The Resident (2018) s05e12 Episode Script

Now You See Me

1 Previously on The Resident I have multiple sclerosis.
We could always use more women in neurosurgery, but I would never try to recruit you.
- Why? - Devon would kill me, for one thing.
He'll support whatever I choose to do.
- Kit, I'm leaving Chastain.
- A leave of absence.
- Of course, to heal - No, permanently.
I was raped by our neighbor.
I was 13.
- He was a grown man.
- Billie Hey, come here.
No, I'm fine.
You're getting soaked.
I'm not gonna melt.
Hey, I need some help! Hey.
I was headed to a call when I found her on the Centerville exit off of 124.
She was all by herself.
She's limping, and she's freezing cold.
She needs help, so I brought her straight here.
You did the right thing.
What's your name? She hasn't said a word since I found her.
She hasn't cried either.
Not a sound.
I'm gonna take you inside and get you warm, okay? I'm a doctor.
I won't hurt you.
I'm gonna take care of you, I promise.
Don't be afraid.
My little girl made that.
Do you like it? Okay.
- Here we go.
- Thanks, Doc.
What happened? Tow truck driver brought her in.
Found her alone by the side of the road.
She is not speaking.
Clara, let's get a temp, change her out of these clothes, and get her on the monitor.
It's not registering.
She's hypothermic.
We need a core temp.
And some blankets and warmed saline.
I'm on it.
Her right arm.
Posterior shoulder dislocation.
- No swelling around the joint.
- Let's reduce that, quick.
This will hurt, but then it will feel much better, okay? Not a peep.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
Clara, can you call Winston? - Tell him we have an unaccompanied minor.
- Yeah.
So, I did the math.
For you to be double board-certified in neuro and cardiothoracic surgery, it would take you, like, eight years.
Think about it, Devon.
I could drain a brain bleed on a Monday and hold a beating heart in my hands on a Tuesday.
Look, I love that you want to do all the things, but I'm just concerned that you're gonna get burned out.
There's only 24 hours in a day.
I'm spending two of them standing outside in the rain so you can buy sneakers.
Come on, the line's moving.
You're a good woman.
Look at you all coming out in the rain for this drop.
From my heart, I thank you.
Now, come and get these kicks.
Oh, damn.
These black vapor lows are fire.
I have to have these.
Hey, Haircut.
Caught your drip the moment you walked up, and I saw you eyeing these.
Are you feeling all right? Oh, don't worry about me.
I just got "big girl-itis".
My name is Dr.
This is Dr.
Seems like you're having some chest pain.
Why don't we just take a seat here.
But I came here to get busy I just need another antacid.
Will you hand me my purse? But I came to get down Just gonna check your pulse.
How many of these have you taken today? Uh all of them.
- Your heart is racing.
- It's just nerves, is all.
This is my big day.
I have been planning this for months.
We need to get you to a hospital.
No, no, no, no, no, ham, no, ma'am.
There is a photographer coming from Best of Atlanta.
I got an interview later.
You could be having a heart attack.
I No.
We are not gonna take no for an answer.
What you playin' for? Hey.
Hope you didn't have plans later.
No problem.
I already cleared my schedule.
I want to hang out with my new best friend here.
I'm sad to say no one's ever mistook me for Mary Poppins.
Shoulder should be feeling better.
Can you move your arm for me? So, she understands what we say.
Follows direction.
That's progress.
Winston's here.
Nurse Clara's gonna take care of you while we talk to Winston, okay? Be right back.
- Thanks for coming.
- Oh, not a problem at all.
You have an unaccompanied minor? She was left on the side of the road with a dislocated shoulder.
Seems like she was running from something or someone.
Um She's not talking, so there's a lot we don't know yet.
We've established her lack of speech isn't a lack of understanding.
Have you checked for signs of physical abuse? She's headed for scans shortly.
Oh, I'll contact Atlanta P.
If there's been a missing child report, we'll know soon.
In the meantime, Chastain has to assume an emergency temporary guardianship.
Who's gonna be taking care of her? Dr.
Sullivan, it's your ER shift, - so I presume - Me.
- Happy to.
She's bonded with me, so I'll run point.
It's good with me.
Takes a village, right? The village of Drs.
Got it.
And the child's name? Jane Doe.
Good morning.
