The Rook (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Chapter 1

1 "Dear you, if you're reading these words "but don't remember writing them, "then I'm afraid I've failed.
"You've survived several immediate threats, "but you are still in danger.
"Right now, you must find a safe place, alone, "somewhere no one will ask any questions.
"Avoid the cameras, they can see you everywhere.
Go now.
" Going somewhere? Hey, come here.
Hey! Slowly spin in the rosy dreams, I Hi, do you have a room for one, please? For the night? Name? My name? Yeah, it's, um I put "Jane.
" "Time is short, so we'll focus on the essentials.
"I'm writing these letters because I received a warning "from a reliable source.
"And now I'm going to be attacked, "though I don't know by whom.
"I know I'm going to survive, though I don't know how.
"And I know that my memory is going to be lost "erased "forever.
"So I've decided to give you a choice.
"In this envelope, you'll find two keys.
"The blue key opens a box containing the tools "to build a new identity.
"You can walk away from my life and start one of your own.
"The red key opens a box with everything you need "to return to my old life.
"That life is dangerous.
"It's what landed you here.
"But whichever path you take, I wish you luck.
"Regardless of your decision, "know that your real name is Myfanwy Alice Thomas.
"'Myfanwy, ' rhymes with 'Tiffany.
'" Myfanwy.
Eight? So far, all wearing latex gloves.
No IDs, no wallets, no fingerprint matches.
CCTV? Cameras were cut, both sides of the bridge.
We're pulling footage from TFL, but coverage is patchy at best.
Run interference and keep an eye out for vultures.
Robert, Claudia, you're with me.
God, I hope this isn't ours.
- Linda.
- How can we help? Hell if I know.
First call pointed to gang violence.
Victims could have been killed somewhere else and dumped here as some kind of message.
What about terrorism? Definite possibility.
Chemical weapons? Forensics team is here, CTC alerted and on the way.
- Good.
- No, that's not what happened here.
Disparate injuries with no use of weapons or external force Suggesting an assailant with the ability To inflict internal injury at a distance.
- Press are here.
- Shit.
It's trending on Twitter already.
- Ian - Give us some time.
I'll call you when we know.
Ian, we know.
I know.
This is ours.
You can have it.
Can you come again or, uh You are relentless.
It's late.
You go.
Right, uh Bollocks! Sorry, I'm sorry.
Conrad, are we expecting an American? Uh, excuse me? BVA agent, Monica Reed.
Did you invite her? No, absolutely not.
Well, she's here asking about a C-Nine up in Millennium Bridge last night.
I'm only just hearing about this and an American is already on the ground? I know how you need your beauty sleep, Conrad.
She's at St.
Pancras waiting for you.
Linda out of her depth again? Well, tell her to deal with it herself.
You have important unfinished business to attend to.
I seem to remember you finishing twice.
He's gonna wake up in a couple of minutes.
To be continued.
Monica, an unexpected pleasure.
Do you need a lift? - Conrad, I was hoping they'd send you.
- Mm-hmm.
Linda wishes she could be here in person, but she's Oh, fuck you.
No, she doesn't.
You didn't tell us you were coming.
Oh, it's a spur-of-the-moment thing.
Indeed, your own agency seems a little surprised you're here.
So how can we be of assistance to our American allies? - It's actually how I can help you.
- Mm-hmm? Have you ID'd bodies yet? The bodies? Let's not do this, Conrad.
We both want the same thing.
Which is what, exactly? My guess is, you haven't ID'd them.
Victim six, I can give you a name, a file, full personal history.
Okay, gratefully received.
- Uh, but I do want something in return.
- Mm-hmm? Full access to the investigation, joint task force, Anglo-American partnership.
Well, I'm very sorry that you wasted your trip.
Okay, no task force.
Operations Directorate, full and active partner in your investigation.
How about liaison officer, observational access only, working out of the Support Directorate? And you bring me to the body right now.
We can always share photos of the autopsy.
I wanna see in person.
What, I wonder, is so special about this body? Is it a tracker? Tattoo, a chip? I do hope you won't try to cut off a finger.
