The Red Line (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

For We Meet by One or the Other

1 Previously on "The Red Line" - It's Dad.
- I love you.
- I'll be home soon.
That's the wrong guy! Harrison Brennan was on his way home to his husband and daughter when police officer Paul Evans shot him twice in the back with no cause.
Why'd you take the tape? If people see that tape, they don't see the whole picture.
I was protecting us.
Turn the phone off now.
You put your hand on your gun every time you see a cellphone, we got a problem.
Give me four years to teach you, spend a little more time with Benny.
You want money.
What comes after that? You withdrawing all financial support from Nathan Gordon for the foreseeable future.
I met your, uh, your husband once.
I'm very sorry he was taken away from you and your daughter.
Uh, I've decided I'm ready to know who my birth mother is.
I am standing right here, and I love you.
I need someone who knows how it feels.
I need her.
BENNY: Mama! Mama! Hey, baby.
Uhh! You played like a pro out there today.
That was some solid defense, little man, huh? [CHUCKLES.]
Okay, come here.
Now listen.
Mommy has to go to work, but I will see you at bedtime.
Can we have a pizza party? Next time.
Mmm! Love you.
Pizza duty is all yours.
I can't believe you really gonna see her.
I thought we agreed not to discuss this here.
Now, look, I know you are feeling a certain kind of way, but I need you to smile at your wife in public.
You need to spend time with your son.
You got the campaign, work, and some girl on the North Side? Unh-unh.
Don't you call her that.
WOMAN: Alderman Gordon.
MAN: Nice to see you in the neighborhood, Mr.
Not wearing a tailored suit today, huh, Mr.
Gordon? Man of the people.
You should be shaking hands, too.
Come on, stay.
I will be back before bedtime.
Is this color too much? No.
You look great.
So any update on the search for the birth mother? The agency said she was unavailable.
If Jira wants to connect with her black roots, is there anyone in Harrison's family she could talk to? Both his parents are gone.
There's no extended family to speak of.
Hey! - Elizabeth.
- Hey.
- Hi! - Sorry I'm late.
I was lawyering.
- Oh! Hey, baby.
Hey, beauties.
You said there was news.
Go talk amongst yourselves.
City made an offer to settle.
It's a good number.
$3 million.
And Paul Evans keeps his job? - [POURING DRINK.]
- Then we do not accept.
There's another play besides just saying no.
As an condition of considering the city's offer, we can demand Paul Evans give a deposition.
If we get him to admit racial cause for the shooting, we've got fresh ammo to force the city to trial.
We go in front of a judge, we can argue to get him fired.
Yeah, but he's never gonna admit that he shot Harrison because he was black.
Not until I break him emotionally.
- Oh.
- On the record.
- I'd love to try.
- I wanna be in the room.
He'll say it was Harrison's fault.
No, I want to be in the room.
They will assassinate Harrison all over again.
It will hurt.
It already hurts.
JIM: Paul, breakfast! [TAPE CLATTERS.]
You back with Vic today? Still Carranza.
How long is that P.
stunt gonna go? Vic is your partner.
She does not belong in the penalty box.
Get back with her as soon as you can.
I get it.
You're Vic's number-one fan.
Damn straight.
Morning, Dad.
You are a lucky boy, Paul.
The city made an offer to that family this morning.
Not your job.
Where did you hear that? Your commander was at Mass.
Pretty sure I should know about that first.
That's protocol.
I think you meant to say "thank you," Paul.
How's Father Billick? - Oh, he misses you.
- Mm.
Am I the altar boy that got away? - You are a dark bastard.
- Uh-huh.
You know, going to Mass would do you good.
Hey, Jim, we have any old VCRs lying around? Some kid down the street was asking if we had one for a school project or something.
There's one at the station for training videos.
Which would also do you some good.
Here you go.
Nathan Gordon.
Yeah, I know who you are.
I was hoping I could have a word with you.
Someone else has my vote.
Stealing Dinorah Benson? Mm, that was rude.
You know, your little missus doesn't know what she's getting herself into.
I tried to lift her up, you know, but she wouldn't listen to me.
I was hoping maybe she'd listen to you.
She's just not ready for Chicago ball, you know? Walk away from me.
You can buy the whole Ward pizza.
Not gonna help her in the polls.
JONES: Do you ever wonder Why people hide, why people die? Forgetting to be human Lost till we die - [DOOR OPENS.]
- I can tell the wood For the trees in the city That never breathes I can tell my wants from my needs - But I know - Hi.
I want more And I keep it together, just enough to get by I rehearse every line so it's perfect from the outside Your hand fit around my finger.
Love underneath [WHISPERS.]
I'm sorry.
All of the words we [VOICE BREAKING.]
I'm sorry.
I'm looking for love, love Like on a silver screen [SOBBING.]
It's looking for me [WHISPERS.]
It's okay.
I read, um, um, a guidebook on how to or what to expect when you meet a birth child, but none of it really seems to apply here.
I read one, too.
Uh, it was pretty generic.
Usually doing my homework is more helpful.
I thought I was going to walk in here and see me but older.
I don't look like you.
Do I look like my birth father? [INHALES DEEPLY.]
I don't I don't We don't have to talk about him.
I really don't think they have aired out this room in a decade.
You wanna go for a walk? - Mm-hmm.
