The Resident (2018) s02e14 Episode Script

Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

Previously on The Resident What happened in the elevator stays in the elevator.
I'm taking your pulse to make sure you don't have an arrhythmia.
We are never gonna have a normal life if you keep overreacting to every little thing.
- They found Julian's car.
- Did they find her body? Still searching.
The landlady let me in to get Julian's cat.
And you just took her phone bill? Look at the last number that Julian called.
It was an office at the FDA.
Is Jessie being tested? Stop going through my stuff, Nic.
Quit lying to me! I'm done trying to save you.
You want your pills? Take them.
I have a surprise for you.
(MOANS) I made a reservation.
To a place you've been talking about forever.
No, you didn't.
- At Juniper Zest? - Yes! How did you get a reservation on Valentine's Day? Ah, anything is possible when you call eight months in advance.
I'll have to meet you there.
I've got that Family Day thing at Jessie's rehab.
Well, I'm sorry.
That won't be fun.
Mm, which part? The part where you hear endless stories of people hitting rock bottom or the part where we do family trust falls? Oh, my mistake.
That sounds like a blast.
Oh, God.
- Do you need anything? - No, I'm fine.
Mina's been filling me in on everything.
- Any word from Julian? - How's your heart? One thing I'm a little sick of is everyone asking me, "How's your heart?" I hear that.
I found your shirt.
It was still in the guest room closet.
- Why are those here? - Don't look at me.
They're for Gertie down the hall.
It's a thank you for taking Julian's cat.
Aw, Gertie's a good woman.
She deserves flowers.
As for me, I told Micah no flowers, no cards, no candy.
- I'll walk you out.
- So I take it you guys don't have plans for tonight, then? Oh, I don't do corporate holidays.
Oh, she's crazy.
I think all holidays are great holidays, especially the ones featuring chocolate.
Look, if you change your mind about being wined and dined tonight, let me know.
- Micah has a key now? - It was only logical.
Such a romantic.
Micah and I are right where we should be.
No drama, no surprises.
So let the man take you to dinner on Valentine's Day.
Oh, is this Dr.
Devon I see with Miss Mina? Hi, Gertie.
I was actually just coming to see you.
Thank you again for taking Julian's cat.
Oh, please.
Needy Pete's a joy.
That's what I'm calling the cat.
Little kitty can't stand to be left alone.
Gluten-free, dairy-free, - sugar-free, still delicious.
- Hmm.
Secret recipe.
You come by and visit with Pete and me any old time, okay? Not on Tuesday afternoon; that's Pilates day.
Wednesday and Thursday is yoga.
Monday and Friday is tap class.
Guess what I'm saying is call me first.
You got it.
Thank you.
Hmm, I think she wants to be your valentine.
You'd make such a cute couple.
Happy VD, boss-man.
What do I have today? Uh, couple of meetings, and tonight that black-tie fund-raiser.
Do you need a date for that? Lots of lonely, desperate ladies today.
No, Grayson.
Look, don't say I'm the one that told you, but, uh, the 'rents are back on the rocks.
What? My mom's mad at my dad again.
Maybe you can get back in there.
Grayson, for someone in my position, tonight's fund-raiser is as necessary as it is boring.
And consequently, I'll be going alone.
However, you may not be aware that I have a long-standing tradition of spending "VD" with a scalpel in my hand, so I need you to book back-to-back surgeries.
I don't care what the specialty is, make that happen.
- You got it, boss-man.
- Don't call me "boss-man.
" - You got it, boss.
- Nope.
I got your text.
You know the last person Julian called? I tried that number again on the way to work, and I finally got a person on the other line.
It's an FDA agent named Mark Truscott.
He was the last person that Julian called.
- Did he say why she called? - No.
Did it have anything to do with QuoVadis? No.
She wanted advice.
She was thinking about changing careers.
(SIGHS) I guess that makes sense, given what she told you about things being off at work.
Yeah, but Truscott scheduled a meeting with her.
And she never showed.
That's very odd.
I don't even think the police are looking for her anymore.
It's like everyone has moved on.
Except me.
What do you think we'll see the most of today? Suicide attempts or proposals gone wrong? - Such a cynic.
- How do proposals go wrong? You know, hot-air balloon mishaps, accidentally drinking engagement rings in champagne glasses, people doing stupid things in the name of love.
See, that's why it's better to do stupid things - in the name of sex.
- Hear, hear.
