The Romeo Section (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

West Ocean Ghost

Previously on the Romeo Section [female news reporter]: Has been arrested in China on charges of espionage.
Daniel Gascoyne and his wife, Martha I don't know if you heard, but the Gascoynes got pinched.
Is this why the Service is looking at me for a leak? You got a little rattle in the back of your trunk you should check out.
Eva Walker? Do I know you? I can offer you $200 every day you report back to me what you observe inside the church.
Could be a regime change coming for the Red Mountain Triad.
Top man is ill.
You have a great opportunity.
Are you ready to take it? S01E03 West Ocean Ghost Thank you.
She just went in, in that building on Gore.
She's all dressed up.
[phone chimes] [organ playing] Miguel? [organ continues playing] Goodnight.
I'm leaving now.
[organ continues playing] - I was hoping it was you.
- Jesus Christ.
- I'm sorry.
- You scared me.
I was looking for you to say goodnight.
I was doing the same thing, looking for you.
Thank you.
Everything is shimmering.
It's a beautiful night.
It's also like that when you're scared, everything vibrates.
All of your senses are on high alert.
You try to relax.
For you to invite me to come up here for a few moments is a little sanctuary of peace.
So thank you for the gift.
I think we are becoming friends.
I hope so.
I feel safe up here.
Above everything.
[man]: How we doing tonight sir? Pretty fine.
Yourself? Just checking up on who's who.
This your boat? It is.
Just throwing some traps on board.
Thinking about going crabbing? Uh-huh.
You're about six hours too early.
You might want to wait for high tide.
Yeah, just just getting her prepped up.
How you cook your crabs? Throw 'em in a pot, drop in some peppercorns.
Oh, I never tried that.
What's your name? Rufus.
Last name? Just want to make sure you're not trying to steal some other fella's boat.
It's Decker.
You seriously think somebody wants to steal this boat? Not that one over there.
That's gotta be half a mil.
Oh, you'd be surprised what some of these crackheads do.
I once saw two of 'em hitch up like a pair of mules and try to run a boat outta here.
Right under your nose, huh? Oh, I caught 'em.
Crackheads, how fast can they run, pulling a boat? Well, you know what, Rufus, it says here you owe the lot here some back fees.
I'm afraid you can't take the boat out until that's paid up.
You're fucking kidding me.
You take a credit card? No, sir.
You have to wait till the office over there is open.
Crabs will still be out there.
All right.
You're the boss.
I forgot to mention they want to interview you.
Nice shot.
Your job, If I remember correctly, is to keep the hounds from my door.
It's routine.
They're just checking boxes.
Raise more eyebrows if you don't.
They're not looking for proof of my innocence, Al.
They're building a case based on innuendo and circumstantial evidence, that they're going to twist and use against me however they like, maybe sooner, maybe later.
Do your job and kiss them off for me.
It's my reputation.
I've got fuck all else.
That won't go in your favour.
That's my point.
They've already set the result a failure of the test, whether I say yay or nay.
So the answer is "nay," then? The answer is fuck off.
Gascoyne, Martha, was arrested with an Aussie passport in a different name, an airline ticket to Melbourne, and $10,000 Aussie cash.
What does that suggest to you? It suggests she had a get-away-quick kit stashed under her bed.
It's standard practice for any operator in the field.
She took the bullet train from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and was last observed roaming around Chungking Mansions, just around the corner from your guesthouse.
Maybe, but it might lead a reasonable person to think that you supplied her with the passport.
If I was going to get her out of the country, she'd be out of the country.
That's what I told them.
And they still insist on an interview.
Yes, they do.
That says more about you than it does me.
This is a standard procedure.
We've got two people in a foreign prison and you may be the last contact they made.
And you know it.
Not really, no, I don't.
But you do, and you're going to come to the meeting whenever they damn well schedule it, and you're going to answer whatever questions they put to you.
Why? Because you're not a complete fucking idiot.
This was not our deal.
Life is change, my friend.
Life is change.
I can give you the name of a very good divorce lawyer, but I can't represent you.
I represent Vince.
I can't go to a regular lawyer.
Come on, you know that.
We're talking about proceeds of crime.
I'm not ratting anybody out.
I know someone who can deal with this kind of thing very discretely.
Yeah, so do I.
And I'm in a conflict of interest here And you know where he hides all the money.
It's not fair, is it? - I put the whole crew together.
- I know.
Bootsie, Sanjay, Red they're my friends.
