The Rockford Files (1974) s06e09 Episode Script

No Fault Affair

You've been going to beauty school? Not just going.
I got graduated.
Next Tuesday, like always.
(GASPS) Okay, now.
Do you know how many people I have been pumping to get a lead on you? That lady has moved in on you and she ain't about to move out.
Rita's in love with Jim.
He's real gentle.
Can you picture what he'd be like with kids? (ANGEL SCREAMS) Angel! Angel! Jimmy! (PHONE RINGING) ROCKFORD ON ANSWERING MACHINE: This is Jim Rockford.
At the tone, leave your name and message.
I'll get back to you.
(BEEPS) MAN: I thought this was Dial-a-Joke.
I'm going to a party and I need some ice-breakers.
But I guess that's that.
Come on, Dad.
All I said was why don't we call L.
Because L.
's a plumber.
Well, have you got any idea how much plumbers charge nowadays? And they charge it because they know something we don't.
Well, I have never seen anyone so determined to throw their money away as you.
Now look, all I need is a washer.
I'll run down to the hardware store and I'll be right back.
All right? (CAR APPROACHING) Hey! Hey, Rita.
Wait till you hear.
Okay, what do you think you're looking at? About $10,000 worth of car.
Oh, no, not the car.
That's Jody's.
He runs the liquor store down on Bexel.
Me! I mean, don't you notice something different about me? A new outfit? New woman.
A whole, entire new woman.
Here, feast your eyes.
See, that says école de beauté.
That's French for "beauty school.
" You've been going to beauty school? Not just going.
I got graduated.
I got a diploma.
I got a license.
In the state of California, I can do anybody's hair.
Hey, that is great, Rita.
Yeah, it is, isn't it? Congratulations, Rita.
Oh! Dad has been fixing my shower.
All it needs is a washer.
Well, are you going to tell us about it, huh? Yeah.
Look, why don't you and Jimmy fix up a date so that we can do some real celebrating.
I'll be right back.
Okay, Rocky.
Oh, boy, I got a million things to do.
I got a whole list of shops I wanna hit.
You know, put in my application.
Oh, hey, listen, Dad knows a guy that manages a shop in Santa Monica.
Maybe he could put in a good word.
Thank you.
But I was figuring on Beverly Hills, you know.
Beverly Hills? You kidding? That's where your money hair is.
Movie stars like that.
I mean, you know what those people are willing to spend on a comb-out? Yeah, but I was thinking, you know, since you just started and everything, maybe a small shop Hey, why start at the bottom when I don't have to? Mr.
Lamont who runs the beauty school, everybody in the business knows him.
He says I can have anyone call him direct.
He'll give me a personal okay.
You must have been a good student, huh? Hey, I worked my tush off.
Well, look, when you get ready to celebrate, you give us a call, we'll all go to dinner, all right? Oh, that would be nice.
We could go to the races, we could go on your friend's boat, do a little fishing.
Oh, we could do a whole lot of stuff.
You know, I feel like I'm starting out on a whole new life.
Well, you are.
Rita? Yeah.
What made you decide? Well, it come about in a funny way.
There's this girl I know.
She's been working out of the Breton Lounge like me and I got to know her.
She's just a kid.
So, I been trying to talk her into going home and taking herself off of the street.
You talked yourself into it.
Suddenly, I says to myself, "Hey, this is a rotten line of work.
"What are you still doing in it?" So, I'm not.
Wish me luck.
Hey, you'll do fine.
Yeah, yeah.
With my natural talent and Mr.
Lamont backing me up, how could I miss, right? Right.
You can't.
You can't have color on Wednesday.
He's all jammed up.
What about Thursday? I can give you 10:30.
I'll put you down.
Hildy, how long before Norman can take me? Well, he has to set Mrs.
Farrow, he has a comb-out Do I have time to go down to Antonio's? (PHONE RINGING) Taking a chance.
I'll be right with you.
Harry White's.
Yes, Mrs.
You're down for 4:00.
That's right.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Louise doesn't have anything open today.
But these are very sick nails.
How can I walk around with a hand like that? Now that's the worst.
