The Rockford Files (1974) s05e07 Episode Script

A Three-Day Affair With a Thirty-Day Escrow

You were kidnapped by the Arabs.
They were hot to get their hands on a young woman, Khedra Aziz.
And I don't think they wanted to elect her Miss El Monte.
I am already dead.
You're not going to call the police, are you? We're just going to get in deeper.
Deeper is when you withhold evidence, Einstein.
It is not your place to speak unless you are spoken to.
What do I get for contempt of court? A bug down my shirt? Death is punishment for such thing.
ROCKFORD This is Jim Rockford.
At the tone, leave your name and message.
I'll get back to you.
Rockford? Alice, Phil's Plumbing.
We're still jammed up on a job, so we won't be able to make your place.
Use the bathroom at the restaurant one more night.
Rockford, first, if we have caused you inconvenience, apologies.
Inconvenience? Are you serious? I get yanked out of my bed at gunpoint, told to forget about my clothes, it's 3:00 in the morning Inconvenience, huh? Doctors say I should not be walking around in late hours.
My bad luck is angina pectoris.
Rockford, sir, you worked some weeks ago for a man named Seen Innes? It's pronounced Shawn.
Oh, now, hey Hey, look, look, I I run a small one-man detective agency.
I I don't offer the services that all the big companies offer.
I really have to work at what I do offer, like client confidentiality.
Hasan Al-Qawari has not gone to bed yet, has he? If he's free, have him to come in here, please.
We have here one of your bills, charging Mr.
Innes for three days missing persons work.
We believe you were searching for a woman named Khedra Aziz.
It's so, isn't it? All right, none of this is worth getting my neck broken over.
Look, Innes told me that he spent a ski weekend with Khedra up in Mammoth and she cleared out and took his jewelry, luggage, skiwear.
Hey, now I can't help it, that's what he told me.
Said she had some friends up in the Arabic community in San Francisco.
I went up there, checked around, no go.
Somebody said that she might have flown to Nice.
She never arrived at the Nice.
I'm not her travel agent.
This must be settled.
We must know for sure.
I don't blame you, lady.
Hi, Officer.
Officer, I I can explain.
Officer, I was Could you give me a lift home? Lieutenant, if I may, why would Jim make this up? Let's look at this rationally.
No, no, you look at it if you want to, Becker.
It means entering the world of gonzo logic.
Now that's just some trip I don't want to take.
Life's too short.
All right, forget about what they did to me, huh? They were hot to get their hands on a young woman, Khedra Aziz.
And I don't think they wanted to elect her Miss El Monte.
Suppose she's in danger? Oh, the old "woman in jeopardy" routine.
It's 4:30 in the morning.
Will you get off my wire, Rockford? You know, I think you were just tossed out of some house in Bel-Air.
And you! Who, me? Yes, I don't ever want to be bothered by any of his flaky cop-outs ever again.
How do you get suckered into these things? But Never mind! Never mind.
A lot of homes in Bel-Air have tried to ape the French architectural quality.
To me, most of them just don't make it.
Now this one's a true Loire Valley château.
Could have been designed by Bruant or Mansart.
Yes, but it wasn't, Mr.
It was designed by Ben Kopka.
He also designed mummies' tombs for Aha! Well, you've researched the plot plans down at the Department of Building and Safety.
Thank God.
You know, there's nothing worse to us real estate agents than schlepping through a property with a client who's a babe in the woods.
That's why I use the copter.
It gives the big view before we get into the noisome specifics.
Really? I thought the chopper might be an affectation.
Let me speak frankly, Mr.
Now, I can understand your not wanting to tell me who you represent.
I can understand the need for anonymity in a transaction like this.
I can understand because I've been there many, many times.
Now, I've sold homes to a lot of very, very famous people and I I know what happens.
It gets out.
So I understand how you feel, you see.
Charo, for example, wants to move to Bel-Air.
Well, first thing you know, it causes a great furor and the lady, the star, gets zero privacy.
So, I know exactly how you feel.
