The Returned US (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Tony and Adam

Previously on The Returned It's okay.
Sing a song inside your head until we leave.
Who are you talking to? It's just a little kid.
Come on.
You afraid of the dark? You know what I used to do when I was afraid? I would sing a song inside my head.
- You should try it.
- Go home.
You just want me gone so you can have Ben and your friends all to yourself.
That's right.
I want you gone.
What's on your back? What is going on? Why is Alice locked up, and where's Ma? - Ma is dead.
- Why don't I remember? Because you weren't here.
Then where the hell was I? With her.
Ma? What's wrong? He got out.
I locked it, Ma.
How did this happen? Explain it to me.
Go ahead.
I'm listening.
Look at me.
Do you know how stupid you are? Do you? It'll be okay.
I'll bring him home.
Maybe he's just out hunting.
Hunting what? I can't live like this anymore, Tony.
It has to stop.
Tony, my sweet boy.
I know you love him, but sooner or later you have to face the truth.
Your brother is sick, and no matter how hard we try to help him, he'll never get better.
That's it.
It's over.
Adam! What are you doing? Tony.
Tony, please! I swear I won't do it again.
Mama! Mama, help me! Mama, help me Forgive me.
What's wrong? It's not too rare, is it? Mm, I was thinking maybe tomorrow I could borrow some money and take your truck into town.
We need supplies, you know, like groceries and stuff.
What if somebody sees you? Like who? Um, anyone? You said I was sick, but you never said with what.
You know what you were sick with.
Evening, Doctor.
So what now? Now? Now I'm gonna finish this bottle, and then I'm going to bed alone.
Rowan, everything I've done the cameras, keeping Simon's suicide from you I did it to protect you.
You lied to us.
You really want to have that discussion right now? About who lied to who? He was in our attic, Rowan, with Chloe asleep upstairs.
He's her father.
Look, I know how much you loved him.
And seeing him again I can't imagine how confusing that is.
So what happened between you two I get it.
I can move past it.
I want to move past it.
But you need to listen to me.
Simon being back, it isn't right.
But he's here.
He shouldn't be.
I don't know what brought him back, but whatever he is now is dangerous and a part of you has to feel that.
You think about that, and you decide what you want.
What are you doing up? I know who you are.
What? You killed my mom.
You killed me.
You? Instead of reading about Caldwell's history, Miss Blackshaw is going to show us some.
She's gonna start with Caldwell's memorial to the Rawlins Dam tragedy.
Thanks, Megan.
So did any of you know that right now we are standing in front of a mural that was put up to honor people who died when Rawlins Dam burst 29 years ago? Most of the south side of town was destroyed, but the greatest loss were the 84 citizens of Caldwell who were killed.
Could it happen again? No, they rebuilt the dam and fixed it, so now it's better than ever.
Mom, are you okay? I'm fine.
Okay, everyone, let's keep going.
We still have arts and crafts to do.
No luck, huh? Oh.
Uh, no.
Well, I wouldn't worry about it.
I'm sure when the boy's ready, he'll find you.
Did he say anything to you before he left? No.
Did he say anything to you? No.
Where are you going? For a walk.
Good luck.
Seriously? Banks.
It's Bao.
You are aware it's my day off, right? Followed up on that missing-persons report.
And what do you got? I found an old report in the database.
Four years ago, a woman came into the precinct, said she'd come across a little boy wandering alone in Lynn Park.
"Approximately 7 years old, 4 feet tall, brown hair and brown eyes.
" It was filed as a 273-Adam, but the boy was never heard from again.
That's it? You interrupted my morning for that? What exactly am I interrupting, Officer Banks? Your girl's there, isn't she? Eat shit, Bao.
What was the boy's name? Never got one.
The woman who reported it said the kid never spoke.
Before you go what are you two wearing? Good-bye.
I'm sorry.
I have to go in for a few hours.
I know.
But I'll be home for dinner, okay? It's just work.
There's a lot going on.
- Hey, Nikki.