What are you doing here on a Sunday? Uh, it's a, um, the high school newspaper.
We have a meeting.
Why are you playing reverse hooky? Weird morning.
Jira's with a friend.
House seemed big.
I just escaped to grade.
Are Are you okay? City made an offer.
Well, that was fast.
It's a lot of money, but they don't wanna fire Paul Evans.
What do you want? I want Harrison's life to mean more than money.
I want Paul Evans punished.
A lot of families sue, and no cop's ever fired.
Well, it's an election year.
The grieving widower looks like the voters the mayor actually cares about.
But Harrison didn't.
And Jira doesn't.
I'm not going to apologize for defending my family.
No one's saying you should, and I'm happy you might have a better chance.
I just think that part of it has to do with race.
I got a lot of papers to grade, but we can pick this up later.
Of course.
Hey, Paul.
Got something you wanna tell me? Like that crap you sold me about tossing the tape in Pilsen? I was leaving you out of it, you jackass, and you steal from me? Carranza, hold the door.
Yeah, you got it.
JIRA: So why do you wanna be an alderman? TIA: The whole city is stuck.
People in power are too complacent.
And when things are stagnant for too long Standing water breeds disease.
Gotta clear the drain, get the water flowing again.
What? I thought you would be younger.
It's been a rough year.
We're suing the city, me and my other dad, trying to get that cop fired.
Lot of families have tried to hold the police accountable.
I think you need to be realistic about what will or won't happen to Paul Evans.
My dad says it's important to stay positive.
Well, maybe that's easy to do when you only know the North Side.
I just don't want you to get hurt even worse.
What could be worse than what's already happened? I'm so sorry about what happened to Harrison.
Why'd you say you were unavailable? I mean, you were unavailable, then you were available, and now we're here and and you say you don't want me to get hurt, but you've known about me all year since my dad died.
I've been hurt.
Where have you been? I didn't know if you wanted me But you did.
You did know.
I reached out.
Why didn't you come find me? [SIGHS.]
Because, Jira, you don't understand.
I'm Benny's mom.
Wait, Jira, please.
I didn't do this well.
Wait, Jira! I'm sorry! [SIGHS.]
Shift's over.
I'm off the clock.
Commander wants to see you.
All right, I'll be right there.
Let's go.
Paulie, come on in.
Close the door.
- Saw your dad this morning.
- He mentioned.
This about the lawsuit? - Nolan Florjanczyk.
I'm an attorney with Vanderhoff Barnes.
I represent the city.
We're gonna be getting to know each other.
- Why? - Before they even consider a settlement, they want you deposed.
Wait a minute.
They already cleared me.
When do I get to put this behind me? Has no one explained this to him? Has no one explained this to you? You shot a doctor, not a gang banger.
This is not business as usual.
Sit down.
I'm good.
Don't they already have all the statements that I gave them? Yeah, direct statements you made to a friendly crowd.
Paul, this is different.
They want you on the record with their lawyer.
You've never been put up for cross before.
I'm gonna prep you.
Prep what? How many times I gotta go over this? Did you kill him because he was black? What? The answer we want is "no.
How was Riley? They're fine.
What's this? Different depositions of CPD cops.
The city made a settlement offer today, but only money.
So they won't fire him? Elizabeth wants to depose him.
She thinks if he admits to racial bias, then we can get a new trial, and we can get him fired that way.
So I've been reading up, and I don't think I'm ever gonna sleep again.
Would he actually admit that? Well, we have to try.
And that means being in the same room as him.
Don't you want to hear him say it? I think we can look at Paul Evans, and we think it'd be cathartic.
But when you wait a long time for something, you just end up disappointed.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
What happened? It wasn't what either of us wanted.
Maybe that's for the best right now.
With the election and all, he's BENNY: Daddy! I can't sleep! - [CHUCKLES.]
- Can you read me a story? [SIGHS.]
Come on.
You got that campaign ad shooting early tomorrow.
Why don't you go see about your son, huh? End your day right.
- Evans.
- Yeah.
I need you to sign off, man.
I'm trying to put this knifey-boy paperwork to bed.
Just give me a second, all right? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS, TELEPHONE RINGING.]
I'm Tia Young, and I'm running for Alderman of the 6th Ward.
I am a mom, a financial analyt Analyt Ugh! Sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
- [SIGHS.]
- Don't worry.
You look great.
Act natural.
I don't feel natural.
I feel tired.
Well, this ad is expensive, so feel the money.
I'm gonna get you some coffee.
- Come here.
Come here.
- Ohh.
You gotta put it behind you, T.
I messed her up, Ethan.
'Cause it was a bad idea, but it's done now.
Just focus on giving Gordon a beat down, all right? I told you what he said yesterday.
Oh, I know he pissed you off real nice.
He deserves to get hit hard.
With what, Ethan? I don't have anything on him, do you? Not this second.
Just one thing at a time, please.
Financial analyst.
Hey, where are you going? Your wife is stressed as hell.
TIA: Financial analyst Yeah, I'm-a take care of that.
TIA: and an answer.
The 6th needs help, and I I don't walk away when my people need help.
Hey, what the hell are you doing in here? - Excuse me.
- Hey.
The hell is wrong with you? Where is it? Oh, my God.
You lost it.
