The Rockford Files (1974) s02e17 Episode Script

Joey Blue Eyes

I think you know one of our people, Sweet Tooth London? I've met him.
You tried to kill him.
What happened? You tell me, you tell me! I thought you said these guys was creampuffs.
Well, to tell you the truth, con to con, I'd just be lost in a deal like that.
I don't even balance my checkbook too well.
Please, you've got to help him, Mr.
Well, I got to admit what I got in mind is not exactly on the up-and-up but You mean we should hit him? Nothing's changed.
Oh, yes, it has.
You see, we've kidnapped Paulette DiMinna.
I like to do things with just a little more finesse.
So, if you want my help, you're gonna have to put away your brass knucks and do it my way! You kidnapped this girl and you expect me to pay the ransom? $250,000 by midnight.
If you want to wait in the alley, slick, I'll meet you out there in a few minutes.
I'm a spur-of-the-moment guy.
I don't wait in alleys.
You mess with me, you're taking a chance.
You mess with my daughter and you're dead.
This is Jim Rockford.
At the tone, leave your name and message.
I'll get back to you.
Sorry, Jim.
This is for Rocky.
Hey, Rock.
Got that redhead and her sister.
10:30, Macy's Grill.
Who is it? Joey here? No, I'm sorry.
He should be at the restaurant.
Who are you? Who are you? Are you nuts? Come here.
I asked you where Joey was.
You don't have to find him.
He'll find you! This won'th much? Not what it's going to cost you.
What was that again? What? What you just said.
Oh, I thought that while we're at the restaurant, you might like to talk to a friend of mine.
Joey Blue Eyes, who owns the restaurant, 'cause he has a little problem and I thought you might like to help.
That's what I thought you said.
Well, then your hearing's just fine.
Congratulations, Jim.
Joey Blue Eyes? He wouldn't be a hood now, would he? A reformed hood, like you.
His real name is Joseph DiMinna.
We're going to dinner on a date, right? Right.
So what's all this talk about a charity case? I don't want to talk to some guy about his problems.
I got problems of my own.
Well, that's just great, Jim.
And if I do say so myself, a little bit selfish.
I'm a selfish guy.
Well, we have reservations.
If you don't want to talk to Joey, you don't have to.
Before we get to the restaurant, let me tell you a little bit about the problem he has.
Here he comes.
Be nice.
Are you kidding? Take a full-blooded jerk to smart off to anything that big.
Hi, honey.
Hi, Joey.
I hear you done time in Quentin.
Well, thanks.
It's nice to meet you, too.
Like your dinner? Yeah, just great.
You got a nice restaurant here.
Did you tell him? Well, sort of.
I told him you had a problem.
I went into a few details.
Everybody's got problems, Mr.
It's part of the joy of life.
What's he talking about? He's just kidding.
Now listen, pal, Beth here said you can help me, that you done time.
Now, I've been on my own all my life.
I got this here joint, but I'm up to my knees in ain'tight clauses and holding companies that don't hold nothing.
Now, Beth said you can help me and I figure you're an ex-con.
Well, maybe we should parley.
Now, I don't need a comic.
I need a guy who can help me out of this jam.
Well, listen, Mr.
Just call me Joey.
Listen, Joey, what I meant was I'm semi-retired right now.
I like to keep my hand in.
I'll go out and try to find a car to repossess or something like that.
But, what Beth tells me, you've got heavy corporate problems, maybe even a nice, juicy fraud case.
Well, to tell you the truth, con to con, I'd just be lost in a deal like that.
I don't even balance my checkbook too well.
So I think we ought to get our check and just mosey right along, huh? This chicken-hearted creep is the honest John you said could help me? Well, now, be nice, Joey.
Just 'cause I don't want to get messed up Drift, mister.
Get out of my joint! Now, wait a minute.
You heard me.
Well, I'd like it better if you said "please.
" You're gonna rot waiting for that.
Please stop it.
Well, tell this guy to back off.
Joey, please! Mr.
DiMinna, telephone.
It's the hospital, an emergency.
I think you should answer it, sir.
If you want to wait in the alley, slick, I'll meet you out there in a few minutes.
I'm a spur-of-the-moment guy.
I don't wait in alleys.
Well, that was some great macho performance.
Look, Beth, we came here for dinner.
Your friend barges in, 250 pounds of gristle dressed up like Fred Astaire.
