The Returned US (2015) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Returned Do you know Rowan Blackshaw? Why are you asking me that? 'Cause Simon Moran was your boyfriend.
- Fiancé.
- Who died six years ago.
Go away! Leave me alone.
Just go away.
He's family, huh? What's the matter, Victor? Cat got your tongue? And where do you think you're going? Home I have to work in three hours.
Oh, no, that's a crappy idea.
I've got a better one.
Don't sleep at all.
I can't.
Oh, come on.
The party is just getting fun.
Well, don't let me stop you.
I saw Snow White checking you out.
I love it when you get jealous.
Come on, please? Stay.
I'll call you tomorrow.
That's too bad.
I was gonna let you jump my bones.
It's over.
It's over.
It's over.
George Goddard wasn't a religious man but he was a good man.
The way his life ended doesn't change that.
He was my friend and a friend to many of you.
29 years ago, as you all know, Rawlins Dam burst, flooding the south side of town.
Many lives were lost that day including George's wife, Helen.
The love of his life.
I take comfort knowing no matter what George believed he and Helen have been reunited at long last in Heaven.
Hey, Peter.
Claire, Lena.
Uh, where's Jack? He's at home.
Someone has to babysit the miracle.
Peter, we think Camille may not be the only one.
Why do you say that? I met a guy at the Dog Star, and his name's Simon.
If Camille isn't the only one, she won't have to hide anymore.
We can't keep her cooped up in the house like this.
Why don't we just throw her a parade, have her ride around town in a convertible? Lena.
It's like the only thing she'll let herself feel is angry.
Well, it's a lot to process for everybody.
This Simon, does he have a last name? She doesn't know.
Where's your nephew Victor? Funerals aren't for kids.
Did you hear about Lucy McCabe? Who? She was a waitress at the Dog Star.
She was stabbed in the tunnel.
The attacker ate her stomach just like that woman seven years ago.
Do you remember that? I didn't sleep for a week.
Julie? You okay? Ju Ma? Mom! Ma? Can I have a cigarette? What, you're afraid I'll get cancer? Do not tell your mother.
Are you kidding? So what, are you guys divorced? Well, let's just say we're taking a little break.
After the accident, it was hard.
Being together just made it worse.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Hey it's not your fault, okay? None of this is your fault.
You hearing me? What about Lena? Was she sad? You know, I think losing you was harder on her than any of us.
So cut her some slack if you can.
I lost my sister too.
Hungry? Starving.
- What are we making? - Quesadillas.
Want one, Lena? I'm not hungry.
I've got class.
I'm gonna go change.
You can come in if you want.
I'm sorry about your room.
Yeah, well, I wasn't very nice to you.
You're really pretty.
I bet a lot of guys are into you.
No one special.
What about Ben? He's all right.
Have you slept with him? We're not together.
Why not? You used to be into him.
He obviously felt the same way.
We agreed, remember? We both had a crush on the same guy.
We made a stupid promise.
I died.
You were free to do whatever you wanted after that.
You have no idea what it was like.
Tell me.
I'm gonna be late for class.
What's that on your back? What the hell? Is it a scar? Let me see.
Don't touch me.
Well, if it isn't my favorite bleeding-heart socialist.
What'd you bring me today? Bread pudding from Tabby's.
Oh, you evil man.
Well, I try.
What can I do for you today, sweetie? I called earlier, and I talked to Mark Bao.
He says you have a Simon Moran in lockup? Yep, Simon Moran.
- Do you know him? - What'd he do? Dined and dashed at the Dog Star.
Used a false name.
You kept him overnight for that? Sheriff wanted him locked up.
That's all I know.
And the poor kid just accepted it.
Didn't even want to make his phone call.
And the way he chowed down on the food here, I don't think he's got a place to go.
Why don't you let me take him down to the center? If Tommy wants to officially charge him with anything, he can come see me.
Saint Peter to the rescue.
Where are you taking me? The Triple C.
Caldwell Community Center.
