The Romeo Section (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

The China Shop

S01E01 The China Shop [announcer calling times] [starting bell rings] Number eight has been scratched.
Number eight.
Are you sure? Number eight.
What's wrong with him? Very bad cold.
Pneumonia? Very bad for an old horse.
He could die.
Better if he goes to a stud farm and die happy.
I've considered that myself.
[cell phone chimes] What do we have here? A copy of copy of original, which itself may have been a forgery.
You can see.
Drawn in 1778, original, drawn in 1421, and it perhaps was also a composite of even earlier maps.
It is a curiosity.
Not expensive.
Coast of North America, 1421, before Columbus.
Obviously he was not the first.
You can see, we believed then that California was an island.
And the Arctic Ocean was apparently completely free of ice.
Is that possible? Perhaps.
Or perhaps it was only drawn to seduce investment from the Emperor.
[shop bell jingles] A treasure map, baiting the suckers.
[greets shopper in Chinese] [replies] Well, I can appreciate a good con, even if the sucker is me.
I thought you would like.
Wrap it up, I'll take it.
Home? [shop bell jingles] [cell phone rings] I've only just landed.
I've had enough.
I'm done.
I'm out.
Right, I'll send you a text.
[woman screams] Do you trust me or not? You're bleeding, your feet are all cut up.
What happened? Jesus, Dee Answer the question! Let's just, let's get you inside, let me take a look.
Honey, your feet What the hell broke? Do you or don't you trust me? - You mean, right now? - I mean any time at all? Of course I do Then why won't you back me up! Come on, inside [screaming in protest] Let go of my damn hair.
You don't think I can handle having my own business.
[screaming] Don't! Hey, sit there.
Sit there.
I'm going to get you a towel, I'm going to clean you up.
Now, gimme that.
I'd really love you if you stopped smoking this shit.
It'd give me a little more confidence in your business skills.
Jesus Christ [glass crunching underfoot] I need to know that you would back me if I decided to go out on my own.
Why'd you break the mirror? I didn't like what I saw.
You just don't see any potential in me.
I need your fucking support.
You got huge potential, babe.
It's just you know, timing is everything, right? Dee, your feet are bleeding.
Baby, please get back here.
Come back to the room.
Baby, please come back to the room.
You don't give a shit about anything that's going on in my life.
You're bleeding all over the place.
You just keep putting me down, "No, no, no, honey, no, "that's too ambitious.
"You sure you can handle it? It's awful ambitious.
" That's not true.
So not true.
Look at me.
I'm not going anywhere.
Okay? We'll work it out.
We will.
There is no "we" in you.
There's only you.
You're exactly like my husband.
Is he standing half naked in a pool of your blood, spilling his heart out in front of strangers right now? No.
Let's go back to the room.
Welcome home.
How was it? Sticky.
You delivered a lecture on something.
I've forgotten what about.
So have I and everyone who slept through it.
A hundred bloody degrees in that room, no air conditioning.
You look like someone's gone and let the air out of your tires.
I got another rejection.
I can't get published for the life of me.
After a while, everything I think of turns out to bore me to tears.
You ever get that? I believe the French have a word for it.
They would, wouldn't they? I never thought teaching would be like this.
I don't know how you handle it.
I was hoping you could give me some advice.
Oh, you've come to the wrong man, I'm afraid.
[cell phone chimes] I think, sometimes, this is where good intentions come to die.
Awfully short notice, Al.
Who is he? A Mexican national.
A prosecutor.
He's holed up in a church, trying to claim sanctuary.
Sanctuary? "The crowd was stoning him, as he cried out for sanctuary.
" Victor Hugo.
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
" What's the issue? Don't know yet.
That's why we're in a hurry-up for your opinion.
The Americans and the Mexicans have both expressed interest, so we know he's a somebody That's taken.
Well, do you foresee keeping this Mexican, or bartering him away? What's your intent? We'll see what he's got to offer.
Maybe he's worth keeping.
Maybe we'll throw him back in the pond.
Can't you find someone else? Seems pretty simple.
Why me? You're the only one available.
How flattering.
There's a rumor that HQ is looking for a leak of some sort.
Have they checked up their own arseholes? That's the first place I'd look.
You know something? Another house cleaning, some petty backstage rivalry, a distraction producing a patsy for a bungle that's about to blow.
Take your pick.
I've only gotten a whisper off the grapevine.
Makes you wonder why we fucking bother.
Well, it's not our job to wonder why, is it? Not yours maybe.
You said you picked something up in Hong Kong.
There could be a regime change coming for the Red Mountain Triad.
The top man is ill.
This is the mythical General Wu.
He's got pneumonia.
Pneumonia, huh? It's been years you've been going on about him.
You still believe he's here in Vancouver? I think he's always been here.
It's a good place to disappear.
