks like the welcome wagon
is coming to say hi.
You know you have to respect a town
where everyone takes a real fashion risk.
What are you guys so nervous about?
They're just plain folks.
Small town folks.
You just have to show 'em
you're one of 'em.
Hi, there. Dr. Ray Stantz.
Heh. Glad to meet you.
Oh, hi!
Hi, my name, Leda.
I think you're cute.
Well, at least we know they're civilized.
Folks, listen.
Thanks so much for coming out tonight.
And we'll gladly sign
autographs later, OK?
But right now, we're trying
to find a man named Gregor.
Oh, gentlemen.
I'm so pleased to see
you've arrived safely.
Please step inside out of the rain.
Rain? What rain?
Some weatherman, this Gregor.
So, you see, we've always
been a peaceful quiet town.
We stay to our own kind.
We bother no one.
So, naturally,
when strange things began to happen
we sought someone
we could trust to help us.
That would be you.
-Yes, it is.
And the problem is vampires.
Yeah, well, it's been
awfully nice to meet you
and see your town
and a really, really nice town it is,
but it's getting late, so we'll just
You are saying you are afraid?
We need you.
We need your services.
No, sir.
It's just that, well
We're Ghostbusters.
You know, we've never had to
deal with vampires before.
True. However this would
provide an opportunity
to test our equipment.
To see how it works on revenants.
The undead.
Forget it.
I've seen enough movies to know that
you don't mess with vampires
unless you know what you're doing.
We don't.
That is unfortunate.
I could have made it
eminently worth your while.
However, I am a fast learner.
OK, you got us.
Where can we find these things
and when do they strike?
They always come
through the forest.
And they come each night at midnight.
I have an idea.
Everyone walk in step and follow my lead.
Oh-wee-oh ♪
Oh-wee-oh ♪
Shh. Listen.
Hear something?
I don't hear anything.
Whatever it is, it's gone now.
Wait a minute, Egon.
What about the P.K.E. Meter?
Well, sure, we normally use it for ghosts,
but if vampires
put out psychokinetic energy
Good thinking, Ray.
That's got it.
Picking up signals
from straight in front of us.
And to the right, and to the left,
and behind us. Gentlemen?
We're surrounded.
Phew, scared me there for a minute.
Yeah, just a bunch of old bats.
Peter, bats
Oh, boy!
You wanted to test the equipment, Egon,
I think this is it.
Let's rock and roll, guys.
OK, so much for rock and roll.
Mozart anyone?
Look out!
Watch your back!
Peter. Whoa!
Let go, man!
Let go.
Keep away from that,
you don't know what you're doing.
No, that's the destruct switch.
Everybody, duck!
No! Oh, no!
Don't be dead.
PleaseDon't be dead.
Oh, man, do I hurt.
Egon, I
Yes, Peter.
Geez, Ray, don't do that.
Where is everybody?
I don't know.
But we got to find 'em.
You needn't hurry, gentlemen.
You're not going anywhere.
For a while, at any rate.
OK, buddy.
For your own sake,
I think you better start talking fast.
Where are our friends?
Yeah. What have you done
with Egon and Winston?
Such accusations.
And you do not even know me.
I do not have your friends.
Some of my party
were injured by the blast.
We could only carry two of you.
Your friends are in the custody
of the other vampires.
Other vampires?
You guys got a convention
going here, right?
Wait a minute.
What other vampires?
You really don't know, do you?
You've already met them.
They live in that town.
And their leader
is Gregor.
Once we were united under my leadership.
We shunned the open towns.
Then Gregor, his followers
and servants invaded Lupusville.
Capturing all who lived there.
They grew tired of the old ways
that have protected us.
They risked exposing us to the world.
For our own safety,
we've been trying to drive them out.
We mean no harm.
We only want to survive quietly.
They are the real danger.
Boy, it's true what they say.
You can't tell one weirdie from another
without a scorecard.
Nice going, Peter.
Get their trust.
We do not trust you.
But we need each other.
Together we can drive them from the town.
And save your friends from the fate
that befell those who lived there before.
Ah, good.
I see you have rejoined
the world of the living.
You had us very worried for a while.
You took quite a blow to the head.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Wait a minute.
Where are our friends?
I fear they were captured by the vampires.
Their only chance is for you
to find the creatures and wipe them out.
So, as soon as you're up to it,
we will go with you.
We must work quickly, though,
before the sun rises.
Uh, why is dawn so important?