I run it.
We have a dorm there.
We'll get you some clean clothes, food.
You must be hungry.
Do you know Rowan Blackshaw? Yeah.
I know Rowan.
And did you know about her fiancé, the one who died? On her wedding day.
He was hit by a car.
I know how confusing this must be for you, coming back to a world that's moved on without you.
What do you mean "come back"? Simon, you're not the only one.
There's a girl.
And a long time ago, I knew someone else like you.
Like me how? You're back.
Aren't you? Pull over.
Simon, I don't mean to scare you.
- I'm here to help you.
- Pull over.
I swear to God.
Pull over right now.
Okay, okay.
If you change your mind, come find me.
Where would we go? Anywhere.
We can go to California.
Anywhere you want.
Let's be realistic.
Claire, this whole thing isn't realistic.
Hiding her here? How long do you think you can keep that up? Camille could have a normal life start fresh.
We all could.
Bye, Mom, I got to go.
I'm gonna miss the bus.
I'll take you.
So we can have matching DUIs? No, thanks.
What are you doing here? It's been a while.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I saw you at the funeral.
You seemed upset.
What do you want? Can I come in? It's not a good time.
There's been another attack.
I heard.
The waitress.
We don't know if it's him, but you should be careful.
Is that why you came here? To tell me to be careful? I was worried about you.
You haven't come to see me in seven years.
Julie, you told me to leave you alone.
You said that's what you wanted.
You never understood.
I tried.
You wouldn't let me.
- Thanks for the information.
- Julie.
- Camille.
- In here.
What do you think? Does it look good on me? You shouldn't take Lena's stuff when she's not here.
She said it was fine.
Really? Do you think I'm lying? We should get you one in your size.
We could go to the mall over in Essex.
Nobody we know shops there.
Please? Hello? Have someone put Simon Moran in interrogation one, please.
What? Well, when did this happen? When has it ever been okay to release someone without my permission? We release transients to Peter all the time.
He's just some homeless kid who skipped out on No.
I need to speak to him about Lucy McCabe.
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
Look, let me call Peter right now, and No, I'll go myself.
Tommy? Everything all right? Where's that kid you picked up? Simon? He took off.
- Where'd he go? - Don't know.
He didn't want to come out here.
He bolted from my car.
He say anything? About who he was? Where he was from? He asked me about Rowan.
What'd he say? He just asked me if I knew her.
Then what? That's it.
What's going on? What do you want him for? He shows up again, you call me.
Not the station me.
Understood? It's not a problem, Tommy.
What are you doing with my wolf? And why is the house all locked up? What? Why are you looking at me like that? Why did you hit me? Have you lost your damn mind? Open the door.
Open it, you son of a bitch! Open it! What is wrong with you? Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners - now and at the hour of our death.
- Open the door! Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen.
What is going on? Why is the house locked up? And where's Ma? Ma's dead.
What did you do to her? I didn't do anything to her.
When did she die? T-two years ago.
What are you talking about? Why don't I remember? Answer me! 'Cause you weren't here.
Where the hell was I? With her.
What? Claire.
What are you doing all the way out here? Did you hear our news? Did Peter tell you? Matthew and I are having a baby.
No, he didn't.
- That's wonderful.
- Yeah.
Congratulations, Kris.
I'm so happy for you.
I miss you at our meetings.
I mean, I get why you stopped coming, but you and Jack have been divorced for a while now.
We're not divorced.
Look, I know it must be awkward, but you need the group as much as he does, and, well, honestly, we'd rather have you there than Kris um, this is gonna Hi.
I'm Alice, Lena's cousin.
The resemblance wow.
It's You look so much alike.
I'm Kris.
My daughter Bethany, she was well, she was friends with Camille.
Nice to meet you.
I should get going.
Um, I hope to see you soon, Claire.
Me too.
Why wouldn't she believe me? Any other explanation is totally crazy, right? I was just thinking about you.
That's how it works.
You think of me, I show up.