Idiot! Where Where did you have it last? [LOWERED VOICE.]
The training room.
I needed to see what was on it for myself.
Redding called me into his office.
- By the time I got back, it was gone.
- Okay.
Um Another cop finds it here, he's not gonna do anything about it.
You need to help me fix this.
It was in the safe until the other night.
This is on you, Paul.
Now it's out there hanging over both our heads.
You good with that? So during Camus' "Plague," death is inevitable.
Every act of grace or rebellion seems to add up to not much.
So why fight? - [WHISPERING.]
- Open up your books I just still don't understand why you haven't told your dad about Tia.
What's the point? She hates me now.
No, she doesn't.
She's been thinking about you for 17 years.
You can't kill that.
You two talk a lot.
Welcome to our club.
It's a really small club.
Gotta call my wife.
- I'll meet you at the car? - All right.
ELIZABETH: We have to assume Evans is getting coached, but that doesn't change my strategy.
Are you there? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm here.
- Hey, can I ask you a question? - Of course.
I'm becoming the face of this lawsuit, and I'm starting to feel a little bit like the white guy who's grabbing the mic and taking focus away from black families who have suffered just as much if not more.
Am I the right person to be doing this? Responding as your cynical lawyer, yes.
Your face makes great optics in a polarizing case.
And if you were gonna respond as my friend? I'd think about you and Harrison and me and Jess, and honestly, I don't know.
I just want someone to answer for what happened.
: Mr.
Calder? Mr.
Calder, please report to the main office.
I have to go.
I'll call you back.
What are you doing here? Redding called.
He said you don't wanna prep for the deposition you have coming.
- That's not true.
- Who went in first that night? - I'm not doing this, Dad.
- You or Vic? I did.
I went in gun drawn.
I didn't ask you about a gun.
You give too much, Paul.
You went in first.
- Was the gun drawn? - Yes.
- Is that proper procedure? - You know it is.
Will the bitch lawyer who thinks you went hunting know it? It is proper procedure to respond to a distress call gun drawn.
So you went in first, gun drawn.
What did you see? A guy in a hoodie.
I saw his his back.
I saw a cashier, and I saw blood.
Was the hood up? I-I don't remember.
It was.
You couldn't see his face.
You couldn't see his face.
Where were his hands? Couldn't see 'em.
You couldn't see his face.
You couldn't see his hands.
You didn't even know he was black.
You're gonna do what I tell you.
Do you understand? Miss Miss, um Young.
I'm so sorry to bother you at work.
No bother.
A little surprised.
What are you doing here? I can't stop thinking how I left things with Jira.
I wasn't prepared for it, for how it would feel.
You know? If If I could explain myself a bit better, maybe we could sit down and talk.
I wanna help her and and I didn't do that yesterday.
I was caught up in my own Stop.
Stop talking.
Jira didn't tell you? You? You're Jira's You're the mother? But we met at the gala.
We met, and you said You said nothing.
Calder, I am so sorry.
If I had known I think it would be best if you I'll go.
I need to talk to you.
- We are on our - Right now.
- Uh, what's wrong? - Tia Young.
- Okay, um - We were doing better.
Why would you lie to me? I knew you were stressed with the deposition.
Oh, so you met her after we got that news.
- No.
- You met her before, and you lied, and you kept on lying.
Daniel, maybe take a breath.
Well, was she everything that you wanted her to be? - Doesn't sound like she was.
- I knew you'd react like that.
I did everything you asked of me.
I gave you permission, and you're still acting like I'm the one standing in the way.
I just wanted to protect you, Jira.
How can you?! You won't even talk with me about the fact that this world is different for you and me, and it was different for you and Dad.
Did you talk to her about me being the face of this lawsuit? - I didn't - That is not your job.
- Mr.
Bhatt did not say anything to me.
- You are a teacher, not her father.
Stop! You know, Dad understood that he couldn't shield me forever.
He wasn't overprotective like you.
Well, Harrison had the privilege of being too tired from work to fight with you about curfew and chores.
No, I did your hair.
I got you to bed.
And, no, you don't look like me, and, no, you don't come from me, but I was there every day knee-deep in it.
That was me.
Excuse me.
Usually, you're telling me to slow down.
Come on.
This is my last night as a cop, Jim.
- All over once I - [CLINKING.]
mess up this deposition tomorrow.
What are you talking about? Pop's been prepping you.
What the hell is she doing here? I called her.
You need all the friends you can get.
I'll get the next round, sort this out by the time I get back.
Beer? Yeah, thanks.
It's gonna be okay, Paul.
Whoever found that tape is a cop.
A cop's not gonna sink us.
People coming after me don't get it.
Why can't they get it? They don't understand the kind of people we deal with.
They don't understand the neighborhoods and what they're like.
They just You did your job.
That's all you're gonna tell them tomorrow.
I went in, and I said, "Hands up.
" But you say I didn't say it.
What do I tell 'em? Just do what your dad says to do.
He wants me to lie.
So? I lied.
I took that tape because I am your partner and I have your back.
Now it is your turn.
I have two boys waiting for me at home.
So you go in there, and you end this for all of us.
You do what Gary says.
I'm sorry.
This began by a rogue police officer who decided that he would be judge, jury, and executioner, following the pattern of Kira.
Can we talk? I didn't want to lie.
