The Righteous Gemstones (2019) s02e09 Episode Script

I Will Tell of All Your Deeds

1 You've been a real disappointment, I have to say.
Useless, honestly.
I told you I'd give you valuable information on the Butterfields, and I did, right? I kept my word.
Our deal was, you provide me with dirt on all your fellow ministers.
I thought you wanted to get rid of the competition, take over the world.
What happened, Lyle? I came to fucking South Carolina for this.
I'm sorry, but circumstances have changed.
You can't do the Gemstones.
Jesse has pledged to invest heavily in my resort.
I got a lot riding on this deal, so now you're actually hurting me.
You say that as if I care.
The Gemstones are the biggest name in the business.
It's the scalp I want.
It's the scalp I need.
You stop cooperating with me, and I'll fucking out you, and all your minister friends will know that you're the rat.
And betray your source? That's unethical journalism, man.
I helped you.
Well, you better keep helping me 'cause if you don't, fucking do a story on you next.
I hear you have a strange relationship with some of the boys in your orphanage.
Fuck, man! You know that? Shit.
Fine! You want dirt? I got dirt.
There are four pastors in my church who skim money to build new houses with pools.
I can give you their names.
You promised me Eli, not some nobodies from your church.
You know what, I'm turning my sights on you now.
Okay? So why don't you be a good boy and fuck off out of my Airbnb? That ain't fair! You're surprised there's no honor amongst thieves? I am not a thief.
I'm a minister.
It's time.
Get the guns.
Let's go.
Pastor Lissons, you said we were just gonna scare them.
Somehow, the man knows how y'all got your houses.
You want your wife to find out, Chet? You want that big choir promotion, Doug? Or to finally be head deacon, Shane? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Brad, give me the guns.
I didn't bring guns, sir.
Grenades? You brought grenades? I did some YouTube research, sir.
Guns leave evidence.
With a grenade, all the evidence gets blown up in the blast.
Well, I ain't trying to blow up the whole damn neighborhood, man.
It's not like that.
YouTube said all you gotta do is pull the pin out No, it won't blow unless I drop it.
Oh, shit.
Damn it, man.
The hell's wrong with you? - No! - Ahh! Oh, it's like that.
These motherfuckers want a piece of me? - Oh, my fucking Lord.
- Ahh! Oh.
Oh, geez.
Those are the concussion grenades.
Huh? I said, the cylinder ones Ah, shit! - You think I'm soft? - Oh, shit.
Brooklyn, bitches! Oh Whoa.
Oh, shit.
Poor guy.
- They're dead.
Dead! - Shit.
Thaniel? Buddy? I prayed on it.
You were right.
I was wrong, okay? God wants this friendship, man.
And I fuck.
Oh! Someone's coming.
Hide, hide, hide, hide! Shit.
Oh, no.
Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
Fucking hamstrings.
Block? We come in peace.
We mean you no harm.
Just a little chitchat.
We just wanted to take you up on your generous offer to talk.
Kelvin's ass all scared.
This motherfucker ain't even home.
Maybe we should take some stuff.
Like what? I don't know, take his shirts.
- Holy shit.
- He's dead.
- Guys! - Ahh! Ugh.
Come on! Help! There's dead bodies out here, too! I'm not making it do anything! Okay, just going up and fucking down.
Judy, don't you know how to use this fucking car? - Oh, God, someone's here! - Who the fuck is that? - Go, go! - I'm trying! Go, go! - Go! - I hate it! I hate this car! We gotta burn it down.
All of it.
Do you think the Gemstones saw you two? Not sure.
Stop! Stop! Hey! On the ground! Do not make a move! Whoo! And cut.
- Yeah.
- Whoo! - That was perfect.
- Thanks, sir.
I just need one more.
You got it.
We're going again? Well, I do not like seeing my baby jump from a skyscraper.
That was real scary.
But following your passion, baby, that is what life is all about.
And Gideon, I am sorry if your dad and I stood in the way of that.
Wow, thanks, Mom.
- I really appreciate you saying that.
- Yeah.
Well, I guess now we're even, huh? And since we came here to support you doing your thing, we'd be honored if you would come and support us doing our thing.
What's going on? It would mean the world to us if you would come to the groundbreaking of Zion's Landing.
That sounds awesome.