Be a feather in your bonnet if you caught the General before he dies.
I don't care about catching him.
I want to speak to him.
I want to learn something, I want to know what he knows.
He could tell us what the next 20 years of the heroin trade is gonna look like.
Well, good luck with that.
Let me know if you can help me out with this Mexican.
It's a priority.
[speaking Chinese] [cell phone chimes] Looks like you found the sweet spot.
Isn't it lovely? [sighs] May I help you? Ah, just the man.
Just looking for where I'd drop a food donation.
[chuckles] Well, there's a big donation box right at the entrance, clearly marked.
It's not much, but it's more than I need.
Well, every little bit helps.
This way.
[chatting quietly] Thank you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, Professor McGee? I don't want to interrupt, I just wanted to introduce myself while I have the chance.
Professor Song.
Won't you sit down? I really can't stay, I've got a class.
I wanted to mention I cited something of yours the other day.
Nice of you to do so.
What was it? From your "Perspectives on Opium.
" Oh, that's from years and years ago.
I tossed that and rewrote it, much better I hope.
I'd love to read it.
It's not published yet, I'm afraid.
Still gathering dust somewhere.
Well, I look forward to it when it is.
I'll let you know.
It's very nice to meet you in person.
Likewise, Lily, a pleasure.
I'm such a cliche.
I almost walked away without my briefcase.
I've changed my mind since we last spoke.
If you'd like to read that paper, I'd be happy to give it to you.
You'd be the first.
Yes, please.
I'd be honored.
You'll have to ignore the boring bits.
It's a bit of a slog, I think.
I'm sure it's everything but.
Do you know where my office is? Or can you mail it? I can find you.
I'll drop it off.
Can't wait.
[chatting in Chinese] Beautiful.
[speaking Chinese] [all replying] You look a little worse for wear.
I think it's maybe time for me to wrap things up with Dee.
What happened? She's talking about telling her husband we're having an affair.
Well, that's no good.
Can't be having that.
She has the idea that she'll get divorced, and we'll get together, and [scoffs] She's got plans.
I told you, she's ambitious.
What sort of plans? Start her own business, something or other.
We'd be partners.
[stifles a laugh] She thinks if she just tells the husband, everything will work out, but, you know, he's He scares me.
And she wears me down.
I'm like a I'm like a rag doll, and I'm only seeing her a couple of nights a week.
Can you imagine? All the time? She can party.
Like nobody.
I need a break.
Hey, how are things with your father? You see him? All the time.
[chuckles ruefully] I had to put him in a home for a while.
It's sad.
He's been the take-no-shit kind of guy all his life, and just just can't adjust.
Like four grand a month.
I can't afford to keep him there much longer, and he's too mean to die.
[sighs] That's my problem, not yours.
I chose this fucking life.
Don't worry about it, I just needed to vent.
So, what are we going to do about Dee and her husband? Don't know, do I? Well, can you turn down the heat and still keep Dee on the boil? Back her off a little.
That'll make it worse.
I mean, I don't want her turning against me, do I? That's tricky.
She's in love with me.
[chuckles] Hard to believe, I know.
Hey, you've got a good package.
How could she resist? It's wearing me down.
Look at me, I'm so coked, I could sell my snot on the street.
[chuckles] I don't know, I just It feels like things are heading off the rails.
Well, I think it's probably in everyone's best interests if you keep her marriage to Vincent going.
I know.
Like I don't know.
She's just intense, man.
You need to take a breather, take one.
Take a few days.
You want a private rehab, I can arrange it.
I'll be all right, I'm just I'm just blowing steam.
I'll give it a go.
[gasping in passion] [gasping and moaning] [cries out in ecstasy] Miss Song! Yes? May I see you again sometime? Yes, of course, I will be here again next week.
Let me give you my direct line at the consulate.
Thank you.
It was lovely.
See you then.
[gasping in passion] Shit.
[sighs] I'm going to order some food.
What room are we in? Ask room service, they'll know.
Thank you.
Maybe you should go pick up something from Vince.
We only got a little bit left, and I really don't want to be running around tomorrow morning.
You want a cheeseburger.
I'll just eat whatever you order, because you're gonna pass out before it comes anyway.
You can go over to Vince's and find out who his girlfriend is now, get some blow at the same time.
I am not going to your husband's house at 3:00 a.
He'll still be up.
It's probably a good idea you see him.
He'll wonder why you've been avoiding him all week.
I'm not avoiding him.
I talked to him yesterday.
All week, we been trading calls.
You should find out who his new girl is.
You know what, you should get to know her.
Start poking her.
What kind of a thing is that to say? Why do you go there? You can become friends, and find out what he's up to.
Seduce her like you seduced me.
Just order up some food.
And it was the other way around.
Come on, just go and get a little bit, so I have something to get going in the morning.
Okay, I'm going home.