Look, Conrad, I'm not here to cover up anything.
I just wanna help.
Then I guess we have a deal.
Good morning.
How can I help you? I'd like access Help! Help! This is a bank vault.
Nobody can hear you.
Why are you doing this? Because of what you are.
And what you're worth.
Please, please, please, please.
- Hold her still.
- Please.
Fuck! Hello? Two more victims at the bank, man and woman, same MO CCTV was disabled.
ID? She was an agency temp, worked reception for the past two days under the name Britta Delvina.
Seems to be an alias.
And the other one? Nothing yet.
Well, cross-reference against the Lugat profiles.
They have ties at Mansel Bank.
That's ten bodies in four hours.
Thank you, Alex, I can add.
Okay, where do I start? Normally, I'd have planned this all out.
I'm a very organized person.
But time is short.
Having to improvise.
So you should probably know that dairy makes you break out like a teenager, and you are deathly, deathly allergic to bees.
The rest of what I'm about to tell you is classified.
If it fell into the wrong hands, it could have devastating consequences.
So I'm going to leave it for you in the safe place.
Keyless entry, and the code is the same as the alarm.
In here, you'll find all your personal documents, spare keys to the car and home, and enough provisions to hole up for a few days if you need to.
It's soundproof and has Tor-encrypted Internet access.
You work for a government agency called the Checquy.
" We're a secret wing of British intelligence that recruit people with certain abilities.
You are one of these people, with the potential to be a deadly weapon.
By definition, that puts you in danger.
On the wall are the names and faces of the people you work with.
As a matter of tradition, chess pieces are the code names given to our senior agents.
You are a rook in the Support Directorate, so your role is organizational.
These people trust you.
They regard you as an ally.
This is Linda Farrier is your boss and mentor.
She's tough, but fucking smart, probably cares more about you than anyone else in this place.
Conrad Grantchester is number two.
He has the power to alter the atmosphere, the very air we breathe.
He can elicit the truth or knock you out cold.
He likes you, but he's dangerous.
Be careful.
And the Gestalt, the Checquy's finest agent.
You've known them forever, but their power is still difficult to grasp.
Remember, speak to one, you've spoken to all.
You'll see.
Ingrid, she's your secret weapon, genius assistant, competence personified.
And to her left is Claudia, spin doctor extraordinaire.
The Checquy is protected by lies, and someone has to think of them.
Now, commit these names to memory now.
My name no, your name Myfanwy.
Hello? It's me, Linda.
You don't know who I am, do you? Linda Farrier.
Yes, hello.
Is that what you were wearing at the bank? Everything in here, it's been all over CCTV.
Boots too.
What is happening here? Who did you meet at the bridge? I don't know.
Was it a prearranged meeting, an ambush? I don't know.
- And at the bank? - I don't know.
I woke up.
There were bodies.
I ran.
And I can tell you who the prime minister is and the names of the members of the royal family and the president of Belarus for some reason, but I can't tell you who I am, who you are, or what the fuck is going on.
Please, tell me.
The only thing that I know is that we need to get you to work now - The Checquy? - Yes.
Whatever happened at the bridge has become an international incident.
You need to be in the office, or people may wonder.
Right, so just to be clear, I'm at the center of an international incident that I have no memory of, and you want me to act completely normal in a job I don't know how to do? You're a bureaucrat, not a brain surgeon.
Don't talk to anyone, and you'll be fine.
You don't have a choice.
This isn't a hotel.
You can't just check out.
You're a government asset, and you need protection.
From who? Get dressed, and I'll explain on the way I'm not going anywhere.
I only came here because I thought - it might spark a memory - Myfanwy, this isn't the moment.
- But I don't recognize this life, - You need - and I don't want it.
- to stay calm.
Where are your pills? Hmm? These were your idea.
They help you stay calm and keep others safe.
Now, I realize that this must be terrifying for you, but I am not actually a stranger.
I've known you half your life.
Will you trust me on this one thing, please? You can leave now.
When you're ready, put everything that you've been wearing in the bag, and I'll have someone pick it up.