- Hey, Peter.
What's going on? I was hoping to have a word with the young boy I brought in yesterday Victor.
Right, well, I'm sorry, but Victor's not here right now.
He actually wandered off this morning.
We have people out looking for him now.
Why didn't you call us? Call in the cavalry because a boy went exploring? What did you want to speak with Victor about? I was just checking up on an old report.
It's probably nothing.
Just let me know by tonight if you don't find him.
A couple fishermen saw the deer floating in the river.
Where are the bullet wounds? There weren't any, far as we could tell.
This river flows out of Rawlins Dam, which is the water supply for the county.
Better get DWP out here, have 'em run some tests.
See if there are any more carcasses floating in the river and get 'em to the M.
And find a cause of death.
Uh, so the cops were just here.
They'll be back, so I don't think it's safe for you to stay here.
Do you do you have any other a place you can go? No.
I got an idea.
Claire, this is Simon.
He's the one I told you about.
Please come in.
Thank you.
This is Simon.
He and Lena met at the Dog Star.
He's like you.
Come in.
Have a seat.
Thank you for being open to this.
Being around someone who understands what she's going through is exactly what Camille needs right now.
I'd like to stay, but this young boy went missing from the center this morning.
I should help look for him.
- Let me walk you out.
- Okay.
Uh all right, well, I promise it'll just be a day or two until we figure something else out.
- It's no trouble.
- Okay.
Simon's lucky having you watching out for him.
You're a good man.
You okay? Yeah.
I'll call you.
What'd you get? Whose blood is that? I killed a deer.
Was Lucy a deer? She worked at the Dog Star.
Police had pictures.
I saw what you did to her.
It's okay.
You can tell me.
I won't do it again.
Do what again? Tony, do what again? I know you tried to fight it with the hunting and the animals and that you couldn't do it alone.
I know that now.
I'm sorry.
We didn't know how to stop you.
It was you.
You killed me.
Ma said you were sick.
She said there was no way for us to help you.
No, no, no, no, she wouldn't she wouldn't do that.
We made a mistake.
Adam, we made a mistake, but but it doesn't matter anymore 'cause you're back now.
Oh! Maybe I'm back to cut your throat for what you did.
Please do it, then.
Please just do it.
Please just do it.
Please, Adam.
Please just do Adam, please forgive me.
Forgive me, Adam! K? A few days, same as you.
Do your parents know? No, I never knew my real parents.
Do you remember anything, like, from when you died? No.
Your mom's friend Peter he, uh, said I was hit by a car, but I don't have any memory of it just parts before it.
Like what? It was my wedding day and the day I found out I was gonna be a father.
I, um I'd gone to pick up my suit at the rental place, and I was walking to the chapel, and I remember I kept thinking, "Wow.
"This amazing, perfect girl is gonna marry me, "and we're gonna have a baby.
How the hell did that happen?" It was this intense feeling, like I was happy but also afraid.
Afraid of what? I don't know.
All these incredible things were happening.
I guess part of me kept asking, "Why me?" You know, like I didn't deserve it.
I don't know, though.
I-I'm starting to think maybe it had to be this way for a reason.
Rowan and I were meant to be together.
Nothing can stop that.
Love is stronger than death.
Yeah, I guess it is.
Hey, do you think you think you can do something for me? Sure.
Dead people got to stick together, right? Can I help you? I have a message for you from Simon.
He says to meet him at the train station tonight at 6:00 and bring Chloe.
And, um, don't pack too much stuff, or you'll look suspicious.
Simon's with you? I'm helping him out until you guys can leave town.
Why are you helping him? What he's going through isn't easy.
So he told you what happened to him? Yes.
Are you like Simon? You shouldn't try to fight it, you know.
Fight what? Fate.
It's why Simon's back for you.
He said it's meant to be.
Nothing can stop it.
Well, no trauma whatsoever to the body.
No toxins in the tissue, so it wasn't poison.
So how did they die? They drowned.
I've been hunting deer since I was big enough to hold a rifle.