I told him to hire you.
I know, and I appreciate that.
But you're gonna fuck me anyway.
I am not out to screw you.
I'm just looking for my fair share of the spoils.
And I will take over that fucking crew if I have to.
- You can tell Vince that.
- Okay, calm down.
- I'm not gonna take this shit.
- Calm down.
I can't take you on as a client.
But I can advise you, and my first piece of advice is you can't be talking about taking over Vince's crew with anybody.
My crew.
I'm just taking them back.
You can't repeat what I'm going to tell you, but you need to know this.
You know Rick was supposed to go out east to take care of some family business.
Rick doesn't have a family, back east or anywhere.
He made a move against Vince, and it backfired.
You understand what I'm saying? Is that a threat? Is that what this is? Don't you fucking threaten me.
It's a warning, Dee, from a friend who doesn't want to see you get hurt.
Here's a fucking warning.
I want half.
Half or the gloves come off.
Do you understand what I'm saying? I understand.
[brakes screech] Jesus.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You know how to take pictures with one of those? Yeah.
I think so.
All right, well, get some of the church the exits, and anybody you think gives you a snaky vibe.
Funny girl.
Try to get one of Miguel if you possibly can.
That feels creepy.
And the organ lady.
You mentioned her.
I'm probably just paranoid.
Well, a dash of hyper vigilance is good.
As far as Miguel goes, just keep being nice to him.
Tell him tell him something personal.
Like what? I don't know.
You'll know it when it comes up.
It might encourage him to do the same.
Find something you have in common.
We sneak cigarettes together in the bell tower.
That's good.
See? There you go.
But be patient.
Don't Don't push.
And be careful.
You don't know who Miguel is yet.
I don't think he's dangerous.
I don't get that from him.
I hope you're right.
So if you decide all of this isn't for you, I'll understand.
The only thing I demand is that you keep this relationship secret, no matter what you decide.
Yeah, I get that.
So, you're going to take some photos of the exits, you're going to find out which doors are locked when, and which keys you have to have on you in case you have to bolt.
- Right? - Yeah.
Pretty straightforward.
My number's in there.
Just press 66.
And, hey, don't get caught taking the pictures.
And don't call me if you do.
"The best-quality tea "must unfold like a mist rising out of a ravine, "gleam like a lake touched by a zephyr, "and be wet and soft, like Earth new-swept by rain.
" This quote comes from the journal of Robert Fortune, an employee of the British East India Company, at a time when foreigners were barred from entering China, where the complex methods of tea production had been kept a state secret for centuries.
Now, our clever Robert Fortune had his own secret mission in what we now call an act of corporate espionage.
It's Professor McGee.
So you're acquainted? Not really.
I just cited a work of his part of a large effort, apparently.
The Opium project? Yes.
You've read it? No.
I've only heard rumours of it for the past 10 years.
Hopefully, it will see the light of day while I'm above ground.
Me too.
It's so insightful.
He showed it to you? A chapter.
Would you excuse me? I should say hello.
Most certainly.
Look at you.
All work and no play.
You look like you're enjoying your conversation with the Dean.
We were talking about you and the manuscript that nobody believes is real.
Oh, dear.
Sit, please.
What's the book? Uh, something French.
How is it? Well, let's see, it's about this odd-looking young dandy that goes into a local dancehall, dances with a girl, and then suddenly collapses from exhaustion.
Turns out he's wearing a mask to hide his old age.
He lost all his good looks years ago, and now, from time to time, he slips into this disguise and tries to recapture his youth.
That is so tragic.
It's like that at my dance class.
What kind of dance? Ballroom.
The ladies in their wigs and sequins.
Old men in tails.
Some of them even wear powder make-up.
We should go dancing sometime.
I'd love that.
I will hold you to it.
Very good.
I'm not going to wear any powder, though.
[cell phone chimes] - Hi again.
- Hi.
Tell us about Martha Gascoyne.
It's all in there.
Who recruited her? That's a bit muddy.
Can you elaborate? It's in the file.
A colleague recruited her.
Not me.
I told her to have nothing to do with us.
That was my contribution.
Are you still in love with her? Oh, I like you.
Define love, if you can.
I'm a little vague on it.
Talk to me about the husband, Daniel.
[clears throat] We got to him through her.
We paid both of them for their opinions, whatever whistled through the grapevine.
We got gossip, complaints, all their fears and dreams.
Truth is, neither of them are very important, I'm afraid.
