The Real Ghostbusters (1986) s04e03 Episode Script


Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something strange ♪
In the neighborhood ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
There's something weird ♪
And it don't look good ♪
Who you gonna call?
Ghostbusters! ♪
Luigi, jump!
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
I ain't afraid of no ghost ♪
Who you gonna call? ♪
Ghostbusters! ♪
And me! And me!
Something's stirring up
the chickens, Maud.
Just sit easy, Zeke.
I'll take a look-see.
Here, chick, chick, chick, chick, chick.
Hmm, must be here in the coop.
What's got you girls so durned upset?
There a coyote sneaking around?
Everything OK out there, Maud?
What say?
Where's Maud?
Help! Help!
Oh, yuck. Whoo.
Egon, could you hold off
the weather balloon bit for a minute?
Ew. Ugh.
It's your night to take out the thrash.
And Winston
is in the kitchen doing your dishes.
Oh, boy! Leftovers.
Be with you in one minute, 53 seconds.
Whoops! Whoa!
Thanks, Slimer.
I really needed that.
Oh, sorry.
Hey, Egon.
The phone.
In a minute, Ray.
Never mind, Egon.
Wouldn't want you to strain yourself.
Ghostbusters Central.
My wife, Maud
A giant chicken ate her, and my popcorn.
Calm down. Now, where are you?
We'll be right there.
Hey, you ready for this one?
Some farmer says his wife
was eaten by a giant chicken.
Hey, even a half-baked
false alarm
sounds better than doing Egon's chores.
Uh, let's roll.
I think I finally perfected it.
Watch this, guys.
Had big blood-red eyes, it did.
Biggest dang chicken I ever seen.
Maybe six feet tall.
Well, shouldn't be hard to find.
Did it have any distinguishing marks?
Ray, it's six feet tall.
Thank you, sir. We'll put out a missing
chicken report right away.
Old Zeke's been watching
too many horror movies.
And eating too much greasy popcorn.
No, wait a minute, Peter.
I think we're dealing with a
A werechicken.
A werechicken?
Oh, get serious, Ray.
I am serious.
Slimer, stop playing around.
Winston, look!
What did I tell you, Peter?
A werechicken egg.
- Give me a hand, Winston.
- Sure, Ray.
Easy. Easy now.
if this is a werechicken egg,
how come there's no PKE reading?
Hmm, I don't know. That is strange.
Let's get it back to headquarters
and run some tests.
Then maybe we'll have some answers.
Oh, no. I'm not leaving.
The werechicken that laid this egg
has got to be around here someplace.
OK, you guys can waste your time
in the toolies.
I'll take the egg. Come on, Slimer.
Werechickens. Oh, boy.
I'll get the door.
Yo, balloon man.
We've got some real work for ya.
How about analyzing this?
That's the second-largest egg
I've ever seen.
Yeah. There's the first.
Goodnight, guys.
Hmm. Fascinating.
Yeah. Fascinating.
Ray, it's getting pretty late.
Maybe there really isn't any
It's in there.
Then let's get it.
Man, this place is creepy.
It's in here. I can feel it.
Look out!
Maybe Peter's right.
Maybe there aren't any were
Something's close.
Very close.
It is a werechicken!
Man, he is ugly!
Bad choice of words, Winston.
Nail him!
Trap out!
Hang on! That's it.
Well, that takes care of one werechicken.
Now to find the six-footer
that ate Zeke's wife.
Ray, I just had a thought.
What if that six-foot
werechicken is Zeke's wife?
I don't have time
to examine this egg tonight.
I have to prepare for my weather balloon
demonstration tomorrow morning.
But it'll be safe in here.
Goodnight, Egon.
Goodnight, Slimer.
Oh, boy!
Let's see.
I wanna eat me something.
Big omelet.
Omelet. Yum, yum!
How about some privacy?
Monster in the kitchen!
- Let's move it.
- Hey!
Well, Slimer, I don't see anything here
that looks like a monster.
Please be Egon.
Holy cow!
What did you do to Egon,
you bird-brain?
- Peter! Wait!
