The Resident (2018) s05e06 Episode Script

Ask Your Doctor

1 Previously on The Resident JESSICA: You guys must have a name - picked out by now.
- Giorgiana Grace Hawkins.
Conrad Hawkins? There's been an accident.
Brought your favorite person.
CONRAD: Ready? Almost.
Will the candy really run out? (CHUCKLES) Not a chance.
Daddy? - Yes, Bubble? - You got me - the best costume ever.
- Oh, mm (KISSES) It's just another daydream CONRAD: Which ones do you like? I like all of them.
You only have two feet, Bubble.
These socks are sparkly.
For tonight.
That's a good call on the sparkles.
This restaurant we're going to is pretty fancy, huh? - I know what I'm gonna have.
- Oh, yeah? I'm gonna have spaghetti and ice cream.
Giraffe will, too.
Oh, well, I don't know about that.
What's that on your finger? This? Just a scratch.
I'm okay.
I'll get the first aid kit.
Now I'm spinning I'm spinning in a dream Drift off to another place There.
All better.
Mm, thank you.
Looks like someone has her mother's touch, huh? Are you going to the hospital where Mommy used to work? Ah, you remember, sweetie.
I don't work at the hospital anymore.
I have a private practice now, because I want to spend more time with you and Mr.
- Oh, look who's here.
- There she is! - Maggie! - Hi! Hey.
How are you? Her bag for the park is ready to go.
Call me anytime.
Thank you.
I will see you tonight for our dinner date.
Mwah! Have a great day at work.
- Let's go to the park.
- Thank you.
I think you might be the first cover boy I ever slept with.
Well, congratulations.
You know, if you liked that, I'll be on CNN tonight.
- Hmm.
- 8:05 hit time.
Sorry, I don't really watch TV.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - My Lyft is here.
It's good to see you again.
Good to see you again.
Yes, it is.
Someone's in a good mood.
- Mwah.
- Another night at Dr.
Austin's? (LAUGHS) One text led to another.
So, you both, uh, working late again today? - Yes.
- Yeah.
Have a good day.
You, too.
Bell? Sorry to interrupt.
I can see you're meditating.
I'm Rachel Plec's daughter.
I just, I wanted to thank you for helping her.
You are a miracle worker, truly.
Yeah, well, your mother was a very strong woman.
She she never gave up.
And neither did we.
Well, so, Dr.
Austin works here, too, right? Could you maybe get him to sign this? (BELL CLANGS) - - (APPLAUSE) ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here for the Warrior MMA bantamweight main title fight weigh-in.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
How's the elbow feeling? Still tender when I make a fist.
Remember to do your forearm stretches tonight for better blood flow.
- TISHA: I will.
- Mm-hmm.
TISHA: Wish me luck tomorrow.
- (PHONE RINGS) - TISHA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
ANNOUNCER: with her last two fights ending in TKOs If this is about my clothes creeping onto your side of the closet again, I'm not going to apologize.
No, I've made a complete and total surrender on that front, believe me.
But that's not why you're calling me.
I hope you're having fun at the weigh-in.
Well, with Hayes retiring, I would like to be considered for chief of surgery.
Looking to pull a Grover Cleveland.
I know I've done the job before, but it just hit me I still have a lot to offer, and I think I need to show some of these other doctors what's what.
Oh, I'll consider you, but there are other candidates.
And remember, this is me as CEO and not your partner.
Of course.
- (PHONE BEEPING) - We'll talk later.
Bye, honey.
- (GROANING) - How many times do I have to call you because these ICU doctors won't give my patients enough pain meds? Look, I know it's not your fault, Kit, but this is your hospital, and if my patients can't get relief - It complicates their recovery.
- You want to go right now? - Let's go.
- That's all you know how to do.
- Come on.
Come on, let's go.
- Talk, talk, talk How do you expect me to do my job when not everyone is doing theirs? (CROWD SHOUTING) (EXCITED CHATTER) I've got to go.
(CAMERAS CLICKING) (GROANING) I just feel like crap, you know? Relax.
By the time the stock price settles, we'll be all cashed out.
Can you be more specific? I don't know, like, headache, heart was racing, stomach hurts.
What? No.
I'm talking to my doctor.
Yeah, doctor.