You've done business with Charo? Oh, just an example, just an example.
Charo, Gregg and Cher, when they were still together, Ringo Starr, Liza, Barbra All major, major people.
No offense, Mr.
Margulies, but there are names and there are names.
Oh, not really.
I'm sorry, but I can't really tell you who I'm working for.
Oh, absolutely.
I only wanted you to know.
But, you ask me personally, if three-five is a fair price.
It's a divorce thing.
The owner is motivated.
It may be $40,000 or $50,000 too high, but that's what? The grace notes? Well, my employer would probably tell you it took her many, many long years to accumulate Absolutely.
I It took "her"? I did let something slip, didn't I? I suppose in this area, it's just as important who buys a house as well as how much they pay.
Not really.
What is a house actually? What are we talking about after you've stripped away all the tchotchkes? Enclosed space.
Yeah, that's why That's why Sean told me he liked working for you.
It's the sane atmosphere.
Sean? Sean Innes.
I met him at Aspen last year.
I've known Sean Innes socially.
He's a very nice man, but he doesn't work for me.
That's strange.
He specifically said he did.
He showed me a payroll check during a blackjack game.
Someone's laboring under a misapprehension.
Sean's a writer, a fine one, too.
I don't know how I could have misunderstood him.
I've been trying to get in touch with him since I got to town, but he's gone from his apartment.
You might know where I could reach him? No, not really.
What are your first impressions of the place? I mean, are the juices right? Because before we go inside and waste everybody's time on details, I think we should all know if we're in the ballpark.
What, the inside of the house is now a detail? Well, let me see.
I think you can say we're in the ballpark.
It's large enough to allow for a security staff.
And the two children want California, especially Caroline.
Lamont, let's speak frankly.
Are we talking here about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis? Now, I didn't say that and you'd do well not to repeat anything you've heard here today.
It's like you said, you've dealt with the very, very famous.
It's no big deal.
I don't think I'd be speaking out of school if I said to you that those names I mentioned before are just chicken liver.
I mean, what is show business fame? Forget it! I mean, I think that you I mean, she could trust me implicitly.
And absolutely.
Oh, absolutely, I'm sure.
Evening, Mr.
Hey, look at this.
I found a.
38 in your cookie jar.
I hope you didn't spoil your appetite on sweets.
Say, look, Mr.
Rockford, it has been bandied about that you're looking for Sean Innes.
I am here to find out why is how come I'm here.
You You won't mind if I get up off my floor, will you, Mr.
Ludes? Yeah, well, look, I'll tell you what happened, really.
You see, sometimes Pls are hired by lawyers executing wills.
Now, I'm not warranting that Mr.
Innes is going to come into any money, but then I wouldn't rule that out either.
You see, in a case like this You are stalling for time, and boy, that really frosts me! Oh, hey, buddy, do you have any idea of your strength, huh? Hey, look, I'm not going to rankle you anymore, I promise, I promise.
I'm going to give you the whole straight dope.
Look, Innes hired me to do some work for him.
Well, he He wanted me to find somebody.
I don't know what Okay, pal.
Okay, how do you like the champagne, huh? Festive, huh? All right, who sent you? What's the story? Let me go, mister! Let me up! I'll kill you! I'm not telling you nothing! Oh, really? Let me see now.
"Malibu homeowner shoots intruder.
"Eight-foot picnic ham shot and killed "while breaking into a trailer illegally.
"The police" All right, all right.
Sean had me come over.
Oh, well, isn't he a sweetheart? Now where is he? Where is Up on Angelo Drive.
He's up there with some broad.
I think he's hiding out.
Look, he give me a couple of Thai Sticks if I come over and check you out.
Some real estate buddy has told him that you was looking for him and Sean got scared.
Oh, he doesn't know what scared is.
All right, Mr.
Ludes, you're going to spend the night as a guest of the County of Los Angeles.
I'll get you for this, dude.
I swear, man, I promise with my last breath, you're gonna wish you'd never seen me 'cause I'm gonna see a lawyer about this cork in the eye thing.