Didn't I leave you in a warm bed blissfully asleep? Yes, you did.
And for that, I thank you.
But-but, listen, before you get too excited, I'm not here officially.
Just a social call.
The doctors at the Mayo said you could return to surgery.
The steroid pulse and immunomodulators have been amazing at stopping your M.
I-I know, and I'm grateful and I'm, and I'm hopeful and I'm reassured, but I'm I'm not there yet.
If this isn't your official return, did you really come all the way here in the rain just to bring me a latte? No.
There's something I wanted to tell you.
I've, um I've been shortlisted for a seat at the state medical board.
That's wonderful, Randolph.
They could use people like you.
Doctors policing doctors has not worked well for patients.
We all need to be more accountable, and You know, it's been a long career, and I've seen mistakes happen that shouldn't have, and you know I've made them myself.
And I'd just like to try and make up for that.
It's a brilliant idea.
Well, it's-it's not a done deal.
There's-there's only one seat - open on the board.
- Oh, they'll pick you.
You know, if-if I get it, I can fight for patients' rights without having a patient's life in my hands.
I hope it adds some new meaning to my career.
Just promise me one thing.
You won't give up on the OR just yet.
We still need you.
I need a full blood panel, chest X-ray and EKG.
The EMTs said they couldn't find a vein.
- Hundley? - Leave it to me.
Sit up for me, Roxie.
Can we talk? - Woman to woman? - Mm-hmm.
That normal BP cuff, that is not gonna fit my arm.
Thanks for the tip, but I'm one step ahead of you.
This is a leg BP cuff.
It'll do the trick.
In my ER, you get what you need.
Sit back please.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm glad I listened to you and Dr.
This pain is no joke.
Keep me posted.
Will do.
I brought you something to eat and drink from our world-famous Chastain cafeteria.
Let's start with the juice.
No issues swallowing.
And no respiratory symptoms either.
Her lungs are clear, but look at this.
We just took off her socks and Tachy.
She's in pain.
Let's get her some ibuprofen.
Got it.
Soft tissue is macerated.
This could be trench foot.
I'll elevate her feet.
Looks like she was standing in the rain all night.
Must've been numb from the cold.
Now that we're warming her up, her feeling's coming back.
Skin is already infected, and it could get worse.
If you need to cry or yell, or if you want to hold my hand, you can do that, okay, honey? You try sitting still while you're crammed into a metal cage.
I got you.
I should've done that.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
The world's made for folks your size, not mine, but I see you trying.
He's one of the good ones.
And that is one of the fine ones.
Don't let him hear that.
I am Dr.
Pravesh tells me that you're having some chest pains.
And shortness of breath, with a normal EKG.
We're just waiting on the chest X-ray.
Reflux? Here we go.
Heard that one a dozen times.
Not from what I can tell.
I think it's more.
It sounds like mediastinal crepitus to me.
It's hard to hear anything through the soft tissue.
There are no signs of SUBQ emphysema.
That's good, but, Pravesh, you know I can't do a complete consult without all the data.
Call me when you get an X-ray, all right? He always that way? Well, he is a very busy surgeon.
And there's something going on with his mother recently.
He's just got a lot on his plate.
- Mm-hmm.
- But that is not an excuse, I know.
Sounds like one.
- Dr.
Bell? - Yeah.
The lieutenant governor needs a few minutes before your meeting begins.
Please have a seat.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, it's the famous Dr.
Bob Porter.
University Hospital, Augusta.
I know who you are.
- The highest billing ortho in Georgia.
- Well, I'd prefer to be known for my outcomes, but I'll take it.
So you must be the other name on the governor's short list for a seat on the medical board.
So we are competitors.
Honored indeed.
Do you know Beaumont? No.
Never met him.
A lovely guy.
He and I go way back.
We were roommates at Dartmouth.
Oh, okay, well, I guess the fix is in.
No, no, no.
Your reputation speaks for itself.
Well, thank you, that's very kind, um You mind if I ask you why you want a seat on the board? Licensing physicians, investigating patient complaints I mean, that can't hold a candle to running four ORs at once.
Don't believe everything you hear.
Seriously, why do you want it? Well, I don't know, I guess at this point in my life, I, uh just want to give back.
He's ready for you, Dr.
Nice meeting you.
- Same here.
- Mm-hmm.