Now if she could just do that one nail.
I'll talk to her, but I know she can fit it in.
Just that one nail.
And maybe that one.
I'll see what I can do.
Yeah, that's a mess.
Looks like you could use a little help around here, huh? We manage.
Something I can do for you? Yeah.
I wanna talk to whoever is in charge here.
Well, Mr.
Norman's the manager, but he's swamped.
That's what I want to talk to him about.
Hildy, darling, if it's going to be But if it's going to be 45, I can go to Antonio's.
Sarah, you're up.
What about Mrs.
Farrow? Oh, she decided she wants color.
Go get shampooed.
Norman, right? I told her you were busy.
Yeah, well, that's exactly what I want to talk to you about.
I mean, it don't take an Einstein to see you could use a little extra help around here, huh? I'm sorry.
Rita Capkovic.
Listen, it was pure dumb luck brought me here today.
I mean, I thought it'd be all day before I hit on a place that had an opening.
You're looking for a job? Here? Yeah, listen, I could start right away.
I don't mind pitching in wherever you need me.
Look, miss, Mr.
Norman is very busy.
So what are we talking about? Look, you got any questions about me being qualified, you can just give Mr.
Lamont a call.
You're a Lamont graduate? Yeah.
A Lamont graduate.
I didn't know.
Top of the class, I'll bet.
Not top of the class.
Top 10%, maybe.
You're too modest.
All of Mr.
Lamont's graduates are top of the class.
King of the beehives.
Twice a year he gives out those cheesy certificates.
Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute.
What do you mean "cheesy"? Gruyère, mozzarella, Tillamook! What's the matter with you? I don't have enough on my hands, you've got to waste my time with something like this? Look, do us both a favor, take that piece of paper and hit the bricks.
Hey, buster! Listen, you don't want to hire me, that's fine.
'Cause you want to know something? I wouldn't want to work for you.
Only don't smart off.
I don't take that from nobody! Now, I am a licensed operator.
Licensed by the state of California.
The state doesn't know that pompadours and snoods were out 30 years ago.
Neither does Mr.
Why am I talking to her? (SIGHS) Stupid.
Who is it? MAN: It's me.
Open up, babe.
(KNOCKING CONTINUES) Hey, Rita, you hear me? Open the door.
Hi, how you doing? Listen, I just saw your light go on.
Thought you might like to go for a little ride.
Not tonight, Al.
I am so beat.
Okay, I want to go for a ride.
Look, Al, I'm kind of depressed tonight.
I'd be terrible company.
Hey, now, Rita, who you talking to? You're always good company.
Okay, Al, I know you're sore.
Rita, Rita, you wanna put your shoes on? Come on.
Do I have a choice? AL: Now, out! (RITA SCREAMS) (GROANS) Now, next Tuesday, like always.
Al, please We got a date Tuesday.
Next time, don't forget.
How am I gonna get home? Walk, baby.
Walk! Rita? Rita? Rita? Oh, my God.
I got here as fast as I could, Rita.
Lily, I just wanted you to see.
Get out now, while you still can.
Would you give me a hand? I don't think I Come on.
We gotta get you to the hospital.
No, no.
They'll just call in the cops.
But something could be broken inside, Rita! Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
It hurts like hell.
Oh, boy, I never hurt so bad in all my life.
Who did it, Rita? If it's Tuesday, it must be Al.
Al? Oh, yeah, I told you he's a creep.
He's a coked-up creep.
Let's get you home.
No, wait.
No, he might come back.
I'll tell you where to take me.
RITA: Jimmy! Hello? Jimmy Rita? Rita, honey Some mess, huh? I just threw up.
(SHUSHING) Oh, honey.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of this.
Take it easy now.
(GROANS) I'll clean it up, all right? (SHUSHING) All right, honey.
Rita, honey It wasn't no trick, Jimmy.
Yeah, sure, sweetheart, you ran into a door.
I'm not lying.
I got mugged.
You went out looking for a job today.
What happened? It didn't go too well, and you went back on the street? It went terrific.
I got a very strong reaction from Mr.
Norman at Harry White's.
