The Righteous Gemstones (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

And Infants Shall Rule Over Them

1 Jesse, is Daddy gonna die? Do I look like I know? I'm out here trying to catch my breath.
I feel like I'm I feel like I'm gonna Gross.
Oh, no.
No, no, no God.
Oh Seeing Daddy like that, it's it's too much.
Come on.
No, no, no.
It's okay.
It's me.
Brother Kelvin? Is it really you? I snuck you out some fruits and nuts.
Yes, nourish yourself.
I'm sorry I failed you.
I failed.
I've been dethroned.
Degraded by my own men who don't care about me and my daddy's shattered relationship.
Now he might die.
And I don't even have the guts to go see him.
Jesus had a pretty powerful papa too.
Many people said he'd never be as dope as his father.
They called him a wannabe poseur.
Well, I am a wannabe poseur.
It's too late for me.
I'm nothing.
Just no, keep it.
I'll get you some TP and a fresh pee pad when I come back.
Aren't you missing big church? Yes, I am.
- Praise be to He.
- Praise be.
Tragedy has struck this church and our family.
My daddy, Dr.
Elijah Gemstone, was gunned down in a hail of bullets while driving his car down Long Point Road.
The evil men who perpetrated this most heinous act are still at large.
But they will not triumph.
- No.
- No.
Because Eli is strong.
And our family is strong.
And the love and support of this incredible congregation is strong.
You know, Amber and I are very proud - We are.
- To be the people that everyone is turning to in this moment of need.
Your leaders.
We are here.
- Yes.
- For you.
We're we're ready to be front and center as the leaderships of the church.
I have made a hashtag.
'Cause we all want Eli to come on home.
- Yeah, we do.
- And home sounds a little bit like stone, so instead of Gemstone, it's "GemsHome.
" It's #EliGemsHome.
Let's go viral with that.
You do it so so any photos you take today or if you're just thinking about my daddy, you just tag it GemsHomes.
- Eli.
- Eli - #Eli - #EliGemsHomes.
- Gems GemsHome.
- GemsHome.
The fuck is happening? Here I am At the head of the - Really, Jesse? - What's that? No.
Nah, dude.
You're not gonna sit in Daddy's seat.
Get off it.
I'm just filling in the chair so the spacing's not weird.
Oh, bullshit.
You're so obvious.
Please, just stop trying to be Daddy.
It's deeply upsetting.
You're so bothered by this, okay, I'll swap seats, if it'll make you fucking happy.
Move the fuck down.
Come on.
Judy's got a wild hair up her ass about people sitting where they're gonna sit.
Here we go.
Let's all sit on the side like a bunch of idiots.
Absolutely ridiculous.
- You happy? - I am happy.
Empty chair at the head of the table.
Eli wouldn't want this.
You know what else he wouldn't want? He wouldn't want you making up stupid-ass hashtags, peacocking all over his stage like you're Hota Kotb or some shit.
Jesse and I made a heartfelt statement.
That statement should have been made by the primary Gemstones.
That's who should've said it.
Oh, God.
Where the fuck have you been? And what the fuck are you wearing? I'm not prepared to present myself in public yet.
I only broke my solitude to inquire how Daddy is.
This is the motherfucker that hasn't even visited Daddy in the hospital yet.
I'm recovering, Jesse.
I can't do anything with these hands.
I look like a a beast.
Yeah, you look like damn "Beauty and the Beast" - wearing that fucking cloak.
- And guess what? Your thumbs look like the fucking Elephant Man.
Do not mock my thumbs Oh! Oh! You know, y'all are shameful.
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in this family that knows how to fill a power void.
- That's it.
- What's it? I'm gonna flick this fucking cream corn on your fucking face.
Enough! Good Lord.
Your father is hurt, and this is how you act? All you ever do is is fight about what you can get.
Can't you just be kind to each other? Self-absorbed, loud, arrogant fucking assholes! Shit, y'all.
Martin's right.
Y'all a bunch of a-holes.
He was talking to you too, dick-lips.
Fresh rolls from Jason's, Daddy.