They're excellent swimmers.
An entire herd of healthy adult deer just drowning like that it doesn't make any sense.
Look, I-I know this is gonna sound crazy, but, uh I think they did it to themselves.
What, like suicide? Yeah.
Do you remember me? Do you want to get something to eat? I knew your mother.
We did that logging protest in '84 together.
She used to bring you to the rallies but you were littler then.
Your mother was a good one, she was.
And what happened to you two awful just awful.
I don't know about you, Henry But I believe that everything happens for a reason like you and me meeting here.
I went for a walk this morning, and I saw something, and I realized it's not us that's the problem.
It's this place.
This town is cursed.
You think about it.
What happened to you, your mother, the flood, this lunatic running around eating women's stomachs.
Only in an ungodly place like this could you and I exist.
You know that flood in the Bible? Noah built that boat, right? That was a reckoning.
All the people had become so wicked that God decided He was gonna wipe everybody out with a great flood, and that is exactly what happened here 29 years ago.
They should have just left this place underwater.
Caldwell and everybody in it is just wicked.
Somebody needs to do something about it.
Rowan? Tommy, look what I made at day camp.
It's It's a suncatcher.
It's beautiful, sweetie.
I'm gonna hang it in my room.
You should.
Okay, bug, get washed up.
Get ready for dinner.
I need your help with something.
So asters or dog violets? Uh, hmm.
I'm I'm sorry.
What are we talking about? The wedding.
The florist needs to put in the order.
Good choice.
It looks really expensive.
How could he afford it? You said he was a musician, right? Simon plays a lot of shows.
That's how we met.
His band was playing in Seattle at the Paramount.
Why did you guys break up? He sounds amazing.
He went on tour.
It was probably for the best.
Older guys can be so controlling.
I was kind of over it.
How old is he? - 24.
- Ooh.
Who's 24? Alice's ex.
So what's going on with Lena? She isn't answering any of my texts.
She's been sick.
Is she all right? I don't really want to talk about Lena right now.
I'm here to drink.
- Yeah, you are.
- That we can do.
I had to slip Janelle an extra 20 to serve you without ID.
Just don't puke in the bathroom, and you're golden.
Sounds good.
All right, everybody choose a weapon.
All right, ready? Drumroll, please.
One, two, three, four! Mm.
Ah! Whoo! - Mm-hmm.
- Round two? Okay.
Time for the final round.
- Face off.
- Dear God.
Who's it gonna be? Hmm? Mm, no.
Hmm? Well, I'll do it.
Okay, then.
What about you, Lowry? Hmm, you gonna represent? All right.
You first, new girl.
All right.
One, two, three, four shots.
Why? You ready? All right.
- There she is.
- Bam.
Two! Two! Oh, yeah.
One more.
Come on.
There you go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Three? Oh, she's still still going.
Four! It's in her veins! What a legend.
What do you got, Lowry? What do you got? You got this.
You got this, Ben.
Can't let new girl show you up.
- All right.
Come on.
- Ready? One.
Oh, come on.
Down it.
- Oh! Oh, man, Alice wins.
What do I win? The champ gets to make the loser do whatever they want as punishment.
Whatever I want? Yes, anything at all.
All right.
Uh Oh.
Well, then.
Oh, Yes.
Yeah, that's Hello, Henry.
Tony, I need you to change out that keg.
I'll be right there.
Lena? Whoa, hey, what the hell? Shut up.
Are you all blind? Can't you see who this is? - Lena.
- Don't touch me.
Lena, please don't.
Why not? They should all know.
You want to hang out with them so badly.
Tell them who you are.
What is she talking about, Alice? She's Camille, you idiot.
She's not my cousin.
She's my sister.
Lena, you're not making any sense.
You shouldn't be out of the hospital.
Why don't you tell them why I was in the hospital? Tell them.
She did this to me.
She wants me dead like her.
You're on a lot of medication.
You're not thinking clearly.
Lena! Lena? Lena? Lena! Lena!