The Reckoning (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Part 1

Yeah? Scott Bradley? That's me, darlin'.
My lucky day, is it? Do you remember that will thing that I told you about? 'What will thing?' Mark, I told you about it weeks ago.
Anyway, I'm meeting this solicitor at 12:00, so I'm gonna have to work late and I probably won't see you later.
'D'you need me to take Amanda to the hospital?' Nah, it's OK, her dad's doing it, but thank you, my beautiful, sweet, lovely man.
'Uh, and let me know if we're gonna be billionaires.
' Er, what's with the 'we'? Ha-ha-ha! All right, see you later.
Ta, love.
Rebecca! Hi, I'm looking for Unwin Frost Taylor Solicitors? Third floor.
Thank you.
(BUZZING) Ah, Miss Wilson.
Frederick Taylor.
Did someone offer you a drink? Oh no, it's fine, thanks.
I've got to be back at work at 1:00, so Can we get on with it? (BOTH LAUGH) Right.
As mentioned in my letter, you have been named as a beneficiary in a will.
The last will and testament, in fact, of William Peter Smith.
So, it is my happy duty to inform you, Miss Wilson, that Mr Smith has actually bequeathed you the sum of five million pounds.
(SPLUTTERS) Sorry, I think I must've misheard you.
No, no, you heard right.
Five million pounds.
Is this a joke? It is a joke, isn't it? (CHUCKLES) Has somebody set me up? No joke.
Would you like a glass of water? Oh, my God! I'll get you one.
Five million pounds?! Quite a piece of news, isn't it? Congratulations.
I'm sure you deserve it.
But I've never even met him.
Well I don't even know who William Peter Smith is.
Couldn't be Another Sally Wilson, is it? Not unless there's another Sally Wilson living at your address.
(LAUGHS) So er How What's the? I - How do you get the money? Yes.
The money is currently in a bank account ready to be transferred almost immediately to you.
Which it will be, as soon as you've discharged the requirements of justone conditional clause.
What's the conditional clause? I've absolutely no idea.
(BOTH LAUGH) It's all in here.
On a CD, apparently.
This is where I leave.
All set.
Give me a shout when you're done.
Take as long as you need.
Thank you.
' 'Well, by now you'll be aware of what lies within your grasp.
' 'The chance to change your life for ever.
' 'No more working for six-fifty an hour.
' 'No more just getting by.
' 'My bequest offers complete financial security for you and your family.
' 'On only one condition:' 'That you kill a man.
' 'A man who deserves to die.
' 'Easy enough for me to say, difficult for you to hear, and, I would imagine, completely impossible for you to ever contemplate doing.
' 'And yet still you listen.
' 'So, now you have two choices.
' 'You can ignore this message, leave this office and return to your old life.
' 'Or, after a period of reflection, you can come back here no more than seven days from now and Mr Taylor will offer you a letter containing a date, an address, and the name of the man I want you to kill.
' 'If you -' So if the search could be completed by the fifteenth What is this? Sorry, could you hold the line just for a minute, please? I beg your pardon? Did you know what was on this CD? Did I what? What he said.
Did you know?! Of course not.
It was confidential.
Miss Wilson? Is there some sort of problem? Not for me.
Maybe for you, but not for me.
Not that.
What the hell are you doing? Today was probably the most important pitch we have ever made, and you go awol to do THAT? Your company is half a million in debt.
If we haven't won that pitch, the bank will call in the loan and you will go under.
What the?! What? Baby Please, just tell me why.
(LAUGHS) I'm going to bed.
(HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER) SMITH: 'If you decide to proceed, you must act on that date, on that date alone, or our agreement becomes null and void.
' 'As a gesture of good faith, ã10,000 has been placed in a bank account already set up in the name of your daughter.
' 'This is yours to keep, whatever you decide.
' 'From midnight tonight, it becomes active online at manxunion.
com and can be accessed with the user name 'MandyLouise' and the password 'Carlton 07-1133.
' 'All that remains now is for me to wish you luck in making the right decision.
' Jesus.
I know.
