The Real Housewives of D.C. (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

Special Interests

- Previously on the real housewives of d.
C - I found my birth mother, Who is caucasian.
- Oh, my goodness.
- My birth father is nigerian.
Michaele invited us To the congressional black caucus dinner.
We show up at the event, And the invitation says, "admits one.
" - You snuck Into the congressional black caucus dinner? - Oh, my god! - [blows whistle]] - tareq.
Let's have some manners.
- What, is cat leaving? - Yeah.
- Really? - I looked over, and I hear you going, "ask mary.
She likes to talk about people.
" - I heard in the suite you, lynda, and cat Took great enjoyment making fun of me.
- I don't talk about people.
- No.
- So it was just your two friends cat and lynda.
- I don't make money.
I spend money.
- I give people enough rope to hang th And the smart people don't.
- D.
Is my town, and I thrive in it.
- I'm here for a good time, not a long time.
- People have a hard time saying no to me, And that's just been my blessing.
- You have something to say.
Seriously, you have something to say.
I am listening.
- All right.
So I'm just gonna say Something outside-- I mean, I don't know Every detail about everything, But I'm just gonna say something.
- We were just about to wrap up Our lovely day, And I had no idea what was coming down the pike.
- Look, there's just been this dialogue About a car that, you know, we had.
Unfortunately, you know, the car got taken.
- And all the United States team gear.
- And the gear all got stolen.
- Ah.
- And I mean, the boots, The jersey, I mean-- no, no, no.
- By who? By who? - You know-- you know what, We're the most forgiving people.
- Get to the point, please.
- This agency came to us and they said Your daughter, unfortunately, was on facebook - Yes? - Admitting, "did we enjoy that joyride "in that car we took From the americas polo cup?" And they were all wearing my jacket, My jersey, And my polo mallet.
- But who did it? Are you saying her daughter did it? - She was a part of it.
- So you--you are directly implicating my daughter? - The fbi has been investigating this.
- The fbi? - And they were monitoring For the last six months Every email, every conversation.
- Tareq, honestly, you're telling me the fbi Is monitoring polo theft? I mean, like-- - yeah, like - Well, when it comes to a $90,000 car, $25,000 gear - These are big-- - It's quite serious.
- Big accusations.
- This is her daughter, so the mere fact That her name has been thrown out Connected with this - It's devastating to us.
- Is devastating, and I can only imagine how she feels.
- There was just something-- the mother in me came out-- That felt protective of her and her daughter.
What are the accusations that they're making? So that she can deal with that and talk about that.
- She was in the joyride.
I'll just tell you that much.
- No.
Well, we-- - she was in the car? - I don't know that.
You know that.
- Okay, I'll keep it quiet.
- I felt like the accusation That tareq made out of left field Was the worst sucker punch A mother could ever experience.
- She's like, "is that the car we took for a joyride?" - Mary is being ungodly calm right now.
You better have a video-- - we need to be real honest Because we need to understand what is required - You want to get more honest? - For mary to clear lolly.
That's what we need to do, to make sure that-- To understand what her involvement was, If it was or not, and then how to make it go away.
- You know what I care about? You know what I care about? I care about what happened to that gear.
- Sorry, with all due respect And you know we're cool, but are we really talking About polo gear? - We're not talking about gear.
How does this affect mary and her child? Tareq and michaele Were so caught up in the fact That a car was stolen And that polo gear was stolen.
And somehow they thought that had the same meaningfulness As somebody's child.
- We've already seen that her name's attached, So we need to wait and see exactly how.
- No, we don't need to wait and see anything.
- I didn't understand why jason and stacie were so upset, Because, you know, the crime was committed To michaele and I.
We're the victims here.
We're the ones that had our car stolen And all our gear stolen.
It's not about poor lolly.
And they're talking about, knowingly, The theft of our vehicle And the theft of our gear.
So it's very serious.
- You know what, everybody hurts.
The charity hurt, the polo players hurt.
- Who cares about the polo players? - What about the charity? - [bleep] the polo players-- - But do you care about the charity? - Who [bleep] cares about that [bleep]? - I don't care about none of that.
All I care about is my child.
- Well, I care about the charity.
- Absolutely, everybody cares only about the family.
- The charity is not going to die because of the polo gear.
The gear was done.
- But it's not about the gear.
It's about the charity.
You're not getting it.
- No.
I got to be honest with you.