You know you're supposed to read those first, right? "Wink, wink.
" High literature indeed.
I ordered some special ones online.
Just for you, Irving.
Um, I think HR would discourage me from reading these out loud.
What are you doing? Well, I figure if I'm going to accept a fortune from a stale piece of sugar, I should at least have control over what it says.
Oh, look at that.
- "Real love.
" - Yeah, don't bother.
Another one with the cynicism.
Listen, bruh, instead of focusing on resentment over what we currently do not have, let's use today as an opportunity to celebrate what's to come.
AJ Austin, doctor of love.
70-year-old female found unconscious and asystolic.
A neighbor initiated CPR.
She's been down for 30 minutes.
Still no pulse.
All right, stop compressions, hold ventilations.
She was fine an hour ago.
How did she die? I only stayed there a little while, but still Gertie remembered everything about me.
She delivered cookies for all the holidays.
She acted like everyone's mother.
Except in a good way.
She once told me that the boys used to call her Flirty Gertie.
Okafor and Dr.
This is Gertie's niece, Nora.
It's nice to meet you both.
Is Aunt Gertie okay? Uh, please, have a seat.
Gertie was found unconscious in her apartment building.
Someone called 911, and the paramedics did everything they could to revive her but your aunt died.
We are so sorry for your loss.
Of course.
Of course she died, today of all days.
Damn it.
Now what? Well, you were listed as her next of kin.
So who do I need to call? Funeral home? Cremation place? Chastain social workers can help with all of that.
If there's someone else you need to notify, like other family members, they can help with that, too.
There is no one else.
I'm her only living relative.
How long until the insurance money kicks in? Look, I know that she was sweet to everyone else, but with me, it was judge, judge, judge.
She hated every guy that I brought home, every damn one.
But this time, I thought she might like him.
Nice, no kids, owns a bike shop in Portland.
I don't make a lot as a telemarketer, so I was coming over today to ask Gertie for money to help me move to be with him, and I don't know if she would have said yes, but (GROANS) Doesn't matter.
This is giving me another one of my headaches.
Where's the, um the death certificate? We don't have the cause of death yet to list on it.
She's gone.
Say she died from being old.
Calling the cremation place to come pick her up, so give me that death certificate ASAP.
Your ortho consult's in Bay Two.
Chet Aiken, 26-year-old male, single, motor vehicle accident.
Boys and their cars.
I had to put him behind a curtain.
He was freaking people out.
License and registration.
They said a doctor had to get it off me.
Well, that's true.
Looks like a clean impalement.
- Hold the door.
- Hmm? - Think of England.
- What? Sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Had to be done.
You're lucky you didn't hit any bones or arteries.
- Do you have any neck pain? - No.
(PANTING) You were the driver, right? How fast were you going? Um, I don't know.
I couldn't see the speedometer.
How did the door end up in this position? These look like seat belt abrasions, but they're on the back of your neck.
Did the airbags deploy? I don't see any facial bruising or lacerations.
I-It happened so fast.
She was fine, but my-my seat belt wasn't on.
You had a passenger? Is she here? No.
She didn't want to come.
I mean, we didn't know each other that well.
You weren't driving in the car.
Her profile was awesome.
Like, so awesome that I thought I might be getting catfished.
Her name even sounds fake pretty.
- Bella.
Am I right? - Mm.
And then I meet her, and she's as hot as she is online and funny and smart, and she asked me to get coffee today, on Valentine's Day, so, I mean, she must like me, too, right? She must like a part of you.
And then after coffee, we ended up in my car.
But not-not out in the open; we're not animals.
But one of us hit the emergency brake.
We rolled down the hill, and, bam, right into a fence.
It's just, I can't quite work out the physics of the thing.
Well, the seat was here, and-and and she-she was, she was strapped in, like And I I was more I was like I am an idiot.
Mm, no, you're gonna be okay.
I'm Andre.
This is Otto.
How fast can you get him admitted? Oh, honey, don't be so extra.
It's just a virus.
Just give me some fluids and acetaminophen.
Two years in med school a century ago does not make you a doctor today.
- Says you.
- Got out while you could.
Good for you.
What do you do now? I'm a substitute teacher.
Middle school.
That's why he talks like that.
Oh, you low-key love it.
And I want out because we've got lit Valentine's plans tonight.
- Wha? - We're saving our nickels.
It's too late.
I already made a rezzy.
All right, what can you tell me about your symptoms? Allow me.
