The Returned US (2015) s01e01 Episode Script


Camille? This is due Monday.
Camille? You can hear me, right? Yes.
Thank you.
Pick any four questions, and then you guys need to do all your own work on these.
Jamie, I think you're next, but first, Kris has something she would like to tell us all.
Thanks, Peter.
Uh, so I Well, actually, Matthew and I, we wanted to let you know that we're having a baby.
And because of all of you, we've been able to well, not exactly get over our loss but to carry on, to move forward.
I-I guess what I have learned is that life, it prevails, and we are all Well, what we have is a beautiful gift.
Your your news is a gift to us, Kris, you too, Matthew.
Looks like the whole town's out.
I wonder what's going on.
There's not a cloud in the sky.
So anyway, as I was saying, the monument comes out of the foundry next week and will be ready for installation.
You'll be able to enter through here and then look out through any of the 32 holes, one for each of the students.
It's, um It's gonna be really beautiful.
I'm assuming that model is accurate, right? Yes.
All right, I-I All right, I'm gonna say it.
I don't want to offend anybody, but that's not beautiful.
Jack, you made your thoughts very clear when we first discussed this.
We listened to you.
We voted.
Can we move on? If you think this is so ridiculous, why do you bother coming to these meetings? Well, I come to these meetings, Kris, because they do me a lot of good, believe it or not, like you, and maybe one day, life will give me a beautiful gift too.
Lena? Lena? Don't get mad at me.
It's not my fault.
Something really weird happened.
I know you were probably worried.
I would have called you, but I lost my phone.
Please don't look at me like that.
It was totally weird.
I woke up in the mountains, way up above the dam.
Took me, like, two hours to walk home.
I swear to God, Mom, I'm not making any of this up.
I didn't have anything to eat.
I'm starving.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm okay.
Is Lena home? No.
She's at a friend's.
I'll clean up later, okay? Sorry.
It doesn't always work.
That's okay.
Usually I get something, but today weird.
It was still pretty good, though.
Just pretty good? You do set the bar kind of high.
Don't smoke in here.
Tony doesn't like it.
I don't care what Tony thinks.
I own the place.
So, uh, can I see you on Thursday? I, uh I have to drive down to Seattle to meet with my lawyer.
So you need cash? You've been so awesome to me, Jack.
My ex is such an asshole.
He's postponing the custody hearing again because he knows I can't afford to keep paying for these depositions.
I'll bring a check.
How about Wednesday? Let me check my schedule.
Yeah, that works.
Hey, Claire.
I need you to come over here right now.
Why? What's the matter? Is it Lena? No.
Come over.
Hey, Lena, your dad's seeing Lucy again.
Really, Hunter? Come on, man.
What? It's true.
Hunter, shut up.
Hey, I got a joke for you No, it's gross.
Can you bring me my bathrobe, please? Thank you.
Come on in.
What's wrong? Camille is here.
You want to see her? Now listen.
Lena? No, it's me.
What are you doing? Get out! Dad! She doesn't remember anything not the accident, nothing that happened only that she was on a school bus trip, and then she just woke up in the woods.
It's just not possible.
No, it's not, but you just saw her.
But there has to be some other explanation.
Like what? Both going crazy at the same time? What's the matter? Is something wrong? Since when are you smoking again? Did Mom tell you what happened to me today? It's kind of weird, isn't it? It's like a coma or a neurological thing.
Maybe I should see a doctor.
How do you feel now? Fine.
You guys are acting very weird.
Are you sure everything's okay? Yeah.
Just glad you're okay.
Hey, Pilar.
Working late, huh? Yeah.
I had clinic tonight.
Isn't that supposed to be over at, like, 8:00? I know, but I just can't rush anybody through.
What are you doing out here? Where are your parents? Are you lost? You must be cold.
Where's your coat? What's your name? Here, come inside.
Well, well.
Who's this? What a cute boy.
What's your name? What's his name? Victor.
Good night, Annie.
Good night, Julie.
If you don't talk to me, I'm gonna call the police.
Okay, I'm dialing.
Here I go.
What's your emergency? Hello? I'm sorry.
I dialed by mistake.
Everything's fine.
You can stay here tonight, but tomorrow, I'm taking you to the police.
Claire? In here.
What, um what's going on? Camille has come back.
Do you want to see her? She's in her room.
Come and see.
Honey, can we come in? Yeah.
What are all these photos of me and candles doing in my drawer? Camille, this is Peter.
He's a psychologist.
I thought he could talk to you.
Hello, Camille.
You called a psychologist? Actually, I'm a friend of your mother's.
Since when? I've never met you before.
Uh, well, I run the Caldwell Community Center, and your mother used to used to volunteer there.
May I come in? Sure.