And you're gonna be looking at one hell of a personal injury suit.
Oh, yeah.
I Well, I thought you were the carpool for my daughter's school.
Yeah, I'm Carl Purdue.
Is Sean Innes around? He called me late last night.
He wanted me to bring some books and stuff to him.
Yeah, he's out there someplace.
Come on in.
I know it's early.
I'm sorry to get you out of bed.
There is precious little reason to stay in bed around here.
Angelina? Angelina! Want some agua del cool, huh? How about it? Now, wait a minute.
Wait a minute! What is with you, Innes? You're really something, you know? You know? We're basically strangers, then I get dragged out of my bed, and I worry about the fact that you might have been killed, so what do I get for thanks? You send some bozo over to bash my head in.
All right.
Now, listen, I don't blame you for wanting to get to your anger.
I mean, I handled it wrong sending Ludes over there.
I know he's unpredictable.
I just really wanted to find out why you were looking for me.
I didn't want him to get into your space.
Yeah, well, you start explaining the Arab problem or I'll get into your space in a big way.
I wish I knew more about it, Jim.
Really I do.
They got to me first.
They busted into my apartment.
Talk about violence.
I mean, I didn't get a word out when one of them took his fist and he smashed it into my face.
I managed to run out, you know, but But my nasal septum is damaged.
My nose is full of packing.
So you squirrel away up here where everybody's wearing linen instead of clothes.
All right, all right.
Let's start with you and Khedra Aziz.
Who is she to you really? Boy.
Oh, boy Okay.
Khedra was a housekeeper at a place, you know, where I used to play tennis.
Our interchanges were unusual for me vis-à-vis a woman.
A relationship was forming.
We really started to see where we could share some space.
Are you telling me that you fell in love? With a housekeeper? Is that what you're trying to say? Ah, love I mean, I can't deal with that.
Why the story about Khedra ripping you off, huh? Well, as our feelings intensified, she became frightened.
I guess the honesty got to be too much.
She took off.
And I was afraid that you wouldn't want to You wouldn't want to track her down, you know, I mean if you knew that she took off on her own.
And how right you were.
How right you were.
Now that I see what the situation here up in Happy Acres is, who could blame me, huh? You see, that's why I don't involve myself in domestic cases.
There's always a lady in a sheet around somewhere.
Now, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Miriam and I work together.
We raise money for the Film Institute.
When she heard I was having difficulty, she invited me to stay here.
Women respond to me.
I don't know why.
I used to question it, I don't anymore.
You know, I just go with it.
Well, you're a good-looking guy, the soulful eyes, the whole bit.
But I think, really, it's that That honesty.
Oh, Angelina, Angelina.
You want something, Rockford? Hold it, Angelina.
Now you listen, boychick.
There is a routine around here and things go on in the a.
Where the hell do you think you are, the bloody Hotel Eden Roc or something, ordering steak and eggs and champagne yet? Listen, I'm not feeling very well.
You're not feeling well? Well, after two nights with you, neither am I.
Now you pack up and get out.
Miriam, hey, you're not serious? Serious? Serious? Buddy, I am grim.
Out! You're embarrassing me.
Out! You can leave with me.
We can go over to the house where Khedra works, if we can get a line on her.
Oh, no, no.
I can't go over there.
I Innes, I'm tired of being in trouble because of you.
You go pack or I'll unpack your nose.
All right.
Khedra's brother? Are you sure? He looked lethal.
And rich.
About Miriam, you know, it was pure physical depletion that caused that problem she was talking about.
That's never happened to me before and probably never happen again.
The truth is I've been battling this insidious case of mononucleosis these past weeks.
I should see my doctor.
Yeah, well, when illness interferes with your work, you should.
I've seen that notebook you have.
How many broads with money do you have on the hook, exactly? You make it sound mechanical.
I answer basic human needs, caring, affection.
Oh, I do feel sick.
Would you like a second opinion? Fear is what causes that lack of steam.