He's been tired, weak, dizzy, and some of his joints are swollen.
Are you on any medications? Oh, zero.
I-I've been sober for 20 years.
I don't even take an aspirin for a headache.
- Stubborn old coot.
- Mind over matter, my love.
(CHUCKLES) I like that.
I'll be back when I have your initial lab results.
Uh, Dr.
Hawkins, hold on, please.
We have a catastrophic health care plan with a high deductible.
- Joys of insurance, huh? - Mm.
Don't worry.
I will only order tests that are absolutely necessary.
Give the appy in OR Three to someone else.
I want the partial colectomy that's on the way in.
Yes, Dr.
I need to fast-track an autopsy.
Today I'm a surgeon.
Ask somebody else.
It's for a patient who died very suddenly.
She was an active 70-year-old with no apparent symptoms - 70? It was her heart.
- That doesn't make any sense.
We can't know that until the autopsy.
She was a nonsmoker, she participated in her community, she was physically active on a daily basis.
Why are you still talking about an autopsy like it's a forgone conclusion? They cost thousands of dollars.
Unless the family wants to pay out of pocket or the coroner wants it or her insurance authorizes it, it's not happening.
It's not coming out of Chastain's budget because, trust me it's always their heart.
I understand the patient brought into the ER today was a friend of yours.
She was my neighbor.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
You want to talk about it? No.
Excuse me, I need to make a call.
Hi, Micah.
I changed my mind about dinner.
See, I knew it.
Deep down, you love Valentine's Day.
No, but I love you, and you love Valentine's Day.
And life is too short.
I don't want to be selfish and just think of myself.
No, you're not being selfish.
You literally think about everyone.
And I like where this is going.
So, we can have dinner with all of the traditional couples tonight.
It's a little late for reservations; we might end up at an all-night diner.
But if I'm with you, it's all good.
Good news, Chet.
You're gonna be just fine.
We reduced your wrist dislocation and cleaned up the wounds.
We put you in a splint, and as long as you keep it immobile, it should heal quickly.
I'll write you a prescription for antibiotics so you won't get an infection in that arm.
Thanks so much, Doc.
Oh, don't mention it.
We're a little backed up because apparently this holiday makes people do oddly dangerous things, but someone should be in in a bit and get you in a sling, and you can get out of here.
This is the kind of crap that only happens to me.
I meet a hot girl, I think she's into me, and I do something stupid.
Well, to be fair, you did have a slight technical malfunction when you hit the emergency brake.
(CHUCKLES) - No one could've predicted that.
- Maybe.
But she wouldn't even come to the hospital with me.
I mean, I should've had car sex with a nice girl.
- You'll get through this.
- People like you don't get it.
I mean, you've never done anything like this.
Well, maybe not exactly like this.
(CHUCKLES) You're severely anemic and your sodium's low.
Looks like someone's getting steak and spinach for dinner, extra salt.
I already told you, Italian.
We have a reservation.
Otto, (SIGHS) you're also showing signs of low kidney failure, so I need to run some more tests.
You won't be able to leave the hospital today.
On the upside, cafeteria makes a mean spaghetti.
I'll bring two bowls up; we'll pretend we're in Italy.
Remember Rome, when the Pope blessed us in the streets? You wish.
The Pope is not known for his great love of our people.
Well, maybe it's a blessing in disguise.
I can cancel tonight and put that money into that Alaskan tour we always wanted to take.
I'll be back when I have the results.
Oh, remember that Caribbean cruise we went on? Oh, how we danced.
Damn it.
No one cares about the truth, not the police, not this hospital.
Gertie's primary care physician said she died of atherosclerosis, which she was never diagnosed with.
Uh, it's because of her age.
We can't get an autopsy because no one cares what kills the elderly.
And now we're supposed to give a death certificate to the family that says a lie.
It isn't right.
The government bases their stats on death certificates.
We might have to work outside the system if we want to get this done.
Would you consider donating Gertie's body to science? Chastain has a relationship with a local university W-Why? Well, you'd be helping to educate future doctors.
Look, my head is killing me.
I'm not weeding through a bunch of extra paperwork.
I just want her death certificate, so I can get the money and move to Portland.
If you donate her body, you don't have to pay for a funeral.
And I'll get the death certificate? Where do I sign? - What do we have? - His oxygen levels are dropping.
He was talking about the Pope and he wasn't making any sense, and then he started coughing up blood.
Page pulm and thoracic.