They're important now, Professor.
Seems that way.
What happened in Hong Kong? I flew in.
I delivered a lecture.
I went shopping.
Did you communicate in any way with Martha Gascoyne? No, I did not.
Did you communicate in any way with Daniel Gascoyne? No, I did not.
Did you knowingly communicate with any agent of a foreign intelligence service? [chuckles] Jesus Christ.
Really? Buy yourselves some long pants, will you? Did you knowingly communicate with any agent of a foreign intelligence service? Not knowingly, no.
You're stumped.
Because if we're finished, I've got a lecture to prepare for tomorrow morning.
And after this wee fiasco, I feel a really good one coming on.
It's all becoming clear now.
- Thank you.
- No.
No, thank you.
I haven't felt this alive since I was a cadet.
We can pick this up tomorrow.
The day's coming, I'm going to have a few questions for you.
[door opens] [Dee]: What the hell are you doing? I'm taking a shower.
- What does it look like? - We're supposed to go to dinner.
I'm cleaning up.
What do you want? [school bell rings] Taylor Gascoyne.
I have a message from your mother.
We knew each other back in the '80s.
Like before you were born.
What do you want? She asked me to stop in from time to time and see if you needed anything.
It might get difficult to pay the bills and whatnot in the next little while.
A little while? If they're guilty, they're never getting out.
Fuck them for keeping this shit hidden from me.
They deserve to be locked up.
Well, that's a little harsh, don't you think? Being shipped away to boarding school at the age of four is a little harsh.
First, I was adopted, then they got rid of me.
I don't even know who my real parents are.
Whatever happened, I can tell you that she's missing you very much right now.
You know, I have some old photographs of her that you might like.
Maybe I could drop them off.
If you have anything, put that shit in the mail.
Well, I teach out at the university.
You're going to be graduating soon.
You ever feel like a tour of the campus, just give me a call.
I'm not interested.
What's up with Vince? Don't know.
Haven't seen him in almost a week.
You got a date or something? I haven't seen you in these threads before.
What's the situation with Dee? I haven't been in touch.
She's been kind of pissed at me.
I've been keeping busy at the garage.
So what is it, a spat, a split with Dee, what? Just a little bullshit.
She's moody.
She still after you to knock off the husband? - I guess so.
- You guess so? You fucking guess so? You got to give me something here.
Do you understand that? What the fuck is going on? I just got promoted.
Gimme a fucking minute.
You need to dig down and start working for me.
Do you understand that? You need to think for yourself.
I can't think for you.
Find out what the fuck is going on.
The guy who went back Vince's second Rick.
What's he doing back there? Why's he there? Who's he meeting with? No fucking idea.
It might help if I knew what you were after.
The big picture.
That's what I'm after.
The big picture.
That's how I get paid.
And you know how you get paid? By bringing me the details.
I don't even know who you work for.
Yeah, and that's just the way we're going to keep it.
I can't steer you into telling you what I'm interested in hearing about, because then you might go out and start making things up just to get me off your back.
Or maybe you'll just keep things to yourself things that I would know are relevant.
So this is your opportunity.
Anything you want to get off your chest? Anything you think I need to know? Nope.
Not a thing.
It's all about the heroin.
Is that enough? Sure.
Then fucking get me something.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I seem to have lost a shoe.
Let me help.
I'm sorry I've got to rush off.
Well, as long as you promise to come back sometime soon.
I might be persuaded.
Can I give you a lift? I've called a taxi.
No regrets, I hope.
No regrets.
No expectations.
Maybe a few.
I had a lovely night.
[car horn honks] I think that's my taxi.
I'll call you.
How are you feeling? Like a young man.
Like a young man watching his body fall apart like an old car.
[coughs] It's unorthodox, but it's a way forward.
[keys rattle in lock] Good morning.
Did you see who dropped this off? - Dropped what off? - This.
Courier, I think.
What is it? Exactly.
This is Red who just came in.
He's the Hong Kong boy.
He's Sanjay.
He went to school with Vince.
He's from Punjab.
When he runs low on his stuff, he gets it from us.
Originally from New York City.
Good family connections back there and Montreal.
Works as a broker in the stock exchange here.
This is Rufus.
The new second in command.
This is him.
[Sanjay]: You make any money last night? Nah, I didn't even watch the game.
What's happening? This is my new man sitting back there.
He wanted me to send over his respects.
Should I go over and say hello? Yeah, come over.