That's Beverly Hills, thank you very much.
So everybody else gets mugged.
I can't get mugged? You said you were going straight, huh? You said it was a whole new life.
It didn't start out too great, did it? Now, okay, come on, come on.
I shouldn't have come here.
You should have.
You should have come here.
It's exactly where you should have come, sweetheart.
I never been nothing but trouble for you.
That's a double negative.
What? That means you haven't been any trouble at all.
Come on, come on.
Oh, Jimmy, I thought he was going to kill me.
All right.
You're safe now, sweetheart.
He just kept He just kept beating up on me and beating up on me.
It's all right, it's over.
You're here.
All you've got to worry about is getting well.
You're here for as long as it takes.
Okay? Huh? Nobody's going to hurt you now.
I must look awful.
Give me a little kiss, huh? Come on.
Give me a little kiss.
That's my girl.
Hi, sonny.
How's the patient? Well, she must be feeling pretty good.
She was up at 6:30 this morning cooking breakfast.
I thought you liked to sleep late on Sunday.
Yeah, I do.
Hi, Rocky.
Hey, what do you think? Jimmy bought it for me.
Well, looks very nice.
Here, here's some flowers I brought you.
A kid was selling them down along the freeway.
That's sweet.
Hey, Jimmy, let me give you a hand with that.
No, I got it, I got it.
You two about ready, are you? I gotta get my jacket.
There's a jacket goes with this.
It's a whole outfit.
I guess we both got pretty sick of seeing me wearing the same thing two weeks straight.
You coming, Jimmy? Yeah.
You healed up real fast, Rita.
Nobody'd never guess you was in no car accident.
Not a bruise on you.
Oh, I still got a couple of beauts, right, Jimmy? Yeah.
Hey, Rocky, what do you think? On the table? Or on the desk? Well I know, on the desk.
That way you can see it right away, soon as you come in the front door.
Oh, you know, flowers make a big difference.
They make a place look homey.
I always keep flowers and plants around my house, stuff like that.
You know, like this driftwood I picked up on the beach.
I even took a whole course in flower arranging one time.
Yeah? Yeah, several years ago.
Hey, he's got terrific taste, huh? Hey, Rita, I had a heck of a time finding this.
Why'd you re-arrange my closet? To make it more convenient.
That's what you're wearing? What's wrong with it? Oh, no, nothing.
I mean, whatever you're comfortable in.
I just thought maybe the brown jacket.
With grey pants? Brown pants.
In other words, you want me to change clothes, right? Come on, Rita, it's a backyard barbecue.
Hey, did I say change? I just thought that since we're going there together, and what I'm wearing is sort of dressy, and since brown is a dynamite color on you Look, I thought you two were ready.
I am.
Well, then let's get going.
Dennis said we eat at 4:00 and there ain't nothing worse than a cold steak.
There you go.
Hey, do you mind if I take off my jacket? I was wondering why you wore it, anyway.
Brown is a dynamite color on me.
You guys ready? I'm taking off the steaks.
You know, Rita's looking pretty good.
She still staying at your place? Yeah, we're going to drop her by her apartment on the way home.
Over here, Dennis.
All right, let's everybody dig in.
Oh, Den.
You mind changing places with Jimmy? I think there's a lot more leg room down there.
I'm fine, Rita.
Yeah, but you're a big man.
You need leg room.
So does Dennis.
Hey, everything, looks great.
Really, Peggy.
Oh, that big one.
I hope that tastes great.
The salad's a new recipe.
That's something I never understood.
Why do you try out new recipes when we're having company? Try it.
You don't like it, I'll cut you up a tomato, okay? You want to cut up my meat for me? What's the matter with you, Rita? Oh, yeah, yeah.
He don't like nobody making a fuss over him.
But if you could of seen him the past two weeks, making chicken soup, taking my temperature, going out and spending who knows what on a big hunk USDA prime for my shiner.
I always said Jimmy'd make a fine doctor.
The best.
Hey, anybody want some beer? I'll get it.
I'll get it, Rita, I can get it, okay? So what do you think? I embarrass him? Boy, you gotta be so careful.
