The Resident (2018) s02e17 Episode Script


Previously on The Resident Dr.
My man and mentor.
You led me to believe my arrogance killed my patient.
When in fact it was a company that owns you.
Every three minutes, the QuoVadis device stopped Henry Barnett's heart.
I've halted the use of all QuoVadis devices at Chastain.
QuoVadis is willing to cover Henry's medical bills for his whole life.
If you go public with a grievance, this deal goes away.
QuoVadis is engaged in wide-ranging fraud.
Our contract is now null and void.
Benedict, please tell us whatever you know.
I want to talk to AJ.
He deserves the truth.
What did you tell them? I didn't tell them anything.
Gordon, do you know how I made my fortune? By taking over companies on the verge of collapse.
We should talk.
Hi, this is Dr.
I'm not in.
Leave me a message after the beep.
Abe, it's AJ.
I've been calling you all morning, man.
I'm outside your house right now.
I see your car in the driveway.
I'm worried about you.
Abe? Mrs.
Benedict? It's AJ.
Anybody home? No, Abe.
Fulton County 911.
What is the address of the emergency? 278 Barksdale Drive.
Gunshot wound.
Adult male.
Thready pulse, shallow breathing.
I need an ambulance now! Male, 65.
GSW, upper chest.
Severe respiratory distress.
Tachy to 150.
BP, 70/palp.
Two units O neg.
Activate massive transfusion protocol.
Wait, oh, my God, is that Yup, Dr.
Abe Benedict.
I found him like this in his home.
One, two, three, lift.
Exit wound? - I didn't see any.
Let's get the portable X-ray.
No breath sounds on the left.
He needs a chest tube.
32 French, to me.
Chest tube kit.
And Dr.
Hawkins is paged.
Going in at the midaxillary line.
Self-inflicted? It's hard to believe, but it looks that way.
Image is up.
Bullet is embedded in his abdomen.
- Must have ricocheted off his ribs.
- Could've hit any number of organs.
Hundley, call CT.
He needs a scan before surgery.
I'll meet you up there.
- Dr.
- Yeah.
Listen, when you saw him, did he say anything about QuoVadis and Gordon Page? No, he was unconscious the whole time.
I am curious what the chairman of the board of the hospital that just stabbed QuoVadis in the back wants with me.
You just lost an enormous military contract.
It's a devastating blow.
We'll recover.
Our devices are still in many other hospitals.
The VNS implanted at Chastain was a horrifying failure.
That's not in the public record.
- The boy's mother signed an NDA.
- That certainly helps, for now.
One more time.
Why are you here? I'm a businessman.
The medical device industry is an unregulated gold mine.
You can do almost anything.
I smell an opportunity.
Your company is damaged.
I can help fix that.
Oh, that's generous, but I've already fielded offers from three new investors.
Two, and only one of those is viable.
But that investor is extremely viable.
And I prefer to work with people I can trust.
Shortsighted, if not foolish.
For all your outstanding shares.
But I need to know where the bodies are buried.
If we're going to rise together, I need to know everything.
No surprises.
I think you know the way out.
Thank you.
Hello? I tried.
It didn't work.
Gordon Page saw right through me.
He told me nothing I didn't already know.
That is not good, Dad.
We have a situation here, too.
Abe Benedict just came into our ER.
He tried to kill himself.
Do we know why? No.
And he may never wake up.
In which case we'll never find out what he knows about QuoVadis.
Well, I did find out Page has another investor looking to make a deal.
He gets that money, QuoVadis will be back in business in no time.
We need to stop that.
Do you know who the investor is? I have a pretty good idea.
You need to meet with him and you need to scare him off.
- I can try.
- Good.
And I'll do everything I can to keep Abe Benedict alive.
Good luck, Conrad.
Studying for this final is making my brain hurt.
Well, humor heals all.
What do engineers use for birth control? Um, their personalities.
- Pretty funny, you guys.
- Oh, Nurse Nevin, - you're back.
- Did our test results come in? They did.
Uh, why don't you guys follow me.
The good news is you can both ask for an extension on your engineering final.