Tell them he has massive hemoptysis.
I need that airway cart now.
Step back.
Thank you.
I need a double-lumen endotracheal tube.
His left lung is hemorrhaging.
What are you doing? I'm inserting this tube to block off the bleeding and to allow the good lung to keep getting oxygen.
- Will he be okay? - We just bought Otto some time so we can figure out why this bleeding is happening.
Let's get him to Interventional Radiology.
- Oh, hello.
- Hi.
- Surprise.
Hold on, hold on.
Someone might come in.
Oh, so let them.
It's Valentine's Day, - and I'm getting some sugar.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Do you want to meet on the on-call rooms on three? Huh? I could sneak up there and meet you in a few minutes.
Or we could walk up there together.
Jess, come on.
We're at work.
- And? - And it's not professional.
(SCOFFS) So what? Other people have relationships at work.
It's complicated, that's all.
I don't think it's complicated at all.
You come to my apartment, you make pasta, we watch movies, and you rub my feet, and you like it.
Can you Just a little less? No, I cannot! What, are you ashamed of me? That's No, of course not.
That's a crazy thing to say.
Okay, well, then let's go, right now.
Take my hand and walk down the hall with me.
You know, no one thought you were any great prize either, Irving but I did.
Hey! How's it going? Oh, you know, ball of fun.
Yeah, I bet.
You doing okay? Oh, sure.
Turns out, trust fall thing, not a joke.
- Oh.
Anyone get dropped? - No, but I thought about it.
You know what Family Day is? It's a day for addicts to blame their families for their addictions.
I'm about to kick a few people in the shins.
Well, that sounds about right.
(SIGHS) There's more.
There's a group thing in the morning.
I have to stay overnight.
I can't come to the restaurant with you, Conrad.
I'm so sorry.
That's okay.
We'll do it some other time.
Oh, but you called eight months ago to book a table.
I'll just give it to somebody else.
Nic, really, it's just a day on the calendar.
Of course you need to be there with Jessie.
It sucks.
I know.
Door three closing.
I got to go.
Another session's starting.
- Don't kick anyone.
- I'll try.
Happy Valentine's Day.
I love you.
Happy Valen What in heaven's name? Chet! Chet, are you okay? Unlock the door! Ow, she broke me again.
Bella, I assume.
He said he was good to go.
I said you had to be gentle.
It was nice to meet you.
Biopsy results are back.
He has an autoimmune disorder.
It's attacking his blood vessels and it's what caused the anemia and the kidney failure.
Polyarteritis nodosa.
It's treatable with medication.
Once we've got it under control, you can go back to your normal life.
Our normal life.
Andre, this is good news.
Otto will recover.
I know.
But that's not the only thing going on here, is it? He's talking about a cruise we never went on.
And about Tijuana and this casino in Vegas.
All things we said we'll do someday, but we haven't yet.
Now, at first, I thought he was joking or confused, but then I called to cancel the Italian place near our house.
It turns out, he never had a reservation there.
It was a lie.
Or he forgot.
Or he was drunk.
(SIGHS) His drinking that's why he didn't finish med school.
I was young; I thought I'd scored with this hot doctor.
Then he started lying about where he'd been, what he was doing.
Took me years to figure it out.
Then years for him to get sober.
And it was worth it because God, I love that man.
But now here we are.
I can't do this again.
Andre I don't think Otto is drinking.
Nothing indicating that came up in his blood tests.
Then why is he doing this? Tell me more about what he says.
How would you like to do something epic and romantic for Valentine's Day? What do you have in mind? Cut into my dead neighbor lady to find out what killed her.
You're asking me to perform an autopsy? Since we technically don't have permission, we'll say it's for your anatomy class.
So you want me to help you steal an autopsy.
I'm in.
Gather around the table.
Don't get in their way.
You know, I forgot how easy it is to maneuver when you're not trying to keep someone alive.
And when you don't have to stop to suction blood out of the way.
Are we late or something? Did class already start? Yeah, why wasn't this field trip in the syllabus? Shh.
Let the surgeons concentrate.
(GASPS) Look, they skipped the lungs.
In honor of the holiday, we decided to start with the heart.
I wanted to see the lungs.
My parents pay a lot of money for my education.
Well, you tell your parents congratulations.
Today, they got a deal.
Most students at your level have never seen a fresh cadaver dissection.
You, coupon cutter, if this cadaver had atherosclerosis, what would the arteries look like? They'd be hard and narrow.