No, it's not serious.
Is it serious? That's what I'm trying to find out.
JAMES: Trust me, that's not gonna be a long-term trend.
We'll just see how things play out in after-hours trading.
- CONRAD: Blood pressure's elevated.
- (PHONE CHIMES) JAMES: My 11:15 just got moved up.
I got a gut feeling about this pitch, man who knows, this time next year, we could be riding a unicorn.
- Mr.
Nye - Hey, they can waste all the money they want so long as it's not mine, right? He'll call you back.
Your symptoms are likely being caused by elevated tyramine.
An interaction between what you ate and your antidepression patch.
If you want to avoid a stroke, steer clear of the cheeseboards.
So we're done? - Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
(COUGHING) You feeling okay? (COUGHS) I'm a doctor, so You don't look like a doctor.
Yeah, well, I did struggle on the MCATs, but I am a doctor.
You work here? In the kitchen, yeah.
Let me guess, vegetable did you in.
(SCOFFS) (SIGHS) You should see the turnip, right? (CHUCKLES) I can take a look if you want.
Don't bother.
I, uh I got diagnosed with cancer a few months ago.
It's in my chest and my lungs.
Sorry to hear that.
Doctor says I have a year, tops.
So, this cut isn't my biggest problem.
Diagnosis sucks, but I don't want you to lose your finger on top of that, so That wound is more than I can treat here, but let me take you to a hospital nearby.
No, no.
I I'm still paying the doctor who told me I'm a dead man.
I got a kid to think about.
It's a public hospital.
They won't leave you in debt, I promise.
How can you be sure? Used to work there.
AUSTIN: About me and your sister, I hope it's not too weird for you.
You mean the fact that you've basically seen me naked? Great.
I didn't think about that.
Don't worry, I could not care less.
You know, you and your sister are very different.
Padma said before she came to Atlanta, she was a guide on the Appalachian Trail.
And before that, she was leading a wellness retreat for rich people to de-stress in beautiful places.
Oh, well, I could use that right about now.
30-year-old female.
BP: 130/90.
Blunt trauma to the back.
Man, she sucker-punched me.
That's what's up.
But y'all gonna see on TV when I crush that lollipop - in the ring.
- She's been like that all the way here.
All right, on my count.
One, two, three.
(GROANS) Oh, I've seen you before.
- You're a fighter.
- Nah.
I'm just your average three-time bantamweight MMA champ, ESPY winner, Strikeforce, Iron Fist.
You wanted a consult? KIT: Ms.
Rodriguez felt paresthesias in her bilateral lower extremities.
Man, do you know how many times I've been hit? - I'm still here, aren't I? - BILLIE: Ms.
Rodriguez, I'm Dr.
We train just as hard for these moments as you do for yours, so be quiet.
I like her.
LEELA: Airway intact.
Pulse is strong.
Can you feel me touching you here? Not really.
Hang on.
I got something.
Yeah, we have a palpable mass in the mid-epigastrium.
It shows up on the FAST as well.
CT now.
I'll meet you there.
Congrats on the book.
Oh, thank you.
You read it? No, no.
Too busy operating, just gearing up to be chief again.
Well, I hear Kit is still considering candidates.
- Mm.
- I would know.
I am one.
I'm surprised you can find the time, given all the books you're signing.
Yeah, well, no one can be too busy to give Chastain the the visionary leader it so desperately needs.
You know, someone who's still got that fire.
Couldn't agree more.
(CHUCKLES) Look who decided to show his face.
(HUNDLEY LAUGHS) HUNDLEY: As if anyone could get enough - of that face.
- Eh How long has it been this time? Uh, since that asthma patient, I think.
That was a month ago.
We miss you.
I miss you guys, too.
Oh, enough to come back? You never know, I might sneak back and torture you guys again.
Conrad knows as long as I'm CEO, he always has a place here.
Thank you.
I'm just dropping off a patient, last name Tellenbaum.
He's in the waiting room.
Jackson Tellenbaum.
Hand injury, huh? And diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer at Atlanta General.
He's been avoiding doctors since because he has no insurance, so HUNDLEY: We'll take care of him.
CONRAD: Who's the new attending? He looks familiar, like this intern - I tried to train.