Uh So, Camille, do you remember anything after the bus accident? I was in an accident? Why don't I remember? Uh, well, sometimes when something traumatic happens, our brain blocks it out as a defense mechanism, as a way of protecting ourselves.
The memories usually return once we're more equipped to deal with them.
So the bus crashed, and now I have amnesia? Uh It's more complicated than that.
Camille Don't worry.
What's happened to you is extraordinary and wonderful.
Just give yourself some time to process it, to just be back and to accept everything that's happened, and when you're ready to talk, I'm available any time.
I need to go to sleep now.
Of course.
Come here, honey, hop in bed.
I'll meet you downstairs.
I feel really tired, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep.
Sure you will.
Just close your eyes, relax.
Love you.
I love you too.
Hey, Lucy, it's me.
Uh I really need to talk to you.
Something has happened, and Just can you just call me back? Peter.
To the rescue again.
Hey, I'm just curious what, with your degree in psychology and everything you know, you've been counseling us since the accident, all of us, you know, parents, and You told us to find some form of acceptance with this.
Right? "Remember your children "with a smile on your face, not pain in your heart.
" - Isn't that what you said? - Jack I'm just curious to know what kind of acceptance am I supposed to have now.
How do you explain this? Honestly, Jack, I have no idea.
As far as I know, this has never happened before, unless you know otherwise.
Camille is back.
Why are you trying to ruin this? I'm not trying to ruin anything, Claire.
I I can't think of anything I've wanted more.
There has not been an hour that I have not thought about her, about seeing her, and here she is in our house, and she has absolutely no idea what she's returned to.
Excuse me.
Is Rowan here? Don't know her.
She's a waitress here.
I don't think so.
Yeah, she is.
If a Rowan worked here, I think I would know.
I know Rowan.
I know where she lives.
Julie Hello? Hello? This is Dr.
Hello? Why are you walking so fast? Are you sure you know where she lives? No, I just walked all the way out here to get even more mountainy mountain air.
How come I've never seen you at the Dog Star before? I've never seen you there either.
Really? Well, I practically live there, so if you did go there, I'd know you.
Explain that.
I can't.
How long have you lived in Caldwell? I was born here.
How do you know Rowan? When I was in high school, she tutored me for the SATs, which was a complete waste of time.
How do you know her? How much further? That is her townhouse just there on the right.
You're welcome, asshole.
Rowan? Rowan.
Rowan! Rowan, it's me.
Rowan! Rowan! Rowan, what's going on? I know you're in there.
Rowan! No No! No! No! Open the damn door! Go away! Go away! Leave me alone! Just go away! Go away, go away, go away! Are you okay, Mommy? Yeah, sweetie.
I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
Please don't cry.
Oh, I won't anymore.
I won't anymore.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Rowan? Honey? Hey.
What's the matter? It started happening again.
The Simon stuff? I thought it was over.
Don't worry.
I'm here.
I'm here for you.
Okay? Okay.
No TV.
It's time to go to sleep.
Please, at least tell me your real name.
We need to do it right now.
Jack, I'm tired.
I just had to work a double shift.
I need you to talk to Camille.
I need you to ask her why she's here.
Why she's here? I need you to ask why she's here.
She's here for Claire.
She wants Claire to know that she's okay.
And then? She's going back to the other side, but she's sending all of you her love.
One more question, what kind of sandwich did she have? What? When she came home, what kind of sandwich did she have? Was it roast beef, turkey, PB&J? Jack, what are you ow! You have a gift, huh? You can channel my dead daughter? You've been conning me this entire time! Let me go.
How does somebody do something like that? This is amazing.
Tell me that! How does somebody do something like that? Hey, can you grab that tray? Lucy? Lucy! Shh It's over.
Shh Oh, shit.
Lena? No! Mom! Lena? Mom! I really don't see why I have to go on this stupid trip.
Lena's not going.
Lena's sick.
She's got a temperature.
Yeah, right.
She doesn't seem that sick.
Actually, I don't feel that well either.
You feel fine.
You're gonna have fun, I promise.
I promise you I'm not.
This is really unfair.
Eat up, Camille.
You're gonna miss your bus.
I hope I do.
Hey there.
I take it you're feeling better? Much.
You don't want to? It's not that.
What? Is it Camille? We sort of made a promise to each other.
Why? Because we both like you.
Well, I'm sort of in love with you, so is that fair to me? Sort of? Sort of A lot.
Camille? This is due Monday.
You can hear me, right? Yes.
Thank you.
Lena Have you ever, um No.
Camille! Camille! Let me off.
Let me out.
Let me out.
- Camille, it's not safe - Let me out! Let me off! Let me out! - Camille! - Stop! Go back to your seat.