The Resident (2018) s03e08 Episode Script

Peking Duck Day

1 - Previously on The Resident - Hey, it's a long story, but everything's gonna be just fine.
This is not on you or her.
I knew she was exhausted Focus on what you can do now.
BONNIE: Would it be moving too fast if I invited you to Thanksgiving? I spend Thanksgiving with my family.
Maybe there's something we can work out.
Jessie's gone, and she is not coming back.
You're all I got, kid.
NIC: We're Team Nevin, now.
On a first-name basis with Dr.
Cain? We go way back he's the one who got me this job.
You have no background in health care? I have a background in profits.
If I were back home in Queens, I would be playing flag football right now.
But you're not living your Thanksgiving - traditions because - Intern year.
The only major holiday I've gotten off is Presidents' Day.
- Mm.
- How about you? You here for Jessica? Yeah.
She sent her family back home to Tennessee to care for her Great-Grandma Addie.
- (MAN SHOUTING) - Man versus turkey fryer 40-year-old male with full thickness burns on his left leg.
Okay, Bay Three.
Ow, my leg! God, it hurts.
I swear I just thought using a turkey fryer would cook a frozen bird faster.
Fryers make frozen turkeys explode.
Over and under on turkey-related injuries today is at a 12.
You're on 50 on the over.
You'll see, Pravesh.
Thanksgiving is the most dangerous holiday of the year.
And retractor.
After we're done, there's an orphan potluck here.
I went last year we all said our gratitudes and everything.
BELL: Family Thanksgivings are hell.
Orphan Thanksgivings are worse.
But what-what's worse than hell? Small talk with strangers.
Dry stuffing.
Drunk Aunt Sally getting handsy under the table.
Not my aunt.
For me, being in the OR is the perfect holiday.
No interruptions.
No CEO duties.
No rushing to get to meetings.
To celebrate the holiday for giving thanks, I'd be so grateful if you'd let me close.
Thank you.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) Is Howlin' Wolf too throaty for Thanksgiving? Maybe Miles is a safer choice.
Don't stress over music genres, Gussie.
The genre is key, Mom.
And stress is a given.
I'm meeting my biological brothers for the first time.
You're meeting my bio parents.
I know Austins don't scare easily, - but this one is quite terrified.
- (LAUGHS) Baked yams cure all taste.
Nah, I'm-I'm good, Pops.
Acid reflux kicking up.
Ah, hmm.
- Hmm? - Mmm, delicious.
- Mm-hmm, of course.
- What's AJ so worried about? Oh, he's afraid his new brothers aren't gonna like him.
No, I'm afraid they're not gonna like Miles Davis.
Don't be silly everybody likes Miles.
(SINGSONGY): Mm-hmm.
I'll make you some ginger tea to settle your tummy.
(SINGSONGY): Mm-hmm.
(GROANS) That's your daddy.
Well, my heart was a long time I like it, I like it, but, uh "sexy Thanksgiving"? That's a bit misleading.
You don't think this is sexy? Eh (LAUGHS) No work.
No family.
Nobody to clean up after.
Just takeout, movies, and if you're up for it (MOANS SOFTLY) My mistake so sexy.
See, see? Sexy Thanksgiving is the perfect way to give thanks.
My will is Fading (DOORBELL RINGS) Did you already order takeout? Nope.
(SIGHS) Surprise! Happy Turkey Day, Nicky! Dad, uh, I thought you went fishing.
Nah, the fish will wait till tomorrow.
I know how much you hate cooking on holidays and cleaning up after, so I came to take over and simplify things for you.
- (SIGHS) - Ooh! This is Sadie.
Hi! She's my sous chef.
Hi, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (CHUCKLES) - NIC: Oh, thank thank you.
- Here you go.
- Hey.
- Oh, it's beautiful.
- Yeah.
- Can you think of something that isn't made better with a twist of lemon? Off the top of my head, no.
SADIE: Thank you.
- There you go, Dad.
- Oh, thanks.
I hope it's okay that we're here.
