The Red Line (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

We Must All Care

1 Try to be still.
Just a couple more.
Brennan, we're losing him.
Let's get some O-negative on standby.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] We need to release the air in his thoracic cavity.
- Well, hello to you, too.
You put your dad on, and then you need to go to bed.
I am not tired.
Are you cutting? - Yeah.
Brain tumor.
- What size scalpel? - Daddy, 15.
- Very nice.
Safe choice.
I just want the guy to make it through the night.
All right, well, listen, keep your hands steady and use your other hand to put your dad on the phone.
I told you, he's asleep.
Jira, am I gonna have to ask you for a third time? [SNORING] Dad! It's Dad.
No better way to tell me? "I'm sorry, Daddy.
I love you so, so much.
" - Dad, I'm doing something.
- Oh, well, did I ever tell you about where you slept - the week we brought you home? - Oh, my God, yeah.
Like a million times.
Right here, like a beautiful, little snoring, - pooping - [WHISPERS] Kitten.
You complete me.
Does anyone care that I'm still here? Go to bed.
[CLEARS THROAT] Hey, handsome.
Um what was the the thing? The thing? Was there a thing that I was supposed to pick up on the way home from work? Milk, the thing that you put in your coffee every single day.
Besides milk.
- Just milk, Dr.
- All right.
I love you.
I'll be home soon.
[DEJ LOAF AND LEON BRIDGES' "LIBERATED" PLAYING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] If you feel free, then you should lift your hands - Wanna shake it, baby - Wanna shake it, baby Like I know you can So many things in this world I don't understand I won't judge who you love or your brown skin People gettin' liberated Get up on your feet if you got the feeling Hey Get up on your feet, people gettin' liberated When I was young, I was told "What you reap is what you sow" - [CELLPHONE BUZZING] - Life ain't always sunny Don't get caught up in the glow And I don't know it all but I see as I grow Can't take the pain away 'cause it's in my soul - How's it going? - MAN: Whassup? [DOOR BELLS CHIME] One sec.
[SIGHS] [MUZAK PLAYING] [DOOR BELLS CHIME] Hey, I'll take I'll take this, too, okay? - [SMACK] - ‭Aah! [THUD] - Aah! - Open up that register.
Hurry up! Now! You trouble? No.
I-I-I'm married.
I have I have a daughter.
- Floor.
- Okay.
Open it up now.
Hurry up! [DOORBELLS CHIME] Are you okay? Here, let me see.
[GASPS AND WHIMPERS] - Let me see.
- Stop! Leave me alone! I'm a doctor, okay? Can I grab that first aid kit back there? Get away from me! [TRAIN WHEELS SQUEALING] Don't touch me! - I'm trying to help you.
- [GUNSHOT] WOMAN: Shots fired! Shots fired! You okay? [DR.
We hear about charges today.
You hired me to be your lawyer, so pick up my calls.
Jira? You should seriously be considering getting up right now! [KNOCKS ON DOOR] Jira, you have about five seconds before I open this door and pull you out of that bed.
Five four three two [SIGHS] Why do I have to go in with you? You know why.
No, I-I could be sleeping for another hour.
Well, maybe if you didn't disappear for hours at a time, we could talk about that.
You know, I'm not exactly looking forward to today either.
Can we just stay home and watch the news? I don't think sitting here and obsessing about federal charges is how we wanna spend our first day back.
Just have to get through today, okay? [SIGHS] What if that cop gets off? No, we're not gonna go there until we have to.
We are just going to school, okay? So please, just get dressed.
I can't get dressed until you move.
[ALABAMA SHAKES' "HOLD ON" PLAYING] Bless my heart Bless my soul Didn't think I'd make it To 22 years old There must be someone Up above Saying, "Come on, Brittany You got to come on up" You got to hold on FEMALE P.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Doors closing.
[BRAKES SQUEAL] Enjoy the rest of the day, okay? - Have a good one.