I am so uncomfortable with this line of conversation.
- I'm with you.
I'm with you.
I'm with you.
- No, you're not with me, Because you don't have a daughter.
If anybody was talking about my daughter, I'd be over top of this table On your ass so quick, like literally, like-- - Hold on.
Hold on.
Who in the world has the right To go steal a car and go steal my gear? - Nobody.
- Nobody.
- You better [bleep] believe it.
- Tareq had a lot of wine to drink, so clearly, He is an angry drunk.
- It's not funny anymore.
- It's not at all.
- Well, I think the thing you're upset about is - Don't--don't push me anymore.
- Oh, you mean about the gear? - I'm gonna get upset about this.
- Nobody has the right to condone stealing.
- It's not funny.
- Nobody's condoning stealing.
- Who's condoning stealing? - Plastered all over facebook.
That's how they got busted.
There's a federal investigation going on.
And everybody's going to jail.
- [weeps] I don't know what the [bleep] is going on.
I don't know what you're-- I don't know what you're accusing-- - There are just some people that were involved And accomplices, But may not have known they were accomplices.
- You're accusing my daughter of stealing someone's stuff.
We don't have to talk about this right now actually.
- Are we done? - [bleep] it.
What is going on? I have no idea.
Who knows what's really true here? And why all of a sudden, at the end of the evening, After a beautiful day-- - After a beautiful day.
- Beautiful day.
It came out of left field.
All I know is I am very, very protective Of my children and - I was caught off guard By how disturbed I am about it.
I could only think, you know, Rich is not even here, so I really felt like-- - The child's father is not here To defend her.
- Right.
- She has to come clean or deny it.
- Or maybe it's all [bleep].
- It's all-- It could be all [bleep].
This could be complete [bleep].
Made-up [bleep] about lolly.
I have no idea what the truth is.
There's no direct accusation here.
If you can't confront me with evidence In telling me that my daughter did something specific, Then don't talk.
- Coming up - Are you worried someone's gonna believe him? - Why would he make something like that up, lolly? - So, ladies, You actually went to oasis winery? - We did.
- Okay.
- I was struggling from the minute I got there, To be honest, and I just couldn't stomach any more.
I said, "I'm sorry.
I got to go.
" - I had received a text message In that mary was extremely upset And, like, really devastated, And what she was saying was hurtful things.
You wouldn't believe it.
I can't even talk about it.
What the hell happened? - So we go downstairs and we sit down, And, you know, the food is good, The conversation is good, Everything is going well.
And, all of a sudden, Tareq tells mary that her daughter Was involved in the theft Of this car and polo equipment.
But, imagine, we've just been talking about, you know, The frickin' weather and, you know, politics in d.
And then, all of a sudden, somebody is going to make This horrible allegation against your child.
- Even if that story were true, Would you do that in public? Would you do that over a dinner party you're hosting? I mean, no one would do that.
No one.
- All I heard was grand theft And the fbi is involved.
Now you know the minute that you're saying fbi is involved - Right.
- All of a sudden, That's taking it to some whole nother level.
- A comic book level.
[laughs] - Well, so you're like-- - I mean, truly.
I am so sorry.
This must have been devastating For mary, but he is a wack job.
He is a total wack job.
- And then michaele jumped in And said, "it was traumatizing For tareq and our charity.
" I'm like, how do you compare A missing car and some equipment To allegations that could affect a child's life? - I think that michaele and tareq just make stuff up.
The stories just get bigger and better.
- So where is mary then at this point? - Literally, mary is sitting there, crying.
- She's still sitting there? - You know.
- She hasn't left? - She's still sitting there.
No, literally, she was paralyzed.
- This is quite a below-the-belt thing to do.
In some ways, I wish I'd been there To look after mary, 'cause it sounded hideous.
- That's so sad, though.
Mary, she's the one who's made such an attempt, As have you, stacie.
You and mary have been like, you know, Let's give 'em the benefit of the doubt.
And I'm sitting back going, Wait till that cannon goes off.
- [laughs] - I'm just so disappointed, Having spent time with them at the vineyard And then in paris, And not knowing any of this.
Really, you're living a farce.
What kind of people are you? - All of a sudden, tareq decides-- I mean, I don't even really-- I can't even tell you What he was accusing.
- That's what I'm saying.
Did he say, like, "hey, mary, Your daughter did this"? Did he say that? - He did not say that.