I mean, he don't even wanna hear from thank you.
And after what he done.
Well, that's what friends is for.
That's what I always heard.
Oh, yeah.
But, no.
Listen, you should've seen him.
First 24 hours I am throwing up all over that trailer.
And you know what he does? He says, "It's all right.
" And he cleans it up.
Well, you was bunged up pretty bad in that accident.
Oh, boy, yeah.
Listen, it was a week and a half before I could even move without yelling.
But you know what gets me? A big guy like that, they can be a little rough sometimes, you know.
Not Jimmy.
He's real gentle.
You know, like, tender.
Like he's afraid he's gonna hurt you.
Like he would even know how.
I mean, if he treats me like that, can you picture what he'd be like with kids? Well, I better go see how he's doing.
Well, I better go, too.
Dennis, she's in love with him.
Who? Jim.
Rita's in love with Jim.
Come on, Peg.
You don't see it? I see it.
Rocky sees it.
Did you catch the expression on his face when it hit him? What's he going to do? Who? (GROANS) Dennis, I just hate it when you play dumb.
Peg, it's none of our business.
None of our business? She was your snitch.
Jim met her through you.
You wanted to ruin my dinner? Okay.
You ruined my dinner.
What are we going to do? You changed the question.
The question was what is Jim going to do? I don't know.
We're talking about two adults.
No strings on either one of them.
Strings? She's a hooker! Louder, Peg.
We wouldn't want to keep this just between the two of us.
Dennis, listen to me.
I'm very fond of Rita.
She is an open, generous human being.
And I hate myself for saying this, but she is wrong for Jim.
Now somebody is going to get very hurt, unless this thing is stopped.
Look, he's going to be taking her back to her apartment right after dinner.
You watch.
Everything will cool out.
I'll go up with you.
See if you need anything from the market.
I'll go with you.
Hey, sonny, I can't get out of here.
I'll know right where to find you.
Oh, come on.
Jim, Jim, I wasn't absolutely up front and honest with you about what happened.
I wasn't mugged.
It was a date, okay? I mean, it was a guy I used to date and he finds out I'm changing jobs and he just goes crazy.
Hey, we're talking about two weeks ago.
Why don't we just forget it, okay? Yeah, but I'm scared to come back here.
See, he knows where I live.
Why don't you blow the whistle on him, put him out of circulation? Yeah, and myself, too.
He'd kill me.
Look, you stay here.
I'll go ask the manager has he been hanging around.
And if he hasn't, fine.
I'll stop worrying.
Okay? Okay.
Hey, Jim.
Jim? Where's Rita? She wanted to see the manager.
What's the matter? Nothing, nothing.
I got out.
There's gotta be a full moon.
Where the hell have you been? It's too long, honest.
Listen, has Al been hanging around? No, not for a couple of weeks.
You're sure? I mean, he hasn't been hanging around, asking questions, nothing like that? No, it's been a couple of weeks.
That's it.
Oh, okay, thanks.
What happened? I found this in the garage.
I thought it might help with the posture.
Rita, you going to be keeping the apartment? Well, I'm paid up till the end of the month.
I'll let you know.
Jim, he's been here.
Who? Been parked outside, watching the apartment.
All right, take this thing to Becker, honey.
Let him handle it.
He can put this guy away.
What guy? Dad, do you mind? I can't do that to Dennis, Jimmy.
Not with my record.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
Let's go home.
Hey, hey, I got an extra room at my place.
She could stay there, how about that? All right, everybody, come on, up and at 'em.
Everybody up.
Come on, come on, rise and shine.
That's you, too, Rita.
Come on, come on, up she goes.
Rise and shine? Oh, Rocky, what time is it? Fannon's leaving on the tide.
And Jimmy said that you said something about celebrating on Fannon's boat and I figured this is as good a time as any, you know.
Don't count on it.
Guess what? We're going on a boat.
Don't use the shower, Rita.
Maybe we better get L.
To check it, huh? Yeah.
Is that all you can say to me in the morning, "Yeah"? You snore.
Sunny-side up or scrambled? Hey, you want to tell me what this is all about, Rocky? You want to tell me what changed you from an average, fairly easy-going father into my constant companion? You're all over me.
