The Righteous Gemstones (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

But Esau Ran to Meet Him

You're using the new bread
when we haven't finished the old bread?
- I want fresh.
- Fine.
We'll just throw the
old bread away then.
Bye, money.
Mr. Fancy likes his fresh.
What are you even doing home right now?
Shouldn't you be at church?
Don't you have, like, a job to to to?
- They didn't need me to come in today.
- But you stayed home yesterday too.
Something going on at work, huh?
'Cause this, this is unusual.
Yes. I got fired, okay?
Well, not fired. Let go.
Why did they fire you?
They didn't fire
- I was let go.
- Why were you let go?
No reasons.
Just cutbacks.
You're doing cocaine
again, aren't you, Stephen?
- Don't lie to me!
- Always gotta find a way to bring that up.
Oh, my God, you are! That is it.
You are going straight back to rehab.
No! I'm never going back there.
I should have seen the
signs, your weird behavior.
Now, you're fired from church.
Then you said that mean
thing about my hair.
Oh, my God, again with the hair.
Please, we already
fought about the hair.
Look, I'm sorry I don't
like your haircut, okay?
It looks fucking stupid.
Get over it!
My hair is age appropriate, unlike you,
trying to look young with frosted tips.
You look old and desperate.
You're thinking you're some
hot rock star doing coke?
It's sad.
Fuck you.
Telling your wife "fuck you"
under your breath pathetic!
An unemployed, cokehead piece
of shit who sulks all day,
can't even support his kids.
But don't worry, he
still wears ripped jeans
and spends all day
learning Kings From Leon
like a goddamn teenage idiot.
You wanna push my buttons? Fine.
Let me tell it to you loud
and clear so you can hear me.
Fuck you!
[SCREAMS] Daddy!
[GROANS] I'm okay.
I'm okay. Honey, it's okay.
Ow, fuck!
Praise ♪

Praise ♪
- A-so long ♪
- So long ♪
- A-to you ♪
- A-to you ♪
I hope I don't make you blue ♪
But I think I'm gonna kill myself ♪
I think I'm gonna kill myself ♪
Ooh, cha-cha-cha.
- Ugh.
Gideon, when did you even
start this nasty habit?
- Not in this house, I pray.
- No.
You're in the clear, Mommy.
I picked it up on set.
I'm not happy that you're hurt,
but I am glad that you
are no longer hanging out
with these types of people.
You need to quit smoking,
and your sarcasm needs
to go right along with it.
Calling me Mommy?
- No, sir.
- Sorry.
I don't I don't know
why I've been doing that.
Look, buddy, we need a favor from you.
You need to start
pitching in, especially
since you're just sitting
on your ass all day,
- not doing movies anymore.
- Dad, I don't want to preach.
Well, I'm not asking you
to preach, so in your face.
I need you to fill in
for my daddy's driver.
I'm sick and tired of seeing you
moping around the house all day,
pretending like you're fucking born
on the Fourth of July or something.
Well, I'm sitting around
'cause I've been seriously injured.
And if it seems like I'm moping,
it's because I am moping.
I can't do anything.
I can't ride bikes. I
can't do my martial arts.
I may I may never do stunts again.
- You're never going to do stunts again?
- You're never going to do stunts again?
Look, buddy, we're not
trying to belittle you here,
but this might be what you need.
You know, get out in the world,
run your granddaddy around
to get his meds, get
his prostate checked
it could take your mind off of shit.
How often is he getting
his prostate checked?
- Bunches.
- A lot of times.
- It gets bigger.
- Look, whether you wanna do it
or don't, you're doing it,
so don't be a little bitch about it.

