The Returned (2012) s02e07 Episode Script


The time has come.
We're here, together.
Ready to follow the path.
You have trusted me.
And I promised you that we would
get answers to our questions.
Why did all of these people die?
Why did this tragedy happen?
Why has there been so much suffering?
We have looked for our path
and we've finally found it.
If we follow this path
Stand back.
If we take this step,
we will find the people we love
beyond this world.
In a place where death
no longer exists
where all of the people we love
will be with us forever.
What about our baby?
Simon will also be with you.
You'll all be together.
Where we're going,
you'll never feel guilty again.
Thank you for welcoming me,
for helping me.
Let us pray.
Stay with her. Don't move.
Well, they're sleeping tablets, and they
were clearly intended for the children.
I know I can count on you.
Come and join us.
When I went out to call you,
Lucho was fine.
But when I went back
Why did he do it?
Was the little boy with him?
You think it was because of him?
You think it's his fault?
You think they can drive us to suicide?
Sandrine wants to talk to you.
Let us leave, I beg you, Pierre.
That's not possible.
Sandrine, give me the gun.
We won't hurt you.
She needs treatment.
We can't leave her like this.
She's in pain.
She's like us.
She's like them.
She can't be treated, Sandrine.
We were wrong.
I was wrong.
It is her.
A mother can feel it.
I can feel it.
It's her.
And she's in pain
and I have to help her.
Look into her eyes.
Look closely at her face. It's her.
You can see it's her.
It's her. Talk to her.
Talk to him, Audrey.
What should I say?
She remembers you.
She told me about the first time
she saw you.
I wasn't there, so I don't know.
Tell him, Audrey.
You came to the high school
to talk about the shelter
and your work with homeless people.
You see?
It's her.
Don't listen to her.
You mustn't listen to them.
They're not human.
They want to drive us to our deaths.
Shut up.
If you stay with her, you'll die.
Shut up. You're talking nonsense.
Come on.
You're the ones who aren't human.
Go get Camille.
Something's happening.
What are you doing?
I have to talk to him.
- Who is he?
- Let her.
We have to leave.
We're not safe here anymore.
Come with us.
You can't stay with them.
You know that.
I can't.
Come with me.
I can't.
As you wish.
Don't go near them.
Are you in love with him?
What are you planning to do?
I'll go see if they've really gone.
Are you going to leave me on my own?
You're not on your own anymore.
I'll find a way to leave here.
Don't worry.
If we don't go outside,
they won't do anything to us.
I could stay here for eternity
if we're together.
I thought
You were so close to us.
You couldn't know that.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming to find us.
I think it's this way.
Why have we stopped?
Don't you know where to go?
Don't you trust me anymore?
What about the ones who haven't come?
What about them?
Are you leaving them here? You said
none of us should remain on our own
or we'd end up like the ones
hiding in the caves.
We can't force anyone to come.
You don't even know where Simon is.
They're following you
because they trust you.
We must continue climbing.
Once the child is here,
everything will be clear.
Thank you.
They want to keep the baby
to make sure he's OK. They're worried.
What about Adèle?
They think she lied.
They don't believe in this kidnapping.
I should never have let her go.
Come on. Bring your things.
I shouldn't have trusted you.
Where are you going, Simon?
They won't let you near him, Simon.
- Hello, Adèle.
- Hello.
Your baby has
a slight cardiac arrhythmia.
We'll carry out further examinations.
He also has an injury to his forearm.
Did you know?
No. What is it?
I don't know.
It looks like an abrasion.
I want to see him.
- I don't think that will be possible.
- Why?
They want to know
whether the baby's safe with you.
What did you tell them?
They asked my opinion and I gave it.
I stuck to the facts.
I didn't tell them everything.
When I left the hospital,
I was a bit disorientated.
But I'm fine now.
It's not up to me.
Tell them that I'm fine.
I've understood.
You've understood what?
That I love this baby.
There's nothing I can do. I'm sorry.
Why does Lucy want to steal Nathan
from us?
Because she thinks he will save us.
- Save you from what?
- From the people who are scared of us.
Why did she say you would hurt Mom?
Because she wants to scare us.
But it's not true, is it?
Of course not.
Look out!
You know, Lucy gives the impression
that she knows everything.