Even though you don't want to work at the church anymore, you're still a part of this family.
Yeah, Dad, I know that.
We still want to be parents and child with you.
- Yes.
- Great.
Yeah, I never really thought we weren't, so - Okay, yeah.
- Great.
- Cool.
- So you'll come then? - I'd love to.
- Sick.
That's awesome, man.
- Right on.
- Really cool.
Got something for you, Papa.
I don't want nothing from you.
You done took everything I cared about.
Got me locked up in this this Expensive care facility? - Shit.
- Don't be sour, Papa.
Prison, more like it.
Everything I've worked for, everything I've accomplished, for what? So that your son and his wife could live the life they deserve.
- Shit.
- Here.
What the fuck is this? That represents a hotel room key that will be permanently yours.
We're doing it.
We're doing Zion's, just like I told you we would.
I don't want nothing to do with this bullshit.
- Hey! - You better behave yourself.
Lyle's being kind to you, a lot more kind than you've ever been to either of us.
You can't just be happy for me, can you? Give me that damn key back! I've done things you would never have been capable of, Papa, all to show you that I am actually worthy to carry on the family dynasty.
And you can't even say, "Thank you," or, "Job well done," or, "You're a great son.
" - Mm! - Hey, that's my roll.
Was your roll.
You're the one who made it this way.
You could've just been nice, just given me what I asked for, and things wouldn't be the way they are now.
Okay, now, Tiffy, I want you to eat all this meat, okay? Yes, niece.
And eat the white gristle, too.
- That's good for the baby.
- Yes, niece.
You know, I got a feeling that the Lissons and the Gemstones teaming up is gonna be the wisest decision this family has ever made.
- Well done, son.
- Thanks.
And we want y'all to come and be a part of the groundbreaking.
You're 100% right.
I think we should all attend this important event as a family.
The Lissons, as well as many other prominent investors, including Joe Jonas, will be there.
Joe Jonas? For real? - Yes.
- Okay, settle down.
- Yeah, it is not a joke.
- Yes, it is.
If Joe Jonas is there, me and BJ are in, okay? Yeah, we're in.
This is going to be a righteous fucking rager.
- Hell yeah! - Hear, hear.
- Yeah.
- Whoo! Beach time! Not sure where they ran away to, but they're back now.
Some of them are pretty banged up, too.
They want to talk to you.
That's all they keep asking about.
I figured if you had the time, maybe you could say a few words.
Yeah, course.
You know how the older ones get.
They been in the pound so long.
Nobody wants 'em.
God knows what they been up to.
- You can go back inside.
- I don't mind.
Some of these boys can be nasty at times.
It's what happens when nobody loves you.
Somebody loves them, Minister Mike.
I love them.
Go on inside.
Why didn't you help us? I told you I was working on it.
Well, you were too slow.
Congratulations on your escape.
And who told you to do that? Do you know how dumb that was? So dumb! You owe us 100 grand.
I owe you? I want a fucking refund! You fucking shot the wrong dude the first time, don't kill the fucker the next time, and then you got fucking caught! Caught? Well, since you want to run your mouth, now you owe us double.
Double? Who the fuck do you think you are? I provided for you.
None of you have parents.
No one gives a fuck about you.
I'm the closest thing any of y'all got to Mommy and Daddy.
- Double.
- Oh, go to hell, Rivers.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey now.
Don't you dare do that to me.
After all I've done for you? Shit, I gave you those guns.
Oh, my God, really? That old move where you cock the guns in unison? Gah! Fine, I'll pay, you fucking brats.
I'm just I'm waiting on some money to come in this weekend.
Give me till then.
All right.
All right, all right.
Fuck you, motherfuckers.
Wow! Amber, listen to that crowd! Can you feel the energy in the air today? Baby, I can feel it, and I am so happy to be here finally with our dearest best friends in paradise.
- Amen! - Love you.
I'm gonna cry.
This moment means so much to me, everybody.
Hey, where's Joe Jonas? Hey, get your Christian ass up here.
Come on now! Let's bring up all the investors! - Come on up.
- We got pop stars, y'all.
We're friends with him.
We're friends with him.