The bad news is you both have mono.
Mono? Wait, how'd we both get mono? Well, they don't call it "the kissing disease" for nothing.
No, uh, - we're just friends.
- Best friends.
Together since Since she blocked off the seesaw to explain the relationship between distance and mass to our kindergarten class.
But not together-together, you know, it's-it's more like Like study buddies, but definitely - Not a couple.
- No.
Uh, okay.
Well, my mistake.
Um, but there are other ways you can contract mono.
I mean, if you use the same toothbrush, - sharing food - We've done that a lot lately.
Cramming for finals.
All pizza, all the time.
Well, you can both go back to your dorms.
Uh, you'll want plenty of sleep, fluids.
Mono's not usually a big deal, but, uh, you'll definitely want a ton of rest.
Thank you.
That's a relief.
Um, Evan, just humor me.
I-I want to check something quickly.
Your finger? Hm.
O2 sat is 88%.
That's, um, significantly lower than when you came in.
- And what does that mean? - Uh, it means that I actually can't send you home just yet.
Um, Sydney, you're welcome to go, unless you want to stay.
I'll stick around.
Can't catch something I already have, right? I'll be right back.
We need to admit Evan Weston to Chastain immediately.
You've never even kissed a girl in your life.
OR One is prepped and ready.
I'm sorry about your friend.
Abe taught me everything I know.
When you saw him yesterday at the conference, how did he seem? Intoxicated.
He was struggling.
Whatever he knew, whatever he did, the guilt was starting to eat away at him.
Are you thinking this wasn't a suicide attempt? - Yeah.
- I think Gordon tried to have him silenced.
You're suggesting Gordon had Abe Benedict shot? Well, I would believe that over Abe putting a bullet in his own chest.
He was a heart surgeon.
He knew where to aim if he wanted to die.
And suicide just doesn't fit the man I know.
Abe jogged every night on two bad knees to keep healthy.
The man loved life.
But he also took $1 million from QuoVadis.
That didn't fit the man you knew, either.
Well, doctors commit suicide.
It happens.
More than we'd like to admit.
This is too coincidental.
This, on top of what happened to Julian, and we still don't even know where she is.
Looks like the bullet hit the spleen and kidney.
It clipped his heart as well.
22 caliber.
Sometimes a bullet has enough power to enter the body, but not enough to go through.
Yeah, I've seen a bullet enter a lung and end up in a leg.
You know, if we save his life, we can get some answers.
Let's scrub in.
Keep me updated.
His hand is moving.
Sedation is too light.
Bolus 50 of propofol and increase the rate.
Benedict? Can you hear me? Whoa, whoa.
He's trying to say something.
Don't let him pull out his tube, he could arrest.
- Damn it.
- Keep the propofol at that rate.
We can't force Abe to speak or do anything else that would harm our patient.
Stay focused.
We need to put saving his life above everything else.
Get him to the OR now.
The bullet hit the spleen and the left kidney.
Actively hemorrhaging.
- There's no time for repair.
- I'll resect the spleen.
Will you look at that? Insidious devil.
Spleen is out.
Bleeding controlled.
He's acidotic and coagulopathic.
If you cut him any more, he's not coming off that table.
- Damage control surgery? - Yeah.
Now listen up.
We wrap him, but we do not close.
Take him out and let him heal, and we bring him back when he's ready.
- You couldn't close? - No? The amount of surgery he needs to fix everything would be too much for a body to handle in one go.
How long until you can go back in? It's a long range.
Could be hours, could be days.
This is not the outcome we wanted.
Formula for stress? Sigma equals applied force over Can't concentrate.
We don't need to do this.
You need to rest.
Too hard to breathe.
If I fall asleep I'm afraid I won't wake up.
Sydney, Evan.
This is Dr.
We're gonna take a closer look at you.
- Hello.
- Double mono patients.
Sydney is stable, but Evan is hypoxic.
Chest X-ray was just done, and we're waiting on the results.
But I think we need to up the O2.
Look, please help him.
He's getting much worse.
Yeah, we should crank up the O2.