You're like a burnoose.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You know.
You always know.
Ever since we left Becker's last night, I've felt that hot breath on my neck.
Maybe it's Rita.
Rita? Rita was invited.
Sleeping over? When was the last time you did that, huh? The last time we went out on Fannon's boat.
We'll meet you out on the pier.
Fannon's leaving on the tide.
I'm just gonna pick up a top.
How long does that take? Vanity, vanity, thy name is woman.
Put a lid on it, Rocky.
(GASPS) Okay, now.
Do you know how many people I have been pumping to get a lead on you? And all the time you've been shacking up with some lousy PI.
Let me go, Al.
I warned you about mouthing off to Lily.
She split.
You got what you wanted.
She went home to mama.
She's just a kid, Al.
Oh, yeah, she's just a kid.
But, see, she's a real moneymaker.
Where does that leave me, Rita? You think about that? 'Cause I thought about it and you're going to take her place.
I told you.
I give it up.
Yeah, but so did Lily.
See, but I got her down for a nooner at the Sherwood.
You be there.
No! No? You remember what happened a couple of weeks ago? Baby, I can make that seem like a month in the country.
You be there.
Hey, guys, I'm real sorry.
I didn't think it was gonna take this long.
Where's the top? It's in the car.
See, I ran into this old friend and we got to talk, and it turns out he's got a friend who owns a beauty shop downtown, in the Tallman Building, and he got me an appointment for today at noon.
What about Beverly Hills and all the beautiful hair? Oh, well, that's still a possibility.
I figure I don't want to lock myself in without looking around.
You understand.
I think so, Rita.
So, I was wondering, could I borrow the car? I've got to be there at 12:00 noon sharp.
And I wouldn't ask, only you're gonna be fishing anyway.
Rita, the boat has sailed.
I told you Fannon was leaving on the tide.
Oh, no.
You missed it on account of me? Aw, gee, you should've left.
What good are hats and noisemakers without the guest of honor? Yeah.
Hey, come on, I've caught some really good yellowtail right here.
Come on, we've got a lunch packed.
Why don't you just forget about that appointment downtown, huh? I wish I could.
But if I don't show my friend's liable to get a little hot about it.
You know, going to all that trouble setting it up and all.
It's your decision, Rita.
Well, no, it's not.
Well, I'll see you later.
I won't be home late.
Ha! Sounds like she owns the place.
What'd she mean, it's not her decision? Dad, I'll tell you, I'm a little worried about her.
Would you take a piece of personal advice and start worrying about yourself? That lady has moved in on you and she ain't about to move out.
Come on, Dad, she was ready to move back to her apartment last night.
Only she didn't.
I ain't the kind of parent now that goes butting into his son's personal business.
What's that? A New Year's resolution? But in this instance Yeah, you're going to make an exception, sure.
Look, I know you think that you and Rita are friends.
We are.
We're good friends.
Well, you may be feeling friendly.
But her, now that's something else.
No woman is going to sit around a table talking marshmallow sweet about a man, saying what a great, fine father he's going to be, unless she has got other things on her mind.
Well, would you rather she said I'd make a rotten father, huh? Just a word to the wise, that's all.
You're a grown man.
You got a right to make your own mistakes.
Gee, Dad.
Could I? Hi.
I'll take those.
Oh, I'll hang them up.
You'll just put them in the wrong place.
How was the fishing? It wasn't.
How was the appointment? Okay.
What? I said okay.
What are you making? Tuna surprise.
What's the surprise? Well, it's got cream of mushroom soup, peas, and you are never gonna believe this.
Potato chips.
No, no, when it's cooked, it don't taste nothing like it sounds.
Did I ever fix this for you before? No.
Well, you are gonna be crazy about it.
Trust me.
I got it just about ready for the oven.
We can go for a long walk on the beach before dinner.
I know you always like that.
Well, I'm afraid not tonight.
I've got a date.
A date? Yeah.
She's coming by here after work.
She ought to be here any minute.
Do you think that I could use the car tonight? I dropped Rocky over at his place and I borrowed his pick-up.