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
I'm happy to see you, uh, but who's Sadie? My friend.
She's my friend.
No! Nic, no, no, no.
I-I promise, I swear to you my inappropriate dating years are long over.
How did you meet her? She came in ODing on oxy.
They saved her, but it was some scary stuff.
But you know what they say.
Addicts have to find their rock bottom.
And she did.
She's been clean a month.
So this is her first drug-free Thanksgiving? Yeah.
You know how hard the holidays are for addicts.
And their families.
And I'm sure she has to make amends with hers.
I just need to get her through today clean.
I know, I know.
Sober is her choice.
I just, I just want to support her.
And what better way to do that than a nice dinner with you and Conrad? (SIGHS) Well, you should know we're ordering takeout from Trina's Taqueria.
Trina's "what-eria"? No! Come on, no.
We got to do the real McCoy a turkey, all the fixings.
You got to do a proper celebration.
It's Thanksgiving.
Dad, there is literally zero food in this house.
Well, I can handle that.
- Sadie.
- Yeah? Got to get ourselves a turkey.
- Okay.
- And some stuffing, some - cranberry Let's make a list.
- Okay.
- Right back.
- (SADIE CHUCKLES) You know, I could just talk to Kyle and gently suggest he and his friend celebrate somewhere else so we can return to sexy Thanksgiving.
Thank you, but it is our first holiday without Jessie.
Maybe he needs family.
And I'm afraid that is us.
Yes, it is.
And I wouldn't want it any other way.
(GROANS) (BIRDS CHIRPING) Aren't you supposed to be at Denise's, meeting her family? Yeah, that was the plan.
Asked her to marry me last night.
- Congratulations.
- She did not say yes.
- Oh.
- Apparently she's in love with somebody else.
Ooh Sorry, man.
But it sounds like you dodged a bullet.
Could be worse.
Though I can't see how.
Happy Thanksgiving.
- You, too.
- VIP, Bay Ten.
One of you admit him before the paparazzi shows up.
- What do we have? - Who do we have? Oh, my God, that's Delandre Harris.
- Mr.
Harris, it is a pleasure to meet you.
- My man.
Your Sensitive Darth Vader impression is the funniest thing I've ever seen.
I would do it for you, but I got something jamming the pipes, man.
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Mm-hmm.
Did you swallow something, Mr.
Harris? - Mashed potatoes.
- D you're supposed to be eating mashed cauliflower, not potatoes.
Manage my career, not my meal plan.
I'm a grown man sneaking out to the kitchen to inhale some leftover mashed potatoes.
Don't judge me.
You've been there.
We've all have.
- Hey, I'm a stuffing guy.
- I feel you.
Hell, with a little bit of gravy on that thing, - Mmm.
- all goes down smooth.
Except it didn't, 'cause something was in them damn potatoes.
And now it's all jammed up in my throat.
(CLEARS HIS THROAT) Damn achalasia, man! When was your esophageal disease diagnosed? A few years ago.
Even with a few procedures, it still worse than ever, Doc.
Let me take a look, okay? Mm-hmm.
Open up and say ah, please.
Ah! It looks clear.
(GRUNTS) I feel crepitus.
Air where it shouldn't be, so whatever you ate caused a perforation.
You sure you can't just butter up what's in there and just yank it up out of there? - No! No yanking.
- Come on, man.
Delandre needs his voice when all this is over.
All right.
Let's start you with an X-ray, okay? - My man.
- All right.
All right.
IRVING: Gobble gobble? Gobble? Not funny? You've done better.
Oh, honey, don't be gloomy.
My family's gone and I always spend Thanksgiving with them.
And here I am, looking like a freakin' lollipop and getting ready - to watch football all alone.
- I'll be here.
I promise my shift ends in a few hours.
You hate football.
Love football.
First and ten, Astroturf, Peyton Manning, "Da Bears".
(LAUGHS) You're so cute when you're clueless.
You know, football is very serious business in my family my Uncle Larry once punched my dad in the face, 'cause he forgot his lucky socks, and he ended the Cowboys' winning streak.