So, show me this hand of yours that hurts so much.
Yeah, it's really sore.
Is it sore - in your thumb? - Yeah, it's Is it this, just this finger right here? - Mm-hmm.
- Really? And you don't feel anything on this side? - No.
Oh, yeah.
- Do you feel anything in your wrist? - Anything in your forearm? - Of course.
- The elbow? - Mm-hmm.
You're hurt everywhere.
There's got to be a specific place Atlanta PD doesn't have any missing child reports that match your Jane Doe.
But I notified DFCS.
And if anyone recognizes her, they'll let me know.
Until then The hospital has temporary emergency guardianship and you two are in charge.
Thank you.
Did she have her psych consults? Yes, and as we suspected, her silence is very likely the result of trauma.
Whether that's from her recent injuries or something much worse, they don't know.
She has a cracked rib, - a few suspicious bruises.
- All signs point to abuse.
Well, it's definitely a possibility, but I'll keep looking for family.
Let me know if there's anything else I can do to protect her.
Hey, I know you have a daughter.
So if this case is hitting too close to home for you Yeah, it hits close to home.
But there's nowhere else I'd rather be.
She's choosing not to speak to feel safe.
I'm seeing a lot of that recently.
My savior.
My last doctor used to make me bring my own hospital gown to her office.
Sewed it myself.
Denim and rhinestones.
Well, that sounds fly as hell.
Where can I get one? If y'all make me feel better, I'll sew one for you, too.
Can we get her close-up over with so she can sit back down? This will take just a minute, Roxie.
Um Dr.
Pravesh? The picture probably won't be very clear because of her size.
The lungs are the same size even when the patient is very large.
Yeah, but the body mass around the lungs can mess up the image.
A CT might be better except the machine has a weight limit.
The CT delivers 200 times more radiation than a chest X-ray.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm the doctor.
I ordered a chest X-ray.
So please make that happen.
How are we doing? Her heart rate is normal.
And she just got her first dose of antibiotics.
So this is my house.
Can you draw yours? Do you live in a car, honey? This line tells us how your foot is doing.
If the medicine is working, the infection won't spread outside the line.
You need another color marker over there? Trade colors with me.
He is so good with kids ever since he had one of his own.
Well, I'm still struggling to find a way to make her trust me.
She bonded with him instantly.
Don't feel bad.
- You never had a chance.
- Yeah, no, I get that.
The guy's like a picnic basket filled with cupcakes and ponies and sunbeams.
Anyway, I reviewed your patient's chart.
If she were unable to talk due to damage to her brain, she'd be making sounds or struggling to be understood.
Which isn't the case.
So you're good with us holding off on a head CT? Completely.
She's been through enough.
The question is what? She's guarding some kind of secret.
But we need the truth to help her.
Now do you see any evidence of pneumothorax or pneumomediastinum? - Because I'm thinking that maybe right here - No.
But given her symptoms, we have to You know how to read an X-ray, Pravesh.
This one is not giving us any actionable information.
With her body habitus, we can't even comment on the lung field, let alone make out a subtle finding.
AJ? - You are being dismissive.
- No.
I'm being real.
There are complications when carrying around that kind of weight.
Believe me when I tell you that she is painfully aware of that fact, and it's part of the reason - why she hasn't gotten treated.
- So stop dancing around the issue and explain to your patient that her size is preventing you from reaching a diagnosis.
She does not need me to tell her that she is obese.
Why not? It's a medical condition, like any other.
Who do you think does more harm, Pravesh? The doctor who names the disease or the doctor who won't even utter it? Get a better picture of what's going on inside Ms.
- What happened? - Her heart rate shot up.
She's febrile to 102.
Her white blood cell count is up to 25,000.
The cellulitis is advancing outside the margins, despite antibiotics.
Pain out of proportion.
You're worried about necrotizing fasciitis? We need a surgical consult.
She might be headed to the OR.
We are talking about a highly lethal infection.
Which we're not certain she has.
The CT shows no evidence of gas in the tissue.
But a CT scan can miss the diagnosis.
And if this is necrotizing fasciitis, we can't afford to wait.
She could lose her leg.
Or worse.
None of us want that, but we have to consider what recovery from surgery will look like for this patient.
Limited mobility or amputation would be a massive hurdle for a kid whose basic needs aren't being met.