It's hard to get excited about old Miriam when you keep picturing yourself hanging upside down while some Arab's picking your teeth.
Emotions never affect my performance.
A real trooper, huh? This is cute.
Khedra worked here? It's the same mausoleum that I toured with your friend Margulies.
So? So? My coincidence meter is redlined and you've got sweat on the top of your lip.
Why did Margulies deny you worked for him? Well, well, I I think it's all going to come out in the wash anyway.
And soon.
Oh Wait a minute, what are you doing? You're not going to call the police, are you? We're just going to get in deeper.
Deeper is when you withhold evidence, Einstein.
Sergeant, please.
Dennis, this is Jim.
You better get up where I'm at, A man's been killed.
Right, I understand what you're saying.
Well, there's nothing I can do about it.
Becker, who handles something like this? Would it be ballistics or forensics? I just spoke with Cummings at ballistics, and he wants some kind of a ruling on it.
Oh, brother.
Okay, Rockford, out in the foyer.
Listen, Becker, what is this about the victim being a sheik from the Arab Democratic Republic? He's a sheik all right.
He owns this place.
His name is Mohamed Farhud Aziz.
Anything ringing upstairs, Lieutenant? Yeah, Rockford, yeah.
You claimed you were kidnapped by the Arabs.
Well, we'll get to you in a minute.
Yeah, well, get to this.
The woman they were looking for, her name, as I told you, was Khedra Aziz.
That was her name? Who's in charge here? Deputy Chief Gorman? There is somebody in charge? Right here, sir.
Brief me, Chapman.
Well, sir, apparently it seems that the victim was also the owner of this residence, approximately Becker, the hard data, please.
The ME says the cause of death appears to be a skull fracture apparently resulting from cranial impact with a blunt instrument, to wit, a glass swordfish figurine.
Best estimate, he's been dead since about midnight last night.
Witnesses? Negative.
I spoke to the butler at his home.
He's on his way down.
He said that the victim was going through a divorce and the wife is not present in the residence.
He also said the household staff and security were given the night off last night by the victim.
Who found the body? I did.
Jim Rockford.
I'm a PI.
There was another man with me.
His name is Sean Innes, but he took off.
Thank you, Mr.
Rockford, I'll fill the chief in.
He's interested in this case primarily because of the Doug, let him finish.
Well, the fact is I was working on a case involving the dead man's wife, Khedra Aziz.
I was kidnapped.
I reported it, but at the time it was just a big yuk.
I got no action.
Who yuked? Lieutenant Chapman, rather than go into all this just now, why don't you submit to me in writing a report of what happened and why the complaint wasn't filed? Yes, sir.
What are you gonna do? It goes with the lieutenant's shield that you take the flak for everybody down the line.
You own all the flak, Chapman, and you know it.
Lieutenant Becker, I don't want you to worry.
We're still going to break this case.
Now take Vincent, get over to the Bellagio Hotel, pick up the Arabian contingent.
If you'd have done that the other night, the little guy with the archery set might still be alive.
Lieutenant, if I may, maybe now is not the time to make that move, what with all the pressure and secrecy from the top.
Becker, my job is to solve homicides! Now this guy Innes, if he's a friend of yours, I think I should tell you that he looks best for this murder.
He ran away from the scene, right? But we're gonna nail him.
Yeah, well, he's not a friend of mine, but he ran away in my car, so be careful with the nails.
Angelina! Angelina! Oh, Jim, listen, hey Sean, you know what? I'm going to do something I've never done before.
Usually, I like to talk to a guy first, but with you, I'm going to rap you right in the mouth.
Now, now.
There, there, there, there.
Now maybe I can talk to you without getting all riled up, huh? Well, not as riled up.
Really, really, I'm sorry I ran out on you, Jim.
I didn't know what else to do.
The cops would have traced me.
I tell you, Jim, I tell you, I'm at the end of my tether.
Yeah, here, here.
Miriam would only let me stay this time on the condition that I do the housework, that I change the bottled water and I clean the pool.