Your patients need you.
Just like my Grandma Addie needs my family.
I promise I'll stop feeling sorry for myself and I'll be grateful.
I'm grateful you're still here.
Me, too.
So grateful.
Even with this sad little screen to watch football and this hideous helmet covering the scars on my head.
(PAGER BUZZING) - I'll be back as soon as I can.
- Okay.
Hang in there.
(SHORT LAUGH) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) BELL: That is an intact turkey wishbone.
How do you swallow a wishbone whole? (SCOFFS) However it went in, the only one way it's coming out is surgery.
And it's not as simple as repairing the perforation.
Might have to remove the esophagus.
You want to break it to the patient or should I? Looks like Red Rock's latest golden boy's already at it.
Harris, I have personally interceded so you get the best.
Torres here is a magician in the OR.
HARRIS: A magician, huh? Just make sure you don't pull no rabbit out my throat, you hear me? (CHUCKLES) That's a good one, man.
I have to have Delandre back on set Monday.
Shouldn't be a problem at all.
Kim, a word.
- Mm.
- Excuse me.
So glad you're here.
TMZ is outside.
I'm going to introduce them to Torres, and it would be a nice touch to have the chief of surgery by my side.
- Mr.
Harris is my patient.
- Not anymore.
This is a medical decision.
I'm the chief of surgery.
Ergo, it's my decision, not yours.
The patient's achalasia makes the esophageal repair complicated.
Torres is a brilliant surgeon.
To sign him, we won a bidding war with five hospitals.
- He's a star.
- I'm well aware.
Then you should also be aware that it's my job to keep him here, and that means to make him happy.
Even with a reputation for brilliance, a famous patient is not appropriate as a trial run for a new surgeon.
Torres is young, charismatic and diverse.
He is the story that we want to tell to the cameras waiting outside that door.
But if something goes wrong, it's a PR nightmare, which we can't afford.
Don't tell me how to do my job.
I have been the spine of this hospital for over a decade.
And amply demonstrated it's too much for one doctor.
A top tier of surgeons is going to lead this hospital forward.
I sincerely hope you can be one of them, Dr.
- Elf? Really? - How could you not love Elf? - How can you not love Die Hard? "Yippee-ki-yay".
- Okay, - Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
- Sold.
- I love John Candy.
- All right.
Hey, Nic? Where's your turkey roaster? (SIGHS) Coming.
Put the movie on.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Oh! Hey there, neighbors.
- The boys here to feed the chickens? Come on in.
- Hey.
I was actually hoping you wouldn't mind taking a look - at Tommy.
- Yeah, of course.
Sorry to impose, but Barbara's visiting her family in Long Island.
Tommy's been coughing, and I mean, it's probably nothing.
No problem, Anthony.
I'm happy to take a look.
He's a little warm.
Did you call his cardiologist? I tried, but he's away for the holiday and isn't returning calls.
Now, let's see what we got going on here.
Dad? Is Tommy gonna be okay? Hey.
Don't worry, Ryan.
Your little brother's in good hands.
(BIRDS SINGING) Who pushes someone through a plate glass window over a toy? Delusional, selfish, narcissistic helicopter parents.
Just I'm just worried about Jessica.
She's going stir-crazy.
It's not unusual after spending that much time in the ICU.
It's called post-ICU PTSD.
I know.
Doesn't help me fix my woman's crappy Thanksgiving.
(MAN SHOUTING) Dislocated shoulder.
Bay 11.
- Backyard football gone wrong.
- Mm-hmm.
- (SHOUTING CONTINUES) - You were definitely right about it being the most dangerous holiday.
Why'd you page me? Our splenectomy isn't for another hour.
I'm reassigning you to assist Torres on Delandre Harris's esophageal repair.
Torres? I thought you were doing it.
I decided to be a team player.
Torres is taking the lead.
I just want him to have the best assist he can on such a high-profile case.
You want me to spy on him.
Just find out if he's as good as Kim thinks he is.
(EXHALES) Morally questionable.
But it's a cool case, so I'm in.