What am I supposed to do, just roll over and say, "Please don't hurt me"? Well, I'm sorry.
I don't like him.
I don't want to work for him.
And that's my prerogative.
You're right.
I'll walk.
Now, Beth Let go of my arm, please.
Well, what was I supposed to do? You didn't have to act like some sort of high school dropout who's gonna go get in a fight behind the gym.
All right, I'm sorry.
That was stupid.
You didn't give him a chance.
Taxi, please.
No, no, no.
Get my car.
You're not gonna take a taxi.
Oh, Jim, tell him you're sorry.
Why doesn't he tell me he's sorry? Okay, I'll tell him.
Move! Will you? Well, you got to admit he's just a little hard to talk to.
A new place opened out on the pier.
You want to try their coffee? Thanks.
It's a little late.
For what? For coffee.
Beth, Joey and I don't like each other.
We're not gonna be buddies.
We're not even gonna end up trading baseball cards.
Does it have to spoil the evening? Of course not.
We won't even discuss it.
Why don't you just come right out and say you don't care about anybody but yourself? I don't care about anybody but myself.
That's a rotten thing to say.
Okay, I'll talk to him.
Forget it.
Well, you know something, Beth? It's not all my fault.
He wasrt exactly charming.
Joey used to be a collector for the mob.
He must've broken a lot of bones in his day.
Then about 10 years ago he got caught and they put him in jail.
When he got out, he tried to go straight.
I never saw anybody try so hard.
You, of all people, must know how tough it can be.
Well, about five years ago, when he got out, he decided to go into the restaurant business.
And he got a little place and he made a go of it.
Well, he wanted to expand, so he brought in a partner, a man named Striker.
They signed a lot of contracts set up by Joey's lawyer, a man named Larry Mitchell who, as it turns out, was working under the table for Striker.
They gave Joey 49% of the Slammer restaurants, plus full ownership of the supply companies.
The idea was that in four years Joey would have the option to buy his partners out at a fixed price and own the whole restaurant.
His option date comes up in two days.
Only all of the assets he thought he had turned out to be nothing but paper.
Now they want to franchise the Slammer restaurants.
It's won'th a fortune.
But Joey's partners have it rigged so that he won't be able to exercise his option.
Well, can't you sell the subsidiary companies for anything? Oh, I tried to sell some of them this afternoon to come up with the cash.
It turns out they're all deeply in debt.
In fact, they're in debt to the restaurant itself, which Joey doesn't own controlling interest in.
Now his partners want to foreclose on him to force the debts that they imposed upon him.
And he's gonna lose the whole shebang.
Sounds like he got fleeced pretty good.
If he's a little brusque and angry, maybe you can understand that he's in a lot of trouble.
And And he's about to lose his dream.
Okay, I forgive.
Will you do me a favor? It depends.
Would you talk to Paulette? Who's Paulette? Joey's daughter.
She's a friend of mine.
We went to school together.
Well, that makes more sense.
You're doing it for Paulette, not that overstuffed gorilla.
Jim! I'll meet her.
Okay? I know the law firm.
They're pretty heavy.
But I don't know who she is or why she's involved in Joey's case.
He's got a new lawyer, that's all.
Probably doesn't trust you, Mitchell.
Can't say as I blame him.
So what should I tell her? Just what I pay you for, nothing.
That's a point I've been meaning to bring up, Mr.
I think my retainer should be higher.
We've got a contract with you, Mitchell.
So did Joey.
Say another $1,000 a month? You blackmailing me, Larry? If you want to call it that.
I'll take care of you, Larry.
You can depend on it.
You seen Sweet Tooth? I want to talk to him.
Joey, what are you doing? Joey, wait a minute.
You mess with me, you're taking a chance.
You mess with my daughter and you're dead! Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, Joey.
It wasrt me.
It wasrt me, it was Shep.
I didn't have nothing to do with it.
It was an accident.
So is this.
Doctor Ray.
Doctor Marianne Ray.
Please pick up the house phone.
I just got word from my service when I got home.
Thank God you're all right.
I'm fine, really.
You're Mr.
Rockford? Yeah, Jim.
Does Joey know? He's already been and gone.
Where to? I don't know.
I mentioned a name I heard of one of the men who beat me up, Sweet Tooth, and Dad took off out of here like a train.
Who were they? Who's Sweet Tooth? I haven't the slightest.
Beth, you've got to do something.
Dad can't afford any more trouble.
