The Righteous Gemstones (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

After I Leave, Savage Wolves Will Come

1 Hey, excuse me! You, uh, you can't smoke up there.
I'm sorry, sir.
It's a fire hazard.
You gotta put that out.
You must be the guy renting the place from Gil since he's out of town.
Is that right? Yeah, sounds about right.
Airbnb? Oh, no, no, Gil's not supposed to be doing Airbnb.
That's that goes against the covenant there.
Yeah, I'll have to have a chat with Gil, but I'm I'm Tim Nesbitt.
Thaniel Block.
Nathaniel? Thaniel.
Than Thaniel.
Okay, where where do you come to us from? Brooklyn.
New York? No, man.
I couldn't live in New York.
No way.
That Taking those taxicabs and all those people.
Yeah, no.
It's a What what brings you to, uh, South Carolina? Uh, um, uh, sir? I'm sorry, I'm trying not to be rude here, but this conversation or whatever just keeps going and I really need to do some work.
And I can't concentrate.
You made me put out my cigarette.
Okay, we'll just we'll just get out of your hair.
How's that? Come on, Rocky, let's go.
Ah, little word of advice this ain't New York City.
That nasty attitude, that ain't gonna get you very far down here.
Yeah, we're awful people, I know.
Terrible! Well, good day to you, sir.
Go with God.
Love and peace.
Thoughts and prayers.
Fuck me.
I hate the South.
I'm nervous, Sugar Cups.
Don't be.
Involving my daddy in this might actually make him like you a little bit.
Oh, come on.
I wouldn't go so far as to say Eli doesn't like me.
Okay, BJ.
I would.
Now stand tall and strong.
And let's go kiss my daddy's ass.
Wakey, wakey! Hi, BJ's here as well.
Yoo-hoo! We got some good news for ya! - What if he's sleeping? - Man, fuck his sleep.
This is more important.
Daddy? Daddy.
Your eye.
- Oh.
- Did you fall, Dr.
Gemstone? Home falls are a common occurrence in the elder community.
There's no shame in it.
What is with all the racket? You're gonna wake the roosters! Oh.
Sorry, I didn't know you had company.
I'd've worn something more appropriate.
Who's this hot piece of tail? This is my daughter, Judy.
Excuse me.
This one of her girlfriends? I'm not a lesbian partner.
I'm her husband, BJ.
No, BJ, you're not shaking his hand.
- He's big dicking you.
- Oh.
This is Junior, an old friend from Memphis.
Just visiting.
Sir Dr.
As you know, I've wholeheartedly accepted Christ into my life and decided to get baptized.
I think I drunkenly said the exact same thing to Eli last night.
Cut the shit, bro.
We came over here to bestow upon you the honor of asking you to be the one to baptize BJ.
Instead we're standing here looking at this boy with his fucking morning chub? Uh, excuse me, Eli.
I don't mean to interrupt this sweet father-daughter moment, but you got any hangover helper? Oh, the kitchen's in there.
And the coffee machine is on the counter.
- Bye.
- No, don't peace sign him.
What the fuck is that? Uh, things just got a little carried away last night.
Nothing more than catching up with an old friend.
Hm, seems like more than catching up to me.
You have a black eye! Couple of old mysterious men having slumber parties? Shit's obvious, dude.
What's obvious? You are fucking that man.
Y'all are hanging out here being rough with each other like grizzly bears doing donkey punches.
- Okay.
- Tussling each other.
Getting each other hard.
Judy, ugh! Wash your mouth out with soap! Daddy, that man is not cute.
Call me crazy, I always hoped if you were gonna yank a pole, it be somebody hot, like a Patrick Stewart type.
Well, maybe next time you'll think twice before barging into my home unannounced.
You know what, Daddy? I'm gonna go surprise somebody who gives a shit about their daughter! - Okay.
- How 'bout that? Come on BJ, and don't touch anything because it's probably covered in secretions and there's probably Hep C loads everywhere.