It just always turns into a fight, and we're both really tired.
So I thought maybe, "Jira, don't start a fight.
" Well, I'd rather fight and figure it out than both of us feel alone.
You know, from day one, we were so determined to give you a sex-positive upbringing.
We should have talked about this more all of it, being black, being white.
- We did talk about it.
- Not enough.
These last few weeks, I've been thinking that I have every right to speak for Harrison, my family, my fight.
People have been fighting.
There are so many families waiting for justice.
It isn't fair that our case got fast-tracked just because It's messed up, but it's true.
Dad are you gonna waste it or use it? [CHUCKLES.]
So how did it go with Tia? Then do you really wanna talk about it? Really.
I think I expected there to be this instant connection.
Then when she first looked at me I felt something.
But then we started talking, and It got complicated.
I'm so tired of being the one who's always searching for something.
I know that feeling.
And while it does not change the fact that I'm still very, very profoundly angry about the lying, Tia coming to the school to make it right qualifies as searching for you, so Mm.
The thrilling world of financial risk analysis.
Hello, Tia.
Nathan Gordon in the Loop? Ah, I was downtown having lunch with the mayor.
Figured, uh, it's just right down the block.
I'd walk over so that we could discuss a point? Oh, and that is? Your husband he's been looking into my children's lives.
He keeps that up, and you're gonna see a version of me - that I don't like.
- What are you talking about? You know he's been all over the Ward, getting every half-assed story about me and mine from the past, what, 20 years.
You sent your boy after my gossip.
Well, let me tell you myself, 'cause I've got nothing to hide.
Our youngest, Corey, was about 16 when a friend came to pick him up in a stolen car.
The friend accidentally hit a pedestrian.
Corey was never charged with anything.
Use that against me and see what happens.
I have never looked into your son.
You tread lightly, young lady.
That being said you're the tired son-of-a-bitch who came up to my husband and started talking, so maybe you should tread lightly.
D-Day? Yeah.
I was just about to, um - Yeah.
- Anyone going with you? Well, Elizabeth.
Good luck.
I should not have done that in front of you yesterday with Jira.
That wasn't fair to put you in the middle of that.
Um since we're apologizing, I think I stepped out of line the other day, too, about the race thing.
You didn't need it.
No, I did need to hear that, and you were just being honest.
Well, we're friends.
I have to go.
I don't wanna be late, so Well, let me know how the deposition goes.
Hey, my money's on you, Daniel.
Hey, can I help you? Hi.
Uh, I'm Jira.
Yeah, I, um I know who you are.
- Who went in first? - [STENO MACHINE KEYS CLICKING.]
I did.
Where was Officer Renna? In the car.
What were you expecting when you arrived? Dispatch Uh, dispatch relayed a distress call robbery in progress.
Did you know if anyone was armed inside the store? Objection.
Calls for speculation.
I'll withdraw.
So Despite believing there was an armed robbery in progress, you rushed into the store on your own? I proceeded with haste because it was an armed robbery.
Why would you assume that? Dr.
Brennan wasn't robbing the store.
Evans describe what you saw when you entered the store.
I saw a man about 6 foot in a gray hoodie.
Did you fire your weapon at this point, Mr.
Evans? Yes.
- Why? - Why? Because the man that I saw appeared to be threatening an injured cashier, and I believed the cashier's life was in danger.
Why did you believe the cashier's life was in danger? Mr.
Evans, when you entered the store, you saw a black man engaging with the cashier? I saw a man in a hoodie appearing to threaten the cashier.
How was he threatening him? Did he have a weapon? No.
Brennan's hands were not visible.
I'm having a hard time understanding how you knew he was in possession of a weapon.
And if he didn't have a weapon, why did you shoot him twice in the back? Ma'am, we were called to a robbery in progress.
When we arrived, we saw through the window an injured cashier screaming for help and a man standing over him in a threatening manner.
Brennan did not turn or raise his hands when prompted.
Procedure dictates I use deadly force.
Could you see his face? Was his hoodie up or down? His hoodie was up.
I called you four times.
Gordon's all riled up.
What have you done, Ethan? I had your back.
She wants to talk.
So when you arrived, what did you see - through the storefront window? - [STENO MACHINE KEYS CLICKING.]
I saw a man at the counter threatening the cashier.
The man had his back to the door.
When you entered, Mr.
Brennan was facing away from you - Doctor - with his hands hidden from view.
It'd been hard to see his skin.
Is that correct? Yes, sir.
- So you couldn't tell he was black? - No, sir.
Kinda hard to say you shot Mr.
Brennan because he was black, then.
You keep saying "mister.
" He was a doctor, so it's "doctor.
" Mr.
Calder will restrain himself while I question my client.
How do you people live with yourselves? "You people"? Yeah, any of you.
You know why you shot him.
Fermi, your client needs a leash.
- Daniel, stop.
- He was on his way home from work his last day of work.
He saved a stab victim before going to buy some milk.
Just some milk, and you shot him, and you let him bleed to death on the floor.
Why? No, no, no.
Do not talk to him.
Fermi, when we laid out the parameters of this deposition, you and your client agreed to them.
Given Mr.
Calder's instability and clear failure to abide by those rules, we maintain our right to withdraw the city's offer of a settlement entirely.
This deposition is over.