But if it's inconvenient, you know, there's no problem.
We can use hers.
I just always feel more comfortable driving my own.
Oh, sure.
The keys are in my bag.
Somebody I know? No, I don't think so.
Her name is Linda Hassler.
She's the assistant curator at the Paulson Museum.
Oh, that's her now.
We'll see you later.
All right? Hey, aren't you even gonna ask her in? Oh, well, yeah.
Believe it or not I got out on time.
Without a hitch.
Oh, this is Linda Hassler.
This is Rita Capkovic, my houseguest.
Linda, Rita.
I'm really glad to meet you.
Jimmy don't bring too many of his friends by.
Hey, there's a real place I thought we'd try down the beach.
I don't know why.
He knows I'm crazy for company.
It really looks good.
They got steaks, Alaska king crab.
That sounds great.
Hey, come on.
You're not going to no restaurant.
Yes, Rita.
That's where we're going.
See, I made this casserole.
It's got all of Jimmy's favorite things in it.
Peas? Well, there's plenty enough for the three of us.
Oh, hey, you two wanna be alone, right? No.
Look, I can heat it up tomorrow.
I never tried it before.
I don't even know if it'll be good.
Well, Jim, since Rita went to all the trouble What trouble? Well, we could have dinner here, go out for coffee later.
You wanna open up the wine, Jimmy? Or you want me to? Let's go for a walk.
Oh, let's.
What a terrific idea.
It's practically his favorite thing.
Hi, sonny.
I borrowed L.
's truck to come over and Well, the gang's all here.
I didn't know you had company.
Oh, Dad, this is Linda Hassler.
This is my father, Joseph Rockford.
How do you do? How do you do? We're just going for a walk on the beach.
You want to tag along? Oh, if I wouldn't be in the way.
You? You got great hair.
Thank you.
I say that as a professional.
Oh? Yeah, very good.
Want my advice? Stay out of the sun.
No sitting out on the beach, no fishing, nothing like that.
You'd be in for big problems.
Big problems are something we all have to deal with from time to time.
Oh, yeah.
And you're wearing it loose, too.
That's good.
You can use the softness.
What are you doing up here, Rita? Well, it's a beautiful day.
Looks like it's going to be a clear night.
Clear enough to see some other woman making off with your date.
Now go on, get up there.
Go on.
I was just saying to your father, it looks like it's going to be a clear night.
He's back there all by himself.
Oh, yeah.
How long does it take to drink a cup of coffee? I could've made the coffee here.
He's home.
Where is he? I said where is he? He's gone.
He's out of town.
Hey, what is this? What are you doing? Shut up! Don't hurt him! He hasn't done nothing.
Now you tell him.
Next time it's his head.
You got that? Okay, okay.
Rita! Don't, Rocky! ROCKY: Rita! Hey! Hey, come back here, you! ROCKY: Hey! What the hell's going on? Hey, what's the matter, Dad? Come on, lean up there now.
Get your breath, get your breath.
You all right? He took her, sonny.
Who? He took Rita.
Some guy named Al.
He come tearing into the trailer and smashing things up.
He said next time it was gonna be your head.
Somebody took Rita? What do you think I'm trying to tell you? You mean driving the Stutz? Why the hell didn't you tell me? Heck, I can't find them now! Hey, I'm sorry, Dad.
I shouldn't have said that, I am really She stood up to him, sonny.
That poor little thing, she stood up to him.
She kept him from parting my hair with a tire iron.
How do you think that makes me feel, huh? I had to have a lousy cup of coffee.
What are we gonna do, sonny? Now, you got nothing to say? Don't try nothing, Al.
You start pounding on me again, I start using a very good set of lungs.
Oh, no, baby, I don't want to damage the merchandise.
I am not merchandise.
Tell me.
I mean, tell me! You know, I spoke to Mr.
Brown tonight and he says you got the stomach flu.
Oh, he's having a hard time understanding how come I send him someone who don't deliver.
I told you.
I'm out of it.
I got a chance for something good now and I'm taking it.
Hey, I'm your chance! All right, all right, we will call today a mistake.