- Same bit, huh? I recognize the shoes.
Yeah, well, you know, unlike you, the rest of us, you know, we don't have all day, so bring it in, baby.
- Did you get the office with the shower? - I did.
(CHUCKLES) It's a necessity with these hours.
But I will admit, it is way more fun giving the orders than getting them, - especially from you.
- I bet.
I bet.
Good to see everyone.
Whoa, whoa, not so fast, Mr.
Concierge Doctor.
Let's go take a walk.
NEWSMAN: Here we see champ Tamiko Rodriguez getting knocked to the floor during a weigh-in brawl.
At least I got the shot.
Coming up, we'll show you what led to it.
WOMAN (ON TV): Do you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer? What if you didn't have to give up? What if you could live longer? Halcipride could give you good days.
Happy days.
More days.
Ask your doctor if Halcipride is right for you.
Chemo drugs need to be prescribed by an oncologist.
I can get you a referral to someone at Chastain.
Gonna wrap your hand now.
- How long for a referral? - Usually three or four weeks.
Weeks? Come on, guys.
The ad said Halcipride can really help me.
Hmm? And it's here, right? Can I get a sample? No, but I can get you that referral.
- (ALARM SOUNDING IN DISTANCE) IRVING: Just sit tight, okay? Uh LEELA: I need to get you a tetanus booster.
- Be right back.
- (PHONE RINGS) I only have a minute.
Good news.
I found this guerilla taco truck parked right by Chastain today.
- Want to grab lunch? - I wish I could.
I have to take notes for my attending, and then round - on my post-op patients, so - What happened to your cardamom? You always leave it by the butter.
I do.
So, you and Dr.
Austin, is that, like is that, like, a thing now? (LAUGHS): What?! No, definitely not.
I'm just curious.
It is, like, third time in two weeks, so Leel, I came here to see you and meet Devon two months ago, and I have basically had this entire apartment to myself.
So no, I am not looking to get serious with a doctor.
Not in this lifetime.
Devi, DVT waiting on you in Bay 9.
I'll be with them next.
Hey, I got to go.
Voss asked me to tag in.
Oh, did she? Yeah, I've reviewed our MMA champ's records, and Ms.
Rodriguez has a family history of cancer.
And that abdominal mass may indicate a lymphoma or hepatobiliary tumor.
So we'll need our best hands on hand.
So you joining has nothing to do with the tweet-storm of love coming for any of us who save this superstar? No, you know, unlike some, I'm not the kind of surgeon that needs validation outside the hospital.
Oh, says the man who had his own surgical tool, supplement line and TV show.
- Am I missing anything? - Gentlemen.
All right, she has an abdominal aortic aneurysm.
Six centimeters.
And it's likely to rupture, given her hypertension.
BELL: That's odd, considering we see triple A's in mostly older men and smokers.
That's why.
She has bamboo spine.
Ankylosing spondylitis can often be associated with triple A.
T3 through L4 is almost entirely fused together, with a column 3 unstable fracture at L1.
- It's a miracle she got out of bed.
- AUSTIN: Her pain tolerance - must be off the charts.
- We do a staged repair.
Once you complete the triple A, I'll perform a posterior stabilization and fusion.
I'll join you, Dr.
Both of us for a triple A? Is that necessary? Better safe than sorry.
Let's all go break the news.
Pain I can handle, but ten months of me in bed while everybody replays the video of me getting knocked on my ass? You won't last one round.
BELL: Your aneurysm is on the cusp of rupturing.
BILLIE: And your spine is too brittle.
One punch at the wrong angle, it could snap your back in half.
So to fix my spine, you want to break it yourself and then put it back together like some LEGO set? Yeah, find some other toy to play with.
- (CLOSES DOOR) - Leave now, and the only question you'll be asking yourself the next time you hit the floor is why you didn't listen to us.
Want to replay this moment in your head for the rest of your life? GIRL: Ms.
Rodriguez? Can I get a photo? What's your name? Ella.
I want to fight, like you do.
She seem a little young for MMA? And can you come to my birthday party? Photo, yes.
Birthday, no.
(SHUTTER CLICKS) Say hi to my docs.
They're gonna fix me up so I can get back in the ring for you.
Isn't that right? (CLOSES DOOR SOFTLY) (COUGHS) Sir? You're not allowed back here.