- All right.
- [DOOR OPENS] - ‭Hey! - Daddy! - [DOOR CLOSES] What's up, Benny? [CHUCKLES] How's the train today? Oh, really, really fast.
Got me back home in no time.
- You sleep okay? All right.
- Yep.
- Good deal.
Where's Mama, huh? - Mm-mm.
Mm-mm? You think Black Lightning can find her, huh? [GIGGLING AND SCREAMING] - [CONTINUES GIGGLING] - Hey, baby.
How was work? - Fine.
- Mmm.
Hey, Benny, go get your backpack, okay? - [CHUCKLES] - We're leaving in 30 seconds.
Whoa! You, uh You still doing breakfast with the Honorable Nathan Gordon, Esquire? [CHUCKLES] Yes, I am.
Competition just wanna get in your head 'cause he know you got him beat, a'ight? This time next year, I'm gon' be calling you Alderman Young.
[CHUCKLES] ‭You jinx me, Ethan, I swear to God All right.
All right.
Can I ask you a question real quick? I've been thinking about this for, like, six months.
- Of course.
- If you running for City Council, why the hell they call you "alderman"? Because Chicago we're complicated.
Chicago, okay.
Now go to sleep.
FEMALE REPORTER: Chicago awaits official word today on whether or not the federal government will press charges against Officer Paul Evans in the shooting of an unarmed black doctor six months ago.
Harrison Brennan, a surgeon, left behind a husband and teenage daughter.
We expect word from the Department of Justice this afternoon at a press conference to be held at Federal Plaza.
[PANTING] [DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE] What's funny? [SCOFFS] You look like a Kardashian.
Yeah, that's not funny.
It's kinda funny.
[CHUCKLES] What's gonna happen today, Vic? Nothing.
Today's the last day you're gonna have to worry about federal stuff.
You know, a month from now, no one's gonna care about you or Harrison Brennan.
I promise.
Can't wait to change clothes.
[SIGHS] You do eight last night? Yeah.
I need the hours.
All right, well, you just wanna go home and crash, that's okay.
You've been babysitting me nonstop.
Like I'm leaving your ass alone today.
Let me buy you breakfast.
[GEARS SHIFT] Thanks, Vic.
Hey, Miss Jira.
Hey, Mr.
You and I gonna have fun this year? You teaching "The Great Gatsby"? No.
No, my class is mainly cat videos while I sob quietly in a corner.
We'll be good then.
Sit up.
[GASPS] They smell weakness, you are screwed.
Should I leave the second one, or No, I think my heart would literally explode.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, real quick.
So Jira's not the biggest fan of fiction.
She's more of an A + B = C.
- Don't take it personally.
- I never do.
She is in a place today.
I got her back.
Thank you.
Anything I can do for you? Pretend I'm fine.
I'm Kalen.
I just wanna say that I think what happened to your dad is, like, a complete injustice.
Yeah, it was.
I just want you to know there are people who understand.
Excuse me.
I need a hall pass.
- Please.
- Of course.
Take as much time as you need, dear.
[CLATTER] Famous Tia Young.
[LAUGHS] Welcome to my home.
So happy to have you.
Thank you for the invitation.
Well, so little time left to be cordial.
The last leg of a campaign can be the most exhaustive time.
Well, I don't know.
It can't be more tiring than the first few months of being a mom.
- How old is your boy? - Benny he's almost 7.
Oh, that's that's a great time.
- Here, help yourself.
- Oh, thank you.
At that age, you still think that you're perfect.
[LAUGHS] No, I am the law, but his dad is perfect.
Little boys love trains.
I've been meaning to ask you, how is a girl with a master's in economics end up married to public transit? We grew up together.
So you came back for him.
I came back for my neighborhood.
I was just lucky he was still here.
That's very sweet.
- [CHEWING] Come on.
- [CLEARS THROAT] Genuine and dedicated that's the impression you've made in the ward.