Your name was affiliated With an investigation, And he dropped the name fbi, You, a car, and polo gear that was stolen.
- Mm-hmm.
- It was so confusing And so offensive.
Why would he make something like that up, lolly? - Because he's crazy.
As far as I can tell.
- Lolly did post something on facebook.
But this in no way incriminates lolly To be associated with an fbi investigation.
- It's unbelievable.
I mean, one, he's breaking all kinds of man rules By attacking, one, my wife, Two, about my daughter-- - that's what makes me mad.
- That's what makes me mad.
- That's what makes me most mad.
- That's insane.
- They made you cry.
That's what I'm pissed about.
- They did make me cry.
- He can say whatever he wants.
- I was so shocked.
- 'cause he's full of it.
But he made you cry, and that pisses me off.
- I'm actually gonna confront The situation, because they confronted me.
I mean, do you want to get involved, rich, Or do you want to deal with tareq? Or how do you plan to handle it If you do end up running into him? - Depends how much alcohol I've had.
- Guys.
There's no point-- That's exactly what they want.
They want the attention.
Don't give them the attention.
I mean, are you worried someone's gonna believe him? Someone's gonna be like, "hmm, Tareq salahi's such a credible source"? I don't think so.
- I don't understand the whole thing.
I really don't.
- Let him say whatever he wants to say.
- No.
- He looks like an [bleep].
- No.
Not let him say whatever he wants to say.
- Yeah, I can'stop that man From saying whatever he wants to say.
- But, lolly, he's accusing you Of something that you didn't do.
- Well, if it's not true, then it doesn't matter.
- It's just the most ridiculous-- It's so--it's like hot air and energy and toxic waste That has all of us riled up.
And we should just drop it.
It's like--it's ridiculous.
We believe our daughter.
But we're gonna make some calls To the police department, And we're gonna do our homework to make sure That these claims are false.
- This one.
Ready to have fun.
- All right.
- Looks great.
Um, so the grape stomp was fun.
- Huh.
Grape stomp.
- I had a good time.
The whole day was wonderful.
Thank you for working so hard And making it perfect.
Jen is my personal assistant And has become one of my best friends, Someone who I just love very much.
I felt that cat was very rude Throughout the day, and, you know-- - She's just very cynical and mean.
- Right.
It's not being a washingtonian, And it's certainly not being a washingtonian lady.
I don't know how I could have angered cat.
I have invited her to our winery.
She's been on our horses.
I don't know what more she wants from me.
I've given her every kind of love You could give someone.
So that's when you rolled out that comment.
- I know.
It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah, because I had enough.
- Tareq, you're a control freak.
- Let's love everybody.
- Let's love everybody.
- Love is better than being bitchy towards everybody.
- You know how I feel? With mary, and lynda, and cat, It's almost like the wicked stepmother And the evil stepsisters.
It is.
And I feel like cinderella.
I do.
With those three women, They're always putting me down, Finding something I could do better or look better, Be better.
You know, the end of the night, That's where it got wild, and it got busy.
- Yeah.
What happened with that? - Tareq had said he wanted to talk with mary.
He was gonna talk to her about the situation With lolly and her involvement.
- Right.
- And he just said, "well, you know, Your daughter, it's been brought to our attention" That topic came up.
It's something that should have never Been brought up right then.
But she pushed for what it was.
And it is a very painful story.
So we'll know what her involvement-- You know, right now, we were just told That she was a part of it, Posted on a social website.
- Right.
- You know.
- I still find that so crazy.
I mean, I don't understand.
They probably want to brag about what they've done, But.
Really, posting that? - Right.
How would they think that they're never gonna get caught? You know? - I don't think That's very smart to post something After you steal it.
I don't understand that.
- Yeah, that's the part that blows my mind.
And that's the power of facebook.
So be careful.
If you're out there doing crazy things, It's gonna come back.
Who posts-- - It's like world's dumbest criminals.
- Right.
Who does that? - Coming up on the real housewives of d.
C - I heard that you're a republican lobbyist For healthcare, and I thought that always sounded Like a bit of an oxymoron.
I was wondering whether you'd like to pay my medical bills.
- Apparently all they have Is a comment that she made on facebook On one of her friends' pictures.
- I've made calls To the fbi to see, is this a crime? I couldn't find anything with lolly's name In it in any police jurisdiction within 100 miles Of where this allegedly took place, This heinous crime that is being investigated By the fbi, so it's all-- - It's made up.