Have you called the police? Yeah.
Well, I've left a message.
They're gonna call back.
You don't recognise the voice at all? No.
But he knew you.
He knew me, he knew Mandy's name, he knew my mum's maiden name.
Why would anyone think that you could even contemplate killing someone? It's ludicrous.
Did you check the account? The account? No.
I mean, why would I? At least we'd get an idea whether this was serious or not.
And? And what? And - It doesn't matter, does it, because we're gonna let the police deal with it.
Well? What've we been left? Oh Do you know, it wasabsolutely nothing in the end.
It was just somerandom bits of furniture from a cousin that I didn't even know I had.
You're kidding? No, I'm not.
Oh! How was the hospital? Did your dad get you there in time? Yeah, it was fine.
Come on.
Back to buying lottery tickets.
(TV ON) Look, if it was up to us, we wouldn't be reducing your funding.
Reducing? Whatever you want to call it.
You're removing it, Barry.
That's not true.
If you shut us down, vulnerable young men and women will die.
If we're not there to catch them, they will fall.
Into prostitution.
Into drugs.
Into the river.
And there are some things in life that are just right or wrong.
They're not on a spectrum.
They're not grey areas.
They're absolutes.
Plain and simple.
And what you've done to us is wrong, and you - YOU will have their blood on your hands.
I know you're not sleeping.
Yes, I am.
It's not gonna do us any harm, you know, just taking a look.
And what d'you think the police would say about that? Not rung back yet.
They will.
Sal, I was a copper for 15 years.
You're not doing anything illegal just taking a look.
Why would we do that? So we can get some sleep.
So we can get some sleep? See? I knew it.
It's a hoax.
Try it again.
Don't put caps at the beginning of their names.
Oh, my God.
Same again, all lower case.
We should try and get some out.
Why? See if it's real.
I don't wanna see if it's real.
You're not doing anything wrong.
You're not getting involved in any of the rest.
Petrol station's got a cash machine.
(MACHINES BEEPING) (DOOR OPENS) Five hundred quid.
This is real.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It is .
16 years since my last confession.
Since my last confession, I have er (I've done terrible things.
) You will have to tell me what you've done.
I can't assign you a penance without knowing - Can a wrong ever be justified if it serves the greater good, Father? I'm sorry? I mean, we take life in wars, don't we, to save the lives of others.
And the church sanctions that, doesn't it? It has priests attached to regiments and it blesses them and forgives THEM for the taking of lives, so surely it would sanction, let's say, a murder - A murder?! What if the act itself was an act of contrition? A PUNISHMENT for the sinner? No, no.
If you If you follow it through, you have to say the logic works, doesn't it? You have to admit that sometimes the end could justify the means.
(Stop this! Absolutely not!) Cold-blooded murder cannot ever be justified.
(Ever!) Now.
Do you understand that? (DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES / FOOTSTEPS) Hello? (MUSIC PLAYS FROM INSIDE) (PHONE RINGS) Are you not gonna get it? Too early.
Not in the mood.
ANSWERING MACHINE: 'Hello, Sal and Amanda aren't here right now, so just leave a message after the beep.
' (BEEP) 'Hello, message for Mrs Sally Wilson.
'This is DC Matthew Shaw, returning your call.
' 'My direct line is 8448-2007.
Call me when you can.
Bye, now.
' (BEEP) What was that about? Nothing.
Well, there was some graffiti at the centre.
I called them about it a few weeks ago.
It's gone now, though.
Thanks so much! Yeah, that was really Take the money and spoil her.
She deserves it.
So do you.
The police aren't gonna call again, trust me.
For her, Mark.
Not for me, not for us.
For her.
What about the rest of it? I think five hundred's plenty for a treat.
Have you thought any more about why you? No.
Cos he's done his research, hasn't he? He doesn't seem to be the type of bloke who'd leave much to chance.
Why do YOU think? No idea.
Only known you a year.
I've got absolutely no idea, Mark.
(PHONE RINGS) 'Hi, this is Tori's phone.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
' (BEEP) 'It's your father.