- No, Judy, Judy.
- Uh.
It wasn't supposed to go like this.
Goddamn, she just gets worse.
Sorry if I stirred up any shit with your daughter.
Everything okay? No.
But that's family.
Always complicated.
You don't have to tell me.
All right.
That business last night, I really needed that.
Beating a man senseless? No.
Well, that was fun, but no.
The praying.
Say, I wanna know more about that.
I mean I ain't trying to be no crazy religious person - or nothing, but - Junior, if you're serious, come to church.
Big church like you got? Cost some money to get in them doors.
Brother, church is free.
Unless you wanna sit in the good seats.
Well, I've been in enough strip joints, I know what it takes to get the good sniffer seat.
Don't suppose you could reserve those good seats for your old childhood friends, could you? I'll see what I can do.
We call ourselves the Second Chance prayer group 'cause that's what we got - second chances.
- Mm-hmm.
Some of us anyway.
I got divorced.
Chad, let's not sour the mood, okay? There's a lot of progress to be proud of.
When we started this group, we were in crisis, our marriages in question.
But I can say now that we are all doing much better.
- Yes.
- Oh, except for Chad! Okay, who is this you brought with you today, Mandy? Is this your father? No.
It ain't my father.
It's Waylon, my new man.
Chad begged me to come, but he didn't say I couldn't bring nobody.
Well, even Chad is trying to do better.
You know, the point of this group is to not treat each other like assholes.
The point is to rebuild what has been broken, to reestablish relationships with family, friends, colleagues, the Lord, and ultimately yourself.
- Amen.
- But the real story is about the progress that we have made.
In fact, that is why we will not be able to host this meeting on Saturday night.
Uh-oh, cat's out of the bag.
Hush, hush.
Jesse and I are blessed to be teaming up with Lyle and Lindy Lissons on a new business venture.
That's right.
Behold! Zion's Landing.
A luxury all-inclusive time-share resort for Christian families.
Construction is due to begin imminently on the beautiful, sunny coastline of Florida.
And it is top-notch service.
- Yes.
- I'm talking white gloves.
- And guess what else we got.
- What? We got a special discount for folks of this prayer group - tonight! - What? Okay.
Early-bird special, 15% off For couples.
- Oh, my.
- I'm looking at you, Levy.
You and your mama back there.
You sure have put her through enough.
Take her down to the beach, get her some sunshine! We're doing big things! We're doing big things! Yes, yes! Yes! I'm glad we have this group to get to spend some quality time together.
- Yeah.
- You know, like we used to? And just when we made the wives sign those NDAs.
I thought we'd never get a chance to hang out again.
Oh, this is not hanging out! This is going to couples' prayer group.
It's not the same.
Nah, this ain't shit.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Hey, how's it going? Love you guys.
Happy wife, happy life.
Well, what rhymes with divorced wife? I wouldn't know.
I never had one.
Levy, what the hell's going on with your mom over there? - Mama! - Looks like she's breathing.
Mama, wake up.
She's moving.
Good afternoon.
How can I help you? I'm here to talk to Dr.
Thaniel Block, journalist.
Is Dr.
Gemstone expecting you? That's a good question.
Incredible complex, Dr.
I always hated going to church as a kid.
Catholic too much standing up and sitting down.
Maybe you were at the wrong church.
How'd you get that shiner? I go out at night as a costumed crime-fighter.
What are you here for, Mr.
Block? I'm doing a piece on your family.
Like the piece you did on the Butterfields? They knew what they were doing was wrong.
That's why they were hiding it.
Look, I'm here as a courtesy, allowing you the opportunity to give your side of the story.
You think I haven't tussled with the press before? No, I've seen you in the press.
Very ornery.
You sweat a lot.
Gemstone has nothing to hide.
Our followers know who he is.
That's why they come worship with us every Sunday.
Story I got isn't on Dr.
- Jesse.
- Not him either.
But if there's something you wanna talk about, I'm all ears.
Eli, give this man no more of your time.