And let's order a breathing treatment.
I like the dedication.
Still studying when you feel this lousy.
Mechanical engineering.
We're gonna design a high-speed train from Atlanta to Nashville.
So he can go home on the weekends.
That's where we're both from.
Why is Evan so much worse when we both have mono? The truth is, it's hard to know.
Each person reacts differently to a virus.
But he's gonna be okay, right? Um, just one second His X-ray's back.
This is really bad.
All right, let's get him to the ICU.
Let's start him on ceftriaxone and azithromycin.
Call respiratory.
Put him on a BiPap when we get to the unit.
And I need another full set of labs with a blood gas.
Yes, Doctor.
ICU? That's bad, isn't it? Well, his mono's caused him to develop pneumonia.
- Pneumonia? - Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Listen, let's just try to stay calm so we can be there for Evan.
Okay? Okay.
Not one of my best traits, but I can do it for him.
You got this.
Here, come with me.
Friedman, please call Recovery.
- Lactate levels? - Coming down.
- Most recent hematocrit? - 24% stable.
- But there was a lot of trauma.
- Can we take him back to surgery now? He needs time for his hemodynamics to stabilize.
His IVC is leaking.
We need to repair it quickly.
- Our first pass was crude.
- We bring him back in now, - I don't think he makes it.
- We need to decide.
I know, Mina.
How's he doing? If we dialed back his sedatives, do you think he'd be able to speak? That's inappropriate, Pravesh.
It wouldn't hurt him.
And it might even You are too close to this case.
And you're not? Go back to the ER, Pravesh.
I will keep you updated.
Book an OR.
We'll give him a half hour, we'll go back into surgery, and we'll finish the job.
Mono patient in the ICU.
Nurse says he's spiraling down.
Evan? Evan?! What's going on? It's like he's drowning.
Help him! Get him up.
He has crackles throughout his lungs.
BiPap isn't enough.
- He needs a vent.
- Please, what does that mean? He can't breathe on his own anymore, so the vent - will breathe for him.
- Evan, I'm here.
I won't leave you.
- We need to intubate now.
- I'm already on it.
I paged RT.
You need to wait outside.
I want to stay with him.
I'll come get you when he's settled.
Evan Here.
Pass it over.
Exposing the heart and the abdominal contents.
Removing the packs.
14 in total? Proceeding to repair the IVC.
Just keep it going.
Keep it steady.
Keep it.
Keep it steady.
Keep it going.
Keep it.
Take a step back.
Clear your head.
I have this.
Back in the game? Back in the game, baby.
Works every time.
You should try it.
Oh, not in this lifetime, but thanks.
You know, it's just now hitting me, despite my disappointment, how much Abe means to me.
And I am gonna give him a shot at redemption.
Howard Loomis.
- Do I know you? - Marshall Winthrop.
Oh, of course.
We met at the, uh, Signature CEO Conference in Boca.
And you run CliffCrest Management, - a hedge fund out of Miami.
- I do.
I heard whispers that you made a special trip here to see Gordon Page.
I'm, uh, I'm late for another meeting.
Is there a point to this? Just giving you fair warning.
The bad news is not all out on this company.
A whistle-blower was going to come forward, a prominent doctor on the inside.
And? Well, this morning he showed up in the Chastain Park ER with a bullet in his chest.
What-what are you saying? Just that it may or may not have been self-inflicted.
Gordon Page is a dangerous man.
Not someone you want to do business with.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but when a man like you tracks down a man like me with information like this, then I start wondering.
What my angle is? To stop a monster from destroying more lives.
For men like you and me, it's usually all about money, but with this one, it's simply about doing what's right.
His O2 sats keep going down even though we've gone up on the vent.
All right, there's something new going on.
Pull up his most recent X-rays.
He has new bilateral infiltrates.
His lungs are inflamed.
It's too much trauma from the bullet and the surgeries.
What do we do now? He's maxed out on his vent setting.
What now? Nic, if his lungs are failing, he won't live long.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? He needs ECMO.
I'm on it.
Is he dying? The virus is making his lungs very sick.