Did you talk to Mitchell? Mitchell.
Isn't that Joey's lawyer? The one who suckered him into this deal? Turns out he's on Striker's payroll.
$36,000 a year.
So I hit him with a threat of conflict of interest and told him I'd take him to the Bar Association.
What happened? He laughed.
Turns out the law firm has the contract with Striker Industries not Mitchell personally.
Pursuant to.
Pursuant to just more of that fine print wallpaper attorneys play with.
I didn't mean you, Beth.
I know.
Well, what do we do? Well, you need a CPA, not a PI.
We tried that.
Their books are pure fiction.
But by the time I could get it into court, Joey would already have forfeited his option and we'd be out with nothing.
Do you have any ideas, Mr.
Rockford? Oh, Jim doesn't want to help, Paulette.
Why? He doesn't like your father.
Oh, Beth! Beth, I didn't say that.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought that was it.
Please, you've got to help him, Mr.
He needs somebody.
He needs a friend.
Well, I sort of Yes? Hello? Oh, no.
When? Okay.
I'll see what I can do.
You've got to help him.
He's back in jail.
Well, what did you expect me to do? Kiss him? He beat up on Paulette.
You wouldn't understand.
Not assault and battery I don't.
And more than that, you promised to stay cool.
Well, not when it comes to family! Now Sweet Tooth should have known better.
At least he does now.
You got to do that? Old habits.
How did you get into Sweet Tooth for $50,000, anyway? Well, he's a shark! Who else I got collateral with? I didn't ask you that, I asked you why.
Now, what are you, into book or what? I needed the money to pay off Striker.
To pay off, to buy back my own joint.
You didn't mention where you got the money.
Well, does it make a difference? Now, look, do I get out of here or not? It's in the works.
You're just lucky he wouldn't sign the complaint.
Yeah, I'll bet he wouldn't.
Come on, come on, let's shake this place.
Hey, what are you, in a hurry to get back and slap Sweet Tooth around again? If it would help, you're damn right! Right over the side! Joey, it's gonna work out.
Yeah, I've heard that story before! Yeah, well, we've heard your story, too, and it doesn't start with "once upon a time" and the way you're going, it's not gonna end up "they lived happily ever after.
" Now look, Rockford, what are you doing here, anyway? You come here to needle me? What's your story, Rockford? Okay, Joey.
I'll give it to you.
I think you're nothing but a skull crusher who slings hash on the side.
If you got a problem, the only way you can figure out is to lay somebody up.
Jim, stop it.
No, no, Beth, let me finish.
I never wanted in on this thing and if I'm gonna go along, I got to tell Mr.
Blue Eyes how it's gonna play.
I have a certain style in this kind of thing.
It doesn't include hospitalization.
I like to do things with just a little more finesse.
So if you want my help, you're gonna have to put away your brass knucks and do it my way! You got a lot of guts, Rockford.
Nobody ever talked to me like that.
Well, if I'm gonna go along, it's gonna cost you $200 a day plus expenses starting last night.
You're free to go.
You can pick up your personal effects at Property, main building.
Okay, Rockford.
I'll play it your way.
Where do we go from here? Well, the first thing you do is put your hands in your pockets and you keep them there.
Then what? Then we go talk to Sweet Tooth London.
It don't matter, dummy.
You know, he's gonna get his someday.
Don't worry about it.
Shep, always business first, right? I could take care of him.
All right.
Now wait a minute, Joey.
Everything's fine.
I dropped all the charges, now you know that.
Prizes come in the Cracker Jack boxes.
I want to talk to you.
Now hold it, Joey.
Let me talk to him in private first, okay? Wait for me here? You, too, pal.
Stay here and keep him company.
I'm Jim Taggart.
Joey's lawyer.
I think maybe I got a deal for you.
We got no deal that I can see.
That guy's into me for a bundle of $50,000.
And I've gone far enough not nailing him for 10 to 20.
Ah, well, that's real big of you.
Of course, it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that he couldn't pay you back if he was in jail.
Go ahead and talk.
I got to work.
Yeah, I just want you to lend Joey another $200,000.
You're a funny man! Well, Joey owes you $50,000.
And if he loses the restaurant, you're left eating it.
Yeah, maybe.
And maybe if you loan him the money, he regains control of the restaurant and the profits, and he pays you back.
I don't back horses with heart conditions, pal.