Now look at these babies.
They are as wide and free-flowing as summer water on a mountain range.
There's no plaque at all.
Explain, student.
This person did not die of heart disease.
If atherosclerosis didn't kill her, what did? I intend to find out.
Hello? Those candy hearts were extremely inappropriate.
They gave me an inappropriate idea.
See, this day is all about couples, which, let's face it, can be hell for the rest of us.
Now, I'm not looking to couple up, but I could use a distraction.
A distraction? Mm-hmm.
I'm not in a thing right now.
I've never seen you in a thing.
You do like sex with women, right? Great.
Then my place, your place, I don't really care.
Just be freshly showered, bring your own birth control, and no cuddling after.
It's a onetime offer, and I will deny it ever happened.
So? Congratulations.
You just sexed yourself into a Galeazzi fracture.
And now I have to operate on your arm.
I'm sorry.
Who does their business in a hospital? Do you have any idea how many bacteria are festering in here? One in 20 patients contracts a health care-associated infection.
What were you thinking? Bella texted to see if I was all right, so I thought that maybe we could be a thing, after all.
The time for her to ask if you were okay was when you were removed from her vagina and put into the ambulance.
She didn't do that, which means she is not looking for a relationship with you.
But she said she never had sex in a hospital.
There are love matches, and there are sex matches.
You're saying that this is only a sex match? I'm saying this is neither.
And now we get a look inside this woman's computer.
Don't you see inside people all the time? We're not neurosurgeons.
We don't often get the opportunity to witness the majesty that is the human brain.
So, as Dr.
Okafor dissects the brain, she is using a technique called? Fiber tract dissection technique.
She's looking for evidence of a disease process that could cause sudden death.
Mystery solved.
Ruptured brain aneurysm.
Why did she have an aneurysm? - Any guesses? - She was born with it? That's often the case, but this woman was 70 at the time of her death.
That is a long time to live without knowing about a congenital defect.
She may have some other condition which could cause the aneurysm to form.
In an autopsy, we have the luxury of a deep dive.
We found no evidence of disease in the thoracic cavity.
Now we get to explore further in the abdomen.
Let the party begin.
Liver looks clear.
Kidneys do not.
What are those? Cysts.
A lot of them.
It looks like Gertie had polycystic kidney disorder.
Can go undetected for years.
Brain aneurysms are often complications of PKD.
- It's a genetic condition.
- Her niece Nora is having headaches.
Oh, well, she could very well have an aneurysm like her aunt.
We need to get her into an MRI machine immediately.
I'll alert the radiologist.
We need a stat read.
And if we're right, there's a ticking time bomb waiting to go off in her head.
Why am I back in this room? Did someone else die? Nora, the professor of the class you donated Gertie's body to, he found something.
Your aunt died from a brain aneurysm.
He also found cysts on her kidneys, leading us to believe that she had polycystic kidney disease.
We think you may have it, too.
- That's crazy.
I feel fine.
- So did Gertie.
This morning, you said you had a headache.
Which I got from you, because everything about this is terrible.
But then you had another one later on.
- How often are you getting them? - I mean, most days, but my life is annoying.
It would give anyone a headache.
Okay, we need to do an MRI of your brain to make sure that's all it is.
So, I don't even have the insurance money yet, and now I have to spend it all on some tests that I don't need? This is what doctors do.
I don't like overtesting any more than you do.
But in this case, your life could be in danger.
This is the only way to find out.
Well, my insurance is crap.
How much is that gonna put me back? Okay, we can talk to billing about it, but, Nora, listen to me.
If you have an aneurysm in your brain, it could rupture at any time.
- We need that MRI.
- Oh, fine.
Grab your things.
That in there is one hot mess.
His wrist is the least of his problems.
Yeah, I've made some mistakes in my life, but being that guy is one I've managed to avoid.
So what's the rest of your day like? Oh, after this, quick lap chole, and then a fund-raiser.
Oh, Cupid Fights Cancer in Midtown? - That's the one.
You going? - I am.
Seems kind of silly to take two cars.
It does, doesn't it? This is Otto's MRI.
Uh, loss of brain volume, the obvious atrophy.
You're looking at damage caused most likely by years of alcohol abuse.
(SIGHS) These symptoms are just surfacing now after Otto's been sober for years.
People don't realize the damage from alcohol can last a lifetime.
There's no surgery.
There's no medicine.
There's no way to repair this.
Dementia's only gonna get worse.