I'm not changing my mind.
You can put me in the hospital, but I'm still not changing it, so you just take your best shot, you know.
I don't touch you.
I'll kill your friend Rockford instead.
No, don't! Are you crazy? No, no.
Just a businessman.
I mean, hey, what do you expect, huh? I mean, you queer things with Lily and send her running off for the toolies.
I mean, what am I supposed to do? Look for a cheaper apartment? Okay, okay, look, I got my certificate.
I'll be getting a job any day now.
Hairdressers make a lot of money.
I'll give you a fair split, okay? Baby, that is not the business I am in.
Al, please, leave him alone.
Please, please.
Now does that mean we have an understanding? Terrific.
That's just terrific.
Oh, listen, you better get yourself a good night's sleep.
You know, that stomach flu can really mess you up, and you got a big day tomorrow.
Hey, you see Bobby? Line B.
He told me he's got two weeks at Universal on the Pallazzi picture.
He told me he's 43.
I'd like to be on a quarter check since he was 43.
Hey, Angel.
Hey, man, here it's Evelyn.
Your landlady told me where to find you.
She sent me here.
She's afraid I'm not gonna make the tab.
I got laid off.
Canned is more like it.
Well, good, then you could use a few bucks, huh? You know my brother-in-law Aaron who works at that crummy newspaper? How much is he out if I sell a few, chintzy ads on the side? Educated guess.
How much? Look, Angel Not enough to put one of them stogies in his fat face.
Big man in Beverly Hills.
He's looking for a revolution.
Hey, I got a new composite.
You want to see it? You mind.
Angel, I need your help on something.
Hey, this is terrific.
I've got a few bucks with your name on them.
How few? Hey, where'd you get them made up? McHenry's.
Why don't you change places with him, Angel? I been here since 7:30.
All right, Angel, look, I need your help, huh? What are you going to do, sweet-talk me into it? All right, 50 bucks.
Jimmy, all I got to do is show up at the end of the line, convince them I'm breathing and I get $104.
Let me see it.
I'm looking for a guy named Al.
Al Guttadaro.
Works over at the free clinic on Temple.
No, no, no.
That's not the Al I want.
This guy drives a two-tone Stutz.
And he beats up on prosties.
Pearl, it's got a brown stripe that goes back under the fender like Yeah, yeah, that's the one.
You know him? No, but I've seen that car parked around Silky's.
Silky's? You've been to Silky's.
On Hollywood Boulevard.
Come on.
Hey, man, are you in for a treat.
I'll tell you what.
Give me five minutes.
As soon as I'm finished here, I'll run over there with you.
I got a few items I want to pick up.
You've been to Silky's.
Hey, how are you? Here you are, sir.
Forty quarters.
Hey, Silky.
What's shaking? Where you been the last couple of days? I been holding your order.
Oh, good, good.
Mama said I should put it back on display.
But for a regular customer For the money I spend here I ought to be getting premiums.
That's what I said.
I said, "The boy'll be in.
" It's $32.
What are you? Some kind of voyeur? Maybe we got something to interest you.
No thanks.
Not today.
Well, browse if you like.
We got a nice variety.
Forget it.
He don't even spring for coffee anymore.
He's looking for a new set of wheels, which is one of the reasons I brought him over here.
I was hoping to find that good-Iooking Stutz.
You know, the one that parked out here, had a for sale sign in the window.
The brown, pearl.
I thought it was yours.
Mine? My car leaves every half hour.
It's called the bus.
Well, I guess we came all this way for nothing, Jimmy.
That's a shame.
You would have loved it, just your style.
Hey, you don't know who owns it, do you? It had a for sale sign on it? Yeah.
Well, since both you and him are good customers, I don't think it'll hurt none to say.
Name's Al Halusca.
You can find him over at the Gorjanic Hotel.
What time would you say, around 6:00? Say around any time.
He works out of the lobby.
He's a pimp.
Hey, Eddie Yost.
East Philly.
Ball bearings.
He said I'm in town a couple of days and I got this business thing, you know Right, right.
And you'd like to make some friends, right? Yeah.