He's more than just a friend ♪
He's the one she longs
to give her body to ♪
friends and nighttime lovers ♪
Turn it off.
Hoping no one else
discovers where they go ♪
Stop grabbing my hands,
and turn it the fuck off.
- Don't act like you don't love hearing our song.
- Shut up.
It's not our song. We
don't even have a song.
What's up with your face?
My wife laid these colors down.
God dang. What happened?
Well, I told her I got fired
but couldn't tell her why.
She thinks I'm back on coke.
That's great news.
She's demanding I go back to rehab.
It's all fucked!
Hey. [SNAPS] Earth to Stephen,
come back from outer
space and calm down.
Look, don't you think I've
thought about all this?
I have.
That's why I'm prepared
to give you $10,000.
And that's mostly in small bills, $20s,
because I figured you'd want to buy
gas station snacks with it.
So this is fuck-off money?
A little bit, maybe. Kind of.
I'm not giving up that easy
and letting the other guy win.
- What other guy?
- Your husband.
- I'm willing to fight for you.
- I need to just tell you,
you don't sound like
a tattoo man right now.
Stephen, you have a wife.
You have kids.
Me and you?
We haven't even shit
in front of each other.
- But I want to.
- Don't.
I'd leave my family in a
second if I could have you.
I'd murder them.
I believe you, okay?
I have long known that
I can drive men wild
with the power of
this pussy or even just
the promise of this pussy.
But, like, marriage-ruining
shit, homewrecker shit?
That's a hell no from me, dog.
Me and you? Uh-uh.
I don't want to see you no mo'.
Don't don't do this.

All right, Gideon, go on
and keep that speed steady.
Daddy don't like it too fast.
He's doing pretty good, ain't he, Daddy?
Oh, fine.
- Thank you, Gideon.
- Happy to help, Granddad.
Uh, why is the injured
person doing the driving?
- He can't even turn his head.
- Well, maybe help him out
instead of being a damn dick about it.
- You're clear.
- All good?
Yeah, you're good. Put your signal on.
I don't even know why we
came all the way out here.
We hate Montgomerys.
Here we are, doing a damn wellness
check for our sworn enemies.
Mama wouldn't like it,
I'll tell you that much.
She'd say fuck these inbred weirdos.
Your mom would never say
anything like that about your cousins.
I always found them to be
kind of dumb and strange.
That's why I'm surprised you
weren't butt buddies with them.
- Oh, yeah, Judy?
- Mm-hmm.
- You wanna talk butt buddies?
- Yeah, okay.
Why don't you go back on tour then, huh?
Get some kisses.
- Stop.
- Work on a new love song.
- What are y'all talking about?
- Nothing, Daddy.
Nothing. Stop it.
Gideon, turn left here.

They're waiting for you
down at the mess hall.
Stay to the left.
Do not veer off the road.
They got damn Meal
Six guarding this joint.
What the hell is this place, Daddy?
This is some straight-up militia shit.
These folks are what you call preppers.
They believe the end is near.
They wanna make sure they
don't run out of toilet paper.

Go! Move!
- Move! Move!
- ♪


- Gideon, what are you doing?
- Oh, honestly, I have no idea.
Do I go with you or stay with the car?
- Well, you're his driver. What do you think?
- Right.
- So it's stay with the car then?
- Bingo. Stay with the car.
Daddy, you make sure he does
the stuff a driver is supposed to do.
Don't give him any shortcuts
just 'cause he's family.
He's fine, Jesse.
All right.