Join us in the promised land Come and take my hand - Let's go to Zion - Let's go! Welcome to Zion Paradise Look at Joe Jonas! He likes it! - Let's go to Zion - Let's go! Zion, where everybody wanna be Yeah, my Z, it's a craze party Let's go to Zion, can't wait to arrive Inside be a big paradise Lord of mercy, only he know if you're worthy Water to wine, let me know if you're thirsty - Let's go to Zion - Let's go! Welcome to Zion Join us in the promised land Come and take my hand - Let's go to Zion - Let's go! So you found yourself some Funyuns.
I'm back.
- Baby Billy.
- Here I am.
And I'm back for good.
What happened to your nose? It's just a lick that I had coming to me for a long time.
- A whole lotta thinking about - No.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Uh-uh.
- Judy You got a lot of nerve coming here with that shit-eating grin on your face after what you did.
Judy, look, I know you feel the need to put me through the paces, but I've already gone on my journey.
I left because I was trying to protect her.
- Protect her from what? - From me.
Baby Billy, you abandoned her.
This ain't some Lifetime movie where you go, "From me," in a sad voice, and then I feel all bad for you and forgive you.
What forgiveness? I ain't married to you.
- That's a gross thought.
- Yeah, it is gross.
It'd be sick.
Can I talk to my wife? - Please, just - Don't shake your hand at me.
I'm so, so sorry.
Will you take me back? Uh I I gotta pee.
Didn't go so good, did it, boy? Hey.
- Oh.
- Sorry.
After you.
No, Joe Jonas, you please go first.
No, I can hold it.
I'm good, honestly.
I can also hold it as well.
I'm sorry! I gotta go real bad! Okay.
That solves that.
Oh, no.
It's happening! It's happening.
She's not with us.
- You want a watermelon? - Not today.
- Hey, Junior.
- I done some digging.
I don't know if this lines up, but there's an arms dealer I done some business with, said he found a match for the weapons used in your hit.
They match up to supplies sold to some boys in a gang down in Texas.
Texas? Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Here we are, Jesse.
We done did it.
Yes, we did.
- Let's touch tips.
- Yes, please.
Lyle, you bastard! You think you can keep avoiding me! Oh, shit.
One second, man.
Meagan, what are you doing here? - This event is invite only.
- I want my husband! I know you know where Chet is.
Just tell me.
I want answers! Tell me, please.
Dear, you are sad.
I get that.
Don't blame me for Chet running off on you.
These things happen.
He probably was having an affair.
Chet didn't run off! He was working with you! He was giving that journalist information on the Butterfields! - He told me everything.
- Shh.
- He told me all about it.
- Stop talking.
- He told me! - Hey, Jesse Where's my husband? Where is my Jesse, hold on now.
Jesse! Jesus Christ.
The Butterfields.
Calm down, Jesse.
I can explain.
You better start talking.
You ratted out the Butterfields to the press? Don't act high and mighty.
You did bad shit, too.
I saw you at Thaniel's cabin, all you Gemstones, slip-sliding around in his blood.
What the hell were you Did you kill Thaniel Block? No, I didn't kill Thaniel Block.
He killed himself.
But I did torch the place to protect all of us.
I solved our little problem so we could do Zion's in peace.
Honestly, there's more I could tell you, but knowing you, you'd probably just get all mad.
- Why would I get mad? - Promise you won't get mad? Promise.
Them motorcycle fellas that shot your daddy? They work for me.
You sent the Cycle Ninjas? Cycle Ninjas? Who the fuck is that? It's what I'm calling them motorcycle assassin people.
Why ninjas? They ain't got nothing to do with martial arts.
I'll call them whatever the fuck I want to call them! This is why I said don't get mad! Why the fuck would you want to kill my daddy? To help you! Jesse, Eli keeps you from your potential, from our friendship.
Double firstborns building paradise together.
So I thought I'd do you a solid and smoke him, get him out of your way.
No, no, I never asked you to do that.
You're gonna look me in my eye and tell me you never wished your daddy would hurry up and die already? No, of course not, Lyle.
That'd be fucked up.
What's fucked up is when you told me your old man wouldn't give us the cash.
That rocked my world.
I bugged out, man.
You can't hold that against me.
Shit, I did it for us, man, for our investment.
Are you mad? I think I need to go for a walk.
Can I come with you? No, I think I should probably just do this walk alone, on my own, by myself.