Because you're gonna keep me up.
I gotta get some sleep.
Some of us have day jobs.
You're really going to leave me here high and dry? Yup.
Just go past Vince's.
For Christ's sake, I'm falling asleep on the job as it is.
If you go now, the food will be here when you get back.
And maybe get some flowers 'cause you're sorry for getting mad at me.
No Don't go.
Oh, crap.
Am I seriously being considered as a possible leak? No doubt.
[scoffs] Where's the logic? Your 12 years in China.
Lots of affairs and seductions.
Before that, your stint in Latin America as a passionate revolutionary Marxist.
A bit too passionate some might say.
Surely, they understand that that was my bloody job.
It was my cover, for Christ's sake.
You know, it's just it's awfully tiring, after all these years, to be subjected to this sort of shit.
You're a free spirit, Wolf.
Very dangerous in these sort of times.
Necessary, Al, necessary.
I'm not sure everyone shares that opinion.
Well, you can tell your wee soft-bottomed pals in Ottawa that if they want to get rid of me, I would be more than happy to go without the smearing of my reputation.
It's unnecessary.
I've got a lovely wee fishing cabin that I'd be more than willing to retire to.
Well, they'd only ask why you're retiring so suddenly.
Suddenly? I've been at this game half my life, Al.
There's other things in life, Al.
I've just forgotten about that until recently.
Oh? Met someone, have we? Might be.
No point in asking who this Madame X might be, I suppose.
Oh, I'm sure you'll be seeing it pop up on my file very shortly.
I've got a lecture this morning, and I have no idea what it's about.
At the end of the day, this rumour about a leak is only a rumour.
We know how this goes.
They'll scare themselves into a state of paralysis, and then it will all fades away.
Let me drop you.
Which way you going? Not sure.
I was up all night with him.
Got no oversight, and he's got no bloody accountability, because that's the deal that you made with him.
He's an independent.
You want deniability, you get no accountability.
And I doubt very much that he's gonna fall for a dose of his own medicine.
[knocking] Hey, hey, have you got a spare cigarette? Hang on, love.
Just a sec.
Was that Anne? What? Let me speak to her.
Yeah, yeah, yeah Anne, it's Wolf Oh.
I'm sorry, she hung up.
What do you want, a cigarette? Here.
You all right? Oh, Champion, Champion, Champion Just, you know, maybe on the walk.
[dubiously] Yeah.
Good night.
Opium is at the heart of what many Chinese still, to this day, consider a national wound.
In the 19th Century, the Chinese had their own War on Drugs.
We call it The Opium Wars, a conflict with the British Empire, not because they introduced the drug to China.
They did not.
But they did facilitate the rapid escalation of its importation as well as its demand, which then created an exploding population of opium addicts and all the subsequent horrors that that wrought upon the Chinese economy and society.
Now, does that ring any bells today? Come on.
"Marching Powder", the "Devil's Candy", Cocaine, people, cocaine.
Opium and Cocaine, two vast, covert, underground economies.
You know there are rules about recording my lectures.
Give it up, or don't come back.
Delete it.
Thank you.
There's an awful lot of paperwork and verifications required before we even begin the appeal.
There's someone in the balcony.
Hello? That balcony door is supposed to be locked, thank you It's Eva.
I'm just doing a dusting.
I'll be quiet.
That's all right.
Why don't you knock off early? I'll sign your time sheet tomorrow.
And, Eva, leave your keys in my office before you go.
I will.
I apologize.
She's all right, a volunteer.
I'll I'll speak to her.
Oh, hey, just the one I wanted to see.
Can I dump my stuff here, just I talked to my friend, who publishes this awful thing, "Western Strategy.
" You've never heard of it? No.
What is it? It's a foreign policy think-tank sort of thing, but he wants a pitch from you.
A pitch? Wouldn't I need an idea first? He wants something on Sanctuary and its viability in contemporary society.
Perhaps I can help.
Really? That would be fantastic.
I'd appreciate any help at all.
We'll talk about it later.
[knocks casually] Hello.
Hey, it's you.
I'm so glad you stopped by.
Well, I've brought the damn thing.
I took a look at it last night, it seems a little overwritten now.
I wanted to tear out half the pages, but here it is.
I can trust you with it? Completely.
Well, this is very exciting.
It feels good, and it comes in a plain brown wrapper.
I like it already.
Too long.
A little dull.
Patience is required.
I'll make up my own mind.
Well, let's get together when you've had a read.
No rush.
Don't feel you have to avoid me if you haven't started, or can't get into it.
Maybe we can have lunch sometime when our schedules match up.
You're on.
Oh, that is the only copy, by the way.
You're kidding? I'm terrified to know what you think.
I'm terrified that something might happen to it.
I'll hear from you then.
Sorry, I didn't see you there.
I'll be done in a minute.