- It's all made up.
I really am frustrated and angry That anything like this even happened.
- Well, the fact is is it's false.
But it definitely speaks to these people And their character.
In my opinion, michaele and tareq make [bleep] up Because they want to deflect their own [bleep].
[telephone rings] - Hello, this is stacie.
- Stacie.
- Hey, there, lynda.
How are you? - Ugh, I'm at the end of a very long day, But I so, so wanted to speak with you About this house hunting.
I really, really wanted to talk with someone And just kind of discuss Where I am and what I'm doing, And, if you wouldn't mind, having you give me your advice.
- Oh, sure.
No problem.
No problem.
- I had heard So many great things about stacie's background In real estate, And I wanted to have her input On what I was doing.
So I found a place in mclean.
The first time I put in the offer, they countered, And I just signed another counter, Which I will be shocked if they don't accept.
- Wow.
Okay, so you're about to have a house.
Like, you're on the verge.
- I'm so on the verge, stacie.
- 'cause if they sign it, you're in.
- I know.
- Mclean, virginia, is beautiful.
But it's virginia.
And she lives in d.
, like, on the water in georgetown.
Like, mclean? - What do you believe is happening In the real estate market? - The same principles that have always applied Still do apply.
Like, location.
Mclean is always gonna be fairly popular, Just because it is close enough to d.
, That I think it's a safe bet.
As a real estate agent, buying in mclean Is a good investment.
However, I don't see lynda As a suburban girl.
Please text me tomorrow.
I want to hear it's a done deal.
- No, I will.
I totally will.
Thank you again, and I can't wait to see you.
[harp playing] - Nice to see you again.
Both: Cheers.
- And welcome to the United States.
- Thank you very much.
- Hope you're being received properly.
- Yeah.
I'm enjoying it.
- I heard somewhere through the grapevine That you were working on a book.
Is that true? - Yes.
- I love book parties.
- Yeah, well, I'm looking forward to that.
It's a real page-turner.
- What a fun profession.
So does your husband work crazy hours? - Yeah.
- He's part of the white house press corps, isn't he? - He spent all of the bush years with bush And then spent the last two with obama.
- So he's a pro.
Does he get to travel on air force one? - Yeah, and getting him to fly on a normal aeroplane When he just got off air force one is, like, sorry, darling.
- [giggles] - Edwina's one of the most powerful lobbyists in d.
I first met edwina at michaele and tareq's polo match.
- I'm edwina rogers.
- Hi.
- So nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- I've worked for a number of senators And a couple presidents.
Michaele and tareq, they did a great job, didn't they? - Um, they're slightly different than polo matches in the u.
, But, yeah.
- So did I tell you That I'm working on healthcare-- healthcare reform? - Yeah, good luck-- good luck with that.
- Yes.
- I heard that you were A republican lobbyist for healthcare, And I thought that always sounded Like a bit of an oxymoron.
I was wondering whether you'd like to pay my medical bills.
I've only got $23,000 since I've been here.
- Oh, that sounds dreadful.
- 18 months, And I've got $23,000 worth of medical bills.
- Well, um - I do feel really strongly about the healthcare in america.
And being a republican lobbyist for healthcare, I was actually quite looking forward To talking to her about it.
It's kind of verging on criminal That people should have to pay To have healthcare.
I mean, it's a human right, If you're ill, to be looked after.
44,000 americans per year To die from not having healthcare Is just sick and wrong.
And there's nothing right about it.
And you know, the nhs in the u.
Isn't great, but I'll tell you, No one goes without.
- I know.
We've got to fix it.
- It's insane.
And this is america.
- Are you gonna have something? - You're supposed to be much better than us.
I mean, you guys certainly don't when it comes to that.
- Is that a cucumber sandwich? - Edwina reminds me of a little--edwardian little doll.
Her facial expression doesn't change much, So I never knew where I really was with her Because she just smiled and blinked.
So you obviously voted for mccain then? - I did vote sort of a straight republican ticket.
- And what about sarah palin then? - She was on the ticket.
You couldn't really-- You can't split your vote.
- Well, you think she'd have made a good vice president For this country, do you? - Yeah, I mean, I think she would have been fine.
- Do you really? - Mm-hmm.
- Well, there you go.
- But the reason I brought up healthcare Is that I'm gonna have a party just for people Who are washington insiders and republicans and democrats.
I wanted to make sure that you can come.