What are you doing here, Uncle?
Your mother is worried
about you, that's all.
Wanted to make sure y'all
are staying out of trouble.
Yeah. Mama don't know shit.
She hasn't in a long time.
I can't argue with that.
But looking around, I'd say she may be
getting warmer on this one.
Who are these men you're out here with?
These are the Brothers
of Tomorrow's Fires.
This is a militia.
- Shh.
It was such a bad idea to come out here.
I ain't trying to get Ruby
Ridged up in this motherfucker.
Feds come rushing in,
and we get fucking Waco'd
while we're sitting here? No, sir.
- What are you all up to?
- Well, there's a war coming,
and the Lord has picked
how he'll use each of us.
I know my assignment.
You know how He intends to use you?
- Yeah, singing.
- Yeah, doing preaching.
- Youth of ministry, probably.
- Well, well, well.
If it ain't the
world-famous Gemstone family.
- Hello, Peter.
- Eli.
And little old Karl.
Hi, Uncle Eli.
[COUGHS] I mean, um,
good afternoon, sir.
Got the whole family here.
To what do we owe the pleasure?
I don't suppose that my
lovely, forgiving wife
had anything to do with this visit?
She may have asked me
to check up on the boys,
see how y'all are doing.
I'd say we're doing just fine.
- We doing fine, Karl?
- Yes, sir.
There you go. There you have it.
Yep. We're making up for lost time
now that Pa's back on the outside again.
Don't mean to be rude,
but we are congregating
for our afternoon service, so
Service? Are y'all doing church?
Why don't you let us pray with you?
- It's what we do.
- I got a good sermon in the chamber
pop it off and lighten the
mood with these sour boys,
maybe throw a little song over to Judy.
- She can do a ditty.
- Yo, I'm happy to.
Karl's going to have to run
security detail for me, though.
These boys look like
they trying to eat me.
Yeah, and if there's any little ones,
I could do a presentation
on feats of strength,
- tie it in with Jesus.
You're all so sure of yourselves. Wow.
But we do it a little differently here.
Eyes to the front!
Men, this here is
the world-famous Gemstone family!
Yeah, Eli got a magnificent ministry.
It's as big as a castle. [CHUCKLES]
He had a wife
beautiful wife with
the voice of an angel.
- Yes, she did.
- Yeah.
And she just loved to share that gift.
I mean, she would share it on
every street corner if she could.
Just give it away.
Give it away.
Old Eli here
just had to sell it!
These people they're not
here to offer you a gift.
They are here to sell you something!
I know because I bought it once!
These are not people of God!
They're entertainers,
performers, charlatans!
When the end of times come,
are we to believe
that these phony fakers
- will be called to the Kingdom of Heaven?
- ALL: No, sir!
- No!
- Hell no!
Then get the hell out of here!