I just heard that you lost the HFD account.
' 'You need to come and see me.
' (BEEP) It's more, but it's gorgeous.
I love it.
Go and try it on.
Mum, it's ninety quid.
Well, you're going to be 16 in a week's time.
Have to have something special to wear, don't you? Go on.
Try it on.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
Mandy? Are you OK? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Can someone call an ambulance! Come on, baby.
It's OK.
Quickly, PLEASE! (DOOR OPENS) Hello, Father.
How are you? How am I? Bored, I think would best describe it.
Just the sheer predictability of it all.
I set you up, you fuck it up.
Have you ever considered doing something successfully, just once? For the simple novelty value, if nothing else.
What now? I bail you out, like last time? Or you go off the rails, like last time.
And if there's one thing duller than throwing good money after bad, it's watching you go through rehab.
You know, it's ironic, you giving me a lecture on failure, given you've been the worst father a child could ever have.
I beg your pardon? And I'm sure it's all to do with being buggered at school or something, but for the record, a good father doesn't call his daughter a whore in front of her first boyfriend.
A good father doesn't punch his wife in front of their children.
Victoria! A good father tries to make his children feel happy.
Loved! So I don't WANT your money.
I don't need it.
And I don't need you.
This is the last time that you will ever see me again, you You failure.
Victoria! Tori! (DOOR OPENS AND SLAMS) (SIRENS WAIL IN DISTANCE) TANNOY: 'Doctor Morenne to' How is she? She's conscious.
Gonna have to get a couple of stitches in her tongue where sheshe bit it.
Chemo's not working.
The tumour is not getting any smaller.
So what are the options? Sal? Don't say a word, Mark.
Cos America is not an option.
And even if the treatment c-could help her .
we don't have that kind of money.
Do we? No, we don't.
And there isn't any way that we could raise that kind of money, is there? No.
No, so (WHIMPERS) I'd better go back in.
OK? (I'm scared, Mum.
) (I'm so scared.
) I know, baby, I know.
I know.
I'm not gonna die, am I? Mm-mm.
Promise me you won't let me die.
I promise you, I promise you you're not gonna die.
Hey, come on, now.
(I'm scared.
) I know, honey.
I know.
I know.
I couldn't find you.
(SOBS) Hey.
Don't cry, babe.
Don't cry.
It's gonna be all right, I promise.
Except it's not.
What did she do to deserve this? Nothing.
That's just the way life is.
It's brutal.
It's It's cruel.
Every day bad people do terrible things.
Terrible things that go unpunished.
Good people die young.
Maybe all your man was trying to do was even things up a little.
What man? Oh, no.
No, Mark.
Not even for her? I couldn't do it.
I couldn't.
I couldn't kill someone.
I couldn't kill anyone.
(What if someone else did it for you?) You mean you? If that's what you wanted.
You could do that? If it would save Amanda.
in spring.
Police this evening are appealing for witnesses following the death of Victoria Sturridge, the daughter of city financier Sir James Sturridge.
' 'Believed to have been struck by a car as she left her father's home earlier today, Miss Sturridge had overcome a lifetime of drug addiction to become director of her own Soho-based advertising agency.
' 'Last year, the agency had' What d'you think it actually feels like? To end a life? Dunno.
A bloke at our nick, he shot a lad who was waving a gun about.
He was dead before he hit the floor.
He told me it never leaves you what you've done.
That's who you are now.
Oh What? What? Nothing.
What's the matter? No, it's nothing.
I was I'm gonna go say night to Amanda.
All you're doing is getting a name.
Yeah, the name of a man I'm supposed to kill.
You're gonna go in there, get the envelope, and everything is gonna be fine.
Nobody'll stop you, nobody'll arrest you, because you haven't done anything, OK? Right.
Once you've got it, we're gonna research him.
That's all.
Find out everything we can about him, find out why someone thinks there's a reason that he should All the time, you and I are gonna be speaking, OK? OK.
No decision is going to be made without TOTAL agreement.
Go on.
(BANGING ON GLASS) Can't stop here, mate.
LIFT: 'Going up.