Well, it's obvious.
They are vampires.
They will hide during the day.
We won't be able to find them or
Let him go, will you?
You find that mirror interesting,
Dr. Spengler?
No reflection, you refuse to come
to the Firehouse during the day.
All the traits of a vampire.
Fascinating, isn't it?
Pity you had to figure that out.
You're too smart for your own good.
Yeah, that's what we keep telling him.
That, and keep quiet.
Never works.
Like talking to your own armpit.
Once we existed underground,
in fear, always hiding.
No more!
Now we walk among you.
Now we take what we want.
The others, fools, resist us.
They think they can destroy us.
But we're too powerful.
We will destroy them!
And you will help us.
Or you will never leave here alive.
Like talking to your own armpit, Winston?
Nothing personal, homeboy.
Do you need help?
Yes. Yes, we need your help.
We have to get out of here.
Can you find our remaining Proton Pack?
Great! Then get it. Quick.
Before they come back.
You know, Ray, I was just thinking
Oh, good.
More trouble.
Whichever side wins,
you can bet your baby blues
that they'll never
let us out of here alive.
Well, gee. That's pretty rotten.
Got it!
Now go. Quickly!
Before they do to you
what they did to the others.
It's clear. Stand back.
Nobody around.
How about we get out of here
and meet up with the guys?
What do you say, Egon?
Brilliant man,
but the attention span of a tumbleweed.
You mentioned, "the others."
You mean the people who lived here
before Gregor and the rest came?
Leda, if you know where they are,
you must take me to them.
Please, it's important.
Can't. I
I am Gregor's servant.
If I tell you, he will
All right.
But you must promise
to take me with you when you leave.
You have my word.
Oh, hey. Glad you came over.
Just get us a couple of coffees.
Maybe a Danish.
Don't push it.
I want to know,
have you discovered how to destroy them?
Well, since you types hate sunlight,
I figure if we attune the particle beams
to simulate the spectrum of sunlight,
that might put a damper on things.
We attack in five minutes.
But be warned,
use it on any of us,
and your friend here will pay the price.
There goes a man
with a serious attitude problem.
There they are. I
I have to go now. I'm afraid.
You! Whoever you are,
you've got to get us out of here.
You've got to help us!
I'm trying to.
When I open the doors,
you've got to get everyone out of town.
They keep us down here
where we can't see the sky.
But, it's night, yes?
A full moon?
Man, I can't believe it!
We got vampires in stereo here.
And he wants a weather report.
Yes, there's a full moon.
Just get us outside,
where we can see the sky.
We'll take care of ourselves.
And them.
All right, step back.
The attack will likely
come from the north.
Get the prisoners up here,
their time has come to help us.
Or die.
Attack! Destroy them!
Gregor, the prisoners have escaped.
Then find them, you fool.
You will turn their weapons against them.
Three o'clock.
Ten o'clock.
Three o'clock.
High noon, Peter.
There, you're free.
Quickly, run for the forest.
We will take our town back our way.
You kept us prisoner in our own town.
You denied us the moon.
Now, you will pay the price.
You don't know who you trifled with.
You wanted our town
because it was so well isolated,
so safe from outsiders.
Well, that's why we wanted it too.
Would you like to guess why?
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no!
It can't be.
Oh, no. What, Ray?
Don't do this to me.
I'm a fool.
Why didn't I see it coming?
The name of this town
is Lupusville, Peter.
Lupus, Latin for wolf.
Or in this case
Man, am I glad to see you guys.
Gentlemen, I suggest we leave here
as quickly as possible.
Before it gets worse.
Uh, Egon, not to be intrusive
or unduly nosey,
but would you mind awfully telling me
how this could get any worse?
As soon as we're on the road.
Hit it, Ray!
Think about it, Peter,
when a vampire bites someone,
he becomes a vampire, right?
And when a werewolf bites someone,
he becomes a werewolf, too.
So what happens
when a werewolf bites a vampire
and a vampire bites a werewolf?
Man, talk about democracy in action.
I'm hip.
But, guys, don't you
want to stay around and see who wins?
Is this the only bridge
that leads into town?
In or out.
I just remembered.
Vampires can't cross running water.
If we circle the town with water
Then I say, we make this
the perfect little vacation spot,
shall we?
Well, man, mission accomplished.
We got out with our lives
even if we didn't get paid.
Oh, I don't know, Peter,
I wouldn't say we walked away
completely empty handed.
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