But polling at 39%, you're not going to beat an incumbent in the 6th.
[LAUGHS] Trying to school a risk analyst on statistics, hmm? I'm not trying to school you.
I wanna hire you.
This will be my last term on city council.
I wanna groom my own successor.
Who better than the fiercest opponent I've had in over a decade? I appreciate the compliment.
There's no shame in stepping down.
[SIPS] [CUP CLATTERS] Just Come work with me within my administration.
At the end of four years, there's an endorsement from me that comes with the weight of 30 years of service.
That's very generous, Nathan.
But? I'm not interested in joining the old guard.
You're entrenched, and the way things have been isn't good enough anymore.
All due respect, I'm not the one who should be dropping out of this race.
[CHUCKLES] What do you think you're gonna be able to get done in your first four years without knowing anyone? Hmm? Well, do something about that $125 million you're about to spend on new police recruits.
We don't need more of them.
We need to train the ones we have.
We need them not to cost us another $100 million every two years in lawsuits.
- [CUP CLATTERS] - It's what we have to work with.
Working with them instead of changing their ways is what got Dr.
Harrison Brennan killed in a convenience store on his way home.
I know you're not putting that on me.
I know you know better than that.
I put that on all of us.
Give me four years to teach you.
Make friends.
Spend a little more time with Benny, hmm? [CHUCKLES] The working mother argument is beneath you, Nathan.
I'm speaking from experience.
You don't get that time back.
I'm Jira.
I was adopted from here in 2001.
I've decided I'm ready to know who my birth mother is, please.
Would you mind showing me some ID, Jira? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Good picture.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
Uh, I also have copies of my birth certificate and Social Security card if you need more forms of identification.
I also have the introductory letter written to my mother as well as the forms from the website filled out.
I wish everyone was as prepared as you.
I've I've thought about this for a long time.
And I always do my homework.
So why aren't you in school right now? Uh, this just seemed more important.
I'm sure it does.
So why do you wanna meet your birth mother? [CLEARS THROAT] Something going on at home? No.
I mean, not with I know what you mean.
I just need more family.
Why do you need more family? I just do.
You're 17, Jira.
Until you're 18, a parent needs to request your records.
I'm hoping you'll make an exception.
That's not how it works.
[VOICE BREAKING] There's no need to involve anyone else.
She's my mom.
I did the research, and No.
She gave birth to you.
There's a difference.
It's a big decision, and until you're an adult, it's one that you should make with the family that raised you, Ms.
Come back with your other dad, and we'll see what we can do.
Ugh! Hawks are a damn disaster this year.
Only team worse is Detroit.
No way.
Red Wings are gonna rally.
We can still go to the Cup.
Only bling that belongs in Detroit is on the front teeth of your citizens.
I can't hear you over the Hawks losing to the Penguins.
Who you like this year, Paulie? Uh, whoever can kick the crap out of the Penguins.
Hawks are gonna need someone who can shoot straight.
- Yeah.
- Maybe get a job with them, Paul.
[CHUCKLES] That was dumb.
I thought it would be funny It was, man.
It was.
It's fine.
I'm sorry, man.
- Aah! - Jim, can you - Can you not - ‭[THUD] [GRUNTING] God.
You can't just be hitting people, Jim.
I don't wanna hear it.
I'm done with everyone talking about you like, what, like they know? It was a crack.
He made a joke.
He's never been on the job! He has never been scared with a second to make a call! You know You know what? I got enough on my plate without you throwing tantrums! You're not helping! I know what happens when you don't make that call.
You got a little bit of ours back, brother.
It was the wrong guy, Jim.
You didn't know that.
Boss just called.
There's no voicemail.
Quick rule, everyone.
- When I am speaking, you are not.
Happy new year.
Welcome back to A.
History is our story.
You are the direct result of every decision ever made by every person who's ever come before you.