I'll speak with Andre.
First time in a brain, Dr.
Okafor? A live one, yes.
The vessel walls are so thin.
They are.
The patient's lucky you caught this when you did.
It was about to burst.
Look, here's a second aneurysm.
That one is smaller.
Less risky.
You know the surgical adage, "See one, do one, teach one"? I do.
Well, you just saw one.
Care to try doing one? I would.
Isolating the vessel.
The surgery was a success, Nora.
You had two aneurysms, and they've both been fixed.
And I won't get any more? And now that you're aware of your PKD, you can go in for regular screenings to minimize risk.
And it's all because you donated Gertie's body to science.
It was because of Aunt Gertie.
She was a good woman.
I will miss seeing her in the building and Anyway, did you get that death certificate? I'm gonna need her money to pay for this operation and move to Portland.
It's called "confabulation.
" He's getting things confused, so his brain makes up the reality for him.
But why is it happening? We think it's a result of brain damage due to his past alcoholism.
Sometimes the damage shows up years later.
He's having a hard time differentiating between what did happen and what could happen.
But the most important thing to know is that Otto doesn't mean to hurt you.
We were saving our nickels for Paris.
For Zurich, Bora Bora, Vietnam.
I know this is difficult, but you can still be together.
Once Otto has stabilized, he can go home with you.
We were gonna see the whole world.
I know.
But if you want to be with Otto, you now have to find a way to be with him in his world.
Andre, why are we still here? Did we go out for Valentine's Day? I-I can't recall.
Let me show you something.
Oh, it's so beautiful.
Did we go to Paris? I-I can't quite recall.
We did go.
And it was beautiful.
- Oh, it's Spain.
- Yeah.
Vejer De La Frontera.
We sat near that fountain, and we kissed for hours.
I remember.
It was so romantic.
Hawkins, I got your text.
What's good? Eh, you know what's happening in there? Looks like a lot of money spent on stock images.
That's a couple in love.
And when one couldn't leave his world, the other found a way to make it better than reality.
Word on the street is you're quite the romantic.
Well, I have been known to write a sonnet or three.
What's this? It's a reservation for a very hot table - at a very hot restaurant.
- Whoa.
I can't go, so you should take someone.
You know, I hear their scallop appetizers actually make the angels weep.
Thanks, man, but I think I'm gonna pay it forward - and give it to someone else.
- Who? Someone who's already in love.
I want to show you something.
Before you say no, just look.
Really? A crappy sign and a mid-floor hookup? Just because it happened here once Jessica, wait.
I freaked out.
I thought maybe if I went public with you, people might think it was funny.
Because it's so funny that someone would want to be with me? No.
Because of me.
No one here has ever looked at me that way, like an option.
But I guess that's not true.
I could be with someone else, just like you could.
But I don't want that.
Chastain maintenance put that sign up.
They gave us 30 minutes.
You told maintenance about us? I'm gonna tell everyone! Wow.
Don't you look dapper.
I could say the same thing.
Could you? You'd say "dapper"? N-No, no, I wouldn't, I wouldn't prob I wouldn't say I mean, dapper wouldn't be the Shall we? Well, we don't want to be late, do we? You were supposed to be at the most exclusive restaurant in Atlanta right now.
The restaurant I have brought to you is so much better, you have no idea! (CHUCKLES) There's a band playing the most romantic '80s pop songs.
- I'll take it.
- Okay.
We are serving gourmet cuisine, starring The string fromage, Uh, some sort of processed meat stick thingy, and two apples, only mildly bruised.
- They're very nutritious.
- Exactly.
And to drink, we have the sparkling water.
Because I have to drive back.
But if there's anything you taught me Everything tastes better in a wine glass.
- Happy Valentine's Day.
- Mm.
With everything that's going on with Jessie, I wish there was more I could do.
I know.
But you being here makes everything a bit better.
And this, I mean Just about perfect.
Uh, for the record, I called this place, and they said they couldn't even get me in until next Valentine's Day.
Lucky Dr.
Austin gave us his reservation.
(CHUCKLES) He says to try the scallop appetizer.
All right.
You okay? - You're all sweaty.
- I'm fine.
Your pulse is racing, too.
No, it's not.
Please, stop.
Thank you.
Micah? Someone call 911! He's had a heart transplant! Wait, Mina.
Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, so my pulse may be racing a little.
And it is my heart, but it's not because of my transplant.
Mina Okafor will you marry me?