Even the vent isn't getting him the oxygen that he needs.
You have to save him.
We have a plan.
And I promise we're not gonna give up.
I screwed up.
I was too afraid to tell him how I really feel, and now I might not get the chance.
You're in love with him.
Last summer, I went to this engineering intensive at Duke.
Thought I would set up my future and make friends.
Then I got there, and I didn't.
I didn't even try.
I spent all day wishing I could see Evan.
I quit after two weeks.
Told my family I was just homesick.
But the truth was I was homesick for him.
I never told him how I really felt 'cause I didn't want to ruin our friendship.
And now, it might be too late.
We're gonna do our best.
What's happening with Abe? Nothing good.
His lungs are failing.
I have a patient, Evan Weston, -who needs to go on ECMO.
We're having the same discussion about Abe.
Yeah, well, the hospital has two machines.
I'll see if they're available.
ECMO? What is that? ECMO stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.
It's a machine that's used when a patient's lungs are severely damaged, and the vent isn't providing enough oxygen for them.
Is it dangerous? This move is very risky.
This is a last-ditch effort.
We'll have to get the parents' consent.
Chastain does have two machines, but one's taken.
Has been for a week.
So we have two patients who need ECMO if they have any chance to live.
And only one will get it.
How do we choose? Can we transfer one of these patients - to a different hospital? - They're both too sick.
- They wouldn't survive transport.
- There must be a spare machine somewhere in Atlanta.
I called.
All of the ones in the city are in use.
The closest one is Louisville.
That's a day's drive away.
- Someone has to play God.
- Abe needs the machine in the next 30 minutes.
So does Evan.
Abe Benedict is a world-renowned surgeon.
He's got at least 20 years to live, which means he can teach hundreds of budding surgeons during that time.
Saving Abe will be saving - many lives.
- He's also a possible suicide.
Look, I'm sorry, but are we really gonna give this to the 60-year-old man who might not even want to live? Abe did not attempt suicide.
Evan Weston is a 22-year-old kid.
- He's got his whole life - Look, just look, hang on a second.
Everybody in this room has a personal stake in the outcome.
It's already a major conflict.
I think we should keep emotions out of this.
- So what are you proposing? - Statistics.
At this point in their lives, Evan Weston has the most years to gain.
He should get - the machine.
- Well, and there's another consideration.
The patient has to survive ECMO.
Evan's young, he's far stronger.
Abe just had major surgery.
I am sure that Evan is a great kid, and no one wants to see him die.
But Abe Benedict has damning information about QuoVadis and Gordon Page, the man who may have had Julian killed.
Okay, that is a speculation.
I mean, you said so yourself.
No one wants to take down QuoVadis more than I do, but Mina's right.
We need to keep emotions out of this.
Evan Weston goes on ECMO.
That's the decision.
It looks like Abe Benedict will never regain consciousness.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Did you speak to Gordon's investor like I suggested? Howard Loomis had a crisis of conscience.
Yes, he did.
Gordon is scrambling, but that means nothing unless we can use his desperation to take him down.
I'm listening.
I go back in, bluff, make him believe Abe Benedict told us everything we need.
No way.
You're not doing that.
I'll be wired this time.
The FBI is close.
They want him just as bad as we do.
Son, this is the time.
If we don't seize this opportunity, Gordon gets away with everything, he rebuilds his empire.
Trust me, he'll find the money somewhere.
Be careful.
This is a recording device, and it will get every word spoken within a 20-foot radius.
Got it.
Just stick to the script.
And remember, if you get in trouble, we're listening.
And we can get to you in under five minutes.
How you doing? It just all looks so terrifying.
Is that machine really gonna help him breathe? His lungs will barely move, but that's because the machine is actually breathing for him.
Look, why don't we get you set up in the family room? This could take a while.
When he wakes up if he wakes up I'm gonna tell him how I feel.
I think that's a good idea.
Come on.
Things got complicated, lately.
Never in a million years did I think we would end up like this.
I'm sorry, brother.
Ready to put Evan on ECMO? - We're all set.
- All right.
Let's do it.