If he goes broke, you're left with the short end of nothing.
Not me.
The people I got to answer to that, they don't like shakedowns unless they're shaking.
You tell that to Joey for me and for them.
If he don't get it up by Friday, he's gone.
And so is his daughter.
Well, who's pushing you into anything? You're the one that said he could do it.
I said it because you're always coming on like you were in a foxhole with me in Anzio.
I'm always owing you a favor 'cause you saved my life.
I don't even want you to consider that.
Look, I did what I had to do for a friend.
The only time my life needs saving is when I get mixed up with you.
Let me ask you something.
Why do I have to be the one to go into the pit? Comes to con, you're the champion.
Well, you're right there.
But, you know, you've got experience.
You've been a book.
Numbers, Jimmy, numbers! Now, guys into booking, that's a whole other thing! Ain't no respectability.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
Except you've got the right attitude.
You know, that's the important thing.
Attitude, my ear! Why don't you go in and give Striker some of that grease! Well, if I could, believe me, Angel, I would.
But, I've got to keep a free hand in case this thing doesn't work.
Now that's fantastic! Never mind about your hand, what about my head? Come on, Angel, this is Wall Street, not Main Street.
Worse that could happen to you is somebody maybe stab you with a pen.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Just keep chewing.
What if this Striker doesn't buy it? Well, then say thank you and give him a line on the Dow Jones.
But don't mention my name.
Right behind me, huh, Lieutenant? Go on.
Is that it? Yes, thank you.
Muriel, send Mr.
London in.
London? Good to see you.
This is Mr.
How do you do? Hey, it's a pleasure.
You're an associate of Joey DiMinna's, I understand.
I wouldn't give him the time to die.
But he owes me $50,000, which he gave to you.
Really? What kind of business are you in, Mr.
London? I'm a banker.
20% per week.
A shylock, you mean.
We all do business like we can, don't we? And I admire your style.
Now, Mr.
London, you said when you phoned for this appointment that you That I could save you some money.
And I can.
Now you see, Joey's into me for $50,000 plus interest.
My money, which he paid to you for the first option on his restaurant.
Now, he gave me all the details under some pressure, I will admit.
Well, now, let me make one thing clear.
Where Mr.
DiMinna got his money to pay off the option is of no concern to this corporation.
There is no legal Hey, don't waste my time with that New Jersey dialogue, partner! I got attorneys and accountants, too.
You see, Joey gave me the quick story.
He said that he needed $50,000 to beat off the wolves.
Normally, he's a tuna, so I give it to him.
$50,000! Now what you think? He don't pay back, he comes back and he says he needs $200,000 more.
And if I don't cough, he chokes.
And so do I.
So you want $200,000 from me.
Your interest rates have gone up.
Times are rough.
$200,000 for what? So that I don't lay the same zeroes off on Joey.
See, I give him the $200,000 he wants, he gives it to you and you're out.
Now what do you figure those new franchise restaurants are won'th? Joey mentioned the sum of about $8 million wrapped up into them already, so I figure, what's another $200,000? You make a present of it to me, and I get lost.
You're in and he's out.
I'm prepared to make you a counter-offer.
Well, maybe I didn't make the point clear enough.
It's terribly clear.
I'm not interested.
Good day, Mr.
I said, good day.
Burt, I don't like this.
If they lend Joey the money, he'll pay us off and we're out.
It's a bluff! There are too many "ifs.
" If they were that smart.
If they even had it to begin with.
It's a wonder he didn't ask me to validate his parking ticket.
Still, it doesn't hurt to make sure.
This is Mr.
Is Gannon around? Well, get him.
Hurry up.
I didn't mean it that way.
That's just not good business.
It's not smart.
Stick to your books.
I'll run the company.
Gannon? There's something I want you to do.
What happened? You tell me, you tell me! I thought you said these guys was creampuffs! Well, nobody's perfect, Angel.
You got me in some trouble, Jimmy.
Aw, Angel, it's not that bad.
You got me in some trouble and I ain't listening to any "Aw, Angel" or anything like that.
Now what I'm doing is I'm telling you you got to get me out.
Those guys are looking to dust me.
And I'm telling you I don't want to be dusted.
I'd hate to die just yet.
Really hate it.
I'll look into it.
Yeah, I'd appreciate it.
Now let's get out of here.
Pop! All right.
All right.
So I'm cool.
Now look, Rockford, I've been hoping to make it as polite as you and Beth.