Where's the Halcipride? - H-A-L-C-I - You need to leave now.
Nobody's leaving until I get it.
So, how many Saudi princes have you treated this week? - That was one patient one time.
- (LAUGHS) - Any Real Housewives? - Why? You want me to get you an autograph? Hell yeah.
(LAUGHS) Look, I just want to be sure that your talents aren't being wasted on giving B12 shots and laxatives to the rich and famous.
Yeah, most are neither.
Actually, a lot need to pay on a sliding scale, or they can't make it to the hospital because they have family, so they just need more flexibility.
How's the little lady? Perfect.
GiGi and I have a dinner reservation tonight.
That's nice.
Ah, I can't even remember the last time I got off when the sun was up.
And I bet you wouldn't change a thing.
There is one thing.
Well, we had some good times here.
Yeah, we did.
I think about you guys all the time.
It's actually annoying how much - I think about you guys.
- (CHUCKLES) Well, you're a big concierge now.
So I want some dinner reservations, concert tickets.
- Hey, everything all right? - Got a code silver.
Time to shake off a little rust.
- CONRAD: What's going on? - It's the patient you brought in.
He was asking about some cancer drug he saw on TV.
I told him I couldn't just give it to him.
- (CLATTERING) - It's out of stock anyway.
And now he's blockaded himself in there with the pharmacists.
He won't let anyone out until he gets the drug.
And he has a weapon.
Atlanta PD are on the way.
Conrad, who is this guy? I just met him today.
He needed help.
I brought him in.
What-what drug? Halcipride.
New targeted therapy for stage IV lung cancer.
DEVON: I read the outcomes.
It costs, like, five grand a week and only gives patients a couple of extra weeks at best.
I've seen the ads.
They make it seem like a cure when it isn't.
For a desperate man, who knows what he'll do for more time? I'm not sure what Jackson's gonna do when the police show up, but my instinct says he's not dangerous to anyone.
I think I can keep things from going from bad to worse.
Hold on.
You're not going in there alone.
Jackson's my patient.
I brought him in.
So just just let me handle it.
Someone has got to be with you in there to have your back.
KIT: Even if I agree to this, he won't let anyone in without the drug, and it's still on its way from Atlanta General.
But he doesn't know that.
Jackson, it's Dr.
We got Halcipride.
Three-month supply, okay? Jackson? Slide it through the door.
You gotta let them go.
Bring it in, then they go.
Are you all right? Okay, toss me the bag.
Them first.
- You back up! - Whoa.
All right.
Give me the bag.
What the No.
What the hell is this?! - No, you stop.
- Hold on.
Hand me the blade and we can talk.
We just want to try to help.
Jackson, easy, easy.
The drug is coming.
Let's just talk.
Let's find a way out of this before the police get here.
Okay? You said you got a kid, right? Boy or girl? I've got a son.
He's almost eight.
He lives in Iowa with his mom now.
I've just been trying to sock away money since the split, just give him the things that I never had.
But I can't make things right unless I get more time.
Jackson, getting cancer was out of your control.
But what you do now, that is up to you.
CONRAD: I said I'd make sure you left here whole.
Help me keep that promise.
Tellenbaum, this is Atlanta PD.
Is everything okay in there? Thank you for trying to help me.
I didn't have much time anyway.
Hey, can we get some help in here? HUNDLEY: Over here in Trauma Bay One.
He took out part of his internal jugular, but he missed the carotid.
LEELA: I'll get access.
Get me an 18-gauge.
All right, and type and cross four units right away.
Jackson? Jackson? Jackson, you with us? He's in hemorrhagic shock.
Can't tamponade the bleeding without impeding the venous return; he needs an OR.
(MONITOR BEEPING) - Heart rate 130.
- We don't have time to stabilize him.
Xavier, page Vascular and Anesthesia.
- He's coming to the OR now.
- Let's go.
- IRVING: I got it.
- DEVON: Take it.
Let's go.
Transport! IRVING: I'll maintain pressure.
Get the elevator.
HUNDLEY: This way, Officers.
- I got fresh clothes in my office.
- Thank you.
All right, we got, what, four hours before he's out of surgery and under arrest? Let's come up with a treatment plan, try and buy this guy some more time to see his family.