We live in Chicago because Jean Baptiste Point du Sable once came upon this land, cold and empty, and thought, "I can make a home here," stood by that vast lake.
They weighed their fear and they stuck it out.
And I want you to understand that person's hope.
We are all the children of a million hopes, and it's our responsibility to act upon our own hopes.
What did you give them already that you have to grade? I made 'em journal over the summer.
They are easier to break when you have a window into their souls.
How you doing? I have got Angelica Barrett fourth period, so Ahh.
Do you want me to fight her? She'd eat you alive.
I'd rip out enough hair to ruin prom.
I'll consider it.
No, but if she touches my hair, I'm out.
Or my face.
Thank you for defending my honor.
[CHUCKLES] Anytime.
Seen Jira yet? This morning in the hall.
She's got her game face on.
You both do.
Think anyone's buying it? Mm definitely.
Calder, please report to the office.
Calder, please report to the office.
School's off-limits, Elizabeth.
You're not answering your phone.
You break my rule, I break yours.
I didn't wanna hear bad news.
Is it good news? There's never gonna be good news.
No charges for Paul Evans.
[GASPS] The civil lawsuit is ready to be filed.
They failed Harrison every way they can.
It's time to make the city pay up.
I have to tell Jira before she finds out on her phone.
Nothing's gonna happen to him, is it? No legal ramifications, no.
Are we gonna sue? I think we should sleep on that.
Why? Because if we do, even if we win, it is the next four years of our lives.
Is that what you want? Does he get to keep his job? I don't know.
He probably will.
It won't always be like this, I promise.
[WHISPERS] Don't promise.
- I need my suit.
- Why? [GLASS CLATTERS] No no charges.
[GASPS] Then you just came along And I was helpless - [DOOR CLOSES] - [CHUCKLES] [BOTH SLURP] [GLASSES CLATTER] [PAUL RETCHING] Hey, I know today must be really hard.
It's okay.
You're holding on to a lot of negative energy, and it's getting directed at the people trying to help you.
You need to let go of that.
I need to let go of that? Yeah.
Do not talk to me ever.
No phones, Jira.
Let me see you in the hall.
- I - Now, please.
- Miss Jira.
- I'm going to the office, okay? Hey, you like baseball? Yeah.
What happens when a ball gets lost in the ivy at Wrigley? BEA MILLER: Wanna break all the clocks and the mirrors Outfielder raises his hands.
So next time someone's pissing you off, just raise your arms above your head.
Send you on an errand.
Don't know how to escape from this prison Really? I mean, h How am I supposed to overwork and terrify everyone if you're always stealing focus? I can't breathe Do I have to go back in? Yeah.
But Let's give it a minute.
I can't breathe Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh I can't breathe You okay? [POUNDS TABLE] No federal charges.
I met Dr.
Brennan once.
He was so happy to get that little girl.
Wanted to name her Jira.
He thanked me.
I know.
Would it have Would it help her to to meet me? - What, you're really asking? - Yes.
I can [SCOFFS] In the past, I haven't exactly been allowed an opinion on this.
- I need you to.
- T [SIGHS] You know, I just You sure this is about her? I just wanna do the right thing here.
You did that when you gave her up.
I get it if you wanna make sure she's okay.
But that's about what you need.
Maybe it is.
Is that such a bad thing? I don't know.
You still won't win this election.
I could wait four years.
I could be a mom.
I-I could work with Gordon.
You don't respect Gordon, and you know if anyone find out about her, that's all they gon' see no more economics genius, just a hood rat who got pregnant at 15.
Is that what I was? You know that's not what I meant.
[KISSES] You only ever been a dream girl to me, baby.
And you always saying you really wanna make a difference.
Run for office, and you doing that already.
- I'm her mom.
- No.
You're Benny's mom.
I know that.
Why can't I be both? Come on, Tia.
Where you going? [KISSES] I'm going to the press conference.
My name is Paul Evans.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING CONTINUES] I'm grateful the federal government recognized that and exonerated me.