Bonnie, you see this house? Our boy's done well for himself.
Maybe we should've put all our kids up for adoption.
(EXHALES) AJ's in a different life stage than our sons.
Look, Lamar, I know you mean well with our sons.
Just, please, for today, give Camron and Marcus less advice and more praise.
Well, I am desperately looking for something to praise.
- Believe me.
- Don't say things like that, for example.
- I was kidding.
- Well, get your kidding out before Marcus and Camron get here.
They're meeting their full biological brother for the first time.
It's a delicate situation.
(MUSIC BLARING ON RADIO) And remember, they're grown.
They don't have to spend their holidays with us anymore.
(ENGINE SHUTS OFF, MUSIC STOPS) (EXHALES) - Are you kidding me? - (CAR DOOR CLOSES) A purple man bun? Just leave it.
They're here.
- We got this, son.
- CAROL: Don't worry.
Your brothers would be fools not to love you as much as we do.
Everything's gonna be wonderful.
(CLOCK TICKING) So, um, Marcus, Camron, are either of you in the medical field like your mom? Well, Marcus is at Atlanta Community College.
But he will be graduating this year.
CAMRON: Is he really though? Been giving us that same line for five years.
You literally dance on street corners, bruh.
'Cause that's where hip-hop lives, bruh.
Well, how 'bout that turkey? You need any help, Carol? 'Cause I got great hands.
Put 'em to work.
Well, uh, Yee is the chef in our family.
- He's incredible.
- (YEE CHUCKLES) No turkey.
That sounds wonderful.
Well, that's one way of doing Thanksgiving.
The Austins celebrate our multicultural heritage by having my father's most revered dish.
Peking duck.
It's a Chinese delicacy.
Bro, you're not Chinese.
Genetically speaking, you're right.
But, culturally, my father raised me with a deep love of Chinese heritage and tradition, so, actually, I'm about as Chinese as any third-generation Asian kid with a black mom.
With his heart defect, it's good that you brought him over.
I need to get him to the ER, where I can give him a more thorough exam.
Oh, my God.
Should we call 911? We're so close.
It's faster if we drive.
I'm going with you.
I'll call ahead, - so they'll be waiting for us.
- ANTHONY: Okay.
Come on, Ryan.
- Okay.
- I will be back as soon as I can.
Leave the kitchen for me to clean.
- I'm fine.
- (CLATTERING) (SIGHS) - That doesn't sound good.
- I'll deal.
Make sure Tommy's okay.
(SIGHS) (DOOR CLOSES) (EXHALES) (JAZZ PLAYING) Oh! Blackwell Award for Science.
Glad to know you inherited my scientific brain.
- Which I am grateful for.
- (CHUCKLES) He had an early start, growing up in Yee's kitchen.
Cooking is chemistry.
Which I am also grateful for.
Bonnie, if you don't mind.
We need AJ over here.
- Something's wrong with Yee.
- What's up? I am fine, son.
(LAUGHS) Dude can't stop smiling.
Maybe it's the first signs of a stroke or something.
I mean, nobody's this happy all the time.
Actually, Pops is, all the time.
Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Here, let-let me help you with that.
Oh, I'm sorry.
My bad, man.
We're just trying to find the soundtrack to this circus.
You feeling some '90s hip-hop? Come on, Cam.
Just pick Dad's favorite R&B.
What do you got, AJ? Hey! Look, whatever you decide, let me put the delicate vinyl on the turntable with my own two hands, all right? Each of these records is a work of art, and they deserve to be handled appropriately.
What you doing, an impersonation of Dad? No, man, I think that's just who he is.
What's up? I'm on my way.
Was that the hospital? Yeah, I just got called in.
It's urgent.
It's an emergency.
Well, looks like the party's over.
We can all go home.
- Nice meeting everyone.
- Sit down, boys.
How long do you think you'll be? It's impossible to say.
But I will be back as soon as I can.
And everyone is welcome to stay.
Well, hopefully, it's a false alarm and you can return quickly.
- Hey, you gonna be okay? - Of course.