- Yeah.
I'd love to.
- So I can meet your husband.
Bring all the friends you want.
There'll be a few people Who are working on healthcare reform.
- Excellent.
- Maybe you might consider being a republican.
- Not in a billion years.
I'd have to be six foot under.
- Oh, really? Okay.
- I think you guys are a dying breed.
Both: [giggling] - Mm.
I'm warm.
- Take it off.
- I will.
I'm warm.
I'm so warm.
You know, hot flashes and all that.
- [laughs] - Hey, you guys.
- Hey.
- Good evening.
- How are you? - What's going on, brother? Good to see you, man.
- We did start having a cocktail, Because you know how that is.
I said, "well, it is washington, and it is raining.
" - It is, and it is.
- But you know something? I love my city.
- Oh, I know.
We're not going anywhere.
- I love it here.
I'm only going away back to virginia Across the river.
- See, I can't even believe that, lynda.
- For just a few years.
- You would go back across-- - no, she-- No, no, no, she bought a house in virginia.
- You're leaving the district? You know what, I'm done.
[laughter] - That's it.
- It has been nice.
I only want to eat with washingtonians.
- It's somewhat surprising to me That lynda would move out of d.
I mean, d.
Is so much hipper And cooler and cutting edge.
So all of a sudden to decide to move out To the suburbs now, like, why? This is not the time.
- I will come back.
- Come home to virginia.
- I will be back.
- See, I grew up in virginia, And I have no desire to live there.
- Well, I understand that, but, you know what-- - Not to mention the fact that your husband Is not gonna let you live there.
- He wouldn't do it.
- I love my city.
It is the city.
- We still claim you.
- Thank you.
- We still claim you.
- Why, even if you're not in the 202.
- I love being in georgetown, But I bought the mclean house Because I feel it's going to be A very comfortable place for our family.
It's my five-year plan.
Let's put it that way.
- So, ebong, I found out that my birth father Is from owerri.
What part of nigeria did you-- - My parents are actually-- when I was younger, I lived in cross river state.
It's like the southern part, Almost bordering cameroon.
- Okay.
- So, like, yeah, so it's really far, far away.
Yeah, yeah, way, way south.
- It's interesting that ebong Is nigerian.
So he is my brother.
He is from nigeria, And so, perhaps, in some way, He could be helpful to me in my search To find my birth father.
- 'cause we believe that stacie's dad Is from the imo state.
- Okay.
- So that--that area.
Exactly where, we don't know.
That's part of the puzzle.
We need to-- - there's a lot of igbo.
And igbo is, like, one of the biggest tribes.
- Okay.
- The igbo tribe, so - Great.
That's all we need.
I need smaller.
I need the teeny tribe where we can narrow it down.
- How do you begin a journey like that? - Well, it's daunting.
Like, I've gone as far as I can go With, like, my birth mother, Who I talked to over the phone.
She's a caucasian woman.
She met my birth father in the peace corps.
So she sent me pictures.
She sent me baby pictures.
Like, I never had that from like when I was first born.
And then she sent a picture Of my birth father.
- This is so heart-wrenching.
What if she spent her whole life wanting you? - No, she didn't.
- Wanting her true love? How do you know? She had to give up her daughter, And ruggles to this moment That she had to make these decisions.
Why? Because of ignorance.
Because people aren't accepting.
- I guess she was just trying to give me another point of view, Which I appreciated, although I didn't agree with.
- Here I am, raised in south georgia.
Think about this.
- Oh, my god.
- You were raised in south georgia? - Oh, yeah.
- I had experienced Reverse racism.
I would not be served Because I was white.
- Oh.
- That is interesting.
- The reason that you were put up for adoption Is because your mother was under fear, Under pressure of being excommunicated From her life as she knew it.
How sad.
- Like, in d.
, do you find it--I mean, like, You guys are obviously a beautiful couple.
- Aw.
- But I'ma tell the truth, though.
Literally, if I was sitting here, And y'all walked in, My first thought would be, like, "wow, look at that brother "and that white girl together.
"man, that brother is-- that's a brother "right there, yo.
"there ain't no question.
That is straight first generation.
" I mean, you know-- - I love it.
- How do you [laughter] - you know, If you touch somebody And you close your eyes, A man is a man, a woman is a woman.
- Close your eyes? - That's--I mean, You're colorblind.
If you close your eyes, and you're a blind person, Do you know? Although, I would know.