ELIZABETH: Absolutely not, - Absolutely not, Nolan.
- It's over.
It's over.
Withdraw the settlement entirely? Are you kidding me? My client will not be spoken to in this manner.
Your client? Your client has clearly been coached - Ms.
- by the full power - on the entire CPD legal team.
- Don't make I'm sorry I came without calling, but you did it first.
You shouldn't have lied to your dad.
He knows I'm here now.
I wanted to reach out to you, I swear.
But it's not just about me and what I want.
I shouldn't have told you about Benny in that way.
I never meant to hurt your feelings.
No, it was It was just weird.
I never thought about you having another kid.
It's stupid, but I thought it'd be simple.
It's not stupid.
I mean, part of me still can't stop seeing a newborn in my arms.
We have a lot to learn about each other.
And I don't think any of it's gonna be simple.
Now what? I wanna do this.
I've wanted to talk to you for 17 years.
Me, too Tia.
You know, nobody called us.
We just woke up the next morning, and he was gone.
Can't you just tell me why? You know why.
You saw his face in the window.
You s You know why.
Thought you might need a friend.
I ruined everything.
Let's go.
Who's worse? Cubs or Sox fans? Whoever starts the fight I gotta deal with.
I know.
Used to be fun.
Yeah, today Cubs fans are worse.
Man, Cubs fans were always worse.
Coming through! Pardon me.
PAUL: Hey! - Guys, break it up! - Hey! Come on.
Uhh! - [GRUNTING.]
Carranza! Paul! [TRACK RATTLING.]
CARRANZA: Shut it down! Shut the train down! Paul?! [APPLAUSE.]
I've got you.
All right.
- You good? - Yeah.
Whatcha doing? Organizing our finances.
Probably easier if you open the boxes.
Elizabeth needs a full financial picture.
It's the next step in the civil suit.
We are revising our damages request.
If I hadn't lost my composure at the deposition, then Don't beat yourself up.
I'm sorry.
- Oh.
- Is that Tia? You guys still getting together tomorrow? Yes.
Uh, well, is that still okay? Yeah.
Have fun.
I am gonna have work to do.
How does this happen? Uh, actually, I guess I saved someone's life.
And they cut you? [CHUCKLES.]
There you go, hero.
Good as new.
Now you can tell all the ladies you got injured in the line of duty.
Excuse me.
Right now? Okay.
Hey, Carranza! - Yo.
- Commander wants us to come in now.
department wants my report.
? Wow, they must be really desperate for a good news day.
Hey, you mind, uh, going and getting the car so we can finish up? Sure.
Yeah, I'll get the car.
- That was subtle.
- Yeah, like a freight train.
ZADIE GREY: I'm unstoppable I'll give it all I got, my friend Hey, so how's the turnout for the rally looking? Well, Robert over to Tabernacle Church is promising 50 souls.
Andrea at Community Action has 10, but it's shaky.
I want it full.
We will get there.
We'll get there, so tomorrow we're gonna rehearse your speech again.
I'm meeting with Jira tomorrow.
Going to some crazy surgery museum.
Haven't you taken enough risks? What if Gordon finds out about Jira? Nathan Gordon came to your office.
To tell me his son was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Gordon's kid was in an accident with a stolen car, and he just walks? A man who can do that is dangerous.
And if Gordon decides to play dirty, we have nothing to throw back against him.
Look, I plan on winning this on the issues, okay? Not by slinging dirt.
Now what are we gonna do about this turnout? [CHUCKLES.]
Are you actually having a good time? Yes! But I think this place could be a bit more interactive.
If I'm not holding a spleen in 10 minutes, I'm out.
You know what? They have a suggestion box.
"Experiments on prisoners to test chemical agents.
" Mm-hmm, there were a lot of questionable methods early on.
You do know when historians say "prisoners," they mean black folks? Um I'm sorry.
Uh we can go.
Don't feel shame about what's been done to us.
Learn and fight.
- Oh, sorry.
What is it? [APPLAUSE.]
MAN: Infamous Chicago Police officer Paul Evans was on the side of the angels today, saving the life on an innocent commuter who was pushed onto the tracks during a brawl.
Evans returned to work after a 6-month absence following the shooting of Dr.
Harrison Brennan.
Evans was formally cleared of all wrongdoing of the incident, - the tragic fallout - Let's go.
of an armed robbery gone wrong.
- Also making headlines - [TV TURNS OFF.]
It'll never stop being weird.
What's that? Thinking that we used to be like everyone else.
We cannot let that man destroy all the good in our lives.
We like school.
We will like school today.
You sound like you're in a cult.
Let's just embrace the good.
How about you invite Tia over for dinner? Really? - Really.
- I have to go right now.
No, like, really? - I can talk to you about this later.
- No, talk to me.
Thank you! [LAUGHS.]
We'll talk tonight.
- You okay? - Don't worry about it.
So saving a white woman makes up for killing a black man.
It's enraging, but today is about a positive message.
This whole article is one long dog whistle.
How do you think they got in the paper? A complicit media.
That is fed stories by the police's own P.
Just don't give them more reason to turn this machine against you.
I should speak to what's on the public's mind.
Look, the police aren't the only institution we are trying to reform.
We are advocating for free preschool programs, new job training initiatives.
, you're not focused.
You're thinking more about Jira than about your campaign speech.