Don't dance around.
Which one of my family are you coming after? Don't worry.
Nobody alive.
Your wife, Aimee-Leigh.
She was a wonderful woman.
Loved the world over.
Well, I have some accounts from the old staff, some help, that say she could be very unpleasant at times.
See, that's why I'd love to sit down and talk.
Maybe you can tell me what's real and what's not.
So people get the truth.
Good luck with your little write-up piece.
I'm, uh staying nearby.
Rented myself a cozy cabin in the country.
If you change your mind, come pay me a visit.
Would love to have your side of things for my little write-up piece.
Fuck him.
Aimee-Leigh? Unreal.
Holy shit.
So pretty.
Watch this shit.
That's pretty fast.
What in God's name? Okay, okay.
That's a little mu Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay! Oh, shit! Oh! Whoo! Got 'em.
- Whoo! - That was good.
Whoo-whee! My man, Jesse Gems.
- Don't scratch it.
- Making an entrance, baby.
I come big or I don't come at all.
- Ain't that the truth.
- Amen.
I almost clipped her.
You see that? I almost did a manslaughter.
Man, I'm liking them steer horns, Jesse.
- Almost as big as my steer horns.
- Oh, look out, huh? You gotta have steer horns on your whip if you gonna be popping off in Texas.
Welcome to our ranch, y'all, - Casa des Lissons.
- It's gorgeous.
What's up with them little people over there making noises? Oh, you like my singing angels? Yeah, they're from the Lissons Kiddo Ranch.
It's a project close to our hearts.
We give street kids and homeless orphans a life they'd otherwise never have.
Introduce 'em to Christ.
Y'all do such good work.
- Well, we try.
- You don't try.
You succeed.
Oh, hey, do y'all know Joe Jonas? Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers? No, he married to "Game of Thrones"? I mean, I know of him.
Them beautiful eyes.
But I don't know him.
Well, you're 'bout to meet him.
- What? - Part of our investor team.
- Get outta town.
- Mm-hmm.
Do y'all line dance? Well, they say everything's bigger in Texas.
God sure is! - Let's go, Joe Jonas! - Yeehaw! Let's show these Gemstones what we're made of, y'all.
I've seen a lot of places - I've been around the world - They all know it.
I've seen some pretty faces Been with some beautiful girls Jesse, Amber, get your butts over here! - Come dance! - No, no, no.
You ain't sitting this one out.
All right, let's give it a shot.
Come on now.
Don't be shy.
- We family.
- Oh! You gonna have to teach me how to do this.
- Hop it around! - Hop it around.
- Hop! - 'Cause God blessed Texas - There you go! - Okay.
I knew you had Texas in you.
Oh, girl, you got this! Shake it, don't break it.
- Oh, okay! - He gave them a place There you go.
Where they could dance If you wanna see heaven Brother, here's your chance - I've been sent - You're a dancing angel.
To spread the message - Bum, bum.
- Bow, bow.
God bless Texas God blessed Texas As elite Christian leaders, we strive to make our earthly world more like the kingdom of Heaven, and this 2,000-room, 500-acre paradise - is a great place to start.
- Look at that.
Welcome to a new Eden.
Welcome to Zion's Landing.
- Yes.
- Whoo! Wow.
Thank y'all.
Whoo! - 'Preciate it.
Thank you.
- Wow, Lyle! If my husband could afford it, I'd give you that money right now.
Thank you, darlin'.
He can't afford it? That sucks.
Too bad.
Zion's Landing's gonna be sick.
Lyle didn't have to convince me to invest, but of course he did.
Can't help myself.
We know who you are.
- Excuse me? - We - We're familiar with your work.
- Yeah.
- The Jonas Brothers.
- The brothers.
- Right? - Thank you.
Are the other brothers gonna be involved in Zion's Landing? No, you know what? All love for the Jo bros, but sometimes you just gotta go solo.
Oh, I feel ya.
This is just a special opportunity.