I know you can't eat 'em, but I thought you might like to smell 'em.
Don't it make you just wanna open your eyes and talk? Just please don't die, okay? Please, Daddy, I promise if you pull through this, I'll be a more loving and caring person, sister, and friend.
Just come back to us, okay? I've been praying for guidance on how to navigate this.
I heard about this great opportunity.
It's a movie, and they need stunt performers.
You're going back to California? No, that's the thing.
It's not even that far away.
It's filming right next door in Atlanta.
Absolutely not.
Your grandfather is in the hospital, and you're talking about going to Atlanta to do stunt stuff? I realize that this is the worst timing ever.
You know, I really do.
And you know the last thing I wanna do is let you down.
That being said, I feel myself settling into a life here that doesn't seem authentic to me.
The things that are important to this family, I'm just not so sure they are to me.
- So - So what? I'm moving out.
You gonna say something, Jesse? Yeah.
Yeah, what the fuck, Gideon? You're talking more about his Hollywood bullshit? I thought you and I made some real progress in Haiti, Dad.
I thought we finally started understanding each other.
You have been wrong, it seems, about a lot of things.
Isn't that right, Jesse? - Jesse.
- Yes.
Yes, your mother is right.
We all know what happens when you chase your dreams.
You fail and people end up getting robbed and and almost killed.
Sometimes killed, for for some people.
Looks like a bunch of charges in Winston-Salem.
A charge today at a Bojangles.
And then it says he went to the Fo Fo Fossil Watch Store.
At the T T - Sound it out.
Tanger - Tanger Outlets.
Got it.
Very good, Tiffany.
Your reading's getting much better.
So either Baby Billy's outlet shopping, or it's the people who murdered and robbed him.
Yes, that's probably what we're looking at.
One of those things.
Take me there.
Okay, so obviously, this fellow we're dealing with is a certified psychopath.
Eventually, he was bound to snap and do what he did regardless of anything we did.
So we did not instigate anything, all right? It seems like we did, though.
Well, I don't think it does seem like that, Chad, okay? Stop trying to do a damn power play with me.
I'm not look, I'm not trying to do a power plays.
Well, you're doing power plays.
He's genuinely concerned, Jesse.
He told me in private.
Levi, when I want your opinion, I will hit your fucking face with a wet towel.
Do you understand me? So what? You gonna kill his family? Oh, I don't know, Matthew.
Are you gonna rape his asshole like you said you were gonna do? What? Oh, I'm just in this by myself? Huh? Y'all were there.
Y'all said stuff too.
As new leader of the church, it is my responsibility to portray strength.
So we're gonna have to retaliate in a big, big way.
Who in this room has experience with explosions? Raise your hands.
Stage pyrotechnics? Anybody been a roadie? Worked in a rock quarry? Done a fucking science fair volcano project? Lit a match? So none will answer the call.
Cold, flu, streps, even Covas.
Every disease cured with ease by this blessed formula based on ancient scripture.
You just drink this tasty coconut silkiness every morning, and that's it.
It's done.
$100 for a one-month jug.
Additional jugs are only $65 a pop.
And I make nothing.
By the time I pay my scientists, all the people in my lab, my developers, the lab rats, it's a wash.
Well, why you do it then, Baby Billy? 'Cause I'm selfless.
And I want to heal as many people as the dear Lord will let me.
Baby Billy.
Uncle Baby Billy, we see you.
Ain't nobody here named Baby or Billy.
Dude, we see half your body right now.
How'd y'all find me? Nephew TJ traced your credit card.
Clever girl.
Recruited a nerd.
We also know you started a new credit card under Lionel's name.
He ain't even born yet, Baby Billy.
You charging things in his name? How dare you go snooping through my finances.
Man, you thought you were so slick.
Thought you could dump your wife on me and make me raise her as my own? Oh, I'm sorry, baby girl.
I guess I should have been more clear.
I'm doing all this for you and baby Lionel.
That's why I'm selling these here health elixirs.
Didn't you hear my daddy got shot? Yes, I did.