You didn't see her face when she got the news, Ethan.
That girl makes you reckless.
I'm not reckless.
I'm bold.
The Missouri Compromise allowed Maine into the union as a free state, Missouri as a slave state.
But why? Why would Congress strike this bargain? - It kept the country together.
- Solid point.
The experiment to democracy continues.
- But so does slavery.
- Ooh, expand on that.
People weren't freed until the Civil War, so that's, what, two more generations born as slaves? Okay, so it's not so easy to tell when something's of the net good or net bad.
Like with Officer Evans.
Excuse me? Uh I just meant that he saved that woman's life.
Um I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's okay.
Um, that's true.
The police do want you to believe that evil's a necessary price to pay for good, but that is a lie.
They murdered my husband, and what good came out of that? Can anybody tell me what good came out of that? Mr.
Calder? May I see you in the hall for a moment? Uh-huh.
The administration comes down hard on any personal politics in the classroom.
Our job as educators Is to be neutral and professional.
As professional as you fighting with your boyfriend in front of students? [FOOTSTEPS DEPART.]
One beer, baby, I promise.
- See the news? - Sure.
- And I got a date out of it.
I finally got you out for a drink, man.
Yeah, when's the last time a Puerto Rican was in here? November 5, 1975.
Didn't go well.
So, why'd you become a cop? Uh well, I got people in my family who are afraid to ask the police for help, so I wanted be a cop they could trust.
What about you? Besides Dad? Wanted to be one of the good guys.
- Train heroes.
Not heroes like this guy, though.
Sorry, amigo, I only tell that story when I'm trying to get laid.
Beer here! [WHISTLES.]
- MAN: Coming up.
I meant no disrespect.
That's fine.
Don't worry about it.
Not really a good story anyway.
Just a regular old B&E.
Couple black kids messing around.
Jim chases one of them up to the rooftop on his own, 'cause he's an idiot.
He's got the kid cornered, and he doesn't want him to get scared, - doesn't want him to try and jump.
- Yeah.
So he stops.
Kid turns and shoots.
So that's what benefit of the doubt gets you.
I hear that.
There was a time in Chicago politics when black folks we fought just to have a seat at the segregated table.
- But fighters like Mayor Harold Washington and President Barack Obama began to change that.
- Yeah? Well, while they've changed politics, Nathan Gordon did not change.
Some people will be more comfortable if I talk about lunch programs and child care, but it's not just the resources that have been unequally distributed.
We've also had more than our fair share of brutality.
- Yes.
Nathan Gordon wants more police in our neighborhood.
But I will make sure that the Chicago Police Department can't put killer cops back to work and then try to portray them as tragic heroes.
There is nothing Paul Evans can do that would change the fact that he took Harrison Brennan's life.
We can change the system that lets him get away with it.
Together, we can teach the police how to protect and serve a community.
We can make the 6th Ward and Chicago the home we deserve.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- That was good.
- Was that you saying I was right? - Probably not.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
You write up that public urination? [SCOFFS.]
Nah, that's all yours.
You know what makes me a hero? - Wite-out.
's doing their job.
Everyone's amazed at someone doing a regular day's work.
I understand they're making this a big deal 'cause of Brennan, all right? But I did save the woman.
Paul Evans, lifesaver.
No, I'm just trying to do a good job.
See something, solve something, right? Still some calls you never wanna make.
No, you don't.
Either of you jags gotten that fence report? Thanks.
BURNS TWINS: Do you take me as a flower? You pick me up, pick and choose time with me Do you need help getting dinner started? It's hours yet.
Isn't there chopping or simmering? It's gonna be ready.
It's the damn press.
Please talk to the reporters.
I keep thinking things will get better if I don't think about 'em.
Dad It's not working.
- WOMAN: Tribune.
Daniel Calder.
Yes, would you like to make a statement? Yes, I do have a comment.
Daddy, look at all the signs! - [CHUCKLES.]
- I know.
Word's getting out.
Not everybody likes what you saying.
Well, it's just one opinionated jerk.
Stay home for dinner! Yeah.
Call and reschedule.
They'll understand.
I'll be home as soon as I can.
The hell is this? Just keep walking.
Afternoon, officers.
Can I have a word with you, Ms.
Young? What's this about? Why don't you and I wait over here? It's okay.
When you lie about the police, you make every officer's job harder.
- Mommy? - Eyes here.
When politicians tell people not to respect the police, you put our lives on the line.
People get hurt when we can't do our job.
Officer Mecham? I'll take your comments under advisement.
You want a rematch? No.
I think you stitched my hand crooked.
- Oh, really? - Mm-hmm.
My hand's way off.
Look, excuses, excuses.
They should probably take it easy anyway.
This is my life-saving hand, after all.
You know, when you asked me out, I almost said no.
Most of my friends on the job have a "no cops" rule.
Guess that makes us a couple rule-breakers 'cause I usually have a "no EMT" rule.
We work insane hours, and we're chronically underpaid.
Cops, too.
Terrible dating material.
The worst.
Except for the whole saving lives part.
You think you've milked that enough? I was talking about EMTs.
So what's the dream? - Dream? I don't know.
I don't know.
You? I'm living the dream, helping scared people at the worst moments of their life? Hours are brutal, though.