Are you a member of the congregation? No.
I'm just doing this for a while.
I'm a volunteer.
Are you living here? Eva Eva, I have a favour to ask you.
Don't engage in conversation with Miguel.
I wasn't, but okay.
No problem.
Why? Well, he prefers his privacy, and we want to respect his situation.
What is his situation? He's a refugee, and so, naturally, he's a little suspicious of any coming and going.
He's had a rough time of it, and the church is currently in the process of offering him sanctuary.
I'm not sure what that is.
Safety from his persecutors.
And so, for the time being, his presence here is not for public knowledge.
Can I trust you not to tell anyone about this? Of course.
You've been doing a good job around here by the way.
I know the work is court-mandated, but we appreciate your service.
[door lock buzzes open] Military mind, very sharp.
My father sends his greetings.
How is his health? Very good.
He said you're a very bright boy.
You have a great opportunity.
Are you ready to take it? Yes, Uncle.
[coughs] [coughing thickly] Never take your health for granted.
I won't.
[honks in greeting] What's up, Vince? Need a tune-up? No, man, I'm just rolling by.
I got something on my mind.
I been thinking about you.
Got a minute? Yeah.
Hey, Dee.
Long time no see.
How you been? Good.
You? Getting by.
I was wondering whether I can trust you with something.
I'm gonna need a new right-hand man, and I'm looking at you.
Oh, man, that that sounds good.
What's happening with Rick? He stepping aside.
Yeah, he's got to head back east and help out the family business.
Think you'd be up for it? Well, that sounds pretty interesting to me, I gotta say.
All right, well, look, I gotta talk it over with Dee, but she shouldn't object.
You two get along, right? As far as I know.
I'm cool with Dee.
I'll get back to you, but consider it done.
Big changes, man, big things.
You ready? Ready when you are.
What was that about? He's agitating for a raise.
Thinks he deserves more.
So, he wants a raise.
What'd you say? I told him I was replacing Rick.
What do you think? He's no Rick.
You're gonna have to keep an eye on him.
That's gonna be your job.
I already warned him you're gonna be watching him.
He's cool with it if you are.
I just wonder if he's got the smarts for it.
He's smarter than he lets on.
That wouldn't be too hard.
Spoke to Vince.
He wants me to take over as his right hand.
That's something to think about.
Patience pays off.
Puts me right where you want me to be.
What prompted this? His second in command had to split.
Family business.
Quite a promotion.
A big step up.
Yeah, I'll be hearing everything, no filter.
No Dee interpretation, putting her spin on everything.
I'll be getting it straight from the man himself.
Have you thought about what this might mean for you and Dee? [chuckles ruefully] Well, it'd be good if we could maybe get her out of the picture.
That sort of thing would have to be done very cautiously.
I can do that.
[gasping in passion] It's so perfect.
We'll be able to hang together anytime we feel like it.
Yeah, it's going to be great.
You could say it like you mean it.
Come here.
You're going to be right in there with Vince.
You can keep a good eye on him until we decide it's time to make our move.
What move is that? Brains.
Together, things happen.
I can't believe we'll be working together every day.
[gasping in ecstasy] "Sanctuary," a proposal by Kelly Hadler.
"'Sanctuary', cries the hunchback "in Victor Hugo's 'Hunchback of Notre Dame, ' "as he searches for the safety of the church, the gypsy girl Esmerelda in his arms" Thank you.
"Sanctuary, "this ancient practice of compassion "is grounded upon two principles.
"The first, that human life is sacred "and worthy of protection.
"The second principle is, "that there are places and spaces in this world that lie beyond the reach of the state.
" [sniffing] [distant clatter] [cell phone rings] Yes? What is it? All right.
All right, half an hour.
I had to leave her in the middle of the night.
She thinks I'm out picking up Indian food.
What is it? Dee just asked me, in all fucking seriousness, to kill her husband.
What did you say? I said what the hell do you think I said? I don't know, I wasn't there.
Tell me.
No fucking way, that's what I said.
And? She said she'd find someone else if I didn't have the nuts for it.
You should let the cops know before it happens.
I don't see the point in that.
I don't want blood on my hands is the fucking point.
You should at least let Vince know his wife has put a price on him.
All of this noise can be avoided if you simply agree to kill the husband.
She'd be happy, she wouldn't be looking elsewhere, and you'll control the game.
I don't want to control the game.
I want out of the fucking game.
Happens to the best of us.
I think the best course is for you to tell Dee that you'll take care of the husband.
But don't say yes too quickly.
Playing hard to get is the way to go.
Keep it simple.
You know what you're doing.
Ready to go back in? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
I just needed to get it outta the system.
So, one thing at a time.
You're gonna go pick up some Indian food, and you're gonna go tell Dee, you're gonna kill her husband.
Details to follow.
Pretty straightforward? Right.
Good man.