Save a life.
- All right.
- Just, uh, get back here as quick as you can, okay, son? I will.
(SIGHS) (ENGINE STARTS) My college squad and I went on an ayahuasca vision quest for Thanksgiving.
I volunteered to carve the turkey, but Hallucinogenics and sharp objects.
Not a great combo.
- Can you wiggle your fingers? - Yeah.
- But it hurts real bad.
It - Mm.
Dude, has anyone ever told you you have incredible pores? Clean, but tight.
But clean.
Definitely still hallucinating.
Joey, you're gonna need to ride out your trip, okay? Let's take a look here.
PARAMEDIC: Hustle! Got to get out right now, - we got additional vics.
- Copy that.
Go, go, go.
Come on.
Hundley, did Dr.
Hawkins arrive with that boy yet? - They're landing any second.
- All right.
Happy Thanksgiving, Dr.
Hey, back at you.
What are you grateful for? A job where I am in demand and far away from family.
- (LAUGHS) - Hey, would you make sure there's a pediatric crash cart in Trauma Bay 11? Already taken care of.
I'm grateful for you.
I'm grateful for you, too.
Austin, it is good to see you.
- In here.
- What's the update? Two episodes of syncope in the car.
I'll get him on the monitor.
Get an IV.
Let's get him on oxygen.
AUSTIN: His heart rate is 150.
I think it's atrial flutter, but it's hard to tell.
- (SIGHS) Trial of adenosine? - (MOUTHS) (ALARM BEEPING) Get the pads.
We need to cardiovert.
Oh, my God.
(ALARMS SOUNDING) Let's give them some space to work.
- Did Tommy's heart just stop? - Come on, Ryan.
- No! No, my brother's dying.
- He's not dying.
Austin is taking very good care of Tommy.
I promise.
Come on.
All right, charge to 17.
- Clear.
- Tommy! All right, let's try it again.
Charge to 33.
It's gonna be okay.
(THUD) (KYLE AND SADIE LAUGH LOUDLY) Did something fall? Yeah.
Yeah, your father.
He's terrible at the moonwalk.
She's right, and I should be able to do this.
The '80s was my decade.
(GROANING) - (GROANS, LAUGHS) - All right, come on.
Are you okay, Dad? Yes, fine.
I'm fine.
Everything except for my pride.
- (LAUGHS) - (SIGHS) I guess I should give up my dreams of dancing for Alvin Ailey.
No, no, no, I want to see this.
- No.
- You got this.
One more time.
- SADIE: Okay.
- All right.
One-one more.
- (LAUGHTER) - One more.
Here we go.
Oh, my God.
NIC: Okay, that's walking backward.
There's no moon involved there.
You're the one who said I got this.
Yeah, well I was trying to be supportive.
- I didn't know it was that bad.
- Oh, what? You can do better? - Hey, floor's all yours.
- Oh, no, no.
Last time I danced, I sprained my ankle, remember? Oh, that's right.
Family camp.
- Oh.
- Oh.
That number we did was so embarrassing.
Oh, for all of us.
My mom choreographed it.
Or at least tried to.
Nobody could do her moves except for Jessie.
(LAUGHS) Who's Jessie? MINA: Precise anastomosis.
Your handling of the gastric conduit is so delicate.
At this juncture, it's all about soft hands.
Do everything possible to limit trauma to the tissue.
So, how did it go? He's an excellent surgeon skilled, efficient and a great addition to Chastain.
Well, that's great.
Even better.
A perforated gallbladder.
Too much turkey.
It's ours for the taking.
Why does this holiday turn people into such gluttonous animals? I'll book us OR Six.
(PHONE VIBRATES) Third call in a row.
Do you need to take it? Yes, Lamar.
Yes, I'm still busy.
Listen, you will know as soon as I do when I can get back, all right? Can page another surgeon if you need to get home.
Thank you, but I'm happy where I am.
(WHOOSHING) His Glenn is unobstructed, but his tricuspid valve is failing.
Because of his hypoplastic left heart syndrome? Yeah, and his lungs are already starting to back up with fluid.