I've always wanted to be a hotelier ever since I was a little kid.
Literally, that's exactly my situation.
Ever since I also was a little tiny boy, I've always wanted to be a hotelier.
- Really? - That's wild.
I mean, my brother's always giving me shit saying it's a wack idea, don't invest in this and that, but So lame! That's exactly the same shit that my siblings have been saying.
- Exactly the same.
- Dude.
They're like, "You're a fucking moron.
" "This is the dumbest thing to spend fucking money on.
"This seems like it's like a rip-off - or like a pyramid scheme.
" - Mm-hmm.
And I'm just like, "No, it doesn't at all.
" - They're so wrong.
- How hard could it be? I've stayed in a bunch of hotels.
- Why not just - Own my own? That's wild.
Really? Thought of the same damn thing that Joe Jonas thought at the same time.
I am tripping out here.
I mean, we are only at the beginning.
- Mm-hmm.
- Of a whole new era.
To the elite few! - Ooh, I got chills.
- I can toast to that.
- The elite few.
- Amen.
Cheers, y'all.
Oh, and you know you in the elite few, you can swing that initial investment at $10 million, am I right? Mm-hmm.
For starters, right? - Yeah, at least.
- Yeah.
We can have Who cares if one more light goes out? In the sky of a million stars Where the hell are we gonna get $10 million? I don't know, baby.
I knew this was too good to be true.
I mean, these are the exact people that we're supposed to be associating with, right? The elite.
I mean, they're like casually friends with celebrities.
Lyle and Lindy are a huge step up from Chad and Mandy.
I mean, fucking Levy's damn Joe Jonas without the money, talent, or charisma.
Just fucking handsome with a great head of hair and that's it, fucking makes me sick.
Baby? We need this.
What can we do? I mean, can we get a loan? For ten milli? Hell no, we can't.
I got no personal equity.
Everything's owned by the damn church.
I can't even do a reverse mortgage on the house because it's in the family trust.
Okay, okay.
Then there's only one solution.
We gotta ask your daddy for it.
He ain't gonna give us no money.
He'll say no just to teach me a lesson.
Why don't you let me talk to him? Baby, I never get involved.
And he'll know it's important if I speak to him.
I really think I can get Eli to listen to me on this one.
Wear that dress that pushes them titties up, - the green one.
- Yes, sir.
We are in control of our own destiny.
My silver bullet.
- Okay.
- And I fucking love you.
I love you.
Ah, we've come to one of my favorite parts, where we recognize those among us who are just discovering Christ's love.
Let us all give a warm Gemstones welcome - It's a bright new day - To this month's new believers! - Come.
- His love is all around you BJ! - Whoo! - New day - Jesus has come to you - Like newborn infants, they are longing for that pure spiritual milk so that they may grow up into salvation.
I think the band's mics are all hot.
Let's just bring the vocals down.
That? Perfect.
Good job.
Can I offer you some more rolls, Eli? Don't mind if I do.
Pass 'em over here, Red.
Uh-huh, huh.
Tell you what.
I got a hell of a setup in Memphis.
But man, oh, man, you have a hound dog here.
Maybe I should start my own church.
It's performance art, same as wrestling.
You got your gimmick.
You got your mic work and you never break kayfabe, - am I right? - A little more to it than that.
Man, I can't believe you and Grandpa used to wrestle together.
- Oh, yeah.
- I mean, that's crazy.
Eli was known as the Maniac Kid back then.
He was the poorest son of a bitch in our league.
And look at the motherfucker now.
Been very fortunate.
Work hard for the Lord and the Lord will reward.
- Yes.
- That's right, Daddy.
- Amen.
- Yes, he does.
And I couldn't help but notice that new Tesla Judy has.
That was a very generous gesture.
Well, it was a wedding gift.
As I recall, your mother and I gave you and Amber both - cars for yours.
- Y'all did.
Why didn't I get a car? Okay, hang on just one second.
Jesse, you like that Tesla? Take it, okay? It's too complicated anyway.