- And I'll get his medical record from Atlanta General.
- Good.
On your way to an emergency surgery, I hear.
Indeed I am.
Neck versus box cutter.
Yeah, vascular repair like that's gonna take maybe three, four hours.
Well, don't you worry about it, Randolph, I will make our triple A.
Oh, there's no need to rush.
I can take good care - of our prizefighter myself.
- I'm sure you can.
Are you okay? I'm pretty sure there's still blood in places I can't see, but yeah.
Well, I'm glad you're okay.
I am now.
(CHUCKLING): Oh! You guys should probably close the door - if you're gonna, you know - What are you doing here? I brought lunch.
Also I got scolded by a Dr.
Nolan on the way in here.
And can I just say, I don't like the way he talks to you.
I don't see how anyone can mix you two up.
I mean, you're spontaneous - and-and carefree, and you're - PADMA: Oh.
the love of my life.
What did Dr.
Nolan say to you, exactly? Something about neph.
Nephews? Necrophilia, maybe.
I don't know.
But I remember his tone, and he reminded me of Uncle Ojasvat.
He was mean.
This is why I don't like when you just show up randomly.
Because somehow it always makes more work for me.
- Leela - Thank you for lunch.
It's been a day.
She'll be all right.
You can keep it.
Jackson's medical records.
- Oh, nice.
- If he's EGFR positive, we can consider afatinib.
Unless he has an additional mutation.
Yeah, T790M.
Then we add BOTH: Osimertinib.
I forgot how much fun you two are when you get together.
I'll start by reconfirming the pathology report and the genetics of the cancer and see whether he's a candidate for targeted therapy.
Sounds like a plan.
Keep me posted.
Oh, wait.
Hold on a second.
Look at this lung biopsy report.
Necrosis compatible with necrotic tumor tissue.
Compatible with, not diagnostic of.
So, because he had a lesion in his spine, enlarged lymph nodes and a lung nodule They concluded it was cancer.
Have you seen his fingernails? Yeah.
When was the last time you saw a stage IV metastatic lung cancer patient without clubbing? It happens, but rarely.
I think it's possible that Jackson doesn't have cancer.
It's possible.
It's also a leap.
I'm just saying it's worth digging deeper.
Maybe he was misdiagnosed.
- I got the page.
- Her aneurysm ruptured.
She's struggling to move her legs.
Cauda equina syndrome.
- Is your schedule clear? - I'll clear it.
- Let's do this.
- (PAINED GROAN) DEVON: So if it's not cancer, Jackson's issue could be autoimmune.
- We're missing an infection.
- Histoplasmosis.
Could explain his lung nodules, but he has no history of travel the past few years.
Okay, then that would also eliminate blastomycosis, coccidiomycosis.
Yep, but doesn't rule out abscesses.
Okay, so, we have three possibilities, all treatable.
We add tests to his pre-op labs, get the rest drawn in the OR.
How much time do you have before your dinner date with Queen Gi? Uh, hour and a half.
Two, tops.
All right, I'll rush these tests.
Finished already? Fast and flawless, as always.
Shall we? Bovie to me.
BELL: I have the better angle.
AUSTIN: Chu, angle the head down 15 degrees.
I prefer we keep it at ten.
Uh, 13 it is.
Resecting the aneurysm.
Chu, would you wake me up when Dr.
Austin is finished so I can insert the graft? You boys done? BELL: Just finished.
She's all yours, Dr.
I have a break in my schedule.
You mind if I stick around and watch you do your thing? Plenty of seats.
Buckle up.
All right, pedicle screws and rods on my left.
Osteotomes, burr, rongeurs on my right.
Let's get the Wilson frame and flip her.
What's so important you needed to see me right now? Tell me what you think.
Ha! The guy who just sold it to me drove it around the Badlands for three months.
It already has a bed, fridge, stove and two solar panels.
Check it out.
You're gonna live in that? Yeah.
Lots of people are living the van life now.
It gives you total freedom.
And this thing is so cozy.
Padma I'm thinking Charleston, maybe, and then the Keys.
I know you don't get that much time How long can you keep doing this? Doing what? Exactly.