Is he strong enough to survive surgery? Certainly not in the hands of a mere mortal.
But I'll be cutting, so his odds just inched up.
None of this is ideal.
If the Petersons lose Tommy today on Thanksgiving holidays will haunt them forever.
I know.
I've seen it before.
Is there a way we stabilize him? We take the chance tomorrow? Hawkins, I wish there was, but we don't have a choice.
Without surgery today, little man will not make it past Thanksgiving.
(ALARMS SOUNDING) His pressure's been tanking.
Hang two liters of LR and get a bedside lactate.
- And page Dr.
- (WHEEZING) I know, I know.
Don't try to talk.
Okay, hang in there, Delandre.
Hang in there.
Torres said the surgery went well.
His lactate is through the roof.
Temp is 102.
He's in septic shock.
- Is he okay? - Get him on Vanc and piperacillin.
Is this a complication from surgery? I'm gonna need imaging to know that for sure.
- I'll get Dr.
- I already paged Dr.
- It's Torres's case.
- Then get him here now.
Linda, let's get Delandre to CT.
Let's go.
It's completely raw.
Well, the oven's not hot.
Is it broken? It wasn't even turned on.
- What? - Is Sadie okay? This isn't her fault.
This was my job.
I'm sorry.
I heard you ask her to handle it.
Why are you covering for her? - (DOOR CLOSES) - Did she just leave? She probably heard what you were saying.
(SCOFFS) Sadie? Sadie, nobody's mad at you.
- Sadie, get back here! - Oh, no.
These are my favorite earrings.
KYLE: Sadie?! She stole my jewelry.
- (SIGHS) - Don't worry.
I'll find her.
- Dad - She's gonna pawn your jewelry to buy drugs.
I got to stop her before she OD's again.
- You'll get your stuff back.
- Just let it go.
It's not worth it.
You're not gonna save her.
This is a matter of life and death.
The last time Jessie used, she almost died.
She is not Jessie.
Don't you see what you're doing? Look I know that you and Jessie had a special relationship.
You were extremely close, and it's Thanksgiving, so, you find this girl, you bring her here, and she's Same age, same issues, but Is it a given that one Nevin will always screw up Thanksgiving? I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Look, at least we have each other, right? I am sorry.
- KIM: You need to take care of this.
- TORRES: I understand.
I Why are you looking at my patient's scans? I was paged when he went septic in the ICU.
- I'm going to book an OR.
- N-No.
That isn't necessary.
Torres is here.
He'll take over.
Delandre Harris is dying.
His gastric conduit is ischemic, he's in septic shock.
- A rare, known complication.
- No, agreed.
I'm not saying you did anything wrong.
What's your plan? I will rebuild his stomach once I find the best option.
Or we could harvest part of his colon.
Colonic interposition? - We-we could do that.
That would work.
- KIM: Great.
Torres, get him prepped right away and take care of it.
Of course it's an incredibly complicated procedure.
It should only be attempted by a surgeon who's performed it many times.
- How many have you done? - It's a rare procedure.
I've witnessed it a few times, but I've never performed it.
How many have you performed? Well, enough that my techniques have been published.
But that's irrelevant, of course.
I'm a team player.
- It's Dr.
Torres's case.
- Dr.
Bell, uh, you're-you're doing the surgery now.
Ask nicely.
Bell, please, will you do the surgery? Of course.
I'd love to scrub in and watch.
You're welcome to.
Last stitch around the annulus, and it's all yours.
Nice and tight.
Stitching a heart the size of a clementine.
Now that is the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
Yeah, it is.
Reinforce the sutures.
MINA: Okay.
Time to take him off bypass.
All right, if this works, blood should flow normally through the heart.
- His heart's not beating.
- I have eyes to see.
- Paddles to me now.
- (WHIRRING) Clear.
(ALARMS SOUNDING) - He's in V tach.
- Give 80 of amio, charge to ten.
Clear! (ALARMS CONTINUE BLARING) Come on, Tommy.
I'm gonna get you back to your brother.