I'm thinking about training for hospice nursing.
Hospice? That's intense.
They say it's a calling.
It'd need to be.
So you really don't have a dream? I don't know.
I mean maybe a small town cop somewhere where there's no Such a simple thing - Somewhere quiet.
- Sure.
My heart's much deeper You've had a hard year.
I don't really wanna talk about that.
It sounds to me like you're a guy who was doing his job and had to make a hard call.
I can't make you see If you don't by now I'll get through these chains Somehow Somehow Well, it's beautiful to see photos of the three of you.
Aw, thank you.
So, Tia, tell me, honestly, what did you really think of the museum? Uh well, Jira was very excited to share it with me.
Not my thing either.
And I never understood the fascination with all the blood.
- But Jira loves it.
- Oh, I don't anymore.
Oh, well, that's new since Saturday.
We discussed some history Jira was unaware of.
You know, I teach history, so maybe You really wouldn't get it.
I see.
Uh, I read the transcript of your police speech.
I mean, on your website.
It was incredible.
Oh, thank you.
My friends and I are gonna come to your debate.
Told your friends about me? Um You can trust them, but I-I won't talk to them about you anymore.
I don't think you have anything to apologize for, honey.
Uh, so I was thinking, I wish I could help out with the campaign.
I mean, I know I can't hand out leaflets on the South Side, but I could do other stuff.
Well, I could babysit Benny.
- Let's Let's - He's so cute, and I have Let's enjoy this.
Benny I really don't wanna throw too much at him right now.
You know, Tia, I have to say I think it's a little unbalanced that this is all on your terms.
No, it's just, what's your plan, exactly? I mean you disrupt my daughter's life, and you're asking her to keep secrets.
No, I'm I'm fine.
No, no.
That's That's a fair question.
This isn't ideal, I know, but my plan is to get to know the both of you the way that I can right now.
So I don't know, right after the election, everyone could know? I mean, I don't know the exact timing, but - So there's no plan? - I don't need a plan.
Look, I think that Jira and I are doing each other some good.
Maybe I should have waited to reach out, but after I saw you at the gala, I didn't Uh, wait.
The gala? You were at the gala? Like, after you said you were unavailable? Why didn't you tell me? Because this woman you were so desperate to know started off by lying to me.
I do not lie.
- What would you call it? - Protecting Jira like you.
And don't you come at me as if I'm up to something.
I have Jira's best interests in mind.
You rejected her when she reached out to you.
You hid who you were from me, then you whipped around and emailed her behind my back.
- Okay, but - Which doesn't exactly give me reassurance.
- I can take care of myself! - And then you met with her alone, knowing full well, right? Maybe ask yourself why she couldn't talk to you about it.
- Excuse me? - You can't be everything that she needs.
You have to know that.
What do you know about what she needs? Well, I mean, she knows more than you.
- Quiet, Jira.
- I am talking! The grown folks are talking! I will discipline my child.
I am not a child! Okay, look, I-I just wanna help here.
Well, we don't need your help.
I owe Harrison.
You met my husband once.
You have no rights here.
You gave those up a long time ago.
You have no idea what I gave up! And you have no idea who I lost! Okay, stop! You were supposed to make things better! - Jira.
- Honey.
ETHAN: I knew that dinner was gonna be a mistake.
You were right.
I shouldn't have gone.
Guys, the cops are a bigger concern.
It might help if we try to make something good out of the threat.
For the campaign? You said not to take on the cops.
This in the news could equal a dozen ad buys.
No cost - No.
- Leave the cops alone.
It's too dangerous.
, I said yes to you risking your campaign for Jira.
I didn't like it, but I did it.
And now you'd better risk it to protect Benny.
Look, fine.
I won't fight them in the press.
I prefer to look 'em in the eye.
How was your date? She's nice.
You'd like her.
The train thing's a pretty big deal, huh? You got some good press and some bad press.
Quote, "Given Officer Evans' actual regard for human life, wouldn't surprise me to learn that it was a mere stunt.
" That is your pal Daniel Calder beating you to the punch.
You know, I wanted to name you after my dad.
Samuel Evans was a hell of a cop, but your mom liked "Paul.
" [SIGHS.]
I'm glad we went with "Paul.
Train is quiet.
It's nice.
Don't get enough of that these days.
Dinner was your idea, Dad.
If you weren't ready for that, you should have just told me instead of being so harsh.
Oh, I was the only one being harsh? I I know you think I'm trying to upend everything, getting to know Tia, but it's it's not that.
I want her to be a part of us.
That's what last night was supposed to be about, making something new feel normal.
I'm not going to apologize for protecting you.
Dad would have been better with her.
I need to make sure that Tia's okay for you, and Harrison would have felt the exact same way.
You have no idea.
You have no idea how much I worry about you.
You are always worrying about me all the time.
That is so much pressure.
You know how you know you're going to be a doctor? That's how I knew I was gonna be a dad and a husband.
And now one of the things that I am is gone.
So I need to be a dad right now because that's how I recognized myself.
That's what's keeping my feet on the ground.
You need something besides that.
I know that, Punchkin.
Young, I can tell you're upset.
Upset? My 6-year-old son was with me.
Forget where you were going, Officer Janini? I apologize for her interruption.
When I win, you are going to need an ally on City Council.
Harassing my family is not a great start.