I'd like to make some friends.
One is fine.
You got anything specific in mind? I'm easy to please.
Oh, you want me to choose? Sure.
I ought to be taller than her.
I ought to be younger than her.
Not a whole lot.
I'm not looking for Grandma Moses.
But the gratitude factor, you know? I don't think you can discount that.
Is that about it? You got anything in a redhead? A guy like me, I mean, in my circumstances, it's unusual.
This kind of thing back home, I get all the friends you can shake a stick at, but here I mean, even if I don't know anybody I usually flash a few G's This business thing has got me (KNOCKING AT DOOR) Yeah, who is it? ANGEL: Al sent me.
Hey, where's the phone? I've got to use the phone? What? The phone, the phone.
What? You wanna do some kind of phone thing? No, no, no, not enough time.
(PHONE RINGS) Yeah? Yeah, I'm here in the room now.
But, listen, there's a certain change in the plans.
If you want to know the number of the room, it's gonna be another 50 bucks.
Angel, you hold me up now and I'll feed you the 50.
All right, it's Room 223.
All right, you and Rita hit the back stairs.
I'll meet you in two minutes.
All right, get your things together.
Who are you? Who are you? Listen, later on the howdy-dos.
Jimmy said meet at the back stairs.
We meet at the back stairs.
Jimmy who? Jimmy what? Rockford.
All right? Oh, please.
Will you get out of here? He's waiting for us.
I said, get out.
Look, I got nothing to do with Rockford.
I don't want him anywheres near this place.
Now, you tell him that and you tell him that I mean it.
I am doing what I do, I am where I belong.
Please leave me alone.
(DOOR SLAMS OPEN) I was just leaving.
What do you think? Twenty bucks ought to be good, shouldn't you think? $20? Hey, what the hell, 25.
Oh, you said you was walking around with thousands.
I said that? Yeah, that's what you said.
Al, Al, leave him alone.
Now you shut up! (ANGEL SCREAMS) Angel.
Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy! Come on.
You rotten creep.
You've been nothing but trouble for me.
Nothing! But this time, oh, this time, you're gonna pay! You could've killed him, you know that! Yeah, I could've killed him! Yeah.
Yeah! Al! No! No! (GUN FIRES) (SCREAMS) (SCREAMING) How long are we supposed to do this? I mean, is that it? Don't we do anything? We're fishing.
I can't get over what she did.
What she did? How about what I did? Jimmy's gonna owe me for a long time.
Nobody would have had any trouble if you did what you were supposed to.
Is that a fact? Yeah.
You tell a pimp you're carrying a couple thousand dollars, what'd you expect? Congratulations? Well, what happens now? Well, she's got a job, anyway.
I got a friend down in Santa Monica.
Mildred Seymour.
She got a little shop and she said she could tell just from talking to Rita that she was a whiz.
She's going to keep the job open for her until she heals up.
I meant, what happens with them? That Mildred is terrific, Jimmy.
Salt of the earth.
Just the kind of person Rocky would know.
Course, the shop is kind of small.
Well, it's a beginning.
That's what I figured.
See, the way I see it, I could have a place of my own some day.
Course, that's way down the line, but it could work.
Now I don't have Al leaning on me.
Yeah, well, it's none of my business, Rita, but how'd you ever get hooked up with a bum like that? Oh, that was such a long time ago.
Al just took over.
And I give him too many headaches, you know.
I was always sounding off, giving him arguments, he finally let me go.
But when I talked my friend Lily into splitting, boy, he decided to punish me.
Man, I hope they throw the key away.
Yeah, well, I don't think you got too much to worry about.
Attempted murder's a pretty heavy rap.
I know your shoulder's giving you a lot of pain.
You sure you going to be all right by yourself? Hey, what's this? Are you inviting me over to stay again? Come on.
After what happened last time? I was pretty goofy about you.
I don't know if you noticed.
Rita I love you.
You know that.
What kind of dumb thing is that to say? Of course you love me.
We're friends, right? I love you.
Hey, what do you think? I'm going to take a slug in my shoulder for a perfect stranger? Come on.
Let's go fishing.