Oh, from stud to schlepper.
That's tragic.
Of course, we're both in deep trouble, Innes.
Look, I don't think you killed Aziz, but the cops do.
So you're gonna have to start talking about the affair you had with Aziz's wife.
It looks bad, real bad.
I really am a fraud, you know, Jim? Yeah.
I don't know why I'm acting this way.
I I haven't even told my shrink about it, you know.
But I've been hiding out, both in fact and in my emotions.
I've been hiding out from myself.
It's almost like I was I was Let's talk about the troubles outside your head, huh? That's where all my problems are.
I mean, just let me Let me get a couple aspirin.
My My I don't feel well.
I'm going to level with you, Jim.
I'm very good with women, you know.
Now, look, why does a house come on the market? Change, right? Death, new job, divorce.
Well, sometimes if Cy Margulies wanted to sell a particular house and that house showed no signs of coming on the market, why, he'd do what he could to create a climate of change.
Are you telling me that he creates divorces? Well, sometimes he would create a situation for a couple whereby divorce follows.
That's why he uses only women real estate agents, attractive ones.
I mean, they make the moves on the husband, then get him into the sack, and before you know it, divorce court.
Oh, that's why the Aziz mansion came up for sale.
No, see, the Aziz thing was atypical.
When Aziz hit Bel-Air from the old country, he blew a few circuits.
He was like a kid in a candy store.
Partying all the time, sleeping around.
Where do you fit in? Margulies already had a climate for divorce in the Aziz case.
But in spite of what Aziz was doing, Khedra wouldn't divorce him.
See, she was caught up in that transition period between old-style Moslem wife and contemporary woman.
No matter what the husband does, divorce is out of the question.
You sit home, you wait for your man.
Well, Cy wanted that house.
So he sends you in with a box of candy and your line of psychobabble, huh? And Khedra, she resisted as long as she could, but she was just too miserable.
And when Aziz heard about the affair, he filed for divorce and threw her out.
The good old double standard.
You know what happened? I don't know, maybe Maybe it was guilt or something, I don't know, but I actually began to love her.
This wispy little dodo from the Middle East.
And I told her what I had been doing and she took off.
Yeah, well, sport, that's very unfortunate because she's probably the only person who can tell us why one man is dead and why you and I are coming close.
So we've got to find her.
Now go put your pants on.
How do we find her? You've been looking for weeks.
Yeah, but you've been hiding things from me all that time.
Now I know who and what she really is, maybe I can find out something.
Friends, relatives? Does she attend religious services? Anything.
All she ever really did was run the house.
The only people she really got close to, I guess, would be the staff.
She had a personal maid? Yeah.
Concepcion Echevaria, I think.
But, listen, I mean, she was a princess, silver spoon in the mouth, the whole bit.
I mean, people like that don't go live with their maids, right? People like that can't live without them.
You know, if she is in there, I can't go in.
I mean, she's not going to know how to deal with her anger, and I'm not gonna know how to deal with her inability to deal.
And neither of us are gonna be really be dealing from feelings.
Why don't you skip all that minestrone? Tell her you're sorry as hell and you feel like a slug.
Yeah, I really do love her, you know, but, I mean, love is such a heavyweight concept.
It's very hard to get your mind around it.
Maybe you're not a slug, but I don't know, you use all those big buzz words.
It's just a big cover for any kind of behavior.
Look, you punch somebody in the stomach.
You can say that you're coming from your feelings or you're trying to connect with the now, but there's still somebody laying on the sidewalk holding a big hurt.
Yeah, I wanted her to be like everybody else in this town.
Protected, you know what I mean, with layers and layers of scars and fangs of her own.
Somebody who's lived in a bubble all her life? Come on.
I know, I know, I know.
That's what attracted me to her.
I mean, she's a princess, but you know what she wanted to do? I mean she didn't want to boogie down at Pip's or make the big entrance at Ma Maison.
Oh, no, no, no.
She wanted to see the La Brea Tar Pits.