I hope that you change your mind.
It's the only way that I can keep you safe.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
It's not me that you're disappointing.
It's quite literally yourself.
We understand, Jasmine.
We're not here to rush you.
We've only got so many qualified staff.
Yes, but we're only here to see the one.
Male, mid-30s, dark hair, muscular.
Is this your guy? Could I please do this alone? No.
I'm not allowed to leave anyone alone with a body, under any circumstances.
I'll wait outside Leave you to it.
His jawbone was propelled back into his carotid artery.
The blood asphyxiated him.
His name's Marcus Kevler.
He was one of ours.
Hi, I'm you no.
You I'm you.
I'm you.
I am you.
Hi, you have probably realized by now that you're special.
God, no.
Sod it, no.
Um you've probably realized by now that you're special.
Sod it, no.
Someone is going to attack me and wipe my memory.
I don't know who, and I don't know when.
You have to find out who did this to me and why.
Why would anyone do this to me? This won't help, though.
Who and why doesn't matter.
If you're watching this, it's already too late.
I am Myfanwy Thomas, of the "Sheck ay.
" I am Myfanwy Thomas of the Checquy.
The truth is in here! The truth is in here! The truth is in here.
The truth is in here.
The truth is in Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Please! Please, you've gotta let me in there.
Please, please.
The truth is in here.
The truth is in here.
The truth is in here.
The truth is in here.
About time.
Fur is fucking flying.
I had to make Ingrid forge your signature on the HSE shutdown order.
- Everything all right? - Yes, just been feeling unwell.
Sor Myfanwy you haven't been answering the phone.
- Where have you been? - I got stung by a bee.
I broke out in hives and practically overdosed on antihistamines, slept for 14 hours, but I'm fine now.
Better, thanks.
So you're up to speed on the Bankside situation? Yes, fully up to speed.
Let's talk in your office Now.
After you.
Myfanwy Thomas? Finally.
- Hi, Monica Reed, BVA.
- Hi.
Um, look, there's been some kind of mistake.
Maybe on purpose, but they have me working out of your department, but putting me in Support Directorate is bullshit, okay? So I need you tell Grantchester that he can't sideline me by putting me into bookkeeping.
I mean, no offense.
Look, I wanna be based out of your office, right in the heart of this thing.
I work alone.
You work alone? Okay.
Well, who brought you your best and, at this moment, only lead you have? Thank you, we'll take it from here.
Well, that didn't really feel sincere.
Ow, what are you doing? Stung by a bee? Or just hungover and paranoid? Who have you told? Anyone? Your vetting officer? We don't need to make a bureaucratic mountain out of a mistake.
What happened was intense and and complicated and I'm not denying that I enjoyed it, because I did.
My coat still smells of rose oil.
But it it was a one-time thing.
We were drunk.
It won't It it can't happen again.
Never again.
I meant what I said.
Don't tell your vetting officer, unless you want to be the one to explain this.
I didn't think so.
I'm glad we could talk it over like adults.
It could've been messy.
Yeah, thank goodness.
I was concerned that you of all people wouldn't be able to keep your emotions in check.
Doctor's calling.
Oh, thank goodness you're here.
We've cleared Suffolk Street and are spinning the bank closure through Commissioner Hague's office, I've got barricades on the bridge for another hour to keep the gawkers back, and, uh, the court is convening in ten minutes.
G great, that's all absolutely, um, exactly as it should be.
Oh, and I heard you lost your phone again.
I bricked it.
Hey, Ingrid Ingrid, thanks.
Um, thank you.
You're my secret weapon, and, um, you have no idea how much I appreciate all your help this morning.
"Dear you, if you're reading this, "you must have returned to your job.
"All this time, I thought my attacker could be anyone, "but I've learned I was wrong.
"Despite the loyalty I feel for this agency, "the good work that it does in this sinister world, and the deep history I have with those who work here" "The person who hurt you" "Betrayed you is right here.
" Welcome, Home Secretary.
"They know what they did, but I don't know who they are.
" "My best advice to you: "don't "trust anyone.