But she's like the others.
She doesn't know everything.
But what I know is that I'll stop her
from taking Nathan away from us.
I'd like us to be together.
All four of us, forever.
So would I.
Mr. Lewanski has died.
He passed away last night,
a few hours after you visited him.
We need to be able to inform
the people who knew him.
Do you know anyone close to him?
Maybe we could find the little boy
you told me about.
If you gave me his surname, I could
- No, I don't know his name.
- I thought that
I don't know.
All of a sudden she got up.
What's going on?
Soldiers brought in a woman's body
last night.
A homicide.
That was what they told us,
but obviously
she was still alive.
You really don't know the name
of the lady who was with you?
Did you know the young man who fell?
He didn't fall. He jumped.
Why would he have done that?
Because he wanted to die.
- You don't know where your parents are?
- No.
You could tell us their names.
Then we could find them.
I'd like to leave.
That's not possible.
We can't just let you go off
on your own. What would you do?
Are you trying to scare me?
You must be hungry. Eat.
I'll come back to see you later.
Bon appétit.
Wait! Stay with me!
Who are you?
I know you.
I have no memories.
I don't remember anything.
Where are the others?
Come with me.
Help me find the others.
Sit down, please.
We know more about the circumstances
of Captain Mézache's death.
The autopsy showed that his death
was due to an external hemorrhage
caused by a bullet wound
to the shoulder.
The weapon that was supposedly used
belonged to one of his colleagues.
- So a police officer shot him?
- No.
The weapon belonged
to a member of his squad,
but it certainly wasn't
a police officer who shot him.
Someone must have stolen the weapon
and used it against your husband.
Your future husband.
And do you have an idea
who might have done that?
Not at the moment.
We're working on some theories.
Now, I wanted to talk to you
about something that intrigues us.
Ten years ago, you were due to marry
Simon Delaître.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
To our knowledge,
the marriage didn't take place
because Simon Delaître decided
to take his own life.
Six months ago
a few days before his death,
Captain Mézache apprehended
a man who was supposedly identified
as Simon Delaître.
Did you know that?
Examination of Captain Mézache's
personal computer
shows that you were having an intimate
relationship with this young man
and that Captain Mézache
had become aware of it.
Was he the person
who tried to kidnap your baby?
He can see you're lying.
Do you think this individual
could have attacked Captain Mézache?
Adèle, tell me
It is Simon Delaître
in these photographs, isn't it?
Answer him.
Is Simon Delaître dead?
I've heard of stories like this.
If you need anything, just call me.
People who are declared clinically dead,
but they aren't.
Do you know her well?
A little.
I must speak to her.
Oh, Julie. I'm pleased to see you.
What happened to you?
They call me the miracle woman now.
- Did someone shoot you?
- Yes.
- Who?
- A young guy.
Right in the heart.
I don't think he even meant to do it.
Did you know him?
Not really, but I remember seeing him
at the Helping Hand.
Were you in the housing development?
No, I'd left with Victor.
- You were with Victor?
- Yes.
He was the one who wanted to leave.
He wanted to find you.
He was worried about you.
About me?
Where's Victor now?
I don't know.
Maybe they took him away with them.
That kid's so fond of you.
Julie, what are you doing?
- I have to go.
- Where? Where are you going?
That's enough. Let me go now.
I have to go somewhere. I can't explain.
- Was the boy called Victor?
- Yes.
- You said you didn't know his name.
- I couldn't remember.
- Are you going to find him?
- I'm going to try.
- I can help you.
- No, thank you. I'll manage.
- Thanks for all you've done.
- It's nothing.
It's just that
You look so lost.
I was just worried about you.
You have to learn to accept help.
Otherwise you'll end up on your own.
And then you can't complain.
You must help us.
She's going to join us.
OK? The water wasn't too cold?
No. Not too bad.
- You went out a long way.
- Yes.
Feeling better?
It seems you had a lucky escape.
Yes, it seems so.
We've found out that people were hiding
in the housing development
at the foot of the mountain.
Were you among them?
You didn't tell us the names of those
who attacked you, but did you know them?
Why did they attack you?
Nobody attacks anybody.
Some have the luck
to offer the gift of their faith.
Others are lucky enough to receive it.