I can't even believe we're
blood with those boys.
- Couldn't be kin more different.
- Tell me about it.
They're fucking crazy:
super relig, love their guns,
live in a compound together.
To be honest with you,
I'm kind of embarrassed
we're even related to 'em.
Me too.
Supes embarrassed.
Now, is this the color
we're going with here?
- Judy picked it.
- Ew.
Well, since she's not
here, maybe we do a veto.
Percy, if this is gonna
be our executive boardroom,
I feel like I'd like my
chair on, like, a platform
or raised or something, just so
I sit taller than those around me.
Ooh, Jesse, that's a really good idea.
- But my chair, too, though.
- Okay, fine.
Percy, can you make our
chairs taller than the rest?
What we're going for here
is that when people come in
to meet, that they feel less.
- Are you writing this down?
- Yes, boss.
Ah, Jesse and Kelvin.
Sorry to interrupt.
- Remodeling, are we?
- Yes, Martin.
Very important church
leaders executive stuff.
Martin, your penis is 22.82
feet away from me right now.
- Okay.
- Martin, what you need?
The ministers from the
church have reached out.
- The ministers?
- Mm.
Percy? [WHISTLES] Get
the fuck out of here.
- Go. Skedaddle.
- Bye, Percy.
Go. Bye. Thanks.
- Which ministers?
- All of them.
They want to have a meeting
with the three of you.
Okay. Well, that could be
normal, right?
Well, they want to make
sure that the church is
headed in the right direction.
And we're supposed to
convince them of that?
As leaders of the church, yes.
That is expected.
- Sick. Sick.
- Cool. Yeah, very cool.
That's what's up. No doubt. For sure.
- Sick.
- Yes, it is sick.
It is also very bad news.
What's up, what's up, Daddy?
[LAUGHS] You got any bites, boy?
Daddy be straight up relaxing.
I am trying to relax, but
people keep bothering me.
Well, we understand you're trying
to get your chill on and catch
fishes, whatever this is here.
And we're not here to ask
you, you know, to do extra work
or to do any hand-holding.
It's just that the
ministers from the church
they'd like to have a sit down.
- What now?
- Martin says they're disgruntled.
Apparently, they liked it better
when you ran the church.
We were just wondering,
Daddy, if maybe, like,
you could talk to them or something.
I'm supposed to be retired.
Well, we understand that,
and I hope you know we are trying
very fucking hard not to
ruin this whole entire thing.
Truth be told, I don't
know how much help I can be.
World's a more cynical place
than when we were coming up.
People are ready to hate
excited to, even.
But the important thing is,
is that you all work this out together.
I'm not always gonna be here.
But Daddy, you're alive right now.
You ain't even drooling yet.
You ain't even squirting
piss against your will.
Come on, Daddy.
Pwetty pwease, with
sugar sprinkles on top?
- Mm?
- Hmm?
CONGREGATION: Power in the blood ♪
There is power, power,
wonder-working power ♪
In the precious blood of the lamb ♪
Would you be free from
your passion and pride? ♪
There's power in the
blood, power in the blood ♪
There is power, there is power ♪
- There is wonder-working power ♪
- Oh, shit.
In the blood, in the
blood of the lamb ♪
There is power, there is power ♪
- There is wonder-working power ♪
- Oh, my God!
- In the precious blood of the lamb ♪
They shot him! They shot him.
- There's power in the blood ♪
Power in the blood ♪
Would you live daily
his praises to sing? ♪
There is wonderful
power in the blood ♪
There is power ♪
- What the heck happened?
- What you think?
We're being fucking raided!
- Get to the safe
- Oh, oh.
- Come here.
- Let's go, go!
Oh, boy. What'd he say?
- Get to the safe house.
- The safe house?
That was fun.
We haven't been to a movie
in I can't remember how long.
Yeah. It was cool having popcorn,
throwing it at people's
heads like we used to.
I feel like lately, we
haven't been on the same page,
but now we're back.
You think we haven't
been on the same page?
No, I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying, like, at various points
in our relationship, we
haven't been on the same page.
But we're good now.
When were we not on the same page?
God, BJ, I'm just
when I was on tour, I
would call you and stuff,
and, like, you barely picked up
'cause you were always at the
Salvation Center, trying to kiss ass.
Lollipop, the time zones
were hard to navigate
while you were on tour.
And I'm not kissing ass
at the Salvation Center.
I'm helping out at a
time when we need it
and becoming a more
dope me in the process.
Fuck, BJ.
I'm not trying to play the blame game.
I'm just stating that,
like, we took a break,
and now it's nice to
spend time together.
You being on tour and me
helping out at the church
is not taking a break
in our relationship.
Oh, my God.
Semantics police.
Please, do not start
spiraling over words right now.
I said it weird. It's no bigs.
You made it sound like we went
through a rocky patch or something.
I didn't say that. You're the one
over here talking about rocky patch.
Okay, I literally said I was away,
and then I came back.
I said two locations.
That's all I said.
The rest is in your twisted mind.
Don't gaslight me, Judy.
You gaslight yourself by being crazy.

It's called a joke, hot stuff.
Come on, dude. Lighten up.
I love you.
You know that.
Come on.
- Okay.
- Okay?

Pa make it?
We made it.
Yeah, I see that.
A lot of fellows didn't.
Why the feds come, Pa?
Don't know. Oh, we were talking,
and, I don't know, thinking
maybe you two could tell us.
Why you asking like that?
- We didn't have nothing to do with nothing.
- Yeah, but
I don't know.
You invited the
Gemstones out for a visit.
No, sir, we didn't. Mama sent 'em.
How would she even know where you were
unless you were still talking to her?
[INHALES SHARPLY] What did we discuss?
She's a liar.
- Yeah.
- Can't be trusted.
- Right.
- And did you listen?
I said, did you listen?
Or did you do what I said
not to do and talk to her?
Ignore me again.