And I'm praying for him.
Baby Billy, you ran out on me and baby Lionel just like you did your other son.
What did you say? I know about Harmon.
How come you didn't never tell me about him? You two little pigs squeal? She deserved to know.
She needs to move on, and she needs to move out of my house.
Get over her.
I'm gonna spank the shit out of both of you.
- No.
- I'ma get you.
I'ma get you.
- No.
What? Ah! - Yeah.
On my knee.
- Get down here.
- Ow! Ow! - Bad boy! - Ah! Ah! Ah! He's so bad.
Little weak boy.
Get down.
Get down.
To hell with all of you! All the money I'm making out here, trying to provide for my family, and you're gonna question my character? Damn, Tiff.
You really did not turn out to be the kind of girl I thought you were.
- I'm sorry - No, Tiff, no.
Don't you say you're sorry.
You stay strong, bitch.
You should be ashamed! The elixirs.
God damn it.
I gotta come clean, Martin.
I might have fucked up.
I kicked some shit up down in Memphis.
Junior and them.
I flexed to those fuckers.
I told Junior I was gonna kill him and his family, and Matthew might have said something about raping his asshole.
- I'm not sure.
- Jesse, why would you do this? To protect my family.
To show Daddy that I could handle it.
Instead, I just caused this.
What happened was not your fault.
Eli has a long history with this man.
Don't you blame yourself.
I wanted to run this church my whole life.
My wife and talk about it when we have sex.
And now that I got it, I don't want it.
Sometimes family requires our best even when we don't want to give it.
Yeah, so says the man with no family.
- I have a family.
- Back in Kenya.
I'm talking about a family that's here, that you gotta spend time with all the time, not one you just, you know, send money back home to.
I live with my family here.
My wife is with me at church lunch every Sunday.
That's your wife? When'd you get married? When I was 16.
You don't have kids, do you? I have three.
You've met them several times.
God damn it.
See, this is what I'm talking about.
I don't got what it takes to be fucking head pastor.
I can't remember anybody's names.
I don't know who the fuck has a family and who doesn't.
I can't fucking take on the damn Dixie Mafia.
I'm in over my head, Martin.
The men who did this want Eli silenced.
What if they thought Eli was doing better? And ready to talk? I don't know, they'd probably come back and try to kill him again.
Martin and I have a plan, but we're gonna need your help.
Look, I'm sorry if you two have felt sidelined, okay? I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.
All I know is that I can't achieve much without us working together.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
We're gonna tell the congregation on live TV that Daddy's doing good, make 'em think he's gonna be okay.
If the killers think that Daddy's gonna live, maybe, just maybe, they'll return to finish him off.
Wait, you're talking about putting Daddy in danger again? No.
Daddy'll be secretly moved to the compound with full security.
The only ones who are gonna be at that hospital waiting to greet the assassins are gonna be me and a fuck-ton of mercenaries.
That this plan in insane, Jesse.
You're gonna mess around and get yourself whacked.
Trust me, Kelvin, I wouldn't do this if I didn't have to.
But firstborns have to step up when parents can't.
Them are rules that go back to ancient fairytale times.
So what do you say? We put our differences aside, act like adults, and lie to the church like a fucking family? Let's lie to the church like a fucking family.
Let's lie to the church like a freaking family.
It is with happy hearts that we announce that our daddy is being taken off oxygen and breathing on his own again.
Despite being weakened as a family and a church, there is hope.
Heck, there's more than hope.
There is promise.
- Amen.
- Amen.
They're taking the tubes out of my daddy's throat tomorrow morning, and come then, I bet you he's gonna be talking up a storm.
That's right.
Our daddy's heart is strong.
And he is resting in room 527 at Rogers Regional Medical Center.
All by himself.
Until tomorrow, when, of course, he's gonna start talking again.
But until then, alone and weak.
So praise be to He.
Let us rejoice.
Dad, you gotta let me come with you.
Absolutely not.
We are all going somewhere where we can all be safe.
Jesse, will you please come with us? I do not think you need to put yourself in danger again.