You're asking me to open up a little girl's leg based on a hunch.
Yes, her leg is still red.
But the swelling is minimal, no evidence of blistering.
I would have a hard time justifying this kind of exploration even on a fully consenting adult.
We have no medical record for our little Jane Doe, so if we're wrong and she suffers any complications, then it's not just surgery without consent.
It's criminal assault on a minor.
What happened to our emergency guardianship? It allows Chastain to do anything necessary to save her life.
Can you tell yourself with certainty that this falls into those parameters? Right now, my suspicion for necrotizing fasciitis is just a suspicion.
I agree.
The infection doesn't constitute an immediate life-or-death threat.
But waiting is dangerous, too.
Things could change fast.
Get her admitted to the pediatric floor.
We'll monitor her leg like a hawk.
If she worsens, if she becomes hemodynamically unstable, if the wind blows the wrong way, I'll take her to the OR.
Regardless of the consequences.
Hey, Billie.
I-I have a favor to ask.
Well, if it's about jumping in on these two hernia repairs or the bowel obstruction, then yes.
- A thousand times yes.
- No, I need a letter of recommendation for the Georgia State Medical Board.
Oh, well Georgia could certainly use more doctors willing to fight for patient safety.
I'm competing for the spot with another doctor.
And he's-he's connected, he's a star at his hospital in Augusta - top earner.
- And you want to outshine him? Yeah, it's not gonna be easy.
He's, uh, he's a powerful guy, he's very slick.
I just need to stack the deck - as much as I can.
- Who is he? Robert Porter.
Oh, you know him? Yeah, well, of course.
Well, maybe.
There are probably a lot of doctors with that name.
This is him.
You'll have your recommendation on your desk by end of day.
Okay, thank you.
That is an esophageal perforation.
Roxie, what that means is fluid is leaking out of your esophagus into your chest cavity, which is why you're in pain.
Can you repair it? Well, the perf is a tough surgery on anyone.
It's even more complex if I'm operating on someone - with a BMI of 50.
- Wow.
Do you talk that insensitively about all your patients? Or just the ones whose body type you don't approve of? Forgive Dr.
- What he means to say - He meant to insult me! Maybe I don't need surgery.
Maybe he can't handle me because I have too much - "soft tissue".
- My job is to assess the entire patient.
And make sure you are aware of the risks.
I'm guessing you're 30, 31? I'm flattered, but no, I have a few more years under my belt.
I'm not asking your age.
I'm talking your BMI.
I'd put you at 32? Anything over 29 makes you obese.
- Which is why I work out.
- So do I! Six miles on a bike every other day and yoga in between.
I'm a person, Dr.
And you're an arrogant jerk.
But I'm also the most straightforward doctor you will meet in this hospital.
I heal with my hands.
Not my oratory skills.
Now, when I look at you, Ms.
Cabot, I see a woman who is very strong who can handle some straight talk.
So are you ready to talk about the vomiting? Roxie, I found enamel erosion and staining in your mouth when I did the exam.
Classic signs of bulimia.
Which caused the damage in your esophagus.
The surgery will be a waste if we don't get to the root cause of all the problems.
I've dieted all my life.
And no one believes how hard I try.
I try Somewhere along the line I just I got desperate, I There is nothing to be ashamed of.
Obesity is a complex disease with a myriad of factors.
But purging after every meal is not the answer.
No it's okay.
I'm actually beginning to appreciate his candor.
Well, thank you.
And I appreciate yours, Ms.
I've never had a doctor talk to me the way you two have.
They either ignore me or write me off.
I gave up thinking anyone could help me.
We can help you.
All right? Dr.
Austin is gonna repair the perforation.
And we are gonna come up with a plan for treating the rest.
Deal? Deal.
Hey, my shift is over.
But I couldn't leave without finding out how our little Jane Doe is doing.
I have to show you something.
Cade would like to see that burn.
Is that okay? It's a Lichtenberg figure.
From a lightning strike.
Lightning could explain the posterior shoulder dislocation.
And maybe help us figure out where she came from.
Let me check my weather app.
Three lightning strikes touched down here, here and here.
This is sort of near where she was found it's near Black Shoals Park area.
I've biked out there.
It's a tough area for a kid.
Lots of homeless encampments.
She couldn't have been all the way out there on her own.