Gordon has 30 years' experience in Chicago politics.
He knows that when people come home from their protests, they still want their garbage picked up and the bad guys locked up.
Most people want the system you say is broken.
Most people are afraid.
Young, exactly what is it I can do for you here? I want your officer punished! - For talking to you? - For threatening me.
I can hear his side of the story.
That's only fair.
Badge number? Mecham.
Different district.
Looks like you're making friends all across the city, Ms.
Perhaps you should be more careful about what you say.
I'd hate for this to happen again.
RILEY: God, Jira! [LAUGHS.]
Where have you been? You missed lunch.
I never want to share a meal again.
They were screaming at each other.
It was just the first time.
My dads never fought like that.
Honestly, I think that's the weirder thing.
I would like to not be here.
That's no problem.
We can cover up for you.
There are many legitimate reasons that you could disappear.
- We'll make up a great excuse.
Or you could just come with me.
Are you serious? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
Nice boss.
Well, you see us as one blue problem, but there's all kinds of cops.
And the way they rolled up on you was messed up.
Thank you.
You let me know if there's anything I can do.
Can you look up an accident report? An old one? I need a name.
Corey Gordon.
Do you often skip class to go to your father's grave? Sometimes by myself, but my dad hasn't been here since the funeral.
- Have you asked him why? - I don't have to.
Do you sit here and talk to him? Talk to what? When we die, we're done.
That's just science.
That's bleak.
I approve.
You know, I keep coming back here because no one is like him not my dad, not Tia.
No one is going to be.
Hey, I basically just met you, so I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure no parent is perfect.
Harrison was perfect.
Tell him.
Riley? Harrison was amazing.
But? But was he perfect that time he missed the science fair? I mean, you were pissed for, like, two weeks.
- He was perfect for me.
- All I'm hearing is, like, "Daniel failed me, and Tia failed me.
" And they did.
Were they the only two fighting at dinner? Mm-hmm.
You know, I may have been zealous.
Like, why do you think think other people are gonna fix things for you? They're both so busted.
I mean, yeah.
Parents are in need of tending.
They fray.
DANIEL: Knock, knock! [SCRIBBLING.]
I'm sorry.
For what? I shouldn't have bit your head off.
Apologizing by ending sentences in prepositions Bold move.
I know you were just protecting me, and I don't like it when we're not friends.
So can we be friends again? [CLATTER.]
- What's eating you, man? - Dad got in his head.
Hey, look, we're good, right? - Sure.
- You and me, we're good.
- We're good.
- You see? We're good.
Racist cop.
You know better, right? What do they teach us on day one? "My peace cannot be breached.
" - Right? - Easy for you to say, man.
I'm gonna be a be a punching bag the rest of my life.
One side spins you up, the other spins you down.
Nobody cares about the truth.
It's all just politics.
Nothing I ever do again is gonna be good.
It's Maybe you should slow down, bro.
They got media.
They got They got They got the courts.
I should sue.
I should be able to sue.
We're on defense, man.
That's it.
We can't be.
We c They're gonna keep coming.
And they're gonna keep coming and keep coming.
How are we How are we even supposed to do our jobs when we're out there thinking we could go to jail? Yeah, you're stuck in a crouch, you can end it all with a throat punch.
But there's nobody to sue.
Except Daniel Calder.
There you go.
He's lying about me.
That's de That's defamation.
He's trying to get me fired.
He's trying to get me fired.
when brass and the feds have both called it a clean shoot.
At least I know when to quit.
Clean shoot.
Mm, okay, got one for you.
"I was a wayward child with the weight of the world held deep inside.
That inspired your career? Mariah Carey is literature's gateway drug.
Do you remember when we first met? I, embarrassingly, do not.
I was walking down the hallway, maybe day three of being here, and I heard someone talking about the etymology of the word "Iroquois.
" - Hmm.
- I had to introduce myself at the bell because that sounded exactly like my type of profound geek.
I'm actually very cool.
That wasn't the first time we met.
It wasn't? Well, I saw you once before that.
I saw you before, too.
Bradley, that guy I was seeing, broke up with me because he thinks that I have feelings for you.
Which is ridiculous I said.
My lawyer she's been trying to get me do some paperwork.
I should probably go.
Yeah, you should.
Everything all right? I'm not gonna be able to win this thing unless I keep taking risks.
With Jira? Jira and her father need time.
I'm gonna focus on the campaign.
I'll keep going after Nathan Gordon.
The official story is that a guy named Dwayne Boden was driving the car with Gordon's son.
And you got this how? Someone did me a favor.
I know you're worried.
I'm not worried.
I'm scared.
I just T.
If I beat Gordon, I will help make everyone more safe, especially you and Benny.
That's what I'm fighting for.
No, sometimes you just fighting to win.
Not this time, I promise.
And I need your help.
What do you need? A visit to Cook County prison to get Dwayne's side of the story.
All right.
All right.
Did Elizabeth call and tell you to do my homework? I was so wrapped up in meeting Tia that I wasn't thinking about what you might need.
I'm sorry.
I'm okay.
You're afraid.
That's poetic.
So I figured these are paystubs.
This stuff up here these things are not paystubs.
We may need to refine our system.
You make me feel at home You make me feel at home This love What's that? It grows no matter where we go Bookmark.