[laughter] - There's nappy little hair on his chest.
- Which one? Um [laughter] - Oh, my goodness.
Getting a little warm in here.
Oh, my goodness.
- Coming up - Oh, my gosh.
Sarah palin.
Am I imagining things? - That's unbelievable.
- Cat has balls of steel.
Has she lost her mind? - And later - You're the one who was saying I was being bitchy.
- You're really taking it way too seriously.
- Meghan, what are these wrappers All over your floor? Did you eat ho hos up here? - Uh, I kind of fell asleep on a ho ho.
- You fell asleep on a ho ho? There's a few children in my family That have some questionable eating habits.
You were eating it-- in the middle of eating a ho ho, You fell asleep? - No.
- Did it just, like, dribble Out your mouth? - No.
- And end up on your belly? - No, like, I hait in my hand, and then I, like, fell asleep.
And then I squished it.
- Was it, like, melted chocolate into the rug? - No.
It's just a smushed ho ho.
- Meghan definitely has the worst eating habits Out of the amons clan.
[laughs] - Aren't you excited? - Yeah, let's do this.
- Okay, everyone.
After four months of looking, I decided to buy a house in the suburbs.
What do you think? Ichi, what do you think, boo-boo? All right, guys, I'm sorry that we've had to show the house On a muddy, rainy day.
But this is our new home.
So welcome home.
Taking the whole family to this house And having everyone see it for the first time, I think that I was just very nervous.
My favorite part of all Is the-- is the kitchen.
All right.
I know.
- Wow.
- I know.
- I always wanted one of these.
- See? - You have no idea.
- I really-- I can't tell you How whimsical this is.
For me anyway.
I thought it was kind of crazy.
- Look, ebong, we don't need you to get stuff down for us.
- I know.
I know.
I'm not gonna be used anymore for my height.
The library ladder.
- And this is the family room.
So now why don't we step upstairs To the master is a disaster? - Aw.
- Lynda is used to having the urban experience.
And now she's gonna get the suburban experience.
It'll really be interesting How she fits in.
Hi, baby.
What do you think? I'm gonna go right through this wall, Right through that wall.
It's gonna be a huge project.
There's no doubt.
When we're done, it's gonna be amazing.
Come on, everyone.
Now we're going into jessica's beautiful bedroom.
- Oh, wow.
- Isn't it a nice size? - Are you kidding me? This is huge.
- I know.
- Room for all my bookshelves.
- I know.
A whole wall of bookshelves.
My children are the type of children Who always come home.
I couldn't be happier.
The kids really like the place.
And it's time to buy.
Isn't this cool? It's kind of like its own little hideaway.
Honestly, it's, like, the only real concern I have here-- Is the fact that it's not protected.
There's no fence.
- You shoulduild a gate And a fenc - what about a dog? - I should get-- - You're gonna get a german shepherd.
- We really just need a dog that will bark And protect us.
Because ichiban is like a cat.
Really, what I wanis a dog that people are afraid of.
Ichiban is amazing, and he's adorable, But he's no watchdog.
Have you ever seen ichi happier In his whole life? - So, baby, what's up for tonight? I mean, whato we got going re? - So we're going to a party.
I don't know if it's a dinner party Or a cocktl party.
But it's being hosted by this republican woman lobbyist Named edwina rogers.
Cat called to invite jason and I To go to a healthcare reform party with edwina rogers, A republican.
We're real looking forward to it.
We're democrats, but we're open-minded.
And I want to hear her platform.
- It's like suit-tie? I can't wear jeans? - No.
No, no, no.
Are you kidding me? -Uh.
We're downtown.
You know, it's gonna be All stuffyconservative blue suits.
Just don't look stuffy and conservative.
- Come on now.
You know I'm gonna put some flavor Even on the conservative.
- [giggles] - Girls? - Yeah.
- Come and give me a hand, would you? - Okay.
- You remember the ly I went to have high tea with? - Oh, yeah.
- I'm gonna go to her party.
Well, let's make it more fun By dressing really inappropriately.
- Oh, god.
- Just because a republican party, It's like the bottom of a glass of wine.
The kind of the dregs.
- Are they really plain clothes? - Very.
Plain clothes, plain people.
What would you say would be the most ridiculous thing For me to wear, rubes? - How about wear that? - I like having fun, and I haven't had a lot of fun Recently, so I thought I'd liven up By being a bit stupid And dressing inappropriately Todwina's party.