I mean, she wanted to squeeze fruit down at the Grand Central Market.
Now wait a minute.
I spent one whole afternoon at MacArthur Park rowing.
In a boat! Me! Rowing! Like some cornball from East Tree Stump! Where were you from originally? East Claverack.
Upstate New York.
Well, you just be straight with her, Sean.
That's all you can do now.
Come on, let's go.
I want to, but, God, it's hard.
May we come in? Hit it.
Look, Khedra, I've told you all this before.
What I did was wrong, I know.
And I know how hard this must be for you.
I know it's very difficult for you to express yourself fully to male figures.
I know that you'd rather cast yourself in the victim's role and it's easier for me to let you do that, you know.
But what I really want you to do is I want you to take up your space, I want you to get to your guts, and then I want you to give to me everything you think I got coming to me.
Wait, wait Wait a second Hey! Ow! Ow! Ow! All right, all right! Easy, easy, easy.
Easy now, easy, easy.
Sit down, sit down.
Sit down.
Can you sit down? You look so miserable.
I was hoping you would look that way.
But now it does not pleasure me.
Aziz, I know you've been through the mill, but Sean and I are in some trouble.
Well, and I believe that you're in some trouble, too, even though you may not know it.
There will be no more trouble.
Pardon? Oh, you shouldn't have phoned your brother! You just You just shouldn't go back with him.
Concepcion, my husband is dead, my family is divided apart.
It has to stop.
What does? What? Do you know who killed your husband? No.
The last time I speak to Aziz was two days ago.
I called him in Europe because I thought it proper I should try to go back to him.
As his unfaithful wife, I felt terrible guilt and shame.
But he figured out how Sean and Cy Margulies had tricked us.
I hear him get so angry.
He say terrible things about Sean and Cy Margulies.
That's all, he was very angry.
He not care if I come back.
Is that your family that's staying at the Bellagio Hotel? Ishaq, what are you doing? Go to the car, Khedra.
And you two, come also with your hands in the open.
You said father understood! You said you would talk to him! Khedra, the family council is convening and you must appear before them.
You two will be giving testimony.
Your Mr.
Cy Margulies has already been picked up at his tennis club.
Now move silently into the street and into the white car.
Khedra, daughter of mine, the charge against you is that you let yourself be bedded by one man when you were married to another.
The family of your husband, Mohamed Aziz, has demanded that this be examined.
If it is true, and if you are not insane or sick in some way, then I and your brother must see to it that you are punished.
Death is punishment for such thing.
These are old things, old ways.
But the family of Mohamed Farhud Aziz has demanded, and it is not for us to deny them for we hold all shame.
I do not deny what I did, Father, but I beg for your understanding.
I love Sean.
Now is not your time to speak.
Before your uncles and your cousins, before these men, testimony will be heard.
Now is time for Amad Hibshi to speak.
Sean Innes? Were you intimate with this woman, Khedra Aziz? No.
Don't lie for me, Sean.
It will do none of us any good.
I am already dead.
This is just a formality, a game for old men and little boys.
Be quiet! Some values you have learned in this United States.
We should never have let you come! You, I suppose, are Seymour Margulies? I hope you're joking.
I'm Rockford.
Seymour Margulies.
Yes? We understand the woman Khedra Aziz has been tricked.
How was that done and why? I I don't quite know what you mean.
However, let me say this, regardless of how your family dispute is resolved, we're all businessmen.
Now, my company is an independent concern located solely in Beverly Hills for some 11 years.
Now I know that people from your part of the world are very interested in acquiring real property right here in the Hills, like this store.
Make your point! Well, I say that let's not look at this as the end of something, let us look at it as a beginning.
I say Answer the question! My daughter's disgrace was part of a cheap real estate swindle, true? I wish I could say it were cheap, sir.
Actually, there were several million dollars involved.
It's a sad commentary on the housing situation in Southern California.
You are not on trial here.
But perhaps we can devise a way to deal with you.
You are not on trial here either, Innes.