What are you doing? - I - Look, I know this seems like it's fun and everything, but don't you think it's time you put down some roots? Or maybe a root? You know what, forget it.
I'll check it out later.
I threw your milk out last week.
It was five months old.
And I would have noticed sooner if I wasn't lacto.
What's your point? When was the last time you even had a meal at home? - We order in.
- To the apartment you're never at? With the boyfriend you never see? - I see Devon all the time.
- At work.
Where you always are.
When I first came to Atlanta, I was only gonna crash with you a few weeks.
I stayed because I love you.
And, Leel, you don't eat.
You barely sleep.
- All you talk about is medicine! - That's the job.
I'm a doctor.
I'm literally saving lives.
And what about your life? Look, Leel, I am so proud of you.
You do things every day that I can't even pronounce.
But I remember a girl who did a lot of other things, too.
She dreamed up crazy cartoons and went shopping for the ugliest antiques we could find.
Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to do what I do in there every single day? But I'm doing it, Padma.
When was the last time you took even five minutes for yourself? (PAGER BEEPS) You gotta go.
Aw I remember that look.
Lab results were negative.
For all three and the cultures? I'll take that to him, thanks.
All right, so we broaden our search.
Check a glucan and galactomannan.
Look for brucellosis, actinomycosis.
I will keep searching.
You have a dinner date with a very special lady.
Let me know.
I will.
Come on, I'll walk you out.
Hang on a sec.
CONRAD: Does he look hyper-pigmented to you? I remember that look.
Last pedicle screw.
Now we finish the fusion and realign vertebrae.
I heard you and Bell are competing.
Well, I wouldn't call it much of a competition.
My two cents? The best chiefs command the most respect of their peers.
That's you.
Thanks for the two cents.
Besides, I've heard a few stories.
Probably more skeletons in his closet than yours, if you ask me.
(MONITOR ALARM SOUNDING) CHU: We're losing motor signals.
BILLIE: Her spinal cord is getting impinged.
Pituitary rongeurs.
- Everything okay? - Just trying to find the source.
Could be a bone fragment.
- (ALARM SOUNDING) - Oh, this isn't working.
She'll be permanently paralyzed soon if we don't relieve the pressure on her cord.
What's the move? A Hail Mary.
But I'll need an extra set of hands.
Page Dr.
They told me motor signals went out.
BILLIE: Sensory signals, too.
I need to bring her out of anesthesia.
The wake-up test? She could move and disrupt the instruments in her back, causing even more damage.
It's our only shot at finding out if her loss of signal is related to a dislodged probe or another issue.
We're running out of time.
(ALARMS SOUNDING) KIT: Lighten anesthesia.
CHU: Pulling back on the propofol.
Tamiko? This is Dr.
You're in surgery.
Don't worry, everything will be okay.
We just need your help.
Blink if you understand.
Now blink if you can feel a touch on your right leg.
Hang tight, okay? We can't keep her awake for long, but I think we should perform a distraction.
And improve the correction of the spine.
Worth a shot.
- Distractor's in place.
- I'll loosen the locking bolt.
BILLIE: Let's push.
Let's try that again.
Blink if you can feel a touch on your leg.
- (MONITOR BEEPING) - Signal's coming back.
Nerve pressure's relieved.
You did great.
Now we're gonna put you back to sleep and finish up.
That was quite the show, Dr.
Show's not over yet.
A full exam after surgery will tell us more.
WOMAN (ON TV): Ask your doctor if Halcipr Guess I won't be running through the fields anytime soon.
These ads don't do our patients any favors.
There's a reason almost every other country in the world bans them.
But when the FDA eased restrictions in the '90s, drug companies jumped at the chance to market their drugs to as many people as they could.
CONRAD: So all too often, they present biased or incomplete information.
And mislead people to ask their doctors for drugs they don't even need.
And no drug is for everyone.
And Halcipride, hmm, that drug that drug won't help you, Jackson.
Because you don't have cancer.
DEVON: Your labs confirmed our suspicion.
You were misdiagnosed.
What you really have is tuberculosis.
H-How? TB can look a lot like cancer, and it can travel anywhere, even your spine.
And it can travel to your adrenal gland.
That's what caused your skin to darken.
DEVON: Which is what tipped us off.
The best news is we can treat it.
Thank you.