Can I walk a few feet behind you, like, at a distance? No.
Wait you're gonna tell! Ahh! Damn it, man, fuckin' Lyle, how could you, you fucking We were firstborns! You carry a fucking sling? Lyle? Are you dead? Did I kill you, Lyle? Something happened.
You did something.
Oh, fuck me.
Hey, hey, boys.
Have you seen Tiff? Yeah, that's her.
Tiff? Tiff, it's me.
Please, now, please.
Tiff, open the door.
Please forgive me, please! I just had him, Baby Billy.
I had baby Lionel, but he fell in the toilet.
Son of a gun.
A toilet baby? Come out here.
- Oh, my God! - We should call a doctor.
I actually almost played a doctor on TV once.
Got real close.
Maybe I can pull it up by the umbilical cord, you know, like a bucket in a well.
Pull him out! Okay.
Here we go.
Easy, Lionel.
He's going easy.
Ah! - It snapped! - No, save him, Baby Billy! - Save him! - I got you! Ah! Hold on! There he is.
That's my son.
That's my son That's my son! Thank you.
Aunt Tiffany's so dumb, she'll probably head to Freeman's Gap with Uncle Baby Billy.
We'll just be a couple sad-ass empty nesters.
I love that you're acting all hurt, like she's your kid or something.
I know she ain't my kid.
She's my fucking aunt, dude.
- Stupid.
- Hi.
Would you all please come with me? I just killed someone.
- Baby.
- Gonna follow you.
All I meant to do was wing him.
- That was it.
- Oh! Oh, my God.
Fuck, Jesse, you really did kill him.
Why are there branches all over him? I panicked.
I didn't know what to do.
I tried to cover him up.
Look at him.
He's dead.
Oh, baby.
Oh! - Whoa! - Yes! Nice fucking hit, Daddy! Daddy, it was the Lissons! They were the bad guys the whole time! I was coming over to tell you that.
Lyle, how could you? Does Lindy know? He's my husband.
Of course I know what the fuck is going on.
Get up, baby.
Put that gun down, sweetheart.
Don't tell us what to do.
We do what we want.
- We're grown-ups.
- Not acting like it.
Shut your mouth or I'm gonna shut it for you, you and your asshole wife.
How dare you, Lindy.
You know what? Eat some shit.
You eat some shit, you fucking privileged wannabe! Hey! Girl, you need to watch who you're calling privileged.
Privileged! No, you're fucking privileged! Hell I am! You're privileged! You're privileged the most.
BJ! I'm fine.
It's not bad, see? - Oh, my God! - Oh! - Oh, God, I'm gonna die! - No.
At least you're baptized.
God dang it, no! You're not gonna die! How dare you shoot him! He's part of our fucking family! Did Jesse say I'm part of the family? Yes, baby.
We're gonna get out of here, and y'all can't follow us! So you better get in that water.
Got no time for games, girl.
That boy's gonna die.
Is Eli bargaining for my life? Get in the fucking water, or Little Debbie gets it again! - Hey, no, no.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Get in that water, and you swim offshore.
Go on, get! Shoo! - Go! - I'm sorry, BJ.
Go, go.
I'll come back, BJ.
Turn the fuck around! Stop looking at us! Go! Don't fucking look at me, Jesse.
Get in that water! That's right, keep going! Let that wave slap them dicks, whoo! Well, Waylon said I wasn't compatible with his fishing lifestyle, so he left me high and dry to be with his boat.
Oh, sweetheart.
I knew the son of a bitch was all about that salt life.
I oughta beat his ass for making you cry.
Oughta throw him off his fucking boat.
Chad, let's get raw.
- You got this.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I put you through everything.
I made a mistake.
And I've grown to hate myself because of it.
I weep at night, alone.
Okay, Chad, let's not put all our cards on the table, all right? Mandy, there's no doubt that this man is an idiot.
Everyone knows that.
But you played your part as well by mocking him and belittling his manhood.
I'm so sorry I told everybody that you have a tiny pecker and that you don't provide for me and the girls, 'cause you do provide.
You're a real good daddy.
I am? And I got a big pecker? Bigger than Waylon's? You provide for the girls.
I am so proud of you two, because the Lord tells us to forgive.
And with forgiveness comes a second chance.