But tell us now about another harm that was done.
Did you murder Sheik Mohamed Farhud Aziz? No.
Liar! I did not.
He soiled the man's wife, you see.
And as always happens in these animal situations, the husband became the rival, and when he tried to avenge himself the hurt that was done to him, this dog, this pimp, he murdered him and ran.
I'd like to say something It is not your place to speak unless you are spoken to.
What do I get for contempt of court? A bug down my shirt? You want my opinion as a professional investigator? I think that when Aziz figured out this divorce scam, he lost control.
Who'd blame him, huh? He got Cy to come over to the house, and then he was going to lock the door and let old Cy have it with an arrow.
Now just a second here.
I think this whole thing just is stupid.
And this is grounds for slander, buster.
Don't you forget that.
Maybe you didn't mean to kill him.
But he had you trapped in that room.
And who wants to die looking like an extra in Fort Apache? Is this true? I didn't mean to kill him.
That's the truth! But there was no negotiating.
You see, he Well, there was this figurine.
I grabbed it.
And then Oh, Lord.
Does anyone have anything else to ask? No? Then vote, all of you.
Khedra, your family, except for one, your family feels you did what you did deliberately.
And wrongly.
Not my family, the men in my family.
You were used and fooled in the worst way.
But you had your conscience, you had your faith as your strength if you wanted to use them.
Now I and your brother must see to it that you are punished.
Khedra, we will be gentle to you.
Father, please, this is crazy.
I am your daughter.
Father, she's right.
I know the council has voted, but we can lie to the Aziz family, tell them Tell them it's been done.
Or we can stand up to them and tell them the truth.
Ishaq, this makes me sick at heart, too, you must know this! But we cannot stand up.
We are men stooped over with shame.
You guys are something else.
You really are.
Rockford, if you have something to say which might lighten the punishment for this girl of mine, say it.
Girl of yours? This girl of yours You're about to blow her head off for cheating on her husband? A guy who was running around sleeping with starlets, making her look like a clown? No one expects you to understand.
These are things which go way back.
Our family and the family Aziz had nothing but our women.
And a few camels.
Family? You're not a family.
A family is supposed to support their people when they make a mistake.
I know you come from a different culture, but you're here now.
I hate to bring you the news, but as you gain something, you also lose some things.
But I have my code! That's all any man ever really has.
Although, apparently, my son does not.
She must be dealt with.
But at home, where she was born, not here in a strange country.
Oh, don't go poetic on us.
You mean not here in this country where they're going to haul you in for murder one.
Listen, Mr.
Al-Nouss, I wish you wouldn't do this.
Look, I don't know what to say to get through to you.
Obviously, you don't need money.
Then say nothing.
Father? Are you all right? I'm fine.
It's the angina.
I don't think we should take off.
We must, we must.
Where is pills? Somebody, get some water.
Quick! What's the matter, pal? Think I'm hiding a machine gun or something? I will be fine after we take off.
No, Father, I don't think we should take off.
Tell him to go.
Tell him to go.
You hear a noise and this plane is still on the ground, you grab Khedra, start screaming and head for the front exit.
Just do it.
Private NC four-zero-niner, you have Republic 402 landing in front of you.
He's a heavy jet.
Private four-zero-niner, you can proceed to runway three and prepare for takeoff.
Fire! Fire! Go, go, go! Fire! Fire! We're on fire! Come on, come on! This whole thing's gonna blow! No, Hasan, no! Get under the plane! Let's go, Father.
Let's go.
You know, it's ironic, Jim, but I remember talking once to Cy about a logo for his company.
He was seriously considering using a bow and arrow.
Well, what's that got to do with real estate? Nothing.
Oh, here.
We were talking and we'd like you to have this.
For appreciation and for everything you've done.
Forget it, forget it.
Let's just let it slip into history.
As long as we all still have our own teeth.
No, please take it.
It's my money and you can see I very well can afford it.
Well, what's the point of having teeth unless you can buy something nice to chew on? I I don't know what to say.