But so far, nobody is hitting like Joe DiMaggio.
We just haven't turned it around yet, that's all.
Day after tomorrow is Friday.
Did you give Dominic another raise? Well, he's a good kid.
Besides, he's getting married! Look, this is all very nice, but it's not gonna help us out with this thing.
People have to get paid, even if we're not around.
You know, talk about laying down, it seems to me I've been paying you for a lot of time's won'th that's going absolutely nowhere! All your tap-dancing has got us is a promise from Sweet Tooth and Striker to pipe us! Yeah.
Well, now you got a friend of mine in your spotlight.
Your friend Angel? Yeah.
I'm sorry that had to happen.
Well, the only reason he's in trouble is 'cause I made the mistake of picking up on your case! Well, tell him to wrap it! And you, too! Well, all right.
You just point me to the right hole! You're the expert! Now look, Rockford Do it, by God! Go ahead, do it! Kill each other! Well, I'm sorry, honey.
It's my fault, I guess.
You're telling me like your mama, but I just don't listen.
Hey remember what your mama used to say, the only thing I could get into my ears are knuckles.
I'm sorry, Rockford.
You didn't want in and I guess you tried.
Yeah, just not enough, I guess.
Well, it never is enough.
They break your back.
They tell you, "You should try harder.
" You should walk straight with a broken back! I never asked for anything special.
I made mistakes.
I paid for my county shoes.
Total nine years, ever since I was 14.
Pretty dumb, right? It's all dumb.
Playing by the rules that don't mean what they say.
Well, maybe that's what we're doing wrong.
So far all we've given them is words, and the only thing they really care about is what's written on the bottom line.
Paulette, didn't you say that the restaurant, all the contracts, everything are in your name, right? Well, you know how it is.
When you're in prison they teach you how to make license plates, when they let you out, they won't let you have one.
Pop's got a felony record, and if you want a liquor license, owner of name's got to be clean.
That's why I'm the real boss.
Right, Pop? The one and only.
Not like your mama, though.
Don't worry.
We'll get by.
Thanks for your help, Jim.
And I'm sorry that we both got a little emotional.
Now all we've got to do is, we got to get Striker down out of that fancy office and into the street.
You mean we should hit him? Well, just enough to make him hit back.
Oh, Jim Well, not real muscle.
No, it's just Well, I got to admit, what I got in mind is not exactly on the up-and-up, but it might get your restaurant back.
It just might.
Oh, am I glad that's over.
There won't be any problem, Burt, believe me.
Once you have clear title on the restaurant, we'll give you every extension on those loans possible.
Good, then you can look for me when you open your doors at 10:00 tomorrow.
Listen, I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you're doing for us.
You're gonna get a lot of our business.
How about a drink? I better not.
I'm running late.
Thanks for the game.
Oh, thank you.
Hi, Burt.
How's your back swing? Too fast.
How you doing? Oh, all right.
You don't remember me, do you? Sure.
No you don't.
You never met me before.
I'm Jim Taggart.
I called your office this morning for an appointment, they told me you were out here.
What is it you're selling, Mr.
Taggart? My company, Burt, in a manner of speaking.
Of course, you got to understand that, we're not on the exchange or anything like that, but when it comes to cash flow, we're in a lot better shape than your company.
I think you know one of our people, Sweet Tooth London? I've met him.
Yeah, you sure have.
You tried to kill him.
Taggart, I run a very legitimate business here.
So, if you don't mind So do we.
You see, I'm an accountant.
I know all your facts and figures.
Including the fact that the banks are breathing down your neck.
That was Bill Evans, the Vice President of Home National, wasrt it? So you see, I know that if you don't walk into his bank tomorrow with lock and stock on Joey's restaurant, they're gonna wipe you out.
Taggart, if you're looking to embarrass me, I'm sure you can.
But what I told your Mr.
London still goes.
Nothing's changed.
Oh, yes, it has.
You see, we've kidnapped Paulette DiMinna.
Next up please.
Limmering, Mr.
Frank, Mr.
Jenovan, Mr.
O'Brien Mr.
Taggart, I'm afraid you've been misled.
Apparently so, into believing that you're as smart as you think you are.
So I'll do it by the numbers.
Paulette DiMinna signs all the checks, all power of attorney is vested in her.
If she turns up missing and there's just a hint of foul play.
One thing I don't have to tell you is how slow the legal system can be.