If they take this step, they are
all allowed to enter the circle.
What step? What do you mean?
Use your imagination.
Is this connected
to the police officers' deaths?
Everything is connected,
don't you think?
Right. The investigation
will be set up shortly,
and you'll have no choice but to answer
the questions that will be asked.
I'm not sure you're asking
yourselves the right questions.
Sir, the lieutenant
is waiting for you in the lobby.
- Were all the houses searched?
- Yes, there was no one there.
Where were they?
The sergeant found them
in one of the development's streets.
The road became passable last night.
Claire Séguret was held prisoner.
- By whom?
- She doesn't know.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You must be very tired.
We'll take care of you.
Most of all we'd like to go home.
I understand, of course.
We just need to ask you some questions
about what happened to you.
Take them downstairs.
And give them some food.
What did the soldiers ask you?
They asked me questions about Simon.
Did they understand
what had happened to him?
I don't know.
What will they do
when they find out who I am?
They won't find out who you are.
We need to leave here.
They have no right to detain us.
She was looking for you.
Where's Nathan?
He's fine.
Don't worry.
Did you leave him on his own?
I didn't have a choice.
Simon is outside. He's waiting for us.
- Is this where I lived?
- Yes.
This was your office.
How long ago did I die?
35 years.
I should remember you too.
Why is the water on this side?
Otherwise the entire weight of the water
would be concentrated in one place.
You see? The arched shape
spreads the pressure of the water
to the banks on either side.
How big is it?
It's 720 feet long and 200 feet high.
How much longer
will construction take?
It's nearly finished.
- Hello.
- You must stop construction of the dam.
Why. son?
It will collapse.
Where do you live?
The dam will be very strong.
You mustn't be frightened.
Hundreds of people will die
because of this dam.
It will be your fault
if all of those people die.
You'd better go home now.
Do you believe me?
Go on. Go home.
- Do you know him?
- No.
Are you lost?
Here you are, sir.
Camille Séguret's file.
Mr. Séguret?
Would you come with me, please?
Is this her?
Is this your daughter, Camille Séguret?
How is it that she was declared dead?
I don't know.
I don't know how it's possible.
But she is my daughter.
She's here.
Let us leave.
I beg you.
The end is near. We mustn't be afraid.
We must have faith. I have faith.
What do you want?
I've come to get Victor.
- He's not here.
- Tell me where he is.
It's because of him that Lucho is dead.
What have you done to him?
She's like him, like them.
We must kill her.
Don't do it, Frédéric.
Take her downstairs.
Let go of me.
Let go of me!
Where are the others?
Who? Who do you mean?
Them. The ones who took you away.
The ones who were with the boy.
I don't know. I've no idea.
Julie, I know you're lying.
I know you're protecting them.
They've brought only unhappiness
into your life.
They've destroyed everything.
You've suffered a lot
but your suffering can stop today.
If you help us, if you join us.
Julie, the choice is yours to make.
You're not like them.
- I
- You're not like them.
I don't know anything.
Put her with the others.
I knew I'd see you again.
Don't hurt Julie.
I don't hurt anyone.
I save them.
You asked me to do that.
I didn't ask you to do anything.
You're the one who decides everything.
I understood when you came to see me.
I felt your presence in the clearing.
I don't decide anything.
You must tell me what I have to do now.
Why did you make us return?
What do you want from us?
It's not me.
You can count on me.
I'll help you to go all the way.
What are you doing here?
Get out.
I know that story of the circle.
It was a cult that existed
about 30 years ago.
Why did you mention it?
Why do you think?
That's enough now.
Tell me what you know.
You want to know
how you're going to die.
You're scared you'll end up
like your colleagues.
Tied to a tree.
Who told you what happened to them?
I can read your thoughts.
I know your fears.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Are you OK, Captain?
Come quickly.
No, the power's still on
in the rest of the town.
Sir, we heard a shot. It sounded
like it came from the basement.
- Take five men with you.
- Come on.
Put down your weapon.
Put down your weapon, Captain.
I must get my son back.
Look after Chloé, please.
Stay with them.
I'll be right back with Nathan.
Come on.
The soldiers must have
taken him somewhere.
You think it was them?
It was Lucy?
They won't hurt him.
Help me find him, I beg you.
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