' 'Doors closing.
' The name's (READS DETAILS) And the date's the 25th.
That gives us three days.
I feel sick.
Let's go.
Yeah, we (SIGHS) All we do is supply the credit reference, Mr Mullen, we don't actually tell the bank whether to give you the loan or not.
You too.
Night, Sal.
Oh, see you.
Night, Sal.
Night, Sal.
See you.
Bye, see you.
Now, it's only a CRB check, so all it shows is what he's been convicted of.
The guy is obviously a career criminal.
He's got six past convictions for fraud, a GBH here when he was a kid.
But this is the interesting bit: he's been arrested twice for assault.
Assault on women.
Got copies of all his current accounts, and all his savings accounts.
Printed out copies of his statements going back three years.
You get a pretty good picture of what his life is.
Which is? Every January, he deposits ten grand into an account and withdraws it in one, two, three hundred quid goes most Friday nights.
With draws it from cash machines? Yeah.
Where? Er, King's Cross, Lancaster Gate, Streatham, Mayfair, Soho.
Real family guy.
There's no other money, no other payments or anything going in and out of these accounts, so it's clearly used for one purpose.
Except then he does this.
A one-off payment to a Miss E R Phillips.
Flat 5, 106 Berwick Street, Soho.
Eight grand goes into her account from Richard Bury's account, but it goes out again in the same day.
We need to find this woman.
I want to do it on my own.
Why? Because I know what you think.
I need to be sure.
(BUZZING) WOMAN: 'Ullo?' Hi.
Is Erin there? 'Erin doesn't work here any more, sorry.
Uh I was looking for Erin? You police? No.
Arelative? No, I'm a friend.
A friend? (LAUGHS) A friend.
Why didn't you say so? Fuck off, lady, or I'll smash your face.
Yuri! Now piss off! You want to know where Erin is? (HOARSE) Yes.
I don't have that kind of money.
No! (SHOUTING CONTINUES) I'll get it for you though.
I'll go Meet me in the pub next door.
In 20 minutes.
If you're late, forget it.
(CLEARS THROAT) You give me answers, and I'll keep giving you money.
OK? Where is she? Epping.
The forest.
She's dead.
When? 'Boutfour weeks ago.
How? How did she die? A punter.
One of the ones that likes to hurt women.
Did .
terrible thing to her.
Inside of her.
The blood came through my ceiling.
She was 16.
What about the police? No police.
Yuri knew the man.
And it had happened before.
They have an arrangement.
Likecompensation? For lost earnings.
Sick, huh? What was his name? D'you know D'you know the name of the man? His name is Bury.
Richard Bury.
He's thorough.
Does his research.
That it, then? That easy for you, is it? 'Course it's not fuckin' easy.
'Course it's not easy.
(He's got a wife.
) And a daughter.
So have you.
If we don't get that money, your daughter's gonna die.
She'll die, Sal.
And aa man who gets his kicks out of killing a young prostitute, will live.
Your call.
So what now? (OK.
) So, we've only got 24 hours left.
We need to know all of his movements.
What time he leaves in the morning, what time he gets back at night, and everything in between, so I can work out the best place to So if you're OK doing that - Yes.
I need to get hold of a gun.
Hello, mate.
D'you know your way around here? I'm completely lost.
I'm trying to get back to Oh, my God (WHIMPERS) God Oh, God.
(GASPS) (PHONE RINGS) Mark! We've got to stop NOW.
The man that I saw in the solicitors is the same face that I saw in the paper, and I think it's the guy that killed Victoria Sturridge.
And he He's just been killed by Richard Bury.
It's a I think it's a chain, Mark.
And if we kill Richard Bury, it means that someone's gonna come and kill me! (HYPERVENTILATES) I just made a killin'.
I can't have anything to do with that, and I don't understand why you can't SEE that.
(Mark, Mark) We can find out what links you all.
We can work out who's comin' after you, and if I know that, I can stop them.
Oi! Oi! You mean kill them.
This is good, Sal.
I need you, and Amanda needs you to stay strong.
Mark, no!