I look forward to once again serving the great city of Chicago and hope that all involved [INDISTINCT SHOUTING CONTINUES] hope that all involved can now try to find some measure of peace.
Thank you.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING INTENSIFIES] - Who police the police? - Who police the police? - Who police the police? - Who police the police? - Who police the police - Who police the police - When they get out of line? - Who police the police When you see the police Say a little prayer to the shepherd Who let the wolves guard the sheep? [TRAIN TRACKS SQUEAL] WOMAN OVER P.
: This is Thorndale.
[YAWNS] - Kira? - Dad? Doors closing.
Do you love me? Yeah.
More than anything.
[SNIFFLES] I need you to do something for me.
What do you need me to do? I wanna meet my mom.
But you have to give me permission, legally, so I'm the parent you've got.
I want more family.
We're gonna get through this.
You can't possibly understand what I'm going through.
I want someone who can.
Do you think that I don't wake up every morning wishing it had been me? It would never happen to you.
Please help me meet my mom.
Why? It's my job to protect you, so I'm gonna keep you away from the one person who didn't want you.
Okay? So let's go home.
I don't wanna go home.
Jira, we're gonna home right now.
[TRAIN WHEELS SQUEALING] - Jira, get off that train.
- No.
Doors closing.
ETHAN: You wanna be a hero, huh? BENNY: Yeah, and be just like Black Lightning.
Yeah, I know.
And never get hurt.
You can do a lot of good stuff to help people.
But everyone gets hurt.
But you, me, and Mama well, we take care of each other.
Love you, son.
You did great.
It'll be good, get back.
In uniform, you'll feel more like yourself.
[RIVVRS' "SAVE MY SOUL" PLAYING] Hey, you got another overnight tonight? Yeah.
[SCOFFS] Two boys in Catholic school doesn't get cheaper.
- Did it to yourself.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah, serves me right.
I feel it in my bones Thanks, Vic.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] F-For what? For everything.
For In my veins, my blood Just everything since it happened.
The only hope I had, Vic.
Only person telling me it'd be okay that I actually believed.
'Cause 'cause you you believed it.
I have no idea how you were able to, but you did.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Oh, my God! Vic, hey! [EXHALES DEEPLY] Vic, it's okay.
It's over.
[LAUGHS] You're gonna believe that? You think I didn't wake up in cold sweats and worry every second? You oh, you freaking kid! Vic, breathe.
I did something bad, too.
All right, what? You know the the tape? The security tape.
The tape from the store.
I took it.
You were catatonic when it happened, and You said You said I did everything right.
You did.
No, no.
Why would you mess with the tape? Why would you mess with the tape, Vic? He was leaning over the cashier! The cashier was screaming.
Why did you mess with the tape?! You're supposed to say something.
Camera's right on your face.
You're supposed to say something before you fire.
[SCOFFS] You said I did everything right! You said I did everything right.
You're safe now! Paul! Hey.
I love you.
I love my family.
It's the one I want.
[SIGHS] I'm the one who gave her to Harrison Brennan.
How's the world revolve, Tia, hmm? [CLICKS TEETH] No.
I'm gonna run this year.
- There's too much to do.
- Mm-hmm.
And if I need to leave her be to do it, okay.
That's how I'll make it better.
Alderman Young.
: This is Thorndale.
Doors closing.
[THE NATIONAL'S "FAKE EMPIRE" PLAYING] Stay out super late tonight Picking apples, making pies Put a little something in our lemonade And take it with us We're half awake in a fake empire We're half awake in a fake empire Tiptoe through our shiny city With our diamond slippers on Do our gay ballet on ice Bluebirds on our shoulders We're half awake in a fake empire We're half awake in a fake empire Turn the light out, say good night No thinking for a little while Let's not try to figure out Everything at once It's hard to keep track of you Falling through the sky We're half awake In a fake empire We're half awake In a fake empire