That's to protect the innocent, of course.
It could be months, years before the courts give you clear title.
But then again, I guess I'm just wasting your time.
I'm sure the banks and Mr.
Evans will be very patient with you.
You kidnap this girl and you expect me to pay the ransom? What do you think's going to happen when I bring the police in? Oh, well, they'll believe you, of course.
Just like the banks.
Well, you have no interest in the girl.
That was a very big pie to slice.
All we're interested in is our $50,000 investment plus interest.
I thought it was $200,000? Well, time is money.
$250,000 by midnight.
I can reach you at your office? Good.
I appreciate that! Dr.
Howard Burr, you have a message at the clubhouse.
If he's kidnapped the girl, he can pull it off.
We can't close our financing without the papers signed.
You don't seriously believe him, do you? But he just said Look, look, Joey knows we can't complete the deal without Paulette.
So he cooks up this phony kidnapping scheme with this Taggart.
They stash Paulette in a motel somewhere, then he has this character come out here and lay this smoke job on me, and I'm supposed to lay $250,000 on them.
You mean it's a con? It's got to be.
Listen, I want you to get up to the clubhouse and get Gannon.
Have him tail this Taggart right now before he gets away.
He's gonna lead us to Paulette eventually, and when he does, we'll simply step in and borrow the girl until we sign the restaurant off.
Well, get moving.
And still champ, Joey Blue Eyes! They could use that thing as a jackhammer.
Well, yours ain't exactly peanut butter, you know.
It's been a long time, old buddy.
Hey, things must be going pretty good at that restaurant, huh? Well, I'm trying.
Oh, I better be getting back.
Hey, Fred, could you get me those blueprints or maps, whatever you call them? Sure.
It's no problem.
I know this guy in the engineering department.
Well, I need them right away.
What's the rush? Joey, what are you into, anyway? Hey, Fred, when I did favors for you in the joint I know.
You don't ask why.
I'll pick them up in an hour, huh? How long does Mr.
Striker want me to tail this guy? As long as it takes.
Striker says he'll lead us to the girl eventually.
Where is he now? He's in a restaurant.
I'm parked out in front.
Well, stay on him.
I'll be here.
Joey, no! Joey, no.
Where is she? Where is she? Tell me where's Where's Paulette? Joey, don't.
Put that thing away! Taggart! No, Joey.
Where is she? No, no, no.
Where's Paulette? Joey, don't! Don't do that! Joey! Taggart! Yeah.
You ain't gonna believe this, Mr.
What is it? What happened? I don't think Taggart was working with Joey Blue Eyes.
I'm sure of it.
What's wrong? I'm parked in front of a restaurant.
All of a sudden, Joey comes screeching up, goes inside, a couple of minutes later he and Taggart come out having this big beef.
Suddenly Joey pulls a gun and shoots him dead.
What? That's right.
It happened not 30 feet away from me.
He nailed him, Mr.
Can't be.
I'm telling you I saw it.
Now, he must have been giving it to you straight, Mr.
He must have kidnapped Joey's daughter.
And you know Joey's temper.
He found out about it and he shot Taggart.
All right.
All right.
Get ahold of Barrow.
Tell him we're gonna have to get the $250,000 ready.
Taggart's dead.
Who you gonna deal with? He wasrt working alone.
But, Mr.
Striker Shut your damn mouth and do as I tell you! Well, there's a good shirt and a good coat on the expense account.
Hey, Joe, I got to tell you! You were great.
I thought you actually wanted to kill me.
Hey, you know, that's the first time I ever really scratched a guy.
Really? Hey, how about it, Angel? Isn't it about time yet? I don't know, Jimmy.
I think we ought to sweat him a couple more hours.
Come on, Angel, you're not gonna get hurt.
Well, I know that.
I just think it's a little early yet.
Hey, Angel, you punking out? Me? Me punking out! What, are you kidding? Well, good.
I'm actually looking forward to this.
All right.
Come on.
Let's get on the phone.
I don't I don't have the number, Jimmy.
It's right here.
Come on, Angel.
There's the number, there's the phone.
Thank you, Jimmy.
Hello, this is Sweet Tooth London.
I'm sure you remember me, Mr.
I understand that you talked with Mr.
Taggart this afternoon? That's right.
We are ready to make a deal, Mr.
Taggart had a little accident.
We figured maybe you arranged it.