Oxygen saturation is up.
We're at 92%.
Nic Nevin probably just saved your life.
Live long and prosper.
We still have work to do.
I've already upped his PEEP to 18.
No, easy on his lungs.
Push too much, they'll pop.
He's still hypoxemic.
He's showing signs of multisystem organ failure.
How can I help? I got nothing.
Well, what if Wait! Maybe we just need to change his point of view on the world.
Well, I'm open to suggestions.
Good ones, at least.
We prone him.
Turn him over, let gravity force more oxygen into the rest of his lungs.
He just had major abdominal surgery.
You turn him upside down, his incisions will tear.
His insides will spill onto the floor literally, Pravesh.
Let's make sure they don't.
We'll tighten his bandages.
Come on, he's in respiratory failure.
What else do we have to lose? I say we go with Dr.
Pravesh's plan.
Let's call and order the rotating bed.
Strap him in, wrap him up.
All right.
Turn him over, nice and slow.
Loomis has decided to take his money elsewhere.
I do whatever it takes to get what I want.
I can appreciate that.
Good, because I'm still willing to make an offer.
Same number as before? No, that was when you had options.
I was paying a hefty premium then to compete.
I'm offering less now, but still a substantial sum.
Why should I take that? Because you don't have a choice.
Men like you and I always have choices.
I can walk, fold the company, raise capital and reinvent myself.
Start over somewhere else.
It's my specialty.
But when I bury someone, I make sure they're firmly in the ground where nobody can hear them scream.
You didn't do that.
Right now, Abe Benedict is in a hospital room at Chastain.
The air filling his lungs is allowing his mouth to move.
He's talking.
Trust me, he's saying things that leave you only one choice.
I don't believe you.
You don't now, but you soon will.
In 15 minutes, lights will start flashing outside.
They will have a warrant for your arrest.
Take my money and disappear.
I will run QuoVadis without you.
Go hide out on an island somewhere without extradition laws to the U.
Live large.
That's as good as an admission of guilt.
I don't care.
Best and final.
Call him.
Who? Your son.
There are some details I'd like to know from Abe, now that he can talk.
O2 sats are no better.
It takes a few minutes for gravity to do its job.
Yeah, well, he doesn't have a few minutes.
- Is your dad? - Going to QuoVadis, yes.
We're taking one last shot at bringing down Gordon.
- Have you heard from him? - No.
O2 sats are rising.
It's working.
I know.
I know you're thinking we should back off the sedation to see if we can get him to talk.
Don't you? Abe wakes up and bucks his vent, his O2 sats will crater.
You said so yourself, Abe Benedict needs a chance at redemption.
Dial back the propofol.
He's waking.
Park him at 45 degrees.
Hey, boss, welcome back.
Can you hear me? Now, you wanted to talk to me.
Listen, man, whatever you know that can help us, please, now is the time.
He wants to write it down.
We got to figure out what this means.
You did good, man.
You're gonna be okay.
This is my dad.
- Conrad.
- Dad.
- You okay? - Gordon Page would like to talk you.
He wants proof that Abe Benedict is alive.
Put him on.
You want proof, there it is.
Abe Benedict is alive, and he's talking about you and your company.
There's nothing to talk about.
My company broke no rules.
Made devices in China, copied faulty devices.
- All the people you hurt.
- I hurt no one.
Heart valves that failed.
The VNS device you put in an eight-year-old boy that stopped his heart over and over again.
I built this company from nothing.
Abe was overcome with guilt.
- Abe was a coward.
- No, he was a hero.
Abe was gonna destroy everything that I sacrificed for.
- And you tried to kill him! - I had no choice! Dad? Dad? Earlier today, I was admiring your $80,000 Rolex.
It's not often that I change my watch in the middle of the day.
Search him.
Who's listening to us? - Who's listening to us? - The FBI.
Son of a bitch.
Bring him.
You're coming with me.
We'll leave through the garage.
FBI! Hands in the air! Freeze! They've got a hostage! - You have to wait here.
- Where's my father? Conrad.
I'm okay, son.
I'm okay.