All right, we're gonna
try this a different way.
- Jacob, get over here.
- Why?
Because I said so, Jacob!
That's why. Get over here.
All right. Don't look at me.
Don't get him.
Get off! Hey!
Get off me!
Thank you. Okay.
Now, we're gonna try this again.
If you lie to me,
Jacob here is gonna lose
- the tippy top of his ear.
- What?
- I
- Stop!
Now, did you or did you not
tell the feds where we were?
No, Pa! Honest, we didn't!
Pa, we ain't lying!
- Please!
- Yeah, I don't believe you.
There you go! You see that?
Oh, shit!
Now, you see that?
That was your fault. You caused that.
Got another one.
- No!
- Quiet!
Look, we're gonna do this again.
Don't lie to me, boys, okay?
- Jacob, I am really sorry about that.
- No, no, no!
- Hey, you don't got to do this!
- Stop! Stop!
- Don't!
- Ah!
You are dumber than I thought
you were, stepping to me like that!
I will not be disrespected!
You let go of me!
Ow, fuck! That hurt.
Get that son of a bitch!
Come back here right now! Come back!
Son of a bitch, you
just gon' stand there?
Go get him!
Hey, Granddad. Ready to roll?
I ain't looking for "Speed Racer" here.
I ain't in one of your action movies.
No, sir.
No, of course not.
No action movies today.
Dear Lord, have you been smoking?
It reeks of cigarettes in here.
Have I? No, no.
Gosh, no.
Honestly, off the top of my head,
the only explanation I could think
is that I wore these
clothes to the store recently
and another person
You don't need to lie. I can smell it.
Your grandma used to
smoke. Turn on the air.
Sorry, Granddad. Yeah.
- You're clear.
- All clear? Thanks.
So how's your day going so far?
If you don't mind, I'm
gonna collect my thoughts
before going to meet
with these ministers.
As you should. Yep.
Where are you?
Daddy ain't here yet.
Dude was never late for stuff
like this when he was in charge.
He's doing this on purpose.
It's only five till.
Technically, he's not late yet.
No. He's late.

Just keep the truck running.

Here. Come on, Eli. Quick.
- My God, what happened?
- We got raided.
Pa thinks you all are responsible.
He blamed us. Madder than a wet hen.
Peter's dangerous, Eli.
He's already sent his
goons to question me.
They followed me here
as I was checking in.
They're parked right outside.

Everything okay?
Boy, we got friends
a couple of spaces over from ya.
I want you to leave the
parking lot, drive right by 'em,
go around the block.
There's an alley back behind the motel.
Got it.