- Oh, my.
- Silver trousers? - Put silver trousers and - Funky.
Get funky.
- [giggles] - So, honey, you know what I was thinking about? - What's tha - This wilbe the first time That wsaw michaele and tareq since the incident On Saturday night.
- Oh.
- I mean, we took a pretty strong stand On that just not being cool.
- Oh, no, it was wack.
It wasn't just not cool.
It was wac - I know.
Given that now we're coming To this party, it's just like a little awkward, 'cause it feels like we just need to clear the air.
- I guess the hard part about it is for me That I really, you know, Want to give tareq and michaele The benefit of what seems to be mounting doubt.
- I mean, I'm, like, almost uncomforble Seeing them because, of course, they're gonna feel Li the need to, like, explain, And I really just don't want to talk about it.
You know, we're just gonna rise Above the drama.
Hopefuy, cat's on good behavior And everything is cool.
- Cat's onood behavior.
- What about your little miss muffet outfit For Halloween last year? - [laughs] - Oh, my god, I have the best id ever.
What about your insanely inappropriate wedding dress You wore for your wedding? - How about this with a granny bra on? - A granny bra.
I'm really hoping that my outfit Is gonna get me uninvited And in fact banned om any other republican party Ever again in d.
- If you walk into a republican party, "oh, hi.
Oh, it's great to see you again.
" - Yeah, let's talk about healthcare.
[laughter] - You ready to check out the room? I hope it's all set up.
Oh, grt.
So it looks like everything's in order, doesn't it? Hi, I'm edwina rogers.
- Curtis.
- Nice to meet you.
E guests are in for a treat.
Okay, so you want to go and get ready before the guests come? - Hello, good evening.
How are you? It's gonna be great to see edwina.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
I'm michaele.
- Hi, jack.
How are you? - Jack.
Really nice to meet you.
Fun to get to know edwina's friends.
It's great.
- Well, she's one Of my favorite people in this city.
- Me too.
Bouncing around every night.
- She's bouncing around.
- Bouncing around.
- Cheers.
Pleasure to meet you indeed.
- Do you have a card? - Yeah.
- M sorry that I don't.
- Yeah, and I apologize I don't have my wine card.
I have my polo card.
- That's all right.
- But it's got the best email.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- When we entered, the first people we saw Were michaele and tareq.
[laughter] - You know, knowing stacie and jason Like I believe I do, We'll just-- everyone will move forward, And we're gonna have a great night.
- Now did you save me some food? [laughter] - You're doing what we were about to do.
- How you doing, buddy? - How are you, my friend? - It's good to see you, man.
- You guys look sharp.
- How are you? - How are you? Hey, there.
How are you? - Washington, d.
Has a special etiquette.
You can think what you want, but you certainly can't say it.
Not to their face.
- Edwina can't wait to meet you.
- So, of course, when we saw them, They acted as though nothing happened.
- Well, you know what, I must confess I'm gonna have to make my way Over to this chicken over here.
- Absolutely.
It's delicious.
- I definitely felt a real change In the temperature with them.
Not from them, but from us.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Michaele, it's david catania.
I love your dress, by the way.
- Oh, thank you so much.
Oh, I'd like to introduce you to jason.
- Jason turner.
- Jason.
How are you? Very nice to meet you.
- Absolutely.
- We we pleasantly surprised That council member david catania stopped by.
Now david has headed the healthcare initiative In the city for years.
- Well, you know, here's the thing.
It isn't an issue, in my mind, Of people not wanting insurance.
It's the inability of the insurance companies To provide a product that people can afford.
- I also know that he is the biggest advocate For the whole gay marriage issue.
And given that david is my council member, I was interested in meeting him personally.
- And we are just now in our second year Of a newly-introduced, multidisciplinary Public health curriculum in our schools, So, you know, we left these kids to their own devices.
I think we've made a lot of progress In the last ten years.
- Oh, my gosh, sarah palin.
Is that a joke? - I think so.
- Cat has balls of steel.
She showed up at a republican party Dressed as sarah palin with her husband, Who's an obama photographer.
Has she lost her mind? That looks like sarah palin.
- Where's cat? - Right there.
She looks like sarah palin.
- I'm not seeing cat, though.
I see somebody.
- Yes, you are.
Right there.
You don't recognize The color of her hair.
- No, it is her.
It is her.
- Wow.
- It is.