Unfortunately, sweetheart, I have to go.
These are the times the Lord tests our might.
Fingers crossed you don't get killed, Daddy.
Keefe, Keefe, I'm busting you out of here.
- Are we taking back the house? - We are ejecting.
We'll move in with the rest of the family in the safehouse.
Is you going to the hospital to fight with the other men? Nah, fighting for honor ain't exactly BJ's thing.
No offense, baby.
I'll see you lovely ladies in the morning.
- I gotta get to the hospital.
- What? You know I don't believe in gender roles.
Women can do what men do, and men can do what women do.
Sometimes, when things get tough, a person has to do what a person has to do.
God dang, BJ.
Are you being heroic right now? I'm doing person's business right now.
As a member of this family, I believe it's my duty to help Jesse.
No matter how much he's ridiculed me.
If there's ever been an opportunity to prove myself as a Gemstone, this is it.
All these years, and I never knew what big balls you had.
Let's maybe refrain from using masculine rhetoric like "balls.
" I prefer a gender combination term for moxie.
Like bovaries or ovar alls.
Ooh, my man got them big ol' ovaralls.
My family rented out this entire wing of the hospital so that we could conduct our ambush trap on the Cycle Ninjas.
Now, I'm looking for a zero kill count tonight.
Okay? That means I don't want any fatal headshots.
No shoulders.
We're talking knees and toes.
Knees and toes.
I can't take all the credit for this evening's ambush.
Martin Imari, ladies and gentlemen.
He's a good man.
He's got a wife and two grown children that live right here with him in America.
He helped me come up with this idea.
Let's give a big round of applause - for Martin Imari, everybody.
- No, no, no.
That's no necessary.
All these men might not see the morning, so let them celebrate a hero tonight.
Here, put this on.
You're a doctor now.
And take this seat buzzer coaster thing I stole from Chili's.
I modified it.
When you see the Cycle Ninjas, use it to buzz my coaster.
When I get the signal, I'll buzz you back.
You got me on the third floor alone, totally away from the action.
I thought I was gonna be integral to the plan.
You're gonna be my decoy.
When these Cycle Ninjas arrive, you're gonna be the first person they see.
My doctor in the window.
You're gonna make 'em think that it's biz as usual here at the hospital.
Jesse, it's just, I wanted to show you I got what it takes to be more than some decoy dip wad.
BJ, I am impressed that you showed up here.
Thank you for that.
But you are a dip wad.
Now, please, do not get yourself killed.
Sit your ass in this office and do what I'm asking of you.
- Okay? - Yeah, okay.
Thank you, Dr.
Dip Wad.
Fitch, you ain't nothing but a trailer park bitch.
I think I finally figured it out.
You lost out on all the heroin out of the north because it all went to the Chinese in the triangle When I was a young boy like you two, I ate pizza every day.
Sometimes even for breakfast.
Sometimes even for my desserts.
Brother, just go up and see him.
Judy's in there.
I don't think she'd mind.
Dude, you are being so annoying right now.
Do not be that guy in the safe house, okay? It's just my first time in a safe house situation.
My bad.
Which guy was I being? The annoying one, Keefe.
Turn it around, please.
Enjoy your 'za.
Tiffany, I brought you some tea.
I thought it might make you feel better.
I'm comforting her right now.
Okay? I'm her broken heart friend.
We're fine.
I I would like some tea.
Thank you.
Okay, well, Tiffany would like some tea.
So you may enter.
I'll have some in a minute too.
I don't think I'm strong enough to do this without him.
He took care of me.
Tiffany, you do not need a man to get the things you want.
Okay, I agree with that, but that plan kinda worked for you.
Look, I could've had the things I wanted.
I just happened to also want Jesse.
Okay, Amber.
Every girl's dream.
"Please, let me marry a very rich, "very dumb silverback gorilla.
Thank you, Lord.
" Jesse's not dumb, Judy.
He's just real dense.
But it's easier that way to convince him that he wants what I want.
Damn, Amber.
Okay, I see you, girl.