Welcome to Vancouver.
You should come to my restaurant.
Good food there.
I used to wash dishes here.
Now I own it.
You should fire the cook.
Hire a Chinese cook.
You don't like Chinese food? I love Chinese food.
And I already got a Chinese cook.
We'll get some of that special rice over here.
- I ate already.
- I'll eat it.
So how are we going to work together? If we work together.
That's what I'm saying.
What's your connection to the General? An old friend from a foster home introduced us.
I don't know this.
A foster home a bunch of kids waiting to get adopted.
You meet a lot of people.
An orphanage.
You can come to my place tonight, we'll eat some good food.
I'll bring a couple of friends.
Just you.
They can wait outside with your friends.
This gonna work? It's gonna be a game.
I got a good feeling, though.
Yes, John! Yeah, it's Reverend Ortelli at the church.
We had that break-in a couple weeks back.
That's right.
Listen, I've been looking at a very suspicious-looking vehicle opposite the church at least for 48 hours.
Now, we run a daycare here, as you know, and, well, some of the parents have expressed concern.
All right? Thanks, man.
Thanks, John.
Yeah, bye-bye.
Good morning.
Do you know where the manse is? - Where you live? - Right.
Just down the block.
I want you to take a couple bags of groceries over there.
This is the key to the basement apartment.
Just put the food away, and sweep up if you need to.
Now? Yes.
[police horn honks] Be ready.
And don't take anything but your toothbrush.
You've got to fly.
Go to the basement.
Use the door on the left.
Two houses from the corner and go to the rear basement door.
Now go.
[door opens] Hello, Father.
How are you? I just checked the guy across the street.
He's from Ontario, living in his van until he can find some work.
He said he was hoping the church was serving lunch today.
Ah, well, there's no lunch today.
Thank you.
No problem.
[pounding on door] [telephone rings] Yes? Yeah.
You're supposed to stay here.
[ship's horn blows] Take your fucking clothes out of the washer when you're done.
I'm not your fucking mama.
Clean your own dirty drawers.
Hey! You gotta yell at me like that in front of everyone? Looks like it.
Your crew is like this menu.
A little bit of everything.
I grew up in the east end.
We had everybody in the neighborhood.
My parents are still in the same house.
It's worth a fortune now.
I went to school here.
In Richmond, for six years.
Not much school.
You like curry squid? Black bean and cod.
[Vince]: I could eat it all day.
The General tells me you've been good to him.
I am who I am today thanks to his support.
I can't say enough.
You're happy with who you are? Could always be bigger.
If you're not growing, you're dying.
I hope you and I can continue what me and the General had going.
From the Golden Triangle and the Golden Crescent, to Hong Kong, Vancouver, Oakland and L.
on the west coast, New York, Buffalo, and Montreal in the east.
We are everywhere.
At the same time, we are nowhere.
We don't handle anything but the big picture.
I get that.
That's why I'm here.
That's good.
[Vince]: God, this is good.
Maybe you were right about my cook.
I am.
[Sproule]: You can explain this, right? [Wolfgang]: She wanted money and a passport.
[Sproule]: And? [Wolfgang]: I delivered.
You told Al that you were watched from the beginning of your Hong Kong visit.
And you still went to see her? I followed protocol.
I can't vouch for Martha.
[Sproule]: You realize that you may have led them right to her.
Of course, I realize that, and I flogged myself accordingly.
But she, too, was aware of the risk, and she was more than willing to take it.
Why did you lie to Al about not having met her? Because it was none of anybody's business.
An asset decides to abandon her post, and that's nobody's business? She was leaving her husband.
It was an emotional decision, but it was hers to make.
Her husband was having an affair with a Chinese man, and I suspect that they're trying to recruit him and turned the screws by threatening to arrest his wife, which they've now fucking done.
All of which you should know from your own fucking assets, but don't! Who took the snaps? I think that's it for tonight.
Do you really? I'll be in touch.
You can go.
You have no idea What's the story with Wing Lei? He's the new man.
What happened to the old one? He got old! You got a light? Shit.
What? I lost my lighter.
It was a gift from my dad.
When did you last use it? Announcer: On the next Romeo Section.
She'd make a tremendous recruit.
Your judgment is clouded.
I'm going to reward your loyalty.
I'm making you a member of our brotherhood.
Now, he's asking me to get out of rehab.
Announcer: The Romeo Section, next Wednesday at 9:00 on CBC.