- Is it, like, Halloween? - Yes, I recently met sarah palin, And she's standing over there.
- You know what - And I quite frankly Don't know what to say about it, but - [laughs] - Charles is not a fan of sarah palin.
So we did have a lot of fun getting me ready To look like her.
- She's going rogue tonight.
- Oh, my goodness gracious.
- So hilarious.
- This is my best friend jill.
- I'm stacie.
- From barbados.
And where's lynda? And where's mary? - I don't know.
They're not here.
- There's always drama When michaele and tareq show up to any event.
I'd rather be elsewhere.
- You're reeling me in.
[laughter] that's funny.
It might be better for her to go undercover.
- Girls, girls, girls.
I saw a side of michaele That I hadn't seen before That started at oasis.
You think of just miss, like, bubbly, pleasant, But she can be a little biting.
- And there's barbie doll wearing a shocking pink dress.
Artificial grape stomp with the artificial dress, Artificial personality, artificial everything.
Oh, my god.
- Coming up next - On behalf of edwina, something extremely important Unexpectedly arose, And she just had to leave.
- What could have possibly come up Short of her getting hit by a car? - Nothing wrong with that.
- Fantastic.
- Darling.
- Oh, who are you? - Take me out of here.
- I like that sarah palin woman.
- Where's the wig? - You know, once I'd been sarah palin For 30 seconds, it was really like - You decided you'd had enough.
- You know what, Even edwina isn't at her own party.
[laughter] - I know.
I'm like, it would have been fun Had the hostess showed.
- Attention.
- Where is our guest of honor? [sirens blare] - Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, please? On behalf of edwina, Thank you very much for coming tonight.
She really appreciates it very much.
Something extremely important Unexpectedly arose.
It did require her immediate attention.
And she just had to leave.
And-- but thank you again for coming.
Enjoy the rest of the evening.
And y'all will be hearing very soon from her.
- God, that was the most exciting part of this evening.
[laughter] - What could have possibly come up Short of her getting hit by a car? [sirens blare] - She's got a little bit of a change of heart.
I think she's gone democratic.
I mean, wouldn't you? There's more tables in here than people.
I heard that edwina had been taken ill.
Apparently, she was suffering from vertigo.
I didn't realize that she was actually ill.
Were you at the vineyard the other day? - Yeah, last weekend.
- You were the one Who was saying I was being bitchy.
- Oh, it was just a bitchy comment.
- I made a bitchy comment? - Yeah.
- And I was being bitchy, was I? - Oh, it was a little bit of a bitchy comment, I believe.
- Well, I believe you don't really know What you're talking about, and I didn't really appreciate that.
And you don't even know me.
So, you know-- - You know what, it's all in good fun.
You should really relax.
- Well, I don't call Being bitchy about people being in good fun.
- I didn't say bitchy.
I was saying it was a bitchy comment.
- Well, hi.
- Hi.
- You're really taking it way too seriously.
She's very upset about my comment Last weekend.
When I was protecting you.
- Did you just have a brunette wig on? - Yeah, did you just have a shocking pink dress on? - I'm still in it.
Where's your wig? - Oh, my god.
You know, why can't we all Just get along? - Anyway, I'm gonna go get a drink.
- Cocktail? Cocktail.
- I deliberately walked away from michaele Because I don't want to engage with her.
I don't want to talk to her.
I don't want to be associated with her.
And especially after what she had said and done to mary.
- I know.
I know.
Come on.
- [groans] - I know.
- I think cat was mad Because she seems to like to want To tease you, and she wants to give it out, But she can't take it.
I'm gonna say hi to these people.
I'm michaele.
I love you.
- I just don't know where michaele gets off Thinking that she can behave like this.
And she's so superficial With her double handshaking everybody.
Oh, you're so genuine.
You're so sincere.
You're so this.
You're so that.
You're so full of [bleep], michaele.
- Let me feel that.
That's real.
[laughter] - I know.
Just ignore.
- Give me strength.
- Ignore.
- How about edwina? She's quality.
- You know, in this city, honey, Your credibility is everything.
- Yeah.
- And once that goes - It's gone.
- It's gone.
- Next on the real housewives of d.
C - I'm sorry.
- That's all right.
It's all right.
- I'm sorry.
I was in deep shock And really devastated.
- Did your mom sue you? - Yeah.
And michaele.
[sirens blare] - I've stayed because I love tareq, And I got in it for better or worse.
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