- Hey!
What's wrong with you guys?
That thing ate Egon.
Peter, that is Egon.
The egg hatched, he was bitten,
and now he's a werechicken.
You're kidding.
Come to think of it,
there was a certain resemblance.
What happened?
He's so quiet all of a sudden.
It's the moon.
Werechickens only appear
during the full moon.
And for the next few minutes,
there won't be a moon.
Ray, what is going on?
And why am I nearly naked?
We have some good news
and some bad news.
Bad news first.
You've been turned into a werechicken.
A werechicken?
Let's see. Hmm.
Wereaardvarks. Werebears. Werechickens!
Anyone the werechicken bites
will turn into another werechicken.
That egg Peter brought in.
It hatched and
Yes, I remember the bite very clearly.
How long will I stay like this?
According to this, there is an antidote.
But we gotta move fast.
That cloud won't hide the moon for long.
Give me all this stuff.
One tablespoon paprika.
One clove garlic.
Some parsley for color.
Parsley. Huh?
Cup of gelatin.
I don't feel well.
Take it easy, Egon.
You're gonna be fine.
Hurry it up, guys.
And one tablespoon of chicken bane.
No chicken bane. No chicken bane.
Then we gotta go with this.
Come on.
Come on, Ray.
He's changing again.
Quick, Egon. Drink this.
We're too late.
What happened?
The potion only partly worked
because of the missing chicken bane.
Well, we have to do something.
Don't get your feathers ruffled, Peter.
There's a logical solution to every,
What was that?
The werechicken that bit Egon.
It's still out there somewhere.
Let's stop that thing before it makes
drumsticks out of anyone else.
Uh, no offense, Egon.
All quiet on the chicken front.
How about down there?
Not a peep.
No pun intended.
I bet we found our bird.
It's in there. A big chicken.
It's gotta be 10 feet tall.
Ten feet tall?
Maybe 15. I don't know. Big!
I'm outta here!
How can we lose a 15-foot-tall chicken?
We didn't. Come on.
Let me out of here!
A giant chicken just came through here.
Had to be 30 feet tall.
Thirty feet tall?
Yeah. Look what it did to those cars.
It's how big?
OK, Ray.
I admit you were right
about these werechickens,
but I definitely don't buy them
growing to the size of buildings.
Allow me to rephrase that last statement.
Ray, you were right.
The chicken's here,
and he's a walking high-rise.
On our way, Peter.
Egon, what happened?
It's a long story, Janine,
but, uh, could you get my coat, please?
I'm due at the weather board in 45,
But what
Never mind.
Are you sure you wanna go
to a meeting like this?
Trust me.
I'm of sound mind at least.
It's heading down 34th towards
the Empire State Building.
Check. We're almost there.
Come on, Ray.
We've got him cold this time.
Well, let's warm him up.
Take over, Slimer.
Let's reel him in!
Trap is full.
Somebody forgot to empty it.
Well, whose job was it?
It's gonna blow!
Peter, get out of here.
So, how are we gonna
put that big bird on ice, guys?
Peter, that's not a bad idea.
Chicken freezes at very low temperatures.
Yeah, but how do you freeze
a 50-foot chicken in August?
Egon's weather balloon.
Distinguished members
of the weather board,
my weather balloon
has the, capability
of entering the upper atmosphere, where,
cloud formations occur.
There, it can electronically
alter weather, conditions
and produce sun, rain or, snow.
I can explain this.
Over there! Werechicken!
Egon, can we freeze that big chicken
with your weather balloon?
Yes, but I'm afraid you'll
have to work the controls.
Hmm. Piece of cake.
What's it doing?
It looks like it's about to lay an
I don't want to hear it.
All right, Peter.
The balloon is in position.
Turn the lever to the extreme left.
All right!
We did it!
Hurray for the Ghostbusters!
Anyone for dessert?
Yes, please, Maud.
Uh, let me guess.
More chicken bane soup.
I'm actually starting to like it.
No more werechicken
problems for us, eh, Egon?
It came from the lab.
It's just Slimer grooving
to his new soul tape.
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