Maybe whoever she was with is still out there? - I'll go find out.
- No, that's a bad idea.
- We don't know what you'd be walking into.
- I can handle myself.
And you have to stay with her and if this gets worse, you got to get Kit to authorize surgery.
You can't go out there alone.
You stay.
Let me go.
I'm glad to have a way I can help.
What can I do for you, Dr.
Sutton? This is hard.
I don't want to involve you, but I have no choice.
I need to talk to the state medical board.
And why is that? Dr.
Bell asked me to write him a recommendation for it.
He told me Robert Porter is angling for a seat on the board.
Robert Porter, the orthopedic surgeon in Augusta? He has to be stopped.
He's a pedophile.
How do you know that? He raped me when I was 13 years old.
Oh, Billie.
I am so sorry.
It was a long time ago.
I survived.
My feelings aren't what matters right now.
What matters is there's no way in hell Porter should be allowed to judge the moral failings of other doctors.
You want to go before the board and tell them? Yes.
I want to make a statement.
Porter will deny it, of course.
Do you have any proof? It's complicated.
There's another person involved that I can't bring into this.
It will have to be Porter's word against mine.
You know women who come forward with abuse allegations are often attacked.
I know.
But I have to try.
Let me talk to the lieutenant governor and tell him you have crucial information.
Perhaps we can keep them from releasing your name.
But I can't guarantee it.
Thank you.
Hawkins? How's she doing? Her infection is worsening.
I suspect it's bacteremic.
We are gonna have to operate without family consent.
Well, I have something you should see.
I may have found a family member, though it's not the kind any of us hoped to find.
He has a record of domestic violence.
Cade went to find the girl's family - out at Black Shoals Park.
- Oh, no.
Your call has been forwarded to an automated - voice message system.
- What's going on? Winston, call the police.
We need to get them to Cade's location.
The cellulitis is expanding beyond even the most recent marker, her blood pressure's borderline.
It's more swollen than before.
- And these blisters are new.
- We can't wait any longer.
I don't know that we'll get parental consent.
It's life or death now.
Then Chastain will take the risk.
Let's prep her for surgery.
Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice message Uh I'm sorry.
I It's okay.
Do you have a few dollars? I'm really hungry.
Of course.
Maybe you can help me.
I'm looking for a family.
They're possibly living in their car.
- Have you seen any ? - Can you help me?! Are you okay? M-My car, it was struck by lightning.
I-I'm hurt.
That's Ana.
Do you have a sister around eight years old? She has dark hair.
That's Scout! That's Scout! She disappeared a few days ago.
- Please - She's at the hospital.
Let's get you there, too.
Okay? These blisters are developing rapidly.
It means the infection is moving fast.
Then we need to move faster.
Making the initial incision now.
Let's start the debridement.
We're looking for healthy tissue.
How deep do we need to go? Until we find some.
Forceps to me.
Better get equipment for a below-the-knee amputation just in case.
Amputation? She's just a child.
It's a precaution.
We have to be ready.
Been calling you nonstop.
- Why didn't you pick up? - This is Ana, our minor's older sister.
She's hypothermic with a wrist fracture.
Where's Scout? - She's in surgery.
- What? Let's just focus on you right now, okay? Clara? Page Winston.
I've got clean margins, but the infection is close to the anterior tibial artery.
If we compromise that, we risk seeding the infection further.
We'd have to amputate.
So let's not.
I never knew your love Let's lose the tray.
I want step stools on both sides of the bed.
How many sides? - Both sides.
- Thank you very much.
Now you know just how far we're apart Roxie, welcome to your OR.
Whatever you say, whatever you do As long as you keep me Warm blankets.
Am I flying business class? Now we're gonna transfer you to the bed, Ms.
All you need to do is lay back and relax.
To you Dr.
Austin, you keep talking to me with that Barry White baritone, I'll relax right into a puddle.
Where's Haircut? I'm right here with you, Roxie.
I thought we said no nicknames in front of Dr.
Oh, too late.
I heard it.
I'm committing it to memory, and I'll be using it from here on out.
He stays.
Change of plans, people.
Haircut will be observing us today very much the way a music stand observes the first chair violin.
Silent and invisible.
It's time to rest now.
As long as you keep me right next to you.
Winston, how's the surgery going? Not my area, but it's still touch and go.