What? What are you talking about? Well, the price goes up with every failure, Mr.
Now, that's a very sound economic principle which I like to observe whenever possible.
I didn't kill him.
Come on, what are you What do you think I am, anyway? Well, I'd rather not get into that just yet.
All right.
You have the girl, I have the cash.
Where do you want to make the drop? Okay.
There's a litter box in the park at the end of East Adams, You put the money in the box and you clear out.
In a litter box? As soon as you've put the $250,000 in the box and we get it out safely, we'll drop the girl off at Joey's restaurant.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Are you expecting us to deliver first? Supply and demand, isn't that the way it works? All right.
All right.
London, you must understand that raising this amount of cash on such a short notice is Midnight! He bought it? Yeah.
They'll make the drop and then try and kill us when we make the pickup.
Oh, that's a real good deal.
Oh, I knew you'd like it, Angel.
I don't want any slip-ups, you understand? I want that litter box covered from every angle.
Burt, there's no real need for any violence.
All we've got to do is catch them.
We make sure the girl is safe and then we just turn them over to the police.
Oh, fine.
That's wonderful.
Just great.
All that nice publicity.
Give our investors a great deal of confidence in us.
All right, then we'll just drop it.
I mean, once we take title tomorrow, there's nothing else they can do.
Yes, Muriel.
The man from the bank is here, sir.
Send him in.
Ed, you have to understand how these kind of people work.
We have to give them a show of force.
And I hope that's all.
Thank you very much.
That'll be all.
I'm sorry, sir, the bank has a policy.
I have to stay here until you count it.
All right.
There's $250,000 here.
Sign for it, Ed.
All right.
Forget it.
Forget it, we don't have time.
Where'd you pull it, anyway? From the Employee Tax Reserve.
And it's got to be back in there before Monday.
Don't worry.
It'll be back.
Get your coat.
It's gonna be cold tonight.
You see anything, Fulton? Just that car went past.
This is a long way's away.
Yeah, well, it's the easiest route.
Be careful.
Better believe it.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Here comes somebody.
This must be it.
I don't know.
Just seems to be some guy looking for some empties.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Don't do anything yet.
Hold on.
I don't like it.
Hit him! Hold it right there! Don't you move.
Hey, I'm sorry.
Honest, I didn't know it was yours.
I got other cans.
There's cans all over town.
All right.
Where's the girl? Where's London? Where are they? Look, I told him I did.
I said he can keep it.
Look, I'm not trying for trouble.
I'm just looking for a taste.
Burt, Burt, we're home free! I just got word from Phil watching the restaurant! They dropped off the girl! I don't get it.
They didn't even pick it up.
Well, what about him? He's a wino! Didrt have brains enough to check this litter box out in the first place.
It's over a manole.
He stood there with waiting arms! Don't you understand? You threw our money down the sewer! Come on.
Let's go.
We really did it, honey.
Rockford, you are beautiful! What's the matter? Don't you want to dance? Oh, no, no.
I need a shower first.
It was a little grimy down there.
I still don't understand where the money came from.
The money? Money? Right, the money.
Where did you get the $250,000? Well, I'll tell you what we did.
We set up Striker with a kidnapping and sold it to him with a phony murder.
What we did, Beth, was we convinced Striker he should make a donation to Joey.
That's all.
That's all.
You conned him.
Yeah, kind of.
Kind of my foot! We had him cleaned and pressed.
Hung him out to dry.
I saw him killed, Mr.
Shut up.
We're closed for the evening.
Can't you read the sign? I'm an owner, remember? I come in here as I please.
Well, we'll take care of that.
Beth, give him his check and the option to sign.
You got my money, Joey.
You think I'm gonna let you pick up your option with it? I don't know what you're talking about.
You and Taggart.
Jim Rockford.
Whatever it is, I owe you one.
We have drawn up a check for $250,000 and this is the signed option.
If you will initial the places I have checked and endorse this notarization, I think that will conclude our transaction.
Except we'll need all of the accounting records and tax files.
You think I'm gonna sign over this place, you're crazy.
We don't have any choice, Burt.
Unless you'd like us to sue you for your entire net won'th.
I'm not through with you, you know.
Hey, slick, maybe I'm not through with you.
Did you ever think of that? You know, Rockford, I've done things the hard way all my life.
You're okay, Rockford.
You got style.
Come on, Papa, let's dance.
Yeah, he's got style.
But you still need a shower.