That's convenient.
Wish you had that trick when you were alive.
You were always late to everything.
It drove me crazy.
Yeah, I was I was kind of a screwup, wasn't I? You didn't mean to be.
I wish you didn't have such a hard life.
I wish you'd gotten a chance to be truly happy.
I think we would've been.
Me too.
I came to say good-bye.
Why? You don't need me.
You have Tommy now.
You know, I always wondered if you two would've liked each other.
Probably not.
You love him? Yes.
But I love you too.
I always will.
I'm dead.
You need to forget me.
You came back here to tell me to forget you? How's that work? I had to see you one more time.
Before you go, there's somebody I want you to meet.
She's beautiful, isn't she? I have a daughter.
Yes, you do.
Hi, hon.
Where are you? Why didn't you pick up your phone earlier? I was at work.
I just got home.
What's up? - How was your day? - It was great.
I just have some groceries I have to bring in.
Can I call you in a bit? Sure.
I love you.
Love you too.
- Hello? - Lena? I saw you at the funeral.
I didn't want to bother you.
I'm just looking for a friend of yours, Simon.
He asked about you, and did he ever find you? You saw him? When? Um, at the Dog Star yesterday.
And you talked to him? Yeah.
He asked where you lived, and I showed him.
Should I not have done that? No, no, that's okay.
Well, do you know where I can find him? I don't.
I'm sorry.
Okay, thanks.
I'm glad you changed your mind.
I need somewhere to crash till I get back on my feet.
I'm sorry about earlier.
I'm just I'm not used to people helping me unless they want something, you know? Oh.
"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life "that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.
" Who said that? Emerson.
I wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid.
Yeah? What are you gonna be now? Julie? I know you're in there.
Open up.
- What is it? - Why were the cops here? That's none of your business.
I know about the boy.
I know what he is.
- What do you mean? - He's illegal.
You adopted him illegally, didn't you? I don't know what you're talking about, Annie.
I saw a whole thing about it on one of those crime shows.
I told you, he's my nephew.
Prove it.
I've lived here five years, and you've never had any family over, not once.
It's none of your damn business.
I'm not going to stand by and do nothing because you're lonely and desperate.
- Get out.
- I'm reporting you.
You crazy bitch, you listen to me.
You stay away from Victor, and you stay away from me.
- I'm calling the cops! - Drop dead! I'm sorry you had to hear that.
Don't worry about her.
It's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Sorry, didn't mean to startle you.
You can come in.
Listen, I've been thinking what we talked about earlier, moving I feel like Camille's just starting to get her bearings back here.
Really? 'Cause I feel like she's lost her bearings.
I feel like we all have.
We can't just pack up and run away.
What will we tell people? I don't care what they think.
Claire, we have a chance here the kind you never, ever get.
We can be a family again.
How can we not seize that? - I-I can't.
- Okay.
Not yet.
You're Ben, right? I'm Alice, Lena's cousin.
Can I have a hit? You're Lena's cousin? What, did she never mention me? No.
That's weird.
She's told me all about you.
How come you never told me you had a cousin? The resemblance is crazy.
Hi, Lena.
You were right.
This place is so cool.
What do you want to drink? Whatever you're having.
Do my parents know you're here? Of course.
Really? I don't think they'd let a 16-year-old go out to a bar.
You're 16? Go home.
- Or what? - I'll call them.
Come on, I mean, she's just trying to have fun.
Stay out of this.
You just want me gone, so you can have Ben and your friends all to yourself, right? That's right.
I want you gone.
Hey, Lena.
What the hell? Hey.
Talk to me.
What's on your back? Wow, Victor, you really cleaned us out.
I'm gonna run to the store to pick us up something for dinner.
Are you gonna be okay here alone? If anyone knocks, don't answer.
I'm locking the door.
Be back soon.
Hi, sweetie.
What are you doing here? Did she leave you alone? Oh, poor baby.
Want to come in? I'll fix you something to eat.