Please, I-I really just need to see my sister.
We will take you to her as soon as we can.
Scout wouldn't speak or tell us her name.
She hasn't talked since our mom disappeared.
Can you start from the beginning? We're from Memphis.
Father said our mom ran off.
I don't believe it.
She wouldn't.
He beat her.
And me.
And when he hit Scout, I stole the car, and we ran away.
We were living in the car when that storm came, and, uh, the lightning hit, and I don't remember anything after that.
When I came to, Scout was gone.
I'm your social worker, and I will figure out how best to take care of you.
Please, you You won't call our father, will you? No, you won't be returned to an abusive home.
That's certain.
I'm here.
We're safe.
Everything's gonna be okay.
She speaks.
She does, indeed.
They saved you.
Thank you.
You are very welcome.
Your leg will heal.
You'll have quite the scar, but otherwise, you'll be just fine.
One more thing.
My daughter said I could give this to you.
So, I think they complete my drip rather well, don't you think? This is officially the hardest I've ever had to work for a sale.
Cabot, just want you to know that your surgery went flawlessly.
I expect a full recovery very soon.
However, there is one important open question.
Do these come in 13? You two sure know how to make a girl feel special.
I made a referral for you for Dr.
She's an obesity specialist.
I know her personally.
She creates individualized plans for her patients that include genetics, environmental factors and even metabolic function.
And she can get you into a treatment program for the bulimia.
It's a combination of therapy and SSRIs.
So no more judgment.
No more one-size-fits-all medicine.
You know, I do love my couture.
Being caught in a storm nearly killed those two girls.
But running away may have saved their lives.
These are the kind of choices no kid should have to make.
- They needed help.
- Well, their access to social services may have been limited.
Chances are they would've been returned to their father.
Tell me they won't be separated.
I will bend heaven and earth to make sure that doesn't happen.
Thank you, Winston.
This case got personal for you, didn't it? Got personal for all of us.
A child not willing to open up even to those who wanted to help her.
- A child on the run - Okay, full disclosure, I'm beginning to enjoy your company.
We work well together.
But I do not enjoy being psychoanalyzed.
- Psychoanalyzed? Really? - Just no third degree.
Offering you my umbrella? Did that feel like the third degree to you? I'm not a minor in your ER.
I'm an adult who can make her own decisions.
And I'm your colleague.
I helped you get this job.
Are you in trouble? No.
I'm fully in control of my past, present and, to some extent, my future.
If I need help, I will ask.
But will you? I'll see you around, Hawkins.
So, what should we do on our day off? We can go have lunch in Roswell.
- Or we can go for massages.
- Dev.
Well, we could quit our jobs and go live in the Maldives before they sink.
My schedule changed.
I have to do a valve replacement with AJ, and then Billie and I have a schwannoma resection later tonight.
Don't be angry.
I'm not angry.
I'm worried, though.
Do Billie and AJ know that you want to be double board-certified in the hardest field of medicine, neuro and cardiothoracic surgery? Yes.
I've mentioned that I want to do this.
And did they think you can do it? No.
They didn't take me seriously.
Are you serious? Have you thought it through? There's a reason why no one else has done it.
Can you please just support me? I support you in every dream you want to chase as long as it's not impossible.
Leela, this is literally impossible.
Even for the most talented surgical resident in the world, and I'm ready to say that that is you.
When the change comes Darlin', it might hurt you some Did I tell you how sexy it is that you stood up to Dr.
Austin and lived to tell it? It was a conversation.
I didn't wrestle him to the ground.
Don't shortchange yourself.
You advocated for your patient.
I find that incredibly sexy.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Okay, uh, why don't you pencil him in for 3:00, then.
I have good news.
I could use some.
I extracted a promise from the lieutenant governor to assure your anonymity.
You can testify to him and the whole board.
When? Today.
2:00 p.
I cleared your schedule.
No sense delaying.
I've been private about this for so long.
Are you sure you're ready? You should know there's still danger.
Porter is powerful within the medical community, and Randolph told me he and the lieutenant governor were in the same fraternity in college.
So this is a boat - that could spring a hundred leaks.
- Yes.
But he also told me there are other ethics complaints against Porter.
After your testimony, they may take those seriously.
I hope so.
It's still risky.
I know.
And you're determined? I am.

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