Well, if you all aren't gonna speak,
is it okay if we do, then?
[QUIETLY] Daddy ain't coming.
It's time.
We're on our own.
Jesse, what are you doing?
Let's fuck these pastors up.
[LOUDLY] Hey! How's it going, everyone?
Wonderful to see you,
brother and sister pastors.
Thanks for coming out.
Listen, we understand that some of you
are a little nervous about
the change in leadership.
We just want to assure you
that we don't take that personally.
We're not insulted by that.
It doesn't make us want
to physically hurt you or anything.
We just want y'all to really know
that we are just as capable
of running this church
as our mama and daddy.
And because you believed in our parents,
it is now time to believe
in their three children.
Being a part of Gemstone
Church used to be joyous,
felt like a family.
But now, quite frankly,
that spark is gone.
You gotta give the people in
this room something to believe in.
Inspire us.
Let us know that you feel
confident in the future.
All right, easy. Cinch.
Oh, I'm up?
Okay, well
I'm I'm so ready to inspire y'all.
But I'm gonna be generous right now,
throw it to my my little bro, Kelvin.
- I have to be the one to inspire?
- Fucking do it.
All right.
Y'all want to be inspired?
Peep this.
To turn this church around,
it's going to take more than
than just the three of us.
It's gonna take errbody in here:
we, the three, and you.
Okay, what?
I just stumbled upon a
new church chant motto.
Right? We, the three, and you.
Come on, come on. trio:
We, the three, and you.
Chant along. Come on, everybody.
TRIO: We, the three, and you.
Let me hear y'all.
TRIO: We, the three, and you.
- Come on. Come on.
- This is what you got for us?
What's that?
Half the church is
thinking about jumping ship,
and you want to clap hands and rhyme?
You're making us look like fools.
Hey, buddy? Your hairstyle
and your little flavor saver,
that's making you look
like a fool, homes.
Oh, for real, though.
- Very well then.
After 22 years of
service to this church,
the Lord is telling me my time is up.
The Lord is telling me
you're a little baby bitch!
You need to sit your
ass back down right now!
- Jesse, don't swear at him.
- Nah, nah, let him walk.
'Cause you know what?
They fucking suck anyway!
Judy, no! Come on.
Please. Hey, guys, come back.
Come back, please.
- Please, come back!
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
Everyone, just calm down.
Calm down!
Oh, you tell that to them, Martin.
This is embarrassing.
If their mother was still alive,
she would be appalled
by what's happening
- in this church right
- Shut the fuck up about my mama, you asshole!
You wanna do that? All right.
Ow! Ow!
I was on your side!
- Fuck this.
- What is going
Quit! Uh-uh.
Quit it! Quit!

- Yeah!
- Come on!

- Calm down!
- Ow.
- Fuck you!
- We, the three, and you!
We, the three
Shit, they're going everywhere!
No, no, no! Wait!
Choke on this, Linda!

Fuck you! Fuck off!

Suck it! Fuck you!

Come on, boys. Hustle!
Hustle in!
Go, go!

Hit it, Gideon!

Oh, Lord. They spotted us.
Granddad, I'm gonna need your eyes.
You got 'em.
Holy shit.

- Clear on the right side!

I'm a little bit down ♪
Hold on.
I'm a little bit high ♪
Coming up fast!
I feel a bit distant since
you're laying underground ♪
Oh, shit!
Son of a bitch!

I'm a little bit dry ♪
I'm a little bit wet ♪
I pooped a little.
I'm a little bit concerned ♪
With that compost on your breath ♪
I'm a little bit high ♪
I'm a little bit low ♪
- We've got two of 'em now.
- I'm all filled with nonsense ♪
Since you talk so goddamn slow ♪
The field on your right, clear?

They still on us.
Everybody look up! ♪
Are you in love? ♪
Are you free? ♪
Are you alive?
Are you evil? ♪
Are you all alone? ♪
Are you testing it out? ♪
Are you flying solo? ♪


Right side.

Left side.

If you got a move in you

You a hell of a wheel man, Gideon.
Old Walker couldn't have stuck that.
You can keep the gig.
Are you ready to sit by your throne? ♪
Are you ready not to be alone? ♪
Someone's coming to take you home ♪
And if you're ready,
they will carry you home ♪

Are you ready? ♪
People say that he won't come ♪
And I don't know, uh, what say you? ♪
What say you? ♪
And if he should,
will you be the one? ♪
I got a little question
I'd like to ask you ♪
Are you ready to sit by his throne? ♪
Are you ready not to be alone? ♪
Someone's coming to take you home ♪
And if you're ready,
they will carry you home ♪

Are you ready? ♪

Are you ready? ♪

Brothers and sisters, I have many ♪
Struggling along to do their thing ♪
- Do their thing ♪
- Love is a song, it's better than any ♪
It's powerful music
that's easy to sing ♪
Are you ready to sit by the throne? ♪
Are you ready not to be alone? ♪
Someone's coming to take you home ♪
And if you're ready,
they will carry you home ♪

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