So you're gonna need to be on several medications, okay, for the next six months.
How much is that gonna cost? We checked.
It's affordable.
(POLICE RADIO DRONING INDISTINCTLY) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Once you're discharged, you'll be put under arrest, but until then, you're still a patient, so let's focus on you getting well, okay? Thank you.
Look, I get why you left, but I just feel like, you know, this is what you were meant to be doing.
Ah, I miss it, man.
I do.
It wasn't my plan to leave, but GiGi is my everything.
She's waiting for our dinner.
I can make it.
She comes first now.
I'm so sorry.
I mean, for all of it.
Just know that you and Nic are missed every day.
Good work today, Dr.
You, too, Dr.
You, too.
Night, Devi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Do you have five minutes? Sure.
Why? I got the feeling, I got the feeling of love High on the feeling, high on the feeling above Up on the feeling, up on the feeling of love I got it, I got it I got the thing, ooh, you got me feeling good Feeling, feeling good.
- She's still got it.
- That's impressive.
BILLIE: You won't be back in the ring for a while, - but you will be back.
- Good.
'Cause that lollipop that put me here needs a lickin'.
I know you're both eager to find out who our next chief of surgery will be, so I'll cut to the chase.
It won't be either of you.
- Are you serious? - Excuse me? You've both made remarkable contributions to Chastain.
But for you, AJ, chief would just be another feather in your cap.
And, frankly, you don't have the time.
And, Randolph, you've already done the job once.
Yeah, which means I have experience, which is hardly a detriment to And you quit because you didn't like it.
It was too time-consuming and bureaucratic.
- You want to cut.
- True that.
You only wanted the job because you didn't want me to have it.
No, I-I wanted it because I wanted it.
Gentlemen, I respect that you're both competitive and in it to win, but I have made my decision.
An unfortunate one, no doubt, but one I will respect nonetheless.
KIT: Thank you, AJ.
(BELL EXHALES HEAVILY) (INHALES DEEPLY) Well, maybe it's for the best.
How so? Because there's a woman that I've been seeing for a while now, and, uh, we kind of have a good thing going.
- I-I think she'd agree.
- Would she? A little less time spent at work might mean more time with her, if she can get away.
I'm afraid that safety report on her desk might keep her late tonight.
She's worth waiting up for.
If it's not me and it's not AJ, who's the next chief of surgery? Me? You're a tireless, if sometimes bossy, advocate for patients.
But I expect nothing less.
You're also a leader, and you work well with others.
You will build consensus, not bully.
A style I like.
I'm certainly flattered Of course, the admin burdens are not insignificant.
You'll have to adjust your surgical schedule, manage fragile egos across the department not always an easy task but you would have a real hand in shaping this place.
Of course, if you need more time to I'm in.
(SIGHS) (KNOCK ON WINDOW) So, exactly how cozy is this thing? Only one way to find out.
- All right.
- Be careful.
(LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) It's really cool.
Look, about earlier You're not wrong.
I know.
But do you really want to take advice from a girl who lives in a van? (BOTH LAUGH) Well, you'll be happy to know I have tomorrow off.
- All day? - All day.
Lane between here And the Tennessees - I drive, you sleep.
- Okay.
(SQUEALS EXCITEDLY) Unassuming - I could stand - (ENGINE STARTS) To be the one If we're so unassuming You could stand to be the one.
How was she? Perfect, as always.
(CHUCKLES) - Daddy! - Ah! Oh, sweetheart.
See you next time.
Mmm (FRENCH ACCENT): Welcome to Le Petit GiGi.
Mademoiselle, please take your seat.
- Here's to our new chief.
- Good for her.
- And good luck to her.
- It's a thankless job.
- I should know.
I did it.
- All that paper pushing.
- Departmental complaints.
- Managing inferior surgeons.
- No, thank you.
- We are beyond that.
- Yes, we are.
- To us.
- Ah.
- Ah.
(FRENCH ACCENT): I thought, just this once Ice cream! Oui.
- Yes, please.
- Mmm.
(NORMAL ACCENT): So what did you do today? Learned how to draw a rhinoceros.
You did? Oh Mm, yes.
I see.
Hmm, well done.
How was your day, Daddy? It's the best day I had in a long time.

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