- It don't even take gas.
- No, no, no.
It ain't about the gift.
It's about the giving.
Here Judy doesn't even invite you to her wedding, and yet you find your way to still give her a reward.
Your generosity and constant support, it never goes unnoticed, Daddy.
You are always there for your children.
Thank you, Jesse.
And Eli, you know I never involve myself in matters pertaining to business, but this time-share hotel with the Lissons, it means so much.
Well, you have my blessing.
- And I wish you luck.
- Thank you.
We're gonna need a little bit more than luck though, unfortunately.
Because the initial investment is $10 million.
- Whoo! - Okay.
The bomb has been dropped.
Ooh, whee! Mama! Okay, I knew it.
I'm sitting here going, "I know something's weird," and now I know it.
That's why your whole jug is out.
I understand.
I thought this was happening.
Y'all are running games.
Her jugs are just out because this is what they normally are doing.
Yuck, Jesse.
What y'all are doing right now is gross.
Building a new resort ain't cheap.
No, it is not cheap at all.
Thank you, fucking Martin.
But I have every faith that we will get this money back - and then some, Daddy.
- You told me y'all were doing this on your own.
Doing it on your own means coming up with your own funding.
When I started out, I barely had two sticks to rub together.
You have a lot more than two sticks.
I know I got more than two sticks.
You're the one saying damn two sticks.
Maybe getting involved in such a big project isn't the best idea for you right now.
I was just thinking that, Daddy.
He's right.
Yeah, nice work, Dr.
Your little beg party is a shit show.
Ta-ta for now.
Don't you sweat it, Jesse.
My daddy, he turned down all my big moneymaking ideas.
And look at me.
- I turned out a'ight.
- Ooh.
Look at him, Jesse.
Well, since we've already broke our rule about talking business at the table, there's something y'all should be aware of.
The reporter that took down the Butterfields is in our backyard.
Says he's doing some piece on us.
Probably just trying to stir the pot, dig up some dirt.
Daddy, you let me handle this.
I'll put a crew together and I'll send him a fucking message that he is sniffing the wrong dog's asshole! There we go.
What we're gonna do is nothing.
Operate like he doesn't exist.
Anybody ask any questions, tell 'em to talk to our legal team.
I'm hearing this, and I'm processing it, and I'm just thinking the only way we put this to an end, Daddy, is if I go seduce this man.
You know, get some intel through turn-ons, hand-holds, eye contacts.
Jack him off just a little bit.
No, what we're gonna do is zip our lips, like I said.
Well, I'm just gonna go on record saying I think it'd be better if Judy at least jacked this fella off than do nothing at all.
Daddy, I could just get him hungry.
This is another super bad choice made by the current church leader.
As much as it pains for me to say this, Jesse's not totally wrong here.
Ignoring things is not how you deal with them in the social media age.
You gotta own things.
I don't care what y'all think.
- Stay out of it! - Eli.
What do you say me and you go pay that reporter a visit? Deal with him like we did back in the old days.
That's enough, enough.
Everybody, just leave it alone.
Dad, what the hell's he talking about "the old days?" Probably about slapping buttholes, sucking dicks.
Enough! J Judes! Uh-uh, how y'all gonna roll up in my house without knocking? Come on, bitch.
Get your shit.
Duty calls.
Oh, hey, y'all.
Are we going somewhere? - You're not! - This is a private meeting for real family members, not damn married-in ones.
Scoot along, BJ.
You're not real family.
What the fuck, y'all? You guys know I'm a believer now.
I'm getting baptized.
Well, guess what.
That adds up to nothing.
- Go.
- Bye, bitch! God, why y'all gotta be so ruthless? We need to discuss the survival of our family.
You know I'm right.
Daddy is fucking up.
This reporter has us in his crosshairs.
The Butterfields tried to ignore him, and he turned them into laughingstocks.
The move is we talk to him.
Steer the narrative.