A happy outcome, when I wasn't sure we were going to get one, makes the moment of family reunion so much sweeter.
Ryan's always been so sweet with his little brother.
So protective because Tommy's been sick.
Well, you know, they say the people we love most are the ones we take care of, not the ones who take care of us.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
That's why it's been so hard for Kyle and Nic.
They took care of Jessie so long, letting her go it's it's nearly impossible.
You have siblings? Only child.
I always wished I wasn't.
I'm happy for you.
- Why is that? - Eh, well, yesterday you were riding solo, and then, out of nowhere, you got brothers.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, but I don't think you can manufacture the kind of relationship those two have with no shared history.
Your history starts today.
Well, you know what? With that shared wisdom, I'm headed home.
(LAUGHS) Happy Thanksgiving.
To us all, my man.
We're at 12 Thanksgiving-related accidents.
One more and I win.
We have half an hour left in our shift.
Let's just call this a draw.
And you should probably head out to watch the game with Jessica.
Not so fast, Pravesh.
Gentlemen, a patient for you.
Bay Seven.
- Is it Thanksgiving-related? - (LAUGHS) I'll let you decide.
(WHISPERS): Oh, yeah.
- (SIGHS) - Hi.
I told him it was bad luck to hang the Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving.
I fell off the roof.
Ten feet.
And Rudolph and his bright nose were waiting.
(WHISPERS): I win.
Oh, no.
Christmas-related doesn't count.
Let's just call this a draw.
There's still time.
Suturing the last piece of the transverse colon.
Is that enough blood supply? Yes.
Textbooks will tell you that the left colon has the best blood supply for the conduit, but I find the transverse colon is best, particularly in cases like this.
- Less chance of ischemia.
- Mm-hmm.
Your grafting is impressive.
You did nothing wrong, you know.
There was no tension on the conduit.
The-the anastomosis was excellent, from what I can see.
Complications happen.
Welcome to attendinghood.
(SCOFFS) I'm doing a lap hemicolectomy tomorrow.
Care to join? I look forward to it.
It's the best I could do on short notice.
It's perfect.
- I thought we were going to PT.
- We will.
- First I want to show you something.
- HUNDLEY: Hey, girl.
How are you feeling? - Love the Bears helmet.
- Nice touch.
- You did all this for me? I wanted to get you out of the room.
Have some game day fun.
(LAUGHS): I don't know what to say.
Well, they do.
Don't worry.
I vetted everyone in this room.
- Mm-hmm.
- They're fully prepared to talk - all things football.
- Oh! Go ahead.
Test them.
JESSICA: Mm How many yards are in a first down? - Ten.
- (ALL LAUGH) Okay.
How many teams are in the league? - 32.
(CHUCKLES) - Not bad.
JESSICA: Nolan, how many players are allowed on the field? 11 per team.
Although, many consider the fans to be the 12th man.
- DEVON: Okay.
All right, guys, the game - IRVING: Hey.
- is starting.
That's kickoff.
- Oh.
Okay, come on.
Yep, she's up.
(EXHALES) You did good, babe.
Thank you.
(CHUCKLES) How's the Jell-O? As good as Mom's? - Absolutely.
- (CHUCKLES) You're a terrible liar.
Hers was like magic.
You think she put a secret ingredient in there? I think she was the secret ingredient.
(SIGHS) It's funny, life.
You look right, and suddenly everything goes left.
(SIGHS) Medical screwup.
She got so sick so fast.
I remember sitting at the table that Thanksgiving.
We were about to say grace.
I felt her hand was so hot.
Suddenly she's shivering.
She's back in the hospital, and she She never came home.
(CHUCKLES) - No wonder we hate Thanksgiving.
- (CHUCKLES) I don't know.
Maybe we can turn this whole thing around.
You can, Nicky.
You got Conrad.
So do you.
When he gets home, let's just Let's go to a restaurant, eat a nice dinner, hang out.
I think I'm just gonna walk this whole mess back.
You'd have been just fine if I hadn't barged in here.