See, Tiffany? Even chicks as opposite as me and Amber, we can agree men are basically clowns.
- That's right.
- And that even if you love one, they're, like, a not-necessary type deal.
- Like microwaves.
- Microwaves are handy.
But the soup'll heat up just fine on the stovetop.
- Yeah, it'll taste better too.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I like stove soup.
Thanks, nieces.
Hey, check this out.
"Sassy on Sundays," my momma.
Even though I keep a smile on all day Daddy, you hear Momma singing to you? Me and Amber are even getting along.
And Aunt Tiffany's here.
Don't you want to wake up and have fun with us? Hey, raise the roof.
Daddy loves this part.
Sassy on Sunday, even though Monday Comes like Tuesday, always a blues day Wednesday is halfway, middle of the week Middle of the road Thursday and Friday, the weekend's awaiting Saturday night, I've almost made it 'Cause Lord knows I'm feeling sassy - Sassy on Sundays - Oh, God damn it.
- I can get dressed up - Damn it! Don't shoot! No, no, don't shoot! Don't shoot! It's Gideon! Fuck! Who the fuck threw a smoke bomb? Who the fuck threw that smoke bomb? God damn it, Gideon.
You're supposed to be at the safe house.
Dad, there's no way in hell I wasn't gonna be here to help.
It's time for me to be my own man.
Start making my own decisions.
Okay, well, your first decision as your own man was a fucking stupid one, so obviously, you're not ready yet.
What's that thing you're holding? It's a cattle prod.
What does it look like? These guys roll around on bikes, so I figured this could be a useful way to take 'em out.
Fucking shock 'em.
Fucking it in their spoke and make 'em fucking flip over.
The fuck is so funny, big guy? You know what? Get that earpiece out of there.
Put it at the fucking nurses' station and get fucked! Go! This is the stupidest fucking thing ever.
You're the stupidest thing ever.
Fuck this.
- Uh, excuse me.
- What? Do you still need all of us? 'Cause I'd go too if people are going home.
- Oh, you'll go home? - Yeah.
Why don't you go home and suck on your mama's titties? - Get the fuck out of here! - Jesse - Questioning my God damn plan.
- Jesse Acting like my sensibilities aren't no, Martin.
I've had enough of this insubordination.
All of you, go home.
BJ, why are you not at your station? Sorry, had to run to the little boys' room for a peepee potty break.
- We getting paid for this? - Get the fuck out! Oh, God, I can't stand that fucking military sense of humor.
It's so fucking aggressive.
It's so toxic.
It is, isn't it? Ever hear of a hot nerd? No, she did not, Judy That's okay Can I have a minute with Daddy? Why, Kelvin? You trying to suffocate him with his MyPillow? Of course.
Come on, ladies.
Hey, Daddy.
Sorry I'm just now visiting you.
It's not because of hard feelings or the fight.
It's because I didn't think I was strong enough to see you like this.
I know you weren't fond of my Muscle Men.
Guess it was kind of dumb.
I just wanted to make you proud.
I would give anything just to talk to you again.
Lord, restore my father to health, and I will forever be your humble servant.
I will never succumb to hubris ever again.
Please, God.
Please save my father.
Kelvin? Son? Is that you? Daddy? I love you.
I love you too.
I love you too so much, Daddy.
Your daddy is awake.
- He's what? - Your daddy is awake! - Are you serious? - Why, yes! He is awake! Your daddy is awake! No.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Come on.
Come on, Jesse.
Buzz back.
Think, BJ.
Think! Ah! Ah! Okay, uh Paging Dr.
BJ Barnes.
Paging Dr.
BJ Barnes.
Your table of four is ready.
Oh, fuck.
They're here.
Knees and toes.
Hog-tie that one, Martin! Oh, God, please help me to win.
Fuck you! Oh, fuck, Dad! That what he gets.
Is everyone okay? That was a close call.
They came for me, but I was too fast.
Oh, dang.
Where you going? I'm gonna go get the rest of them, Dad.
- I can do this.
- Hey.
Take this.
Your momma's gonna fucking kill me.
My mom?
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