You know, the Gospel of Luke says, "Your brother and sister sin against you, "rebuke them.
"But if they repent, forgive them.
"Even if they sin against you seven times in a day "and seven times they come to you and repent, you must forgive.
" Mandy, Chad's only asking for two chances, not seven.
Can you give this man named Chad a second chance? Oh, gosh, yes.
Second chances achieved and complete.
And the next chapter begins.
It was nice having you here.
Let us know when you get there, okay? I will.
Remember, Aunt Tiffy, what I told you about when you bathe.
- ABC.
- That's right.
Angles, butthole, coochie.
Good girl.
Y'all can come visit anytime.
We'll just be up in Freeman's Gap.
Yeah, door's always open.
Y'all just swing by.
We'll sing us some ditties like we used to, Judy Leigh.
Y'all can come here anytime you want, too.
Especially bring this little guy.
Little Lionel's so flipping cute.
A handsome little mister, that's for sure.
Yeah, he's got my looks but his mama's gumption.
Yeah, got her gums, too.
I can't thank y'all enough for taking such good care of me.
Made me think about how I want to be nice like that to others, especially baby Lionel.
Oh, buttercup, you got his juice all over your face now.
Hold on, I'll get this off here for you.
Excuse me one second here.
Come on over.
I got a rag.
I got a rag.
Put this on there.
BJ, if we ever had a baby, do you promise you'd still want to fuck me even if my shit got played out by the kid? Judy, I'd love nothing more than to bang your played-out mother pussy for the rest of my days.
BJ, don't you ever change, okay? Just stay a kind, giant nerd who thinks that heaven is a joke but will think different after he dies 'cause the secret thing is, everybody goes to heaven, even science guys.
Everybody's loaded in.
- Bye-bye, bye-bye! - Bye-bye! - Bye-bye.
Say goodbye now.
- Look, she's making him wave.
Bye-bye now.
Let's see some hustle! Push yourselves! Hit them weights, worms! You heard him.
Hit the weights.
You know, I used to worry that ministering to kids was a joke, that I wasn't taken seriously.
Saving children from burning in hell, that's very important.
This whole time we've been searching for our calling, it's been right here under our noses with these beautiful, innocent children.
Look at Jason.
He is strong for a boy his age.
- Heck yeah.
- And Latrell, whoo! - He's got some lats on him.
- Looks like angel wings.
That's right.
We could groom a lot of these kids into being the next generation's strongmen.
My God.
Look at Derek's pecs.
Those things are bulbous.
Derek's a very popular boy.
Who says that we need muscle men in order to go on missions? We could go to the Judean desert with these kids.
It'd be just as gratifying.
Maybe we should at least get some permission slips and chaperones.
Dang, Keefe, what you talking 'bout, permission slips and chaperones? - I'm just spitballing here.
- Yeah, you're right.
No adults.
Just us and these children.
That's right.
Putting in all-new stadium seating.
Now just need asses to put in 'em, uh-huh.
Putting that money to good use.
Got to if I want to attract top talent, - know what I mean? - Oh, you'll get 'em.
They'll fly here like bees to flowers.
Old son of a bitch did start the place.
Had to give him some kind of props.
- Think that's nice.
Real nice.
- Yeah.
You're a good man, Eli, I swear.
After what that Texas preacher done to you, and then knowing he just got away, living his life unchecked, man, I'd be tracking his ass down to the ends of the goddamn earth, I tell you what.
It's not our duty to judge one another.
- That belongs to the Lord.
- Hm.
Coffee black, cigarettes Start this day like all the rest First thing every morning that I do Is start missing you Some broken hearts never mend Some memories never end Some tears will never dry My love for you will never die They're on the move.
Rendezvous in the night Oh, hell yeah.
In the middle of love's embrace I see your face Some broken hearts never mend Some memories never end Some tears will never dry Get the guns! My love for you will never die Some broken hearts never mend Some memories never end Some tears will never dry My love for you will never die God believes in us.
God will see us through, for we are chosen.
Want something, motherfuckers? Some broken hearts never mend Some memories never end Some tears will never dry My love for you will never die Some broken hearts never mend Some memories never end Some tears will never dry My love for you will never die Some tears will never dry Some tears will never dry My love for you will never die My love for you Will never die
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