- That's not true.
- You're sweet.
But I'm exhausted, and I I think I'm gonna turn in early.
Are you sure, Dad? Yes, I'm sure.
Thank you for sharing the evening with me, sweetheart.
I love you.
Linda? Up his fentanyl to 75 micrograms per hour.
'Course, Dr.
We need to talk.
Throughout the day, your tone I saved a man's life.
I also saved Chastain the embarrassment of a bad outcome with a high-profile patient.
I think the words you're looking for are "thank you".
I'm not done talking to you.
Happy Thanksgiving, Mr.
- Mm-hmm.
- Good night, Pops.
All right.
Hey, yo.
- (CAR DOOR CLOSES) - You guys leaving already? (CHUCKLES): Party's just getting started.
Sorry, man, Cam's got a show.
Thanks for inviting us, though.
Safe drive and happy Thanksgiving.
Wh-What time is the show? - Huh? - I mean, I just got here.
I w-I was hoping we could, you know, we could hang out for a little bit.
You got time for a beer, don't you? Look, man, no shade, but the thing is, look, we've been here for a minute already.
I can have a beer with you, AJ.
Look, I got back as soon as I could.
My patient was a little kid.
He could've died.
Great, so you saved a life.
We ain't mad at you.
Seriously, we know how this goes.
Our mom's a doctor.
We learned to make plans around it.
A happy work-life balance is really what you need.
It's done wonders for Bonnie.
We're not quite at the place where you get to criticize me yet, okay? Criticize? It was advice.
Advice is criticism in a cashmere sweater.
You can keep both to yourself indefinitely.
You sound just like your mother.
I was quoting Carol.
She says it all the time.
Bonnie says the same thing, too.
- Both wise women, no doubt.
- MARCUS: Hey, you never back down that easy with us.
I'm raising you.
I have to be the bad guy.
I have to say no.
Yeah, you might learn how to stop saying it.
Be the good guy sometimes.
Well, if you two will come in and have a drink with your brother, I'll lay off you two.
For tonight.
What you think, Cam? It's your show.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I guess I got time for one beer.
Oh, my boys coming through for me.
Ah, proud dad right here.
And I'm getting the T-shirt.
You tell your mother I said that.
- Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
- (CHUCKLES) - MARCUS: All right.
- (LAMAR LAUGHS) - AUSTIN: Camron, thank you, man.
- CAMRON: No problem.
Lookee here.
Oh, August Jeremiah Austin, you were a troublemaker.
YEE: Your mother's been showing Bonnie your wall art phase.
Oh, and you didn't stop her? Look at this perfectly pudgy face spreading peanut butter - all over my brand-new wallpaper.
- BONNIE: Oh! He looks so proud of his work.
He was even prouder during his graffiti art phase - when he was almost arrested.
- Hey.
You show me your tag, and I'll show you mine.
I don't want to see either of your tags.
LAMAR: Bonnie, I think we dodged a bullet by not keeping him.
- BONNIE: Lamar! - (CAROL LAUGHING) - What? It was a joke.
- YEE: Oh, he's right.
- That was funny.
- It kind of was.
(ALL LAUGHING) - Too soon, people.
- CAROL: It was.
Let me.
It's been a long day.
- You should relax.
- No, it's good.
I'm almost done.
(SIGHS) First holiday without Jessie.
You know, she was such a slob in the kitchen.
- (CHUCKLING): Especially at Thanksgiving.
- (LAUGHS) I mean, the worst.
And I was always stuck cleaning up.
- Every time.
- Mm.
(SIGHS) Maybe a bit too much.
I miss her so much.
- I'm so sorry.
- (SIGHS) I'm really glad you're home now.
GIRL: Can I help? - Sure.
- KYLE (CHUCKLES): Girl-girls, come on, be careful.
Nicky, why don't you go help Mom in the kitchen.
- NIC: Okay.
- This is the best day, Daddy.
I love Thanksgiving, and I love you.
This is the best day, Daddy.
I love Thanksgiving, and I love you.
I love Thanksgiving, and I love you.