Okay, so how we gonna do that? Well, Martin says he's staying nearby in a cabin.
I say we go sniff him out.
All right, go make friends with him.
Maybe I'll seduce him a little bit.
Sure, whatever.
Hey! BJ, I see you watching us.
We know you're not on the phone.
BJ, you can be there if you want.
We know you're not on the phone.
Look, I take no pleasure in this, but we're gonna do this one by the books.
That means no knives, no kubotans, no weapons whatsoever.
We go there only armed with our minds and our fucking manners.
And we make damn sure we handle this like grown-ups.
Can y'all do that? Grown-ups.
Goddamn, we are the new generation.
Let's go save our fucking family.
Don't touch anything.
It'll close itself.
What if he ain't home? There's a car right there, dummy.
Oh, he's home.
Look, the door's open.
TV's on.
Block? It's the Gemstone children.
You spoke with our daddy.
He probably spoke very rudely with you and and you didn't deserve that.
Yeah, our daddy is a real asshole.
And we're not like him.
We are the new generation of Christian thought-leaders at the church, and we like to do things our own way.
That's why we'd like to come here and participate in the story if you would like that.
Block? Stupid and I'm like, "Say something.
" And he's like Maybe it's his wine times.
Maybe he's in the bubble bath.
We don't know.
Man, I'm just looking at this door.
- It's just standing wide open.
- I know.
Shit, I'm thinking the same thing.
Seems like one of them situations where we just go inside, doesn't it? Totally.
Uh, no, it doesn't.
This is not what we talked about.
Breaking and entering? Absolutely not.
Needle nuts, the door is wide open.
This ain't breaking, this is just entering.
That's totally legal.
Oh, you don't know anything about laws, Jesse.
Okay, like you do.
No, I'm out.
Peace, latro.
Gimme the keys.
I'm serious.
I'm gonna go wait in the car.
- Fine.
- Give me the key.
Go clench your asshole in the car, boy.
We'll save our family.
Is he really not gonna help? - Of course he's not.
- Go clench your own asshole.
Probably can't.
It's probably gaping because of BJ's big ol' ding dong.
That boy's a freak.
Y'all bunch a bunch of criminals.
Block? We come in peace.
We mean you no harm.
Just a little chitchat.
We just wanted to take you up on your generous offer to talk.
Is nobody home? I don't know, it's weird.
Come on! Oh! Oh I guess we could email this dude or something.
Holy shit.
He's dead.
Guys! There's a Oh! - It's on me! - Ah! Is it on me? Fuck! I'm close to it.
Damn it! Get up! God damn it! Don't! There's dead bodies out here too! Oh, God! Open the doors, Kelvin! Open them! I am as soon as I can find this Come on! Get the fucking door open! Open the fucking door! Get in, get in, get in, get in! He was dead.
He was fucking dead! Kelvin, shut his door! Shut my door! Let's go! Fuck, now mine's opening! Come on! Someone shut the fucking I'm trying! All we have to do is just think for a second! No, we don't have to think! We have to drive! All right, my door's fucking opening back up now! - I'm trying! - God damn it! I'm ready to go and then you're making the door open! I'm not making it do anything! Okay, just going up and fucking down! Judy, don't you know how to use this fucking car? Oh, someone's here! - Go, go, go! - Move your fucking car, Judy! Holy shit.
- Go, go, go! - I'm trying to go! I hate it! I hate this car! Ah, it's so gross! Yuck, yuck, yuck! Yuck, yuck, yuck! Daddy! Open up! It's your children, Daddy! It's an emergency! Wake up, Daddy! Is that Daddy's car? Answer! Hey! Why are you kids in my fountain? Where the hell are you two coming from? Um, uh, doing business.
Church business.
Daddy, is that blood on your pants? Huh? Oh.
Uh Uh - Uh - Uh, don't be silly.
Blood, come on.
I had to move a dead deer off the road.
I must've got some on me.
From the deer.
It's deer blood.
It is blood, yes.
So what do y'all need?
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